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case study
How we launched a value-add direct-to-consumer
Sound Surgical Technologies (SST) is a device company on the fast track with a suite
of products that employs ultrasound technology for smoother, safer liposuction — known
as VASER® technology. Historically, SST marketed VASER® directly to plastic surgeons
and dermatologists as an investment in their clinical success. SST was ready to try
VASER® procedures use the latest ultrasound technology to slim those troublesome
problem spots resistant to diet and exercise. You can get fast, predictable results with
little to no recovery time. So you don’t have to wait to plan that beach vacation, anniversary
trip, or class reunion. You can be ready for anything with VASER body shaping.
Learn about our VASER Shape and VASER Lipo® treatments at vaser.com.
direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing to get more patients asking surgeons for VASER®.
SST wanted to ease into patient marketing, so HCB Health developed a “value-add”
Sound Surgical Technologies’
VASER® product
A unique approach to break into
direct-to-consumer advertising
A DTC campaign, DTC website
and marketing toolbox for
surgeons to use to help them
market VASER® at their practices
45% of physicians accessing
the campaign, record-breaking
website traffic and multiple
creative awards
practice performance approach, with advertising materials that practices could download
to use in their marketing efforts. As a result, this mid-size manufacturer could give their
surgical customers the ability to market to patients themselves with a unified campaign.
How we did it.
• We developed a fresh new consumer campaign with stopping power and versatility.
The campaign broke the mold among traditional aesthetic consumer marketing
campaigns in terms of tone and design.
• The campaign was leveraged in a “practice marketing toolbox” — a value-add from
VASER® for surgeons to market their practices.
• Elements such as print ads, postcard mailers, outdoor display advertising and
more were available for download so physicians could easily advertise in their
individual markets.
• We also launched a new consumer website as part of the campaign; web traffic
was driven by search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.
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case study |
Results? Big boosts in surgeon advertising and website traffic.
Since the campaign’s launch, 45% of SST’s surgeon customers have requested access to the campaign and
marketing tools to use for their advertising.
The SEM initiative for the consumer website yielded an all-time high in site traffic. Extensive tracking revealed that
the physician locator led to over 1,000 impressions each for the top 25 doctors. Those doctors also received an
average of 50 click-throughs to their practice websites.
The campaign received multiple creative awards, including a MedAdNews Manny Award for
“Best Medical Device Campaign,” a Silver Rx award for “Best Consumer Print Campaign” and a Silver ADDY
award for “Best Consumer Print Campaign.”
Print Campaign
Consumer Website
701 BRAZOS, SUITE 1100, AUSTIN, TX 78701 | 512.320.8511 | [email protected] | WWW.HCBHEALTH.COM

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