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TuTTI FRuITI - Lygon Court
Volume 06 Summer 11
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Looks From The Big Screen
Shop Talk
Meet Melbourne’s Most
Influential Woman in Hair
Ride The Wave of Stylish Hair
Xmas AppeaL
Tin Rattles With
Human Kindness
Tutti Fruiti
Fashion That Pops
Get Shorty
Legs Are On Show
This Season
Polished Performer
Coffee-More Than
a Morning Fix
A Private Screening
with 25 Friends at
Nova ValueD AT $975
380 Beauty
Nail Fashion
Gifts Galore
Lygon Court’s Carolyn Palliardi
I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who generously gave your coins
to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal at the Centre last year.
The money raised helped local families and those below the poverty line. Over 100
people attended the local Xmas lunch held at the Salvation Centre in Drummond St,
Carlton. In this edition we talk to a Salvo volunteer and find out just how important
each coin you donate is to the Salvation Army and learn a little about the people
behind the tins.
Our cover story looks at the overnight success of fashion designer Camilla Franks,
who has gone on to grow her brand here and overseas, even in these difficult
economic times. You can find her label in Black Orange Boutique.
When you flip through the wonderful pages of product, you’ll discover that
all things are bright and beautiful, including nails and accessories. Our story
on Beauty Treatment introduces a new type of manicure that will have your
nails looking perfect for weeks.
The glamorous fashion was shot in the wonderful Nova theatres. Here’s an idea!
Why not grab a group of friends, dress up and hire out an entire theatre for a night
out. All you have to do is buy all the seats in the theatre for a price of a ticket each
and the theatre is all yours for no extra cost.
Ever felt guilty about enjoying your coffee break? Our story on health looks
at the pros and cons of drinking coffee … and it’s not all bad news.
So grab a coffee and enjoy our Summer 2011 edition of 380 Lygon Court.
Carolyn Palliardi
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December 2011
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380 Beauty: Nail Fashion
Cover Story
Camilla Franks
Kaftan Queen Extends Her Reign
Looks From The Big Screen
Pg 45
Get Shorty
Legs Are on Show This Summer
Pg 51
WIN A private screening with
25 friends at Cinema Nova
valued at $975
Pg 24-31
Xmas Gifts
Gifts Galore
Pg 32
Shop Talk
Pg 22-23
Ride the Wave of Stylish Hair
Pg 44
Treatment Talk
Polished Performer
Pg 50
Ask Carolyn
Carolyn tells you what your friends won’t
Pg 38-40
More Than a Morning Fix
Melbourne’s Most
Influential Woman in Hair
Lygon Court, 380 Lygon Street Carlton
06 / 380 Magazine / Kaftan Queen Extends Her Reign
Kaftan queen
extends her reign
Fashion designer Camilla Franks - better known as the kaftan queen
- has taken the world by storm with her distinctive kaftans and brand.
ranks is an astute businesswoman
and marketer who took her brand
from Bondi to the world in seven
years. David Jones was the first to
recognise her niche brand, stocking the
entire collection in her first year.
Have you achieved your dreams?
Frank’s brand growth has been phenomenal
since she launched in 2004, and can easily
be compared to other successful “over-night’’
designers such as Diane Freis, who introduced
us to polyester-georgette prints and colours that
took the fashion industry by storm in the 80’s,
and Diane Von Furstenburg, who had similar
success with a simple jersey wrap dress.
“I picked up the range because of the
unbelievable color and prints. Women feel
sensational when they put it on. We call
our customers when it arrives and sell out
every season. Camilla is like pieces of art that
women like to collect because they never date,”
says Lygon Court’s Black Orange Boutique
owner Martine Flouch-Scott.
Today, there are freestanding Camilla stores
in Sydney with plans to open in Brisbane and
Melbourne this summer. Franks has 300 stockists
around the world. You can find her in New York,
Los Angeles, Paris, Greece, Japan, UK and the
Middle East.
The distinctive Franks designs have won celebrity
fans such as Oprah (on her recent trip Down
Under), Kate Hudson, Beyoncé and Lilly Allen
- and her success, it seems, can be attributed to
Franks doing the hard yards herself. Now the
kaftan queen is extending her design kingdom,
moving into children’s wear and homeware.
What did you want to be when
you were growing up?
As child I was very vibrant and always
expressing myself. I wanted to be a
ballerina, and danced for 16 years.
I wanted to be an actress – I’m still
a frustrated actress. I wanted to be
an artist - I was always painting. I
loved food and wanted to be a chef
at one stage. It changed all the time.
But it was always something I could
express myself creatively in.
They keep changing. As I grow and
the business grows my dreams keep
evolving. Seven years ago my dream
was to launch the label and be stocked
in Australia by a department store.
When that happened I had new
dreams to launch internationally.
That has happened.
Where do you get your inspiration
for your fabrics and styles?
My dreams at the moment are to launch
successfully my fusion line; my home
line and my children’s line. As you grow
your dreams change. The goal posts
move. But I guess the biggest dream
now is to create balance in my life.
Also, my past life dictates a lot of my
prints. I used to run a Native American
Gallery and you’ll see a lot of that
in my current collection. I’ve put
a lot of Native American jewellery
on the neckline.
How did the Camilla label
come about?
I was acting full-time in theatre and
used to make costumes for my characters
because I’d hate what costume designs
were offered. There was no money in
theatre in Australia and I found that
really frustrating. I’d design something
for myself and people asked if I could
make them something to wear. So I
thought I might do a little range.
But when I launch something I do
things ten-fold. I launched Camilla
with a huge opera at the Intercontinental
Hotel. I used my different directing and
acting skills to put it all together. Seven
years later I’ve got a fashion label that
stocks internationally.
It was kind of crazy. It happened very
organically. I didn’t choose fashion
design, it chose me. It wasn’t something
that I decided to do. If you told me
seven years ago that I was going to be
an Australian designer, I would have
thought you were mad. I wanted to be
an actress. But the acting world took
me to the design world.
I design all my own prints. The
inspiration comes from the simplest
things, like being on holiday. I’ll take
a photograph of a fish or wildlife. One
time when I was in Europe, I bought a
babushka doll. That became an idea for
a print development. Ideas also come
from travelling around the world, the
experiences I have, the women I’ve
met and the places I’ve gone to.
So the inspiration comes from my
travels, from my past history or just
getting inspired from a petal on a flower.
I get inspired at most random moments.
What was the impact on your brand
when Oprah wore your clothes here
in Australia?
Opening the pages on Saturday morning
and seeing Oprah wearing my clothes
was definitely a milestone for the label.
Not only nationally, but internationally.
We saw a huge spike in sales on an
international basis. We had to turn off
our online store and go into production
of that particular print. We saw a
definable spike in sales with our retail
stores. It was amazing and I think it was
also brand recognition. There were a
lot of boutiques that hadn’t heard of us
who have now. And it didn’t just affect
the US, we were getting calls from Japan
and London. She really is iconic. When
she puts her stamp of approval on your
brand, you really do see the domino
effect of that.
‘ I always design with
the philosophy that
everyone has the
right to feel beautiful
no matter what age,
shape or size. ’
Camilla Franks
Kaftan Queen Extends Her Reign / 380 Magazine / 07
08 / 380 Magazine / Kaftan Queen Extends Her Reign
What type of client do you
design for?
I always design with the philosophy that
everyone has the right to feel beautiful
no matter what age, shape or size.
I don’t discriminate on size. I design for
all women and we design for different
markets now. The Japanese collection
is different to my US collection. I’m
educating myself weekly on my different
markets to allow the label to evolve.
What is your personal fashion style?
I just love dressing up. I love a costume.
My day-to-day style is a relaxed,
bohemian feel. But I love a costume
and colour. When I go to an event I
wear a lot of colour, wild makeup, wild
hairpieces and I wear trinkets that I’ve
picked up on my travels around the
world. I love to wear odd earrings. It
was because I’d always lose one, but I
thought ‘this is quite interesting, wearing
one from Native America and one from
India’. And I always wear prints.
Camilla stockist at Lygon Court - Black Orange 9347 6297
What’s next?
My dream is to turn this company into
an international company that’s all about
lifestyle. I look at the Italian Missoni
label and what they’ve done. The label is
an icon that’s very print driven. It’s about
going into home wares, children’s wear,
beach wear; day beds -there is no end
to the Camilla label. It’s not just about
apparel. We are about to go into swim
wear. Life is constantly educating me in
different areas.
Do you have a favorite celebrity
who wears your clothes?
My favorite - and because she’s got so
many of my pieces - would have to be
Beyoncé. I love the way she wears the
clothes and accessorises them. She’ll
wear something of mine to an evening
cocktail party, a red carpet event or to
the beach with Jay Z.
She knows how to wear my clothes.
She doesn’t put them in a pigeonhole
as beach wear. When she buys into my
collection she buys not just the playsuit,
but she buys a reversible coat to go, she’ll
buy the matching shoes, she’ll buy the
matching headscarf. So she knows how
to put the complete look together. And
that’s what I love. It’s OTT, but its fun.
You supported The Women’s Fund for United Nations (UNIFEM)
with your coffee table book ‘Women of the World’. Is that on-going?
Whenever there’s an event I’m always there or always contributing. It was a wonderful
project to work on. It was an ambitious project to come up with the book. It came
about because I met a wonderful woman called Roslyn Strong.
It was about a year-and-a-half after starting the label and I wasn’t really enjoying
myself. Coming from the world of acting to, in a lot of ways, the very superficial
world of fashion, I found myself very frustrated and confused. I wanted to do
something. I found a cause I was passionate about. The money raised helped the
Laos Economic Empowerment of Women in Textile Project. These women in Laos
had nothing. However, they are very rich in silks so we built a school there to educate
the women on how to use the silks. Eventually, we’ll be able work with them and
include the silks in my collection. Now the women have an income and a purpose,
something to live for. It is so important to educate women in third world countries so
they can create a future for themselves.
I spend half my life in India and heard a story recently on CNN about the Freedom
Project that helps women who have been trafficked. One day I’d like to do something
to help rehabilitate these women who have been trafficked and who have H.I V.
When they are rescued and returned, their families no longer want them. They are
outcasts. There are so many women who live through this trauma and H.I V and
my next dream is to actually create in my factory a way to rehabilitate some of these
women, by using part of my factory where we can educate them in textiles and silks
and embellishments. That’s going to be my five-year plan.
Lasting Nail Perfection
Shellac Nail Manicures now
available at La Face Beauty Clinic
La Face Beauty Clinic
380 Lygon Street Carlton,
Lygon Court | P. 03 9349 2116
010 / 380 Magazine / Fashion
from the
big screen
You don’t need a red carpet invite to dress for the movies. Hire a movie theatre
and spend the night watching the latest hit in fashion that screams ‘screen goddess’.
Photography by William Hung, Hair by Raw Element, Styling by Carolyn
Palliardi, Make up by Melonie Green
Fashion / 380 Magazine / 011
Black Orange
Anu Dress $585
Alberto Piazza Shoes
Albano Platform $230
Titanium Mesh Necklaces $69
012 / 380 Magazine / Fashion
Black Orange
Camilla Dress $599
Tinkerbell Midi Platform – Nude $229
Fashion / 380 Magazine / 013
Black Orange
Odd Molly Dress $619
014 / 380 Magazine / Fashion
Animal Print Silk Dress $109
Chrysalis Neck – Jewel Mix $299
Chrysalis Wrist – Silver Crystal $169
Fashion / 380 Magazine / 015
Silk Lane Boutique
Jumpsuit with Lace Back $49.95
Hybrid Heel – Black $299
Journey Couch – Black $199
Electron Choker – Black $249
Mountain Flower Cuff – Natural Mix $99.95
016 / 380 Magazine / Fashion
Ojay Carlton
Belted A-Line Skirt – Cement $89.95
Ditsy Floral Tuck Sleeve Top – Multi $129.95
Alberto Piazza Shoes
Pol-ite Sandle $330
Wilderness Bangle – Gold $49.95
Flora Diviner Ring – Silver $99.95
Fashion / 380 Magazine / 017
Ojay Carlton
Garden Floral Silk Dress – Smoke $169.95
Textured Leather Belt – Cream $49.95
Alberto Piazza Shoes
Marcela Yil $195
Titanium Mesh Necklaces Asst Colors $69
018 / 380 Magazine / Fashion
Country Road Carlton
One Shoulder Drape Dress – Claret $199
Brontie Sandle – Black $119
Mimco Carlton
Folklore Batik Bangle – Turqouise Mix $49.95
Fashion / 380 Magazine / 019
Country Road Carlton
Sateen Slim Pant – Mocca Bean $99
Short Sleeve Python Print Top – Buff $149
Connie Handbag – Pale Camel $249
Aubrie Mid Heel – Faded Clay $149
Lygon Court 380 Lygon St Carlton
P 03 9347 7124
380 Beauty- Nail Colors / 380 Magazine / 021
Eye-popping nail colours that could
stop traffic are the trend this summer.
Every colour and tone from the rainbow is on offer from acid brights to
nudes and glitter.
Amcal Chemist
Maybeline Fashion
Nail Colors
Demarte’s Amcal Chemist
Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel
Amcal Chemist
Rimmel 60 Second
Nail Polish
Amcal Chemist
Natio Nail Color
La Face Beauty Clinic
OPI Nail Lacquer
(full color range available in store)
022 / 380 Magazine / Hair: The Wave
Ride the wave
of stylish hair
Everyone wants hair that looks fabulous with as little fuss as possible.
One look that fits this bill is natural-looking wavy hair.
This versatile style for day and night can be
achieved with the help of wave clips, twisting
and putting it up while wet or by leaving the
salt in your hair after a swim on the beach
which gives hair extra body and wave.
Celebrity Nicole Richie, presenter
Cat Deeley and actress Lea Michele
all currently wear their hair in this style.
Nicole Richie pulls off this trend perfectly
and has been quoted on On-Line E, saying
how she achieves the style.
“After the shower I twist my hair and put it
up. I let the roots dry, then after a few hours
I let it down. It creates a nice wave,”
Richie said.
Cat Deeley recently gave her hair tips on the
Kerrie-Ann show in October. She said that
she leaves the salt in her hair after a swim to
give her hair more body and wave.
Another way to achieve soft waves and curls
is the new Wave.Clip by Kevin Murphy.
The clips can best be described as a styling
tool similar to traditional rollers that quickly
and easily create the soft, beachy, frizz-free
waves of your dreams.
“Wave clips are so good because they create
movement without the need for hot styling
tools like tongs and curling irons. They are
inexpensive and easy for anyone to apply to
their own hair. They create a very popular
‘beach’ look that all girls want to achieve
during the summer months,” says Wendy
Marziano from Raw Element.
These strange looking multipurpose
tools smooth frizz and flyways on
naturally curly hair, enhancing waves
to make them smoother.
They also create smooth waves on straight
hair by adding movement without frizz or
They are really simple to use. Just click onto
the hair after applying some product and
heat with your hair dryer.
You can go to the hairdressers to have this
done or purchase the clips and do it at home.
D.I.Y Tools Required:
• A volumising, holding mousse
• 6-12 Wave.Clips, depending on the length
of your hair
• Small, hairdresser-type roller clips
• 2 hairnets
• A heat-protecting spray
Once you’ve got all of your supplies, start
by brushing the volumizing product through
your damp hair and blow-dry it out smooth. MEDIA RELEASE
Resist the urge to go over the hair with a
straightening iron, as that will only make
it more difficult to keep the clips in place.
Split your hair into four or five large sections,
making sure to leave out any fringe. Open
your first Wave. Clip and place it around half
way down the hair shaft to achieve the look
of natural movement. Make sure no hair is
caught in the edges of the clip, click it closed,
and then apply the next one directly below it
so the edges meet. Secure the ends with a pin
to hold the Wave. Clips in place.
Once you finish applying all the clips, wrap
hairnets around the sections to help avoid
creating flyways during the next step. Then,
take your heat-protecting spray and use it to
lightly dampen the hair. Put your hair dryer
on the high heat, low blow setting and blowdry each section on top and from behind to
make sure your hair is completely dry. Then,
switch your dryer to the cold setting and give
the hair a quick blast to cool and set
the waves.
To finish the look, remove the hairnets,
pins, and Wave.Clips, and run your fingers
through your hair to break up the sections
and mess it up a bit. The result: smooth,
subtle, 70s-style waves with lots of volume
- no finicky hot tools required.
To purchase the new Kevin Murphy
wave clip or for hair advice contact
Raw Element at 9347 1347
Bigger is better in winter 2011, with global hair trend innov
The secret weapon behind thicker, f
„creating waves‟ in the hair industry,
(RRP $34.95).
Completely weightless, BODY.BUILDE
create full-bodied up-dos or volumin
properties such as Essential Oil of Tan
Vitamin B5 binds the moisture onto t
“This coming season we are seeing m
bred and polished. It‟s now all abou
To create perfectly defined curls or
styling companions, WAVE.CLIP and
and glamour.
Soft flowing curls can now be easily
resurgence of the traditional hair cu
available in large or medium sizes. H
each) have tiny hair-like ridges that feed hair evenly onto
air circulation for smoother, more refined curls.
For a less manicured look, beautiful carefree waves can n
revolutionary WAVE.CLIP (RRP $4.00 each). This fuss-free st
wave, and can be clipped into damp hair before drying
024 / 380 Magazine / Gifts Galore
Boxed Xmas Cards
from $4.95
3D Wooden Tree $49.95
Fairies $16.95
Decs from $2.50
Calico Gift Bags
from $3.95
Gift Bags
from $3.95
Gifts Galore / 380 Magazine / 025
Santa Washing Garland
French Provincial
Iron Bird Cage
Small $99 Large $150
Bird Ornaments
from $3.95
Wreath $69.95
Owls $14.95
Ceramic Lined Silver
Champagne Bucket
Pol Roger Champagne
Boxed Cards $19.95
026 / 380 Magazine / Gifts Galore
Xmas Stocking $22.95
Xmas Cards from $3.95
Boxed Cards $19.95
Silver 3 Tiered Cake Stand $99
Cup cake Dec’s $9.95ea
Keepsake Box Cards
Gifts Galore / 380 Magazine / 027
Vintage Santas$19.95
Gift Boxes from $8.95
Baublesfrom $3ea
Assort Dec’s $16.95
Advent Dolls $42.95
028 / 380 Magazine / Gifts Galore
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
Quilted iPad Cover
– Black $249
Leather Belt – $39.95
Hugo ‘Just Different’
100ml edt $84
Natio For Men ‘Keep It
Clean’ Pack $19.95
Natio For Men ‘Real
Man’ – Firming
Moisturiser & Stubbie
Holder $9.95
Eternity 300 Pocket
photo album $26.95
Eternity 200 pocket
photo album $21.95
Gifts Galore / 380 Magazine / 029
Grown Body Cleanser
Kit $49.95
Bragbook holds 52
4x6 photos asst. colors
Oyster Bay Sauvignon
Blanc $16.99
030 / 380 Magazine / Gifts Galore
Prada Infusion Fleur
edt 100ml $165
Colour Bug – Temporary
Hair Color $25
s/s Natural Facet Cut
Black Onyx Ring $99
Moet & Chandon
Champagne $69.95
Profile wooden
5x7inch picture frame
assorted colours $33.95
Milano Slap Watches from $29.95
Gifts Galore / 380 Magazine / 031
In Essence Island Treats
Pack $19.95
s/s Smokey Quartz Semi
Precious Stone $129
Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me
Wash 250ml + Hydrate me
rinse 250ml= Free session spray
(Value $82.85)SRP $68
The McRae Wood
Shiraz 2006 $49.95
In Essence Nourish
Pack $24.95
American Crew –
Purchase Forming &
Fibre Cream 85g &
receive FREE Daily
Shampoo (Value $56.90)
SRP $34
032 / 380 Magazine / Shop Talk: Wendy Mariano
Melbourne’s Most Influential woman in Hair
“ It’s the one place where I can work
and talk all day and not be told off ”
Clients now understand that a lot
of on-going education is required
and you have to pay for that.’’
To stay at the top of the field,
Marziano says hairdressers need
to attend courses at least once
or twice a month.
Marziano also works with the
International Hairdressing Society,
making sure the hair industry receives
the professional credit it deserves.
“Hairdressing is now seen as a more
professional industry, where previously
it was seen as a slaves and servant
industry,” she says.
“It’s taken a lot of hard work trying
to build the professional side through
hair shows and competitions, and it’s
come a long way as people are now
prepared to spend the money to
get good hair and service.
“It’s a real attribute for myself and
Eric, my partner, to teach the stylists
in the salon, and that’s hard work,”
says Marziano. “If we can make it so
that they can get any job they want,
anywhere, then we’ve done our job.
Well, that’s my theory.”
The one place that Marziano can
evolve in is her salon, Raw Element
in Drummond St, Carlton, where
she can talk to her heart’s content
while doing what she loves, hair.
A tireless worker for the hair industry
and charity, Marziano says the
recognition is a pinnacle in her career.
“It’s a highlight to be recognised in
that way, based on your contribution
to the industry,” Wendy says.
Marziano’s salon team is “everything
to her’’ and she likes to make sure
they are not just ‘your next-doortype’ hairdressers.
“Colour and styling is what I
excel in, but I can pretty much
do everything,” Marziano says. “It’s
important to challenge yourself and
push boundaries in order to evolve.”
Wendy Marziano has been
recognised as one of the 10
most inspirational Australian
women in hairdressing by
the Ozdare Corporation.
“We send our team to at least
20 courses throughout the year,”
she says.
Today, at 37, Marziano is married to
her business partner Eric. They have
two children, Giselle, 3 and Bronson,
2. Life has been a juggle since the
arrival of her children, and after
taking a break out of the salon,
Marziano is back doing what she
loves most, colouring and styling.
Marziano came into hairdressing at
the relatively late age of 21. From
the beginning she had the drive to
be successful and, as an apprentice,
was always competing in hair
competitions. Now she judges them.
Wendy Mariano
“What I love about judging is that
you see new work up close and all the
new things that are coming in, and
then have an impact on what takes
first place, which is really rewarding.”
Apart from judging, Mariano also
works on photo shoots, fashion
editorial and assisting at Fashion
Week with the Kevin Murphy team.
She also helped launch his brand in
London a few years ago.
Phone: 9347 1347
Wendy Mariano
Block Colours :Tutti Fruiti / 380 Magazine / 033
Stephanie Pratt
Stand out this season in eye-popping
colours as bright as a Carmen
Miranda inspired hat. Colours
straight from a fruit bowl can be
found in every style imaginable from
stylish summer dresses to breezy tops,
skinny pants and skirts as well as
bright bags and shoes.
Aurum Design
Swatch Watch
Alberto Piazza
Rossi Italian Leather Handbag
Country Road Carlton
Ruffle Bikini Top
Black Orange
M.E.L Congo Frill Neck
Ruffle Bikini Bottom
Country Road Carlton
Colourblock Travel Case
034 / 380 Magazine / Tutti Fruiti: Block Colours
Kristen Bell
Earrings by Tresor
Paris Available at
Aurum Design
Rose Byrne
Country Road Carlton
Short Sleeve Seamed Tank
Silk Lane
Cotton Summer Dress
Alberto Piazza Shoes
Wonders Leather Sandal
Aurum Design Jewellers
Swatch Watch
Block Colours :Tutti Fruiti / 380 Magazine / 035
A tou
Turnlock Shopper
Tote – Russian Red
Ojay Carlton
Cap Sleeve T-Shir
Kim Kardashian
Black Orange
Riley Burnette Necklace
Small Cocoon Bag
– Berry Crush -
Black Orange
Country Road Carlton
Euphoria Top
Aurum Design
Swatch Watch
Ruched Front Top Dress
Black Orange
Riley Burnette
036 / 380 Magazine / Tutti Fruiti: Block Colours
A Spla
Country Road Carlton
Aurum Design
½ Sleeve Smock Shirt
Milano Digital
Silicone Watch
Model in
Country Road
Silk Lane
Silk Panel Dress
Ojay Carlton
Panel Bodice
Sateen Dress
Confessions of a Shop Assistant / 380 Magazine / 037
Meet our resident shopaholic
A jewel in Aurum’s crown Georgia Moshos
It could be said that Georgia Moshos
knows Lygon Court better than most.
After all, she’s been working there for
20 years.
And when you meet her, it’s easy
to see why customers have become
lifelong friends – she is bubbly,
vivacious and welcoming.
“I’ve been working at this centre
since it opened around 20 years ago,’’
says Moshos. “I’ve seen stores come
and go and all the changes that have
happened at the centre. I love the
culture, all the coffee shops, shopping
and all the friends I’ve made over the
years, especially the customers.
“I’ve made friends here that I met as
single girls - and now all are married
with children.”
Moshos is fulfilling her passion
for jewellery by working at Aurum.
It is one of her guilty pleasures.
“I love jewellery as it is something
that you can keep, and it brings back
memories. I’ve bought a number of
pieces over the years here, and they’ve
made me pieces,” says Moshos.
“I like to sell what I personally like,
and if you are passionate about what
you do, then it’s enjoyable. I get great
personal satisfaction if I sell something
worth 10 dollars or one thousand
dollars. I’m quite honest and let
customers know what I think
looks good.”
Moshos constantly changes her
own jewellery.
“I’ve had customers see me wearing
a piece from the shop and they’ve
bought it. People love to see jewellery
on someone else,” she says.
Moshos also thinks “less is best’’
to make a statement with what you
wear. And she never wears jewellery
with floral clothing. “It gets lost
amongst the flowers,” she says.
I’ve bought a number of pieces over the
years here and they’ve made me pieces
Aurum Design
Lygon Court 380 Lygon St Carlton P 03 9347 7124
Lava & Turquoise
Evolution s/s
Aurum Design Jewellers
Lava & Turquoise Evolution
s/s Bracelet
Aurum Design Jewellers
Lava & Turquoise Evolution
s/s Earrings
038 / 380 Magazine / Health
More than a morning fix
Nobody knows exactly how many
cappuccinos, macchiato, skinny lattes,
flat whites or long blacks are served in
Melbourne each day, but more than a
million cups wouldn’t be too far off the
mark - and that’s not counting those
brewed at home or work.
Coffee is one of the few universal
drinks people all around the world
have to start their day. Whether
consumed for enjoyment, out of habit
or as a pick-me-up, love for the coffee
bean is increasing yearly and is one
of our favorite guilty pleasures.
But is that guilt misplaced?
New research suggests moderate coffee
drinking could be good for your health.
“Coffee consumption is an extremely
popular pastime in Melbourne and
coffee normally poses no problems
when drunk in moderation,
Dr Monica Cooper from Lygon
Court Medical Clinic says.
“But for those who have difficulty
sleeping it is well known that it
should not be drunk in the evening.”
It seems every few months we are
hearing how the coffee bean (Arabica or
Robusta) is packed full of antioxidants,
could help reduce skin cancer and make
us think clearer and be more open
to persuasion.
Whatever you read and choose to
believe, one thing is clear, coffee does
not affect everyone the same way, and
while some people can drink coffee all
day long and be unaffected, others are
jittery after just one cup. And if you
find yourself drinking more and more
coffee just to feel awake, that’s probably
because you are building up a tolerance
to caffeine.
Health / 380 Magazine / 039
“coffee normally
poses no problems
when drunk
in moderation”
040 / 380 Magazine / Health
There are many pros and cons to the consumption of coffee. Here’s just a few.
Five upsides:
Five downsides:
1)A recent US study showed
drinking coffee could reduce the
risk of skin cancer by helping kill
off damaged cells that could
turn into tumors. And perhaps
even applying coffee to the
skin could be useful in warding
off non-melanoma cancer, the
most commonly diagnosed of
all skin cancers.
2)Drinking coffee has been shown
to increase intellectual activity.
3)Caffeine can speed up fat
metabolism during exercise
and reduce hunger while
maintaining the brain activity
due to the conserving of
glycogen and glucose.
4)Coffee has a protective effect
against cirrhosis of the liver
5)Coffee may lower the incidence
of Parkinson’s disease due to its
high antioxidant activity.
1)Coffee stimulates the central
nervous system, giving adrenals
a kick and causing the production
of the stress handling hormone
adrenalin and cortisol, which
in the short term gives heightened
awareness and more energy, but
in the long term causes a crash
in energy, thereby necessitating
more caffeine. Therefore, coffee
is addictive and long-term use
may result in adrenal exhaustion
and withdrawal symptoms
of headaches.
2)Coffee has been associated with
low birth weight, birth defects,
miscarriages, premature birth,
inability to conceive and
sluggish sperm.
3)Caffeine may aggravate
osteoporosis by leaching
calcium from the bones.
4)Drinking coffee can raise
blood pressure about 30 minutes
after drinking.
5)Coffee hampers the absorption
of essential minerals and
vitamins such as magnesium,
zinc, iron potassium and B
Whether you drink a little or a lot of coffee, knowing a few facts can help
you make informed choices.
Coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world, so
where possible use organic beans to avoid pesticides, herbicides and chemical
fertilisers. If you use filters for your coffee at home then use unbleached ones
to avoid leaching of chlorine from the bleached filters into your coffee. If you
get a bit jittery on coffee, try drinking Arabica bean varieties as it has lower
caffeine content than the Robusta beans. Also, darker roasted beans have
less caffeine. And finally, the key to drinking coffee is quality and quantity.
Only drink the best and not too much.
Coffee Drinking Snapshot – Who Drinks What?
Inner city folk:
Caffe latte
Outer suburban folk:Cappuccino
Young men:Espresso
Young women:
Caffe Latte
Older folk:
Flat White
Trendy young things: Variations on Espresso
Source: BIS Shrapnel Report entitled Coffee in Australia (2006 – 2008)
Food / 380 Magazine / 041
Ill Fresco
With Nick Zaccardi, Owner/Manager
When Nick Zaccardi took over Ill
Fresco restaurant three years ago,
he felt compelled to keep the name
and tradition of the place alive.
It had been a family-run business for 16
years and was once known “as a bit of an
institution’’ in Carlton.
However, some of the traditions were well
past their use by date, so when Zaccardi
came in, creamy pasta sauces went out.
“That’s not what I do. I’m about clean,
simple, interesting and fashionable food,
real food.
That’s not to say that we don’t have
naughty food, such as a pie, but at least its
gourmet so you can stray if you want to.”
Ill Fresco has a reputation for serving good
food. In summer it specialises in exciting
salads such as oven roasted cauliflower
A fresh
serve of
with roasted almonds and capers, or
roasted sweet potato with mesclun salad,
drenched in lemon, honey and sesame
seed dressing.
Recipe: Ill Fresco Signature Sweet
Chili Pumpkin Salad
“People don’t want overly processed food
for lunch,” says Zaccardi. “A lot of our
customers are corporate and they come
here to get good, clean, quality food.”
But while Zaccardi takes pride in the food
he serves, it’s his coffee he is known for.
1 can tinned chickpeas
200g diced roasted pumpkin
1 handful of washed fresh baby spinach
150ml sweet chili sauce
Grated fresh ginger
A dash of sesame seed oil
Season to taste.
Having previously worked for LaVazza
Coffee, Zaccardi knows his way around a
coffee machine. He used to train others to
make coffee and look after the machines.
“We make fantastic coffee,” says Zaccardi.
Add the rinsed chickpeas, roasted
pumpkin and spinach in a bowl. Then
add the chili sauce, sesame oil and ginger.
Gently mix, season to taste and serve
“We don’t do the fancy stuff, such as
designs, but our customers appreciate
what we are doing and that we don’t
need all that hoo-ha. We just make
serious coffee without the fanfare.”
Ill Fresco Catering
Enquiries on 9347 2884
Serves 2-4 people
“I’m about clean, simple, interesting
and fashionable food, real food.”
Movies / 380 Magazine / 043
Lygon Court is home to Melbourne’s premiere arthouse venue, Cinema Nova. Featuring 15
theatres that screen the very best of local and international arthouse and quality cinema, Cinema
Nova also features the cool and cozy Cinema Nova Bar with first floor balcony views overlooking
all the action of Lygon street. It’s also the place to enjoy the ultimate in-cinema dining experience:
Nova Deluxe. Fresh chef-prepared tapas accompany a quality alcoholic beverage selection and new
films weekly from only $39 per person. Visit Nova’s website for more details.
The Women Of
The Sixth Floor
Opening December 15
Paris, 1962: Wealthy stockbroker
Jean-Louis Jouvert (Fabrice
Luchini) lives a staid bourgeois
existence with his socialite wife
(Sandrine Kiberlain), until they hire
Maria (Natalia Verbeke) a young,
hardworking Spanish maid. Through
Maria, Jean-Louis’ eyes are opened
to a new and refreshing world of
music, culture and the joie de vivre of
the other Spanish servants living on
the building’s sixth floor (including
Almodóvar favourites Carmen Maura
and Lola Duenas). Before long the
balance of the household ruptures
into wild, cross-cultural chaos with
unexpected results. A massive hit in
France where it screened in cinemas
for over six months, Philippe Le
Guay’s hilarious and heart-warming
film is a delight for the holiday
season. (Rated PG)
The Skin I Live In
Opening December 25
Albert Nobbs
Opening December 25
Premiering in competition at the
64th Cannes Film Festival in May
2011, Pedro Almodovar’s latest
Spanish thriller ‘The Skin I Live In’
reunites the director with Antonio
Banderas after a 21-year hiatus.
Banderas plays eminent plastic
surgeon Robert Ledgard who, after
losing his wife in a fiery car accident
twelve years earlier, succeeds in
creating a damage-resistant synthetic
skin that would have saved her life.
But Ledgard has a secret living in his
state-of-the-art mansion that cannot
be revealed, for it would destroy him
and everything he has worked for.
Described by Almodovar as a “horror
story without screams or frights”, the
director’s signature directorial flair
adds an unhinged flamboyance to the
already gripping suspense.
(Yet to be classified)
Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction,
Dangerous Liaisons) gives an Oscarworthy performance in a dramatic
awards-season contender that she
also produced and co-wrote. Close
stars as the titular Nobbs, a naive
servant working in a boutique
Dublin hotel in the late 19th century.
Born a woman, Nobbs has posed
as a man for her entire adult life as
she sought to save a sum of money
that would allow her to purchase a
business and live independently; a
goal unachievable by a single woman
at the time. Managing to keep her
secret safe from colleagues and guests
(including Brendan Gleeson, Mia
Wasikowska, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
and Pauline Collins), Nobbs’ dream
verges on the attainable. If only she
had someone special to share it with.
(Yet to be classified)
Information correct at time of printing, visit Nova’s website for latest film information
044 / 380 Magazine / Treatment Talk
Treatment Talk–
La Face Beauty Clinic has introduced Shellac nail polish
by Creative Design to its array of products and services.
Half nail polish, half gel, Shellac goes
on like nail polish but needs a couple
of minutes under a drying lamp to set
the polish. The result? Nails with a
durability, flexibility and shine that are
knock proof dry, so that you can walk
straight out the door. With this polish
you can say goodbye to knocks and
smudges and hello to nails that will
last a couple of weeks
without chipping.
“Shellac nail polish won’t come off
and doesn’t chip. What you get is
absolutely perfect looking nails for
two weeks,” says Renata Sgambati,
the owner of La Face.
“There are 14 fashion colours in the
Shellac range, which you can match
with regular polish by Creative Nails,
so you can maintain your manicure
at home as the nail grows.”
Shellac polish has been shown to
help improve the health of nails by
protecting them from general wear
and tear and water damage.
“When we take off the polish we find
that nails have grown stronger due to
the protective coating of the gel,”
says Sgambati.
But Sgambati warns against removing
the Shellac polish at home.
“Women can return to natural nails
any time they want to,” says Sgambati.
“But we’ve found that women can
damage their nails if they try to take
off the polish at home. The removal
of the polish can’t be done quickly
and we recommend that they come
back to get the polish removed as
we soak it off slowly as not to
damage the nail bed.”
Sgambati says Shellac provides a great
alternative to a basic manicure for
women who don’t have a lot of time.
However, it’s not only a good
manicure that makes hands look
attractive. Maintaining the skin
of your hands is just as important,
especially as sun-worn hands can
look aging.
La Face Beauty Clinic offers a couple
of treatments that can have your
hands looking youthful again.
Skin Ceuticals – at home treatments
Shellac Nail Treatment
“There’s two ways you can tackle sun
spots and age related darkening,” says
Sgambati. “You can have an Intense
Pulse Light treatment, or use specific
products that target the problem.”
“We’ve had amazing results getting
rid of pigmentation with IPL (Intense
Pulse Light). Between one to three
sessions we find that pigmentation
fades and dark spots disappear.”
If you are after something you
can do for yourself at home La
Face offers two treatment products
both by SkinCeuticals - Pigment
Regulator and Pure Vitamin C.
Both are designed to lighten
and reduce pigmentation.
La Face Beauty Clinic,
Level 1, 380 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC
Get Shorty / 380 Magazine / 045
Silk Lane
Stripped Short
Legs are on show this summer.
And paired with the right style of shoes – flats, heels or platforms
- they can look right for all occasions. Fitted, or loose styles, and
in varied lengths and fabric, it’s easy to find a style of shorts
perfect for your body shape and the look you want to achieve.
Silk Lane
Lace Backed
Short Jumpsuit
Country Road Carlton
Double Pocket Relaxed Shorts
$79.95 ea
Ojay Carlton
Fine Ottoman
Crop Cargo
Black Orange
Muccia Shorts
Miranda Kerr
046 / 380 Magazine / Sweet Salvation
Xmas Appeal
Tin rattles with
human kindness
Jeffrey Robertson has been shaking
the collection tin for the Salvation
Army for nearly eight years.
He began volunteering after a stroke
left him in a wheelchair.
“I’d just had a stroke and it was tough
trying to get back into life. I had to
learn to re-engage again,” Robertson
says. “I was unable to work, but I
wanted to give something back to the
community which had looked after
me so well when I was sick.”
Robertson is passionate about
what he does and was recognised
for his work when asked to carry
the Queen’s Baton in the 2006
Commonwealth Games, then
nominated for Australian of the
Year as a local hero in 2008.
A humble man who has overcome
huge obstacles to keep volunteering,
Robertson is driven by a passion for
giving back.
“We are all volunteers and people
know that we are here for their
community,” he says.
“We are just as rewarded as the
people we help. There is nothing
like it when you see parents of young
children stop and encourage them to
give. The kids open their purses and
tip their loose change into the tin.
“It really warms your heart
and children are learning about
charity from an early age which
is a good thing.
“I think people are amazing,”
Robertson says.
“It’s tough out there, but they still
manage to find something to give.
The community is very generous
and giving. Some people go without
things to give. It’s just the resilience
of the Australian character to rally
for those less fortunate.”
Usually Robertson collects at the
football and in the Carlton area
at the traffic lights. When he’s not
shaking the tin, he’s coordinating
in the office.
This Christmas you’ll find Robertson
and his tin at the Lygon Court centre
from December 8 to Christmas Eve,
collecting for the Salvation Army
Christmas Appeal.
All the money raised in the centre
goes toward the Carlton residents.
The Salvation Army spreads its
Christmas cheer through food
vouchers for those below the
poverty line and holds its annual
Christmas Day lunch for over
100 people, with presents for all.
I was unable to work, but I wanted to
give something back to the community
Lygon Court,
380 Lygon Street Carlton
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow / 380 Magazine / 047
today, gone
The medical practice Metropolitan
Medical has expanded to include the
Medical Lasers business in its services.
The Medical Lasers business was
started 20 years ago in Adelaide by
two plastic surgeons to meet a need for
non-surgical injectables, hair removal
and other skin rejuvenating treatments
by doctors.
The service was opened in Prahran two
years ago and will soon be added to the
clinic in Carlton.
“The way we differ from other hair
removal places is that we use medical
graded lasers,” says Csoban. “The
equipment is very expensive and is
handled by highly trained staff.
“We offer medical procedures
and some beauty. If it’s a medical
procedure that’s required the client
has a consultation about the medical
procedures first with a doctor about
what can be done and achieved.
Currently the clinic in Carlton offers
hair removal by laser.
“It is a fine-tuned process. We
follow a strict protocol with a
medical consultation and that’s
why it is set up in a medical clinic.
“We offer hair removal by fully trained
therapists at the clinic on Saturdays,”
says Paul Csoban, part owner of
Medical Lasers.
“Our major premises are in Prahran,
but we’ll be doing something similar
here working hand in hand with the
two premises, staff and company.”
“We find that people like Saturdays
to come and get their hair removed
or injectables.”
While the clinic is only offering
hair removal at this stage, it plans to
offer injectables, dermal fillers, skin
rejuvenation and acne laser treatment
in the future.
The difference between having hair
removed at the clinic and somewhere
else is the medical grade lasers that
are used.
For hair removal bookings call 9349 3866
048 / 380 Magazine / Readings Bargains
The Big Book of Thai
Gordan Ramsay Makes it
The Produce Chef
The Australian Wine
Edward Built A Rocket Ship
Who’s in the Zoo
Big Mum Plum
Things To Do
The English Rebel
Readings Bargains / 380 Magazine / 049
The Golem’s Eye
The Amulet of Samarkan
Ptolemy’s Gate
Roses $5.95/stem
The Ring Of Solomon
Ancient Rome
How I Cook
Knights and Castles
My Favourite Ingredients
Outbreak 1939 The
World Goes To War
Jack The Lad
Bloody Mary
Lygon Court, 380 Lygon St, Carlton 3053
Ph. 03 9347 9556
050 / 380 Magazine / Ask Carolyn
Carolyn tells you what your best friends won’t
Jumpsuit revival takes a leap of faith
I’ve been reading that jumpsuits are back in fashion and
have always loved wearing them in the past, but it’s been
a while and I don’t know if I will look silly embracing the
style, as I’m not 20 anymore.
I love the jumpsuit, too, and what I love about it the most is the
comfort and relaxed feel of wearing one. They also look wonderful
when accessorised for a night out. When I think of someone
wearing one, I think of model Tyra Banks, who has recently
embraced the look - and she is middle-aged.
Jumpsuits don’t usually cling anywhere, look great with high heels
or sandals, and can be cinched in to show off the waist. You don’t
have to be tall to wear one, so I say if you find one you love,
go for it!
With all the really bright coloured clothing on offer,
should I try to match my make-up?
Definitely not. However, don’t shy away from stronger colour on
your eyes, lips or nails. Pop colour doesn’t look great worn with a
natural, nude face. You need to bring attention to either the eyes or
the lips and don’t go for polish to match what you are wearing. This
season’s brights are all about contrast. If you’re wearing a red outfit
try orange nails and purple eye shades. You can do almost anything
as long as it is well applied.
How much should I spend on a fashion watch?
If you fall in love with a fashion watch and can afford it then buy it.
It’s just like buying a piece of fashionable costume jewelry. Don’t
worry about how long it will be fashionable. Wear it, enjoy it, and
then put it away for the next decade!
Camilla Jumpsuit
Milano Slap On Watches from $29.99
Jane Iredale Eye Steppes
Send your questions to: [email protected]
A private screening
with 25 friends at
Cinema Nova.
Enjoy a night out in your own private cinema, complete
with a “Tranquilo” tapas selection and beverage of choice
for 25 people.
To enter simply register at
Terms & Conditions
You may choose any film currently screening at Nova* and bookings must be made 14 days in advance. (*Subject to format). See
cinemanova.com.au for the menu and film selection. Competition closes January 22nd , 2012 and the random draw will take place
on January 24th 2012 at the offices of the Banco Group – Level 1, 333 Drummond St Carlton. The winners will be notified by mail
and phone within 7 working days. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the draw and the Promoter’s decision in relation
to any aspect of this competition is final and binding. Entering the draw implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. Lygon
Court employees and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.
− 386 Lygon St, Carlton −

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