IT 16 - Atos



IT 16 - Atos
nr.16 - January ‘12
New AES drivers with EtherCAT communication
Atos is introducing the new high performance Ethernet communication to its open loop
digital driver E-RI-AES-EH. The EtherCAT technology marks a new standard for real
time performance and control flexibility, as required by modern machinery.
New E-RI-AES-EH includes:
E New current control with variable dither to reduce the valve’s regulation hysteresis
E Software selection of voltage/current analog input range
E Double M12 connectors for EtherCAT communication interfaces (input - output)
E Serial communication always present for communication with software E-SW-EH
pdated functionalities: software oscilloscope, software driver reset, life timer,
extended fieldbus functions, etc.
E Power supply protection against reverse polarity
E /W option for hydraulic power limitation (p x Q)
E /Q option for enable, to ensure full compatibility with AE analog drivers
E /Z option for double power supply, enable and fault signals
E In-field firmware updating through standard serial communication port
New E-RI-AES-EH require the Atos software E-SW-EH.
Technical table TG050 available on
Atos is an official member of the EtherCAT Technology Group:
Availability for pre-series production starting from week 06/2012
Industrial Ethernet fieldbus
New E-SW-** software with Windows 64bit support
Atos has introduced the 64bit support to E-SW-** software - version 6.4 - and relevant USB
adapters driver to extend the compatibility to all Windows platform.
The new release also includes improvements of the graphic software interface, further
simplifying the internal oscilloscope management as well as introducing the ‘wizard’ for
transducers configuration.
The ‘wizard’ function allows to customize transducers configuration connected to the driver
in few steps, inserting nominal data of the hydraulic system as well as cylinder diameters,
pressure transducer range, working pressure, etc; the software automatic computes the
correct values in order to perform the desired hydraulic regulation.
Software Wizard
New version 6.4 is available for all the registered users at
New Packing solution for proportional drivers
In respect of Atos constant quality improvements and green recycling policy, Electronic
Division has decided to introduce new packaging for proportional drivers, including:
SD protection and desiccant bags to avoid moisture in particular during overseas
transportation and storage
ew labels to show additional information and ensure products traceability: electronic
driver model code and serial number; acknowledgment number; data Matrix web link
to product Technical Tables on
Availability: starting from week 04/2012
New packing solution
nr.16 - January ‘12
Remind E-MI-AS drivers with DIN Plug-in on solenoids
E-MI-AS digital driver combines all of the advanced features of digital technology
within the smallest drivers dimension at attractive prices. They are suitable for drive
single solenoid proportional valves and also double solenoid valve using two drivers (one
for each solenoid)
Main characteristics:
E Plastic box with IP65 protection degree and standard DIN43650 plug-in format
E Infrared communication interface
E Analog input with voltage selection (0..5VDC or 0..10VDC)
E Functional parameters settings: bias, scale, ramps, linearization, dither
E Internal reference generations up to 4 different set of reference/ramps selected
by 2 digital ON/OFF input
E 2 leds for a quick driver status diagnosis
E Extended software diagnostics of driver status, solenoid and fault conditions
E + 5VDC output power supply for external reference potentiometers
E Short circuit protection of output current to the solenoid
E /I option for current input reference (0..20 mA, or 4..20 mA + cable breakage detection)
E /W option for hydraulic power limitation (p x Q)
E /M12 option for 5 poles M12 connector (standard execution with 5 m cable)
Technical table G020 available on
E-SW-** software
Availability: full series production
Remind Digital closed loop drivers with p/Q alternated control
Digital closed loop drivers with /S* option adds the pressure control or force control to
standard directional proportional valves and 3 way cartridges. The alternated p/Q control
integrates in a single proportional valve, direct or pilot operated, two different functions
avoiding the usage of additional valves, thus simplifying the architecture of the machine.
Available in 3 different optional controls, in order to cover the widest range of applications:
E /SP option adds pressure closed loop control on one valve’s user ports, using one
remote pressure transducer installed in the hydraulic system
E /SF option adds force closed loop control on both valve’s user ports, using two remote
pressure transducers installed in the hydraulic system
E /SL option adds force closed loop control on actuator, using one load cell installed
between the actuator and the controlled load
Digital proportional valves
Atos technical service is available for additional evaluation related to specific applications
of proportional valves with digital p/Q control, please contact our technical office.
Technical table G212 available on
Availability: full series production
p/Q drivers and transducers