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Remember: only the last 4 weeks remain posted!
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Volume 8 Week 6
February 7, 2013
Remember: only the last 4 weeks remain posted!
Minimizing the Muffin Top
A 'muffin top' sounds amusing at first, but in reality trying to dress it every
day...well, can get very frustrating. Sometimes you get your look right, other times
you don't.
A 'muffin top' is that extra spillage of flesh over your waist band...
So, what's the best way to minimize it???
Got jiggle in the middle? Most of us do have a little something extra we’d like to
hide! So what's a gal to do? Should you continue to squeeze into the styles you’ve always
worn or run for cover under looser fitting clothes? Which is the best answer? Actually
the answer is neither of these!
Our bodies have certainly changed since our teen years—therefore our style
needs to change too. We can’t use the same style sense we once relied on.
Is a ‘muffin top’ going to hold your style back? NO! “Hiding” under boxy clothes
certainly won’t make you feel good about how you look. Instead, more knowledge of
dressing techniques that can help you slim your shape (and minimize the muffin top)—
will “give” the appearance of a waistline and a more balanced shape.
What are some styles that I recommend? For starters, I always recommend
fabulous fitting jeans. Every woman feels her best when she has on a pair of sassy
jeans! Avoid the lower mid-rise jean or actually need an inseam that is a bit
higher up. Take the time to discover a new higher up mid-rise jean or pant that
will help you erase a 'muffin top'.
Great fitting jeans include ones with a higher mid-rise cut.
I love these two brands best for minimizing the dreaded 'muffin top'!
Levi's 512 Perfectly Slimming (avail. in 2 lengths)
NYDJ Bootcut Jeans
18 Ways to Minimize the Muffin Top:
1. Higher rise pants and skirts are your best friends. When you have an
undefined waist or a muffin top you need waistlines that come up higher. They can
have a “corset” effect and help hold it in and smooth you out.
These classic slacks offer a fabulous fit and higher inseam you are looking for!
The Studio Holly Pant from Coldwater Creek (petites, misses, womens)
2. Elastic waistbands. More than likely you’ll find it better to leave your shirt ‘body
skimming’ and un-tucked. Since that’s the case, consider pants and skirts with elastic
waistbands. No one will see your waistband so it really doesn’t matter what it looks
like when you match it up with a ‘body skimming’ top.
You will LOVE the fit of these the WIDER waistband is fabulous!
Investments Park Ave. Pull On Pants (sizes 4-18, 3 lengths)
3. Up size it. Purchase your pant or skirt in a larger size, then have the sides taken it to
custom fit you. Don’t feel bad about a bigger size, because great style is all about the
FIT. Remove the size label, have them altered...then love how wonderful you look in
your clothing. You deserve great fitting clothes...make it happen.
4. Look for WIDE waistbands. These are your fashion friends. A wider waistband
helps you cover up your muffin top. Be sure the waistband comes to your widest part
(not below it...or you will get that dreaded muffin top again)!
5. Embrace ruching! Tops and sweaters that are gathered and stitched down at the
side seams (ruched) make it easy to conceal an undefined waistline!
Peter Nygard Random Squares Ruched Top (s-xl)
Vince Camuto Woman Star-Print Top (1x-3x)
6. Prints and texture can be instant ‘camo’. You have a better chance of
camouflaging a muffin top under a DARK print or textured fabric than you do a light
or solid-colored fabric.
7. Be in charge of the empire. An empire blouse that is! The ‘raised waistline’ of
the empire style (tops and dresses) is a good option for you. The fitted style right
under the bust highlights the smaller area right under your bust. Look for styles that
aren’t too billowy and are more A-line and ‘body skimming’ so you won’t look
pregnant. Find a good fitting empire style and you’ll look fabulous.
8. Jump on the band wagon! Wear a blouson-styled top! This is the top that has a
band at the bottom and a looser fit above. A fabulous style for minimizing the muffin
Nurture Metallic Lace Blouson Blouse (s-xl)
M.S.S.P. Woman Dolman Sleeve Top (1x-3x)
9. Button-up. A shorter cardigan tends to work better than a longer one – try one that
ends right at or slightly above the problem area. Sounds counter-intuitive but
somehow this works; particularly if you have a top and a cami layered and peeking
out a few inches.
10. Brighten up your bottom. Wear a dark colored top and add a bottom that is
patterned or bright in color. This will bring attention towards your legs and away
from your torso. Wearing a simple outfit with unusual or brightly colored shoes will
also do the trick!
11. Create a diversion. Sparkly jewelry or a sassy short haircut – or anything that
brings the eye upward and away from you mid-torso is helpful tactic to use.
12. Go wide! A wide belt placed in just the right place can sometimes do wonders for
covering up a muffin top. Experiment with the belts on display at your local Chico’s or
Lane Bryant and see if a wide belt worn with a dark shirt makes you look svelte and
13. Shape up! Embrace shapewear...but only as needed. Let’s be honest, you don’t want
to wear shapewear every day of your life. But sometimes you need to wear shapewear
in order to look smoother and feel more confident. Look for torso trimming camis and
high-waisted bike shorts. Spend some time in the lingerie department and try on both
types of shapewear. When you find what works for you, buy it.
Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-thigh BodySuit
14. Layer with a cami. Sometimes just wearing a camisole under your tops will help
you feel smoother and more comfortable than if you were to wear thicker less comfy
shapewear. Give it a try for a smoother look.
15. Structure holds it all together. Actually a structured garment works for every
body flaw (real or perceived). Embrace a jacket or blouse with vertical ‘princess
seams’ that will help you looked ‘nipped in’ at the waist and more balanced and
defined. Geesh! What more can a gal want? This is by far one of the best style tools
around...embrace structure!
16. A nod to knitwear. Knitwear is comfortable....however, avoid the ultra-thin clingy
jersey knits. Opt for something less clingy like cottons, wool blends, viscose, etc. The
right thickness will offer better drape and therefore be more flattering.
17. Get dressed up. Look for dresses that are the ‘fit and flare’ styles, as well as empire
waisted and those with ruching at the sides. Sometimes a dress just fits you best--then you can add your ‘structured’ jacket over for a win-win combination!
18. Shoulders back, chest out. Correct posture will make you look better in
everything you wear! Remind yourself throughout the day to stand tall. Mama was
right about this one.
Below are some outfit ideas that work your curves just right! Give these
outfit ideas a try...
Banded blouson tops, raised waistlines, ruching, structured jackets all work your
Fit and flare dresses...
Strategically placed wide belts and creative layering are stylish options to try...
Drapey knitwear, a blouson top and knitwear with a strong vertical line...
Bring attention to your legs OR up to your face (face framing necklace)...
See, you really can dress your sassy curves and look fabulous just the way
you are!
Love, Leslie MSP
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