HATFIELD - Pike County, Kentucky



HATFIELD - Pike County, Kentucky
Official Driving Tour Companion
Pikeville-Pike County, Ky.
Historic Sites
Hanging of Ellison “Cotton Top” Mounts - Pikeville, Ky.
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Guided by a local historian, visit the famous feud
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where “Cotton Top” was
sentenced and hanged,
along with the grave sites
of Randolph, Roseanna,
Sarah and others.
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Hatfield-McCoy Driving
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Hatfield-McCoy Driving Tour • Welcome
Other Feud Sites of Interest
D Big Sandy Heritage
Devil Anse Statue
Finding Devil Anse Hatfield
Approx. Distance: 20.7 mi from PawPaw Tree
Killings (page 9)
Sarah Ann Wv.
Devil Anse Monument (Grave Site):
GPS: N 37 42.268 W 081 59.547
• Location: Sarah Ann, WV 25644.
Also features Johnse Hatfield and other graves
from the Hatfield family.
This site is very steep and may be too difficult for
handicapped visitors to traverse.
Devil Anse Hat field
Devil Anse Hatfield Grave Site & Statue.
Though not officially a part of the Pike County Tourism CVB
Hatfield-McCoy Driving Tour, William Anderson “Devil 2/11
Anse” Hatfield’s monument and grave site is certainly
something to behold.
Pawpaw Tree Killings
1. Turn right onto State Hwy. 1056, entering West
Virginia. 0.4 mi
2. Go straight, and turn right onto WV-49 S. 0.3 mi
4. Turn right onto US-52 S (King Coal Hwy.). 9.5 mi
3. Take the second left onto WV-65 N/Main St.
Continue to follow WV-65 N, keeping left. 4.1 mi
5. Turn left onto WV-44 N, continue straight. 6.3 mi
6. Destination on left.
From Devil Anse Hatfield Statue to Continue Tour
(State Hwy 1056)
7. Turn right onto WV-44 S (You may need to travel
down the road and turn around when able). 6.3 mi
8. Turn right onto US-52 N (King Coal Hwy.). 9.5 mi
9. Turn left onto WV-65 S. 4.1 mi
10. Turn right onto WV-49 N. 0.3 mi
Route to Devil Anse Hatfieldʼs Statue
Finding Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy
Squirrel Huntin’ Sam Grave Site:
GPS: N 37 28.420 W 082 27.076
• Location: Collins Family Cemetery, Upper
Chloe Crk., Pikeville, KY 41501
WARNING: Visitors may find the roads to
this site difficult to traverse.
Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy
Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy Grave Site.
Another site not officially part of the Pike County Tourism
CVB Hatfield-McCoy Driving Tour, serious feud enthusiasts
may wish to visit Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy’s grave
site. Squirrel Huntin’ Sam and his brother Paris are very
prominent characters in feud lore. They were involved in
the killing of Bill Staton after the famous hog trial.
From McCoy Family (Dils Cemetery)
to Squirrel Huntin’ Sam McCoy (Collins Family Cemetery)
1. From McCoy Family (Dils Cemetery) parking lot,
take right onto KY 1460/Chloe Crk. Rd. 3.6 mi
12. Continue on State Hwy. 1056. 2.4 mi
2. Take the first left turn lane onto Upper Chloe Crk.
(look for an abrupt left turn lane with arrow. If you
arrive at a traffic light, you have gone too far). 1.3 mi
Hatfield-McCoy Driving Tour • Other Feud Sites 12
Blood Song: The Story of the Hatfields and the
McCoys. See the story of the feud unfold in the area where it
actually took place with “Blood Song: The Story of the Hatfields
and the McCoys.” Held at the Hatfield & McCoy Park in McCarr,
Kentucky, “Blood Song” performances are performed by an
award-winning cast of talent drawn from feud country. This is a
drama you cannot miss. Contact Pike County Tourism CVB for
show times and dates. Hatfield & McCoy Park, McCarr, KY 41544.
See Pike County tour map on page 8 for location. (800) 844-7453
D Stone Heritage
Approx. Distance: 6.1 mi from McCoy Family
Grave Site (Dils Cemetery, page 6)
11. Take the 1st left onto State Hwy. 1056
Entering Kentucky. 0.2 mi
Continue directions on page 9 with either step 20, or *B.
Featuring a Daniel Boone display
Runners from all over enjoy the marathon
From Pawpaw Tree Killings to Devil Anse Hatfield Statue
Center. The Big Sandy Heritage
Center is housed in the historic
railroad station in downtown
Pikeville. Here you will find dozens of
exhibits that portray the rich history
and culture of Eastern Kentucky. See
artifacts drawn from Appalachian,
Native American, African American
and Hatfield-McCoy history.
773 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, KY
41501. (606) 218-6050.
is part of the Hatfield-McCoy
Reunion Festival which will be
held on the first weekend in
June. Proceeds from this race
go to support TVRRC children’s
running programs and scholarship funds, so be sure to take
part in this wonderful must-see
(606) 625-5092
or (606) 257-5026.
Museum. The Stone Heritage Museum is the result of
the mission of the Stone community to preserve their coal
mining and Appalachian heritage. The museum features a
wide variety of artifacts from
Appalachian history, such as
old photographs, artwork,
mining memorabilia and
much more. The museum is
See a wide variety of Appalachian artifacts open on the first Saturday of
every month, and by appointment. (606) 237-5100 or
(606) 237-6099. 1355 Pond Creek Rd., Stone, KY 41567.
D Hatfield-McCoy Reunion & Marathon. The annual
Hatfield-McCoy Marathon has something for everyone, from 26.2
and 13.1 mile runs to our kid’s “Once Around The Block Mini
Marathon.” The race begins in Eastern Pike County, Kentucky, in a
small area known as Goody. Participants will meet in the parking lot
of one of the sponsors, Food City. The Hatfield-McCoy Reunion &
Marathon scenic course will surprise you. There is one hill between
miles 6 and 7 while the rest of the course is flat to rolling and runs
on the roads that follow the creeks and rivers. Both finish lines
are in West Virginia. The half-marathon ends in historic Matewan,
West Virginia; the marathon ends in Williamson, West Virginia
at the World Famous Coal House. The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon
The Hatfield Family
Choosing the Right Tour for You
The Hatfield-McCoy Feud was not confined geographically to
just one area. Feudists lived, fought and worked in disperse
areas across Pike County, Kentucky and West Virginia.
Visitors are encouraged to plan their tour ahead of time.
Pikeville City Feud Sites:
Pages 6-7. Approx. tour length: 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
• McCoy Family (Grave Site) • Hatfields on Trial • McCoy Home
& York Mansion • “Cotton Top” Hanging Site • Perry Cline (Grave
Pike County Feud Sites:
Pages 8-9. Approx. tour length: 3 to 4 hours. • Aunt Betty’s House/
Roseanna’s Baby (Grave Site) • McCoy Homeplace (Hardy, KY)
• “Preacher Anse” Hatfield Hog Trial Cabin • Pawpaw Tree Killings
• Hatfield Wash Stand (Ephraim Hatfield Grave Site)
• Asa Harmon McCoy Historic Marker • Hatfield McCoy Monument
(Blackberry, KY)
“Bad” Frank Philips & Nancy McCoy Hatfield Philips
(Grave Site):
Pages 10-11. Approx. tour length: 1 to 2 hours (from County feud
Total tour length can be up to approx. 5 to 7 hours.
Please obey traffic laws. All given distances are approx.
Hatfield-McCoy Driving Tour • Exploring Feud Country 5

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