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C ar r a s quillo A s s oci a t e s , LT D
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5113 Southwest Parkway, Suite 250
Austin, TX 78735
C ar r a s quillo E ngine er ing and
St r uc t ur al Rep air S er v ic e s
Costa del Este, Torre Banco Panamá
Oficina 1600-B, Piso 16
Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá
Phone (507) 209-9915
[email protected]
C ar r a s quillo E ngine er ing
S er v ic e s Gr oup
Calle del Parque #601,
Edificio Pesquera, Oficina #703
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909
Phone (787) 633-1829
[email protected]
Carrasquillo Associates (CA) started as a private consulting business in 1980 after Dr. Ramón L. Carrasquillo received his Master’s and
Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from Cornell University and moved to Austin, Texas. Dr. Carrasquillo became a professor and researcher
in the Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. After over 20 years of teaching and research at the University of Texas at Austin as well as providing consulting services and spending 10 years as founder and owner of a readymix concrete and
materials supply company, Dr. Carrasquillo decided to dedicate his efforts to the engineering consulting services. Today, CA is recognized
as a leader in engineering consulting in the areas of materials, construction, and structural engineering. CA’s reputation of excellence
and its effectiveness in investigating, understanding, and solving engineering problems is the result of the broad in-house knowledge and
concurrent expertise in multiple areas including materials, structural engineering, construction, specifications, codes, concrete production and performance, durability, repair, in-situ condition assessment, and testing.
Carrasquillo Engineering Services Group (CESG), founded in 2012 in Puerto Rico, and Carrasquillo Engineering and Structural Repair Services (CERS), founded in 2014 in Panama, are affiliates of Carrasquillo Associates, LTD (CA). Both provide professional, state-of-the-art
engineering and consulting services related to forensic investigations and the construction industry. Clients include, among others,
structural engineers, architects, contractors, material suppliers, owners, developers, government agencies, and the legal community.
CESG’s and CERS’s reputation of excellence is built on understanding the complexity of construction related projects and on their ability to
focus on the key issues relevant to achieving technically sound and clear solutions that can be successfully implemented. CESG and CERS
represent commitment, experience, personal service, expertise, and proven results. CESG and CERS specialize in forensic engineering,
specifically in the areas of structural engineering, concrete materials, construction, and remediation of existing structures.
CA and its affiliates represent a unique resource founded on experience, quality, excellence, and commitment. CA takes full advantage of
its professional services by bringing together significant benefits from its experience and expertise in teaching and research, codes and
specifications, materials, design, and construction. CA’s extensive knowledge of materials, structural engineering, durability, repair and
rehabilitation, specifications, forensics, construction, and in-situ condition assessment provides a completely integrated expertise and
understanding of the complexity of any project.
CA understands the need for efficient, comprehensive solutions and consensus building when bringing together state-of-the-art technology, knowledge, and experience from leading experts from multiple disciplines in an investigation addressing specific needs and objectives. Additional associated services include, among others, petrographic services, scanning electron microscopy, in-situ non-destructive
testing, and chemical and mineralogical analysis of materials.
F or en sic E ngine er ing Inve s t ig a t ion & A n al y sis
P r oje c t A dminis t r a t ion
C on s t r uc t ion and E ngine er ing E x per t W i t ne s s
C oncr e t e M a t er i al s
St r uc t ur al Rep air & Reh abil i t a t ion
Non-De s t r uc t i ve Te s t ing, Ev alu a t ion & S er v ic e s
S us t ain able C on s t r uc t ion
C on s t r uc t ion & S er v ic e L i f e A n al y sis
A r chi t e c t ur al C oncr e t e
P avement E ngine er ing
St r uc t ur al E ngine er ing
C on s t r uc t ion/P r oje c t M an agemen t
F or en sic E ngine er ing
Inve s t ig a t ion & A n al y sis
P r oje c t
A dminis t r a t ion
Forensic Engineering investigations have been performed
on projects ranging from marine construction & high-rise
structures to transportation infrastructure, dams, industrial facilities, tunnels, and seismic exploration related
structures. A comprehensive approach based on a thorough
understanding of the mechanisms and factors affecting the
challenge being investigated together with proven, focused
troubleshooting skills and technical resources have resulted in significant contributions to clients.
Project Administration involves oversight and coordination
of a project acting as the owner’s representative including
organizing and evaluating bid responses, contract awards,
budget management, ensuring work schedules are maintained, and oversight to prevent contractor defaults and
claims. Additional post-construction services include management and coordination of equipment start-ups, certifications, compliance, permitting and calibrations as well as
coordinating manuals and procedures for all utilities.
C on s t r uc t ion and E ngine ering E x per t W i t ne s s
C oncr e t e
M a t er i al s
For over 20 years, CA has provided forensic engineering
expert witness services to a wide range of clients on a variety of project and topics including failure investigations
and analyses, construction defects, distressed structures,
dams, marine facilities, pavements and slabs, industrial
and manufacturing facilities, concrete durability, material
defects, design deficiencies, vibration damage, repair and
rehabilitation, and much more.
Concrete Materials issues provide some of the most challenging complexities faced by owners, designers, and contractors alike. Construction materials related services and
expertise include, among others, evaluation and assessment of sources of materials, concrete mixture proportioning, code compliance, strength, engineering properties,
constructability, and durability, including freeze-thaw, sulfate attack, alkali-silica reaction, internal sulfate attack,
wear, cracking, and corrosion of concrete reinforcement.
St r uc t ur al Rep air
& Reh abil i t a t ion
Non-De s t r uc t i ve Te s t ing,
Ev alu a t ion & S er v ic e s
CA and its affiliates, CESG and CERS, are leaders in the latest
technologies, materials, and equipment for the structural
repair and rehabilitation of existing facilities. These have
included both concrete and steel structures such as multipurpose arenas, high-rise buildings, health and industrial
facilities, dams, pavements and bridges, marine structures,
and historic preservation. Services include structural repairs, retrofits, and restoration of durability and long-term
serviceability of structures.
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services can be of the utmost importance to the success of any troubleshooting
and forensic engineering investigation. NDT provides the
fundamental information needed to expedite resolutions
of concerns regarding the performance of structures and
materials. NDT services provided include, among others,
Ground Penetrating Radar, Impact-Echo Testing, Chloride
Content, Half-Cell Potential, Weld Inspection, Ultrasonic
Thickness Scanning, Vibration Monitoring, Pull-Off Testing,
and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity. Other services include petrographic examination and chemical and mineralogical testing.
S us t ain able
C on s t r uc t ion
C on s t r uc t ion &
S er v ic e L i f e A n al y sis
Sustainable Construction represents the commitment to
the resources and quality of life of future generations. Reductions in the carbon footprint through the use of supplementary cementitious materials, development of energy efficiency aerated concretes, design of longer lasting
structures, utilization of locally available materials, and
use of waste by-products are among the many techniques
that have been incorporated into construction projects.
As the emphasis on long-term performance and construction costs controls increases, greater importance is given
to assessing the service life of new or existing construction and/or repaired structures. Service Life Analysis expertise and experience has proven of great importance in
developing models of service life predictions in structures.
These predictions have provided supporting information for
evaluating specification requirements, materials selection,
protection measures, and maintenance programs.
A r c hi t e c t ur al
C oncr e t e
P av emen t
E ngine er ing
Architectural concrete requires an understanding of the architect’s vision and a merging of the understanding of concrete materials with expertise in production of high quality
concrete and optimization of construction practices. Successful architectural concrete projects have included innovative thinking to produce white concrete showcase staircases, 50-year old formwork finish, colored concretes, and
near perfectly smooth concrete finish for the Fort Worth
Museum of Modern Art, among others.
Pavement engineering services include materials, design,
construction, rehabilitation, specifications, joint detailing,
troubleshooting, repair, and management. These services
and expertise have been provided for roadway and airfield
pavements as well as streets, parking lots, and truck staging areas, including both the wear surface as well as the
base and sub-base.
St r uc t ur al
E ngine er ing
C on s t r uc t ion/P r oje c t
M an agemen t
Services include structural analysis and design, specification writing, detailing, plan and drawing assessments, and
evaluations of the structural safety and condition of existing structures. CA’s extensive resume’ includes work ranging from analysis and design of concrete foundations and
structures to troubleshooting constructability issues, peer
reviews, and evaluations of code compliance to prediction
of long-term performance. The engineering staff include
members of several national and international associations
and technical committees.
Construction/Project Management services refers to program management and implementation services pertaining
to (i) planning, design, and construction; (ii) bid documents
and procurement; and (iii) the administration of construction contracts. Services include, among others, facilitating
and/or coordinating all activities related to: overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning
to completion; analysis of as-built conditions; regulatory
compliance; permitting; and construction management.
CA sets itself apart from the rest of the consulting engineering firms through its aggregate benefit from many years of
sophisticated research, teaching, materials supply, and consulting services together with a common sense approach
to problem solving with great communication skills. CA’s
reputation of excellence is the result of its commitment to
prompt response, dedicated service, and record of exceeding the expectations of its clients and markets around the
world. CA focuses on developing technically sound solutions
that address its clients needs and objectives. CA’s approach
to problem solving extends from the use of precise common
sense to implementing state-of-the-art technology-oriented tools. CA’s efficient use of resources during a life of
the project and its ability to focus on key issues relevant to
the investigation bring tremendous benefits and long-term
relationships with its clients.
CA has achieved recognition for its expertise and contributions to the industry in the areas of concrete production, durability, concrete materials, construction practices, product
development, forensics, repair, and structural engineering.
CA has been responsible for developing field procedures for
implementation in construction, including developing guidelines for the use of high performance concrete, chemical admixtures, supplementary cementitious materials, and innovative quality control procedures. CA has provided consulting
for concrete materials suppliers and construction companies
involved in areas such as underground and underwater concrete installations, high-rise buildings, airport runways,
dams, highways and bridges, refineries, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, commercial and residential construction, and sustainable construction.
CA’s resourcefulness, great communication skills, judgment,
and consensus building approach during the entire life of
projects brings tremendous benefits and long-term relationships with its clients. Further, CA has a proven record
of leading a team of experts among multiple disciplines in
investigating and solving problems. CA’s contributions to the
forensics industry also include training and continuing education, dispute resolution, and frequent appearances at conferences and seminars.
CA is very active professionally, and maintains a leadership position through active participation in numerous national and international
professional and technical societies such as the American Concrete Institute, American Society for Testing and Materials, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology, Instituto
Mexicano del Cemento y del Concreto, Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico, Asocreto in Colombia, Cámara Panameña de la
Construcción, Cámara de Comercio, Industrias y Agricultura de Panamá, Sociedad Panameña de Ingenieros y Arquitectos, and Structural
Engineers Association of Texas, among others. The broad coverage of CA is also due to its participation as an invited speaker to conduct
seminars on different aspects of concrete performance and construction worldwide. CA engineers are active members of several local,
national, and international technical societies responsible for maintaining the state-of-the-art practices for the construction industry.
CA’s fluency in Spanish, its knowledge of the construction practices, and its reputation in many Spanish-speaking countries provide a
unique advantage to clients requiring services abroad.
DRP uses petrography, scanning electron microscopy, and other analytical methods to investigate
concrete and other cement-based construction
materials, natural rock products, and geological
CAMET Research is a materials characterization
laboratory which specializes in destructive and
non-destructive analysis of amorphous and crystalline solids using x-ray diffraction (XRD) and xray fluorescence (XRF) techniques, among others.
Panama has seen construction at a scale not seen by many as a result of the new revolutionary canal expansion project. The expansion
consists of a new lane of traffic along the Canal which is made possible by the installation of a new set of locks. The expansion will allow
double the waterway capacity as the original Canal, and Post-Panamax vessels will have the ability to transit through the Canal with up
to 13,000 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Shipping Container Units (TEUs), tripling the original Canal’s size limit. The project intends to meet
current and future demand growth while obtaining a cost advantage through economies of scale which will allow the Canal to keep a
competitive advantage through higher perceived value of the maritime route that Panama has to offer. The total expansion costs are
estimated to be around $5.25 billion dollars. CA was retained in July 2012 to serve as an independent consulting expert to the owner/
administrator of the Panama Canal, the Autoridad del Canal de Panama (ACP), in matters regarding aggregate and concrete used in the
canal expansion project.
Located atop a hillside on the northern shores in the city of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, a Christopher Columbus Statue is being erected and
is projected to be completed by late summer of 2015. This project consists of the erection of a statue twice the height of the Statue of
Liberty without its pedestal, and so tall that it could interfere with air traffic once erected. The Statue consists of over 2,000 exterior pieces of copper and bronze connected to an interior structural steel frame for a total weight of over 600 tons. The structure was
originally designed by Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli in 1991 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ 1942 arrival to the
Western Hemisphere. CESG’s contribution to the project included consulting services in regards to the mat concrete foundation consisting
of the structural design, project specifications development, material condition assessments, and construction management. In addition,
CESG’s project involvement also included the development of the concrete mixture proportions, concrete placement sequencing, quality
control, temperature and maturity monitoring, and implementation of early age protection measures of the mass concrete elements.
Over 1,500 cubic yards of concrete were placed in approximately 8 hours, during which all concrete loads were accepted, there was no
evidence of cracking within the mat foundation mass concrete elements, and all the concrete compression strength tests exceeded the
28-day specified design strength in 7 days.
In May of 1997, the world renowned architect, Tadao Ando, was selected as the architect for the Modern Art Museum’s building in Fort
Worth, Texas. The museum is a 150,000 square foot building sitting on an 11-acre property. CA provided consulting services for the
production and construction of the architectural concrete including, among others, material selection, concrete proportions, batching,
quality control, formwork, concrete placement, and consolidation. Notable features of the building included: a natural setting utilizing
existing major trees on site augmented by additional trees, shrubs, and plant materials native to North-Central Texas; three gallery
pavilions that appear to float above a shallow reflecting pond to the north and west; double skin or envelope inner structural walls of
cast concrete to protect interior gallery spaces and support large projecting roof planes above; outer glass and metal panel walls to
provide public circulation areas from which to view the museum’s landscaped exterior and reflecting pond; and immense concrete roof
overhangs, supported by Y-shaped columns on the east side to help shade interior spaces surrounded by 36 foot glass walls constructed
with energy-efficient insulated glass units.
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Services Provided: Construction & Service Life Analysis, Construction Materials & Concrete Durability, Forensic Engineering Investigation & Analysis,
Non-Destructive Testing, Evaluation & Services, Structural Engineering,
Construction and Engineering Expert Witness
Location: San Manuel, Phillipines
Services Provided: Concrete Materials, Forensic Engineering Investigation
Evaluation & Analysis, Structural Repair & Rehabilitation, Materials and
Production, Construction
Montgomer y P oint L ock & D am
Location: Snow Lake, Arkansas
Services Provided: Construction and Engineering Expert Witness, Concrete
Materials and Production, Construction.
V ibr a t ion Moni t or ing
Location: Galveston, Texas
Services Provided: Forensic Engineering Investigation & Analysis, NonDestructive Testing, Evaluation & Services, Construction and Engineering
Expert Witness
Dr. Ramón Carrasquillo is the Founder and President of Carrasquillo Associates (CA), Carrasquillo Engineering Services Group (CESG), and Carrasquillo Engineering and Structural Repair Services (CERS). Ramón is
recognized worldwide for his expertise in concrete materials, construction, and structural engineering. He has completed over 500 consulting
assignments ranging from product developments, materials, and production of concrete to durability, specifications, construction practices,
failure analyses, and repair and rehabilitation of existing structures.
Ramón was a professor and researcher at The University of Texas at Austin for 22 years. From 1992 to 1996, Ramón was the Associate Director
of the International Center for Aggregates Research. In addition, Ramón
was the founder and president of Rainbow Materials, Inc., a ready-mix
concrete company which operated in the Central Texas market from 1994
to 2004. Ramon has authored over 100 academic publications and reports
and has given over 400 technical presentations.
American Concrete Institute (ACI)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Structural Engineers Association of Texas (SEAoT)
The American College of Forensic Examiners
and reports and given over 400 technical presentations.
ACI Committee 201- Durability of Concrete
ACI Committee 211- Proportioning Concrete Mixtures
ACI Committee 232- Fly Ash and Natural Pozzolans in Concrete
ACI Committee 301- Specifications for Concrete
ASTM Committee C09- Concrete and Concrete Aggregates
and reports and given over 400 technical presentations.
• Forensic Investigation
• Concrete Materials & Durability
• Structural Evaluation
• Concrete Construction
• Repair and Remediation
• Architectural Concrete
• Litigation Support
• Sustainable Construction
• Training and Education
CA and its Affiliates provide a comprehensive list of services to its clients supported by the expertise, experience, and resources of its
members. Among these are forensic engineering, materials, failure investigations, structural design, non-destructive testing, repair and
rehabilitation, and construction management and administration. While work has been performed worldwide, CA and its Affiliates are
uniquely positioned to provide services in North, Central, and South America as well as the Caribbean Basin, given its knowledge of the
local engineering, construction practices, and local engineering licensure in these regions. The following is a brief description of selected
Key Personnel and their expertise and experience.
Jo s é A . Mo s c o s o, M.S., P.E .
Civil Engineer/Project Manager
José Moscoso provides a unique resource and capabilities to
meet the needs of the clients combining a civil engineering
education with a graduate degree in engineering management
with emphasis in corporate finance and economics. While earlier in his professional career José participated in numerous
forensics and failure analyses, during the last 15 years his
professional work has focused on project management, cost
analysis, productivity, real estate development and investment
opportunities in both, the private and public sectors. He is a
licensed civil engineer and real estate broker in Panamá.
C ar lo s G ar z a, M.S., P.E .
Structural Engineer/Project Manager
Carlos Garza has performed numerous structural investigations involving construction and design defects, specifications,
materials failures, and structural collapses. The investigations
have included, among others, structural modeling, concrete
material, concrete performance, construction practices, design and implementation of repairs, thermal control plans for
massive construction and concrete durability such as ASR, DEF,
and corrosion.
Ch ar le s H ammond, M.S., P.E ., C W I
Structural Engineer/Project Manager
Charles Hammond’s forensic consulting experience has included failure
investigations, evaluations of existing distressed structures, as well as
extensive non-destructive testing. He is a certified welding inspector.
He has provided structural analysis, design, and structural engineering
construction administration services for a variety of structure types in
both new and existing construction. He is licensed to practice in jurisdictions with additional licensure requirements, in particular areas of high
seismicity and high wind.
I v án E . L ópez , B S CE , P.E .
Construction Engineer/Project Manager
Iván Lopez’s forensic consulting experience and extensive practice as a
construction engineer and contractor has included the evaluation of distressed structures, the investigation and testing of existing structures,
and the assessment of design and specification requirements as these
affect constructability. As a contractor, he has extensive experience in,
among others, project management, contract administration, cost and
scheduling analysis, and procurement in multi-million projects involving
both new construction and existing structures.
F er n ando I. Bu xó, B S CE , P.E .
Concrete Materials Engineer/Project Manager
Fernando Buxó has provided technical consulting services to concrete producers and concrete contractors for the last 20 years including, among others, concrete and concrete materials testing, concrete production, quality
control and construction troubleshooting. For approximately 7 years, he
worked as technical director and quality control manager for a ready mix
concrete producer in charge of research and development programs as well
as managing all operations related to quality control and concrete testing.
During the last five years, he has worked extensively in forensic engineering investigations and the repair and rehabilitation of existing structures.
5113 Southwest Parkway, Suite 250
Austin, TX 78735
Phone (512) 358-7020
[email protected]
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