Syncrude Canada Ltd. Responsible Oil Sands Development



Syncrude Canada Ltd. Responsible Oil Sands Development
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Responsible Oil Sands Development
ACTIMS Canada East - Building Trades
November – 2014
What is Oil Sand?
• Oil sand is a natural mixture of sand, water, clay and
bitumen (approx. 10% bitumen at Syncrude)
• Found in three deposits across Alberta and
Saskatchewan – Athabasca, Cold Lake & Peace River
• Represent third largest oil reserve in the world
• 1.7 trillion barrels in place – 168B recoverable
• Current production approx. 2 million bpd
• Extracted via surface mining or drilling (in situ)
• Written history of oil sands dates back over 225 years
October 30, 2014
50 Years: A Canadian Business Success Story
Established in 1964, Syncrude is celebrating
its 50th anniversary
Began as a Research and Development facility
Environmental studies and Aboriginal Relations
program established early on
First barrel of oil shipped down pipeline in 1978
Developed new technologies that helped unlock
potential of oil sands and drove innovation towards
operational and environmental performance
(Syncrude Research and Development facility mid-1960s)
October 30, 2014
Syncrude Joint Venture
Canadian Oil Sands Partnership #1
Imperial Oil Resources
Suncor Energy Ventures Partnership
Nexen Oil Sands Partnership (CNOOC)
Sinopec Oil Sands Partnership
Murphy Oil Company Ltd.
Mocal Energy Limited
October 30, 2014
Syncrude Today
Syncrude has eight leases located in the
Athabasca Oil Sands deposit
Leases cover around 102,000 hectares
All of Syncrude’s leases can be mined and are
among the best in the Athabasca deposit
Decades of resource to develop
The Syncrude operation is comprised of four
major technology areas: Mining, Extraction,
Upgrading and Utilities
All disturbed land will be reclaimed
October 30, 2014
Syncrude Today
Capacity to produce
350,000 barrels per day;
equal to around 15% of
Canada’s energy needs
Operates two oil sands sites:
Mildred Lake and Aurora
Over 2.5-billion barrels of
cumulative production
5,100 full-time employees
Contractors are in all parts of the
• Operate oil sands R&D facility in
Edmonton – average annual
investment of $60 – over half
invested in environmental
October 30, 2014
Major Projects Progress
• Mildred Lake Mine Replacement (est. 94%):
Construction of the two new North Mine mine
trains estimated at $4.2 billion, with start-up
scheduled for late 2014. These trains will
incorporate new wet crushing technology which
will increase production capacity and bitumen
recovery, and reduce maintenance
• Full-scale Centrifuge Plant (est. 95%):
Construction of a $1.9 billion centrifuge plant
began in 2012. It will dewater fluid fine tails
(FFT) and produce a clay-rich soil material that
can be used in the reclamation of former mine
areas. Start-up is scheduled for the first half of
October 30, 2014
The Syncrude Process
October 30, 2014
Olympus – April 2014
Pre-shutdown ramp up - March 10
Feed out – April 2, 2014
April 28 – peak workforce – direct work force 2000
Total workforce expected 3500+
~1.5 million workforce hours
Critical path 12 hour shifts, all others on 10 hours shifts
• Travel assistance protocol for significant trades will be in place.
• Camps used – MLV and Noralta
• Busing will be provided
• ID requirements has increased rigour. Approved Government issued
ID accepted only; no exceptions. You will not be allowed on site. This
is your responsibility. Your unions halls have this information.
October 30, 2014
Olympus – April 2014
Key trades –
• Boiler Makers – 450
• Boiler Maker Welders – 200
• Scaffolders – 235
• Electricians – 60
• Pipefitters – 280
• Pipefitter Welders – 110
• Crane operators - 38
Section Title 10
Economic Contribution
• $7.6 billion in 2012 (9.7% increase over 2011)
• Includes royalties and taxes, wages and materials and supplies
• $5.5 billion spent on procurement of goods and services in 2012
• $186 million in Aboriginal Business Expenditures in 2013
• More than $2 billion spent with Aboriginal-owned businesses since 1992
• New oil sands development expected to contribute more than $2.1 trillion to
Canadian economy over the next 25 years (source: CERI 2011)
October 30, 2014
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