Vintage Guitar Magazine Ad



Vintage Guitar Magazine Ad
—Rick Turner, master luthier
• Hand sculpted
• Tap-tuned timbers
• One-piece, lightweight
Swamp Ash body
• One-piece, quarter-sawn,
gorgeously flamed maple neck
• Individually tailored setup
• Personalized neck shaping
• Hand-rubbed nitrocellulose
• Fossilized mastodon nut,
string tree & switch knob
• Immaculate fretwork
• Alive with tone and feel!
“My DeTemple ’56™ is made with the same reverence to
style, grace and craftsmanship as seen in today’s finest
archtops built by the master luthiers. The attention to detail is
unparalleled. My guitar was built with the focus, respect and
honor of its heritage. This is the guitar for someone who loves
’50s vintage guitars!”
Visit our website
or call now for
more information
—Craig Snyder, composer & player
“You are building the Stradivarius of guitars!”
International orders
—Mark Lindsay, singer, songwriter & player
“This could be the greatest sounding guitar of this type I’ve ever
played. It is so musical. Great guitar! Anybody who thinks they can
buy a ’50s style guitar better than this is out of their mind!”
—Tommy Kay, player
“What a great guitar! First I started using PRSs® instead of my
old Gibsons® and now I’ve retired my old Strats® to use my
DeTemple ’56™. The vintage market is in trouble!”
—Al Vontz, player & collector
“I’d sleep with this neck!”
—Roc Hillman, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Band, 1932–42
“This is the finest guitar I’ve played in years!”
—Dan Armstrong, effects & Ampeg guitars
“This is the sweetest new neck I’ve ever seen.
It’s as sexy as they come. I want this one!
It’s mine!”
The DeTemple ’56™ is alive with the tone
and feel of the best of the vintage era solid-body
electrics—the ones that really have the magic. From
the moment you play this incomparable guitar you’ll
discover the difference in its character, attention to detail
and unequaled setup... you’ve dreamt about owning an
instrument like this. The DeTemple ’56™ is an
exceptional player’s instrument—built for you, and tailored to
your specific requirements. This is the guitar you’ve been looking
for. And it’s surprisingly affordable. Call now to reserve yours.
DeTemple Guitars
—Andy Brauer, Andy Brauer Studio Rentals
“I’ve tried so many guitars, even the high-end custom
shop guitars, and they don’t come close to this guitar.
Mine sounds so warm and feels so comfortable to play. It’s
more than I ever expected.”
—Neil Buchbinder, player
“This guitar!... the neck!... the frets!... the finish!... but most of all the
sound!... It feels like new money!”
—Jack “Guitar Jack” Wargo
House guitarist at “B.B. Kings,” Hollywood
Builder of exceptionally handcrafted, vintage-design electric guitars
Est. 1995
Van Nuys, California USA
Vintage Guitar Magazine Ad
1/2 Page – December 2002 Issue
(818) 782-9933
[email protected]
Copyright © 2002 by DeTemple Guitars. All Rights Reserved. DeTemple Guitars and DeTemple ’56 are trademarks of DeTemple Guitars. DeTemple Guitars is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.
“You are building the one out of 5,000—the top half of one
percent of all these types of guitars. You really are building
the dream Strat®-style guitars that everybody’s chasing after.”

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