Spring/Summer 2014 - Jones County Iowa



Spring/Summer 2014 - Jones County Iowa
Twin Rivers
Volume 18, Issue 1
Jones County Conservation Board
Spring/Summer 2014
Central Park Lake Watershed Improvements Underway
By: Brad Mormann
“For eons, human
beings spent most of
their formative years
in nature.
But within the space of
a few decades,
the way children
understand and
experience nature has
changed radically.
Healing the broken
bond between our
young and nature
is in everyone’s
not only because
aesthetics or justice
demand it,
but because
our mental, physical,
and spiritual health
depend on it.”
~Richard Louv
As I drove into Central Park on my first official
day of work on September 9th, 2013 many
thoughts were flowing through my mind. The
view of the Lake instantly brought back
memories of my teenage years when my friends
and I would pile into my father’s Oldsmobile
and head down to Central Park because the word
on the street was “the catfish are hit’n.” We’d
set up four wide along the bank with lanterns
flickering and chicken liver flying everywhere
as we slung out our bait to tempt a catfish’s taste
buds. I have to say there are few places I’ve
fished that could match the size and numbers of
fish we caught on those warm summer nights.
Central Park’s most valuable resource – the
water. This was not a new idea that I brought
with me on my first day on the job, but the hard
work and careful planning of our Conservation
Board, past Director, and Staff over the past
several years. However, I am excited to
continue its progress and ensure it reaches its
highest potential.
The ground breaking officially began with the
wastewater system improvements throughout
the park. These improvements strike at a couple
of the major water quality issues of the Lake –
nutrient and bacteria levels. (Continued Page 2)
Continuing through the park I finally
rounded the corner to enter the Nature
Center/Administrative Office parking lot and
the new journey I had selected as the
Director of Jones County Conservation was
setting in. I walked toward the entrance not
knowing how the first day would go and was
greeted by our office manager with an
armful of documents, needless to say my
pace of life quickened….
Within a few short weeks I was observing
the beginning of a new era for Central Park.
This new era involves the purifying of
What’s Inside?
Current Projects - Central Park Lake Watershed Improvements
Upcoming Event - Earth Day Fair
1 &2
Naturalist Notes - Thank Yous, Photo Contest, Nature Center
Diorama Painting, & Family Outdoor Adventure Club
Spring & Summer Activities & Calendar of Events
Kids Page - “Eastern Bluebird”
Conservation News - REAP 25th Anniversary
Conservation News - JCCB Conservation Awards & Emerald Ash Borer
10 & 11
Current Projects
Before the start of this project the residence, camper dump
station, shower house
and campground
wastewater flowed
into a lagoon for
treatment within the
lake’s watershed.
Although technically
meeting the standards
of wastewater
treatment from
decades past it was
not containing and
treating the
efficiently enough to
maintain a high water
quality within the
lake itself. This
deficiency is now
In addition to the wastewater system and lagoon reclamation in
2013, in 2014 there is potential to see a few more major
improvements to the Park. These will take place on the newly
acquired Pearson addition on the west and southwest portions
of the park. If you are unfamiliar with this area, it is the large
“L” shaped brome grass dominated rolling field. Here we plan
to install a wetland in early spring and two ponds in the fall.
The goal of these structures is to further improve the water
quality of the Lake by capturing and impounding sediment and
nutrients flowing down the watershed before they reach the
Lake. A secondary benefit is that they will provide additional
recreational activities such as fishing and paddling.
To start, the camper dump station near the old lagoon is now
placed adjacent to the maintenance buildings near the park
entrance and is outside the watershed of the Lake. It is also
connected to
a new septic
tank and
field. In
addition, the
house and
full hookup
now each
have their
own separate septic tanks and fields. Lastly, the old lagoon has
been pumped, dredged and partially filled back in to form a
shallow wetland. To finish up, this spring we will be releveling and seeding the areas disturbed during construction.
All of these projects and more in the near future are working to
improve upon Jones County’s outdoor recreation opportunities.
The success of these projects is highly dependent on our
fantastic partners. The most notable Conservation Board
partners for the waste water, wetland and pond projects are the
Jones County Supervisors, Iowa’s Infrastructure Investment
Initiative, Natural Resources Conservation Service, DNR’s Fish
Habitat Program, Twin Rivers Chapter of Pheasants Forever,
DNR Lake Restoration Fund, and the Iowa Watershed
Improvement Fund administered by the Iowa Watershed
Improvement Review Board and with support from the Iowa
Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Division of
Soil Conservation.
Upcoming Event
Naturalist Notes
*A Special Thanks*
The Jones County Conservation Board
would like to thank and acknowledge the
following individuals, clubs, and
businesses for their continued support and
New Cornelian Club: Monetary
Donation toward Environmental
Education Program.
Larry Pisarik & Family, Cascade:
Frog hat, peanut butter, raccoon fur,
and misc. educational items.
Guy Cain, Wyoming: Bone
preservation skills and time.
Internet Field Day Hunter Education
Course Volunteers: Bill Melchert,
Monticello; Ron Offerman,
Monticello; Steve Feuss, Oxford
Junction; Angie Christensen, Center
Junction; and Brad Mormann,
Monticello Gun Club/Conservation
League: Use of Facility for Internet
Hunter Education Field Day Course.
Greg Jones, Monticello: Lard for bird
Victor and Vincent Frana: Donation
of 2 bird houses and milk carton bird
Camp Courageous: Award Supper
Doris Porter, Monticello: Educational
Rosemary Veech, Mason City:
Educational Books
2014 Jones County
Nature Photography Contest
Ladies and gentlemen - It’s time to dig out
those special and unique outdoor photos to enter
in this years Jones County Nature Photography
First thru third place prizes will be awarded for
the following categories:
People in Nature
Plants in Nature
Animals in Nature
Scenic Jones County
Conservation Legislative Tour:
Thanks to all the following
individuals for making the 2014
Conservation Legislative Tour a
great success!
*Lee Hein
*Dan Zumbach
*Todd Bowman
*Brian Moore
*Joe Cruise
*Keith Dirks
*Wayne Manternach
*Joe Cruise
*Ned Rohwedder
*Joe Oswald
*Kim & Jim Johnson
*Lowell Carson
*John Wenck
*Matt McDonald
*Curt Kemmerer
*Charlie Becker
*Camp Courageous
*Pauline Antons
*Dick Fishwild
*Brian Preston
*Daryl Parker
*Dick & Arlene Henneberry
*John Doershuk
*Dean Zimmerman
*Anita O’Gara
*Americorps NCCC Maple Team 3
*Matt McQuillen
*Mark McWilliams
*Dave Tabor
*Marcus Prull
*Rose Rohr
All entries must be postmarked by May 31.
Judging will take place by June 15 with winners
announced in the following week’s newspapers.
Winning photos will be on display at the Central
Park Nature Center from June thru the end of
Anyone interested in receiving an entry form
can contact Michele at (319) 481-7987 or go to
the JCCB website at www.jonescountyiowa.org
and click on
You won’t win if you
don’t enter!
Program Wish
*A quality birding
spotting scope.
*Jones County
clamshell buttons,
historic images, &
*Small section of
tanned mountain lion
*Local artifacts.
*Rock, fossil, and kids
nature books.
*Thigh waders.
(With no leaks)
*Kids snowshoes.
*Wood snowshoes different tribal &
geographical styles.
*Small plastic
animal terrariums.
*Night crawlers.
*Turtle food pellets.
*Vegetables (fresh &
frozen) & fruit for
Please Contact
Michele at
(319) 481-7987
Naturalist Notes
Meetings &
JCCB Meetings
6:30 PM
March 10
April 14
May 12
June 9
July 14
August 11
Call (563) 487-3541
for meeting
location & agenda.
Jones County Soil &
Water Conservation
Call (319) 462-3196,
Ext. 3
Jones County IDNR
Jared Landt:
(563) 920-5764
Mike Macke:
(319) 480-0397
TIP - Turn In Poachers
Nature Center Renovation
Project Update: Diorama
Artwork Underway
Donna Zimmerman, with help
from her husband Norm, prepared the north
basement wall
for painting in
Late January.
and wetland
paintings in previous dioramas.
A special thanks
to the Nelli Stege
Trust for continued monetary
support of this
Check it out!!!!
Summer 2014!
Donna started
airbrushing on
the background
in early February and plans on
completing her
painting by the 1st part of
Her artwork will depict native
plants and animals in a scenic
view from a bluff top overlooking the Maquoketa River
Donna is not new to artwork
at Central Park; some of you
might remember her prairie
New Family Outdoor
Adventure Club!
Is your family looking for likeminded outdoor
adventurers? Here’s your
chance to join the new Jones
County Family Outdoor Adventure Club (FOAC) and
have some serious fun and
healthy family adventures!
Watch our events pages for the FOAC events
and bring your whole family! Events will have
minimal instructional time and lots of active
outdoor adventure time. With this new program
we strive to promote family health and wellness
through active outdoor educational and recreational activities.
We will target one main outing every month
with possible side activities during the summer
months corresponding to our Central Park Summer Programs.
Upcoming FOAC Activities:
May 31: Hunting Lions Teeth
& Lion Fry & Picnic: 10 AM,
Central Park Nature Center
June 7: Annual Kids Fishing
Derby: 8AM - 1 PM, Central
Park Lake Pavilion
June 20: Trout Fishing & Picnic at Baileys
Ford Park, Delaware County: 9 AM - 1 PM,
Meet at the shelter house - look for white JCCB
truck. Iowa trout fee/license required.
July 26: Frog & Toad Hunt: 1PM, Central Park
Nature Center
August 1: Maquoketa River Clean Up Canoe
Outing & Picnic - Mon Maq to Pictured Rocks:
9AM - 2 PM.
August 16: Nature Scavenger Hunt: 1PM,
Central Park Nature Center.
Families can sign up to be on the FOAC e-mail
listing to have activity reminders sent directly to
them each month. To sign up contact Michele
at [email protected]
Spring Programs & Events
“Spring Break” at Central Park
“Earth Day Fair” & “Grant Wood Trail
Pancake Fundraiser”
March 17 - 19th
Nature Center Open Daily: 10AM - 3PM
11AM: 3/17 & 3/19 - Animal Feeding
11AM: 3/18 - Nature Hike
Saturday, April 12
10 AM - 3 PM
Lawrence Community Center
Looking for something to do
during Spring Break? Come
check out the new exhibits and
diorama painting at the Central
Park Nature Center. Try your
hand at some fun crafts, enter
the coloring contest, visit with
the Naturalist, watch the live
animals at feeding time, test your bird identification
skills, and go on a guided nature hike. Snow
permitting try your legs at snowshoeing. Make a day
of it and bring your picnic lunch to eat at the nature
Bring your family to enjoy a
wonderful pancake meal and view
booths, exhibits, and
demonstrations from area natural resource
organizations, clubs, and businesses as we celebrate
Earth Day 2014. Check out the 2014 Soil & Water
Conservation District Poster Contest entries on
display with winners announced and prizes awarded
that day. Free admission - charge for breakfast.
April 20th - Happy Easter!!!
April 22 - Earth Day
“Woodcock Watch”
“Nature Make & Take Craft - Featuring
Native Flowers”
Friday, April 11
7:30 PM
Whitewater Canyon
Central Park Nature Center
Saturday, May 25
1 PM
Join Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones County
Naturalists and Bob Walton as we hike the trails of
Whitewater searching for the mating dance and
calls of the American woodcock. Dress for the
weather and wear appropriate shoes for hiking.
Feeling a little crafty? Come express your creative
side as you make a nature craft to take home. Fun for
all ages!
“2014 Annual Midwest Crane Count”
Saturday, April 12
6 - 7:30 AM
“Summer Science Discovery Camp 2014”
“Winging it”
For grades K - 5
Various locations and times
throughout Jones County
June 9 - July 3
Registration forms available at
Come help identify and count
cranes by sight and sound. We’ll
provide the muffins, juice, field
guides, and some loaner
binoculars. Dress for the
weather. We count rain, snow,
or beautiful sunrise. If you are
interested please call or e-mail
Michele at (319) 481-7987 or
[email protected] to
receive detailed information and
the survey location.
Experience “Hands On” science
through daily topics: Study
beaks, claws, squawks, and wings, investigate
migration, create nests, examine feathers, find out
the physics of flight. $30 camp fee includes daily
curriculum materials and snacks.
Summer Programs & Events Calendar
Central Park
Summer Programs!
*All ages welcome!!!
*No Charge!!!
(FOAC) = Family Outdoor Adventure Club Designated Activity
*Kids attending any 3 or more programs or activities will receive an
Iowa Junior Naturalist Certificate and Cool Patch!
“Nature Make & Take Craft”
“Hunting Lions Teeth & Lion Fry” (FOAC)
1 PM
10 AM
Nature Center
Nature Center
“Annual Central Park Kids Fishing Derby” (FOAC)
“Invasive Species in Our Neighborhood”
“Make Your Own Shepherds Pocket Sundial”
“Awesome Animal Eggs”
8 - Noon
1 PM
1 PM
1 PM
CP Pavilion
Nature Center
Nature Center
Nature Center
“Terrific Toads & Toad Races”
1 PM
“Mad Scientist for a Day—Science Experiments” 1 PM
“No Program - Enjoy the Great Jones County Fair”
“Frog & Toad Hunt” (FOAC)
1 PM
Nature Center
Nature Center
“The Untouchables Hike”
“Make Your Own Fish Kite”
“Nature Scavenger Hunt” (Family Teams) (FOAC)
“Fantastic Fossils”
“Painting the Prairie”
Nature Center
Nature Center
Nature Center
Nature Center
Nature Center
Sponsored by the Jones County Conservation Board
For more information call: (319) 481-7987
1 PM
1 PM
1 PM
1 PM
1 PM
Nature Center
Kids Page
“Eastern Bluebird”
Eastern bluebird numbers declined throughout the late 1800s
and much of the twentieth century, suffering a roughly 90%
drop in population. Competition for nesting space with introduced house sparrows and European starlings as well as habitat
loss and the decline of available nesting sites contributed to
their decline. Their numbers began to stabilize during the
1960s and have slowly increased due
to artificial nesting box programs.
Bluebirds may raise two and sometimes three broods per
season. Pairs may build their second nests on top of the first
nest or they may nest in an entirely new site. The male continues to take care of the recently fledged young while the
female begins to re-nest. Young of the first brood will occasionally help raise their siblings in the second brood.
ct the
Conne olor!
dots &
Build A
Bluebird Box:
Use natural untreated
Entry hole should be 1
1/2 to 1 9/16 round or 1
3/8 X 2 1/4 vertical
Must be easily accessible to open check and
Must be well ventilated
and have drainage holes.
Smooth round pipe with
predator guards are
best for mounting.
Plans can be downloaded
at http://
Did You Know?
nest from
through August.
*Bluebird families flock
together until fall, when
they merge with other
family flocks.
* Adult bluebirds tend
to return to the same
breeding territory year
after year.
* Bluebird females of
all species have duller
plumage than males;
this may reduce their
visibility to predators.
*Bluebirds have no blue
pigments in their
feathers. Instead, each
feather barb has a thin
layer of cells that absorb
all wavelengths of color
except blue. Only the
blue wavelength is
reflected and scattered,
resulting in their blue
appearance to our eyes.
*Late winter and early
spring cold fronts can
be very dangerous for
bluebirds due to the
depletion of natural fruit
supplies and the lack of
*Bluebirds sit on an
elevated perch while
searching for insects;
when one is spotted,
they drop to the ground
to capture it with their
Conservation News
Club Events:
Grant Wood Trail
Association Pancake
Breakfast &
Earth Day Fair
April 12
10 AM - 3 PM
“Down Home on the
Wapsi. State Park
Historic Hale Bridge
Thursday, June 19
5:00 Social
5:30 PM
by BistroDaly Creek
Music by Shultz Strings
Tickets $45 Call Rose at
(319) 480-0221
Ducks Unlimited
Saturday, April 5
Legionnaire Ballroom
Oxford Junction
5 PM: Doors Open
7 PM: Dinner Served
Tickets are $50 each
and include dinner,
membership, magazine
sub., and chance at door
prizes. Couple: $70
Children: $35
For tickets call Angie at
(319) 350-6974
SWCD Tree Orders Due
SWCD Poster Contest
The Jones Soil and Water Conservation District
annual tree and shrub orders must be received by
March 25. Purchased stock will be available for
pickup in mid-April.
This years SWCD poster contest theme is “DIG
DEEPER - Mysteries in the soil”. Interested
students and teachers may call the Jones SWCD
Office at (319) 462-3196 Ext. 3 for contest rules
or visit the CDI’s website at cdiowa.org.
Stock includes hardwoods, evergreens, and
shrubs sold in bundles of 10 and 25. Proceeds
from this sale are used to promote conservation
awareness and education in Jones county. Order
forms can be found at www.jonesswcd.org or by
contacting the Jones SCWD Office at (319) 462
– 3196 Ext. 3.
REAP 25th Year Anniversary
25 years ago, the Iowa REAP Program bill
passed the Iowa House with 100 votes. The desire to protect Iowa’s land,
water and wildlife for future
generations was unanimous. Since it’s inauguration on May 27, 1989, REAP
has helped fund over $300
million in benefits for Iowans with conservation projects in all 99 counties.
REAP is funded from the state's Environment
First Fund (Iowa gaming receipts) and from the
sale of natural resource license plates. The program is authorized to receive $20 million per
year until 2021, but the state legislature sets the
amount of REAP funding every year. For FY
2014 REAP was appropriated $16 million.
When you add license plate and interest income,
its total budget is about $16.45 million.
If you would like to see REAP funding increased and voice your support for this vital
program join the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Iowa REAP Alliance, Iowa Environmental
Council and many others at the capitol March
18! REAP Day at the Statehouse is your chance
to show Iowa legislators that Iowans value protecting our natural resources and supporting
outdoor recreation. It
is also a historic opportunity to push for
full funding—$25
million for its 25th
The deadline for submitted artwork is Friday,
March 28th. Posters will be on display at the
2014 Jones County Earth Fair
with winners moving on to district judging.
In Jones County $3,251,436 dollars of REAP
funding has helped with many natural and cultural projects including the following:
*Hale Bridge Project - Wapsipinicon State Park
*Riverside Gardens - Monticello
*Eby’s Mill Wildlife Management Area
*North Bluff Hill Prairie Addition
*Lost Canyon - Valley of 13 Caves
*Civil War Battle Flag Preservation - Anamosa
*ADA Accessible Trail at Pictured Rocks
*Wapsipinicon State Park Improvements
*Muskrat Slough Addition
*Indian Bluffs Addition
*Central Park Nature Center
*Jones County Roadside Vegetation Program
*Conservation Practices, Native Vegetation…..
In celebration of
the 25th
year of
Conservation will
be hosting
programs and events throughout the summer
and fall highlighting REAP in Jones County. In
addition, a brochure advertising these programs
will include a REAP Site Scavenger Hunt in
which families successfully completing the hunt
can turn in to receive a prize.
The Jones County REAP Site Scavenger Hunt
brochure will be available at area libraries, the
Central Park Nature Center and on the JCCB
website at www.jonescountyiowa.org under
conservation and downloads.
Conservation News
Jones County Conservation Awards 2013
The Jones County Conservation Board would like to thank and
congratulate the following organizations and individuals for
their support and dedication to conservation and our natural
It is with the aide of these volunteers and dedicated organizations and individuals the JCCB is able to accomplish so much
and provide so many recreational and cultural resources for the
citizens and visitors in Jones County. We are all forever in debt
to those who take the step to volunteer, contribute, donate, and
spend time bettering our communities and lives.
Mark McWilliams – Retired United States Department of
Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service: Recognized for his continued contributions to conservation with
over 30 years in the field.
Kim Brooks, Editor of the Monticello Express Newspaper accepting her award and the award for Pete Temple,
Sports Editor of the Monticello Express. Recognized for
their continued outstanding support and stories related to
programs, projects, and special events sponsored by the
Jones County Conservation Board.
Dave Tabor, Jones County Conservation Board Chairman,
Larry Gullett, past Jones County Conservation Board Director,
and Brad Mormann, current Jones County Conservation Board
Director. Larry was recognized for his contributions and
service to the JCCB and people of Jones County.
You will also find general information on Jones County
Conservation board areas on the web at
Jones County on the Web
If you are looking for more information on
current events, programming, wildlife areas,
maps, trails, or camping information visit our
website at www.jonescountyiowa.org and
click on conservation.
If you do not receive the Twin
Rivers Review via e-mail and would
like to please e-mail Michele at
[email protected]
Conservation News
The Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed in Allamakee,
Black Hawk, Bremer, Cedar, Des Moines, Jefferson, Union,
and Wapello counties in Iowa. A current quarantine map can
be found at http://www.iowadnr.gov/Environment/Forestry/
The Iowa DNR and IDALS announced a
quarantine for the entire state of Iowa.
Iowans are encouraged not to transport
firewood across county or state lines.
Moving firewood poses the greatest threat to quickly spreading
EAB and possibly other pests.
Emerald Ash Borer
The emerald ash borer is a small green invasive wood boring
beetle that attacks and
kills ash trees. Adults
live on the outside of ash
trees feeding on the
leaves during the summer
months. Larvae look like
white grubs and feed on
the living plant tissue
underneath the bark. Ash
trees are eventually killed
by the tunneling activity of the larvae under the tree's bark,
which disrupts the vascular flow.
***Due to the threat this borer poses the Jones County
Conservation Board has initiated a new firewood policy at
Central Park. Wood brought into Central Park must originate from Jones County or must be tagged
and certified as Emerald Ash Borer free
wood. Certified wood is
also available for purchase at Central
The metallic green beetle is native to East Asia and was imported to the United States within the wood of shipping crates
from China. The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was first discovered in North America near Detroit, Michigan in 2002. Since
the first discovery it has also been found in 18 states and Canada.
Central Park Open For
Central Park campground and lake are open for business in
2014! Although we have recently updated our septic system
and will be adding a new wetland and pond on our new addition west of the main park, camping and fishing will go on as
usual. (Water on April 15 - Oct. 15, weather dependent.)
We encourage everyone to head out to picnic, play sand volleyball, swim, fish, canoe, hike, or just relax in the sun. Central Park has many activities to keep you and your family busy
for a fun filled weekend.
Iowa Hunter
Paddleboats can be rented by the 1/2 hour and are available
Friday thru Sunday at the Campground Hosts site. A large
enclosed pavilion and smaller open air shelter can be rented for
reunions, and parties by calling the JCCB Administrative office at (563) 487-3541. Several camping cabins are also available for rental for anyone not wishing to rough it with a tent.
Oxford Junction Fire Station
Tuesday & Thursday, April 1 and 3: 6 - 9:30 PM
Saturday, April 5: 8 AM—3 PM
Participants must attend all sessions. Space is limited and
Pre-registration is required.
From Memorial through Labor Day weekend park goers can
stop and visit the Central Park Nature Center - open weekends
1 - 5 PM. In addition everyone can partake in fun, free educational programming at the Nature Center Saturday programs listed on our activities page in the center of this newsletter as
well as on our webpage at www.jonescountyiowa.org under
conservation and education.
To register or for additional class options go online at
Jones County Conservation Board
12515 Central Park Rd.
Center Junction, IA 52212
If you do not receive the Twin Rivers
Review, but would like to, please contact
the Jones County Conservation Department
Office by phone (1-563-487-3541), e-mail
([email protected]), or by mail at
Jones County Conservation Department,
12515 Central Park Rd., Center Junction,
IA. 52212. Please specify if you would
prefer a paper or e-mail copy.
For current information and updates on
projects and programs visit the Jones
County Conservation Board website at
www.jonescountyiowa.org and click on
federal laws pertaining to equal treatment. If
federal laws pertaining to equal treatment.
anyone believes he or she has been subjected to
If anyone believes
he or
on the
age or disability,
to discrimination
on the
of file
alleging discrimination
color, national
origin, age or disability,
either the Jones County Conservation Board or
they may file a complaint alleging
the office for Equal Opportunity, U.S. Dept. of
with either
the Jones County
D.C. 20240.
Conservation Board or the office for Equal
Opportunity, U.S. Dept. of Interior,
Washington, D.C. 20240.
Jones County Conservation Board
12515 Central Park Rd.
Center Junction, IA 52212
(563) 487-3541: Nature Center/Office
(563) 487-5038: Ranger/Shop
[email protected]
Conservation Board Members:
Dave Tabor .............................................. Chair
Rob Roman .............................................. Vice Chair
Russel VonBehren ................................... Secretary
Larry Pisarik ............................................ Member
Angie Christensen.................................... Member
Conservation Department Staff:
Brad Mormann......................................... Director
Rose Rohr……………………………….Office Manager
John Klein ................................................ Park Ranger
Michele Olson ......................................... Naturalist
The Jones County Conservation Board meets the second Monday of each
month. Meetings start at 6:30 PM at the Central Park Nature Center
basement, unless otherwise posted. Please call the administrative office the
first of each month to get the location and time. Meetings are open to the
public and visitors are welcome.