Ankle Support Warranty Information Sandal Comfort - Medi-Dyne



Ankle Support Warranty Information Sandal Comfort - Medi-Dyne
TOTAL Foot Comfort
Designed to provide protection and comfort
in virtually any shoe.
Arguably the best replacement insole you will ever put in
your shoe. Roadrunners premium replacement insoles use
a specially formulated gel waffle heel for primary shock
absorption. The polyurethane base is light and durable
and has three arch bars built in to provide just enough
support. You also receive heel-to-toe protection and
comfort from a complete layer of Poron.
The unique design of the DiamondBacks
combine a cushioned waffle gel
heel along with an arch that is
just the right balance of
support and comfort.
Metatarsal Cushions™
Tuli’s Metatarsal Cushions offer maximum shock
absorbtion for the balls of your feet with the combination
of waffles and TuliGel material.
Because of their unique design Tuli’s Metatarsal cusions
do not need adhesive to stay in place and can also be used
in multiple pairs of shoes.
DiamondBacks can make
almost any shoe feel like a
comfortable shoe.
Energy Tracks™
Tuli’s Energy Tracks utilize shock absorbing waffles and
TuliGel to provide shock absorption from heel to toe.
Additionally, Energy Tracks incoporate a thicker heel for
added heel strike protection and heightened medial and
lateral edges for added stability.
Energy Tracks can be trimmed to fit with the provided
sizing guide and are perfect for those who stand and walk
for long periods and need added protection.
The state-of-the-art fabric
gives you maximum protection against
blisters, and also does a great job of wicking
away moisture and odors.
Dress Shoes
Athletic Shoes
Sandal Comfort
Ankle Support
Soft Moves™
Finally, a shock absorbing foot care product that
gives you the freedom to wear any kind of shoe.
Medi-Dyne’s Soft Moves pads’ exclusive design allows
them to stay put in the precise location you need them
without falling, sliding or moving. You can even adhere
them directly to your feet and enjoy the soft comfort
of shock absorbing gel - whether you’re wearing shoes
or not!
Sandals, flip-flops, open heels,
open toes and COMFORT!
Tuli’s Cheetahs are a dynamic combination of
Tuli’s heel cups shock absorbing technology and
the comfort and support of a lightweight
neoprene ankle support.
Tuli’s Cheetahs provide “barefoot” feeling
protection and comfort which is ideal for many
athletes including gymnasts and dancers.
Tuli’s Cheetahs are also helpful for those with
shin splints and tired and swollen ankles.
Gymnast and Dancers
High Heels and Neuroma
Walking or Standing
Warranty Information
Lifetime warranty on all Medi-Dyne products with proof of
purchase unless noted otherwise on packaging. Send your
warranty request and your product to:
Customer Service
Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products, LTD.
P.O. Box 1649, Colleyville, TX 76034-1649, USA
with the appropriate shipping and handling fee of $6.00
(check or money orders only, please) and we will happily
repair or replace your product. The exception being the
ProStretch, StretchRite, and CoreStretch which require $8.00
for shipping and handling.
Additional products can be purchased from your original
dealer. If you are unable to locate a dealer, please contact us
at [email protected] or visit us at and we will assist you in locating a dealer or
help you place an order. This warranty valid in the U.S. and
its possessions only. Poron® is a registered trademark of
Rogers Corporation.
Authorized Representative:
Medical Specialties, LTD.
Blackburn BB2 4HT U/K
[email protected]
©Medi-Dyne 2007
Combine ProStretch Plus with any Tuli’s® to get the BEST results for
Heel Pain, Plantar Faciitis, Shin Splints, and Achilles Tendonitis
ProStretch Plus™
Classic Heel Cup™
Heavy Duty Heel Cup™
ProStretch Plus is the revolutionary,
fully adjustable lower leg stretching
system that provides a customized stretch
to meet your specific needs and foot size.
The Ultimate Tool for Preventing
and Relieving:
► Plantar Faciitis/Heel Pain
► Tight Calves & Hamstrings
► Achilles Tendonitis
Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups offer you maximum
performance and protection. Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel
Cups are twice as thick as the “Classic Heel Cups” and
will perform better in athletic lace up shoes.
Hamstrings and Lower Back
CoreStretch® Hamstrings and
Lower Back Pain
CoreStretch was designed to stretch the back, shoulder
and legs better than traditional and conventional
The unique design
elongates the back,
stretching the muscles,
tendons and aid
ligaments not only in
the back, but also those
in your legs that work
in conjunction with
the back.
Tuli’s Classic Heel Cups incorporate the patented shock absorbing
waffle design in a style that allows you the flexibility to use them in
almost any type of shoe, from dress shoes to athletic shoes.
Also availabe in TuliGel
Also available in TuliGel
3/4 Gaitors® Arch Support
Polar Bears™ for Heel Spurs
Tuli’s Polar Bears were designed to give you a unique shock
absorbing system for those with true heel spurs.
Also available in full length.
Ankle Strenthening
StretchRite is a patented tool that makes stretching safe,
comfortable, and fun! The key is in the ergonomically
designed handgrips which allow you to stretch in stages,
visually monitor your progress and get a
deeper/better/more effective stretch.
All it takes is a few minutes each day to
see significant improvement.
This unique arch support provides a superior
combination of shock absorption for your heels with a
thin, moldable arch support. Tuli’s waffle heel, extending
all the way into the “heel spur” zone, gives you the
necessary shock absorbtion for maximum protection and
comfort. The thin, rigid arch gives you the needed arch
support without taking up too much room in the shoe
and can be adjusted by your medical professional for a
custom fit and enhanced performance.
Make StretchRite
part of your
exercise routine.
Polar Bears strategically places blue shock absorbing waffles
inside a ring of TuliGel. This ring acts as a cradle and
distributes pressure to the outer edges of your heel away
from the injured area at the center of your heel.
StrengthRite provides an innovative, proactive
solution for the prevention of and rehabilitation from
ankle, shin, calf and Achilles tendon injuries.
StrengthRite’s design enables you to adjust tension
for varying levels of resistance and focus. And no
other product on the market enables you to
strengthen the muscles controlling all four directions
of ankle motion this easily.

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