Anthony Browne Fact Cards



Anthony Browne Fact Cards
Anthony Browne has
written and illustrated
nearly 40 children’s books.
Anthony was born in 1946
and grew up near Halifax
in a small village called
Hipperholme in Yorkshire.
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As a child Anthony would
spend hours drawing and
painting with his father.
When he was growing
up, Anthony wanted to
be a journalist, a boxer
or a cartoonist.
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He was inspired by his father
who had lots of different jobs.
He worked as a professional
boxer, a pub landlord, a
schoolteacher and a soldier.
Anthony grew up in his father’s
pub. He would often stand on a
bar stool and tell stories to the
customers about a made up
character called Big Dum Tackle.
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Anthony was small for his
age but he was encouraged
to take part in lots of sports
(such as rugby, cricket and
football). This helped him to fit in at school.
After finishing at
school, Anthony went
to Leeds Art College
where he studied to gain
a graphic arts degree.
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When he graduated from
University, Anthony worked
as a medical illustrator for
three years. He used to eat
his lunch in the mortuary!
Anthony also illustrated
greetings cards for 15
years. One of his cards
was the inspiration for
the book ‘Gorilla’.
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Anthony wrote and illustrated
his first children’s book
‘Through the Magical Mirror’
in 1976.
Anthony claims that ‘Gorilla’ is
based on his own childhood. As
a boy, he always wanted a real
trumpet for his birthday but got
a toy plastic one instead.
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‘The Tunnel’ was also based
on a childhood experience.
Anthony and his brother
used to go down a very scary
tunnel when they were boys.
Anthony is famous for his
illustrations. He is particularly
noted for including gorillas, as he
likes the contrast between their
strength and gentleness.
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Anthony was asked to present
a children’s program about
books. He had to sit in a cage
with a gorilla but it bit him.
So he decided not to take part!
In 2000 Anthony received the
highest honour any illustrator
can receive – the Hans Christian
Anderson Award for his services
to children’s literature.
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Anthony was awarded an
Honorary Doctorate in
Education from Kingston
University in 2005.
Anthony was the Children’s
Laureate from 2009 – 2011 to
celebrate his outstanding
achievement in children’s
writing and illustration.
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Anthony has worked as the
illustrator in residence at the
Tate Museum and gallery in
Anthony now lives
in Kent and has two
grown up sons.
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