Ana Saura
Acrylic paints, rhinestones
Manor Park Puddle Duckers
Opening bid:
$ 500
About the duck:
Vividly painted with a young boy enjoying the summer breeze, Summer
Duck was inspired by the Norman Rockwell painting entitled “Boy Flying
Duck.” It serves as a wonderful reminder of all the talented artists who
have made our area their home. Certainly among the most prominent was
Norman Rockwell himself. Born in New York City, Rockwell lived in a
house in Mamaroneck Village and attended Mamaroneck High School
from 1912-1913 before transferring to an art school in the city. Later,
he returned to settle in New Rochelle and briefly rented a room at the
Larchmont Yacht Club, where he was a member. Other resident artists
have included our world-renowned Alton Tobey, an LHS board member
who passed away last year, artist and sculptor Paul Jennewein, LIFE
magazine photographer Carl Mydens and artist Philip Severin. Emily
Earle Lindsley, a watercolorist and portrait painter, (also a local pioneer
for women), was a frequent guest of Helena Flint and had her own studio
on Miss Flint’s Larchmont Avenue property, “Cherry Tree Cottage.”
About the Artist:
Ana Saura, a fine and commercial artist, has had her work shown many
times. Previously employed in advertising, she is now owner of Children’s
Creative Corner in Larchmont, where she teaches art and design classes to
children and adults. She was a board member of the Pelham Art Center,
and her association with the Westchester Arts Council has led to conducting
art workshops in elementary and middle schools in Westchester.