New Canaan Nature Center Annual Report 2015



New Canaan Nature Center Annual Report 2015
New Canaan Nature Center Annual Report 2015
Letter from the President and Executive Director.................................................1
Engage, Experience, Educate............................................................................2
Because of You this is Possible..........................................................................3
Volunteers..................................................................................................... 12
Linda Andros, President
Kristin Barnard, Secretary
Amy Carpi
Kristen Hibbert
John Hutchins, Treasurer
Barney Kelley
Muffy Lewis
Peggy Toce
Priscilla Woyke
Ellen Zumbach
Laura Heckman, Ex-Officio
Dr. Bryan Luizzi, Ex-Officio
Robert E. Mallozzi III, Ex-Officio
The New Canaan Nature Center is
an environmental education center
and sanctuary dedicated to helping
people of all ages better understand,
appreciate and care for the world of
Linda Andros, President
Kristin Barnard
Amy Carpi
Mary Emerson
Cindy Havens
Ainsley Hayes
Laura Heckman, Ex-Officio
Dr. Bryan Luizzi, Ex-Officio
Robert E. Mallozzi III, Ex-Officio
Kristen Hibbert, Secretary
John Hutchins, Treasurer
Barney Kelley, Vice President
Peggy Toce, Vice President
Priscilla Woyke
Ellen Zumbach
On behalf of the staff and Board of Trustees, we extend our heartfelt thanks for all that you have done throughout the year
to ensure the continued success of the New Canaan Nature Center. Your generosity allows the Nature Center to maintain
and strengthen its mission as an environmental education center.
We invite you to explore the pages of the Annual Report. It highlights a few of the Nature Center’s wonderful achievements.
These include:
Continuing to be a successful environmental learning center that maintains 40 acres of outdoor classroom in
the heart of New Canaan.
Operating a nationally acclaimed Preschool that is serving as a model for new and existing early childhood
nature-based programs.
Being granted a state funded LINKS program that unites 4th graders from New Canaan and surrounding
communities. This is the 22nd year that the Nature Center has been awarded this grant.
Extending our Birds of Prey program to more than 4,000 children throughout the New York City boroughs.
Exceeding the Annual Appeal target of $85,000. In addition our community events raised nearly $200,000
and our grants totaled over $115,000.
Hosting high quality mission-driven family and adult programs and community events that have reached
more than 5,000 people, a number that grows every year.
Our vital programs are made possible thanks to your generous financial support and countless volunteer hours. We are
humbly grateful for the community’s positive response and our beneficial partnership with the Town of New Canaan. These
contributions enable the New Canaan Nature Center to thrive in all of its endeavors and to be well positioned for success in
the coming years.
Your spirit of charitable giving in support of our mission will allow generations of community residents to continue to
experience the joy and wonder of nature.
Laura Heckman
Executive Director
Linda Andros
President, Board of Trustees
The marvels of nature are all around us.
And we need it. As society becomes
increasingly technology-driven and
indoor-based, it is comforting to know that
the New Canaan Nature Center is a part
of our community and is supported by so
many visionary volunteers and steadfast
donors who understand the importance of
preserving its beautiful 40 acres.
The Nature Center continues to offer a
world of possibilities by sharing with people
the value and importance of the outdoors.
engage People participate in nature
every day at the Nature Center, either
through our volunteer programs,
community events, or simply taking a
walk on our trails.
• experience Wet and dry meadows,
woodlands, ponds, marshes, and dense
thickets are enjoyed by all.
educate We provide a unique teaching
laboratory and outdoor classroom that
captivates students and visitors of
all ages.
A growing body of science shows that time
spent in nature contributes to intellectual,
social, and emotional development.
Thanks to you we make a difference!
Our team
of professional
educators teach
over 10,000 children
ages 18 months
to 18 years
every year.
Because of YOU this is Possible…
Nature Center
families make
over 25 gallons of
syrup in our annual
Maple Syrup
Miles of
trails are open
for exploration
free of charge to
all of our visitors from
the New Canaan
and beyond.
Twenty five
youth volunteers
have restored
the Marsh Pond
to a thriving habitat.
Through our
partnership with the
New York Public Library,
our urban outreach
program has reached
over 4,000 children and
young adults through
100 programs.
“As a family we have benefited immensely from
the Nature Center. Spending early mornings
caring for the chickens was a wonderful way to
teach our daughters about nature and giving
back to our community.”
– The Zaccario Family
Fiscal Year July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Other Income
Contributions &
Contributions & Membership
School &
Program Fees
School & Program Fees
Investment Income
Fundraising Events
Other Income
Animal Care
Fundraising &
School &
School & Programs
Center & Trails
Fundraising & Administration
Animal Care
Center & Trails
Net Income
For our most current audited financial data, please contact our
Development Office at 203–966–9577 x50.
Our sincere thanks for the generosity of our donors from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.
$10,000 or more
Ms. Linda Andros & Mr. Bill Avery
Mr. & Mrs. David Barnard
Miss Margaret D. Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Dunn
New Canaan Community Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Toce, Jr.
$5,000 to $9,999
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Havens
Mr. Timothy Havens
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. MacLear
William Pitt Sotheby’s
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Woyke
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Zumbach
$1,000 to $4,999
Andersen Tax
Ms. Mary Ballantyne
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Barnard
Ms. Kimberly Birmingham
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Bottomley
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Brownstein
Mr. Thomas Cholnoky
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Cioffi
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cushman
Mrs. & Mrs. Brian DeChristopher
Designs By Lee, Inc.
Mr. Douglas J. Dooley
Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Epstein
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Field
First Niagara Bank Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Frankenfield
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gaumer
Mr. Jon Gizzie
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Goodwin
Half Moon Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hawks
Mr. & Mrs. Brendan V. Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hibbert
Mr. & Mrs. G. Warfield Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Howarth
Mr. & Mrs. John Hutchins
Dr. & Mrs. Haik G. Kavookjian
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Kemp
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kend
Kiwanis Club of New Canaan
Ms. Emily Kroenlein
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. George Lichtblau
Mr. & Mrs. Angus Littlejohn
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Mehta
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Mountcastle
Mrs. Green’s
Mr. & Mrs. Lars Neubohn
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Sapanski
Schottenfeld Group, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian Scripps
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Seelert
Mr. & Mrs. Spiros Segalas
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Sturgess
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Teles
Venture Photography
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Whinery
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Woodard
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Q. Wyckoff, Jr.
$500 to $999
Mr. & Mrs. Reeves Ambrecht
Ammonite Corporation
Ms. Diane M. Beck
Mrs. Theodora ‘Teddy’ Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beuerlein
Ms. Susan E. Blabey
Bourgeon Capital Mgmt., LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Sveinn Bragason
Brotherhood & Higley Real Estate
Mrs. G. Edwin Brown
Camsan Electrical
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Coniglio
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Corey
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Cowan
Deutsche Bank
Ms. Joan Dionne
Family Dragon Karate, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel H. Furman
Mr. & Mrs. Scott H. Gamber
Geiger’s Landscape, LLC
Ms. Louise B. Goodridge
Mr. & Mrs. Jake Goodyear
Mr. & Mrs. Tomasz Gorzkowicz
Mr. & Mrs. Niels Guldager
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hamilton
Mrs. Margaret Havens
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hellmann
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Hersch
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Holland
Hutchinson Tree Care
Kempo Academy of New Canaan
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Lehman
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lesko
Litehouse Associates
Mrs. Leslie Madden
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Moore
New Canaan Nature Center
Mr. Steven F. Newman
NorthEast Energy Design & Solutions
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Kimon Passios
Prudential Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Reid
Rotary Club of New Canaan
Mr. Robert Schlein
Mr. & Mrs. Peter K. Seldin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Shaw
Sillo Construction
Mr. & Mrs. Radford Stone
Mr. Paul Tallman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Thompson
Walter Stewart’s Market
Dr. & Mrs. W. Stuart Warren
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Wright
Yogibo, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Van G. Young
Zumbach’s Coffee
$250 to $499
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan P. Achenbaum
Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Luke Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Bergen
Ms. Dona Bissonnette
Mr. & Mrs. Phillippe Bo
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Boler
Ms. Ruth Brannan
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Brindley
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Burns
Ms. Barbara Calaba
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Carey
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Carpi
Mrs. J. Otis Carroll
Mr. Robert W. Cook
Copia Markets
Mr. & Mrs. John Corcoran
Ms. Jennifer Crowhurst
Mr. & Mrs. William Davis
Diageo North America
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dluzyn
Ms. Dawn Doak
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ethridge
Fdn. for Enhancing Communities
Mr. Michael Fedele
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Ferguson
Mr. Louis Ferreira
Caren Forbes
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gelchie
Ms. Cheryl Greene
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hanson
Ms. Paula Kennedy Harrigan
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hartnett
Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Hawley
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Heins
Hoffman Landscapes
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Horgan
Sara & David Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. David Ives
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Janiga
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Jones
Ms. Kelly Junnier
Mr. & Mrs. Leo E. Karl
Karl Chevrolet
Ms. Marianne C. Kay
Mr. Bryan Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Kurz
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Kutney
Mr. & Mrs. John Kyles
Mr. Andrew Lichtenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lockhart
Lolo Bag
Mr. John Lowman
Ms. Natalie J. MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Mallozzi
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mattern
Mr. & Mrs. Edmond D. McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. McKeough
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Megrue
MH Landscape Design, LLC
N.E. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred ‘Chappy’ Morris
New Canaan Garden Club
New Canaan Wine Merchants
New Canaan Youth Football
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Orlich
Ms. Stephanie Pape
Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Paterson
Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Pihlaja
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Plosker
Mr. William S. Post
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Priebe
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Quill
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reed
Renaissance Partners, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Richardson
Mrs. Irene H. Riebe
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Riley
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Roach
Mr. Kent Russell
Ms. Jennifer Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Saunders
The Saxe Family
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Schaefer
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Schubert
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Slaughter
Mr. & Mrs. James Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sorrells
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Stein
Mr. & Mrs. David Strupp
Dr. Dawn F. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Craig S. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Cass Tokarski
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Totten
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Vock
Wagon Wheel Fine Wines
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Walls
Mr. Paul E. Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Werner
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Wright
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Zaccario
$100 to $249
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Ahrens
Ms. Nicole Ahrens
Ms. Ingrid Alarcon
Mr. Joe Aleardi
Ms. Felicia Alford
Ms. Darcy Amann
Ms. Susan May Amis
Ms. Christine Andrade
Ms. Monica Aronson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Augustine
Ms. Natalie Avellone
Mr. Aron Back
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Bailey
Ms. Sara Kathryn Bakker
Mr. & Mrs. Buck Balkind
Ms. Allison Barker
Mr. & Mrs. L. Scott Barnard
Ms. Maureen Bartolomeo
Mr. & Mrs. Bradstreet Barton
Ms. Julie Silk Beaumont
Ms. Joan Behre
Ms. Hope Farnell Belles
Mrs. Lee Coombs Benjamin
Ms. Jennifer Bergen
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Biasotti
Mr. Richard E. Bierman
Mr. Brian Bisesi
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Bitting
Mr. & Mrs. David Block
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Boccuzzi
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Boeschenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Boggess
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bopp
Ms. Kristen Bossin
Mr. Jeff Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. Jill Brennan
Mr. & Mrs. William Brown
Ms. Erin Brueck
Ms. Meredith Buckley
Dr. Marcia Bull
Dr. & Mrs. Sherman M. Bull
Ms. Kristin Bundy
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Butler
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Buttrick
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Byrne
Ms. Kathleen Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. James Caron
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Carr
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Catlin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cerami
Ms. Katharine T. Cerow
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Chivvis
Mr. Phil Christer
Ms. Gail Citrin
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Clasby
Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Clay
Ms. Krista Cody
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Colthup
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Connors
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Conte
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Cook
Mr. & Mrs. John Corbet
Ms. Carolyn Corcoran
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cosco
Mr. & Mrs. John Coutts
Ms. Jen Cross
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Crowley
Mr. & Mrs. John Cunney
Ms. Cathy Curt
Ms. Jennifer Dalipi
Ms. Nancy Dauk
Ms. Shashi Dayal
Deep River Snacks
Mr. & Mrs. Chris DeMuth
Ms. Kateri DePetris
Ms. Nicole Dillon
Ms. Gail Donovan
Ms. Pauline Dora
Mr. & Mrs. John Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. James Dunne
Mr. James F. Durkin
Brad Easterbrook
Ms. Frances Edwards
Ms. Mary Emerson
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Emson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Evans
Ms. Erica Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fagerstal
Mr. Christopher Farrell
Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Farrell
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Fewster
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fields
Ms. Melissa Flanders
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Flatow
Dr. Edward Fleischli
Mr. & Mrs. David Frame
Mr. & Mrs. Jack T. Frantz
Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Frey
Mr. & Mrs. John Frieders
Ms. Adrienne Fulk
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gallagher
Ms. Christine Gammill
Ms. Mimi Gammill
Mr. & Mrs. Lou Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gasparo
General Re Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gerardi
Mr. & Mrs. Rand W. Gesing
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Gibbons
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gilbert
Ms. Amy Gildea
Mr. & Mrs. David Gilio
Mr. Thomas H. Gillespie
Mr. Christopher R. Glover
Mr. Paul Glynn
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Golden
Ms. Peggy Good
Ms. Kate Goodridge
Ms. Jill Gordon
Mr. Igor Gourari
Ms. Joan B. Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Hank Green
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Growney
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Grzymski
Mr. Mads Navarro Gundersen
Mr. & Mrs. Milosz Gunia
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lee Halajian
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halloran
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hanauer
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hanlon
Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Brock T. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Harris
Ms. Kristen Harrow
Mrs. William D. Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Hendrik J. Hartong
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hawkins
Ms. Lindsay Hearon
Ms. Laura Heckman
Ms. Cecilia Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Herbig
Ms. Sarah Hering
Ms. Carolyn Hills
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Holmes
Ms. Christina Holtam
Mr. Holland Hopkins
Ms. Nancy Howland
Ms. Jessica Huetter
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hughey
IBM Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. John Ireland
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley C. Irwin
Mr. Adam Japha
Ms. Gosia Jaros
Mrs. Barbara B. Johansen
Mr. & Mrs. Erik J. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Eads Johnson
Ms. Gail Johnson
Mr. Alexander Jones
Mr. Marvin J. Kabatznick
Mr. & Mrs. David Kalal
Mr. David Kammerer
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Karp
Mr. & Mrs. Barney Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. David Kieske
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kilbride
Mr. Michael Kingsley
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kinsley
Mr. Andrew Knight
Ms. Marina Kortekaas
Mr. & Mrs. Mark N. Kozak
Mrs. Lydia Kremer
Ms. Meaghan Kupchak
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel LaGattuta
Ms. Christine LaJaunie
Mr. Chris Latham
Ms. Heather Lauver
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Lebovitz
Ms. Elizabeth LeConey
Mr. & Mrs. Quentin Leo
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lewis
Ms. Janet Lindstrom
Lawrence Louis
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Lowe
Ms. Catherine L. Lucenti
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Luddy
Mr. & Mrs. Nigel S. MacEwan
Mr. & Mrs. John Mack
Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Mactas
Mrs. Virginia Marion
Ms. Kimberly Markin
Ms. Sonia Marmo
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Mazabras
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey McCann
Mr. Jack McCarthy
Mr. Phillip McClain
Mr. & Mrs. Paul McDaniel
Ms. Meghan McDonough
Ms. Patricia McGovern
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. McLane
Mr. & Mrs. Renville H. McMann
Ms. Natalie McPartland
Ms. Tara Meade
Mrs. David H. Means
Ms. Patricia Mee
Mr. & Mrs. Earnest Megdanis
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Merrill
Ms. Alicia Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Miner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Minter
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mitchell
Ms. Judy Moist
Ms Mariella Montoni
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Moran
Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Moran
Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. Morriss
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Mueller
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Murray
Ms. Meghan Newton
Mrs. Gouverneur M. Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Norton
Mr. & Mrs. William Nuckols
Ms. Lauren Nussbaum
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Mr. & Mrs. James O’Hora
Ms. Debi Olds
Mrs. Henry O’Neill
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Shea
Mr. & Mrs. Brian V. Otero
Ms. Pamela Pagnani
Mr. & Mrs. Iain Paine
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palmer
Mr. Mike Papa
Ms. Elizabeth Parija
Mr. & Mrs. Homer D. Parkhill
Ms. Kelly Parkhurst
Ms. Allyson Pastushan
Ms. Sarah Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Pease
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Peet
Ms. Joan Pehta
Mr. & Mrs. Russell C. Pemberton
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Penman
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pertusiello
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Peter
Ms. Karin Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Peterson
Ms. Sharon Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Polacek
Mr. & Mrs. David Prill
Ms. Pamela Madden Randon
Ms. Amy Raskopf
Ms. Rosemarie Rawson
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rayher
Ms. Sara Rehnberg
Mrs. John M. Reid
Ms. Karla Rimmer
Ms. Lucy Rinaldi
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robinson
Ms. Oana Root
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rosano
Mr. & Mrs. David Rucci
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Salmini
Mr. Jeff Sandreuter
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Savage
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Saverin
Ms. Alison Schilpp
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Schimmeck
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Schlim
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sechan
Ms. Clara See
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Sihpol
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sillo
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott H. Sisson
Ms. Abigail Skidmore
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Skyrm
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sloan
Mr. Greg Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jud Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Socci
Ms. Emily Song
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sparks
Ms. Pamela Speed
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Stancik
Mr. & Mrs. James Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Stanley
Ms. Diane Starr
James C. Steele
Mrs. Rita Steele
Mrs. George E. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. John Stimpson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stock
Mr. Robert Swierczek
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Sylvester
Ms. Jennifer Tauber
Mrs. Julie H. Taylor
Ms. Julie Tedford
The Red Grape, LLC
Mrs. Ann Mitchell Throop
Mr. James Tierney
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Tilghman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Timberlake
Ms. Jill Tobin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Townsend
Ms. Isabelle de Trabuc Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ughetta
Ms. Eva Van Unen
Ms. Susan Valk
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Vasquez
Mr. & Mrs. Shyam Venkat
Mr. & Mrs. John Vetterli
Mr. Michael Vieira
Ms. Jennifer Volanakis
Ms. Jenny Walsh
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan A. Waxberg
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Weingarten
Mrs. Diane R. Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Mason B. Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Wexler
Mr. & Mrs. John Whelen
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Wilderman
Ms. Karen Willett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wingate
Mr. Joshua Witkin
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Woodie
Mrs. Leighton C. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wronski
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Yanicelli
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Yurman
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Zaccarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Zea
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Von Ziegesar
Up to $100
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Abbott
Ms. Lina Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo Agraz
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Ahlberg
Ms. Sloan Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Allardyce
Mr. Victor Alvarez
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ambler
Josephine Ambrosini
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Ansaldi
Avon Foundation for Women
Mr. Steven Axel
Jodie Azzopardi
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Ms. Amy Baertschi
Antoinette Bain
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Ms. Emily Basaran
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Ms. Nicole Battisti
Jacquelyn Bazelow
Ms. Laurie Bellis
Ms. Natalie Belova
Mr. & Mrs. John Bemis
Ms. Kate Benett
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bihl
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Ms. Elizabeth Bliss
Mr. Craig Bloom
Mrs. Howard W. Blose
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Ms. Eva Brewer
Mr. & Dr. Andrew & Kelly Brogan-Fink
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Ms. Marjorie Bruno
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Ms. Jennifer Buczkiewicz
Ms. Laura Budd
Ms. Mary Budrawich
Ms. Annie Burnham
Ms. Carolyn Butler
Ms. Dayton Cambra
Ms. Clair Camille
Ms. Alison Campbell
Ms. Emily Candee
Ms. Emily Cannon
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Ms. Carolyn Capshaw
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Ms. Elise Carpino
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Ms. Elena Case
Adriana Casey
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Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Cavanagh
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Ms. Rahul Chaudhary
Ms. Lisha Chen
Ms. Maureen Chiodo
Ms. Victoria Choi
Ms. E. Galey Clarke
Ms. Ann Clinchy
Ms. Victoria Coghlin
Jameson Collingham
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Conese
Ms. Laura Congleton
Congregational Church of New Canaan
Ms. Stephanie Coogan
Mr. Peter Cooley
Ms. Margaret Cooper
Copia Markets
Mrs. Amanda Coulon
Mr. Stephen Coyle
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crookenden
Mr. & Mrs. W. Thomas Cross
Mr. & Mrs. Nigel W. Crouch
Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Cruger
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Culver
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Dahill
Ms. Manish Das
Ms. Lucy Dathan
Ms. Janet Davis
Ms. Eliza Davis
Ms. Kimberly De Visscher
Ms. Marianne Dec
Ms. Marissa Defreese
Ms. Abby DeGregorio
Mrs. Ava Dell’ Aquilla
Ms. Rima Demarais
Mr. Gianni DeScenza
Mr. Jesus Diaz
Ms. Ellen Dickinson
Ms. Jacques Dickinson
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Ms. Christine Dinella
Ms. Brenna Dinkelacker
Ms. Donna Disch
Ms. Allie Dolger
Ms. Michelle Donahue
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Ms. Amy Dunkin Donnelly
Ms. Camilia Dovalle
Ms. Abby Dunkin
Ms. Mary Ellen Dyk
Mr. David Ebenstein
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Mr. Vincent Felicella
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Mr. Wesly Fetchet
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Ms. Constance Fitzgerald
Mr. Brian Fleming
Ms. Jera Flood
Ms. Meghan Flynn
Mr. Bill Flynn
Mr. Jeff Fortmann
Ms. Claire Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fox
Mr. Matthew Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Franz
Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Fuller
Mrs. Terina Gaal
Ms. Jennifer Gallois
Ms. Marilyn Garvin
Ms. Jan Gaus
Ms. Susan Gelvin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Genereux
Ms. Laura Gentile
Ms. Sandriel Gentzel
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Germann
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Gertsen
Ms. Mary Gettings
Mr. & Mrs. Dino Ghoussias
Ms. Louisa Gillen
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gilroy
Ms. Amy Giudice
Ms. Abby Glover
Mr. & Mrs. H. Thomas Gnuse
Ms. Cynthia Gorey
Ms. Gina Gorman
Ms. Meghan Gould
Ms. Erica Goulding
Ms. Rupa Goyal
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Grace
Ms. Allison Gray
Ms. Maureen Greco
Ms. Pamela Greenhut
Ms. Dina Gupta
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Haas
Ms. Christine Hahn
Ms. Angela Haines
Mr. Bruce Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Halsell
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Halsell
Mr. Mark Hanok
Ms. Lauren Hansen
Ms. Cindy Hardy
Ms. Tracey Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Harshbarger
Mrs. Jennifer Hart
Ms. Kristen Hartofilis
Ms. Lisa Hartslief
Ms. Jessica Havens
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Havens
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hayes
Ms. Brooke Heinen
Mr. John Hempstead
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hendershot
Ms. Irene Hendricks
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hewitt
Mr. Michael Hienzsch
Mr. James Hill
Michelle & Derick Hips
Ms. Jenn Hite
Ms. Angela Ho
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hobbs
Ms. Jennifer Holland
Mr. Michael Holland
Ms. Maggie Hulce
Ms. Christine Imbrogno
Ms. Deborah Imm
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ippolito
Ms. Nancy Israelov
Ms. Anna Jackson
Ms. Erin Jacobs
Mr. Palak Jain
Mr. Patrick Jamin
Mrs. Sabra T. Jayne
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Jessop
Mr. David Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jordanopoulos
Ms. Maria Ju
Ms. Louarna Kalten
Ms. Erin & Thomas Kanter
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Karczmit
Ipek Kaya-Savasoglu
Ms. Amanda F. Keith
Ms. Erika Kelly
Ms. Jenny Kelsey
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Keogh
Mr. Mark Kerchoff
Ellen Kliavkoff
Dr. Jeff Kong
Ms. Carrie Kurtz
Ms. Sally Laird
Ms. Marie Lannes
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lanzillotti
Ms. Eve Lapine
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lapolla
Ms. Carol Larkin
Ms. Baye Larsen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lasky
Ms. Patrice LaSusa
Ms. Jennine Lavyne
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew F. LeBaron
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Lee
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Lefferts
Ms. Inga Lelkaite
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Levine
Ms. Kristin Levinson
Mr. David Levinson
Ms. Alexis Levy
Ms. Diana L’Henaff
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Licata
Ms. Florrie Ligthart
Ms. Courtney Lilly
Ms. Beatrijs Lindenaar
Ms. Danielle Link
Mr. William Van Loan
Ms. Patricia Loflin
Mr. William Loner
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Longfield
Ms. Zuzu Losman
Ms. Kindra Lovejoy
Ms. Linda Lovisa
Mr. Kee Low
Mrs. Anna Lundberg
Ms. Lindsey Lyon
Ms. Patricia Macdonald
Mr. Allan Macintyre
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen MacKenzie
Ms. Danielle Mackinnon
Ms. Denise Madsen
Ms. Maria Magliacano
Ms. Alison Mahoney
Ms. Gloria Major-Brown
Mr. Jose Maldonado
Sherryl Mascarinas
Mr. Michael Mason
Mr. & Mrs. D. Paul Mauk
Ms. Kelly McCarthy
Ms. Kate McCormack
Ms. Kenda McDonnell
Ms. Laura Mcgeary
Ms. Heather Mcguinness
Ms. Margaret Mcguire
Ms. Linda H. McKee
Mr. Michael McKeever
Ms. Elizabeth McLean
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McMahon
Mr. Paul McManus
Mr. & Mrs. Paul McManus
Ms. Zahra Mehta
Mr. Derrek Metz
Ms. Kristine Miller
Ms. Michelle Miller
Ms. Stacy Miller
Ms. Stefanie Milligan
Ms. Diana Milne
Mr. & Mrs. L. Dean Miltimore
Mrs. Davi Mirin
Ms. Sonya Mital
Ms. Lisa Mitchell
Ms. Geraldine Mohr
Ms. Kate Mooney
Mr. & Mrs. Dietrich Moor
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Moor
Ms. Nicole Moran
Ms. Erika Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Morse
Ms. Patrizia Dalle Mule
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Murphy
Mrs. Sasha Muzzarelli
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Nesbett
Ms. Stephanie Nicolet
Ms. Moina Noor
Ms. Kelly Northridge
Ms. Kim O’Brien
Margaret O’Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin O’Connor
Mr. Mike O’Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. Matt O’Neill
Ms. Michelle O’Neill
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Orelup
Ms. Hilary Ormond
Kerri O’Shea
Mr. Gillian Ozkaplan
Mr. Chris Palmentiero
Ms. Martha Palmer
Ms. Rebecca Paniwozk
Ms. Dawn Papastathis
Jeffrey Parmalee
Mr. Markus Patsch
Ms. Sabrina Patterson
Mr. Spiros Pavlatos
John Pearson
Mr. Jonathan Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. James Peniston
Ms. Annie Philips
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Phillips
Ms. Angela Piscitello
Ms. Patricia Pitts
Mr. Stephen Z. Place
Ms. Courtney Pomrink
Ms. Sarah Pond
Ms. Laura Powers
Mr. Vijay Prasad
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Prymas
Mr. Stephen Pullinger
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Radman
Mrs. Kate Rado
Ms. Allison Rausch
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Raymond
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Rechtermann
Ms. Melissa Redente
Ms. Kate Regan
Ms. Joy Rendahl
Ms. Whitney Rice Childs
Ms. Karen Richey
Ms. Fran Rittenberry
Ms. Melissa Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Rogers
Mrs. Wendy Romano
Mr. David A. Rosati
Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Rose
Ms. Barbara Rosen
Ms. Lindsay Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Rothfuss
Ms. Emilie Rubinfeld
Ms. Gina Rudolph
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Runnette
Ms. Helena Russell
Mr. & Mrs. David Ruth
Ms. Eileen Ryan
Mr. Robert Salerno
Ms. Patricia Sarsen
Ms. Anne R. Saunders
Ms. Elizabeth Sauter
Mrs. Rijalda Savino
Ms. Erica Saypol
Ms. Jessica Schilling
Mr. David Schmudde
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schwartz
Ms. Michelle Seaver
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Serven
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sieckhaus
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Siegel
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sieghart
Ms. Laura Silva
Ms. Ann Silvio
Ms. Pamela Simpson
Mr. Keith Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Karl W. Slatoff
Ms. Victoria Sligar
Mr. & Mrs. David Hunter Smith
Ms. Roseanne Smith
Ms. Taryn Sonesson
Mrs. Guthrie Speers
Ms. Theresa Spring
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stadler
Ms. Maria Stadnik
Mr. & Mrs. Garrick Stannard
Ms. Mary Sterling
Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Stern
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Stiles
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Stinchfield
Mr. Peter Sturn
Ms. Meredith Sullivan
Ms. Elyssa Sullivan
Ms. Elsa Sykes
Ms. Lacey Tallman
Mrs. E. Ogden Tanner
Ms. Lauren Tate
Ms. Jennifer Tavolacci
Mr. Isaac Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Taylor
Ms. Christina Thomson
Ms. Mihai Ticsa
Ms. Emily Tohir
Ms. Joanna Tonkovich
Ms. Christine Torres
Ms. Cathy Torullols
Ms. Jackie Toscanos
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Townley
Ms. Carolee Trimble
Mr. Robert Trudel
Ms. Diana Tsai
Ms. Julie Tudor
Ms. Elizabeth Tuff
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tully
Mr. & Mrs. A. Thomas Turrentine
Ms. Varuni Ubayawardena
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Vail
Ms. Valerie Vanderzee
Mr. Alex Veroude
Ms. Christine Veschi
Ms. Gina Villella
Ms. Erin Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. David Volpe
Ms. Donna Volpitta
Ms. Laura Voros
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Walbert
Ms. Kristie Wallace Smith
Mr. John Walsh
Nancy Walton
Mr. John Wang
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Welch
Mrs. Wendy Wenstuik
Mr. & Mrs. Brian West
Mr. & Mrs. Justin White
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wietfeldt
Mr. Kevin C. Wilder
Mr. Mark Wilhelm
Mr. Shane Williams
Ms. Elissa Williams
Ms. Leigh Wilson
Ms. Kate Wingate
Mr. David Young
Ms. Melissa Yurechko
Ms. Aarohi Zaveri
Ms. Anna Zielinski
Ms. Jennifer Zimmer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zorumski
Donors who have made a LIFETIME contribution of $25,000 or more
Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Co.
Andersen Tax
Bourgeon Capital Mgmt, LLC
Camsan Electrical
Caren Forbes
Copia Markets
Deep River Snacks
Designs By Lee, Inc.
Elise Landscapes & Nursery
Family Dragon Karate, LLC
First Niagara Bank Foundation
Geiger’s Landscape, LLC
Hoffman Landscapes
Hutchinson Tree Care
Karl Chevrolet
Kempo Academy of New Canaan
Litehouse Associates
Lolo Bag
MH Landscape Design, LLC
N.E. Mitchell
New Canaan Wine Merchants
New Canaan Youth Football
NorthEast Energy
Design & Solutions
Renaissance Partners, LLC
Schottenfeld Group, LLC
Sillo Construction
Venture Photography
Wagon Wheel Fine Wines
Walter Stewart’s Market
William Pitt Sotheby’s
Yogibo, LLC
Zumbach’s Coffee
Ms. Linda Andros & Mr. Bill Avery
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Barnard
Ms. Diane Beck
Mrs. Theodora ‘Teddy’ Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Cioffi
Mr. Douglas J. Dooley
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Frankenfield
Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. John Hutchins
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Kemp
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lockhart
Mrs. Leslie Madden
Mr. & Mrs. Peter K. Seldin
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Toce, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. W. Stuart Warren
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Woodard
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Woyke
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Zumbach
3M Foundation
Alex G. Nason Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Linda Andros & Mr. Bill Avery
Anne S. Richardson Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Cyril C. Baldwin, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine Bangham
Mr. & Mrs. David Barnard
The Barnes Foundation, Inc.
Miss Margaret D. Bishop
Ms. Susan E. Blabey
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. G. Edwin Brown, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Burns, Jr.
Mrs. Henry A. Caesar, III
Mr. & Mrs. W. Gillespie Caffray
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Calvert
Champion International Corp.
The Chilton Foundation
Daphne Seybolt Culpeper
Memorial Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Dana. Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Davis
Mrs. Stanley Diamond
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Douglass
Mrs. Robert C. Erb
Eric P. Sheinberg Foundation
Estate of Elizabeth Kingsley
ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.
Fairfield County Community Foundation
Mrs. E. C. Kip Finch
Mrs. Cuyler W. Findlay
Mrs. & Mrs. Michael D. Frankenfield
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Fuller, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Gamble
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Gilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Godley, Jr.
Ms. Louise B. Goodridge
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Gullquist
Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Hanson
IBM Corporation
International Paper Co. Fdtn.
The Jeniam Foundation
Mrs. John N. Irwin, II
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kend
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Luke, Sr.
Ms. Natalie J. MacDonald
McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. H. P. McLane
Medical Risk Managers, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Merrill
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Mountcastle, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Mueller
New Canaan Community Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Nissley
The Perkin Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Dean P. Phypers
Ms. Mary C. Raymond
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Roorbach
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Sapanski
The Seeley Foundation
Mrs. Diana Wege Sherogan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Slaughter
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Soros
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Stalker, III
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Sturgess
Mrs. Stuart Symington
Texaco Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Toce, Jr.
Mrs. Kathy Tropin
Mrs. Richard B. Tweedy
United Way of New Canaan
Ms. Maria Valente
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Van Dyke, II
Mr. Arthur Kitteridge Watson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Woyke
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Wright
Xerox Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Jaime E. Yordan
Sveinn Bragason
Elizabeth Bowen
Ashlea Ebeling
Michelle Ernst
Nicole Frankenfield
Sara Gabriel
Benjamin Hamilton
Kendall Holland
Gosia Jaros
Gabe Kavookjian
Rachel Kortman
Alex Kurz
Debra Lyon
Cara Michael
Steve Newman
Colin O’Brien
Deb Olds
Maggie Owen
Kaylee Paladino
Eddie Voothipong
Molly Santora
Will Santora
Virginia Smith
Jodi Sorrells
Linda Andros
Lisa Arnone
Alexis Axon
Maureen Axon
Samantha Axon
Michelle Ayoub
Kelly Baker
Kristin Barnard
Yolande BelBruno
Frances Berk
Susan Bergen
Susan Blabey
Stef Boggess
Sveinn Bragason
Susie Caitlin
Pam Capone
Dionna Carlson
Lauren Carlson
Lisa Carpenter
Serena Crowley
Wendy Cunney
Deloitte Touche
Tohmatsu Limited
Wendy Dewey
Alicia Eppler
Chrstine Fagerstal
Maria Fagerstal
Mary Frieberg
Polly Goodyear
Siobhan Graham
Brynne Harris
Lori Harris
Ainsley Hayes
Battina Hegel
Kristen Hibbert
Mike Holland
Sue Holland
John Hutchins
Kara Homan
Peppi Jones
Maureen Karr
Meghan Kloud
Siri Kloud
Mariko Lebaron
Muffy Lewis
Gretchen McCarthy
Sharon McClymonds
Christine Moore
Emily Moore
Judy Neville
Beth Pepe
Julie Peter
Heather Rechterman
Gayle Rigione
Megan Rigione
Bridget Robustelli
Becky Serven
Susan Serven
Skylar Severance
Patty Severance
Nancy Shullman
Sandy Siegel
Margo Sisson
Rita Steele
Cynthia Stewart
Sarah Strader
Jennifer Tchir
Peggy Toce
Emma Tregellas
Tish Tregellas
Michelle Siegel
Jennifer Van de Graaf
Sarah Van de Graaf
Lesley Vanderlee
Tia Whinery
Vanessa Wood
Priscilla Woyke
Debbie Wright
Ellen Zumbach
Paul Ahrens
Will Ahrens
Parker Ames
Evelyn Amick
Sam Amick
Linda Andros
Carl Asker
Henry Asker
Bill Avery
Jonathan Avery
Alexis Axon
Samantha Axon
AJ Baker
Emily Baker
Kelly Baker
Kristin Barnard
Jacque Bazelow
Austin Bell
Jen Belodeau
Nora Belodeau
Matthew Berger
Lauren Bisceglia
Matthew Bisceglia
Faith Blois
Diane Brennan
Eugene Brennan
Tyler Brennan
Eddy Buakaew
Karlie Bucci
Charlie Burns
Jen Burns
Kathleen Campbell
Jason Campe
Lauren Canet
Cheryl Carlin
Amy Carpi
Lauren Catalono
Caroline Cioffi
Meghan Cioffi
Katherine Conese
Marianne Conese
Amy Conley
Benjamin Conley
Quincy Connell
Sam Connell
Brielle Connelly
Dina Connelly
Campbell Connors
Kimberly Connors
Alma Cortina
Paulina Cortina
Faustino Cortina
Jack Cunney
Esha Dagli
Chhaya Dagli
Kavya Dagli
Drew Davis
Laura Davis
Ryan Davis
Brooke Deane
Julia Deane
Mac Deane
Marianne Dec
Allison Demers
Christine Dinella
Ally Dunlap
Emma Dunlap
Matthew Evans
Christina Fagerstal
Maria Fagerstal
Wesley Farley
Gretchen Fedeli
Mia Fedeli
Tim Festo
Malia Frame
Taylor Frame
Kelly Frankenfield
Martin Gamer
Brooks Gammill
William Gervase
Judy Gilroy
Kayla Greco
Jake Grigsby
Ben Hamilton
Chris Harte
Dylan Healey
Annah Heckman
Noah Heckman
Nicole Higgins
Lauren Hoffman
Kendall Holland
Sue Holland
Max Holmberg
Kayla Homan
Chase Jansen
Gosia Jaros
Gabe Kavookjian
Kaitlin Kearns
Amanda Keith
Caroline Kelly
Caryn Kelly
Ross Kennedy
Meghan Kloud
Becky Kregling
Kimberly Krug
Reilly Krug
Ali Laureda
Sophie Lamaker
Alexander Lambrinos
Peter Lavieri
Max Levasseur
Muffy Lewis
Tyler Liffman
Katherine Lisecky
Mary Lee Lisecky
Jenny Loomis
Steffi Loomis
Sarah Lovejoy
Ellen Ludtke
Molly Ludtke
Scotty Luntz
Amber Lynch
Ryan Lytle
Avery Maclear
Jennifer Maclear
Corinne Maher
Ronnie Manente
Mikaela Marbot
Theresa Marciano
Elizabeth McCarthy
Gretchen McCarthy
Cait McCarthy
Kate McCormack
Courtney McGinn
Avery McLear
Kimberly McNamara
Amanda McNichol
Cloey McNichol
Alexandra Mehos
Meg Mehos
Ryan Mennitt
Emma Merrill
Dylan Miles
Mia Mitchell
Janet Mitchell
George Molloy
Liam Mooney
Mary Moran
Sarah Morris
DJ Morse
Matthew Morse
Emily Murphy
Kate Murphy
Lauren Murphy
Stephanie Murphy
Amanda Nardiello
Bradley Newton
Chip Newton
Jack O’Connor
Maggie O’Connor
Mary Elizabeth O’Connor
Caroline O’Dea
Trey Oehmler
Peggy Ogden
Maddie Otero
Natasha Otero
India Otero
Victoria Pacher
Anne Pakhayeb
Abhinav Pal
Daniel Park
Katherine Pelligrino
Alexandra Pepe
Ellie Perlitz
Cameron Pilder
Charlie Pitteway
Laurence Pitteway
Helena Ponterotto
Jack Rechtermann
Jane Reed
Sarah Rhodes
Claire Ross
Suzanne Ross
Abby Rossi
Joni Schaefer
Sadie Seelert
Susan Seelert
Rebecca Serven
Skylar Severance
Constanze Sheridan
Olivia Sheridan
Emily Shizari
Jennifer Skyrm
Paige Skyrm
Lexi Smicka
Lisa Socci
Chris Sokolowski
Paula Sokolowski
Henry Spangler
Wyatt Spangler
Katelyn Sparks
Charlotte Spruck
Irene Spruck
Natalie Spruck
Meredith Staud
Kathy Streinger
Maggie Streinger
Merrily Sturcke
Jessie Svagdis
Tish Svagdis
Tyler Sweeney
Doris Talamo
Michael Talamo
Lacey Tallman
Jayne Tartaglia
Eileen Thomas
Mary Grace Thomas
Emily Thompson
Claire Tierney
Jessica Torres
Michael Tuffy
Miles Turpin
Amanda Tyrrell
Daniel Villeneuve
Allie Vogel
Shelly Vogel
Eddy Voothipong
Meghan Waldron
Meredith Waldron
Raychel Waltz
Jack Webster
Ben Webster
Dylan Wietfeldt
Kent Williams
Iliana Williams
Bud Williamson
Caroline Wilson
Karen Wilson
Sophie Wood
Priscilla Woyke
Annie Zaffino
Kristin Zimmerman
Lisa Arnone
Michele Ayoub
Baker Kelly
Yolande BelBruno
Frances Berk
Susan Bergen
Susan Blabey
Stef Boggess
Susie Caitlin
Ryan Callahan
Pam Capone
Lisa Carpenter
Dionna Carlson
Serena Crowley
Wendy Dewey
Tara Downey
Ryan Emerson
Alicia Eppler
Mary Frieberg
Polly Goodyear
Siobhan Graham
Katie Harris
Ainsley Hayes
Bettina Hegel
Susan Holland
Kara Homan
Peppi Jones
Sue Kemp
Maureen Karr
Mariko LeBaron
Muffy Lewis
Elliott Lipner
Sharon McClymonds
Jake McCully
Christine Moore
Emily Murtha
Judy Neville
Ally Rocco
Britta Pemberton
Beth Pepe
Julie Peter
Bridget Robustelli
Nancy Shullman
Sandra Siegel
Margo Sisson
Rita Steele
Cynthia Stewart
Sarah Strader
Jennifer Tchir
Peggy Toce
Lesley Vanderlee
Suzanne Wilson
Vanessa Wood
Debbie Wright
Ellen Zumbach
New Canaan High School
Ryan Callahan
Allie Rocco
Wilton High School
Tara Downey
Ryan Emerson
Elliott Lipner
Jake McCully
Emily Murtha
Mary Ellen (Toby) Baker
June Bird
Cheryl Carter
Bruce Hall
Emily Jamison
Kathy Lapolla
Carolee Trimble
Sandy Siegel
Kevin Barnard
Ben Burns
Danielle Cruz
Martin Gamer
Richie Garay
Ben Hamilton
Tim Hardy
Lizzie Hartong
Jehan Hason
Finn Major
Kevin Persley
Chris Reiss
Becky Serven
Kelly Simard
Emily Thompson
Michael Wallace
Jason Welch
Time in
is not leisure time, it’s an essential
investment in our children’s health (and
also, by the way, in our own). – Richard Louv