Apparel 2013 Christmas Gift Guide DVDs



Apparel 2013 Christmas Gift Guide DVDs
2013 Christmas
Gift Guide
Mule, Donkey and Draft Horse
50/50 Blend T-Shirts. Available in 14
color choices, adult sizes small through
3XL. Over 130 designs available in
crew sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts
and T-Shirts. • (877)242-4449 or
Mules and More Caps Available in
a variety of colors with embroidered
logo and mule. Pictured: moss green
cloth cap with sand bill and brown
mule. • $13.50 • 573-646-3934 or
Mule Hardware Suspenders $49.95
($45.00 plain) •
He’s making a list, and checkin’ it twice... So have you been
naughty or nice this year? We gathered 20 of our favorite gifts to
help fill out your Christmas gift list. Hopefully you have been
well behaved and when Santa Claus comes to your town, he will
leave the presents from your list under your tree!
Teaching Your Mule To Lie Down
To Mount • In this DVD, Dave Recker, the Mule Enthusiast, will teach
you to train your mule or horse to lie
down on command using a four step
process by using pressure and release.
No harsh methods are used. $44.95
with free shipping • (573)881-0324
The Jasper Series by Meredith Hodges of
Lucky Three Ranch • Gather the whole
family for fun, laughter and wholesome lessons as you experience Jasper’s adventures
with books and animated DVDs. Six titles
to choose from! • Prices vary • 800-8167566 or
Brad Cameron Mule Training DVDs • Learn from the
best! A great do it yourself, learn at home tool, for that
hard to buy for mule rider. By Cameron Mule Company
of Corvallis, Mont. • $149.95 plus s/h • 406-369-5190
2013 Chuckwagon Races Now available on DVD,
the exciting Mule and Horse Chuckwagon Races at
the Eoff Ranch, owned by Dan and Peggy Eoff, near
Clinton, Ark. If you were there or want to review
the action, this is a must...if you want to see what
you missed, now is your opportunity to enjoy the
thrills and spills! • $29.95 plus shipping • 573-6463934 or
The Natural Superiority Of
Mules - Revised Edition A hard back coffee-table
type book with dozens of
beautiful color photos as well
Wild Burro Tales by Hal
Walter • Travel with the author as some historical photos.
New chapters: Gaited Mules,
on a 30-year trek through the
Mules in Mounted Shooting,
Rocky Mountains where he
finds a special connection with Miracle Baby Born in Colorado,
Greenmountain Rosie, On the
equus asinus on the Western
Trail with Herb and Diane,
Pack-Burro Racing circuit.
From Our Barn Door, and The
Illustrated with pen-and-ink
Beast. As in the first printing,
drawings by Lorie Merfeldthis book contains chapters of material written especially for the
Batson. • $16 plus s/h • 573book by a number of prominent people in the mule industry. •
646-3934 or
$29.95 plus $8.50 priority shipping • 573-646-3934 or
Mule Rider Stocking Holder
Also Available In Donkey. See
Our Site For Many Other Gifts!
• $15.00 •
Custom Bowie Knife Sheath •
Top US Grain cowhide Bowie Knife
Sheath. This is a custom made item
and it is made on demand, allow 2
- 3 weeks on finishing and shipping.
Stamp and tooling options available.
• Starting at $55 • 866-254-1812 or
2014 Mischka Mule Calendars • Features the best in full
photography of these magnificent animals in a practical and
useful format. 12” wide and 19” tall (when opened) with one
larger color mule photo and several smaller color photos for
each month • $15.95 • 877-647-2452 or;
Horse Shoe Nail Jewelry from Trailhead Supply • Our unique
line of hand bent horse shoe nail jewelry, earrings, bracelets,
necklaces and charms are available in assorted colors and
styles. Each piece is made using colored wiring and/or
rhinestones for extra bling and is a one-of-a-kind piece
of art. Perfect for any horse or mule person and ideal for
Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just for yourself!
Pieces appropriate for any occasion. • Prices range from
$20-$100. • (406)752-4437
Heavy Duty Mule and Donkey Saddle Pads • These
high tech mule pads are designed and field tested by
Steve Edwards and his packers, specifically to fit mules
and donkeys. Features soft, colorfast Herculon tops,
genuine buffalo leather, and non-slip, antibacterial
bottom. Provides comfort for the mule and rider! •
$125 plus $20 s/h • 602-999-6853 or www.muleranch.
The Harsha Mule Bit, Head Stall
and Reins The Harsha Bit is now
made in three different sizes to
accommodate regular to larger mules.
This bit is designed to give full control
but is easy on the mouth and will give
you self confidence when using it.
The one ear head stall is very neat and
fits all. The rein is neat and handy;
extra long for comfort while riding. •
$198.50 for set •
575-535-4220 or
Cinch-Neoprene Trail Cinch
• A perforated, neoprene cinch
that helps lubricate critical areas.
Anti-bacterial, breathable and
allows moisture to pass thru while
helping to keep the saddle in
place. See website for sizing.
$62 • 602-999-6853 or www.
Teton Comfort Trail Saddle
• With comfort seat. Mule,
SQH, FQH, or gaited tree.
Slick padded seat. No tooling
but can be added. 4 sets of
saddle ties. Britchen or crupper
rigged. 2” wide bell sewn
stirrups. 5” tread. Mock fleece
lining. Can be built with Tunnel
channel. Any option that you
like can be added. • Starting at
$898 • www.wyomingsaddlery.
com, 724-352-8741 or [email protected]
Easy On Headstall with
brass easy snaps for mules
or horses with sensitive ears.
The measurements on the
brow band is 16” to 18” and
48” bit to bit. The snaps are
turned so they will not catch
on limbs or other brush and
will fit a big mule. $52.95 • • 479670-2144
The Ericksen Mountain
Saddle •
Handmade from Hermann
Oak skirting leather. It
features braided rawhide on
the horn and swells laced
to match, a rawhide cantle
binding, and the slots in the
cantle are lined with rawhide
as well. It’s durable and looks
good. •
(406) 682-7380
Mules and More Gift Subscriptions
A gift subscription to Mules and More is a great gift that can be
enjoyed all year long!
If indicated, we will send a gift card (via mail or email) to the
recipient free of charge, too.
Available online at
By phone at (573)646-3934
Or mail form to Mules and More, PO Box 460, Bland MO 65014
Mules and More
Gift Subscription Form
1 Year - $30
2 Years - $55
Include $4.50 for any back issues
What’s on our subscribers
Christmas wish list?
“I would like Santa to bring me a new barn, truck
and trailer.” --Becky Woyick-Hart
“My biggest wish is to find someone to help me
train my Belgian mule, and some tack to fit him,
too.” --Elizabeth Bland
“Spurs!” --Kameron Young Worley
“A beautiful and perfect new mule!” --Lori Williams
“A 15-hand black jennet, broke to trail ride!” Kathleen Larkin Walls
“New tires for my mule trailer for me. My husband
would like to buy a new mule at Jake Clark’s
mule auction next year, if Santa can make that
happen!” --Jann Cobb
“I would just be happy for a good long mule ride.
After an injury, it’s way overdue.” Kristie Phillips Davenport
“I would like the perfect saddle for my mule,
please!” --Marie Clark
“A mini donkey!” --Megan Jagersma
Mail form to Mules & More, Inc.
PO Box 460, Bland, MO 65014 or Call credit card info to (573) 646-3934
email: [email protected]
Visit our website for mule and donkey merchandise, back issues,
featured stories, photo galleries and more!
Recipient’s Name________________________________
Phone Number__________________________________
Send gift card
Recipient’s Email Address__________________________
Check Enclosed
Paying with Credit Card
Acc. #_________________________________________
Exp. Date______________________________________

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