Ottawa Branch Newsletter - November 15, 2012



Ottawa Branch Newsletter - November 15, 2012
James van de Ven <[email protected]>
Ottawa Branch Newsletter -­ November 15, 2012
James van de Ven <[email protected]­>
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Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 12:26 AM
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November 15, 2012
Reminder: Knockout November 24, 2012
Don't forget to attend our next Knockout event this
November 24, 2012 at the Naval Officers' Mess at 78
Lisgar St. This event will be for Group A Piping (MSR)
Upcoming Events Ottawa
Branch Knockout Dates! See the
website for details:
Ottawa Branch Knockout
Competition and Groups A and B drumming (MSR).
Competitors can register online at the Ottawa Branch
Website Knockout Registration page.
The event will start at 7pm.
Registration will be taken on the day at the event but we
prefer the online method as it allows us to better plan if
we know numbers ahead of time. We appreciate your
cooperation! Also, we have included a "Tune Selection"
field in the registration form so that we can include the
information on pre-printed score sheets.
We look forwarding to seeing you there and good luck to
all competitors!
Ottawa Branch Knockout Group B Nov. 3, 2012
November 24, 2012
Ottawa Branch Knockout
Location: 78 Lisgar St., Ottawa
January 5, 2013
Ottawa Branch Knockout
Location: 78 Lisgar St., Ottawa
February 2, 2013
Ottawa Branch Knockout
Location: 78 Listgar St., Ottawa
February 23, 2013
Ottawa Branck Knockout Finals
Location: 78 Lisgar St., Ottawa
April 6, 2013
Glengarry Cup Open MSR
Location: TBD
The Group B Competition took place Saturday evening,
November 3, 2012. The competitor registration was brisk
so that the group B competitors had to be split into two
separate flights. In addition to the Group B event, the
Over 40 competition was also held.
Both Group B flights were adjudicated by Brian
Williamson while the Over 40 contest was adjudicated by
MacGregor van de Ven.
Taylor Young Millage, Andrew Robertson and Connor
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Brian Williamson
Jason Baird with his raffle loot!
The raffle winner was a very excited Jason Baird who
expressed satisfaction at his newfound windfall.
Kaj Sullivan and Alex Robertson
Over 40 competitors: Ron Graham, Alan Walker and Jeff
MacGregor van de Ven in Recital
B division, 1st group: 1 Andrew Robertson, 2 Connor
Elliott, 3 Taylor Young Millage, 4 Gregory Joseph, 5
Katherine van der Linden
B div. 2nd group: 1 Kaj Sullivan, 2 Alex Robertson, 3
Alexandra Blockley, 4 Bailey MacDonald, 5 Chris
MacDonell, 6 Catherine Sampson
Over-40 knockout results: 1 Allan Walker, 2 Ron Graham,
3 Jeff Stellick
Congratulations to all competitors and attendees. Thanks
for making the second competition of the season a fun
Ottawa Branch Knockout
Results - Oct. 13, 2012
This season's opening Ottawa Branch Knockout
Competition was very well attended with approximately
70 attendees. Thank you to everyone for making this
event a complete success! Eastern Ontario Champion
Supreme awards were distributed to the winners and a
raffle was held with support from our very generous
McCarthy Highland Services
Brown Bagpipe Supply
Scottish and Irish Store
For a complete list of Eastern Ontario Champion
Supreme Winners, please see this page
Cameron Baskerville and Bobby Smith with their raffle
The event was adjudicated by Edward Bush (Piping) and
Scott Nicholson (Drumming). The event was followed up
with a short recital by Ed Bush.
Group B Drumming - Four-parted 2/4 March
(3 Competitors)
James Johnson
Kiernan Alexander
Kelsey Bailey
Group B Piping - Four parts 4/4 March (14
1 st
Alexander Robertson
Chris Macdonell
Justin Reid
Marshall MacPherson
Finley van de Ven
Robert MacNaull
Group A Drumming - Hornpipe Jig (2
Eric Wilson
Devin Roberts
Group A Piping - Two full 6/8 Marches (9
Scott Pollon
Dovecote Park, Calum Rife’s
Jean Mauchline, Angus
Nico Gravel
MacDonald of the Isles, Lord
MacPherson of Drumochter
Leaving Port Askaig, Major John
Bruce Gandy’s Farewell to the
Iron Horse, Fire Drill
Jason J.
Angus MacKinnon, Dornoch
Highland Gathering
Thank you to HMCS Bytown Naval Mess for hosting!
PPBSO AGM 2012 - Branch
Motion Results.
Ottawa Branch President, Chris Dodson, attended the
PPBSO Annual General Meeting which took place today
in Brantford, Ontario. The branch motions published in
our previous post were reviewed and considered by
voting members both in person and by proxy ballot.
Geoff Neigh provided an update from the Music
Duncan McRae speaking at AGM, John cairns and
Michele Curtis at head table
Motions carried will be left for a final decision from the
Niagara-Hamilton Branch:
Rule b5 b-5.4
MOTION CARRIEDNew rule by Michelle
Curtis, Second Bob A statue of limitations of 15 days be
placed on a protest of the result of a competition
MOTION CARRIEDNew rule 5-5.5 When a
protest has been lodged against a result all judges
presiding at that event and competitors in that event be
notified with opportunity to respond within 7days before
the board makes a final decision. New rule Michelle,
second Bob
MOTION CARRIEDRule change D2.2 A player
may not transfer into a band where he or she has already
completed with another band at a PPBSO sanctioned
contest during that competition season. Delete the
remainder and add
Except by application to the parent body committee
responsible and only one such application may be made
by any one player during the season.
Proposed by Mark seconded by June
Ottawa Branch:
MOTION CARRIED1. Challenging up
D-1.6 Challenging up: Bands may challenge up one
grade at a PPBSO-sanctioned contest:
1. if three or fewer bands are registered to compete in the
band’s assigned grade at that contest; and
2. if time permits.
D-1.7 Bands wishing to challenge up must submit entries
as per PPBSO rules and registration deadlines, and will
be notified of the approval or rejection of their request to
challenge up by the Highland Games Committee and/or
PPBSO prior to the draw.
D-1.8 Bands challenging up must register and compete
in their assigned (lower) grade for any contest where
they wish to challenge up. Failure or refusal to compete
in, or disqualification from, the assigned (lower) grade
event at that contest may result in disqualification from
the higher grade event at that contest.
D-1.9 Bands challenging up shall be subject to all
requirements of the higher grade event, including tune
requirements and minimum number of players.
D-1.10 Bands challenging up may receive prize money
for events in both their assigned (lower) grade and the
higher grade. Bands may only receive travel money to
which they would be entitled in their assigned (lower)
2. Publication of judging summaries
D-16.5 Publication of results: the ranking of bands for
each performance and event (where there is more than
one performance) shall be posted on the PPBSO
website, and shall include the ordinal ranking assigned
by all Judges for each performance by each band.
MOTION DEFEATED3. Assignment of
B-8.3 Notice of Assignment: Judges shall be advised of
their assignments for the upcoming season no later than
May 1st of each year. Judging assignments for each
PPBSO-sanctioned outdoor contest in the upcoming
season shall be posted on the PPBSO website no later
than May 15th of each year.
Western Branch:
Motions for the 2012 PPBSO AGM
1. Motions that come before the PPBSO AGM from the
Branches must first be vetted by the PPBSO executive as
to the viability of the motion before it comes to the
General Membership of the PPBSO at the PPBSO AGM.
Any motion rejected must be made known to the
membership at the AGM with reason.
MOTION CARRIED2. Eliminate consultative
judging at PPBSO band competitions. 3. Reallocation of
Bass and Tenor Solos A) That flourishing competitions
be eliminated from the PPBSO’s standard games
package. Should a games wish to have a “line dance”
tenor/bass contest, it will be in addition to the standard
package offered by the PPBSO. B) That Rhythm
tenor/bass contests be added to the PPBSO’s standard
games package (i.e every PPBSO sanctioned games will
be required to offer a tenor / bass contest)
MOTION CARRIED4. Bass and Tenor
Education Initiative. That a midsection adjudicator (i.e. an
adjudicator responsible to focus solely on mid/bass
sections) be assigned to all band contests for bands
Grade 3, 4 and 5. Score sheets will be for the purposed
of education only (that is to say, will not count towards the
final aggregate). Adjudicators will go through the
standard qualification procedure in place for all PPBSO
judges, and will be compensated equally. A copy of the
score sheet to be kept by the society.
MOTION CARRIED5. Drum major solo entries
close two weeks in advance.
Windsor-Detroit Branch:
highland games to offer a “45 & Over” amateur contest.
Tune requirements to be determined by the PPBSO
Music Committee. Motion offered by: Mitch Snaden –
Windsor/Detroit Branch
Auditions - Pipes and Drums of
the Ceremonial Guard
Auditions for musician positions with the ceremonial
guard are now being held. Join the Team! Performance
Opportunities Include:
The Daily Changing of the Guard Ceremony on
Parliament Hill
Ceremonies for State Visits
Rideau Hall
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Other events both nationally and internationally
Benefits Include:
Employment from mid-April until the end of
High quality instruments, uniforms, transportaion,
measl and accomodation are provided
Rates of pay starting at $2,600.00/month
Canadian Forces Reservists are eligible for benefits such
as: Education reimbursement up to $2,000.00 per year.
The application deadline is 2 November,
The application forms can be found on our web site. (look
under the Pipes and Drums tab for audition information)
Be part of our Team! For Further details please contact
the Pipe Major: Master Warrant Officer Alan B Clark Toll
Free 1-877-858-3205 Audition Page
Ceremonial Guard Audition Pamphlet 2013
Hardie Bagpipes For Sale
Hardie bagpipes with case. One owner only and in
excellent condition. Price: $1500.00 If any one is
interested, please contact Jennifer via e-mail:
[email protected]
Ceilidh! with Caithream!
You are all invited to come celebrate the 10th
anniversary of the Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion.
Date: Friday, November 23rd Time: 7:30pm Venue:
Montgomery Legion, Garrison Sergeant Hall located at
330 Kent St, Ottawa
Music, dancing, refreshments (cash bar), raffles, and the
Caithream members performing their top ten dances.
This is a fundraiser for the group, who some of you might
remember from their hit show "A MacSummer Night's
Dream" which was performed at the 2012 Fringe Festival.
The Company is looking to repeat the experience in
Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Get more
information online
fref=ts or call (613)-796-2075 to join in an evening of fun!
Hamish Moore Small Pipes
Set of Blackwood Hamish Moore small pipes for sale in
the key of A with silver ferrules and boxwood mounts & a
silver chanter sole ring. About 10 years old in very good
condition, with original carry case.
Please Contact: Dougal at [email protected]
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