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Newsletter Issue #1
January 26, 2015
Long Island Harmonica Club Newsletter
What’s New| What’s Old | What’s Going On
My Harmonicas
Well, some of them. I have 17
chromatics out for repair with
George at Harmonica Gallery.
(Check out the Links Page.) I
have boxes of Hohner Special
20’s, used by me at countless gigs,
that need retuning. Others in my
collection are different models
with note arrangements for
varying styles of music. I’ve been
playing harmonicas for over 45
years; I’ve never stopped playing
& studying. If I had another 100
years to play I couldn’t exhaust
the possibilities. That’s one of the
beauties of our little musical instrument. We’re all a work in progress. Traveling down the road of life
with an old friend in my pocket, I’m never bored or lonely. My head in the clouds with a melody
floating on a breeze and I’m a happy camper. Wanna jam? - Ken Korb
2014 A Busy Year for the Harmonica Club
Last year was a full year of harmonica events. We’ve had our regular bi-monthly
meetings at the Massapequa Library. We’ve attracted new members & some of the older
members are still coming out to play. We’re playing many kinds of harmonicas in many
styles. We’ve had a lot of fun & made a lot of new friends.
Some of our members went to St. Louis to the SPAH Convention. That’s the Society for
the Preservation & Advancement of Harmonica. We did shows & workshops @ Briggs
Music in Huntington, Farmingdale & Seaford Libraries, nursing homes & Synagogues.
We had 2 great big barbecues at Ken’s big yard. Also the annual Harmonica Dinner at a
great Italian restaurant. The Christmas Holiday Show at the Massapequa Library was a hit.
We had some long rehearsals. The members worked so hard to make it a great show
With that under our belts, we did a mostly blues show to a packed house at the Levittown
2015 is going to be a vibrant year for the
Long Island Harmonica Club
Newsletter Issue #1
January 26, 2015
A few of us found time during the week
to go to the Elmont Memorial Library to
see Jia-Yi He from Beijing China with his
classical quintet. It was a wonderful
show with Jia-Yi He playing many
different harmonicas showing off his
wonderful harmonica talents and
charming stage presence. He now lives
in Brooklyn NY. I had the the pleasure
of playing with Jia-Yi at SPAH in Virginia
Beach and again in the parking lot at
the library, this time also with our own
Christine Green.
That’s me with Sonny Terry

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