WDGA`s 2013 Select Sale - Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association



WDGA`s 2013 Select Sale - Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association
Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association
Presents its 2013
Select Sale
Doe Raffle
Pedigrees by Breed and Gender
Bidding to take place October 26, 2013
At Arlington Field Days
In Arlington WI, viewing will be available at 9am
and drawing/auction will be at 12:30pm
WDGA’s 2013 Doe Kid Raffle
*All does in the Select Sale Booklet are part of the 2013 raffle.
 Raffle winner will choose ONE doe kid from selection OR $500
CASH, remaining doe kids will sell in sale. (Unless noted on
does paperwork RAFFLE ONLY)
 Drawing will be held at 12:30pm at Arlington Field Day,
immediately before the sale.
 Winner does not need to be present to win, however breed
selection MUST be on winning ticket.
 Pick-up arrangements must be made within 30 days
 Only 2000 tickets will be sold
TICKETS ARE $2.00 each, 6 for $10, or 14 for $20
WDGA’s 2013 Select Sale
*To be held immediately after Doe Kid Raffle
 Animals accepted into the sale must sell. No ‘pre-auction
 Consigner may set a reserve price. If price is not met & the
animal is not sold, there will be a $20 consignment fee.
 WDGA Auction Fee= 10%
 Any sales conducted outside the sale ring = 10% commission
min. $20
 Registration papers must be present with animal and will be
presented to purchaser after check has clear or upon cash
ALPINE BUCK Consigner:
Early Rise Acres General
DOB: 2-14-13
Korey Statton
SSS: Willow Run GB Juan Carlos
SS: Iron-Rod J. Carlos Siempre
SSD: CH The Iron Rod TH Sigourney
S: Iron-Rod JCS Simon Says
SDS: Cherry Glem Abraham Riddik
SD: Iron-Rod Riddick Simone
SDD: GCH Iron-Rod Etienne Silk Noir (91 EEEE)
General's full sister GCH Early
Rise Acres Griffen 7*M is a
competitive show doe that
finished her championship as
a 2nd freshening 2 year old.
Currently milking 12 lbs/day.
DSS: Pleasant-Grove Super Saga
DS: GCH Kickapoo-Valley Well Worth It
DSD: SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Jim Nameworthy (91 EEEE)
D: GCH Early Rise Acres Geraldine 6*M (88 VEEE as a yearling)
DDS: Buck Hill Aliceander Regis
DD: GCH Cherry Glem Regis Georgina
DDD: SG Cherry Glen T. Gesture Georgia (92 EEEE)
General is a growthy, powerful young buck, combining correct type and
production. His dam GCH Early Rise Acres Geraldine 6*M has
consistently done well in the show ring. She was the 2nd place
intermediate kid at the 2010 ADGA National Show and was the 8th place
3 year old at 2013 ADGA national show. Geraldine is a productive doe,
who peaked at 15 lbs per day this lactation.
Iron-Rod JCS Simon Says, General's sire comes from an outstanding
herd of alpines. His dam Iron-Rod Riddick Simone is a very stylish,
elegant doe that comes from a long line or correct bodied does with
excellent mammary systems. At the 2010 ADGA National Show Simone
was the 6th place 2 year old in a very large competitive class.
Pond-Acres Rush Ginger
Patricia Millard
SSS: Hardluck-Hollow MME Tigers Eye
SS: Winecrest Calico Spring Rhandy
SSD: Winecrest Calico Rhea
S: Pond-Acres Calico Rush
SDS: Hill n Holler R. Narnia
SD: Pond-Acres Narina Rokay
SDD: Pond Acres Traveler River
DSS: Windrush Farms IRS Charmer
DS: Pond-Acres Charmer Rhuler
DSD: Winecrest Calico Rhea
D: Pond-Acres Rhuler Gala
DDS: The Vandenbarkfarms Xparteeiji
DD: Pond-Acres Eiji Glitter
DDD: CH Nodaway DW Radiance (92 EEEE)
DOB: 4-20-13
- Striden Hill Forceful Richocet
DOB: 3-19-13
Katie Stringfeild
SSS: Kastdemur’s Cyclone
SS: Autumn-Acres CM Maddock
SSD: CH Autumn-Acres Miss
S: J-Haven’s Mad Camelot
SDS: South-Fork CR Walk in the Park
SD: J-Haven’s WP Soft As Cotton
SDD: J-Haven’s CB Soft as Linen
DSS: ++*B Redwood Hills Beau
DS: South-Fork Toi Soldier (LA 91 EEE)
DSD: SGCH South-Fork Toi Dancer
4*M (LA 91 EEEE)
D: South-Fork Sweet Breeze (LA 92 EEEE)
DDS: Willow Run Bugatti Vinny
DD: South-Fork BV Sweet Spirit
DDD: South-Fork TT Sweet Treat
Dam: South-Fork Sweet Breeze (top picture)
Sires Dam: J-Haven’s Soft as Cotton (middle
Milking 14lbs a day
: (bottom picture)
Toi Soldier is #1 on ADGA Elite
Sire List.
Richocet is one of quads. All of
them are placing at the top of
their classes in the show ring.
Richocet placed 1st in ring 1 at
Portage, his litter brother
placed 1st in ring 2. Their sister
storm as Grand Champion in
ring 1, and Flurry has
consistently placed 2nd right
behind her sister.
NUBIAN BUCK Consigner:
Acorn Ridge ROS Copper
Jason Puterbaugh
SSS: ++*B GCH Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison
SS: ++*B SG Kastdemur’s Le Exacta
SSD: Kastdemur’s CPE No Excuses 4*M
S: 8B CH Riven Oak Simeon AI (2-09 90 EEV)
SDS: Carey’s Tonka
SD: SGCH The Heidi’s Marie Skunk (92EEEE)
SDD: The Bee Marie’s Pretty Girl 1*M
DSS: Stagelight LMO Princeton AI
DS: Stagelight Palace Knight
DSD: SGCH Stagelight Rr Pukahani (91 EEVE)
D: CH Nubilop-Acres Daddy’s Lil’ Girl
DDS: Stagelight LBZ Poetic Justice
DD: Nubilop-Acres GI’s Sweet Thang
DDD: SGCH Nubilop-Acres Charisma’s Gigi (91 EEEE)
Dam: CH Nubilop-Acres Daddy’s Lil’ Girl
Finished championship at 2 years old. Many
BOBs. Projected to milk 2152 lb w/ 4.2% fat
& 3.5% Protein. Currently milking 10lbs/day.
Copper is a very striking buck kid, combining the best of his sire and
dam. His sire finished his championship as a yearling and has numerous
BOB & BBIS wins. Coppers maternal sister freshened with a lovely udder
and milked 10lbs
Acorn Ridge ROS HoneyDoo
Jeff Puterbaugh
Starlit Hills Piper
Barb Knilans
SSS: Tonka-Tails Captain O the Watch
SS: CH Dotty’s Dairy Air Hot Rod
SSD: SGCH Brackett’s Sunburst Waltz (LA 91 EEEE)
S: Starlit Hills Chas
SDS: SG Sir Echo Ceetu
SD: CH Sir Echo Ceesu
SDD: SGCH Sir Echo Sunrise (LA 91 EEEE)
DSS: Sir Echo Mutzi
DS: CH Sir Echo Muray
DSD: SGCH Sir Echo Bray
D: Starlit Hills Paris
DDS: Tonka-Tails Pub’s Brewmaster
DD: Riven Oak Pub’s Plush Polly
DDD: Y-Knot Fancy Plush
DOB: 2-14-13
SAANEN DOE Consigner:
Starlit Hills LTD Siran
Barb Knilans
SSS: Willow-Brook Valiant Design
SS: Willow-Brook Limited Design
SSD: SGCH Susan’s Country Kids XL Lauren
S: CH Sunny-Skies LTD Atlas
SDS: Sunny-Skies AV Sea Hawk
SD: Sunny-Skies Hawk Angelica
SDD: Sunny-Skies Annastasia
DSS: Willow Brook Valiant Design
DS: Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren
DSD: SGCH Susan’s Country Kids XL Lauren
D: CH Tradewinds RL Sirius
DDS: Tradewinds Man-O-War
DD: GCH Tradewinds Mow Victoria Secret
DDD: GCH Tradewinds ROC Victoria
DOB: 4-1-13
SAANEN DOE Consigner:
4L’s Hobby Acres Tiffanys Tyrie
Bailey Langrehr
SSS: Windsor-Manor AA Victor
SS: CH Willow Run Victor’s Courage
SSD: SGCH Willow Run Braveheart SI’ (LA 90 VEVE)
S: BGR Diva Courage Dante
SDS: Des-Ruhigestelle Nozi Eclipse
SD: BGR Diva Star
SDD: BGR Emerald Green Envy
DSS: Tres Amigos Dividend Icon
DS: Kapra Vista Icon
DSD: SG Kapra Vista P Wait N 4 Winds (LA 92 EEEE)
D: BGR Tink’s Tiffany
DDS: CH Willow Run Victor’s Courage
DD: BGR Troublesome Tinkerbelle
DDD: GCH BGR Lady Diamond (LA 91 EEEE)
DOB: 2-13-13
SAANEN Buck Consigner:
Acorn Ridge CFE Powder Burst
Jason Puterbaugh
Burst is an extremely dairy, correct, bust still powerful buck. He has a
correct leg set with great feet. His dam’s lines have some excellent milk
records many being over 4000 lbs.
TOGGENBURG DOE - Acorn Ridge LRR Bling
Jason Puterbaugh
RPS Acres Simon
DOB: 2-23-13
Rebecca Shilts
SSS: +*B Rowe’s Maestro Falcon
SS: *B Rowe’s Falcon Redbird
SSD: SGCH Rowe’s Landmark Robin 7*M (93 EEEE)
S: *B CH Quality-Crest Redbird Reginald
SDS: *B Rowe’s Raven Franchise (90 EEV)
SD: SGCH California Franchise Cadence 5*M (92 EEEE)
SDD: GCH California Landmark Cachet 4*M (91EEEE)
DSS: Sunshine MR Sawyer Sabyr (90 EEE)
DS: Dry Creek Acres Velocity
DSD: CH BMG Farm Velocity’s Hilde (90 EEEV)
D: CH RPS Acres Dusty (LA 90VVEE)
DDS: J&J Acres Pagan
DD: CH J&J Acres Starlight (LA 91EEEE)
DDD:CH J&J Acres Paris
Simon’s dam, Dusty, and her dam, Starlight,
are both beautiful does with strong show
records, winning many BOB and Grand
Champions. Simon’s Sire, Reginald is out of
the 2012/2013 National Champion, who won
2012 National Production Award for milk
& butterfat.
Dam: RPS Acres Dusty
Sires Dam: California Franchise Cadence
2012 ADGA National Grand Champion Togg
2013 ADGA National Grand Champion Togg
****Special Donation from A-K Acres****
2014 TOGGENBURG We will be offering a doe or buck kid born between January-March 2014 from of one
of our selected foundation does bred to Renoir!
Details to come closer to the conference once fall breeding plans are underway!
*B Rowe's Solano Renoir (AT) FS91
sire: CH *B Rowe's Amory Solano ETA 42/62
(SGCH+*B Cherry Glen Wyn Amory FS92, PTI 107/118, 9 daus. avg. 87.1 x GCH Rowe's Falcon Suzette 2*M FS93, ETA
dam: GCH Rowe's Falcon Rebecca II 8*M FS92, PTI 69/131, 1st/1st udder 4-year-old 2009 ADGA National Show, High 305Day Production Award, Top Ten.
(GCH++*B Rowe's Maestro Falcon FS92 x SGCH Rowe's Landmark Robin 7*M FS93, ETA 131/194)
Renoir's dam Rebecca - 1st place 4 year old 2009 ADGA National Show
For More information on our doe lineup visit www.a-kacres.com for extended pedigrees and information!

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