My Grandkids keep me so busy



My Grandkids keep me so busy
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Senior News & Times - Fourth Quarter, 2013
The Greatest Benefit
to Preplanning is
“ My
keep me
so busy...”
Personalization is one of the reasons preplanning has become so popular. The Staab
Harley-Davidson Coach is just one of many personalization options available to you.
If you’re like most Americans
50 and older, you’ve planned
ahead in order to enjoy your
golden years. Retirement? Check.
Travel? Check. Spending time
with the grandkids? Check. But
are you one of the few who are
still reluctant to plan ahead for
your funeral?
A recent survey conducted by
AARP found that about a third
of Americans 50 and older have
taken steps in preplanning for a
funeral or burial. About a fourth
have even prepaid for funeral or
burial expenses. It’s clear: more
and more folks are choosing to
make arrangements now, in order
to make it a lot easier on their
families at a very difficult time.
Planning ahead can be a
simple process. The National
Funeral Directors Association
says the first step is contacting
an ethical and reputable funeral
home that will ensure your rights
are protected.
Look for a funeral home
that has Certified Preplanning
Consultants (CPCs). CPCs are
specially trained to assist you in
the preplanning process. Staab
Funeral Home has six Certified
Planning Consultants on staff.
“We understand that no one
likes to talk about death, yet we
know dying is an inevitable part
of life,” says PJ Staab II, president
of Staab Funeral Home. “Peace of
mind is everything so let us help
you. Our Certified Preplanning
Consultants can walk you
through the process at no cost or
An appointment with Kari
Jones, one of Staab Funeral
Home’s Certified Planning
Consultants, only takes about an
hour, but it can save your family
hours of wondering. Kari can
even visit you in the comfort of
your home.
“Our goal is to help guide you
through an honest discussion
about your final arrangements
now, rather than your loved ones
having to do it under emotional
stress,” explains Jones, who has
been recognized nationally for her
work in preplanning.
A frank discussion about your
wishes is essential, according
to Sally Hurme, an elder law
attorney with AARP. “It’s hard to
start that conversation, but it’s
going to be a lot easier for you if
you have that conversation now,”
Hurme advises.
She also recommends
planning ahead, especially if
you are a caregiver for elderly
parents. By preplanning funeral
arrangements for yourself, your
parents may be more likely to
also plan ahead.
Saving money is another
reason more people are choosing
to preplan. Planning ahead
guarantees you today’s cost
of the funeral of your choice.
Plus, it eliminates the emotional
overspending that often
accompanies funeral planning
under duress.
For many, the greatest benefit
to preplanning is personalization.
Many people say they want a true
celebration of their life, a service
that is unique as they are. By
planning ahead, you can create
a truly special ceremony. That
even includes transportation in a
tricked-out Harley-Davidson Coach,
courtesy of Staab Funeral Home.
“We consider the motorcycle
just one more way the Staab
Family can provide a unique
service,” says the funeral home’s
vice president, Mark Staab. “We
can also provide a release of
doves or play your favorite songs.
Bagpipes or taps can be played.
A webcast can be created. Even
a tribute video can be edited and
copied with a custom DVD case.”
No matter how you choose
to personalize your funeral
arrangements, it’s vital to take
that first step, and make an
appointment with a Certified
Planning Consultant. It will give
you peace of mind in knowing that
everything will be taken care of.
For more information on
planning ahead, contact Staab
Funeral Home at (217) 528-6461
You may be too busy today to think about
preplanning your funeral, but the best thing
you can leave your children (and grandkids)
is a guide to your final wishes. Call us,
we’ll answer your questions, and show you
how little time it takes. Leaving you plenty
of time to enjoy those grandkids.
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