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Salem Matters
Salem United Methodist Church
378 N. Pilot Knob Road, Denver, NC 28037
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Monthly Newsletter – September 2013
A Sad Good-Bye for a Joyful Adventure
Our Appreciation for Monica Childers’
Ministry Here at Salem
I met the staff at Salem only after I had encountered the
folks on the SPRC. I was touched and pleasantly surprised by the
SPRC’s honest, obviously spiritual nature; but I was astounded by
the discoveries I made about the people on staff here. They were a
little reticent at first, but as they opened up to me, I was blessed
with seeing people who held a call from God, that the call was alive
in them, and that it was manifested in a genuine love of Christ and a
genuine love for the Church family here. I didn’t realize at that early stage what was in store for me, and certainly didn’t realize how
deeply the Lord was present in it. Debbie, Cheryl, Miriam, Jenny,
Ray, Joy, and Monica…not to mention the leaders of the committees, were all about Jesus. I was
and am still being renewed in my spirit, my call, and my walk with Christ as a direct result of their
shared faith.
(continued on page 3)
“Not Homecoming - A Salem Kind of Homecoming”
Bring your covered dish and join us!!!!
Our “Not Homecoming” Service will be held in the Sanctuary
on September 22nd at 11:00 am.
Sunday School will be at 10:00 am. There will be no 8:30 am service.
Singing, Prayer, Camp-Meeting Style Preaching (one text only)
and a Covered Dish Luncheon at noon!!!
“Touch someone – not once, but always”
Salem Matters - September 2013
Page 2
How our gifts have been designated year to date through July 2013 vs July 2012.
YTD Thru
Offerings designated to:
Building/Capital Improvement
Budget (Oper. Exp. And Ministry)
Total Giving
310,181.08 $
1,432.00 27.84% Increase
2,947.00 93.32% Increase
(3,831.67) (49.88%) Decrease
(23,928.42 (8.13%) Decrease
286,799.99 $
(23,381.09) (7.54%) Decrease
Profit and Loss at 6/30/2013
Income related to the Budget
June 2013 Attendance
$ 270,269.29
Expenses related to the Budget $ 273,693.74
Ordinary Income/(Loss)
Yr. To Yr. Difference
Increase (Decrease)
YTD Thru
7/14/2013 263
7/212013 221 7/28/2012 204
July 2013 total
July 2012 Total 1111
(5 weeks)
Christial Stewardship is a way of being in the world that reflects God’s love
and purpose. It is living generously and gratefully in the church and in the
Salem United Methodist Church
Church Staff
378 N. Pilot Knob Road
Pastor: David Hobson [email protected]
Denver, NC 28037
Dir. Christian Ed.: Jenny Reilly [email protected]
Church phone: 704-483-5055
Dir. Youth Ministries:
Fax: 704-483-0778
Dir. Music & Arts: Cheryl Barker [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Organist/Pianist: Miriam Robinette [email protected]
Church Office Hours:
Office Admin.: Debbie Harvey [email protected]
Monday 8:30am–12:30pm
Financial Secretary: Joy Isenhour [email protected]
Tuesday—Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm
S.A.M. Director: Mandy Hilton [email protected]
Facilities Manager: Ray Miller
Webmaster: Crystal Cody (volunteer)
Salem Matters: Articles due 20th of each month
Please email newsletter articles to [email protected]
Salem Matters – September 2013
Page 3
Appreciation for Monica……
(cont. from page 1)
Which brings me to Monica. What stands out about Monica first is her family. David,
Courtney, and Zachary define Monica in their own ways – all very good ways. I love the fact that
David is always listening while I am preaching ( maybe he’s just trying to figure out what I’m saying,
but I presume to hope it’s because I’m saying something interesting). Dave is a staunch supporter of
Monica in her call to the office of a Deacon. So are Zach and Courtney. They are very good children
(although they are growing up past the word “children”) and together, they make a beautiful picture of
what the Christian home is all about. Monica is obviously a good wife and a great mom.
Then there is Monica the theologian. Like me, she grew up in a small congregation UMC, with
more emphasis on prayer, repentance, and faith as it pertains to behavior and life than to the cerebrum.
Then she went off to school, learned all that cerebral theology….and son-of-a-gun if she didn’t apply it
to the basics of prayer, repentance, and faith! What a lady. She certainly does know her Wesley. I
like that a lot in a girl. And she can teach it! No wonder David married her.
Monica the Youth Minister. That’s where she shines. Organizes complex, impossible
scenarios for mission trips…sometimes to Gatlinburg, sometimes to Belize, sometimes to the Prairies
of Missouri, raises the money for them, spends more than she has budgeted, and expects the pastor and
the committee on finance to find the money. She thinks her commitment to Christ as a youth leader
and teacher and pastor gives her the impetus to just go out in faith and do things that reveal the way of
Christ to her kids. Brazen! Courageous! Holy Smoke!
Monica the prayer warrior. She never screams or yells in her prayers. She is polite and
sincere, and always to the point. I bet the Lord loves to hear her prayers. If there is any doubt in them,
only God would know. She is very matter of fact about telling God what she needs. She acts as if they
were on a first-name basis…as if they were lifelong friends. Lots of faith in her prayers. Go figure.
And then…Monica the friend. Steadfast in being a friend makes her solid gold to the people
around her. Accessible to young and old, nice to dogs and cats, patient with the ADHD pastor, ready
to preach at the drop of a hat, knows how to make a church fund-raising meal while directing the youth
to help work, and never seems to get tired of doing good for the people she knows. A Saint! We will
miss her…we will always love her, and will take her back in a moment’s notice if she doesn’t like the
big city.
A word of advice to St. Luke’s Church: Be nice to her, she knows God personally.
In Christ,
Pastor Dave
We will be having a special good-bye celebration for Monica on
Sunday, September 1st at 5:30 p.m. in our CLC. There will be a
cook-out and the evening will include a time of sharing appreciation
and memories of her time with us. Feel free to bring cards and other
mementos to be shared during the evening.
We look forward to a big celebration, and hope you can be there.
Salem Matters - September 2013
Page 4
Director of Music & Arts – Cheryl Barker 704-483-5055 Ext 310 or [email protected] Cell: 704-530-5657
Volunteers of
As we gather together each week to
participate in the liturgical life of our
Church, and celebrate the mysteries of our
Faith, we realize that this would be close
to impossible if it were not for the
Volunteers. They are there not simply to
sing the hymns and responses for us, as if
we were coming to listen to a concert each
week. Rather, they are there to help guide
and lead us all in our worship of God, as
we give thanks to Him who given us this
life through our own perfect offering and
sacrifice of praise.
Therefore, through music, as they sing,
the prayers and hymns of our church
come alive for us and give meaning and
understanding to our Faith, so that we all
may be edified and spiritually uplifted, and
our God may be praised, honored and
glorified. Their role, then, is to help us not
only "sing with the spirit" in a tongue, but
more importantly to “sing with the
understanding” of what we are praying.
Through this, Salem UMC continues to
grow, as the joy of our salvation is
proclaimed to the whole universe.
In our DRAMA ministry, with each
performance a sense of anticipation and
accomplishment is felt within the hearts
of actors and attendees. Being the Spirit
of Jesus ALIVE in the world today is
brought to life through each talented actor,
and members of Salem during these
events. As we have many opportunities of
witnessing here at Salem, and into the
community, I for one, am thankful to be a
part of such ministries.
To YOU the Church Member: I ask you
instrumentalists, dancers, actors, and
directors and all the volunteers in your
prayers and join me in thanking them for
their love and dedication each week
throughout the year.
“When so many people come together and
worship, you soon realize it’s not about
coming to see a band or speaker – it’s about
the church coming together in unity.
John 4:24 says that God is searching the
earth for those who will worship Him in spirit
and in truth. Music is a tool that affects your
being, your spirit, and when biblical truth is
attached to music, it’s a powerful thing.”
Mac Powell, Third Day
Please prayerfully consider
helping out with any or all of the
following ministries:
Yes, Christmas and Thanksgiving are
just around the corner, and we have
exciting things coming, and we want you
to come join the choirs as they prepare
music for worship.
Christmas music is so powerful in
many ways. It softens the sweet spiritual
worship services reflecting on the new
born King, it can brighten the mood in
department stores as you look for just
the right gift for someone special, when
you go caroling, Christmas music can
warm YOUR heart as well as those who
open the front door to delightful sounds
of Christmas.
And, at Thanksgiving, what a better
way to say thanks to God for all He has
done for us, by lifting our voices in praise
Practice makes perfect, and we will
begin rehearsal on our music for the
Christmas season September 4, at
7:45pm in the sanctuary.
This year, maybe you can be a
member of our choirs as we present the
story so loved by all, once again,
through beautiful music God has
supplied for us.
No need to audition,
No need to guess,
No need to ask for permission,
Just come, and be blessed.
As we grow in volunteers, we will be able to
make available, audio recording COPIES of our
worship services. We have been in the process
of recording most every worship service, and
have the capability to make audio copies upon
Please contact Cheryl Barker about any
request you may have regarding the worship
service recordings.
If you have a need to take the CDs to
someone who isn’t able to attend the worship
services, please let us know. We also have CD
players that may be checked out and returned
through our VD/DVD Ministry, thanks to Judy
and Perry Broussard
Messengers of Joy
(Sanctuary Choir)
Wednesday(s) 7:00pm – 8:30pm
(Prepares music for Sunday Morning
Worship and Special Services)
Hims of Praise
(Men’s Chorus)
Wednesday(s) 5:45pm – 6:45pm
(Prepares music for Sunday Morning
Worship and Special Services and
special appearances)
Hallelujah Handbells
(Advanced Handbells)
Monday(s) 7:30 – 8:30pm
(Prepares music for each month
2nd Sunday Morning 8:30am Worship)
New Creation
(Praise Band)
Sunday(s) 5:30pm-7:00pm
Thursday(s) 7:00-8:00pm
(Prepares and leads music for our
11:00am Sunday Morning Worship)
Children’s Music Activities
Included in the Wednesday evening
Ministries beginning at 6:30pm
Children’s Music Leaders:
Lori Rapp
If you are led to help children learn music,
please see Lori Rapp.
You will be blessed!
Salem Matters - September 2013
Page 5
The United Methodist Women Handbook 20132016 has just come out. It states: ....membership
is voluntary and open to any woman who indicates
her desire to belong and to participate in the global
mission of the Church. In other words, you must
commit to being a United Methodist Woman. No
longer is it true that belonging to a United
Methodist Church automatically makes you a
United Methodist Woman. Here is the PURPOSE
to which you are committing:
PURPOSE of United Methodist Women
The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women
whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through
Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of
mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
Several of us attended the District Annual Meeting where our Unit at Salem was
recognized as being a Mission Today Unit. This not just an honor, it is a validation that
we are doing what we are called to do as a ministry of the United Methodist Church. We
also received honors in the following categories: Membership, Reading Program, and
Justice Today. Nancy Luckey was installed as Catawba Valley District Vice President.
We invite you to join us in this ministry by becoming a part of one of our three circles. If
you are not able to attend, please make a pledge to commit to our PURPOSE through
membership in the Unit.
will meet on Monday, September 16 at 10am in Room 13.
This suggestion was in the UMW Handbook:
Take time to honor what you have accomplished together.
Plan at least one program each year in which you look back to
celebrate what you have accomplished.
So our September program will recap what we’ve accomplished this year by reviewing
the Mission Today criteria, making sure we maintain our ministry’s goals.
Helping Hands Circle will
meet on Monday, September
16th at 10:00 am at the home
of Sarah Beard.
Tabitha’s Hands Circle will meet
on Wednesday, September 18 at
6:30 pm in Room #13.
Salem Matters - September 2013
Page 6
Backpack Mission – New School Year Begins
With the beginning of school we will once again be helping children at
Pumpkin Primary and Pumpkin Intermediate Schools with food on the
weekends. Last year, with your help, we provided a backpack full of
food for 15 children who might otherwise not have a nutritious meal
during that time. These children all receive a free breakfast and lunch at
school but we had no knowledge of what they might have on the
weekends. Through the Backpack Mission we know we are reaching out
to help prevent childhood hunger. Your generosity in providing food
items and monetary donations has supported the mission for the past
four years. We hope we can count on you again.
Following is a list of the different items we will need: Canned vegetables, pasta, fruit, soup, tuna,
chicken, beanie weenies, Pop Tarts, Instant Oatmeal/Grits, Small Boxes of Cereal, Snacks, Juice
Boxes, Ramen Noodles. Food may be placed in the green bin in the Mission Hall and donations
marked Backpack Mission in the Offering Plate . If you have questions, please contact Karen or
Barbara Yarbrough at [email protected] or [email protected]
Salem’s Annual Bazaar
October 18th, 4 pm – 8 pm
October 19th, 8 am – 1 pm
We are going to try something new this year. On Friday, we will open the bazaar at 4 pm – 8 pm.
We want to include a meal and a live auction. This is where you come in. We need items of value to
auction…antiques, Panther Tickets…anything you can think of. Let me know if you have something
to donate! Again, we hope the Sunday School classes and other groups or individuals will make a
basket for the silent auction.
There will be a baked goods area, cakes, pies, cookies, candy, etc…, canned goods, jellies, jams,
pickles, etc… We also need your handmade items. Men, we need your items too.
We will need frozen casseroles also. Small ones and large ones. (9 x 13)
It takes a lot of things to make the bazaar successful. Without your help, it won’t be possible. If you
can help in any way, let me know. Thanks for all your help.
Salem’s Willing Workers
Diane Keeney (704) 483-6348
Salem Matters – September 2013
Bible Study Opportunities
 Pastor’s Study
Wednesdays at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm
in Room 13. This fall our study will be
“Characters of the Bible and their
relationship to God.”
 Young with the Restless
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in Room 9. This group of
parents will continue to study God’s word for
answers to questions we have as parents.
 Namesake Study – Beginning September 1 in
Room 9 at 9:45 am - Every name tells a story.
Names in Scripture were often given to tell the story
of a person’s identity, upbringing, or character.
We will explore the transformational power of God
through the stories of biblical characters who met
God and whose lives and names were changed
forever. As you meet Abraham and Sarah, Jacob,
Naomi, Daniel, Peter, and the unnamed woman,
you will discover that God wants to be just as
intimately involved in your story, offering an identity
that shines with the purpose for which you were
 Tuesday Night Bible Study Sharing Group –
7:00-8:30 pm each week resuming September 10.
Momentum for Life by Mike Slaughter will be the
study for six weeks. We meet at the home of
Lorinda Schwartz.
Senior Lunch Bunch
October 7
We will gather for lunch in the Salem CLC at 11:45
lunch to be followed by entertainment from Leonard
McPherson and band. We hope you will share this
with friends and families as it is a great time of
fellowship. Please make your reservations by
September 29.
Kids Korner
Page 7
Murray Mills Trip
Thursday, September 12
Please join us on Thursday, September 12 (note
date change) when we will travel to Murray's Mill
followed by lunch at Sagebrush in Denver. We'll be
leaving the church at 10 a.m. and returning about 2
p.m. Please sign up no later than September 8.
There is a sign-up sheet in the Mission Hall or also
email reservations to [email protected]
See Pam Peer for more information.
Church Camp Weekend
Asheville East KOA
September 27-29
Bring your own camper, rv, or tent,
or choose to rent a Kabin for the
weekend. But make sure you join
this great weekend of relaxing in God’s great
beauty on the Swannanoa River. See Phil or
Wendi Riddle for more details.
Make your
reservations by calling (800) 562-5907 or make
Fall Dates
Men – September 12-15 and October 17-20
Women – September 19-22 and October 24-27
Please see Jerry Ennis or another Emmaus
participant for information and registration forms.
SpiritAlive Reunion Group
Last Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in Room 13
for those who have attended the Walk to Emmaus
and Chrysalis.
Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm
Resuming September 4!
Our Fall will be spent learning about Bible
characters and what we can learn from their
mistakes and successes. Be sure to bring your
If you missed our Promotion Sunday Celebration,
please come by Jenny’s office to receive your
special gift. We are proud of all our children and
want to give them a reminder to “Let Your Light
Mark your calendar for our Fall Festival to be held
on Sunday, October 27. More details to come!
Salem Matters - September 2013
Page 8
New Space for Middle School Students
Youth Calendar
6:30PM-7:30 PM
September Teachers and Study for High School
Students will begin an 8 week series on wise choices
through the “Carreyed Away!” series. This series which
teaches teenagers how to make the right moral choices
through illustrations of Scripture used in Jim Carrey
movie clips.
4TH-Liar Liar (Consequences)
11th- The Mask (Authenticity)
18th- The Cable Guy (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
25TH- Dumb & Dumber (Past Mistakes)
September Teachers and Study for Middle School
4 TH-Mandy Hilton and Becky Glenn- Building Friendships
11 TH-Mandy Hilton and Becky Glenn-Strengthening
18 TH-Mandy Hilton and Becky Glenn- Serving Our Friends
25 TH-Mandy Hilton and Becky Glenn- Gossip
SUNDAY’S 10:00AM -10:45 AM
Traditionally Plugged In was a Sunday school class
compiled of grades 6-12 X 2 is intentional Bible Study
in a traditional Sunday school setting. This year middle
school and high school students both have their own
teachers and unique setting designed to fit the group, age
and learning styles for each age level.
September Teachers and Study for High School
15th-A Love/Hit Relationship
22nd- Fall on Your Face-Humility
29th-Three in One
September Teachers and Study for Middle School
1st- Julie France-We Believe the Good News
8th- Julie France-We Believe the Bible
15th- Julie France- We Believe in God
22nd- Julie France-We Believe in Jesus Christ
29th- Jeremy and Beth O’Brien- We Believe in the
With the continual growth in Salem’s youth program,
a new space is being designed for the middle school
students to gather, learn and grow. The former prayer
room, located beside the second floor elevator, has been
transformed in to a vibrant teachable space for middle
school students to explore and fellowship with friends
while learning Biblical studies during Sunday school and
Wednesday night Wired ministries.
Splitting the middle and high school students on
Sunday mornings allows for a more intimate learning
environment where students can share age appropriate
conversations without an age barrier or inferiority to
upper or lower classman. This will be a designated space
for middle schoolers to call home. Come by and visit the
new middle school room or better yet, get involved in
connecting with the youth by teaching a Sunday school
class or Wednesday night Bible study.
SUNDAY’S 5:30PM -7:00PM
Salem UMC Christian Life
A time where a surge of energy
is created and fostered where
the youth (6 -12 grades) can
carry this energy throughout the
week and share with others.
1st-Appreciation Celebration for Monica
8th- TBD
15th- Guest Speaker “Hannah Martin”
We are asking parents and youth
information by filling out new youth and parent
information forms, located in the mission hall. This
information helps the staff to connect, plan, lead
and engage with students and parents further
guiding them spiritually. Our goal is for each
student and parent to turn in an updated form by
September 30th. All forms should be turned in to the
office, Jenny Reilly or Monica Childers.
Salem Matters - September 2013
Salem is partnering with East Lincoln High School to
help students thrive in their educational experiences
while receiving the unconditional love of God. As part
of living out our mission, “to be the Spirit of Jesus Christ
alive in the world today” Salem’s (H2O) Him to Others
ministry will provide a meal for the band members
before each home game. This is our third consecutive
year in feeding the band and in order to make this
happen, three to five adult and numerous youth
volunteers are needed for each week. The home game
schedule is posted below. Please sign up in the mission
hall or with Monica if you are able to volunteer on one
of these nights.
Friday, August 30th- Serve @ 5:00
Menu: Sub Sandwiches, Chips, condiments,
veggies, popsicles, tea and lemonade to drink
Page 9
15th annual Fall Experience Weekend for youth
ages 6th-12th grade
November 8th-10th, 2013
Ridgecrest Conference Center, Black Mountain, NC
$120 per person (Includes lodging, meals, T-shirt,
speakers, Bands & More!)
Deposit is $60 Per Space by October 10th
For more information or to Sign-up pick up
formation sheets or Registration and Liability forms
in the mission hall and return to the church office
along with your $60.00 deposit by Oct. 10th.
Remaining balance is due by Oct. 25th
Friday, September 6th- Serve @ 5:00
Menu: Chicken nuggets, Mac-n-Cheese, green
beans, roll, condiments, dessert, Tea and
Friday, September 27th- Serve @ 5:00
Menu: Pizza, Salad, Veggies, Dressing, dessert,
tea and lemonade
Friday, October 25th- Serve @ 5:00
Menu: Hot dogs and Hamburgers, slaw, chili,
onions, cheese, condiments, chips, cupcakes, tea
and lemonade
Friday, November 1st- Serve @ 5:00
Menu: Taco Night, Taco shells, meat, cheese,
Tomatoes, lettuce, onions, sour cream, dressing,
cookies, tea and lemonade
Open Gym
Sunday’s from 4:00-5:30
Open Gym will continue this fall starting Sunday,
September 8th. This is a continuation of a summer
ministry which allowed youth to gather and fellowship
with one another while enjoying a friendly game of
basketball and simple devotion.
Dale Watson and Jeremy O’Brien will lead this
ministry for the fall. For more information or to join in
leading this ministry, contact Dale, Jeremy or the church
The Burrell Boom Project is outreach ministry
inspired by several Salem youth who served in
Burrell Boom, Belize this summer. During their
time, it was apparent children and adults had very
little resources to buy clothing or shoes. These
youth are joining efforts with several schools and
churches in collecting gently used or new clothing
and shoes for the village of Burrell Boom in Belize.
The collection dates are September 1st – October
15th. Collections sights for this project are Lincoln
Charter School, North Lincoln Middle School,
South Caldwell High School, St. Luke’s UMC and
Salem United Methodist Church.
Please join these youth in making a difference by
donating items to help others.
Salem Matters - September 2013
College Directory
John Duggins
Sophmore, Emory and Henry College
EHC box 662(mailing address)
P O BOX 9001
Emory, VA 24327
Emory & Henry College #662 (for packages)
Martin Brock Student Center
30522 Garnand Dr.
Emory, VA 24327
Nick Dyer
Freshman, Western North Carolina University
The Summit At Cullowhee
55 B Alta View Dr.
Cullowhee, NC 28723
Amber Parker
Sophmore, Western Carolina University
245 Memorial Drive
Suite 8094
Cullowhee, NC 28723
Haley Parker
Junior, North Carolina University, Greensboro
1725 Walker Ave.
Apt. 106
Greensboro, NC 27403
Stephen Shenigo
Sophmore, North Carolina University, Chapel Hill
100 Raleigh St.
Spencer Hall- Room 213
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Stephanie Shenigo
Masters Student, Notre Dame University
4005 Park Wood Circle
Apt 3B
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Hannah Springs
Junior, North Carolina University, Charlotte
164 S Pilot Knob Road
Stanley NC 28164
Zach Springs
Central Piedmont Community College
2215 Lisa Carole Dr.
Charlotte NC 28214
Chandler Pressley
Junior, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
Alex Mozina
Freshman, Appalachian State University
ASU Box 15489
Boone, NC 28608
Page 10
Jennifer Frix
Freshman, North Carolina State University
Bowen Residence Hall
Raleigh, NC 27607
Taylor France
Freshman, North Carolina State University
2110 Avent Ferry Road
Unit 672 Avent Ferry Residence Hall
Emily McCutchan
Freshman, Butler University
750 W. Hampton Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Erin Francey
Freshman, Mars Hill University
PO Box 5702
Mars Hill, NC 28754
Jake Edmondson
Freshman, Appalachian State University
Box 09806
Boone, NC 28608
Kelly Tench
Freshman, Gaston Community College
148 S. Pilot Knob Road
Stanley, NC 28164
Amy Barbagli
Senior, Appalachian State University
334 Clint Norris Rd
Boone, NC 28607
Shane Estridge
Freshman, North Carolina State University
Sarah Kunik
Freshman, East Carolina University
Tyler Hall 812
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Tim Froneberger
Junior, University of North Carolina, Asheville
No mailing address is available send any correspondence to
Steve and Sarah
David Scoggins
Freshman, Liberty University
1971 University Blvd.
MSC Box 110266
Lynchburg, VA 24502-2214
Salem Matters - September 2013
Page 11
A Note From Monica
Words cannot describe my love for the body of Christ at Salem. When I journeyed here
four years ago, I was a timid soul in search for what God had in store for my call into
ministry. Today, I can say without a doubt God’s plan is perfect. God knew that I needed
to experience the love of Christ and grow in my understanding of what the body of Christ
is and what that looks like. I needed to understand the Grace of God that is imputed to me
during communion. I needed to remember to always have a child like faith.
God knew I needed the compassion and support of friends as I faced the Board of
Ordained Ministry. God knew I needed to be challenged to go beyond my normal
faculties to serve in greater places such as Belize and be challenged to teach in greater
ways than before. God knew I needed YOU the body of Christ to help guide and support
me along the way!
As I reflect on my first day at Salem, I remember having the task of growing the youth
program. I did not have a plan; I just knew Jesus met people one on one making disciples
as He went. I too knew I needed to make one relationship at a time. Four years later, I can
say I have met many new faces, helped guide many families and engaged in true
discipleship with the youth. I consider each of you a life time friend and encourage each
of you to continuing being the Spirit of Jesus Christ Alive in the World and meet one new
person being intentional in your relationship so that you too can experience and spread
God’s love.
Blessed to Serve,
Monica Childers
2013 East Lincoln Crop Walk for Hunger
October 6th
The East Lincoln Area Crop Walk, sponsored by East Lincoln Christian Ministries will be
held on October 6th, 2013 at 2:00 pm. Walkers will meet at the Rock Springs
Campground pavilion to begin and end the 3 mile walk. Last year, walkers raised nearly
$4,500.00 to help feed the hungry in this country and 80 other countries around the world
through Church World Service. Since East Lincoln Christian Ministries helps organize
this walk for hunger, 25% of the monies received during this year’s walk are designated
for the East Lincoln Christian Ministries.
For more information contact Bud and Jeanne Hawkins (704) 483-1684 or (704) 663-9004
Salem Matters - September 2013
2014 Mission Opportunities
The 2013-2014 Volunteer in Mission Building
Team dates are out. Monica Childers will again lead
two teams to Belmopan, Belize for the Western
North Carolina Conference in 2014.
February 15-23, 2014 to Belmopan Belize
June 23-30, 2014 to Belmopan
The team going in February will have the
opportunity to continue working on the second
phase of the high school while the June team will
paint the Belmopan Methodist Church. The
maximum team size is fifteen. If anyone is
interested in serving in Belmopan, please contact
Monica Childers, Team Leader at 828-493-3179 or
pick up an application in the church office or visit
VIM on the conference website
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Salem Matters - September 2013
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From: Salem Sam
Wow, this summer flew by! We were blessed in so many ways. We have had this
wonderful church supporting us by allowing us to use this facility where children can come
and grow in who they are. Salem is a place where children are welcome and the families that
bring their children to us know that. Jesus tells us “Let the little children come to me” Mark
10: 13-16. I am thankful that Salem welcomes that.
This summer we had 61 summer campers and 9 junior leaders here at Salem SAM.
That is an amazing number of children and families who were touched in some way by
Salem. They were all invited to Vacation Bible School as well as other Salem UMC
functions, like the Ice cream social. Also we gave new Bibles to our campers who either did
not have one, or wanted a new one. Each day they played ball and games in Family Life
Center and made crafts in the Meeting Room. The children especially looked forward to
doing art with Tina Robinette each week; she brings a unique talent to our group! We also
had two of our Salem UMC high school youth, Quinton Watkins and Nick Glenn, who came
and “tried” to teach us some songs and how to play some man made instruments. I will say
that is a work in progress, but both Nick and Quinton tried very hard, we are a tough group!
Another way that Salem has blessed this ministry so richly is by allowing us the use of the
bus and the van. With these we were able to take the campers on 9 fun field trips.
When they leave us at the end of the summer, we want them to leave with a feeling that
Salem is good, safe and happy place for them and most of all it is a place where they see
Mandy Hilton
Director of Salem SAM
Funeral Planning Document Available
Thinking about our own funeral is not a pleasant task for most
people. But having your church and family know some basic answers
like your favorite music and scripture passages can make planning a
funeral much less stressful during a difficult time. Salem has a
document that allows you to share your preferences and will
hopefully facilitate some discussion among your family that can bring
some peace in the future. Feel free to download the Funeral Planning
Document from our website or contact the church office for a copy.
Salem Matters – September 2013
Donn McGinnis
Thomas O’Brien
June McIntyre
Kim Manlove
Tana Poole
Shelba Cipriano
Jerry Ennis
Jeremy O’Brien
Kendall Cipriano
Campbell Kolbay
Bob Sigmon
Robert Cook
Morgan France
Joy Isenhour
Brittany Robinson
Barbara Bridges
Claude Keeney
Pam Peer
Rhonda Tench
Monica Childers
Elise Fowler
Patrick Reilly
Tatum Auvil
Sue Connor
Lori Fields
Rob Hardin
Anne Sigmon
Courtney Childers
Kevin Jones
Gary Tench
Betty Hager
Trevor Green
Larry Turbyfil
3 Gary and Carol Ann Tench
4 Keith and Jean Jenkins
5 Randall and Cathy Dyer
Ernie and Georgianna Cox
10 Steve and Debbie Gorowski
Bernie and Ruth Kibling
Rodney and Sherri Smith
Karl and Teresa Dearnley
Robert and Marian Cook
Grady and Tommie Whitaker
Jim and Lynn Garrett
David and Janice Springs
Brian and Deanna Smith
Jay and Lee Ann Miller
Tony and Christy Cook
Donny and Lori Fields
Greg and Kathy Freeman
Floyd and Terrie Jones
Page 14
Nathan Bosiak
Nick Bosiak
Rich DuBreuil
J. T. Duggins
Harrison Hobson
Wes Lockman
David Meyer
Kevin Oakes
Michael Reynolds
Jake Westover
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Please like us on Facebook and
keep up with what is going on in
the life of the church. We frequently post pictures as well as
updates on mission groups and
We will not be having the
Wednesday Night Dinners.
If you have not picked up your pictorial directory yet, please stop by the
office and get a copy. We also have
a pamphlet with names and pictures
of everyone in the directory that is
great to have with you in your Bible
to help you learn folks.
Please correct the
phone number for
Taylor and Carol Duggins
in your pictorial directory.
Correct numbers are:
Home: (704) 483-5783
Cell (704) 907-8983.
Salem Matters – September 2013
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Good-Bye Celebration for Monica, September 1, 5:30 pm in the CLC
Bazaar Workshops - September 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 6:30 in the CLC.
Murray’s Mill Trip - September 12, 10 am - 2 pm
Railroad Display - September 13-15 in the CLC
“Not Homecoming” Service - September 22, 11:00 am (one service)
Church Camping - September 27-29
Holy Communion - 1st Sunday
United Methodist Men - 7:30 AM, 1st Saturday
Circle of Friends - 3rd Monday at 10 am
Helping Hands - 3rd Monday at 10 am
Tabitha’s Hands - 3rd Wednesday at 5:15 pm
Tuesday, September 10, 6:15 PM
Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 17, 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 24, 7:00 PM
Missions Meeting
Church Council
Evangelism Mtg.
Finance Meeting
Newsletter Deadline - 20th of each month
8:30 AM
9:30 AM
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
5:30 PM
5:30 PM
Traditional Worship
Coffee Time – Meeting Room
Sunday School for All Ages
Praise and Worship Service-Sanctuary
New Creation Practice
‘Surge’ Youth Ministries
2:30 PM SAM After School Care (closed 9/2)
6:00 PM Girl Scouts (1st and 3rd Monday)
6:30 PM Fit Club
10:00 AM Staff Meeting
2:30 PM SAM After School Care
6:30 PM Fitness
10:00 AM ‘Characters of the Bible….’ Study
2:30 PM SAM After School Care
4:00 PM ’Recharge’
5:45 PM Hims of Praise Practice
6:30 PM ‘Characters of the Bible…’ Study
6:30 PM Nursery
6:30 PM ‘SPARK’ for Children
6:30 PM Young with the Restless
6:30 PM Youth Ministries
7:00 PM MOJ Choir Practice
2:30 PM
6:30 PM
6:30 PM
Fit Club
SAM After School Care
2:30 PM
SAM After School Care
9:00 AM
The September item for East Lincoln
Christian Ministry is:
Cans of Ravioli
Stephens Ministries
The Stephens Ministries group will be meeting
Sunday’s from 7- 9 pm beginning September
8th. After October 13th, the meetings will
change to Monday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
The meetings will continue through January.
See the July newsletter for more information on
what the Stephens Ministries is and how you can
be involved.
Tuesday - Thursday
Closed - Friday
The office will be closed
Monday, September 2nd
in observance of Labor Day.