2016 CDN WMX National Series Package



2016 CDN WMX National Series Package
2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE The CMRC Women’s Nationals have been growing each year since its inception and 2016 will be no different. Due to the success of each of the two Women’s National series, the schedule for both the Western and Eastern events has been increased to include four rounds. New for the 2016 year, a designated parking area for the National women riders will begin at 3pm on Friday for each respective event (excluding Deschambault). The entry fee for each Women’s National event has been increased to $50 pre­entry, $60 post­entry. Riders must sign in between 5pm and 7pm on the Friday of the national. All riders must have a current CMRC license in order to pre­enter on CMRC’s website. Pre­entry will close on the Wednesday evening prior to each respective national. Payback will be based on $35 entry fee with the remaining fees going towards the CDNWMX organizers to aid in the expenses to run the national series. CMRC will not profit from the added cost. CMRC would like to express their deepest appreciation to Denaye Giroux and Camille Baker for their previous efforts and hard work invested into the Western Canadian Women’s Nationals. Their dedication to the sport and the national series raised the level of racing in the Western Canada and has paved the way to even greater success. Taking over the reign in the west will be Sierra Roth, who is already in the planning stages for the western rounds. Leah Clarke, who was the lady behind the growing eastern series in 2015, will again spearhead the efforts to take the series to the next step. For more information regarding the western series, email Sierra at [email protected], and for the eastern rounds, Leah can be reached at [email protected] You can also contact them through the website at​
. Following are the schedules for each respective series. 2016 CMRC WESTERN CANADIAN WOMEN’S NATIONALS – SERIES SCHEDULE Sunday, June 4 Whispering Pines Raceway, Kamloops, British Columbia Sunday, June 11 The Wastelands, Nanaimo, British Columbia Sunday, June 18 Wild Rose MX Park, Calgary, Alberta Sunday, June 25 Moto Valley Raceway, Regina, Saskatchewan 2016 CMRC EASTERN CANADIAN WOMEN’S NATIONALS – SERIES SCHEDULE Sunday, July 9 Gopher Dunes, Courtland, Ontario Sunday, July 16 Motocross Ulverton, Ulverton, Quebec Sunday, August 6 Motocross Deschambault, Deschambault, Quebec Sunday, August 13 RJ Motosport Park, Barrie, Ontario 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Race Day Format: ● Designated parking for the national women riders starts at 3pm on Friday. If any women show up after 5pm, you will have to be parked with the rest of the amateurs, no exceptions. Any Women attempting to park before their designated time are subject to removal. Absolutely no Women racers are permitted to park within the designated Pro Pits​
. ­The Women’s National class will have a separate practice and will be last to go on the practice schedule providing qualifiers are not necessary. ­ Each Women’s National Moto will have a designated time slot on Amateur Race day: Moto 1: ​
11:00 am Moto 2: ​
2:00 pm These times will be adhered to regardless of the amateur day schedule. ­ Moto duration: 15 Minutes + 1 lap ­ The Women’s National Series will follow along the Pro Rulebook guidelines with the exception of the “Yellow Flag Rule” this will follow the Amateur Rulebook Regulations Amateur Yellow flag rule Yellow­ Caution. When a yellow flag is displayed, there will be no double jumping allowed. Competitors must ride cautiously until they have passed the incident that caused the flag. While the yellow flag is displayed; failure to use reasonable caution, aggressive riding, passing or double jumping while the yellow flag is displayed will result in a 5 position penalty. Contact with emergency and track personnel, or race official will result in immediate disqualification from the event. ­ After the completion of the second moto, the top five finishers, holeshot recipients and the chosen hard charger award recipients are to attend the podium presentations. ­ Riders are allotted 30 minutes to protest after the final results have been posted. ­ Electronic timing will be used at each round. Transponders are available for rent for $40/round. A major credit card will be required as a deposit if renting a transponder and will be returned after the transponder is returned back to sign in. If the transponder is not returned by the end of the day, a $280 fee will be charged to the credit card holder. ­ If more than 40 women are entered for the event there will be a timed practice, in which the top 40 lap times will move on to race the main motos. The promoter has the right to stage 42 riders on the starting line to avoid qualifiers. 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Eligibility Open to all female participants riding motorcycles 85cc or larger. You must decide which series you will race (east or west), you will not be allowed to race both. Participants are encouraged to purchase a 2016 CMRC License, if you do not hold a 2016 CMRC license a ​
CMRC Day pass will be available to purchase at each round at the cost of $40.00 Entry Fee The entry fee for each Women’s National event has been increased to $50 pre­entry, $60 post­entry. It is MANDATORY that riders sign in between 5pm and 7pm on the Friday of the national in person to sign the waiver for insurance purposes. No entries on the morning of the National. Riders who have pre­entered must also sign the appropriate waiver Friday between 5pm and 7pm. Mechanics and/or family members will not be permitted to enter their rider. All riders who have provided their email address to CMRC may pre­enter online up to midnight (EST) the Wednesday prior to each respective national at the following link: http://www.cmrcracing.com/membership‐services/ You must have a current CMRC license in order to pre­enter on CMRC’s website. Pre­entry is not mandatory, but will save time at Friday’s sign in. Please print a receipt of your pre­entry for proof of purchase and present to the staff during sign in Friday. Payback will be based on $35 entry fee with the remaining fees going towards the CDNWMX organizers to aid in the expenses to run the national series. CMRC will not profit from the added cost. ­Please note: We will be offering free entry fee to any rider who supplies a $500+ sponsor for the Series before May 1. We will give you your entry fee back after each round of the series. If you have any questions about this, please see Sierra (west) or Leah (east). Numbers/ Number Plates All participants’ number plates must have white numbers on a blue background. The top 10 riders from both the Eastern and Western series will be assigned numbers based on the standings from the 2015 Series. If you did not compete in the previous series or earned a number outside of the top 10 you can choose any number that is available from 10+. Contact CMRC for a race number. West
East 1W.​
Sara King
Eve Brodeur 2.​
Rachel Springman
Kim Normandin 3.​
Brittany Danyluk
Kassie Boone 4.​
Kennedy Lutz
Madison Seguin 5. ​
Dominique Daffe
Abbrielle Tardelli 6. ​
Jamie Munro 6.​
Cassandra Belanger 7. ​
Madi Watt
Alexandra Raymond 8​
. Camille Bunko
Allie Argue 9. ​
Kate Lees
Brittany Gagne 10.​
Danika White ​
Heather Bennett 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Mechanic Signalling Area ­ A specified mechanic signalling area will be appointed at each round of the Nationals. Mechanics Apparel​
: ALL mechanics are to wear a collared team shirt (or, in this case of a privateer, a collared golf shirt) at all times they are on the track, including the start gate and signal area. ­ Cut­offs, sleeveless shirts, bikinis and open­toe shoes are prohibited in the signalling area. Starting blocks The use of starting blocks is permitted. Mechanics are responsible for removing the blocks from the starting line as soon as the gate drops, and once all riders have left the starting line. Competition Apparel All Women riders participating in a National event must have their last name on the back of their riding uniform at the shoulder line using colours that contrast with the jersey. If a chest/back protector is worn, the rider’s name and assigned number must be visible either on the jersey or on the chest/back protector. No abbreviations or nick names will be accepted. All letters and numbers must be no less than 1 1/2” high, and must be contrasting to the colour of the background. The rider's’ number on the back of their jersey/chest protector must coincide with their numbers displayed on their number plates. If not a fine will be given out. For Nationals, this requirement applies to all practices and races. A rider will not be permitted to be on the track if their name and numbers are not displayed on their back. Credentials Credentials at the cost of $25.00 are available for the top 3 finishers of the 2015 Women’s Nationals from both the East and West, which equals to a discounted gate fee for each round. (Fill out, and send in the form provided). CREDENTIAL APPLICATION FORM Women’s Nationals Email head and shoulder photos to: [email protected] Mail or courier photos and application to 323­1120 Tsatsu Shores Drive Delta BC V4M 4G3 Attn: Susan Harris. All cheques are to be made payable to SPI. Note: No credential applications will be accepted without payment, including teams. Credentials will not be issued on­site. Deadlines must be met in order to acquire series credentials. Sorry, no exceptions. If rider, mechanics and/or team managers do not submit their application before the deadline they are subject to FULL gate admission at all rounds. REFUNDS: No refunds for credentials once applied, or pre­paid gate entry after June 1. 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE NO CREDENTIAL, NO FREE ADMISSION, NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED. NO REPLACEMENTS WILL BE ISSUED FOR LOST OR STOLEN CREDENTIALS CMRC License Number (eight digits – racers only –​
):__________________ Name:_________________________________________________________________ Team Name: (if applicable) __________________________ Bike Number: _________ Address of credential delivery: Street: ________________________________________ City: _______________________ Province/Sate:_________ Postal/Zip Code:________ Amount Enclosed: $_________ Method of Payment: Credit Card____ Cheque____ Money Order____ * if paying by credit card, please include the Credit Card Authorization Form along with this application. VISA, Master Card and AMEX only. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM Please fill out all the information below, sign and email to Susan Harris at the CMRC office: [email protected]​
. Call Susan at 604­908­9498 if you require fax instructions. Card Holder Information Card Type (check one): _______ Visa _______ MasterCard _______ American Express Name (as appears on card):____________________________________________________________ Card Number: _______________________________________________________________________ Card Expiry Date: ___ ___/___ ___ Billing Address:__________________________________________ Daytime Phone Number: ( ) _______­________________ Signature:___________________________________________________________________________ Authorization: I, the designated cardholder of the above listed credit card, authorize the Canadian Motosport Racing Corporation (CMRC) to charge the amount indicated to the credit card listed above for CMRC License, Nationals Credential, Entry Fee or any other transactions as indicated below. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Total Amount to Charge: $_____________ or Automatic Payments of all invoices Yes_____ No_____ Date of processing (office use only): ________________________ 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Round 1 West Series– Whispering Pines Raceway, Kamloops BC Driving Directions: From Vancouver take exit 374 (HYW 5N) and turn left at 3rd set of lights (Halston Ave). Drive over Halston Bridge and turn right on Westsyde Rd. Stay on Westsyde Rd. approx 25 km until you see the track. Website: ​
www.gkma.ca Ticket Information:​
(250) 314‐0846 Accommodations and Restaurants:​
http://tourismkamloops.com Host Hotel: SANDMAN SIGNATURE KAMLOOPS 225 Lorne St. | Kamloops BC | V2C 1W2 Group name: Canadian National Motocross Group Confirmation number: 54031 Dates: June.4th
‐ 5th
, 2016 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Rates: Signature King Rooms & Executive 2 Queens (limited inventory) ‐ $109.00 Corporate King Rooms ‐ $129.00 Signature King Suites ‐ $149.00 Guests are to contact either the ​
Hotel directly at ​
or central reservations at ​
1‐800‐ SANDMAN​
and quote the above group name or number to reserve their rooms. http://www.sandmansignature.ca/hotels/kamloops/ Camping:​
Available onsite. Rental Cars: AVIS Car & Truck Rental ‐ (airport): 250‐554‐3888 Budget Car & Truck Rental: 250‐374‐5888 Discount Car & Truck Rentals: 250‐372‐7170 Enterprise Rent‐A‐Car: 250‐374‐8288 HERTZ Rent A Car ‐ (airport): 250‐376‐3022 National Car & Truck Rental ‐ (airport): 250‐376‐5911 & (downtown): 250‐374‐5737 Nearest Airport:​
Kamloops International Airport Local MX Dealers: Kamloops Yamaha 1455 Iron Mask Rd 250‐828‐2750 RTR Performance (Honda) 2051 E Trans Canada Hyw 250‐374‐3141 Rivercity Cycle (Suzuki) 1794 Kelly Douglas Rd 250‐377‐4320 Leading Edge Motorsports (Kawasaki) 701 Tagish St 250‐372‐8534 Round 2 West Series – The Wastelands, Nanaimo, BC 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE From Duke Point Ferry/Nanaimo, take Nanaimo Parkway (Hwy 19) to Jinglepot Rd South by taking exit 24. Immediately turn right onto Biggs Rd and drive 5kms to Wastelands MX Park. From Departure Bay Ferry/Nanaimo take Hwy 19A, turn left on Mostar, cross over the Nanaimo Parkway (Hwy 19) and take the first right onto Biggs Rd. Drive 5kms to track. Accommodations: Host Hotel Inn On Long Lake 4700 North Island Highway Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 1W6 Phone 250­758­1144 Days Inn (Harbourview Nanaimo) 809 Island Highway South (Trans Canada Highway), Nanaimo (250) 754‐8171 Toll Free 1‐877‐754‐8171 www.harbourviewdaysinn.com Long Lake Inn Resort 4700 North Island Hwy (800) 565‐1144 Local Motorcycle Dealers: Speed Merchant #2 2330 McCullough Rd Nanaimo, BC V9S 4N2 (250) 585‐4699 [email protected] Spunky’s Motorcycles Kawasaki/KTM/Yamaha 969 Fairdowne Road, Parksville (250) 248‐8828 www.spunkysmc.com VI Honda 1809 Bowen Road, Nanaimo (250) 754‐3345 http://bchondapowerhousedealer.com/ 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE ROUND 3 West Series– Wild Rose MX Park, Calgary AB Driving Directions: From Intl Airport & Trans Canada Hwy ●
Take Deerfoot Trail (Hwy 2) south. Exit Glenmore Trail West Exit Blackfoot Trail North Turn east on 58th Ave. Turn north on Burbank Rd. Website: ​
www.wildrosemx.com Ticket Information: Track phone number: (403) 240‐4025 or (403) 258‐1883 Sales phone number: 905 642 5607 Accommodations: Host Hotel: Ho​
tel Blackfoot 1‐800‐661‐1151 (403) 252‐2253 (2 blocks from track, special rates for riders and teams. Mention Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals and/or CMRC ‐ $125 per night – limited quantity). Booking deadline – Tuesday, May 17, 2016 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Carriage House Inn (403) 640‐7523 Holiday Inn Express 1‐800‐595‐4656 Deerfoot​
& Casino ‐ A South ​
Hotel 1000, 11500 ‐ 35 Street SE, ​
, ​
T2Z 3W4 Toll Free 1‐888‐875‐INNS (4667) Hotel 1‐403‐236‐7529 Country Inn & Suites 1‐800‐456‐4000 Comfort Inn 1‐800‐228‐5150 Camping is available at the track. Nearest Airport: Calgary International YYC 1‐877‐254‐7427 Local MX Dealers: Blackfoot Motorsports 1‐800‐665‐6735 Bow Cycle (403) 250‐8630 Walt Healey (403) 250‐8630 Pro‐Am (403) 277‐0099 Rock Central Cycle (403) 569‐1341 Rental Cars: Discount: 1‐800‐263‐2355 Enterprise 1‐800‐325‐8007 Thrifty 1‐800‐667‐5925 Dollar 1‐800‐800‐4000 1‐800‐654‐2280 ROUND 4 West Series– Moto Valley Raceway, Regina, Saskatchewan 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Directions: From International Airport: Take Lewvan Dr. south to the Trans Canada Hwy #1. Travel east then north to Victoria Ave. (continuation of TC Hwy #1). Go east to Tower Road. Follow Tower Road north to track entrance. Local MX Dealer Alsport Sales Ltd (Honda/Suzuki) 1900 1st Ave, Regina, SK S4R 8G6, Canada ​
(306) 525­0189 ​
∙ ​
alsportsales.com Reed Leisure Products (Yamaha) Hwy #1 East, North Service Rd. White City, SK (306) 789­8007 Schrader Honda Yamaha Suzuki Highway #9 North Yorkton, SK S3N 3X3 1 (888) 903­1385 Accommodations: Comfort Inn 3221 E Eastgate Dr, Regina, SK S4Z 1A4, Canada ​
(306) 789­5522 ​
Sandman ​
Suites & Spa Regina 1800 Victoria Ave E, Regina, SK S4N 7K3, Canada ​
(306) 757­2444 Days Inn Regina 3875 Eastgate Dr, Regina, SK S4Z 1A4, Canada ​
(306) 522­3297 Contact Dean Murphy – (​
306) 530‐5887 [email protected] 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE ROUND 1 East Series – Gopher Dunes, Courtland, ON Directions ●
From Hwy 401 Exit Hwy 59 Woodstock/Delhi and turn south onto 59. Travel for about 10 min. until you come to a small hamlet called Holbrook. You will see an Al's Tire on your right and a sign for Oxford Road 13. You must veer off to your right onto 13 (do not follow 59 which makes a sharp curve to the left). Follow Oxford Road 13 for close to 10 minutes until you reach a small village called Springford and you come to a dead end stop. To continue traveling south, you must make a quick jaunt to the left and a quick right. After another 5 minutes you will come to stoplights. This is where Oxford Road 13 ends, and you cross over Hwy. 3 and will be back on Hwy 59 South. From the stoplights you travel 5 km. further and Gopher Dunes will be on your right hand side. Accommodations: Quality Hotel & Suites ‐ 1‐800‐667‐4466 or local (519) 537‐5586 580 Bruin Boulevard, Woodstock, Ontario Northwest corner of Hwy 401 and Hwy 59 (exit 232). SUPER 8 MOTEL located at 98 Simcoe Street in Tillsonburg, a 10 minute drive to Gopher Dunes. For reservations call toll free 1‐800‐800‐8000 or direct (519) 842‐7366. Another Super 8 Motel is located just off the 401 exit in Woodstock on Hwy 59 North, only a 30 minute drive north of Gopher Dunes. For reservations call 1‐888‐882‐8835 or (519) 421‐4588 Contact:​
905‐640‐6686 / 519‐842‐2781 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE Round 2 East Series – Motocross Ulverton, Quebec Directions: From Montreal take Hwy 20 East, from Quebec City take Hwy 20 West, towards Drummondville. Take exit 173 (Autoroute 55) and travel south towards Sherbrooke, then take exit 103 (Route McGiveney) and head east to Route 143. Turn right (south) on 143 and follow to Chemin Bogie then turn left to track. Accommodations Quality Suites 2125 rue Canadien Drummondville Qc. J2C 7V8 1‐866‐572‐2700 (25 minutes to the track) Motel Blanchette 225 boul. St‐Joseph West, Drummondville Qc. J2E‐1A9 (819) 477‐0222 (25 minutes to the track) Motorcycle Dealers SPORT 100 LIMITES (HONDA /YAMAHA) 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE 650 Domino St‐Charles de Drummond Qc. (30 minutes to the track ) (819) 445‐6686 HONDA LALIBERTE MOTO SPORT 1162 route 116 Acton‐Vale Qc. (40 minutes to the track) (450) 549‐5454 PULSION SUZUKI 150 D CHEMIN YAMASKA (20 MINUTES TO THE TRACK) ST‐GERMAIN DE GRANTHAM,QC. J0C‐1K0 (819) 395‐4040 Airport:​
Dorval, Montreal or if you have a private JET we have a small airport in Drummondville. Website: www.mxulverton.com and the directions are on the website. Ticket information: Saturday $15, Sunday $25 ROUND 3 East Series – MOTOCROSS DESCHAMBAULT, DESCHAMBAULT, QC 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE DIRECTIONS: From Highway 40, west of Quebec City, take #254 exit and go north to St. Marc. Turn right on 3ème rang and follow for 2Km. The track is on the left (north). ACCOMMODATIONS ●
Le Chavigny à Deschambault, (877) 286­4959 ●
Le Must à St Marc Des Carrières, (418) 268­6000 ●
Le Vieux Bardeau à Deschambault, (418) 286­3812 ●
Le Portneuvois à Portneuf, (418) 286­6400 RESTAURANTS ●
Bravo Pizzéria à St Marc Des Carrières, (livraison à la piste) (418)268­6555 ●
Normandin à la sortie 254 à Deschambault, (418)286­6733 ●
Le Chavigny à la sortie 254 à Deschambault, (877)286­6733 ●
Subway à la sortie 254 à Deschambault. LOCAL MOTORCYCLE DEALERS ●
Équipements Les Chutes Kawasaki, (819) 537­5136 ●
Sports plus St Casimir Kawasaki­Yamaha, (418) 339­3069 ●
Dion Moto St Raymond Honda­Suzuki, (418) 337­2776 ●
Enduro Québec KTM à Québec, (418) 661­5683 ●
Performance Voyer St Raymond Yamaha, (418) 337­8744 ●
Équipement Jocelyn Frenette Kawasaki St Basile, (418) 329­2870 ●
Accessoire de moto ADM SPORT à Québec, (800) 463­4340 Contact (non‐english speaking) Daniel Thibault ème​
368 3​
Rang Deschambault, QC Phone : (418) 268­3173 Cell : (418) 284­4378 www.motocrossdeschambault.com Hubert Rousseau (French and English speaking) [email protected] (418) 952­0533 2016 CANADIAN WOMEN’S MOTOCROSS NATIONAL SERIES INFORMATION PACKAGE ROUND 4 East Series – RJ MOTOSPORT PARK, BARRIE, ON Directions (from Toronto) Take Highway 400 north to Barrie. At the Hwy 400/Hwy 11 split, stay on the 400. Take the first exit, Forbes Rd., west to Old Second Rd. South. Go north to track entrance. HOST HOTEL: Holiday Inn Barrie 20 Fairview Rd., Barrie, ON L4N 4P3
Call hotel directly and speak to a Guest Services Representative: 705.722.0555
ext.0 -Toll Free: 1.877.728.6191
Provide the ​
Group Code RMN
Choose room type and guarantee your booking with a credit card
Book on our website at ​
and enter your g
​roup code RMN
Or click on this direct link ​
Rockstar Motocross Nationals *BOOK NOW*
Select arrival date and departure date
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**Rate available up to group cut-off date of July 30th
, 2016**
Motorcycle Dealers Barrie Honda Powerhouse 74 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie, ON L4N 9H6 powerhouse.barriehonda.com (705) 797‐2006 St. Onge Recreation 65 Hart Drive, Barrie, ON L4N 5M3 stongerecreation.com +1 888‐576‐3841 Contact: RJ Motosport Park (705) 722‐3800 CMRC (905) 640‐6686 – ​
[email protected] 

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