Newsletter Shabbos Mikeitz



Newsletter Shabbos Mikeitz
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4:30 ,urb ,eksv
5:34 ,ca htmun
December 23, 2011
1 6 0 6 S o u t h L a C i e n e ga B l vd . L o s A n g e l e s, C A 9 0 0 3 5
w e b s i t e : w w w. c h e d e r m e n a c h e m . c o m
e - m ail: che[email protected]
Te l : 3 1 0 . 6 2 3 - 1 4 7 0 F a x : 3 1 0 . 6 2 3 - 1 4 6 2
cuy kzn
Mazal Tov to Menachem Mendel Gordon
on the occasion of his ihkhp, ,jbv.
Mazal Tov to Rabbi & Mrs. Sholom
Heidingsfeld on the upshernish of their son Avraham.
Mazal Tov to Rabbi & Mrs. Levi Cunin on the birth of their
Chanuka began at Cheder with great excitement. On the
first day of Chanuka ’s-’t ,u,f took part in the worldwide
Tzivos Hashem Rally, and took part in a Menorah lighting in the Cheder shul at which they received Chanuka
gelt from Cheder
and from Rabbi
Estulin as well as
doughnuts thanks to
Rabbi Estulin.
On the 2nd day of
talmidim enjoyed the 8th grade
Chanuka carnival with booths &
moon bounces. In the afternoon
’j-’v ,u,f took part in a Menora
lighting in the shul at which they
received Chanuka gelt from
Cheder and Rabbi Yosef
Mishulovin. Thank you to the 8th grade for the beautiful
carnival and to Rabbi Estulin and Rabbi Mishulovin for
sharing doughnuts and gelt with our talmidim.
Talmidim in ’v-’c ,u,f went to visit various old age homes
to share the joy of Chanuka
with the residents and light
Menorah with them. Talmidim in
Rabbi Burston’s ’t v,f entertained at the Menora lighting at
the Farmer’s Market and Rabbi
Munitz’s ’t v,f at City Hall.
Talmidim are encouraged to do mivtzoim over Chanuka
break and spread the light of Chanuka to all. Please see
related mission on the weekly Tzivos Hashem mission
Attached please see a flyer announcing this year’s
,cy ’v Bookfair with time and schedule.
In honor of vfubj, the Niggun of the week is “lhxhb kg”/
This Shabbos is Shabbos Mevarchim Teves.
Please use the attached Tehillim mission sheet. I”YH fromnext month, the Tehillim mission will be on the weekly
Tzivos Hashem mission sheets. Please join with chayolim all over the world to reach this months tehillim goal
for Shabbos Mevorchim. Please see attached sheet for
more information. Also there is a list of the ladders and
explanation. If you feel your son should be on a different
ladder than he is, please fill out the form that was given
and return it to Cheder.
e”aj xrp
Congratulations to the recipients of the Cheshek Award
for excelling in Limud HaTorah & Midos Tovos during
Kislev. Please see picture sheet of the winners on the
other side.
icu ct
Cheder’s 2nd icu ct Program for fathers & sons of
’j-’u ,u,f will I”YH take place on Sunday, ,cy ’u in honor
of ,cy ’v The program runs from 6:30 -7:30 pm in the
Cheder shul.
.en ,arp
vfubjs ’d
c’’ga, w ukxf z”f
.hbun crv - ’t v,f
This week’s members of the h,tmnu h,gdh club for
excelling in learning & good behavior are: A.
Baitelman, D. Cunin, S. Dahan, C. M. Friedman, Y.
Friedman, E. Greenbaum, A. M. Levin, Z. Schuller,
M. Sufrin, T. Tenenbaum & S. Weiss. Keep it up!
Rebby is so proud.
The following boys have been in the h,tmnu h,gdh
club 3 out of 4 weeks during Kislev and earned
certificates: T. Tenenbaum, M. Sufrin, Z. Schuller,
A. M. Levin, E. Greenbaum, Y. Friedman, C.M.
Friedman, S. Dahan, D. Cunin, S. Z. Baitelman.
Wow! Keep it up!.
Talmidim in Rabbi Munitz’ - ’t v,f singing
Chanuka songs at City Hall
ityxruc crv - ’t v,f
The boys did a fantastic Chanuka performance at
the Menora lighting at the Farmer’s Market.
Thanks to Rabbi & Mrs. Fischer and family and all
the mothers who participated.
rexphk crv - ’c v,f
Thank you to Mrs.
Wuench and Mrs.
Levin for making
Chanuka sufganiot
with our class.
itnsktd crv - ’s v,f
Mazal Tov to the entire class for earning the Tefilla
Honor Roll for Kislev & for completing trtu ,arp!
Rabbi Goldman is proud of all his talmidim.
vkhp,v ,sucg gmcn - ihbn
This week’s honor roll of boys who excelled in their
vkhp,v ,sucg are: ’u v,f: A. Baitelman, M. Berger,
Y. Goldman, M. Teitelbaum, M. Kreitenberg, Y.
Farber, M. Cunin, T. Smith, Y. Shamoil, A. Kimhi, Y.
Lasker, M. Lipsker, M. Rav-Noy, D. Uzan & Y.
Vogel. ’z v,f: A. Begun, T. Dubrawski, L.
Eichenblatt, L. Greenbaum, M. Kagan, S. Laskar,
E. Lerner, E. Levenberg, M. Lezak, Y. Lipskier, L.
Mishulovin, Y. Plotke, Sh. D. Raichik, M.
Schochet, E. Schmukler, L. Tsikman, S.
Tauberman, L. Weiss, A. Zajac & L. Weiss.
’j v,f: M. Berkowitz, S. Fisch, M. Friedman, A.
Goldman, Z. Kreitenberg, Sh. Yiftach & H. Wolf.
Thank you to all the PTA
class mothers for coming
to Cheder and doing
Chanuka projects with all
the talmidim in every
class. The talmidim really
enjoyed making the crafts and taking them home.
C A L E N DA R :
Friday, December 23 - Tuesday, December 27
Chanukah Break
ojbn rsj
gucav hshnk,
Limud HaTorah / vru,v sunhk
ehuutktuu ihnhbc - ’ t 1 hrp v,f
ihrpux rhtn - t-’t v,f
vhrfz ktrah - c-’t v,f
ihhke van sus - t-’c v,f
ithchcj ;xuh - c-’c v,f
ivf huk - t- ’d v,f
skgpbrte ksbgn - c- ’d v,f
yargp hchht - t-’s v,f
ihbue ksbgn - c-’s v,f
yja hnvrct - t- ’v v,f
trhpa ouka - c- ’v v,f
dhkrtv huk - t-’u v,f
itnkgyhhc hct - c-’u v,f
rtextk ejmh ;xuh - trnd ’u v,f
itnetc ksbgn - trnd ’u v,f
xhhuu huk - t- ’z v,f
rgbrgk ohrpt - c-’z v,f
ithzsbtd ovrct - ’j v,f
Midos Tovos / ,ucuy ,usn
itnkgyhhc hct - ’t 1 hrp v,f
itvs vnka - t-’t v,f
ihbue huk - c-’t v,f
ivf rgcus ouka - t-’c v,f
ivf ouka - c-’c v,f
iucxhk ouka - t- ’d v,f
iudhc jnm - c- ’d v,f
ytkcbfhht van ovrct - t-’s v,f
ehayhhr hkz - c-’s v,f
itxruthba irvt - t- ’v v,f
sktuubhrd rgcus - c- ’v v,f
ehzhht ksbgn - t-’u v,f
dhkrtv huk - c-’u v,f
xertn ksbgn - trnd ’u v,f
khtuna i,buh - trnd ’u v,f
heytkp hxuh - t- ’z v,f
rgbhhp ktuna - c-’z v,f
igybkc ;xuh cegh - ’j v,f
trnd ’j &’’ z ,u,f
ehuutktuu kthnjrh crv
ithzsbtd ovrct - sunhk
inrcuy ha - ,usn
ehkd ouka crv
strc huk - sunhk
ytkcbfhht rgzhhk - ,usn
drcbhrd hk,pb crv crv
trhpa inkz ruthba - sunhk
inrk ksbgn ojbn - ,usn
ohhrvmv rjt asue hsunk
ihbue inkz ruthba - ’d v,f
hexbheaytptx hnrct - ’s v,f
ihbue ksbgn - ’v v,f
hbhnh huk - ’u v,f
rgkeuna ohrpt - ’z v,f
drcbyhhre thxuz - ’j v,f
Wednesday, December 28
Cheder Resume with regular schedule
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