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Rock Lake Ministries
“…a safe place where families can be refreshed and restored…”
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Administrator: Rhonda Banman
Director of Operations: Glenn Banman
Family Camp 2014
May Long Weekend
May 16—19
Come to encounter Holy Spirit as we will be having a prayer and enjoying His presence
emphasis with praise, worship and soaking music continuing all weekend, with a concluding meeting held Monday morning.
Fire & Fragrance
Raised in poverty and an alcoholic influenced home, Shirley Hildebrand radically experienced deliverance and
healing of childhood rejections, demonic assaults and rebellion. Taught by the hard knocks of life, God graced her
victory and to keep on keeping on even through depression, cancer and the roadblocks of life. He taught her the
non-negotiables of constant abiding, being under and in authority, the word of God and faith, inner healing, safe
warfare, prayer including prophetic intercession and hearing His voice. She is motivated by love to see all healed
from restrictions and bondages to go higher in the Lord to walk in their full destiny.
Through equipping, teaching, illustrations and activation she shares the ‘how to’ of God's truths. She is an equipper, encourager and a gatherer who has a strong heart for unity and to network. She is currently working with gifted teams of pastors and leaders seeking God's plan and vision to gather and cultivate the Prophetic Call for MB
and also has a vision for connecting and strategizing a Prayer Vision for our province.
Shirley Hildebrand
Shirley and her husband Robert attend Winkler Cornerstone Vineyard. They have been blessed with three married sons and 5 beautiful grandchildren.
Jenny and I love Jesus!
We met back in the summer of 2011 at Winkler Bible Camp. Jenny was leading worship, I was a counselor, and
went on to be an assistant program director the next summer.
We have been married for just over one year, but Jenny and I have been doing ministry together for roughly two
years now. We have spoken at many retreats, special events and churches, from southern Manitoba all the way to
Los Angeles, California.
Ty & Jenny Franz
Jesus is our one thing, our one desire. Jenny and I have a huge passion to live, and love as Jesus Christ did. We’re
kids in Dad’s Kingdom, setting out each day to shatter the chains of the enemy, and rescue His people through
power and love.
May Long weekend arrival and registration time - Friday night 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Children’s Ministry will not be available.
Reservation Information—To reserve phone (204) 825—2842 or email [email protected]
- Reservations require a deposit received within 14 days of booking:
- $50.00 deposit to reserve accommodations (except dormitory) and full hook-up camping sites (deposits not required for
the other camping sites)
- We accept:
e-Transfer to [email protected] and contact Rhonda Banman - Administrator
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- Cancellations require 30 days notice for a refund; otherwise deposits are non-refundable
Please Note: Rock Lake Ministries accommodations and campground are available only to participants in camp programs
Rock Lake Ministries
Email: [email protected]
Administrator: Rhonda Banman
(204) 825 —2842
Family Camp 2014
July 7—13
Manitoba Prophetic
Prophetic Training
& Equipping
Keith Miners
Trevor Meier
Michael Sitko
Glenda Schwarz Shirley Hildebrand
Prophetic Words for We are living in exciting days here in Manitoba and have been hearing many confirmations that God is about to
pour out the double portion and an increase in the supernatural for this hour - especially in the area of the prophet2014:
ic. These are the days of the fire and spirit of Elijah and Elisha walking together, the restoring of the hearts of the
fathers and mothers to the children, and the children to the fathers and mothers, and the season of the double portion.
Double Portion
Open Doors
Several years ago God spoke to Keith Miners through Patricia King saying, "Don't let the prophets die in ManitoWinds of the Spirit ba." and out of this Word, Keith and others undertook the initiative to develop the Manitoba Prophetic Roundtable
as a company of Prophets dedicated to networking, supporting, encouraging and equipping prophetic people withre-released
in our province.
This week is dedicated to equip, train and empower you to increase in hearing and recognizing His voice, no matter what your level of experience. We'll tackle some of the myths and blockages often encountered in the prophetic and help you to gain more confidence in receiving
words from God and giving them. We will also be sharing some of the current words regarding the destiny of our Province and the role of
the church as the Spirit of Awakening grows and bursts forth in our hearts.
This will not only be a time of teaching and equipping but also impartation as our team will be there throughout the week to mentor, serve
and assist you in helping you to grow and develop in your gifting. We believe Holy Spirit's presence will flow mightily both in times of
worship, prayer, sharing and impartation times to fill you and your family with His anointing for a deeper walk with Him and in hearing His
voice more clearly. We are confident that He will also infuse you with His overcoming and healing power especially in the areas of rejection, accusations, and other pitfalls or blockages common to those sensitive to the Spirit.
Prophetic Team: Keith Miners, Trevor Meier, Michael Sitko, Glenda Schwarz, Shirley Hildebrand. These men and women of God have
hearts that love and desire to serve God's people and will be working together throughout the week bringing strength, balance, variety and
anointed ministry.
Mini prayer teachings and prophetic intercession will prelude evening services beginning at 7:00 pm - all are welcome to join and experience God honouring the prayers of His people.
July 14—20
Theme: Grace &
Dan, together with his wife Gwen, are the International Coordinators for Partners In Harvest (PIH), a family of
churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in
1994 under the ministry of John & Carol Arnott. Dan is also the Founder and Director of Catch the Fire Ukraine and
the PIH network of churches in Eastern Europe where his desire is to see churches planted in unreached areas as
well as to see growth in existing churches. For 12 years, Dan and Gwen and their five children ministered in the
Ukraine finding it a joy to live there and love on the people.
An anointed and powerful teacher of the Word, Dan has a real depth while ministering the whole counsel of God. At
the same time, he is very relatable and down to earth and desires to see the generations walking together. His heart is
to see the church carry God’s presence, and he is passionate to see the Prayer and River movements around the
world come together to facilitate a greater visitation of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. This week Dan in his revelatory way, will begin to open up to us the many facets of the grace of God that we as believers have yet to understand
and enter into.
Also featured this week - Highly interactive morning teaching sessions for the men and women:
“Men of Passion” will be taught by Pastor Duane Siemens, and
“Women of Power” will be taught by Wendy Peter of Harvest Family Church, Wpg.
Dan Slade
Rock Lake Ministries
Email: [email protected]
Administrator: Rhonda Banman
(204) 825 —2842
Family Camp 2014
July 21—26
Theme: Preparing for the Coming
Jerry & Pam Steingard
Jerry Steingard graduated from Regent College in Vancouver with a Master of Divinity and
Wagner Leadership Institute with a Doctor of Practical Ministry, and has pastored churches
with the Church of the Nazarene, the Vineyard movement and Partners in Harvest for a total
of twenty-five years. He has also taught courses on church history and revival, Christian
doctrine and world religions and cults, at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (now
called Catch the Fire, Toronto) School of Revelation for over ten years and has had the joy
of taking ministry and mission teams to close to a dozen nations.
Jerry’s heart is to see the five-fold equipping ministries arise to equip, empower and release
an army of saints into their God-given calling and destiny. He longs to see God’s Kingdom
and manifest presence come and bring city wide, national and global revival, signs and wonders, a great harvest of salvations, saturation church planting and societal transformation in
these last days before the return of Jesus. And he feels a burden to assist believers in preparing for what is coming, both the incredible stuff and the troubling stuff, so they do not get
offended at God and miss out on partnering with Him and fulfilling their God-given destiny
in Christ.
Jerry has authored “The Overcomer’s Handbook: Preparing for the Best of Times, the Worst
of Times and the End of Times” (2012, 2013) and “From Here to the Nations: The Story of the Toronto Blessing” (2014).
Pamela, daughter to missionaries to China, is a nurse, musician and fun-loving woman who loves to see people prophetically encouraged on
their journey of intimacy with Jesus and to see them come into their full destiny.
Jerry and Pam have been married thirty-six years and have three grown children and one very cute grandson (with another on the way!).
They presently live in Stratford, Ontario Canada, where Jerry is interim pastor of Jubilee Christian Fellowship, John and Carol Arnott’s first
July 27 - Aug 3, 2014 Open Week for Camping
Come for an enjoyable time with your family (no guest speaker, no dining room service, no organized activities)
August 4—9
The Open Door
of Revival
Francis Armstrong is currently the senior pastor and founding apostle of Third Day Worship Centre in Kingston,
The church’s efforts to ignite a nationwide spiritual reformation can be seen in a number of different areas; from
their daily television program, Third Day Living seen across the country on the Miracle Channel, to Frontline Bible
Training Centre, a school established to raise up future leaders, to Revolution, a vibrant and energetic youth ministry, Third Day Worship Centre is working to bring the power of true, Biblical Christianity to the surrounding culture.
In 1994, God placed a call within Francis’ heart to “raise the standard” of God in Canada. His heart’s desire is to
work and build the church into a storehouse of power, with the outpourings of the gifts of the Holy Spirit – a weapon and a centre of manifold effectiveness. His ministry and church are distinguished by the viable manifestations of
signs, wonders and healings through means of extreme praise. He is respected as an anointed pastor and an accurate
prophet who has been the catalyst to launch an apostolic move in Canada, as well as the United States.
Rock Lake Ministries
Email: [email protected]
Administrator: Rhonda Banman
(204) 825 —2842
Family Camp 2014
Brent and Chani Sloss are the lead pastors of Word of Life Regional Church and Ministries in
Guelph, ON, which is helping to ignite a spiritual awakening in the Guelph region through
Theme: "Canadian Awakening":
their conferences, the Frontline Bible Training Centre (a school established to raise up and
Dreams to Destiny (Moving from release leaders and preachers), to Kingdom Generation (a dynamic and growing youth/young
adult ministry), to an extensive missions thrust to the nations of the world. Word of Life ReDreams into Your Personal Des- gional Church desires to bring the power and the love of God into contemporary culture.
August 11—16
Chani serves as a pastor, is a gifted teacher of the Word, and leads an explosive praise team.
Her humorous and effective communication style connects to the heart of listeners. She has
led worship on various events and ministries including the CRY Toronto, 2012. As a yielded
vessel, she has been anointed by Holy Spirit to birth the presence of Jesus through worship in
churches, auditoriums, and convention centres.
In 1994, God gave Brent a mandate to "go and make disciples of all nations." His God-given
passion is to see multiplied hundreds of people saved, healed, and fulfilling their destiny. He is
the author of “Alive in Christ”, which encourages believers to take the time and focus our attention on the "one needed thing"… to abide in the vine. At a time when the sinking sands of a
worldwide economic freefall fill the airwaves and rattle our nerves, it is good to know there is
a firm foundation on which to plant our feet, and that foundation is our rock, Jesus Christ, our
hope and comfort that God is in control of our circumstances when we abide in Him. He received his Master of Theology in 2007.
Brent & Chani Sloss
They are affiliated with Open Bible Faith Fellowship and 3DFC, and Brent as President of the
Evangelical Fellowship of Guelph, is also a catalyst in seeing believers come together and
walk in unity under one banner: JESUS (John 17:23).
As President and founders of Abiding in the Vine Ministries, there is an evangelistic thrust upon their lives to Canada. Brent is a member of
the Canadian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, part of the Canadian Prophetic Council, and the leadership team of the CRY movement. Brent,
together with his wife Chani minister nationally and have an apostolic mandate to equip pastors and leaders for the harvest (Matt.24:14).
With a tremendous passion for Jesus, the dream is to see God’s “...dominion from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth” (Ps.
72:8) in Canada. Brent & Chani and their three children live in Guelph, ON.
August 18—23
Theme: Healing
After attending the Supernatural Training Center in Abbotsford, B.C. in 2005, Richard came on staff and
travelled with Fresh Fire Ministries. He later became an intern and was designated as overseer of
the ministry’s healing teams. Richard currently serves as a teacher and healing evangelist at the Omaha
Hub. The Hub experienced an outpouring of God’s Spirit, resulting in a great display of God’s love in miracles, signs and wonders. But more than that, it was God’s manifest presence that made the outpouring significant.
Richard’s burning desire is to see people encounter God and to see the fulfillment of the healing revival that
God has spoken through His prophets, believing that God will again move in a similar way as the healing
revival that happened in America in the late 40’s and 50’s. He loves to see God’s people trained and equipped
to minister in healing so that they can be prepared and used to spark that healing revival, which he believes, will usher in a great number of souls!
The Lord has been stirring within his heart a desire to know and have deep fellowship with the person of the
Holy Spirit; to be intentional at making room for the Holy Spirit in his life, purposing to become more aware
of His presence and hospitable to the Holy Spirit who abides within. He finds that little is preached and
taught about having the communion and fellowship of the Holy Spirit and, “As the end of this age approaches, that will change. My people are about to know the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.” (from prophetic word
given to Rick Joyner)
Richard Gervais