Miller Weldmaster M112



Miller Weldmaster M112
Miller Weldmaster M112
Large breadth of production capabilities and easy operator use. With
precision-controlled welding parameters, easy recall settings,
and an ergonomic design, the 112SP is built to take production and efficiency
to the next level.
Hot air welder for hemming, pole pockets and perfect overlap seaming for
unlimited size vinyl & mesh banners.
• Easy operation with user friendly control panel, allows users to control all
welding paramters.
• Alignment lasers, dual fabric clamps and dual vacuum chambers allow for
precision welds.
• Welds PVC, PE, PU, and many more.
• Solid steel frame.
Year Built: 1999
Air Requirement
Maximum Temperature
Weld Length
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Seam Width
Number of Seams
Material You Can Weld
Products You Can Make
Hours Used: 6,185
Miller Weldmaster 112SP
220, 70 Amps
75-80 psi
Hot Air: 750°C
25’ (7,6m)
35’ (10,7m)
4’ (1.27m)
8’ (2.41m)
3,860lbs (1.75 metric tons)
10 to 50mm**
Overlap Seal
* Overlap seam wand comes with machine.
Other wands available from OEM.
PVC laminated fabrics, Vinyl coated fabrics. Vinyl films, Polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics, Polyurethane films,
Polypropylene-coated fabrics, Polyethylene (PE), Thermoplastic rubber fabrics, acrylics and others
Tarpaulins, billboards, tents, pools, awnings, inflatables, truck covers, and many more
Machine is currently in service and available for demo by appointment. Call For Price.
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