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Marysville High School
Alumni Hall
April 5th, 2016
5:30 pm
着物 Kimono
by The Columbus Kimono Project with Kat & Liz
Try on a yukata, the summer kimono worn to Japanese
festivals and take your picture at the photo booth for $1!
by MHS Japanese Culture Club
Learn the art of paper folding and see what amazing designs
can be accomplished from a single sheet of paper! Pick from
3 designs of varying difficulty.
Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)
by Dr. Jerome Shapiro
Witness the beauty of nature and humanity coming together
through the art of flower arrangement!
Shodō (Calligraphy)
by 福澤秋后 (Akisa Fukuzawa)
Discover the artistic expression of writing. Have your name
written in Japanese (kana) or kanji characters.
Sadō (Tea Ceremony)
by 茶結 (Sayū)
Visit this booth following Sayū’s stage performance to
sample traditional Japanese tea and sweets. Limited to first
30 guests.
Aikidō (Martial Arts)
by Michael Carta and カータ 潤子 (Tsuyako Carta)
Aikidō is often translated as “the way of harmonious spirit.”
The founder’s goal was to create an art that practitioners
could use to defend themselves while also protecting their
attacker from injury. (Gym)
Kyūdō (Archery)
by Steven and Kristine Shiffman
Although it requires bow and arrow, the ultimate goal of
kyūdō is to cultivate character, respect, and dignity. (Gym)
Kendō (Japanese Sword Fencing)
by Hidetoyo Katayama
Come experience the true spirit of bushidō through kendō
(the way of the sword). (Gym)
Omocha (Toys & Games)
by MHS Japanese Culture Club
Try your hand at traditional Japanese games and toys.
Tabemono (Food)
by MHS Japanese Culture Club
Bentō (boxed meals) and onigiri will be on sale, and students
from the MHS Japanese Culture Club will be preparing
takoyaki and okonomiyaki.
by 富岡 文子 Ayako Tomioka
and ホーガン 絹子 Kinuko Hogan
Try making the popular Japanese sweet Strawberry Daifuku
with rice flour and red bean paste!
Made in Japan
by 小山みち江 (Michie Koyama)
View a collection of traditional Japanese goods and learn
about their link to Japanese culture.
日本語 Marysville Japanese Program
Come learn about the proficiency-based Japanese classes
offered at BMS & MHS.
5:30 茶道
(Sadō) - Japanese Tea Ceremony by
茶結 (Sayū)
日高慧子 (Keiko Hidaka)
佐藤陽子 (Akiko Sato)
立岩佳枝 (Yoshie Tateiwa)
梅田智美 (Tomomi Umeda)
鳴海三香子 (Mikako Narumi)
6:15 弓道
(Kyūdō) - Japanese Archery by
Steven and Kristine Shiffman
Ohio Kyudo
Part of the Indiana Kyudo Federation
6:45 踊り
(Odori) - Dance by
7:15 剣道
(Kendō) -Japanese Sword Fencing by
小山みち江 (Michie Koyama)
Hidetoyo Katayama
Columbus Junior Kendo Club
OSU Kendo Club
Miami Valley Kendo Club
7:45 合気道
(Aikidō) - Traditional Martial Arts by
Michael Carta and カータ 潤子 (Tsuyako Carta)
Chushin Center Aikido
8:00 太鼓
(Taiko) - Drumming by
Hiuchi Taiko led by Eric Paton
Honorable Guest
8:25 江口水紀 (Mizuki Eguchi)
Public Affairs Officer
Consulate General of Japan in Detroit
Be sure to check out our raffle and buy tickets for a
chance to win a basket of Japanese goodies worth
$200 along with a $100 gift card to Japan Marketplace! Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.
Major: East Asian Languages and Cultures
with Japanese Concentration
Minor: Japanese minor
East Asian Studies Program, Japanese Program
Be sure to purchase exclusively-made Japanese boxed-meals and
rice balls catered by chef 穴澤さん (Anazawa) from Ka ren Market.
Bentō - $10
Onigiri - $6
Fried Chicken
Pork Cutlet
Mixed Tempura
Chicken Mayo
Tuna Mayo
First 70 Customers
Receive a
FREE Calendar
with purchase!
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