To Whom It May Concern: Peppino`s Italian Family Restaurants were



To Whom It May Concern: Peppino`s Italian Family Restaurants were
To Whom It May Concern:
Peppino’s Italian Family Restaurants were first introduced to Lyoness in January 2013. After a few weeks of due diligence, we enrolled
all four of our restaurants as SME’s with Lyoness. We were looking for a Rewards Program for our customers and felt with Lyoness,
we made a good decision. Now, without a doubt, we know that we did. In seven months we have seen an increase in sales through
Lyoness, made purchases of over $200,000.00 in the last four months and have enrolled many of our customers who have made
numerous purchases… not a bad start.
As I alluded to above, we have focused on redirecting our expenses through Lyoness Loyalty Merchants to the fullest extent. As a
result, we have introduced Lyoness to one of our major food suppliers, Collica Quality Foods, with whom we spend over $50,000.00
a month. We are still purchasing the same way we have for almost 30 years, but with the 2% benefit we are generating units, and
looking to increase our orders with them weekly. We have taken this a step further and are working with Collica Quality Foods to sign
up other restaurants as a result of our experience.
We are also looking to significantly reduce our marketing costs. We’ve accomplished this by bringing our marketing firm, Savings
Express, into the Lyoness family. Savings Express also handles printing, social media and web design for any Lyoness Members interested in possibly turning their advertising expense into income. Marketing has ranged over the years from upwards of 20-30% per
discounted purchase. With Lyoness, our total outlay is only 8%. This is a significant reduction, and the loyalty and appreciation from
our customers has increased significantly from those who are enrolled in Lyoness.
We began conducting weekly meetings for our customers, and their friends, to educate them on the benefits of Lyoness and this has
also been a huge success. Through Lyoness we have been able to provide the Rewards Program for our customers we have been
looking for, reduce our marketing costs, save money on the purchases we have been making all along, and create a new income
stream. All while benefiting our customers by showing them how to save money while they shop with the over one thousand Lyoness
merchants. What could be better?
Thank you Lyoness!
We highly recommend the Lyoness program to small
merchants. We have not found anything superior that
offers these types of benefits to save money while
doing business. | Tel: (888) 565.8089
Warmest Regards
Joe Moscatiello
Peppino’s Italian Family Restaurants

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