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Sport Utility ATV
Shown with available accessories.
Shown with available accessories.
The Brute Force ™ 750 4x4i offers riders the
The Brute Force features independent rear
convenience of selectable 4WD drive. Choosing
suspension (IRS) with adjustable spring
it is as easy as a flick of the handlebar switch.
preload. Double wishbone system offers the
Choose 2WD for light, agile handling or 4WD
added benefits of smooth travel over rough
when the going gets tough.
terrain and added stability on uneven surfaces.
The electric start system is trouble-free while
The Brute Force’s V-Twin engine produces
Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive System (KAPS)
massive, stump pulling torque at very low revs
dual-range transmission manages the engine’s
while the 90-degree angle of the cylinders
enormous power.
creates perfect primary balance for smooth
offer strong, consistent braking in wet or dry
speedometer plus information on fuel level,
conditions plus help provide longer pad life.
odometer, dual trip meters and time.
best ATV rear braking systems: Sealed from
bright, twin reflector headlights, a menacing
the elements, multiple discs in a bath of oil are
tough composite front bumper, high clearance
housed inside the alloy swingarm for powerful,
fenders and aggressive tires.
lightweight braking performance.
New rider conveniences include front storage
offers variable control of the front drive system.
Extra-strong, full-coverage floorboards feature
Pull on the handlebar-mounted lever and the
raised footpegs for added grip in muddy
front differential will transmit full power to both
front wheels for amazing traction.
for an aggressive stance and improved comfort
For individualists who strive for perfection in everything they do, who settle for nothing less than the best in their ATVs, who crave big adventure, listen up. The new
and confidence on rough trails.
Brute Force ™ 750 4x4i is Kawasaki’s most powerful, quickest-accelerating ATV with all-new, innovative Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). There, we’ve said it.
The handlebar-mounted Front Differential Control
The V-Twin Brute Force 750 engine mounts lower
in the frame for a lower center of gravity.
With one of the highest towing capacities in the
industry at 1,250 pounds, the Brute Force 750
4x4i is the new champ of Sport/Utility ATVs.
control over rough terrain.
There’s an electrical connection for additional
The handlebar positions the rider more forward
New front suspension features independent
twin A-arms for excellent rider comfort and
you can keep items within easy reach.
The Brute Force incorporates one of the world’s
Kawasaki delivers leading edge styling with
pocket with a rubber mesh net on the fender so
Hydraulic twin-piston front disc brakes
digital instrument display features a large
The all-new, high-tech, multi-function LCD
Because there should be no doubt that this next-generation flagship ATV from Kawasaki is anything other than the most potent, most technically advanced plus
the most comfortable ATV we’ve ever created. Producing power that was almost unthinkable just a few years ago, we added 52cc to our award-winning liquidcooled SOHC 4-valve V-Twin engine, then crafted a completely new frame with new double wishbone front suspension. But unlike competing systems, Kawasaki’s
independent rear suspension offers far superior anti-dive resistance that maintains sporty handling. Of course, as pioneers in the industry we understand when you’re
adventuring far into the woods or climbing across mountain tops, you demand an electrically selectable 2WD/4WD system with variable front differential control for
With the air intake for the engine and automatic
transmission mounted high in the frame, the
Brute Force breathes cool, fresh air. Accessing
the air cleaner is quick and easy.
The automatic transmission is easy to select with
its firm gate-style shifter. You can start in any
gear when you hold the brakes on.
tight situations and an engine braking system second to none. Mission accomplished: The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is an astonishingly powerful and capable ATV.
Sure, the new Brute Force 750 4x4i is our most powerful, quickest-accelerating 4x4 utility
ATV. But this next-generation flagship ATV from Kawasaki is more than the most potent and
most technically advanced ATV we’ve ever created. It’s also the most comfortable, most
luxurious thanks to its leading-edge independent front and rear suspension systems. So the
next time you’re heading out to the blind or crawling up a steep incline, you’ll be enjoying
one of the smoothest rides in the woods. To produce the kind of ground hugging system that
soaks up every ripple and bump on the trail, we developed a completely new steel frame
and added new dual A-arm front suspension. Then we added an innovative Independent
Rear Suspension system that offers the dual benefits of smooth action but with less dive for
sporty handling not found on competitive models. We also included an electrically selectable
2WD/4WD system with push button convenience. The result is an astonishingly comfortable
and luxurious premium ATV that just happens to enjoy the hunt as much as you do.
The REALTREE Hardwoods Green ® HD™ camouflage pattern is
exceptionally realistic and features a durable surface.
Kawasaki delivers the leading edge of power and performance
with its 749cc V-Twin engine for more power, more torque, quicker
acceleration and stronger pulling power. The best powerplant in an
ATV just got better.
Boasting a bore and stroke of 85 x 66mm, the Brute Force’s 90˚ angle
V-Twin cylinder engine creates perfect primary balance for smooth
operation, reduced rider fatigue and exceptionally strong engine torque
from very low engine speeds.
The automatic transmission is easy to select with its firm gatestyle shifter. You can start in any gear with the brakes on.
The Brute Force incorporates one of the world’s best ATV braking
systems: Not only is there a unique rear brake that’s powerful,
lightweight and completely sealed from the elements, there’s the
Shown with available accessories.
Kawasaki Engine Brake Control (K-EBC™ ) system. The system
directs power through all four wheels in 4x4 mode for effective
engine braking and improved rider control.
You wouldn’t use a compact pickup to haul granite, so don’t choose an average ATV for huge
jobs. Instead, order up a Kawasaki Prairie ® 700 4x4. Our biggest Prairie model was born
and bred not only to tackle big jobs but also to head into the woods with sporting prowess.
The story begins with the stump-pulling torque of a big SOHC liquid-cooled V-Twin engine.
It powers smoothly through our Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive System and shaft drive for
effortless operation so you can concentrate on the obstacles that lay ahead. A double-cradle,
high-tensile steel frame, truck-inspired styling, MacPherson strut front suspension and drilled
front disc brakes serve notice of the Prairie 700’s sporting intentions. Its selectable 4-wheeldrive system with Hi/Low range ensures maximum traction in any conditions, from the sands of
Santa Fe to Georgia’s slick red clay. But don’t take our word for it, DIRT WHEELS magazine gave
it their top vote in winning their giant 4x4 shootout. Add a multi-function LCD digital instrument
display and a handy 12-volt accessory plug and the Prairie 700 is as versatile as any sport utility
could be. When you’ve got to do it all, it’s exactly what you want. And everything you need.
The exclusive, speed-sensitive Kawasaki Engine Brake Control
(K-EBC ™) system takes advantage of engine compression and
DIRT WHEELS Magazine, July 2004
passes it through the 4-wheel drive system (in 4x4 mode) to
brake all four wheels. The result is an automatic transmission
ATV Magazine, Summer 2004
that does not free-wheel down hills.
ATV RIDER Magazine, May 2004
The advantage of the V-Twin is that it produces massive, stump
pulling torque at very low revs yet delivers quick acceleration.
The Prairie 700 4x4 offers the convenience of selectable 4WD
and 2WD that is as close as a flick of a switch on the handlebar.
The world’s best ATV rear braking system: An enclosed multi-disc,
internal rear braking system housed inside the alloy swingarm. It’s
lightweight, completely sealed from the elements and very powerful.
The comprehensive LCD instrumentation displays a large digital
speedometer plus information on fuel level, odometer, dual trip
meters and a clock for keeping track of time.
The KAPS automatic transmission is easy to select with its hand
operated shifter. The transmission is built extra tough to deliver
smooth starts and excellent throttle response.
You’ve got chores to get done. And you’ve got
weekends to fill. What you need is a versatile
Prairie ® 360, a middleweight ATV with a penchant
for hard work – and a talent for relaxation. With fullsize construction and a torquey air-cooled single
cylinder engine with shaft drive, the Prairie 360
can handle an amazing workload. Like carrying
up to 242* pounds on its front and rear racks and
towing even more with its standard trailer-hitch
bracket. Best of all, the Prairie 360 has electric
starting, fuss-free Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive System, adjustable shocks and footpegs, advanced
K-EBC ™ engine braking and a powerful sealed rear brake. • Step up to the tough Prairie 360 4x4
when you need a middleweight work mate with 4-wheel drive. Like the Prairie 360, it features
Hi/Low range plus reverse while its limited-slip front differential allows light steering and tight
maneuvering. Plus it’s the only ATV in its class featuring leading-edge Variable Front Differential
Control that lets you adjust power flow to the front wheels. Now that’s working and playing smart.
Prairie ® 360 4x4 • Prairie ® 360
The gate-style shifter is within easy reach for Hi, Low and Reverse.
Selectable 4WD or 2WD drive system is as easy as a flip of the switch.
Now you have all-wheel drive control for maximum traction or the light
and sporty performance of 2-wheel drive when you want it.
Tough, dependable powerplant in the Prairie 360 4x4 is a rugged 362cc
SOHC, 4-stroke air-cooled Kawasaki engine that produces strong low-speed
power with a high-capacity remote oil cooler.
In normal 4x4 mode, the front differential operates like a traditional limitedslip design for light steering. But for added traction, just pull on the
handlebar-mounted lever and you’ll engage torque to both front wheels.
Featuring Kawasaki’s highly-acclaimed, speed-sensitive Engine Brake Control
(K-EBC ™) system, the Prairie 360 4x4 uses the engine’s compression to help
slow the machine on steep hills and when towing heavy loads. And K-EBC
slows all four wheels when 4x4 is engaged unlike some competing models.
Long-travel, plush MacPherson strut front suspension mounts to a cast alloy
unitized lower bracket and steering arm mount for light and more precise
turning with the added benefit of protection for the important CV joint.
Front and rear sealed shaft drive are clean and offer long service life.
With advanced dual-range automatic transmission – KAPS – Kawasaki
Automatic Power-Drive System, the Prairie 360 4x4 is not only easy to ride,
it’s powerful and smooth.
Extra tough steel skid plates and front bumper help protect the
undercarriage while bright twin headlights add versatility to the Prairie
360’s rugged performance.
The Prairie 4x4’s sturdy steel front and rear racks offer a large surface area to
carry up to 242 pounds* of cargo.
*Other ATV load capacities vary. See owner’s manual for proper loading instructions on all Kawasaki ATVs.
The 228cc SOHC 4-stroke engine develops its power
from low engine speeds so it can crawl up trails and
haul heavy loads. A counter-rotating engine balancer
helps keep vibration to a minimum for rider comfort.
The Bayou 250 equals tremendous value when you add
up its features. From hunting to farming, the Bayou 250
is built to satisfy a wide variety of riders.
You can count on the trouble-free electronic ignition.
Mounted next to the fuel filler cap is an easy-to-read
fuel gauge. A fuel-efficient 24mm carburetor means the
Bayou is a miser when it comes to operating costs.
With its proven electrical system and dependable electric
starter, the Bayou 250 starts quickly and easily. A choke
lever conveniently mounted on the handlebar makes for a
quick warm up in cold weather.
The back-up recoil starting system is operated by
a pull cord mounted on the left side.
With the parking brake built into the left-hand brake
lever, securing your ATV on a slope is quick and easy.
The Bayou 250 provides reliable, quiet and lowmaintenance operation thanks to its fully sealed shaft
drive system powering the rear wheels.
BAYOU ® 250
Haul tools. Tow supplies. Run fence line. Working on the land for a living is a tough job but when you fire up the Bayou ® 250 life becomes a whole bunch easier.
Because while Kawasaki’s most compact ATV loves hard work, it’s also economical, dependable and easy to live with. The Bayou 250 has a robust 4-stroke
engine with effortless electric starting and a backup recoil starter for peace of mind. An automatic clutch and versatile 5-speed transmission lets you pick the
gear you want. Plus rugged independent A-arm front and semi-independent Quad-Link rear suspension that’s built to take whatever the terrain – and the rider
With special seals to keep out moisture and dust,
the independent dual drum brakes up front and a
single rear drum brake deliver consistent braking
performance in a variety of weather conditions.
smooth suspension action to soak up bumps on the trail.
to go where some larger ATVs can’t. With low-maintenance shaft drive, standard steel front and rear racks, an owner-serviceable oiled-foam air cleaner, a
precise fuel gauge and bright dual headlights, it’s also incredibly well equipped. The highly affordable Bayou 250 from Kawasaki – Versatility in small packages.
The independent single A-arm front suspension means
you can turn quickly and more precisely and have
– dishes out. At 404 pounds, the Bayou 250 is the lightest and most compact utility ATV we build, which means exceptionally light handling and the ability
Tough steel racks haul up to 110 pounds of gear.
From plowing Fargo snowdrifts to piling up Florida driftwood, Kawasaki ATVs are as
versatile as this country is large. That’s why we’ve developed a full range of genuine
Kawasaki accessories that are designed to bolt right on and give you the edge you need.
Backwoods sportsmen love the rack extensions, skid plates and gun boots. Farmers like
the Warn ® electric winches with remote controls, and spray tanks set up on their own
trailers. Construction workers take the rack cases. Hardy northerners covet the snowplow
and windshield during winter. But wherever you live and work, you can appreciate more
than just our accessories with our full line of genuine KawaChem ™ products specially
designed to help you take care of your new ATV. From high-performance synthetic
engine oils, to cleaners and polishes. Best of all, genuine Kawasaki accessories can
also be rolled into financing at the time of purchase. So see you dealer or check
out on the Web, and build a custom Kawasaki ATV just for you.
Camouflage Body and Fender Cover.
Fits over the body and fenders. Attaches
with snaps and clips for easy installation and
removal. Machine washable.
Winch Mount.
Custom-crafted winch mounts for your
Kawasaki ATV. Mounts winch behind the
front bumper. Constructed of heavy-duty
steel. See your dealer for remote switches
and available applications.
Clear Flexible Windshield.
Crafted from clear, flexible Lexan ®. Curved
windscreen for better wind protection.
Special mounts for the KVF650/700 only.
See your dealer for details.
Gun Boot IV Camouflage Cover.
Zippered entry for quick access. Waterresistant 600 denier Surlast ™ material.
Machine washable. Works with Gun Boot IV
mounting brackets.
Shown with available accessories.
PRAIRIE ® 700 4x4
PRAIRIE ® 360 4x4
BAYOU ® 250
Engine type
Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
90˚ V-Twin
Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
90˚ V-Twin
Air-cooled, 4-stroke
Single with balancer
Air-cooled, 4-stroke Single
Air-cooled, 4-stroke
Single with balancer
Bore & stroke
85 x 66mm
82 x 66mm
80 x 72mm
80 x 72mm
69 x 61mm
Valve system
SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
SOHC, 2 valves
SOHC, 2 valves
SOHC, 2 valves
Dual CVKR-D34
Dual CVKR-D32
Keihin CVK34
Keihin CVK34
Mikuni VM24SS
Electric with recoil backup
Electric with recoil backup
Electric with recoil backup
Electric with recoil backup
Electric with recoil backup
Automatic centrifugal and
automatic wet multi-disc
Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive
System with K-EBC ™ and
Hi/Low range plus reverse
Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive
System with K-EBC ™ and Hi/Low
range plus reverse
Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive
System with K-EBC ™ and Hi/Low
range plus reverse
Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive
System with K-EBC ™ and Hi/Low
range plus reverse
5-speed plus reverse
Final drive
Selectable 4x4 with Variable
Front Differential Control, Shaft
Selectable 4x4 with Variable
Front Differential Control, Shaft
Selectable 4x4 with Variable
Front Differential Control, Shaft
4x2, Shaft
4x2, Shaft
Frame type
Double cradle, steel
Double cradle, steel
Double cradle, steel
Double cradle, steel
Double cradle, steel
Suspension, front
Dual A-arms, two shocks with
5-way preload adjustment
MacPherson strut
MacPherson strut
MacPherson strut
Single A-arm with
dual shock absorbers
Suspension, rear
Dual A-arms, two shocks with
5-way preload adjustment
Swingarm with piggy-back
reservoir single shock with
preload adjustment
Swingarm and single shock with
5-way preload adjustment
Swingarm and single shock with
5-way preload adjustment
Quad-Link with dual
shock absorbers
Wheel travel, front/rear
6.7/7.9 inches
6.7/7.2 inches
6.7/7.1 inches
6.7/7.1 inches
4.5/4.9 inches
Tires, front/rear
AT 25 x 8-12 tubeless/
AT 25 x 10-12 tubeless
AT 25 x 8-12 tubeless/
AT 25 x 10-12 tubeless
AT 25 x 8-12 tubeless/
AT 25 x 10-12 tubeless
AT 25 x 8-12 tubeless/
AT 25 x 10-12 tubeless
AT 21 x 8-9 tubeless/
AT 22 x 10-10 tubeless
Brakes, front/rear
Discs with hydraulic 2-piston
calipers/ Sealed oil-bathed
multi-disc system
Discs with hydraulic 2-piston
calipers/ Sealed oil-bathed
multi-disc system
Dual hydraulic discs/ Sealed, oil
bathed, multi-disc system
Dual hydraulic discs/ Sealed, oil
bathed, multi-disc system
Dual drums/drum
Dimensions (L x W x H)
86.3 x 46.3 x 49.2 inches
86.2 x 46.5 x 46.3 inches
81.3 x 47.4 x 46.3 inches
81.3 x 47.4 x 46.3 inches
70.1 x 40.2 x 40.9 inches
Seat height
36.8 inches
34.3 inches
35.0 inches
35.8 inches
28.7 inches
Ground clearance
(center of chassis)
10.6 inches
9.5 inches
9.8 inches
10.2 inches
7.5 inches
Fuel capacity
5.4 gallons
4.5 gallons
3.6 gallons
3.6 gallons
2.6 gallons
Speedometer, odometer, dual
trip meters, clock, hour meter
and fuel gauge
Speedometer, odometer, dual
trip meters, clock, hour meter
and fuel gauge
Fuel gauge and optional analog
speedometer with digital
odometer, resettable trip meter
Fuel gauge and optional analog
speedometer with digital
odometer, resettable trip meter
Fuel gauge
BRUTE FORCE ™ 750 4x4i
Dry weight
604 pounds
602 pounds
604 pounds
580 pounds
404 pounds
Aztec Red, Hunter Green, Desert
Yellow or REALTREE Hardwoods
Green ® HD ™
Aztec Red, Hunter Green,
or REALTREE Hardwoods
Green ® HD ™
Aztec Red, Hunter Green,
or REALTREE Hardwoods
Green ® HD ™
Aztec Red
or Hunter Green
Aztec Red
or Hunter Green
Six-Month Warranty
Ride With Zero Down*
Your new Kawasaki ATV comes with a 6-month
We offer up to 100% instant financing on most
limited factory warranty. Read the next paragraph
Kawasaki products with the Good Times™ Credit
your dealer, or call the ATV Safety Institute at
to find out how you can extend your coverage
Plan† and Good Times™ Credit Card. Qualified buyers
inexpensively, or ask your dealer for details about the
can ride away on a brand-new Kawasaki with no
factory warranty and available extended coverage.
down payment. In most cases, the computerized
Kawasaki also recommends that all ATV riders
take a training course. For more information, see
WARNING: ATVs can be hazardous to operate.
credit approval takes just minutes. You can
Kawasaki ATVs with engines of 90cc and above are
Up to Four Years Additional Coverage*
even add insurance, accessories and the Good
recommended for use only by persons 16 years of
Let Kawasaki protect your new machine for
Times Protection Plan to your contract. Ask your
age or older. For your safety: Always wear a helmet,
years to come* with the exclusive Good Times™
participating dealer for details.
eye protection, and protective clothing. Never carry
Protection Plan†. This plan repairs or replaces most
†Good Times Protection Plan and Good Times Credit Plan
not available in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii.
*Qualified buyers.
a passenger. Never ride under the influence of drugs
components free of charge if found defective in
authorized Kawasaki ATV dealer nationwide. It’s
transferable to another owner with no fee. And you
can sign up as long as your machine is under its
original warranty. Just ask your dealer how you can
buy additional coverage of 24, 36 or 48 months.
Imagine, for just pennies a day, you can ride with no
worry and no hassle. Just tell your dealer you want
the Good Times Protection Plan.
*Depending on the program purchased.
For the nearest Kawasaki dealer, call:
To purchase accessories, see your dealer
or visit our web site at:
or alcohol. Never ride on public roads or pavement.
Avoid excessive speeds and stunt driving. Be extra
material or workmanship. Everything about the plan
is easy: There’s no deductible. It’s honored at every
For more information, visit our web site at:
All ATV Models
careful on difficult terrain.
Ride responsibly. Kawasaki believes safety begins
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
with us and continues with you. Protect the
9950 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, California 92618
©2004 Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A
environment. Obey laws and regulations that control
the use of your ATV. For off-highway use only. Riding
is more fun on a well-maintained ATV...follow the
instructions in your owner’s manual. Remember,
riding safe is smart.
Kawasaki subscribes to the guidelines of Tread
Lightly!, a program dedicated to protecting the great
outdoors through education and fostering responsible
enjoyment of public lands.
Action Photography: Professional riders on a closed course.
For off-highway use only. Specifications subject to
change without notice. Availability may be limited. Some
models shown with available accessories.
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