Impact your community... Motivate your congregation



Impact your community... Motivate your congregation
How Does Youshare Work?
An individual/family creates a Youshare
profile of their resources
Advocates collect and pre-screen needs in
your community
Youshare contacts you when a local need
matches your profile
Youshare members choose the
opportunities that fit into their schedules
You have extra
resources, talents and
skills that you would
share if you knew
someone would make
good use of them.
You create a profile
identifying the types
of things you would
like to share.
Another family needs
certain resources,
talents or skills
to help them get
back on their feet.
They work with an
Advocate from to share
their need with you
via the website. sends you a text or email giving you the opportunity to respond to a specific
need with no obligation to respond unless you feel like the situation is a good match.
Both parties and the Advocate meet to share their needs, resources, talents and skills.
If it feels right, on-going friendships are formed.
Impact your community...
Motivate your congregation...
Resonate with the Gospel...
All without stressing
your budget or your staff!
Moving a congregation toward
action is a call for all pastors.
Yet, finding solid resources and
opportunities takes more time
than most church leaders have.
What if there was a local, easily
accessed option that ministries
could trust?
YouShare provides an easy on ramp for your congregation to discover
their gifts and resources followed by immediate opportunities for
action. It’s a community based opportunity you can participate
in without raising money or stretching staff. Simply put: a mission
endeavor in your own back yard. connects families with critical needs to people who can
fulfill those needs. Consider the father in need of a bicycle to get to work.
He could use that old bike stuffed in your garage. How do members of
your congregation connect with tangible needs like this? Like a single
mom who needs someone to watch her kids while she goes to the
doctor. Youshare offers the avenue for this sort of change that brings
people together so the giver and receiver are both transformed.
Most Important . . .
Youshare is a way to enrich and enliven your community by acting on
Jesus’ teaching that it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20).
Youshare helps your church address the prevalent consumer mindset
of our culture by asking, “What can we give?” rather than, “What do
I get?” Strangers who, through Youshare, realize they are neighbors
can become friends. The help flows both ways and these connections
nourish your congregation as people serve together.
Youshare offers a simple way to live into the call to love your neighbor
by bringing us beyond social networking to need-based networking.
Real life relationships are built because two people connected around
an area of need.
To get started simply click Become a Field Partner in order to get your
church started.
Questions or for more information call 773-653-2200.
How YouShare can benefit your church?
Allows for every church member to participate by connecting
church families directly to neighbors in need, from giving a toaster
to mentoring a parent.
Provides a vehicle for your church to organize and categorize its
resources by encouraging a church to design outreach (schools,
neighbors, non-profits) according to the skills and resources of its
Offers a rapid response to immediate needs that come to your
church’s attention.
Frees church staff and volunteers from time intensive organizing
to actually serving. Youshare does it all, from making contacts to
keeping spreadsheets.

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