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Facility Information Guide - St. Cloud State University
Twin Cities Graduate Center
Facility Information Guide
St. Cloud State University is committed
to excellence in teaching, learning,
and service, fostering scholarship and
enhancing collaborative relationships
in a global community.
From left: MBA student Stephanie Ballantyne; Roseville Superintendent John Thein; City Council members Phil Leith and
Karen Jaeger; Russ Hagen, who was honored for his contributions to St. Cloud State graduate studies in the Twin Cities;
St. Cloud State President Earl H. Potter III; College of Education Associate Dean John Hoover; G. R. Herberger College of
Business Dean Diana Lawson; College of Science and Engineering Dean David DeGroote, and Minnesota State Colleges
and Universities Chancellor James McCormick.
St. Cloud State University’s Twin Cities Graduate Center (TCGC), located near I-494 and
Bass Lake Road in Maple Grove, Minnesota, opened its doors in August of 2009 to satisfy
a need expressed by area residents for high quality, relevant graduate programs in the
Twin Cities’ northern suburbs. Partnering to bring premier programs and faculty to this
location, the Herberger Business School, the College of Science and Engineering, and the
School of Education are delivering innovative programs designed for working
The Graduate Center is a leased facility—not a college campus. Therefore, some policies/
practices/procedures/services may be different from those on campus. Interest in the
Center continues to grow, and it is imperative to keep faculty informed of developments.
TCGC faculty play an integral role in understanding and carrying out established
procedures to maintain a Center of this caliber. This guide is primarily intended to
communicate pertinent information to TCGC faculty.
Please take time to review the information on the following pages. Hopefully, you will find
it informative and helpful. Direct any concerns/questions/suggestions to the TCGC
coordinator, (320) 308-6000, [email protected] Thank you!
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Table of Contents
General Information .................................................................................................. 4-5
Directions (also see map on back cover)
Facility Information
Hours of Operation
Severe Weather
Tenant Information
Scheduling and Rental Rates ..................................................................................... 6
Academic Classes
Special Events
Rental Rates
Technology ................................................................................................................ 7
Wireless Service
Faculty Responsibilities ............................................................................................. 8
SCSU Campus Card
Class Cancellation
Classroom Maintenance
Make-up Exams
Student Security
Suite Security
Services for Students ................................................................................................. 9
Lap-top Charging Stations
SCSU Campus Card
Wireless Service
TCGC Floor Plan and Classroom Photos...................................................................... 10-11
Map and Contact Information .................................................................................... back cover
Dated: August 2016 (Note: Updated versions of this guide will be posted on the TCGC Website. All updates
and revisions posted online supersede the printed version.)
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General Information
Directions (Also see map on back cover)
Coming from the north on I-494:
Exit at Bass Lake Road (exit #26)
At the top of the ramp, turn left onto Bass Lake Road.
Proceed to the second stop light and turn left onto Sycamore Lane.
Follow Sycamore Lane approximately ¼ mile (go past McDonald’s) until
you see the Sycamore Plaza building on your left.
The Graduate Center is on the first floor of Sycamore Plaza.
Coming from the south on I-494:
Exit at Bass Lake Road (exit #26)
At the top of the ramp, turn right onto Bass Lake Road.
Proceed one block and turn left onto Sycamore Lane.
Follow Sycamore Lane approximately ¼ mile (go past McDonald’s) until
you see the Sycamore Plaza building on your left.
The Graduate Center is on the first floor of Sycamore Plaza.
Parking is available around the building free of charge. Monday through Friday daytime parking is
limited to approximately 50 unoccupied spaces. Evening and weekend parking is limited to
approximately 225 unoccupied spaces.
Facility Information
The TCGC occupies Suites 100 and 175 (12,316 square feet) in Sycamore Plaza, a building owned
by Vascular Solutions. Suite 100 consists of four classrooms, a break room, a conference room,
three small breakout rooms, and a Commons area. Suite 175 consists of a reception area, four
offices, and one classroom. See a diagram of the floor plan on page 10 of this guide.
Break room: In Suite 100—equipped with cupboards, a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink, tables
and chairs.
Restrooms: Located off the first floor main hallway adjacent to Suite 100.
Smoking: The Twin Cities Graduate Center is a non-smoking facility.
Vending machines: Located in the loading dock area on the first floor of Sycamore Plaza. A
coffee vending machine is located in the break room.
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Hours of Operation
TCGC business hours vary depending on classes and activities scheduled at the Center. Deliveries
are accepted Monday through Friday noon to 4:30 pm. For more specific information, call —
(320) 308-6000 or check www.stcloudstate.edu/tcgraduatecenter/contact/default.asp
for updates.
Sycamore Plaza building hours are Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 10:00 pm;
Saturday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; Sunday, closed.
Severe Weather
St. Cloud State University makes every effort to announce any closings/delays/cancellations before
6:00 a.m. for day classes and events, and before 3:00 p.m. for evening classes and events.
Campus-wide e-mail, voicemail, and both the SCSU website and the TCGC homepage will be
implemented for such announcements, as well as several radio stations. Closings/delays/
cancellations messages are also available by calling 1-320-308-0121. Visit
www.stcloudstate.edu/emergency/procedures/severe_weather for more detailed information.
Tenant Information
SCSU is a tenant at Sycamore Plaza. Common spaces (i.e. lobby, restrooms, parking lot) are shared
by all tenants, and we must be considerate of our neighbors. Because the TCGC is a leased facility,
some policies/practices/procedures/services may be different than those on campus.
MBA students Kristen Hanson of Brooklyn Park, Joe Guggenberger of
Elk River, and Jeff Koerber of St. Cloud talk outside the TCGC before
their business law class.
Page 5
Scheduling and Rental Rates
Academic Classes
All scheduling at the TCGC is completed by the TCGC coordinator. Each program will submit a
master schedule to the coordinator for classroom assignments prior to courses being entered
into ISRS. Due to limited classroom space, priority scheduling goes to full programs within
collegiate/school units that operate and fund the facility (HBS/COSE/SOE). Priority order for
scheduling is: 1) HBS (MBA); COSE (ACR, MEM, MTQ, RAS); SOE (EDAD doctoral and postmaster’s licensure); 2) Stand-alone courses from HBS/COSE/SOE; 3) Other SCSU graduate
Special Events
Job fairs, open houses, meetings, conferences and workshops are examples of special events
that may be scheduled at the TCGC. Special events are allowed, and encouraged, on a spaceavailable basis. These events must be scheduled with the TCGC coordinator in advance and are
not to interfere with academic classes. When classes are in session, special events must be
contained in one room and, in most instances, contained in the suite where classes are not being
held. Meetings in the Conference Room are an exception. Typically, the Suite 100 Commons
area may not be reserved at times when classes are in session. Availability for special events is
greater during daytime hours. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the TCGC.
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Catering for special events must be arranged through an
outside vendor and is the responsibility of the organization hosting the event. The TCGC
coordinator must be informed of all catering arrangements.
Rental Rates
St. Cloud State University organizations for SCSU events (does not apply to HBS, COSE, SOE)
Classrooms, Conference Room, Commons Area –
$35 per hour during business hours*; $50 per hour outside of business hours*
Non-St. Cloud State University organizations
Classrooms, Conference Room, Commons Area –
$45 per hour during business hours*; $65 per hour outside of business hours*
* Business Hours are 10 am to 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
10% discount for 4+ hours per rental
10% discount for 8+ rentals scheduled by same
Rental rates include usage of
organization with single billing and payment
classroom technology equipment.
$50 cancellation fee if cancellation is received less than
For more information, contact the
48 hours prior to scheduled rental
TCGC coordinator, (320) 308-6000,
[email protected]
Page 6
Classroom Technology
All TCGC classrooms are equipped with
a technology station which includes a
Crestron control device, computer,
monitors, keyboard, mouse, VCR/DVD
player (phasing out), laptop connectors,
document camera, and a campus
telephone. This equipment is wired to a
ceiling-mounted projector. The rooms are also equipped with ceiling-mounted screens. See
instructions below for powering classroom technology stations up/down:
Powering Up
The computer should be on and may be in sleep mode (you should see a small green blinking
light on the front of the computer). If the computer is not on, turn it on.
Touch the glass screen on the Crestron device.
Touch the “Touch to Begin” bar on the Crestron device. (Projection screen should come down.)
If needed, wake up the computer/monitor by pressing the keyboard space bar twice.
The monitor should now say “Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log on.” Follow those instructions. (If
you see something different than that, you may have to log the previous user off.)
Click on the “ok” button
Type in your user name and password, then click on the arrow or press the enter key.
You should now be logged in.
Powering Down
Log off on the computer (leaving the computer and other components on)
Power down the Crestron device by touching the Sys Pwr… button
Press YES Shutdown the System. That’s all you need to do at the technology station.
If you experience problems with classroom equipment, see the TCGC coordinator in Suite 175 or
call HuskyTech at 320-308-7000 (8-7000 on a campus phone). HuskyTech hours vary during the
academic year. Current Call Center hours are posted at huskynet.stcloudstate.edu/ :
Computer Stations
See page 9 of this guide.
Wireless Service
See page 9 of this guide.
Page 7
Faculty Responsibilities
SCSU Campus Card
Suites and classrooms at the TCGC are locked and require an activated SCSU Campus Card for
access. The TCGC coordinator arranges activation each academic term. Faculty cards are
activated for the semester in which faculty members teach at the TCGC. Campus Cards are not
transferable. For your protection, do not lend your Card to other individuals.
Class Cancellation
It is suggested faculty inform the TCGC coordinator if a class session is cancelled. It is also
suggested that faculty call the TCGC at (320) 308-6000 if their arrival to class will be unexpectedly
late so the TCGC coordinator can inform students.
Classroom Maintenance
Faculty are welcome and encouraged to arrange the moveable tables and chairs within the
classroom to best meet their teaching environment needs. Upon conclusion of the class meeting,
faculty are expected to ensure tables and chairs in the classroom are arranged in lecture–style
seating, remove handouts and stray papers, power down technology equipment as per instructions
on page 7 of this guide, turn off classroom lights, close the door, and make certain the classroom
door is locked.
Make-up Exams
Faculty are responsible for arranging make-up exams or finding a proctor when needed. The TCGC
coordinator is authorized to proctor exams during regular business hours. Students may use TCGC
space for make-up exams when supervised by a faculty member or authorized proctor.
Student Security
Faculty members are responsible for their own students. It is suggested faculty members provide
students with cell phone contact information in the event of an emergency situation—this is
especially important for weekend classes. Faculty members should provide the same information
to the TCGC coordinator. In addition, students may not be left in the TCGC suite(s) without faculty
or staff supervision. If the TCGC coordinator or student facility assistant are not on duty, faculty
must stay in the facility until all students have exited the suite(s); faculty are then responsible for
securing the suite(s) as described in Suite Security below.
Suite Security
Suites 100 and 175 must be secured at the end of the day by a faculty or staff member. The last
faculty or staff member departing from each suite is responsible for securing the area—1) turn off
lights (leave sign spotlights on); 2) close classroom and suite doors; and, 3) test suite doors to
make sure they completely close and lock (magnetic locking system).
Page 8
Services for Students
Computer Stations
Two student computer stations are located in the Suite 100 Commons area. Students may log in
using their Star ID and password.
Lap-top Charging Stations
Charging stations are available in each TCGC classroom.
A printer is available for students in the Suite 100 Commons area. Printing requires a SCSU
Campus Card (see instructions below to request a Campus Card electronically). Students have an
$8.00 credit per semester for printing costs; the cost per page is $.04.
SCSU Campus Card (photo identification card)
Campus Cards are useful for many situations; they are required when requesting materials from
Library Services. Students who cannot go to Campus Card Services in St. Cloud to obtain their
photo ID card may submit a request electronically following these directions:
 Send an e-mail message to [email protected] (must be sent from the student’s
HuskyNet e-mail account)
 Attach a digital photo (jpg)—headshot only—with a light background (no hats or sunglasses).
 Attach a scanned copy of a current State ID card or driver’s license to verify identity.
 Request to have the Campus Card delivered to the Twin Cities Graduate Center.
When cards are received at the Graduate Center, they are stored in Suite 175 with the TCGC
coordinator until students pick them up.
Wireless Service
The TCGC has wireless service in the facility. To access the wireless network, laptops may need to
be configured to accommodate SCSU’s system. For instructions, go to—
huskynet.stcloudstate.edu/connected/wireless/ or see the TCGC coordinator in
Suite 175.
Suite 100 Commons Area
Page 9
TCGC Floor Plan and Classroom Photos
Floor Plan
Classroom 100A
Page 10
Classroom Photos
Classroom 100D
Classroom 175E
Page 11
Twin Cities Graduate Center
6401 Sycamore Court North
Maple Grove, MN 55369
Phone: (320) 308-6000
FAX: (320) 308-6064
E-mail: [email protected]