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Burlington County water supply to
be powered in part by the sun
We are leaders in the water industry when
it comes to using solar energy.
And, our next project is nearly finished in Burlington County. New Jersey American Water’s
regional water treatment plant located in Delran, N.J. will soon be powered in part by the
sun. The solar system will offset the electric costs at the facility by more than $350,000 per
year and customers will also benefit from 100% of any tax credits available. Plus, it’s good
for the environment! The energy savings is equivalent to saving nearly 800 metric tons of
carbon dioxide from being emitted into the air.
We’re proud of this project. It’s one example of the measures we take to control costs at
New Jersey American Water. And, it’s among the many system upgrades we’ve made in the
county in recent years. Since 2008, New Jersey American Water spent $42 in Burlington
County alone on water treatment and distribution system upgrades, creating approximately
300 jobs in construction and other fields. At the same time, our water service still costs less
than a penny per gallon!

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