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The Southern Fly Fishers
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VOL 49
October 2013
No 9
Issue - October 2013 - Presidents Report
A brief President’s report this time. I’ve just returned from 10 days enjoying the warmth of
Penang. I also achieved my first hole in one on the hotel’s wonderful pitch & putt 9 hole golf
As I write this piece the Millbrook weekend is happening. We will look forward to the pictures
and fishing reports.
While I was away we heard that Bob Rutherford has passed away. Bob was a long standing member of the Club. He is very fondly remembered for his dry sense of humour and friendship to all.
Thank you to Tony and Scott for Chairing the September GM and October Committee meeting
respectively. I am already feeling redundant. It is a sign of a healthy Club that we can all take time
out and things still roll along smoothly. Thanks guys.
The first Royston River House due diligence reports were tabled at the October Committee Meeting. They will be discussed by the Committee in more detail over the next couple of weeks with a
set of formal Committee recommendations to members being determined at the November Committee Meeting. At this stage the member vote on these recommendations is planned for the November GM. The key issues which have emerged are the extent of the repairs to the hut (roughly 40
man days) and just how much Southern members would use the house. Please consider your likely
involvement and potential usage of this resource carefully as we move towards a member vote.
The most recent Club fishing event was the fellowship day with the Ballarat Fly Fishing Club.
Sadly this event was poorly attended by only five Southern Members. Which was a pity as this was
a great opportunity to visit a long standing fellow fishing Club, enjoy their magnificent Club rooms
which are built out over the Lake and learn from the local experts. Ask Roley who landed a magnificent 2 Kg (approx) brown whether it was a good day. Peter Zarbo also landed a fish. The rest of
us just learned a lot.
Our next Club day trip is the Golf day at the Marysville golf Club. This day is structured to allow
participants the flexibility to either fish all day or to play 9 holes of golf in the morning and then
fish in the afternoon. If you are coming please contact Ken Moran and get your name down and organize catering etc. Please support this trip as it was created to give members an alternate Club fishing opportunity in November to the multi day trips.
Regards, Geoff Churcher
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Calendar - Coming Events
Thurs - Mon 28-9th
Committee Meeting 7.30 pm.
Millbrook Lakes Trip. Leader Tony Hyett.
Members’ Night, Speaker: David Woods - Collector of Flies.
Fly Tying with Max Kepert, 7.00 - 9.30pm at the Clubrooms.
Day Trip – Golf / Fishing Day at Marysville. Leader Ken Moran
Casting 6.30 pm, General Meeting, 7.30 pm.
Eucumbene Trip. Leader Tony Hyett.
Committee Meeting 7.30 pm.
Members’ Night, Speaker: Rod Costigan - Bush Search and Rescue
Fly Tying with Max Kepert, 7.00 - 9.30pm at the Clubrooms.
Day Trip – Noojee Streams (TBC). Leader Geoff Churcher.
Casting 6.30 pm, General Meeting, 7.30 pm.
Tasmania Trip. Leader Scott Dargan.
Committee Meeting 7.30 pm.
Members’ Night, Speaker: TBA.
Fly Tying with Max Kepert, 7.00 - 9.30pm at the Clubrooms.
Christmas Party at David Woods Place. Leader: David Wood.
(Full details for the Christmas Party will be in the November edition)
General casting practice sessions are held each second and fourth Wednesday from 6.30 to 7.30,
under floodlights, (weather permitting). Come and learn from the experts, improve your accuracy
and methods.
ATF AGM: The ATF AGM will be held on Monday October 21 at the Yarra Valley Fly Fishers’
clubrooms in Lilydale. It will follow the ordinary general meeting beginning at 7.00pm.
Council of Victorian Fly Fishing Clubs Meeting Feedback - Peter te Hennepe SFF Delegate.
CVFFC held a meeting on the 3rd of August. The main items on the agenda were the CVFFC Constitution and policies in lead up to the 2014 State Election.
Other business such as The Fly-In at Lake Fyans on the 11th-13th October 2013, the CVFFC web
site which is now up and running and can be accessed via the link and the request from all clubs to provide some ideas on projects to promote the fly fishing environment were
The next meeting being the CVFFC AGM will be held on Saturday 26th October at Porepunkah in
North East Victoria. One of the items on the agenda will be to award Andrew Briggs of the Nth
East CMA with the CVFFC Conservation Award for river improvement works which includes the
Morrisons Run named in honour of the Council’s former Treasurer, Simon Morrison. This will take
place at 8.30am at “Jacks Hole” via Tyntynder Lane, Ovens River near Bright. The AGM will be
held at the Porepunkah Hotel later in the day.
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Committee - Officers & Delegates 2013-14
Scott Dargan
[email protected]
[email protected]
0420 909 449
Les Pratt
[email protected]
0448 715 205
Secretary &
Public officer
Peter Cairns
[email protected]
0413 420 044
Immed. Past
Event & Trip
Skills Development Coordinator
Casting &
ACF delegate
Web, Media
and Communications
Assets &
Tony Hyett
[email protected]
0418 173 869
Ross Bailey
[email protected]
0417 338 324
Peter van
[email protected]
0406 720 846
[email protected]
0418 282 441
Peter Cairns
[email protected]
0413 420 044
Jim Johnston
[email protected]
0411 408 360
ATF Delegate
Chad Sayer
[email protected]
0407 514 966
[email protected]
0428 997 487
Vice President,
Page 4
9503 1880
The Month in Pictures
Picture 1: Roley Ansems and his 4lb Brown from Lake Wendouree.
Picture 2: Julian Hart (Looking joyous) and his guide Jim with a nice fish at Millbrook.
Picture 3: Annemarie Mulder on the lookout for fish at Millbrook.
Page 5
The Month in Pictures (Cont)
Picture 1: Collin McMillan with a dashing Rainbow from Millbrook.
Picture 2: Scott Dargan and his patient guide Jim with another Millbrook Rainbow.
The 2013 V.H. Wastell Trophy Event
Page 6
Robert (Bob) Rutherford Vale
by Graeme Clifford
Vale: Robert (Bob) John Rutherford. 6/5/1936 - 24/9/2013
It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of a great “Club Man”. From the wilds of Tasmania's west coast came the bloke with the “flowery” vocabulary that those who knew him came to
He was drawn to the mainland by the mighty Snowy Project but ended up in Aspendale. In his retirement he was convinced to have a go at that snobbish (As he stated) pastime of fly fishing, and it
gave him a new lease on life. He absolutely loved it and took to it with great enthusiasm.
He became a great attendee at the clubs various activities and will be well remembered by all
those that knew him.
Tight lines Bob, R.I.P.
Message from the Treasurer - 2013/2014 Subs
As at the 31st of August only 71% of eligible members have paid their subs for the 2013/2014 financial year.
The club relies on annual subs to provide services to members so to those members who have not
yet paid their subs, please take a moment to renew your membership or advise if you do not intend
to renew.
Members are reminded that if you are not financial then club insurance will not apply on a club
Casting About
The Fly Fisher news office has been informed by Alistair O’Connor that the club will be holding
the Great Southern Fly-fishing Casting Challenge over the summer months and the dates to pencil
in for this event are:
Event One: Thursday the 14th of November.
Event Two: Thursday the 13th of February.
Page 7
Weipa Adventure 2013
by Tony
Eight of Southern Fly Fishers finest Vikings ventured North to where no man has gone before.
These battle hardened comrades numbering eight being John Worrell, Bill Jeans, Ian Sambell,
Graham Seeger, Charles Bradley, Peter Golding, Peter Gadd and yes your hero Tony Hyett were
well prepared for everything that may lie before them.
Deciding not to row from the South to the furthest point North of Australia the motley crew decided to catch a flight. The direct flight to Cairns, approx four hours gave the boys a chance to
catch up on some sleep before the connecting flight to Weipa. With time between flights, checking
in, getting to and from airports etc, the first and last days were taken up with travelling.
I was pleasantly surprised when setting foot on the tarmac in Weipa to find the temperature and
conditions quite acceptable. Through the next five days of fishing we experienced a very pleasant
breeze that kept us reasonably cool. Except for the estuaries when we were chasing Barramundi,
where due to very sheltered areas and cloudless skies, we found ourselves suffering heat exhaustion. One saving grace in these areas was the amount of Barra caught in these conditions. Largest
approx 600mm and up to 25 a day.
The Vikings were picked up by a band of fishing guides led by a Fish (Fish being the head honcho
of our entourage of guides for the week). These guides proved to be of the highest standard and extremely pleasant people. Their high speed 16 foot boats were in top condition and were handled
well by their skippers. What these guys didn’t know about fishing was not worth knowing.
Most fish were caught on white clousers with red dumbbell eyes, the stripping varied depending
on the species of fish being targeted. Crab patterns were a must for Blue Bastards and Permit, the
two most sort after. Some fisherman travel for years to catch these pesky fellas and never succeed.
Well let me tell you about one special time, my best day. While fishing with Graham Seeger cruising about 40 feet from the shore I spotted two fish slowly moving between the boat and the shore in
clear water. I grabbed my rod that was rigged for Permit with a crab pattern on and expertly cast a
few feet in front of the fish, I let the crab pattern sink to the bottom, about two feet and slowly retrieved bouncing the crab along the bottom. BANG a hook up. The guide, Lee, was as excited as
anyone first having sex, myself I stayed calm and professional. Half an hour later I had my first permit of about 15lb. At the moment of being netted I lost (Me not the fish!) it and danced the permit
shuffle on the deck, what a thrill. I was also privileged to be able to catch a blue bastard and about
30 other fish the same day. Graham also caught a large number of fish that day.
Charles Bradley also caught a permit of about 17lb and dropped another. Peter Gadd caught a blue
Bastard. Some of the 30 species caught on this trip were Oceanic Queen fish, Blue Salmon, Swallow Tail Dart, Golden Trevally, Fingermark Bream, Tarpon and Mangrove Jack. Most of the fishing was done from boats with some shore fishing as well.
Chris, one of the guides, took us about 20 miles out to the first lateral marker of the channel into
Weipa where we were privileged to catch plenty of trevally and queenies. I had two hook ups on
Cobia estimated to be over a meter and dropped both. We spotted plenty of sharks and Manta Rays
staying very close to the boat, what a sight.
This trip was a highlight of my fly fishing career being topped off by good company, good food
and great weather. A trip to be experienced by all fly fishers.
At first I thought the five days fishing was not going to be enough, however it proved to be just
right as it was quite an exhausting experience.
So get out there Vikings and have a go.
Page 8
Weipa Adventure in Pictures
Picture 1: Tony Hyett and his 15lb Permit.
Picture 2: Ian Sambell with a nice Blue Bastard.
Picture 3: Bill Jeans with a large Oceanic Queen fish.
Page 9
General Meeting Minutes
25th September 2013
Meeting Opened at 7.35pm.
Tony Hyett, Alistair O’Connor, Ross Bailey, Peter Cairns, Colin McMillan, Jim Johnston
Tony Hyett chaired the meeting
Geoff Churcher, Scott Dargan, Les Pratt, Peter van Oosterom, Dave Smith, Ken Moran, Graham
Seeger, Ian Sambell, Peter Golding, Bill Jean, Roley Ansems
Peter Gadd
Seconded Charles Bradley
Any matters arising from minutes.
Newsletters from VFFA, Ballarat, Bairnsdale, Yarra Valley, Sale, KCC Transport Survey, Dean
John Worrell
Seconded Colin McMillan
TREASURERS REPORT: Submitted by Les Pratt for period August 2013 (Tabled by Peter
Operating account is $13319.01
Term deposits remain as per statements
Income $5163.71
Expenditure $4977.24
Profit / (loss) $186.47
Sundry accounts presented for payment Tony Hyett, Fly Finz, Scott Dargan, Geoff Churcher,
Neil McDonald, Ross Bailey
Peter Cairns
Seconded Jim Johnston
ATF: AGM 21st October 2013, Colin McMillan will be attending.
ACF & CASTING: Alistair reported on the great casting by Bruce Ratcliffe at the recent Geelong
event. Meeting on the 4th of October 2013 in regards to some rule changes.
COMBINED CLUBS: Kitchen finished, handover complete.
FLYFISHER: Nil Report.
LIBRARY: Colin reported 4 new books. Club acknowledges generous donations by Majid Horiye
and Geoff Churcher.
WEB SITE: Links have been emailed to all members, if anyone has not received their password
they need to contact Peter van Oosterom.
FLY TYING: 8 week course was completed this week and was a great success. The Club wishes
thank Ross Bailey, Geoff Churcher, Max Kepert and Peter te Hennepe for their assistance.
The club was saddened to hear about the passing of Bob Rutherford. The Club has expressed their
condolences to his family.
John Mennen raised the matter that we need to upgrade our Audio and Visual presentation equipment. This will be raised at the next committee meeting as a priority.
John McIntyre and John Worrell expressed their views on the revised Life Membership nomination
and approval process. Both will submit to the secretary in writing their views, the secretary will
Page 10
General Meeting Minutes (cont)
present these to the Committee.
Dean Gordon raised the possibility of awarding Honorary Life Memberships to non club members,
Dean will submit to the secretary in writing his views, the secretary will present these to the Committee.
Fishing Reports
Jim Johnston and Les Pratt fished the Tanjil River (about 16kms from Mt Baw Baw) using nymphs
– no luck, be wary of leeches – use gloves.
Colin McMillan, Les Pratt and Geoff fished the Rubicon – Geoff caught one monster- 5cm long!
Colin McMillan fished Lake Fyans with some students for 3 days – nil caught
The Club trip to Lake Wendouree with the Ballarat Fly Fishing Club saw Roley Ansems land a 4lb
trout on a size #8 green McGoo.
Alistair O’Connor fished the Stevenson River landing 3 fish on “heavy” brown nymphs.
The Boys fished Weipa – a detailed report will be in the October Fly Fisher.
Members Draw was $60.00. You must be in attendance to win and you have to be financial
Unfortunately the member’s number drawn was not in attendance Kazuo Takemur.
Next meeting will be 25th September 2013.
Little River Cottage is located in Maydena, that is
situated on the Tyenna River, 12 kilometres from
Mount Field National Park. It offers spectacular
mountain scenery and is close to the Styx Forest of
Big Trees and the Styx River. The famous Tyenna
River is just minutes down the road and is one of
the top fly fishing rivers in Tasmania.
For those keen fisherman we can also arrange a
guide who will take you to some hidden fishing
spots that contain large brown and rainbow trout.
SFF Rate: From $120 per night (Two people).
For more information contact Scott Dargan on
0420 909 449.
Page 11
Little River Cottage - Maydena
Myrica Cottage at Bellbrae
Myrica Cottage, self-contained with beautiful décor and all amenities, is located in Bellbrae, Victoria 5.5 Kms from Anglesea. Solar powered, environmentally friendly and accommodating up to five
people, it has two bedrooms, a superb lounge and
dining area, self-equipped kitchen and bathroom.
With abundant Australian wildlife, a private flyfishery (catch-and-release only) and walks on over
200 acres of natural bushland it is perfect for flyfishermen, birdwatchers, bushwalkers, bike riders,
photographers, nature lovers, horse riders (own
horses) and international guests. For hire to those who are willing to share with the native flora and
fauna by leaving the pristine premises as found, with kangaroos on site and a spectacular wedgetailed eagle’s nest..
Page 12
Go Tie a Fly - The CDC Emerger
Hook size
Tying Thread
By Peter Gadd
light wire size 12 to 20 dry fly hook (size 16 is ideal)
size 6 (thin) black ONO thread or Danville’s flat waxed nylon
five pheasant tail fibres
fine copper wire
Thorax & wing 2-4 dark grey (natural) CDC feathers
1. Lock thread onto the hook at the half way point.
2. Tie in the copper wire rib facing towards the back of the hook.
3. Stop thread wraps above the barb of the hook.
4. Match the tip ends of the five pheasant tail fibres. Build a chenille over the wire rib.
5. Tie in these fibres, by the tips, at hook bend as one group with two tight turns of thread.
6. Wrap the chenille back toward the hook eye. Stop two hook eye widths behind the hook eye.
7. Match the tips of the four CDC feathers with paired feather curves facing inwards.
8. Match to the full hook shank length (important as it determines the length of the wings).
9. Separate the CDC fibres on each feather by stroking the fibres forward and backward at this
point – a bit of saliva helps to maintain the separation.
10. Match and tie all four feathers onto the top of the hook shank at the half way point of the hook,
at the feather separation point, using the loop and draw method. The feather butts should face forward over the hook eye. The feathers should be tied in loosely and wriggled gently back and forward until they are vertical & parallel to the hook shank.
11. Then tie off with four tight thread turns.
12. Cut off the butts of the CDC feathers and save.
13. Wind the thread forward to a point two hook eye widths behind the hook eye.
14. Carefully hold the saved CDC butts between your fingers and cut off the fibres. Don’t release
the fibres or they will float off everywhere.
15. Dub the CDC fibres onto the thread sliding the fibres up to form a continuous dubbing.
16. Wind the CDC fibre dubbing onto the hook shank to build up a prominent, buoyant thorax.
Make this CDC dubbing is a bit scruffy so the ends stand out to form the legs of the Emerger.
17. Finally, take the four CDC feathers tied in earlier and bend them forward over the thorax to form
the wing cases and tie off behind the eye keeping them vertical and matched to form the emerging
mayfly wings. Use a couple of turns of thread on the hook shank under the CDC to stand the CDC
feathers up at 45 degrees in line with the hook shank and facing forward over the hook eye.
Whip finish to form a neat head.
Page 13
Membership Nomination Form
Southern Fly Fishers Aust. Inc.
PO Box 388, Moorabbin Vic 3192
Date: ..............................................
Name: (Please print) ….......................................................................................................................
Address: .......................................................................................................................................…....
Suburb: ..................................................................... State: ...............Postcode: ................….........
Phone: (H)...............................(B)..................................(Mob)..........................................................
Email: (Please print) ..........................................................................................................................
Occupation: ....................................................................................................................................…
Proposer: ..........................................................… Seconder ………………….................................
Applicant’s Signature: .................................................................................................................….
Types of Membership
Annual Subs.
+ Insurance
Member’s spouse/partner
Junior (under 18 years)
Full-time student (under 25)
(Note 2)
Family Special
(Note 3)
$10.00 pp
(Note 1)
1. Applies to Govt. pension/Seniors Card holders.
2. Residing over 60 Kms from the Club.
3. Immediate family adults and juniors under 18 years.
Quarterly Pro-Rata payments apply for new memberships after July
(Membership is subject to confirmation by the Committee of Southern Fly Fishers Aust. Inc.)
Club Use Only:
Date presented to Committee: .................................................
Elected: Yes / No
Entered in Register: .......….... Treasurer notified:........… Publications notified: ......................
Membership Number: …………. Code: ……….. Membership Fees Paid: Yes / No
Page 14
Membership September 2013
(subject to subscription renewal confirmations)
Roleand Ansems
Geoffrey Anderson
Ross Bailey (L)
Andy Baker
Shane Bennett
Ray Boast
Craig Bradford
Charles Bradley
Peter Cairns
Judith Cameron
Alistair Capp
John Christie
Geoffrey Churcher
Graeme Clifford
Steven Clements
Christopher Coleman
Michael Creelman
Peter Dangerfield
Geoffrey Daniel
Scott Dargan
Grant Dawson
Graham Douglas
Conor/Nicky Edwards
Jeff Farnsworth
Warren Fisher
John Fitzgibbon
Jon Flynn
Graeme Forrester
Darryl Foulds
Graham Foxman
Peter Gadd
Daniel Gardam
Peter Golding
Adam Goldner
Dean Gordon
Malcolm Green
Ross Green
Norm Griffiths
Royce Hagen
Tony Hardy
Julian Hart
0418 418 457
0415 106 127
9557 8993
0427 956 957
0434 232 144
0437 870 066
0400 115 801
0418 107 664
0413 420 044
0438 982 350
0402 262 341
0421 063 319
9503 1880
5979 3109
0403 489 268
9510 9338
0407 486 944
9598 0618
0432 504 510
0420 909 449
0401 445 913
9589 1270
0419 809 145
0409 134 800
9596 1045
0409 518 342
0419 321 495
0428 890 088
9729 3362
0409 335 841
9598 5949
0423 306 411
9570 5075
9598 4003
0408 549 005
9772 0429
0419 595 182
0423 503 340
0418 319 379
0412 047 000
0411 259 157
Alda Heap
Cathy Hill
Ray Hill
Keith Hook
Majid Horiye
Tony Hyett
Bill Jeans
Jim Johnston
Max Kepert (L)
Rodney Knight
Roman Kostenesky
Gavin Ladson
Vince & Linda Lammin
Phil Langdon
Lee Lord
Graham Lucas
Patrick Maes
Robert Masterman
Grant Mathews
John McDonald (L)
Neil McDonald
John McIntyre (L)
Andrew McKie
Colin & Jill McMillan
Ken McRae
Ian Melton
John Mennen
Karl Meyerheinrich (L)
Kelvin Moore
Ken Moran
Annemarie Mulder
Rodrigo/Tomas Mulder
Garry Newton
Alistair O’Connor
Chris Owen
Clive Pankhurst (L)
Ron Penny (L)
John Philp
Les Pratt
Ken Pridgett
Gary Rapley*
Page 15
0409 550 465
0425 778 504
0425 778 504
0422 429 909
0412 189 243
0418 173 869
9596 7192
9583 3762
9543 3730
0417 035 554
0425 821 655
0407 808 558
0439 912 544
0447 786 821
0404 702 103
9570 2583
9553 1966
0412 321 862
0414 695 597
0408 418 332
0402 402 755
0418 320 173
9587 1180
0407 514 966
0418 585 411
0417 361 242
0408 145 463
9729 8517
0422 607 760
0439 319 953
0459 811 328
9077 7098
0412 768 082
0406 720 846
0424 054 646
9579 1975
9578 7024
0409 332 040
0448 715 205
0435 038 520
0408 342 132
Bruce Ratcliffe*
Allan Roberts
Allan Russell
Bob Rutherford
Ian Sambell*
Chad Sayer
Mark Scheimer
Bernard Schindler
Kraig Schultz
Richard Scrivens
Graham Seeger
Dave Smith (L)
Peter Snare
Richard Somerton
Peter Suzic
Kazuo Takemura
Peter te Hennepe
Derek Thomas
Patrick Thomas
Bill Tilley
John Tunbridge
Ian Vanderstoel
Peter van Oosterom
John Walker
John Warner (L)
Andrew Wheeler
David Wood
John Worrell (L)
Paul Wrigley
Graeme Yeomans
0425 738 701
0412 560 452
0437 240 323
9580 3350
0402 222 000
0428 997 487
0488 019 717
9885 4059
0438 750 111
9547 5014
0408 380 626
9555 2420
0411 130 586
0419 788 027
0423 503 974
0412 547 511
0408 373 263
0411 778 409
5977 2030
0411 173 614
5971 2127
9529 3216
0418 282 441
5995 5392
0409 383 250
0418 375 082
0412 312 008
9592 1158
0437 982 961
0412 363 789
(L) = Life Member
* Denotes that the member is a certified casting instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers.
We invite you to join and participate in the Club’s activities. Our aim is to support members in the enjoyment of the sport of fly fishing, the environment and the social camaraderie.
Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at the
Southern Fly Fishing Clubroom and Casting Pool
located in Highett Reserve,
Cnr Chesterville and Turner Roads, Highett. Melways 77 J 9
(Look for the “Combined Clubrooms” entrance at Nº 33 Turner Road)
Membership Benefits:
Beginners’& advanced casting tuition
Competitive casting & fishing events
Beginners’ fly tying classes
Advanced fly tying group
Streamcraft & fly fishing techniques
Specialist guest speakers
Monthly fly fishing discussion group
Regular day & weekend fishing trips
Annual interstate & overseas fishing trips
Saltwater fly fishing activities
Regular newsletter
Public liability insurance during club activities
Discounts from sponsors’ retail outlets.
Membership enquiries:
To: [email protected]
or phone Tony Hyett on 0418 173 869.
SFF Clubroom
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