2014–2015 Season Content Guide



2014–2015 Season Content Guide
Season Content Guide
Show descriptions courtesy of Broadway.com
Everyone is different:
We understand not all productions may appeal to or be appropriate for all audience members,
especially children. We encourage patrons to familiarize themselves with the presentations in order to
make informed decisions prior to purchasing tickets. Please use this content guide as well as the show’s
official websites as resources in helping determine if a production is right for you and your family.
PIPPIN – November 11–23, 2014
STORY Diane Paulus’ new, circus-inspired production of Pippin features an acrobatic troupe of
performers, led by the charismatic Leading Player. The ensemble cast tells the story of Pippin, a
young prince who longs to find passion and adventure in his life. To prove his loyalty to his
distracted father, King Charles, Pippin goes to war. But when the Leading Player convinces the
prince to fight tyranny, Pippin kills Charles and takes over the throne. Realizing his mistake, Pippin
begs the Leading Player to bring his father back to life, and she obliges. The prince falls in love with
Catherine, a widow with a young son, and (much to the Leading Player’s chagrin), Pippin struggles
to decide whether he should settle down and pursue a peaceful life or continue to make magic with
the dazzling troupe of performers.
What is Pippin like? From the moment the Leading Player beckons the audience into the big top,
the first-ever Broadway revival of Pippin is a sensational spectacle. As the story unfolds, acrobats fly
through the air, contort themselves into impressive positions and perform classic circus tricks. Even
the leading actors get in on the action, throwing swords, riding unicycles, hula hooping, and even
flying on the trapeze. Pippin is a two-and-a-half-hour, high-energy extravaganza that makes for a
positively electrifying night at the theater.
Is Pippin good for kids? Kids of all ages will be enthralled by Pippin, but the subject matter is
much darker than the productions performed at High Schools and College Universities, with scantily
clad performers, violence and allusions to sex. This production might be a great one for teens, but
see the musical first before letting your little ones join the circus.
December 10–14, 2014
STORY Featuring the hit songs “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and “Welcome Christmas,” The
Grinch discovers there’s more to Christmas than he bargained for in this heart-warming holiday
classic. Max the Dog narrates as the mean and scheming Grinch, whose heart is “two sizes too small,”
decides to steal Christmas away from the holiday-loving Whos.
What is Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical like? Re-discover the magic
of Dr. Seuss’ classic holiday tale as it comes to life on stage. Originally conceived by the three time
Tony Award®-winning director Jack O’Brien, the whimsical world of Whoville is beautifully realized
by an A-list creative team in this delightful musical production.
Is Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical good for kids? Absolutely! This
classic Christmas story is great for kids of all ages.
KINKY BOOTS – December 30, 2014–January 11, 2015
STORY Based on a true story and the indie film of the same name, Kinky Boots follows young
Brit Charlie Price, who abandons his family’s shoe factory to live with his demanding girlfriend in
London. After the unexpected death of his father, Charlie returns to the struggling factory and finds
it’s up to him to figure out a way to keep the business alive. Enter Lola, a fabulous drag queen, who
gives Charlie the idea to create ladies’ shoes for men. Soon, the factory is turning out “kinky boots”
under the supervision of Charlie and Lola, but can this harebrained scheme actually work? And can
these two extremely different men find a common ground and become real friends?
What is Kinky Boots like? Winner of six 2013 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Kinky Boots
features the first-ever Broadway score by Grammy® winner Cyndi Lauper (who became the first
female solo songwriter to win a Tony) and a hilarious yet moving book by four-time Tony winner
Harvey Fierstein. The new musical packs a punch and provides everything audiences look for in a
night at the theater: catchy songs, top-notch performances, colorful costumes, big sets, dazzling
dance sequences and even a few scenes that could make you cry. Despite numbers set at a drag club,
Kinky Boots is much more than a drag queen musical; it touches on the universal themes of father/
son relationships and accepting others for who they really are. Directed and choreographed by Tony
winner Jerry Mitchell, Kinky Boots is the epitome of a feel-good musical that inspires audiences to
dance in the aisles.
Is Kinky Boots good for kids? While Kinky Boots provides a fabulous night out for adults, it is not
entirely suitable for young theatergoers. There is some talk about sex (“Sex Is in the Heel”), death,
cross-dressing and other adult themes. We might recommend bringing a mature teenager, but leave
the kids at home.
DIRTY DANCING – February 3–15, 2015
STORY Dirty Dancing tells the classic story of Baby and Johnny, two fiercely independent young
spirits from different worlds who come together in what will be the most challenging and
triumphant summer of their lives. Featuring the hit songs, “Hungry Eyes,” “Hey Baby,” “Do You
Love Me?” and the heart stopping “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life. ”
What is Dirty Dancing like? Dirty Dancing is an unprecedented live experience, exploding with
heart-pounding music, passionate romance, and sensational dancing.
Is Dirty Dancing good for kids? Dirty Dancing has all the classic moments from the movie. If
you’ll let your kids watch the movie, the stage adaptation should be a safe bet.
NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT – March 17–22, 2015
STORY Set in the 1920s, Nice Work If You Can Get It is the story of charming and wealthy playboy
Jimmy Winter, who meets rough female bootlegger Billie Bendix the weekend of his wedding.
Jimmy, who has been married three (or is it four?) times before, is preparing to marry Eileen
Evergreen, a self-obsessed modern dancer. Thinking Jimmy and Eileen will be out of town, Billie and
her gang hide cases of alcohol in the basement of Jimmy’s Long Island mansion. But when Jimmy,
his wife-to-be and her prohibitionist family show up at the mansion for the wedding, Billie and her
cohorts pose as servants, causing hijinks galore.
What is Nice Work If You Can Get It like? Nice Work If You Can Get It is a ’20s-era feel-good
musical, complete with extravagant dance numbers, glittering costumes and an unlikely love story
between Jimmy and Billie. Directed and choreographed by Kathleen Marshall, Nice Work If You Can
Get It is a lighthearted crowd pleaser set to the backdrop of classic Gershwin hits like “Let’s Call the
Whole Thing Off,” “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Fascinating Rhythm.” Featuring a cast of
larger-than-life ensemble characters and snappy dialogue by book writer Joe DiPietro, Nice Work If
You Can Get It harkens back to the golden age of American musical comedy.
Is Nice Work If You Can Get It good for kids? Nice Work If You Can Get It is a wholesome
theatrical experience reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of an old movie musical. Some characters
drink alcohol (it’s a musical about Prohibition, after all) and there is some brief cartoon-like violence
and references to sex, but no more than a PG movie would include. If your child sits attentively
through musicals on DVD, they are likely to enjoy seeing the extravagant lights, sets and costumes
in person.
GUYS AND DOLLS – April 14–19, 2015
STORY Set in Depression-era Times Square, Guys and Dolls is about a couple of big city gamblers
and the women who love them. It tells the overlapping stories of high-roller Sky Masterson, who
falls in love with mission worker Sarah Brown, and lovable rapscallion Nathan Detroit, engaged
for 14 years to Miss Adelaide, a headliner at the Hot Box Club. Nathan runs a famous floating
crap game, and an ongoing plot line involves his quest for a safe place for the game as Adelaide
continues her quest to convince him to marry her. Meanwhile, Sarah, mistakenly believing that Sky
set up an illegal game at the mission, tries to fight her affection for the charismatic crapshooter.
What is Guys and Dolls like? Considered one of the finest musical comedies ever written, Guys
and Dolls is packed with one unforgettable song after another—not to mention loads of romance
and charm to spare. With beloved tunes such as “A Bushel and a Peck,” “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’
the Boat,” “Luck Be a Lady,” and “The Oldest Established,” there is plenty of toe-tapping to be had.
If you are the betting type, you should know that Guys and Dolls is the odds-on favorite to ride to
the winners’ circle of your greatest Broadway loves. These gents and dames have an irresistible mix
of naughty, nice and hilarious.
Is Guys and Dolls good for kids? Guys and Dolls is flashy fun for ages 10 and up, with nothing
objectionable in Abe Burrows’ oh-so-witty book. (The youngest theatergoers probably won’t be
interested in the show’s romantic plotlines.)
ANNIE – May 13–24, 2015
STORY Based on the popular comic strip, Annie tells the extraordinary story of a little orphan who
ends up in the lap of luxury with Depression-era billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Unlike most of the
other children at Miss Hannigan’s orphanage, spunky Annie believes that her parents are still alive
and will one day return to claim her. So when Mr. Warbucks offers to adopt her, she asks the most
powerful man in America to help find her real mom and dad instead, and he agrees. Warbucks’
whopping reward for Annie’s parents attracts the attention of con artists Rooster, Lily and the
wicked Miss Hannigan, who hatch a plot to kidnap Annie and take the $50,000 reward. But don’t
fret: This classic family musical has a happy ending for Annie, Daddy Warbucks and the whole gang.
What is Annie like? Annie is a big-time Broadway musical complete with lavish sets, striking
choreography and terrific performances. Directed by Tony winner James Lapine, this revival has a
darker and more realistic tone, but the story is still pure joy. Set in New York City around Christmas
1933, the show mixes fictional characters like Annie and Warbucks with real-life historical figures
like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Tony-winning musical features classic tunes including
“Tomorrow,” “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and “Easy Street.”
Is Annie good for kids? Annie is the perfect Broadway musical for the whole family. The big
revival features eight young actresses, an adorable dog and songs your child will sing for months
to come. Miss Hannigan is still drunk and Rooster is still a bad guy, but children will find the show
funny and silly, while adults enjoy the jokes on a different level, and everyone goes home feeling
good about the bonds of family.
MOTOWN THE MUSICAL – June 16–28, 2015
STORY Written by label founder Berry Gordy, Motown The Musical charts the meteoric career of
Gordy from his days as a wannabe boxer in Detroit to his position as the head of the Motown record
label. As Gordy discovers new talents like Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and The
Supremes, he also finds himself entangled in a drama-fueled romance with Diana Ross. The show
stretches across decades as it tells the true story of Gordy—and Motown’s—rise to fame.
What is Motown The Musical like? Featuring an ensemble cast of more than 40 actors, Motown
The Musical is an explosive new musical featuring almost 60 of the most beloved hits in the Motown
music catalogue. Many of the songs are sung in medleys by the show’s talented cast, channeling
legends like Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Mary Wells and the Jackson 5 in a dazzling
non-stop display of music and dancing that will please fans both young and old.
Is Motown The Musical good for kids? Motown is an entertaining show for the whole family.
Children will eat up the show’s energetic dance numbers and non-stop music, although parents
should be aware that the show contains a fleeting curse word, references to war and violence, and
some mild sexual innuendo in a bedroom scene between Berry Gordy and Diana Ross.
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – August 5–16, 2015
STORY Based on the 1910 horror novel by Gaston Leroux, which has been adapted into countless
films, The Phantom of the Opera follows a deformed composer who haunts the grand Paris Opera
House. Sheltered from the outside world in an underground cavern, the lonely, romantic man tutors
and composes operas for Christine, a gorgeous young soprano star-to-be. As Christine’s star rises,
and a handsome suitor from her past enters the picture, the Phantom grows mad, terrorizing the
opera house owners and company with his murderous ways. Still, Christine finds herself drawn to
the mystery man. Audiences agree—The Phantom of the Opera is Broadway’s longest-running hit.
What is The Phantom of the Opera like? Both romantic and scary, The Phantom of the Opera
is a thrilling night of theater with grand emotions. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score, with its beloved
signature song “Music of the Night,” sets the mood, but you’ll also be swept up by the gorgeous
period costumes and simple yet grand sets (even the famous chandelier, which probably falls slower
than you’d expect, is a thrill).
Is The Phantom of the Opera good for kids? Grand opera and lush romance might not be
their cup of tea. And the Phantom is a frightening guy. There are old-fashioned scare moments
throughout—a dead corpse plunging from a noose, shrieking-for-their-lives ballerinas, that
disfigured face... Such sights will either send your kid burying their face in your arm or thinking it’s
the coolest show in town.

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