Winterplace Ski Resort Introduction



Winterplace Ski Resort Introduction
Winterplace Ski Resort
Ghent, WV
“Where Winter is Fun for Everyone”
800-607-SNOW (7669)
Press Kit
Winterplace Ski Resort Introduction
Winterplace Ski Resort – The Most Accessible and Affordable Ski Resort in the Southeast! Just
5 minutes off I-77, Exit 28 between Beckley and Bluefield, West Virginia. Winterplace Ski
Resort boasts 27 Trails, 9 Lifts, 2 Terrain Parks and WV’s Largest Snowtubing Park. Can’t Ski
or Snowboard? No Problem! Winterplace Ski Resort has the Largest Teaching area in the
Southeast and was voted the #1 Resort to Learn to Ski/Snowboard at by Blue Ridge Outdoors
Magazine. Where WINTER is FUN for EVERYONE!
One Call Does It All…800-607-SNOW (7669)! We can take care of all your needs from Lift
Tickets, Rental Equipment, Lessons, Lodging and More!
Winterplace Offers: Learn to Ski and Snowboard Packages, Stay and Ski Free Packages, Free
Night Skiing with All Day Tickets and Group Rates!
Discount Season: Early Season and Late Season – Hours and Rates Do Apply
Winterplace Ski Resort – Mountain Facts
Five minutes off I-77, Exit 28, Flat Top, WV – Halfway between Bluefield &
Beckley, WV
Slope Hours:
Weekdays: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Weekends/Holiday Periods: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
# of Slopes & Trails: 27 Trails & 2 Terrain Parks
# of Lifts:
11 Lifts – 2 Quads, 2 Doubles, 3 Triples, 4 Super Carpet Lifts
Night Skiing:
Seven nights per week on 26 Trails and Terrain Parks (Turkey Chute Closed)
FREE night skiing with purchase of an all day lift ticket
Largest Snowtubing Park in WV – 14 Lanes & 2 Super Carpet Lifts – 800 ft long
Base Elevation:
2,997 Feet
Top Elevation:
3,600 Feet
Vertical Drop:
603 Feet
Skiable Terrain:
90 + Acres
Longest Run:
1 ¼ Mile (Intermediate Run)
Slope Difficulty:
Beginner – 41%; Intermediate – 44%; Advanced – 15%
Terrain Parks:
Open 7 days a week (weather dependent)
Features Include:
Flat Rails
Flat Down Rail
A Frame Rail
Battleship Rail
Flat Fun Box
C Box
Flat Down Fun Box
Rainbow Fun Box
Lift Capacity:
13,400 skier per hour
100% Snowmaking Coverage
50 Million+ gallon reservoir for snowmaking water supply
Capable of pumping 7,000 gallons of water per minute
Rental Shop:
Top of the Line Shaped Ski Rental Equipment
Rossignol Snowboards with Step-In & Strap-In Bindings
Helmet & Ski Bib Rental
Children’s Skis, Boots, Ski Bibs and Helmets
Rental Sizes:
Smallest Ski Boot – Child Size 8
Smallest Snowboard Boot – Child Size 1
Smallest Ski Bib – Youth Size 6
Smallest Ski – 67
Smallest Snowboard – 100
Largest Ski – 184
Largest Snowboard – 163
Largest Ski Boot – Adult Size 16 (limited quantity)
Largest Snowboard Boot – Adult Size 15 (limited quantity)
Largest Ski Bib – Adult Size 6X (limited quantity)
A credit card or cash deposit is REQUIRED for all rental equipment. If under age
of 18, adult signature is REQUIRED.
Demo Center:
SkiWee Program:
Ski Patrol
Ski School:
Rossignol Skis & Boots & Atomic Skis (gender specific) reservations required.
See Winterplace website for more information & deposit
Children agaes 4-11 & Frostie’s Kinder Care for Children 6 mo & up
Reservations Required
Members of the National Ski Patrol System
Head to Head Racing available during March Madness. Hours Vary
Members of the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA)
Group Lesson Hours: 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m.
Group Lessons are 90 minutes
Private Lessons are 60 minutes – available every hour based on instructor
availability. Private Lessons require Reservations.
Winterplace Ski Resort
100 Old Flat Top Mountain Road
Ghent, WV 25843
We are easy to reach – Exit 28 off Interstate 77
All times are approximate
486 miles;
475 miles;
748 miles;
595 miles;
8 hours
8 hours
12 hours
9 hours
818 miles; 13 hours
733 miles; 11 hours
588 miles;
742 miles;
745 miles;
773 miles;
612 miles; 10.5 hours
389 miles; 6.5 hours
450 miles; 7.5 hours
358 miles; 6 hours
516 miles; 8.5 hours
542 miles; 9 hours
514 miles; 8.5 hours
485 miles; 8 hours
10 hours
12 hours
12.5 hours
13 hours
South Carolina
Myrtle Beach
339 miles;
285 miles;
316 miles;
292 miles;
439 miles;
263 miles;
5.5 hours
5 hours
6 hours
5 hours
7.5 hours
4.5 hours
134 miles;
351 miles;
237 miles;
618 miles;
412 miles;
2 hours
5.5 hours
4 hours
10.5 hours
7 hours
Bowling Green
402 miles; 7 hours
247 miles; 4.5 hours
325 miles; 5.5 hours
North Carolina
Elizabeth City
Mount Airy
Winston Salem
200 miles;
220 miles;
189 miles;
225 miles;
407 miles;
268 miles;
303 miles;
171 miles;
182 miles;
112 miles;
250 miles;
130 miles;
271 miles; 5 hours
312 miles; 5.5 hours
280 miles; 4.5 hours
Virginia Beach
70 miles; 1.5 hours
200 miles; 3 hours
277 miles; 5 hours
110 miles; 2 hours
387 miles; 7 hours
West Virginia
73 miles; 1.5 hours
123 miles; 2 hours
Pittsburgh, PA
Indianapolis, IN
Washington DC
258 miles; 4.5 hours
385 miles; 6.5 hours
333 miles; 5.5 hours
3 hours
3.5 hours
3 hours
4 hours
6.5 hours
5 hours
5 hours
3 hours
3 hours
2 hours
5 hours
2 hours
Previous Media Articles
Article Name: Winterplace Official Keeps the Slopes Safe
Author: Marcus Constantino
Media Outlet: Charleston Daily Mail
Originial Press Date: 01/08/2014
Story Link:
Article Name: Winterplace Enjoys Earliest Opening Ever
Author: Staff Reports
Media Outlet: Charleston Daily Mail
Originial Press Date: 11/23/2013
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Article Name: Resort Has Skiers, Mountain Covered
Author: Zach Harold
Media Outlet: Charleston Daily Mail
Original Press Date: 02/24/2012
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Winterplace Official Keeps The Slopes Safe
Marcus Constantino
GHENT, WV — When record-breaking cold temperatures closed
schools and kept some workers home Tuesday, some took to the slopes of area ski resorts to
enjoy the day off.
For Tom Wagner, a ski patrol supervisor at Winterplace Ski Resort, cold weather is just part of
another day on the job.
"When you think about it, is it really that cold?" Wagner laughed as he prepared to walk out to
the mountain at Winterplace Tuesday afternoon, when the temperature in Ghent hovered
around zero.
"Anytime I'm out skiing, it's a great day," Wagner said. "This is my 26th year as a professional
ski patroller, and to be honest with you, I can't imagine a winter not doing this."
Wagner started his day on patrol Tuesday morning before sunrise in temperatures as low as
minus 7 by making sure trails were marked clearly and safety paddings were in place. Once
guests arrived, Wagner's five-person ski patrol team mobilized on the trails, making sure guests
were staying warm and protected from the Arctic air.
"The fact is, it's just a little bit colder, so we're keeping an eye on our guests a little bit more, and
if it looks like someone's getting cold, we'll tell them to go inside for a little bit," Wagner said.
The cold weather did keep some away from the slopes, and Joe Stevens, spokesman for the West
Virginia Ski Areas Association, said temperatures below negative 20 degrees even forced
Canaan Valley in Tucker County to close its slopes for safety.
Despite the cold weather, Wagner said those who love the sports of skiing and snowboarding
will still come out, regardless of the conditions.
"When the snow is here and the cold weather is here, if you're a skier, you're coming, and that's
the pretty-historical trends that take place," Wagner said. "If it snows and it's cold, the skiers
show up."
Winterplace receives many out-of-state guests because of its close proximity to Interstate 77.
Some have never skied or snowboarded before, and Wagner said Ski Patrol stays alert for guests
who may not be used to the weather conditions.
"Because Winterplace is ranked the number one learn-to-ski place in the Southeast and a lot of
our groups come from the South, for many people, this is the first time they've ever seen snow,"
Wagner said.
"It's one of those things where if you've never gone to the beach before, what do you expect in
the ocean? It's very similar for some of those people who come here for the snow. They're not
sure what to expect, so they'll sometimes not be dressed properly or it'll be pretty obvious they're
outside their element."
The cold weather didn't dampen the spirits of Shelvie Rogers, Ramsey Wynne and Kalie Burnett,
who traveled with a campus organization at Georgia College and State University in
Milledgeville, Ga., to ski and snowboard the slopes of Winterplace. Speaking through their face
masks, the trio unanimously agreed they were having fun on the mountain, but admitted the
weather wasn't what they are used to.
"It's dang cold!" Burnett exclaimed at the summit of Winterplace mountain, which at 3,600 feet
above sea level, experiences colder temperatures and wind chills than lower-lying areas.
"We're from south Georgia. This is freezing," Burnett said.
Wagner said "frostnip," the first stage of frostbite, can set in after three to five minutes of direct
skin exposure. He said taking frequent warm-up breaks, wearing multiple layers and covering
the ears, hands and nose are essential on very cold days.
As for his ski patrol team, Wagner said it is always prepared for whatever Mother Nature hands
"One of the things is it's a physical job, so I would say that everyone starts trying to stay fit for
this position; you don't want to come out here and put yourself at risk," Wagner said. "The other
thing is we all dress accordingly for the cold weather so we're all layered up. I have four layers
on today. I know I had to dress for the weather; I have two layers on my gloves.
"The other thing we'll do is we'll go inside and warm up often," Wagner said. "We don't
generally stay out all day skiing. If you have a 28-degree day and it's fresh powder, you'll see the
ski patrol out skiing a lot more than you do today."
The three students from Georgia said if any advantage can be taken from the bone-chilling
weather, the mountain was much less crowded than normal.
"We haven't waited in line for a lift yet," Wynne added.
As long as people like Rogers, Wynne and Burnett are willing to brave the elements and enjoy a
day on the slopes, Wagner said he and all 28,000 ski patrollers across America will be there to
make sure they are safe.
"The Ski Patrol is a group of dedicated professionals that are here to ensure the skiing public is
taken care of in the event it needs it," Wagner said. "It doesn't make any difference; as long as
there's snow, we're going to be here."
Contact writer Marcus Constantino at [email protected] or 304-348-1796.
Winterplace Enjoys Earliest Opening Ever
From staff reports
GHENT, W.Va. -- A Raleigh County ski resort is celebrating one of its earliest openings for ski
season. Winterplace Ski Resort recently announced it would open Friday with at least five out of
27 trails and three out of nine lifts. The snowtubing park will open later, however.
This is a little earlier than officials previously thought. The resort's president Terry Pfeiffer
originally thought the resort would be ready to open Dec. 14. According to a news release, the
resort will be open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday. The resort is closed Dec. 2-5
but will reopen Dec. 6. "This is the earliest Winterplace has ever opened," Pfeiffer stated.
"Watching skiers and snowboarders enjoying themselves on opening day is one of the highlights
of the season." Pfeiffer said the resort has increased snowmaking capacity and has purchased
new rental equipment. "It looks like bookings are tracking ahead of last year," Pfeiffer said in a
Daily Mail article published earlier this week. "We're optimistic about the upcoming ski season."
Resort Has Skiers, Mountain Covered
Zack Harold
GHENT, W.Va. - Although West Virginia is seeing its mildest winter
in years, the slopes at Winterplace Ski Resort are as white as ever thanks to a high-tech
snowmaking system.
"We've had good skiing all season long," president Terry Pfeiffer said.
After purchasing its first automated snowmakers just four years ago, Winterplace now has one of
the largest computerized snow production systems in the nation. The first automated snow guns
were mounted on the steepest slopes, which were difficult to reach with manual snow machines.
"We were quite impressed with it. We saw how well they did and put it on a bunch of other
trails," Pfeiffer said.
Over the next couple of years, the resort soon purchased several more snowmakers.
Three-quarters of the resort's snowmaking machines are now automated. There are 119
towermounted snow guns at Winterplace, and 88 are now operated remotely.
"It's our insurance," Pfeiffer said. "It lets us take advantage of very small windows of cold
weather. We love it when it snows, but it doesn't have to snow as long as we have good cold
"We call it the Winterplace blizzard." Warren Smith, director of snow services, said the new
system is a big improvement from the way the resort used to make snow.
"Somebody had to go out, hook a hose up, turn the machine on, and turn the valve on. We used
to have eight- to 12-man shifts out here. Now we're running three-man crews, and we're getting
better-quality snow," he said. Smith can control the entire operation from his desk chair.
Every snow machine on the mountain is displayed on a large flat-screen monitor. By clicking on
one of the machines, he can alter any setting: from the "wetness" of the snow to the temperature
at which the guns will kick on.
At the beginning of the ski season, Smith said he lays down a lot of really wet, heavy snow. It's
not very good for skiers but creates a rock-hard base layer for the powder that will follow. Smith
makes the snow a bit drier once he's created the base layer by altering the machines' air-to-water
"I can make the snow so dry it's like you're walking through fog," Smith said.
The machines can't start making snow until the air reaches a "wet bulb" temperature of 28
degrees, a ratio of temperature and humidity. Each gun is equipped with a weather station that
monitors temperature and humidity. Once it's cold and humid enough, Smith can activate the
guns to start making snow.
He also can defrost the machines while sitting in his office. Each snow gun has a built-in
In the old days, workers defrosted machines with propane torches. It took three or four hours to
get the whole system running at full capacity. Smith can have the automated system running at
full capacity in a half hour.
"If it takes you three to four hours to get to full capacity, we're now making snow in that time,"
Pfeiffer said.
The system also allows Smith to control snowmaking from anywhere. He can log on to the
system from any computer with an Internet connection. He said he sometimes logs into the
system right before he goes to bed to prepare the snowmakers for nighttime snowmaking.
"I can be on vacation in Cozumel and make snow up here. It's a pretty amazing system."
Contact writer Zack Harold at 3044-348-7939 or [email protected]

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