The purpose of business is to create and keep a



The purpose of business is to create and keep a
March 2009
The purpose of business
is to create and
keep a customer.
Peter Drucker
Dear Reader
2009 promises to be a year full of challenges – both
old and new. For the Swiss Life Network, however,
our centre of gravity are our clients. We are committed to supporting you throughout these turbulent
times with appropriate and comprehensive employee benefit solutions.
Because these are a key success factor − particularly in an economically
difficult environment.
We focus in this issue on customer loyalty, with several examples of
how Network Partners are working to increase and maintain loyal clients. The perception of loyalty has changed over the last few years. In
competition with immediate profits, loyalty often seems to have lost
importance. But the Swiss Life Network bases its business model on
long-term relationships and trust, so we believe that loyalty is essential. We practice loyalty every day, with our Network Partners around
the globe and with our customers and other business partners. And in
listening carefully to all our partners, we work constantly on increasing
mutual loyalty.
If you have concrete suggestions on how we can improve our relationship with you, and hence increase our mutual loyalty, please let me
know. Constant exchange and communication are of the highest importance to us, and vital in these challenging times.
I look forward to getting your input!
Yours sincerely
Margrit Schmid
Head Swiss Life Network
Table of Content
• Loyalty programmes benefit clients and insurers
Partner News
• PFA Pension, Denmark: PFA Health Counselling
• Aseguradora Mundial, Panama: Dr. in Minutes
• Galicia Seguros, Argentina: Campaign with Matrioshka
• Kotak Life, India: Capital Guarantee ULIPs
• VidaCaixa, Spain: VidaCaixa Salud, private health insurance
• Swiss Life, Switzerland: Transferring biometric risks
• Ilmarinen, Finland: Two IPE awards for excellence
• Kooperativa, Slovakia: Best insurance company of the year 2008 award
• Aseguradora Mundial, Honduras: Our new Network Partner
• First Life, Philippines: 50th anniversary/new company name
• Irish Life, Ireland: Income Protection Claims Management
• Icatu Hartford, Brazil: IhPrev plan
Network News
• Five Network Partner anniversaries in 2009
Client News
• Interview with Corinne Mauzac, Director Compensation and Benefits at Stryker
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Loyalty programmes benefit clients
and insurers
By Thomas Lienert, Head of Sales, Swiss Life Network
Even a satisfied insurance client is not necessarily a loyal
one. So it is up to insurers to identify their high-value
clients, understand what their needs are, and pursue
a robust strategy to attract and retain them.
Client loyalty programmes have been around for many
years – certainly since the introduction of supermarket coupons. In international business, most of us are familiar
with frequent flyer incentives, designed to retain the most
frequent clients by rewarding their loyalty. But what do
these techniques have to do with insurance? Plenty. Because insurers and their clients can also benefit through
loyalty programmes that offer rewards for placing – and
maintaining – more business with their insurers.
Clients are more self-sufficient and less
automatically loyal
The profile of the typical insurance client is changing, and
one thing is clear: clients have become increasingly demanding. The internet provides access to information on products and pricing, making them more self-sufficient and
price-sensitive, and less loyal. Moreover, insurers can no
longer assume that a satisfied client will stay loyal when the
relationship is tested − perhaps by less than excellent claims
handling. To serve informed clients better, insurers must
improve client retention strategies by better understanding
what clients really value – and providing this.
Tailor-made solutions to fit client needs
Because no two clients are the same
In the past, insurers believed they should treat each client
exactly the same, regardless of their specific long-term value.
However, because no two clients are identical, the same loyalty scheme cannot be applied to all. Clients have different
expectations and need different solutions. It is important
to make clients feel they are “unique”, and receive special
treatment from their provider. So it is essential for insurers
to study client requirements and tailor products and services to match.
Achieving client loyalty through in-depth
Loyalty schemes should be aimed at retaining the most highvalue clients. However, schemes also need to gather information to update the client data base, help design more
effective offerings, and boost corporate profitability. While
loyalty in the insurance industry is often encouraged by
cash incentives and payouts, more importantly, it depends
on the product offering and service quality. Which means
insurers need to better understand – and satisfy – their clients’ needs.
Today we are shifting from a fixed product model to a more
adaptive, needs-based model, which lets us fine-tune our
offerings according to each client’s changing demands over
time. Insurers who understand this have a significant competitive advantage. By better supporting client needs, we
deepen our client relationships; and by aligning more products with more needs, in the context of truly comprehensive
solutions, we can turn client satisfaction into true client
There are four key areas to focus on:
1. Understanding client requirements
2. Satisfying channel preferences
3. Providing high-quality advice services
4. Managing loyalty through the client experience
Understanding the client is essential
Many insurers struggle to obtain the right client data, making it difficult to optimise client relationships, refine products, and support growth. However, leading insurers are now
achieving more comprehensive information on clients by
using new tools for client data analysis, financial management, contact management, etc. – all of which make insurers
more competitive and better able to retain their clients.
Distribution channels must align with
client preferences
Insurers need to understand how clients prefer to buy products, and how they want to receive post-sale service. In some
markets, clients prefer to use agents/distributors or independent financial advisors both to purchase insurance and
for advice.
The quality of advice is a major driver of
client satisfaction
By keeping prices competitive, and ensuring the highest
quality services, insurers address two important drivers of
client acquisition and retention: price and service experience. Above all, insurers can influence the primary driver of
client satisfaction by improving the quality of advice.
Loyalty through a consistently high-quality
client experience
Top insurers know that it is essential to deliver a consistently high-quality experience, plus added value services, in
order to gain and retain the loyal, high-value clients on
whom their success depends. In other words, the client must
always come first, and the sign of a top insurer is that it
focuses totally on each client’s interests and needs. So for
example, every Swiss Life Network client has a dedicated
contact to ensure excellent support at all times, based on a
thorough understanding of their requirements and preferences. When they receive such service, clients rarely wish to
change provider, particularly when they can also rely on
receiving innovative products, financial incentives, and
other added value services.
After-sales service is the key distinguishing
factor to promote loyalty
After-sales service has become extraordinarily important,
thanks to increased levels of competition and greater client
mobility. In the financial sector, which includes insurance,
products are often very similar, and innovations can be copied quite quickly. This means that in the final analysis, the
only way to distinguish a company from its competitors is
through its after-sales service to clients. The sale is not simply the end of a commercial process: it is the beginning of
a profitable and lasting relationship, designed to deliver
ongoing added value – and achieve client loyalty.
Affinity programmes benefit clients and insurers
Affinity programmes are an excellent way to strengthen
relationships with clients. There’s no one size to fit all:
it needs well-designed solutions, adapted to the exact
requirements and goals of each client. Swiss Life
Network’s modular multinational solutions are excellent examples of sophisticated, tailored affinity programmes, offering excellent quality service and advice,
as well as information, underwriting and financial benefits such as multinational pooling. Several Swiss Life
Network Partners also offer client loyalty programmes:
see the Partner News section of this newsletter.
Partner News
Denmark: client loyalty programmes from
a Danish perspective
Health and well-being are attracting considerable media attention in Denmark at the moment. At the same
time, products dealing with healthcare and well-being
are being used as a way to retain clients within the pension insurance sector. Health and well-being can increase the client satisfaction of both employers and
Health and well-being
schemes help retain clients
While employee retention may be affected by fringe benefits such as free newspapers, free telephone calls, and fitness club memberships, pension and insurance companies are aiming to retain clients by offering
a wide range of products that help corporate clients retain
their employees and keep them working.
Lotte Elsborg, Product Manager at PFA Pension
In the past, one way to hold on to an unsatisfied client was
to offer a cost discount on their insurance coverage. Today,
it is more common to offer alternative products that are
intended to promote client health and well-being.
Sickness absence is expensive
The idea of retaining clients through offering healthcare
products is particularly appropriate given the challenges
the Danish labour market faces at the moment, namely stress
and job-related disorders, which reduce employee productivity. Another problem is rising corporate sickness rates.
There are several reasons why it makes sense to focus on
sickness absence:
• 150,000 people in Denmark (some 5% of the workforce)
are absent from work due to illness every day
• only 70% of total absence is due to actual illness
• 35,000 people report unfit for work due to stress
• long-term sickness absence is increasing – it is up by 25%
since 2005
• sickness absence costs Danish society over DKK 35 billion
a year.
According to the Danish Chamber of Commerce, even a
minor reduction in sickness absence can lead to large savings. In a company or organisation with 200 employees, an
absence rate of 8% costs DKK 3.5 million a year. If the absence rate can be reduced from 8% to 5%, this will result in
savings of DKK 1.3 million a year.
Partner News
Employees are not afraid to talk about
sickness absence
A study by one of Denmark’s leading opinion research institutes, Capacent Epinion, showed that employees are generally willing to discuss their health with their managers:
Would it be acceptable if my manager asks
questions about my short-term absence?
0% Completely Neither/Nor Completely Do not know
With its wide range of products focusing on health and
well-being, PFA Pension is one of the leading providers of
healthcare products and preventive healthcare to corporate
clients in Denmark.
Through PFA Health Counselling, PFA helps companies to
reduce sickness absence. PFA Health Counselling also provides professional counselling on stress/well-being, sickness absence, abuse, illness, etc., and helps corporate clients
develop policies on stress and sickness absence.
The overall objective is to ensure efficient treatment, so that
an employee who is absent due to illness can return as soon
as possible to his or her job. A further positive side-effect
is that PFA’s efforts also contribute towards increased client satisfaction and retention.
Completely Do not know
Would it be acceptable if my manager
wants to discuss health in connection with
my staff development interview?
Healthy clients are satisfied clients
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Lotte Elsborg, PFA Pension
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +45 391 75 48 0
Sources: The Danish Centre for Stress, The Danish Chamber of Commerce
0% Completely Neither/Nor Completely Do not know
Completely Do not know
Source: Capacent Epinion for PFA Pension, May 2008:
Based on 1,168 interviews.
Partner News
Panama: Aseguradora Mundial’s
“Dr. in Minutes” client loyalty programme
Beyond offering exceptional service, companies use
loyalty programmes to increase client preference for
their services. But to be successful, these programmes
must be different, deliver true added value for clients,
and be profitable for the company.
Aseguradora Mundial believes that it
is important to increase client satisfaction, promote direct contact with each
client, and offer genuinely added value
The company’s loyalty programme is designed to improve
quality of life in the medical and health area. Aseguradora
Mundial’s Dr. in Minutes (“Dr. En Minutos”) service delivers home medical attention, available 24/7, which provides medical assistance whenever the client’s health or
that of his/her family requires it. Dr. in Minutes includes
medical advice by phone and in person, home visits, transport to hospital, and more.
Aseguradora Mundial’s strategic alliance with the medical
services supplier enables it to offer the programme through
a capitation scheme with a cap on fees, which in turn reduces the level of monthly premiums. While take-up of the
service is relatively small so far, clients are impressed by
the offer, which is communicated at every contact with the
company and its intermediaries. This is having a positive
effect on perceptions of the company, and this in turn is
proving valuable in terms of client loyalty for Aseguradora
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Zuleika Tello, Aseguradora Mundial Panama
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +507 207 86 27
Partner News
Argentina: Galicia Seguros
is committed to building long-term
relationships with its clients
The challenge for the company is to find opportunities to let people know about its strengths and capabilities as an employee benefits supplier.
Galicia Seguros recently launched
a campaign to communicate
with its target market. Since this is already flooded with
information, Galicia Seguros looked for a communications
strategy to differentiate itself and show it has the creativity
to deliver tailor-made solutions for every size of company.
Furthermore, since all companies have their own structures
and values, yet are made up of people from different backgrounds and of diverse ages, it is clear that in order to
succeed, they need to work together as a big family.
As a result, Galicia Seguros has launched a campaign based
on Matrioshkas, which represent wisdom, good luck, long
life and family.
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Lucía Armando, Galicia Seguros
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +54 11 411 48 12 9
Daniel Cassieri, Commercial Director; Lucia Armando, Director Corporate Clients;
and Sergio Bartoletti, Account Manager Corporate Clients.
The Russian nesting doll “Matrioshka” was created about
100 years ago, based on the Fukuruma dolls of Japan
and China. Fuku = luck; roku = riches; ju = long life.
Matrioshkas are made of wood and painted in lively
colours. They consist of a set of dolls that fit inside
each other. Matrioshkas are said to bring luck to their
owners and to represent wishes: when one wish has
been fulfilled, the next Matrioshka can be opened.
India: Kotak Life Insurance takes
initiatives to boost investor confidence
in a wary market
In response to the current economic situation and
consumer demand, Kotak Life Insurance has introduced several unique initiatives to encourage cautious investors to invest in capital guarantee ULIPs.
Apart from launching an interactive website, the company plans to aggressively promote the capital guarantee products in many ways. Capital guarantee
ULIPs from Kotak Life Insurance offer the dual benefits of capital protection and potential returns.
The concept of capital
Unit linked capital guarantee plans
offer investors an opportunity for
long-term capital appreciation through exposure to the
equity markets, while protecting their capital from downside risk. Simply put, these plans promise to return at
least the premium paid by the individual on maturity,
thus providing risk-averse investors with an avenue for
equity investment and real wealth creation, coupled with
peace of mind.
Elizabeth Venkataraman,
Head Marketing,
Kotak Life Insurance
Kotak Life Insurance’s suite of capital
guarantee products
Kotak Life Insurance introduced its first capital guarantee
product in 2003, called the Kotak Safe Investment Plan.
The company subsequently introduced additional innovative products of this kind.
Most plans in the market maintain a high debt-oriented
portfolio to keep risk low. This can compromise returns
and astute financial planning. Kotak Life Insurance’s capital guarantee plans offer higher equity exposure of up to
80%, ensuring that investors benefit from stock market upside returns.
Partner News
Recent initiatives to inform clients
Kotak Life has recently launched an interactive website
called supported by an aggressive marketing campaign.
The website offers information and tips on investing, educating customers on how Kotak Life Insurance products
can provide solutions to their investment dilemmas.
According to Elizabeth Venkataraman, Head Marketing,
Kotak Life Insurance, “Capital guarantee lets an investor
achieve the dual objectives of safety as well as returns. It
addresses the current sentiments of customers who are
seeking avenues for investment at a time of volatile equity markets. The website is aimed at educating customers
about investment options that are not only safe, but can
also provide good returns.”
Kotak Life Insurance has launched a pan-country print,
outdoor and internet campaign which, together with the
website, aims to increase awareness of the advantages of
capital guarantee plans among investors.
Capital guarantee is applicable to the Kotak Safe Investment Plan II with five times cover for ages 0 to 65
years for a regular payment term, and up to age 50 for
a limited payment term; and to the Kotak Retirement
Income Plan (unit-linked without cover) for ages 18 to
65 years and a policy term of 15 years or more. Life
cover is not available with the Kotak Retirement Income Plan (unit-linked without cover). Please refer to
the specific product brochures and policy document
for details on all terms and conditions. Capital guarantee is applicable after three years of premium payments.
For more information
please visit
or contact Mr. Shweta Adodra,
Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +91 22 666 21 59 07
Partner News
Spain: VidaCaixa provides comprehensive
employee benefits – including private
health insurance
The Spanish public health system currently covers the
entire population. It is entirely paid by the state, with
no direct costs charged to citizens. Despite this, over
nine million people are insured privately, thus gaining
access to high quality services while avoiding waiting
lists for public health services and ensuring their own
choice of doctor.
Private health
insurance in Spain
The most common contracts involve health insurance
within a predefined medical network. However, Spain is
different to other countries in Europe in the way health
insurance works. For example, clients receive medical services directly throughout the country from networks of
doctors and hospitals, without having to pay upfront. This
is in contrast to the reimbursement schemes of Europe
and America.
The market is highly concentrated in Spain, with 75% of
customers insured by less than 15 insurance companies.
The reason for this is the concentration of expertise, and
the high value placed on the quality of medical networks
and their presence around the country.
Jaime Español Moreda,
Manager Individual Technical Department, VidaCaixa
VidaCaixa Salud accesses a superior
VidaCaixa offers one of the best medical networks in Spain,
and manages over a million health insurance services each
year. VidaCaixa’s extensive network involves over 33,000
doctors and 1100 medical centres, including 400 private
hospitals. It operates in all provinces in Spain, as well as
the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, and cities of Ceuta
and Melilla (in North Africa).
Partner News
Advantages for employers
VidaCaixa Salud provides the widest range of
medical coverages available, including:
• Primary care
• Emergencies (also home service)
• Diagnostics (no limits per visit nor per session)
• Preventive medicine:
• Hospitalisation: including Intensive Care Unit
with no time limit
• Psychiatry
• Dental
• Podiatry
• Ambulance services
• Psychotherapy
• Internal prosthesis
• Special treatments including chemotherapy,
speech therapy, etc.
Health insurance for employees is a social benefit that is
greatly appreciated by employees and contributes to building staff loyalty. Such plans also generate potential savings
for the company, as they avoid employees having to wait
for doctors, and thus reduce worker absenteeism.
Advantages for employees
Premiums are more advantageous under collective contracts, and families can be included at a lower price if the
premium is paid by the company. Corporate health insurance also helps employees avoid paperwork and save time.
Tax benefits
For employers: The global cost of the insurance is tax deductible for the company (no limits on the amount). Insurance premiums are not included when calculating contributions to social security.
Additional services include:
• Second medical opinion
• Medical advice: free qualified medical support
by phone 24/365
• Pre- and post-natal services
• Travel health insurance
For employees: The cost of medical insurance is not considered payment in kind or income from employment. As
a result, it is not taxable (up to legally-established limits:
EUR 500 per person annually, with the possibly of including the employee’s family).
Special coverages offered only by VidaCaixa Salud:
• PET/CAT scan
• Psychotherapy for eating disorders
• Laser therapy for dermatology
• Genetic confirmation testing for diagnosis of illnesses
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Ana Cardoso Delgado, VidaCaixa
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +34 93 227 89 57
Partner News
Switzerland: Improving the structure of
pension fund balance sheets by transferring
biometric risks to insurance companies
By Hansueli Kaufmann, Swiss Life (Switzerland)
The current financial crisis is having a major impact on
pension funds, with only a small number of these now
able to retain their full risk capacity. Many boards are
debating how to improve their risk capacity and thus secure the entitlements of active insureds and pensioners.
One measure under discussion to reduce risk is to adjust
the investment strategy. In major cases of underfunding,
Hansueli Kaufmann, Key Account
Manager for corporate clients
and Swiss Life partners
there is also the option of raising special contributions.
Unfortunately, adjusting the investment
strategy to reduce risk would limit potential returns when the capital markets recover, and imposing supplementary contributions for employers and insureds would
only add to their burdens at this difficult time. However,
by transferring more biometric risks to an insurance company, it is possible to improve the balance sheet structure
of pension funds and thus their risk capacity, without resorting to more radical measures.
Biometric risks of pension funds
In securing insured benefits for old age, death and disability, pension funds take on biometric risks. Whereas
death and disability risks generally fluctuate annually,
there is a steadily upward trend towards longer benefit payments to pensioners. Both the fluctuation risks of death
and disability, as well as increased life expectancy, affect
pension funds through the need to build reserves. Since
these reserves must have the same coverage ratio for active
insureds as for pensioners, they absorb funds that thus
become unavailable for other purposes.
The level of reserves for death and disability risks are generally set in line with expected claims; reserves to compensate longevity are set in relation to the available reserves of
the pensioners portfolio. If a pension fund reinsures part
of its insured risk, often in the form of a stop loss insurance, the reserve for the fluctuation risks of death and disability is only required to cover the fund’s risk retention.
The balance sheet of a model pension fund with no or
only partial reinsurance of its risks looks as follows:
Effective value
of investments
Pension fund capital
Securities fluctuation reserve
Risk fluctuation reserve
Adding the risk fluctuation reserve to the pension fund
capital results
in a coverage ratio (in this
model case) of
111% (120/108).
Effective value
of investments
Pension fund capital
Securities fluctuation reserve
Free asset reserve
Partner News
Transferring biometric risks
There are several ways to transfer the biometric risks of
death and disability to an insurance company, with flexibility on whether the risk transfer should be partial (up to a
defined self retention), or full. Partial transfer means that
there can be a smaller risk fluctuation reserve in the pension fund. The full transfer of risks removes the need to
keep any risk fluctuation reserve at all.
Naturally, by transferring biometric risks to insurance
companies, in comparison to autonomously managing the
risk process, there are opportunity costs that can be as high
as the costs of equivalent insurance contributions. However, when there is poor claims experience, the inclusion
of a large insurance company in the process allows better
calculation of the load on the pension fund. In addition, a
higher transfer of biometric risks is only necessary for as
long as it takes to secure the solvency of the pension fund.
Assets of longevity risks may
While the transfer
be unattractive
to many pension funds on cost grounds, transferring the
Effective value
Pension fund capital
portfolio can lead to an improved
balance sheet.
of investments
By simply transferring new pensioners, the fund can stareserve
bilise its future obligations by Securities
avoiding fluctuation
the trend towards
ever-increasing average lengths of pension payments. A full
transfer of biometric risks results
a coverage
ratio of
120%, and the balance sheet of a model pension fund
would look as follows:
Effective value
of investments
Pension fund capital
Securities fluctuation reserve
Free asset reserve
By fully reinsuring the biometric risks, the burden removed
from the liabilities can be used to increase the securities
fluctuation reserve. Once this has reached the required
level, any remaining reserves can be allocated as free asset
reserves. In this way, the structure of the pension fund’s
balance sheet can be substantially improved, for example,
by rebuilding risk capacity for investments. This can also
help avoid the need to raise additional contributions.
The insurance company taking on the risks will generally
ensure that it receives an adequate price to cover the liabilities involved (based on prior claims experience). If there
are major positive deviations between expected and actual
claims, the use of claims experience systems can substantially reduce the net costs for the pension fund.
Hansueli Kaufmann is a Key Account Manager for corporate clients and Swiss Life partners. He brings over
30 years of professional experience in employee benefits to the position.
After completing his studies at the University of St. Gallen,
Hansueli Kaufmann held a variety of positions in the
employee benefits field. For many years he was the
senior manager of a department responsible for special
contracts and insurance for associations. He was also
heavily involved in the development of a specialist subsidiary for autonomous pension funds.
Partner News
Finland: Ilmarinen wins two prestigious
IPE awards for excellence
Launched in 2001 by Investment & Pensions Europe
magazine, the annual IPE awards set industry benchmarks for excellence in the management of Europe’s
pension funds. The awards recognise and reward the
hard work and creative thinking of the best pension
funds and their executives.
IPE’s 8th European pension
funds awards ceremony was
held in November 2008 in
Barcelona. Swiss Life Network Partner for Finland Ilmarinen
received two prestigious awards:
Best Pension Fund in Finland
Ilmarinen manages a EUR 24bn multi-employer scheme.
It won the accolade as Finland’s best pension fund thanks
to the robust activity of its in-house hedge fund manager,
which helps maintain its lead against its competitors. The
internal hedge fund performed close to 15% in the year to
the end of August 2008, as against a negative performance
of –1.5% from the externally-managed hedge fund portfolio. In terms of annualized returns for the past three years,
the internal hedge fund investments produced 19.6% versus 10.2% by the external managers.
Anna Hyrske from Ilmarinen receiving the prestigious IPE award 2008
Best Commodities Investment
As part of its overall pension fund investment approach,
Ilmarinen has been following an innovative and successful
strategy of investing in commodities to achieve increased
diversification and returns. The use of a highly sophisticated customised benchmark to guide its commodity investments contributed in large measure to its positive results in this area.
“Our success in the IPE awards shows that we have managed to constantly develop our investment strategies and
policies. This award is a true team effort and for that I
congratulate the whole Ilmarinen team!” said Timo Ritakallio, Deputy CEO of Ilmarinen.
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Riitta Räsänen-Rugemalira, Ilmarinen
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +358 10 284 26 28
Partner News
Slovakia: Kooperativa wins Best Insurance
Company of the Year 2008 award
We are pleased to announce that Network Partner
Kooperativa of Slovakia has been named Best Insurance
Company of the Year for 2008 by Trend magazine.
This is the sixth time that
Kooperativa pois’tovňa, a.s.
Vienna Insurance Group has
received this prestigious award.
Over the years, Kooperativa has shown impressive growth,
and the company recently announced it had achieved the
highest net profit in its history.
Trend magazine’s award criteria include growth, market
share, profitability, operational costs and loss ratio.
Kooperativa has scored particularly highly regarding
growth and efficiency.
Kooperativa was the first private universal insurance company set up in Slovakia. Following its establishment in 1990,
it quickly developed into a stable and successful insurer,
and has maintained its leading position despite growing
competition. When Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG
Vienna Insurance Group became its major shareholder,
Kooperativa joined a strong European insurance group,
whose support and know-how have helped it achieve outstanding results in both life and non-life insurance. In
recent years, Kooperativa has increased its market share
and significantly enlarged its business activities through
acquisitions. VIG Slovakia, led by Kooperativa, currently
has a market share of over 29%.
For more information
please visit
Juraj Lelkes, CEO of Kooperativa, receiving the prestigious Trend award
Partner News
Honduras: Swiss Life Network welcomes
Aseguradora Hondureña Mundial as
our new Network Partner in Honduras
We are delighted to introduce our new Network Partner
in Central America, Aseguradora Hondureña Mundial,
which officially joined the Swiss Life Network on
July 1, 2008.
Aseguadora Hondureña
Mundial was founded in
1954. The company was
bought at the end of 2006
by Grupo Mundial Tenedora S.A., one of the main financial
conglomerates in Panama and Central America, in response
to the growing insurance market in Honduras.
Aseguradora Hondureña Mundial was ranked fourth in
the Honduras insurance market in the period from January
to June 2008.
The company is distinguished by its attractive earnings to
capital ratio; high liquidity ratio; adequate technical reserves; first class solvent reinsurance; and solid capitalisation – all of which support its current operations and longterm growth.
Focus on service and operational excellence
Aseguradora Hondureña Mundial is recognised within the
Honduran market for its efficient and personalized customer service, and for its constant product innovation.
With the priority on quality and customer service, the company has set standardisation and consistency objectives in
all areas, and implemented quality management systems.
Aseguradora Hondureña Mundial obtained ISO 9001:2000
certification for individual life products in 1997, and for
its automotive branch in 2008.
Tailor-made solutions
Aseguradora Hondureña Mundial provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the protection and prevention needs of every level of corporate or individual
• Personal
insurance (group life, individual life, medical
expenses, personal accident, work-related accident)
• Damage insurance (property and casualty, automobile,
transportation, etc.)
• Surety bonds (offer, contract compliance, work quality,
payment fulfilment, supply, etc.)
Poolable products
• Group Life
• Disability Pension/Lump Sum (riders)
• Accidental Death and Dismemberment
• Group Medical
Partner News
fltr: Elsa Orfilia Vijil Tinoco, Director Personnel
Department; Otto Hermann Gaekel Ochoa,
Director Claim Management; Iris Vannesa
Avelar, Director Reclamation; Franklin Gerardo
Padilla Castellón, Regional Manager La Ceiba;
Mirla Sirelda López Pineda, Sales Director;
Freddy Danery Gómez Moreno, Finance Director;
Yadina Monserrat Moya Villatoro, Director Customer Atention; Gerardo Antonio Corrales Haddad,
General Director.
Financial strength of parent company
Aseguradora Mundial
Parent company Aseguradora Mundial has a rating of Afrom A.M. Best. This reflects the company’s solid capitalisation, continuous favourable operating profitability, and
well-established market presence throughout the Central
American region.
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Teresita Soto Franco,
Mundial Desarrollo de Negocios
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +507 207 86 08
Partner News
Philippines: Double Celebration for
First Life in 2009
First Life has two reasons to celebrate in 2009 – its
50th anniversary and the launch of a new name for
the company.
First Guarantee Life Assurance Co.,
Inc is now First Life Financial. The
name change reflects the company’s evolution from an
insurance company focused solely on protection to a company involved in diverse financial services, including insurance and investments.
According to President and CEO Peter Coyiuto, “First Life
will evolve into a company that provides a full range of
financial products, making it a Filipino brand leader in
both the growth and the protection of clients’ wealth.”
Alongside the change of name, First Life will also celebrate
its 50th anniversary with special events and activities to
highlight the company’s legacy of service to its clients,
agency force, employees and the community.
One special activity will be First Life’s donation to its charity project Bless the Children (BTC). First Life President
Peter Coyiuto said, “We build a legacy by what we believe in,
by who we are, and by what we do to others. We believe that
we will realize the profound meaning of legacy with this
unique opportunity to give back, not only to our clients but
to the community at large, and this will be done through
BTC and our donation to help Filipino children.”
Peter Coyiuto, President of First Life
The Swiss Life Network congratulates Network Partner
First Life on its 50th anniversary.
First Life plans to release a special 50th anniversary executive
diary and hold an appreciation party for clients. A major
communication campaign is also planned for 2009.
Founded in 1959, First Life belongs to the progressive
Coyiuto Group of companies. One of the leading Philippine life insurance companies, the company has been a
member of the Swiss Life Network since 1996.
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Ninian Cedo, First Life
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +632 893 30 24
Partner News
Ireland: Income Protection Claims
Irish Life is the leading provider of income protection
coverage in the Irish market, providing insurance to
275,000 people. The company currently has 2,300
claims in payment, and pays out total benefits of
EUR 45 million each year.
fltr: Niall Hussey, Technical Manager Income Protection Claims; Shane Goggin,
Technical Manager Income Protection Claims; Adrian Cardiff, Director Income
Protection Claims; Shane O’Farrell, Risk Product Manager.
Irish Life’s services go much further than simply paying out benefits. The company works closely with
employers, providing advice and assistance on all
aspects of managing absenteeism and claims. The
aim is to pay genuine claims quickly and efficiently,
and to assist as many employees as possible to return
to work. As this improves a scheme’s income protection
experience, it ultimately reduces employers’ premiums.
Irish Life recognises the importance of maintaining a longterm relationship with each income protection claimant.
The relationship extends from managing claims efficiently
to offering rehabilitation and retraining options, as well
as trained help and advice. All services are offered with the
objective of restoring physical, mental, social and occupational capability as quickly and as fully as possible.
Claimants Returned to Work
Home visits
Irish Life employs four health claims advisors who work
solely on home visits. These carried out 700 visits in 2007,
and a similar number in 2008. 300 visits were for pending
claims, and 51 were to offer rehabilitation.
Income protection rehabilitation
The company currently offers six rehabilitation programmes. These cater for mental health problems, back
pain, neck pain and cancer. They also offer a case management service and a career change programme. Over 225
claimants have completed an Irish Life rehabilitation programme so far. To date, 41% of claimants who completed
a rehabilitation programme in 2008 have returned to work.
Typically, programmes cost about EUR 3,000 per claimant,
but can be up to EUR 6,000 (fully funded by Irish Life).
Client meetings
Return to Work – Sucess Rates
Return to Work Trends 2002 to 2008
Irish Life has three technical managers who are available to
meet employers to discuss claims and back to work opportunities: Adrian Cardiff (Director), Niall Hussey (Manager)
and Shane Goggin (Manager).
2008 est.
As shown above, 165 people returned to fulltime work in
2007. The projected figure for 2008 is 180.
For more information
please visit
or contact Mr. Adrian Cardiff,
Director Income Protection Claims, Irish Life
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +353 1 704 2215
Partner News
Brazil: Icatu Hartford’s IhPrev plan
In Brazil, two main types of corporate pension vehicles
are available for long-term savings: closed entity and
IhPrev uses external banks for asset management, with no
conflict of interest, since Icatu Hartford is not affiliated to
any banking group.
open entity.
Closed pension plans are private
and have their own management
structure. They are also available
as multi-sponsored plans, and
offer solid advantages to medium and big companies.
Open pension plans can be either collective or individual,
and may be operated by insurance companies, banks, or
non-profit organisations. The most common open pension
plans are the Plano Gerador de Beneficios Livres (PGBL)
– similar to the US 401k plan, and the Vida Gerador de
Beneficios Livres (VGBL), for employees’ contributions.
Icatu Hartford’s IhPrev plan
Icatu Hartford created “IhPrev” as a multi-sponsored plan
in 1996. The company is one of the few insurers to specialise in multi-sponsored plans. IhPrev allows a sponsoring
company to outsource its pension fund administration
and asset management, but keep its plan exclusive and
segregated from other sponsors’ plans. IhPrev is a solution
for companies seeking improved services for participants,
supported by high-tech systems. In addition, IhPrev’s modern governance structure, which is approved by the regulator, allows the company to outsource criminal and financial liabilities. These would normally be assumed by
directors in the case of in-house managed plans.
The second half of 2008 saw the multi-sponsored market
grow even stronger, since these plans normally have lower
costs due to their shared overheads. They thus help companies reduce their expenses - a particularly important
advantage during these difficult financial times.
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Vanessa Donke, Icatu Hartford
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +55 11 347 23 91 6
Brazil – Fastest Growth among Investment Products
Pension Reserves in R$ billion
% of Mutual Fund industry
Pension CAGR=37%
Mutual Fund CAGR=19%
Icatu Hartford figures:
IH P GBL+VGBL (similar to 401K) CAGR=48%
IH Prev Multisponsored CAGR=65%
CAGR=compound annual growth rate
Source: Arbid and Susep regulator
2007 Aug. 08
Network News
Five anniversaries show strength of
relationships with Swiss Life Network Partners
As a network of top providers, Swiss Life Network’s
competitive advantage is the sharing of global experience and specialist know-how to produce the highest
quality service for our clients wherever they are located around the world.
Our network is dependent on relationships built on
trust and common goals – and we are proud of our
longstanding partnerships with top local insurance providers.
So we are delighted to celebrate five special Network
Partner anniversaries in 2009 and we look forward to
continuing our successful relationships with these outstanding companies for many years to come.
25 years
Vital Forsikring,
With roots going back to 1847, Vital Forsikring is Norway’s
largest life insurance company, and part of the DnB NOR
Group, the top financial services group. Vital offers a complete range of group and individual products, comprehensive financial advice, administration and management instruments for autonomous funds, as well as health
awareness programmes. With a market share of 33.6% of
the total life insurance market in Norway, Vital has 45.9%
of all group defined benefit pension plans, and 28.2% of
group defined contribution plans.
Main coverages include old age pensions (DB only), disability pensions (rider), survivors’ pensions (rider), and
group life. Other coverages available include endowments,
accidental death & dismemberment, medical, critical illness, and workers’ compensation. Non-life insurance is offered through Vital Skade AS, and unit-linked products
through Vital Link AS.
We are particularly pleased to note that 2009 marks the
silver anniversary of our highly successful relationship with
Our cooperation with Vital actually goes back 35 years – the Network agreement however was signed 10 years later in 1984.
For more information
please visit
or contact Mr. Tor Myrseth, Vital Forsikring
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 9 340 74 34
Network News
20 years
Aseguradora Mundial,
Our distinguished Network Partner Aseguradora Mundial
is an integrated insurance company, established in 1968.
Personal lines represent around 65% of total premiums. As
the overall market leader in Panama, with a market share
of 19.35% in all business lines, Aseguradora Mundial has
a life and health market share of 15.5%. A.M. Best has
awarded the company a rating of “A-” (excellent) with a
stable outlook. The company ensures nationwide coverage
through its offices in the cities of Panama, David, Chitre,
Santiago, Chorrera and Colon.
Insurance coverages include disability, group life, accidental death & dismemberment, and medical insurance. Annuities and pension plans are available, also company specific portfolios and fiduciary services. Loans to policy­­holders
are granted on better terms than offered by other financial
institutions, and cost containment measures are available
to control claim loss ratios. Aseguradora Mundial is a preferred provider organisation with a vast array of value-added services.
For more information
please visit
or contact Ms. Zuleika Tello, Aseguradora Mundial
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +507 207 86 27
20 years
Seguros de Occidente,
A highly respected member of the Swiss Life Network since
1989, Seguros de Occidente was founded in 1979. The
company offers both life and non-life insurance and is today the largest life insurer in Guatemala. The company’s
life and group life premiums account for almost two-thirds
of total premium income. Seguros de Occidente was rated “AA-” stable by Fitch Ratings in November 2008.
Coverages include group life, accidental death&dismember­
ment and medical. The company offers long-term pension
programmes with the highest yields in the financial market, through special trust funds.
For more information
please visit
or contact Mr. Manuel Lemus, Seguros de Occidente
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +502 227 97 27 8
Network News
20 years
Seguros Bolívar,
Founded in 1939, valued long-term Network Partner Seguros Bolívar is Colombia’s second largest insurance company, and offers both life and non-life insurance. The company is the leading group life insurer in Colombia, with a
market share of 16.30% in 2007. It has 22 branches and 34
agencies, with 4,000 agents to meet insurance needs in 15
cities throughout Colombia.
Insurance coverages include group life with three riders
total&permanent disability, accidental death&dismember­
ment, and critical illness, and medical plans. Seguros Bolívar also offers a group life product to protect insured sums
from the effects of devaluation and inflation.
For more information
please visit
or contact Mr. Juan Pablo Sánchez, Seguros Bolívar
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +57 1 312 26 00 ext.7031
10 years
Seguros Comerciales
Bolívar, Venezuela
A valuable Swiss Life Network Partner since 1999, Seguros
Comerciales Bolívar was formed in 1997, when Seguros
Bolívar, Colombia’s No. 1 group life insurer, acquired Latino CN Seguros in Venezuela and renamed the new company. The company offers both life and non-life insurance,
the majority of which is life business. The main regional
offices are located in Caracas, Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto and Maracaibo.
Group life with two riders disability lump sum and accidental death & dismemberment are offered. Medical plans are
available on an administrative services basis and as of 2009
also traditional medical plans are provided. Seguros Comerciales Bolivar offers a group life product to protect the sum
insured against inflation or devaluation of the local currency.
For more information
please visit
or contact Mr. Yamir Fernando Yabrudy
e-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +58 212 905 99 50
Swiss Life Network
Seminar with cocktail reception
May 14, 2009/Santiago de Chile, Chile
We are pleased to announce the upcoming event for clients and brokers:
At this informal seminar Swiss Life Network provides valuable insights and expertise for executives
with responsibility for employee benefits at multinational corporations and their subsidiaries,
as well as the insurance brokers in Latin America.
This event is co-hosted by our Network Partner Cruz del Sur, Chile.
For more information
please visit
Client News
Interview with Corinne Mauzac, Director
Compensation and Benefits Europe
for Stryker SA in Montreux, Switzerland
Corinne Mauzac is Director Compensation and Benefits
Europe for Stryker SA, based in Montreux, Switzerland.
She was previously Senior Manager, Global Com­pen­s­
ation &Benefits and HR Processes for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
in Geneva. Prior to this she held HR managerial positions in London for Wolseley plc and Reuters plc, having worked in Reuters’ Moscow office for seven years.
Corinne Mauzac has considerable
cross-functional experience at both
corporate and front-line levels, including management, finance and PR/marketing, dealing with
different nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds
in a variety of countries. She has high-level expertise in all
aspects of HR management, particularly remuneration.
A holder of postgraduate qualifications in modern languages and international HR management, Corinne Mauzac
speaks French (mother tongue), English, Russian, Spanish
and Portuguese.
When did you start at Stryker and why did
you choose to work there?
CM: I joined Stryker just over two years ago as Senior
Manager, Compensation&Benefits, EMEA. I was attracted
by the role as the top European specialist responsible for
developing reward strategies and policies, and also by the
company’s dynamism, success, and strong ethics.
My role has evolved, and following our recent reorganisation, I am now Director, Compensation & Benefits, Europe.
This still doesn’t reflect the true scope of my work, as I
also manage international assignments, support corporate
projects, and advise the president of our Japanese division.
But that’s Stryker: full of interesting challenges and development opportunities.
Corinne Mauzac,
Director Compensation and
Benefits Europe for Stryker
SA in Montreux, Switzerland
What characteristics do you consider most
important for a successful director compensation and benefits?
CM: Obviously, in-depth specialist knowledge. An international background and experience are essential to understand the particularities of each country’s tax and social
security regimes, employment legislation and infrastructure, as well as local cultures. An open and inquisitive
mind, and well-honed communication skills, preferably in
more than just English, also help. In a decentralised, matrix
organisation, the only credibility you have is that which
you earn through continually delivering excellent results
and maintaining a cooperative and professional attitude
at all times.
What characteristics in your employees do
you most admire?
CM: Most are incredibly hard-working, talented, committed and enthusiastic about their jobs. They’re passionate
about integrity and thrive on success, both their own and
Stryker’s; they’re proud of the company and we’re proud
of them.
Client News
Employer branding is a key success factor
when it comes to building a qualified
workforce. What is your company’s strategy?
CM: I’ve been working on a corporate project to create a
common employee value proposition, now nearly complete, to be used by all divisions as appropriate in their
markets. Within Europe the HR and Marketing teams have
collaborated to ensure that the logos, slogans, and messages used on web pages, at recruitment fairs and in advertisements are consistent.
What is your vision and mission for the next
five to ten years?
CM: Regardless of the current economic climate, I think
Stryker will expand its market share in Europe in the long
term, and continue to innovate and champion new technologies. This means our compensation and benefits policies must continue to evolve, and I want to encourage a
more collegial approach and closer networking between
our compensation and benefits specialists.
Stryker EMEA has reorganised its business along product
lines rather than geography. As a result, our top executives
now have to manage multinational teams. This means we
need to both harmonise the remuneration framework
across countries and franchises, and educate line management on the complexities of cross-border comparisons, so
they don’t convert Swiss francs into Euros when assessing
employees’ pay in different countries.
What were the most important factors
when choosing Swiss Life Network for your
employee benefits, and what are your
How does your company gain new clients,
develop existing clients, and retain loyal
clients? Do you have a client loyalty programme?
CM: As a sales and distribution division we have a large
sales force that is dedicated to doing just that, mostly
through offering our customers the best range of products,
the best customer service and the best, most knowledgeable
advice. A loyalty programme would be inappropriate in
our industry, and we are very careful and proud to meet
the compliance requirements of the Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act and of our European industry watchdog
Because of your commitment to the organisation there must be one thing you miss,
for example, time with family, or travelling
to relax, or a favourite hobby. What is it?
CM: My family do occasionally complain of my unavailability, I have never taken all the holidays I’m entitled to
as there’s never a good time, and I haven’t been skiing at
all yet this season – but I love my job and strongly believe
Stryker makes a big impact on patients’ lives, so whilst I
do try and have the discipline to put away the Blackberry
after 9 pm and at least part of the weekend, I wouldn’t
change a thing.
*Opinions expressed here reflect the personal view of the
person interviewed.
CM: Flexibility and choice, good local support in the countries, and excellent customer service from headquarters. If
Swiss Life continues to offer the same we’ll be more than
pleased. Our Japanese division has just joined the network
as well.
Looking ahead, what do you think the
future holds for employee benefits?
CM: Long term I think we’ll see more choices offered to
employees and more global initiatives. Mid term, I expect
significant changes due to government reforms, e.g. of state
pensions and health systems. In the short term, cost containment is an issue for many organisations and this may
lead to temporary austerity measures in some areas.
Profile Stryker
Stryker is a broadly based, global leader in medical
technology that consistently delivers exceptional
results. Stryker is one of the largest players in the USD
28.6 billion worldwide orthopaedic market, and its
products improve medical professionals’ and patients’
lives in over 120 countries. For more information
about Stryker SA, please visit
General-Guisan-Quai 40, 8022 Zurich, Switzerland
Telephone +41 43 284 37 97, Fax +41 43 284 39 97
Internet:, e-Mail: [email protected]
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