Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create



Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create
Halswell School
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Halswell School
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150 Years 1864 to 2014
Many Hearts make a School.
Newsletter No 7
Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers,
In my opinion:
“Happiness is not the absence of
problems; it's the ability to deal with them.”
Matters of Significant Importance
 The front field has been closed by Naylor Love for soil
exploration and testing.
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
I am thrilled to be able to report that Naylor Love
is making excellent progress with the remaining
three teaching blocks. We are on still on track to
have access, to all three blocks within the next
seven weeks. To those of you who haven’t had an
opportunity to have a look around the two blocks
we will offer you a chance in the new term.
We are delighted in how the Year 5 to 8 children
and staff have adapted to the new environment
and how well the buildings are working, providing
the flexible learning spaces we had desired.
The physical shift, which involved 14 class rooms,
was completed on the Thursday and Friday prior
to Queens Birthday Weekend by the senior
children. The children were wonderful, applying
themselves diligently throughout. Although getting
into the new Learning Centres had been eagerly
awaited by all concerned, I had a huge cloud of
apprehension hanging over me: would the
children like the spaces; would the teachers be
able to make the huge transition; would the
acoustics measure up and meet our expectations.
I am thrilled to be able to report that the
children’s learning appears to be thriving in the
new spaces; the teachers are all very positive
about working in the spaces; and the acoustics
have surpassed our wildest expectations.
We, the Board, staff and children are sincerely
grateful to all of those who have combined to
achieve these brilliant facilities, but in particular
our Architects, Peter Davidson and Danielle
Foulkes, board members Justin Busbridge and
Brent Crammond, MoE New Schools Karen
Pederson and the Naylor Love Team and their
Term Ends this Friday 4th July
Term III starts : Monday 21st July.
 Changes of Clothing
The office is desperately short of track pants sizes 5 to
10 for our awesome Year 2’s to 4’s who fall over while
playing on QV.
Yesterday and today we had a great game of
Crusaders Bull=rush (As taught by Sam Whitelock –
touch not tackle). The children wishing to play should
bring a change of clothing.
 Term Dates for 2015.
Term 1
Tuesday 2 February to Thursday 2 April
Term 2 Monday 20 April to Friday 3 July
Term 3 Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4 Monday 12 October to Friday 18 Dec.
 International Guests Arriving.
Interest in spending time at our school from International
Fee paying students is at last picking up. We will start the
new term with 13 children from South Korea, China and
Japan. Prior to the earthquake we were hosting up to 30
children at any one time. The income generated from this
was at time in excess of $200,000 per year. Income
invested has allowed us to maintain our staffing levels
and some programmes that are Board funded, over the
last three years.
This income stream is vitally important to us if we are to
maintain current staffing and programmes without
increasing school donations. These children also provide
our children with the opportunity to have direct contact
with people from other cultures. The best Social Studies
lessons available.
We desperately need to increase the number of people on
our homestay register. If you have a spare room and
would welcome a paying guest of a similar age to your
own children please contact Viv in the office. Many thanks
to those of you who are already registered. A great way to
help our school.
We are already coming under pressure to host visiting groups in
the spaces. The following is our current response to requests:
‘Sorry, but we are having a visitor free period, at least until we
have had an opportunity to; establish new systems, create the
safe supportive learning environment we desire in which all
children are clear on expectation and feel emotionally safe. We
need time to: reflect on our thinking and actions, to facilitate
shared, collaborative and co-operative learning across the
Learning Centre, and implement the planned changes to
teaching approaches, developed during our professional
learning programme - the approaches that we believe will
consistently have a positive impact on all children’s learning
and best utilise the spaces.
Creating a supportive learning environment, for all children, in
these new spaces is critical to them being the positive influence
on progress and achievement that we all desire. We recognize
that children learn best when they feel accepted, when they
enjoy positive relationships with their fellow students and
teachers, when they are able to be ACTIVE learners, and visible
members of the learning community.
We want the new environs to help enhance learning in the
broadest sense and equip them all for success in the 21st
Girl power was deployed to unpack a
container and move resources into storage
in the old classroom in the corner of our
We want a Halswell graduate to be ...
 an enthusiastic and self-directed learner
 able to apply what they have learned to real life
 able to think critically, communicate effectively, and
work collaboratively.
 confident and respectful in dealing with a wide range of
interpersonal relationships
 a divergent thinker: inquisitive, creative and open
 a proactive, future focussed, globally aware citizen
 able to confidently interacts with a variety of tools
including ICTs to support their learning
 possess core academic skills and the ability to
access, synthesize and apply new knowledge.
 possess the personal qualities needed to be a selfassured, responsible and empathic young person
who acts with integrity
 aware that learning involves taking risks, making
mistakes and accessing support when needed
 open minded and reflective
If these attributes are developed from Year 0-8 through our
ACTIVE curriculum and our school values therefore students
are inspired to: imagine believe create succeed.
Our hockey crew dragged the removed,
tussocks from around the library, to outside
Room 17, ready to be potted up for replanting
in the new school.
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
Our Halswell children must remain at the centre of all
that we do.
Meanwhile the building project rumbles on.
At present the remaining three teaching blocks are
nearing completion, with two blocks fully enclosed
and the third about to be. The handover of these
buildings is planned to be in the middle of August; a
handover that includes the entire central area,
containing the sealed court areas. To allow this to
happen we surrendered more of our front lawn on
Friday to allow the contractors to move the soil pile,
soil needed for the later part of the project. For those
entering the school via the Memorial Gates you will
find your access blocked. This is to allow some
testing to be carried out on the area for its future
development as our playing field. Hopefully we will
have it back for the new term.
The demolition of the Library, the Room last used for
music, Rooms 18, 19 and 20 is due to start shortly.
Over the holidays the Admin building and Rooms 11
to 14 should be removed.
Helping move the Tuck-shop provided lessons
in the laws of levers,’ in order for a see-saw to
balance the torques must cancel each other’
and that wheels on a sack barrow reduce the
force required to move heavy objects.
An Email I recently received.
Good morning
I was one of the judges at the RoboFest competition yesterday. We had a large number of
students from a variety of schools but your students in particular stood out for their teamwork
and the way that they interacted with, and helped students from other schools throughout the
day. I was also impressed by with their robotics expertise and exemplary behaviour and
They were excellent ambassadors for your school.
Well done
Claire Horncastle (teacher)
The following are the group of wonderful children who did such an outstanding job of
representing our school and modelling what is most important here. These outstanding young
people have a surprise in store from me, which can be claimed on Friday at lunchtime.
Team 1 - The Robusters - came 6th out of 15 teams
Jamie Hogan
Sam Garters
Ieuan Edwards
Team 2 - Soph and Bre Bot - came 1st
Sophie Hill
Breanna Gatehouse
Term 3 - Toxic X-Press - came 4th
Thomas Seex
Braydon Ransley
Sam Packman
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
Team 4 - RoBobs - came 3rd
Charlotte Lamb
Alex Airay
To access the full report log into:
Traffic Hazards
We are well aware of the traffic congestion around our school, but I’d like to again ask that everybody
exercises ‘Fair Play’ and uses the drop off zone on School Road as it is intended – drop and go. If you wish
to go into school with you children this is not the place for you. If we as parents want our children to grow
up as law abiding citizens we need to be excellent role models. Parking on yellow lines and double parking
are both illegal, even if just dropping off. A far more learned person than me recently suggested: ‘It’s a wellknown psychological syndrome that parents dropping off their kids at school lose all common sense and
concern for the safety of those around them.’ Not that I necessarily agree, but I am being supplied with
photographic evidence that would suggest that he could be correct in some cases. Our Health and Safety
Policy states: any identified hazard is eliminated, or isolated, or minimised, which leaves me in a slightly
compromised position.
Enjoyable Term Break
Many thanks for your unwavering support, patience,
tolerance, understanding and encouragement during this
term. Your children have again had to put up with ongoing
change and disruption, but to their credit have handled
everything thrown at them and now deserve a fantastic two
week break. They all know that with the passing of each day
we are a day closer to having a whole new school. This
afternoon the Year 3 and 4 teachers inspected the nearly
completed Year 3 and 4 block and were busy planning how
they’d like to set it up. Like your children, our staff has faced
a tumultuous term and they too have risen to each and every
challenge; rather than seeing obstacles as stumbling blocks
they have used them as stepping stones. We are fortunate to
have such a professional Team, both teachers and ancillary
support staff. Let’s hope they all enjoy a relaxing couple of
weeks and are recharged for next term.
Take care, especially if you are travelling a distance on winter
roads and enjoy your children’s fabulous company.
Ka kite ano
Bruce Topham
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
News from the Board of Trustees
In June we reviewed our:
Guidelines for Raising an Issue with the School
These are recommended guidelines for raising an academic or non-academic issue concerning
the school and/or the school environment.
If your issue concerns a staff member, contact the person involved and discuss the matter. We
ask that parents make this direct approach as soon as possible. Be prepared to make a time to
discuss your issue if the staff member is unable to talk with you straight away. Be open to
listening to the other side of the story to avoid communication breakdowns.
If the matter is a general issue or you do not wish to contact the staff member concerned, or you
are unhappy with the outcome of your initial meeting, contact a senior staff member or the
principal to discuss further resolution.
If the matter concerns the principal and you have not first resolved it by discussion, or feel
uncomfortable directly approaching the principal, contact the chairperson of the board of
If you do not feel comfortable approaching any of the above alone please feel free to bring along
a support person of your choosing. This maybe another parent, a teacher or a board member. If
bringing a support person please inform the other party of your intention to bring a support
person and who the support person will be.
If you raise your issue with a board member, you will be encouraged to resolve the issue with the
guidelines above, and the board member will inform the principal and the board chair.
If a staff member is the complainant (including issues with colleagues), the same procedure
must be followed, commencing with an initial discussion with the people concerned to try to
resolve matters.
If an informal meeting does not resolve your concern or issue, you can make a formal complaint.
This will be updated on our schooldocs site in coming weeks.
Cookbook Photo Permission
When each child enrolled at Halswell School we asked for permission to use images of that
child in school material such as the website and newsletters. The PTA will be publishing a
cookbook this year which will include some photos of children at the school. If the image is a
clear shot of an individual child, specific permission will be asked of the parent for the
inclusion of that image. If the child is in the background, is obscured or not in focus, then it
is not intended to ask for specific parental consent. If you are concerned about the possibility
of a photo of your child being used in this way please let us know.
Contact Juliet Pullar at [email protected] 322 7422
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
The most Important News, including articles and stories from your
children, including some stunning pieces.
On Tuesday the 20th May - Thomas and I went to Lincoln University for the Lincoln
Rotary Club General Knowledge Quiz. We started off with a great finger food dinner;
wedges, pizza, pies, etc, etc. Oh, and I couldn't forget the all you can eat magnum ice
cream tray).
After the dinner, we went into a room next door; it had many rows of seats and a
massive lectern in front of a large projector screen. All the pairs of students from
different schools had allocated seats all over the place; obviously so no one could cheat.
Most of the questions were medium, or high difficulty. The question I remember the most
would have been...
'What are nimbus, stratus, and cumulus types of?'
I thought it was easy, as both Thomas and I got the answer straight away, but there
were murmurs from most of schools that had no idea. We were both pretty proud. After a
lot of questions that varied in topics, we had completed the first section of questions.
The scores were showed up on the projector for the first section. We were so surprised!
Amazingly we were in third place just behind Tai Tapu and Little River. We went through
the next section of questions, the new score tally was shown on the projector. We were
now in second! Both Thomas and I were full of confidence for the next two sections.
By the end of the third section, we had managed to maintain second place. After
finishing the last section, the Quiz Master read out the placings and gave out the prizes.
" In first place... Tai Tapu school with 33 points! " That was followed by large applause
whilst the team went up to get their prize each of a $50 Paper Plus voucher, a certificate,
and a book.
" And in second place with 26.5 points is Halswell School! " Both of us were both super
excited as we walked up to gain our prizes. For second place they gave us a $30 Paper
Plus voucher, a certificate, and a book each.
I was so happy after that, considering we both thought we would lose! The photographer
took our photos before we left for home at 9.00pm.
It was a great and memorable night!
~ Nakita ~
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
Canterbury Primary Schools Cross Country
Wednesday 18th June
At Halswell Quarry this week the year 5-8 students from across Canterbury took part in a
very muddy competition. The weather was fantastic, the sun was shining but underfoot it
was rather muddy.
Check out the recount from James Sheridan
The starting gun went, everyone was off. Round
the corner, mud in every direction. People
slipping over and people trying to stay upright
.As most of the track was mud we all had at
least one slip over. Some people even tried
skating across the slippery brown muck. Many of
the people tried to go up on to the grass which
worked but took you longer. As we approached
the finish line we sprinted up the small little hill
and through the finish. It felt like a glory moment
going through the two poles that had the word
finish on it.
If you would like to know the results go to
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
Tangaroa’s Gift
Once a long time ago there was a black blob called Paua who lived in the sea with sea
creatures that would taunt him and say you look ugly and his protection was seaweed. He never
felt happy and was always upset every day Tangaroa the God of the sea watched him get his
feels hurt.
One day Tangaroa just had heard so much of Paua crying that he couldn’t stand it any longer so
Tangaroa went down to talk to Paua. When Paua told the story, Tangaroa decided that Paua
needed something special so Tangaroa said ‘I give you the coolest blues of the ocean and ask my
brother God of the Forest for the freshest greens, a tinge of violet from the sunset, a blush of
pink from the dawn and overall a shimmer of mother of pearl with the most intricate
patterns’. The plan worked everybody was paying Paua attention. But because they were so
envious they picked at the delicate colours till Paua was back to the same black blob.
Once again Tangaroa found Paua crying and did the same thing but this time Tangaroa put layer
upon layer so it was a hard shell so Tangaroa said it once again ‘I give you the coolest blues of
the ocean and ask my brother God of the Forest for the freshest greens, a tinge of violet from the
sunset, a blush of pink from the dawn and overall a shimmer of mother of pearl with the most
intricate patterns layer upon layer’. With that Paua had one very hard shell. The next day when
the sea creatures saw Paua they knew better than to believe it was a new creature when the
animals couldn’t pick at the shell they decided to lift it and it worked so creatures in the sea
could taunt him and make his life a misery.
Yet again Tangaroa heard Paua crying so he went down to talk to Paua. Paura said ‘All animals
say even though I am beautiful on the outside I am still ugly on the inside and I’m so conspicuous
everybody can find me’. Tangaroa didn’t like the animals who made his life a misery so Tangaroa
gave Paua some protection. ‘From the rocks I take a drabness for you to be one with them’ and
that was the coat that went over his conspicuous shell and for the rest of his life was spent nice
and peaceful hiding in the rocks and to this day Paua still hides in the rocks to this day and
blends in with the rocks. It was only at the end of Paua’s life that the people found Paua’s
beautiful inside.
Written by Kate Matthews, Room 21.
Tangaroa’s Gift
Once upon a time, there lived a lonely rubbery black Paua who had no friends. Paua had no
protection from his predators. One day Paua was crying and Tangaroa the god of the sea heard
him. “Paua why are you sad,?” boomed Tangaroa. At once Paua recognised that voice. Paua said
“Tangaroa I’m so ugly and lonely that all the other sea creatures make fun of me,” Tangaroa said
“Then I give you the coolest blues of the sea,the freshest greens from the forest,a tinge of violet
from the sunset, a blush of pink from the dawn and a shimmer of mother of pearl that come
together to make the most intricate patterns.” The next day all the sea creatures could see Paua,
he started crying again. “Tangaroa.” said Paua “I love my new shell but I’m too conspicuous and
everyone is envious of me.” “Then I’ll give you a rocky cover over your shell so no one will see
you,” boomed Tangaroa. And for the rest of Paua’s life he was ugly on the outside and beautiful
on the inside.
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
Why we have Cook Straight
Tautoru the trout was always tired swimming all the way around New Zealand and so where all
the other sea creatures. On the west side was all the yummy plankton and krill but on the east
side was the soft coral.
But Tangaroa noticed this so he pushed his strongest waves and currents and got his brother
Tāne Mahuta god of land to cause earthquakes to make a gap. But the sea creatures realised
that it was quite a small gap that only 1 whale could fit in there a time. So it took even longer to
go though.
Tāwhirimātea the god of sky noticed this from above and told his brother Tangoroa so tighter all 3
of them pushed all there effort to make a bigger gap. Tautoru was very delighted but all the krill
escaped and there was only one thing to do...
Tangaroa got a huge reef the shape of a semi circle to trap the krill on the west side of Australia
which is now called the Great Barrier Reefo. But soon krill ran out at the Great Barrier Reef so
Tautoru told. All his friends and family to spread out around the world for more krill and to spread
the population.
Tautoru siblings have now made the gap between Africa and Europe, plus the gap between Costa
Rica and the Atlantic Ocean and Hudson Bay is another krill ground for trout.
By Micheal.
Why the South Island and the North Island aren't connected but they're still
the same country.
Once upon a time when the English settlers arrived in New Zealand they made camp up north.
There were two groups of about 200 in each group.They would fight each other for more land,
farms and growing crops, sometimes it would even involve killing each other for resources.
The God of the forest Tāne-mahuta, God of peace Ronga and the God of earthquakes-Ruaumoko
were watching over them. Eventually the English settlers had decided what to do, they would
make a wall across New Zealand, like the great wall of China to separate the two groups. So half
a dozen men went out to see how big it would have to be. The men crossed monstrous mountain
ranges and raging rivers. They were astounded by how big New Zealand really was. After a couple
of weeks they reported back to the other settlers but they didn't think they could build a wall that
big because it would take them to long and they wouldn't get on with each other well enough.
"I think you should do something about this," suggested Ronga to Ruaumoko. So Ruaumoko
caused an earthquake and the land split apart so one group could have the south island and the
other group have the north island. They would never fight each other, but now people will travel
to each others island to visit family or just go on a holiday.
By Callum Daly
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
The Lonely Paua
Once upon a time there lived a sad andugly Paua shell, at the bottom of the dark blue sea.
Paua had no protection from predators. He also had a problem. His problem was he
had no friends, he was very slow and ugly.
One day Paua was crying.Tangaroa who was the god of the sea heard him. Tangaroa came up to
Paua and gave him a gift. Paua was so happy because his gift was a Beautiful shell. But it wasn't
in the best condition. The next day all of the other sea creatures kept on poking Pauas shell and
it started to break.
The next day Tangaroa came up to Paua and gave him a new shell colour. The colour of the shell
was a browny rocky colour. The inside was beautiful colours of the sea!
Then Paua lived happily ever after.
By Toddy Rm 21
Tangaroa’s Gift
There once was a lonely Paua Who had no friends. Paua had no shell so no protection
against predators.
One day Tangaroa god of the sea heard Paua crying, ‘Paua why are you so sad’
boomed Tangaroa. Paua couldn't see but he recognized the voice straight away
‘Tangaroa I’m so ugly and lonely and have no protection against predators’ cried Paua.
Then i’ll give you a shell with the coolest blues of the ocean, the freshest greens of the
forest, a blush of pink from the dawn, a tinge of violet from the the sunset and a shimmer
of mother of pearl. ‘WOW this is amazing’ said Paua amazed and pleased. He was really
happy until the sea creatures saw him, they poked and pushed against the shell, he was
teased about how conspicious he was, thats when Paua started crying again. ‘Paua why
are you so sad’ boomed Tangaroa. ‘I’m so conspicuous and all the animals are so
envious of me’ cried Paua.
Then i’ll give you a shell with the coolest blues of the ocean, the freshest greens of the
forest, a blush of pink from the dawn, a tinge of violet from the the sunset and a shimmer
of mother of pearl but this time a layer of rock to help you blend in’ said Tangaroa. So
Paua lived a happy life, ugly on the outside and beautiful in the inside.
By Ben Stewart Rm21
The big bad wolf
In the depths of the cold windy woods lives a sly cranky wolf. If you ever set foot in the woods you
should be aware of the big bad wolf.
With his beady eagle eyes he follows your every movement as you walk past. You may never see
him but the people say he lurks in the dark behind every swollen tree trunk waiting for the right
time to gobble you up in one whole gulp!
His ears prick up as soon as you take your first step into the woods. He opens his mouth drooling
as he smells you with his sharp pointy nose. As he plots a devious plan looking to make as much
trouble as he can.
So now you know your lesson if you ever run into someone with a sharp pointy nose, beady eagle
eyes and ugly matted fur be sure to spring away as fast as you can before heartless old creature
wolfe can eat you too...
By Zara Flint Year 7
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
The Big Bad Wolf
Lurking in an inky abyss deep in the outskirts of Moorland is Mr.Wolfe, the ‘baddest’ wolf ever
known. Eyewitnesses report him devouring little children whole; and if he gets the chance, adults
too. The cavern of darkness he calls ‘home’ has been hidden for decades, masqueraded in the
dense plant named Devil’s Companion.
Peering from Mr. Wolfe’s blood stained mouth are putrid smelling fangs that look fluorescent gold
in comparison to his cold smoky eyes. His wiry fur is ashen like the encompassing Darkwood
Forest that borders Moorland.
Sneaking through the tiny town of Moorland, Mr. Wolfe manipulates everyone in his path; leading
them to their death. His conniving resourceful behaviour almost resembles a very smart human,
For years and years Mr. Wolfe has been devouring little children and wielding their parents into
his cunning plans. As he pounces on his prey you can hear the deathly screams of innocence
Nakita Bradley-Parry Year 8
The Big Bad Wolf
Concealed under the wild forest thicket is the place where the big, bad wolf dwells.
If you look closely between the entanglements of leaves from the undergrowth, you can make out
two shifty eyes, green as freshly mown grass. Shaggy, worn grey brown fur hangs limply by his
sides like an old, tattered coat, drenched by rain. His pearly-white, piercing teeth glint ominously
in the single burst of sun, peeking through the canopy of trees above.
Those who have met the wolf -and were lucky enough to escape alive- say he is the most
impolite, sly, mischievous creature they have ever had the dubious pleasure to come across.
Rumour has it he is very cunning- and could devour 3 poor old ladies WHOLE before you could
say “Put those women down, Wolfe!”
Stealthily, the wolf lurks behind the shadows, inspecting his surroundings for his next victim.
Suddenly, a little girls singing voice breaks the silence. It sounds a bit distant, but definitely close.
Maybe my Saturday acting classes will finally pay off this fine morning, the wolf thought, licking
his lips greedily with his long, flat tongue.
He quickly hatched a plan, and then thought to himself, Its time I had a little snack, me thinks.
Old lady soup with a side of little girls, perhaps...
Carmen Holiway Year 7
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed
Halswell/Wigram Junior Rugby – Our under 8 team is still short of players. If you have
been thinking about playing rugby it is not too late to join the team for this season.
Need to be 8 or under on 01.01.14 Please contact: Richard 0275097289
[email protected]
IMPACT DANCE STAGE SCHOOL presents HONK – a part of The Broadway Junior
Collection. A contemporary retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly duckling with
a Joseph’s Dreamcoat-esque score that young audiences will really enjoy!
Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10 July - 10.30 a.m. / 1.30 p.m. / 4 p.m.
The Aurora Centre, Burnside High, 151 Greers Road. Book online at:
or at a CCC Service Centre. Children $10.00, adults $15.00
Kidsfirst Kindergarten Halswell, has places available for your child
Halswell Domain, (behind the Aquatic Centre) Halswell Road.
Flexible sessions offered to suit you: 8.30-11.30,or 8:30 till 2:30. (dependent on vacancies)
ECE hours available
You may be eligible for NO FEES – come and talk to us about it.
You will find that all our teachers are fully qualified, registered and first aid certified.
You are more than welcome to pop in for a visit and have a look around or contact us
[email protected]
Beautifully restored home for sale. 3 bedroom + study. Sunny,
spacious with views, borders reserve land. 20-25 mins from
Halswell. $279,000. Trade Me #742586592
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Welcome to Ba Ba Baby!!
I sew and sell baby and children's merino clothing. Tops, trousers, beanies, booties, swaddling wrap
sets, also individual clothing requests. Also able to do general clothing alterations and repairs.
After re-discovering the merits of merino wool for children’s wear with the arrival of our 1st son, I
decided to take it a step further and share these with everyone.
Not only did my friends like the stuff, but so did their friends and so on.
Merino Wool insulates, absorbs body moisture, breathes and is soft & non-irritating to wear.
`Nature’s love of us is like that of a mother for her child. `
Find Ba Ba Baby at
[email protected]
Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Create Succeed