Top 10 ways to use social media to promote YOUR restaurant in



Top 10 ways to use social media to promote YOUR restaurant in
Top 10 ways to use social media to
promote YOUR restaurant in 2015
By Menu Cover Man
Today’s Special:
Under the toque
with chef
“Dewey” Hooper
Former bar
owner creates
green coaster
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All kinds of businesses are using social media to promote their content and
their brand online, and restaurants are
no stranger to this approach. But what is
the most effective way to go about
restaurant promotion through social
media networks? We’ve compiled 10 tactics to help you create an effective social
media strategy for your restaurant:
1. Create a Fan Page on Facebook:
Creating a separate Facebook page
solely for your restaurant is extremely
important. Did you know that 51% of
people who responded to a social media
survey said they are more likely to buy
something for “many” or “a few” brands
that they have become fans of on
Facebook?* Having a fan page that customers can “like” on Facebook can lead
to brand recognition and loyalty. Give
your Facebook fans incentives to “like”
your page by offering Facebook-fan only
offers and discounts!
2. Tweet, tweet, tweet! In addition to
utilizing Facebook to promote your
restaurant via social media, you should
consider Twitter as well. Twitter is a
micro blogging site that allows users to
send 140-character messages to each
other. Twitter is a way to send short,
quick messages, like promotions or daily
deals, to your followers. Also, when you
tweet something interesting about your
restaurant, your Twitter followers have
the option of re-tweeting it so it reaches
an even broader audience. You can even
tweet fun photos like customers reading
their menu covers or of the lunch-time
rush. Some of your customers may prefer Twitter to Facebook or vice versa, so
they may not be present on both sites.
Therefore, it is essential to cross promote
your deals on each platform.
Social media for the
restaurant industry
By Lori Wilk
Now is the time to embrace Social
Media not as something to do, but as a
tool ; to be used strategically as part of
your overall restaurant "Marketing Plan."
Social media , like anything else can be an
absolute waste time and money IF you
do not know why you are doing it, what
you should do or how to get it done.
Before you participate in social media
ask yourself the questions: Who are
my customers? Where are they online
and what social media platforms do they
love and use frequently? Food and
Restaurants are popular as are Recipes.
Ask yourself if you have the right marketing plans which includes social media
that will help you compete in the
crowded restaurant marketplace where
there are more than 16,000 restaurant licenses just in Dade County.
What will you have to do to maximize
your time and efforts online when you
use social media platforms?
What do your customers want to see,
hear, taste, touch and smell. How do you
demonstrate this with social media? If
you look around your restaurant, how
many people are using cellphones?
Let's talk about two of the visual cat-
egories to promote your restaurant and
your menu. These would be Instagram
and Pinterest. Both of these sites incorporate photos. Do you take photos of
your guests? Do you take photos of your
food and how you have prepared and
presented it? Do you have pictures of
happy staffers serving your guests. Do
you have photos of your Chef? Do you
have photos of the events you have
hosted at your venue?
See SOCIAL MEDIA page 15
3. Listen: Social media from a business perspective is all about listening.
Listen to what consumers want and try
your best to give them what they want
using your resources! If you are using
Twitter, search for keywords on relating to your
restaurant. You can even search phrases
like, “where should I go for lunch?” and
Twitter will bring back a bunch of tweets
pertaining to your search query. This is
where you can step in and offer up your
services! It is important to not be too sales
oriented, as you don’t want to come off as
pushy. Simply answer genuinely and tell
the Twitter user about your restaurant!
On other social sites, listen to customer feedback and suggestions and
try to incorporate their ideas when you
can. Also, be sure to thank all of your
customers for their recommendations
and comments to assure them you are
really listening!
4. Stay Connected with Foursquare:
Foursquare is a website that allows users
to “check in” to the different venues including stores, restaurants and events.
Many Foursquare users have downloaded a mobile application that allows
them to “check in” to places on their
smart phones. By claiming your business
listing on Foursquare you have the ability
to see who is “checking in” to your
restaurant in real-time. When someone
checks in to a venue the most out of anyone else, Foursquare declares that person the mayor of that location. Many
businesses have begun offering deals to
the person who becomes the mayor,
since he or she is a very loyal patron.
5. Blog Away: Do you have a website?
If so, you have the capacity to have a
blog! A blog is a great outlet to publish
content that you can then share on social
networks. You can blog about anything
related to your company or your industry, but make sure it is worthwhile for the
reader. Share interesting facts or information about the food you serve, or even
recipes of your most popular dishes!
Then, link to these posts when you participate on social media networks like
Facebook and Twitter.
Another great tactic is featuring customer restaurant reviews as guest blog
posts! This way you are both encouraging engagement and are also giving customers something they will want to
share with their social media networks.
6. Use Yelp: Yelp is a social site where
users can leave company reviews.
Chances are there is already a Yelp page
created for your restaurant, but you can
claim this page by submitting business
details that will confirm you as the
owner or manager. Once you have
claimed your page you are able to respond to reviews and see analytics if you
participate in advertising. Also, people
See 10 WAYS page 14
Appell Pie
Monetizing the media
Howard Appell
Since this month’s issue is about
Social Media and Marketing I thought
I should break out the article I wrote
many years ago which has stood the
test of time.
Whether you are a restaurant owner,
a foodservice equipment dealer, a food
broker or a manufacturer you can make
more money by using the media skillfully. The media is a tool which if handled in the proper way can increase
sales, increase your target market's
awareness of your product and lend
credibility to your business.
When I had my equipment dealership on New York's Bowery I advertised
my company's ability to deliver a job on
time with the most economical prices in
a trade newspaper. The ads were designed to show the public a satisfied customer each month selected from the
jobs which we had completed. Photos of
the proud new owner were taken in the
new kitchen and the owner's quote was
below the photo. The title of the ad each
month was "Another Opening By Appell
Foodservice Equipment" I ran that ad
campaign for at least two years.
What did this ad campaign do for my
business? The message was delivered to
any restaurant owner or owner to be, that
we were the dealership who could deliver on time and do it within budget. In
the ad we looked like General Motors!
Even with this success, I was not
aware of how to fully use the media to increase my business. I never sent a press
release to the newspaper that I was advertising in. Why? I didn't fully understand the power of the press and the
ways it can successfully help a business
grow and create the image of a strong
and profitable company.
Public Relations VS. Advertising
According to public relations companies,
PR firms are not usually involved in the
design or placement of ads. They are responsible for the placement of stories in
the media which show a company in a favorable light. Did your restaurant spon-
◆ Today’s Restaurant Publisher
sor a charity event or give a free meal to
any kid with straight A's in school?. Did
you celebrate your 10th anniversary by
giving away free soda with every dinner?
This type of information is needed by
media outlets every day to fill their pages
or air time. Send a press release to a
newspaper telling them your story.
"Don't try to sell in the press release, just
be informative. Include your name and
telephone number in the release in case
a follow up is needed by the editor.
"If you need help in writing the release and distribution, don't just look in
the yellow pages, ask around for a referral
and use a PR firm that specializes in handling restaurants or foodservice clients."
Said Barry Epstein of Barry Epstein
Associates, a Boca based PR firm.
Advertising is different from public relations in that you want to get a message
to the public about a particular product
or even a company with the results being
a sale. Repeat customers are cultivated by
advertising over a long period of time.
Some studies have shown that it takes a
reader at least 7 viewings of the same ad
before it is fully read or understood. How
many times have you been watching TV
during the commercial break and see a
piece of a commercial that attracts you?.
You saw the ad, but you didn't catch the
company name. You have to wait for the
ad to appear again to see it fully.
While an effective marketing effort
involves much more than just advertising, it is nonetheless vital to a client's
success. In short, how can I beat a path
to your door if I don't know where your
door is? Advertising as a marketing strategy is profoundly different from public
relations. Advertising is a controlled
"spin" on your business paid to (hopefully) speak to a targeted audience.
Remember, in all advertising, your future
customer tunes in to only one radio station, WII-FM (What's In It For Me). If you
don't win their heart and head in your
advertising, you lose."
See APPELL PIE page 9
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What’s Going On
Important new products, corporate news and industry events.
Food Warming Equipment (FWE)
will feature a number of Heated
Holding Cabinets at this
year’s Pizza Expo in Las
Vegas, to be held in March.
Among them are the
company’s patented
Humi-Temp Pizza
Cabinets that eliminate hot & cold spots
by circulating hot,
moist air throughout
the cabinet. Pizza
operators control the
moisture in order to
achieve the results they want – whether
that’s crispy thin crust or deep dish that
melts in your mouth. From display
units to under counter units
to full size units, FWE has
a cabinet for everyone.
They even have custom
g ra p h i c s t h a t w ra p
around their cabinets
and include everything
from logos to photos
and text. On the
cooler side of things,
FWE will feature their
Commercial Refrigerators that stand up
to the most demanding and punishing
environments. Using a forced air “ColdTemp” system that maintains balanced
temperatures, FWE Refrigerators also
have exclusive “Food Sentry” controls
that offer the ultimate performance
and accurate cabinet temperatures. For
more information, call 800.222.4393 or
“Mini desserts are ideal because
they can be eaten quickly and conveniently, without the guilt that larger
portions bring,” says Todd Michael,
Foodservice Sales Director at Knouse
Foods. “Our proprietary research with
Datassential found that more than half
of 300+ foodservice operators surveyed
believe that people who only think pie
filling is good for pies are missing
out. We completely agree and
encourage chefs to use our
Lucky Leaf Fruit Filling or
Topping in all types of menu
applications.” Lucky Leaf
Fruit Filling or Topping is
made with real fruit and
comes in more than 14 flavors, including top sellers
like Apple, Cherry,
Blueberry, Peach and
Strawberry. It’s ready to
use, which is ideal for any labor-skilled
kitchen, and shelf stable for added food
See WHAT’S GOING ON page 6
The Truffle & Wine Co., the largest producer of the T.melanosporum
truffle in the world, announced its expansion into distributing
European truffle varieties and now serves as a year-round truffle source.
With offices in Australia, the United States and soon Europe, The Truffle
& Wine Co. will continue to harvest truffles from its own farm, while
also expanding its portfolio with a variety of new truffles from Northern
hemisphere countries including France, Italy, Spain, and Eastern
Europe. This new development places The Truffle & Wine Co. at the top
of chefs’ lists as a reliable year-round supplier of this coveted ingredient.
“The restaurant world is abuzz with truffles, more than ever before in
its history,” says Vice President of Sales Frank Brunacci. “We harvest the
best that Australia has to offer, and there will be no difference in our
quality or approach to the other regions and seasons in the truffle world, particularly the Périgord truffle from France.” For all information call 219.798.5662 or
visit Photo | Jessica Koscielniak
Marzetti offers many
products for the foodservice industry. Beginning
with their heritage as a 4
Star restaurant more than
110 years ago, Marzetti remains committed to some
of the best in foodservice
today. “Innovation and
Quality are cornerstones of
what we offer to meet your
needs.” The Marzetti family
of foodservice products for
restaurant use offers an impressive variety of convenient single serve pouch and
cup sizes, as well as bulk packaging.
Combine all this with competitive
pricing, service, strict quality
assurance standards and coastto-coast production & distribution, they offer foodservice
sizes of dressings and sauces;
croutons; hearth baked breads;
yeast rolls; precooked egg noodles and pasta; sour cream;
dips; and caviar. Marzetti products can be viewed and the
company can be reached at
What’s Going On
safety. For more information and
recipe ideas, visit:
Another Broken Egg Café is targeting
South Florida for growth in 2015.
With four locations currently
open in the state from
Orlando to Key West, plans
are underway to open over
30 more locations. Stuart
Ottinger, President of
Double R Restaurant Group
is opening new locations
in Clearwater, Naples and
Delray Beach in 2015. Another
Broken Egg Café in online @
iMenuPro lets the operator create
their own restaurant menus – online.
Instantly create and update a restaurant
menus in-house without any hassles.
from page 2
Designed specifically for menus it includes a culinary spell checker. The
product was built by the creators of
MenuPro® – an industry standard for
menu design and used by over 20,000
restaurants worldwide. For all detailed
information visit
Sass Stools offers old
fashioned soda fountain
stools and bar stools.
Designed like the old
days of the corner drug
store, they offer many
styles and color options
to enhance any decor.
Manufactured of cast aluminum and steel with true
50's sizing of 13" tops and
2.5" pedestals
to present a
slim and more
petite look.
Constructed with hand
machined swivels, these stools are as
durable as they are beautiful. For information visit the website at
or call 800. 841-2233. The
company is located in
Springfield, Oregon.
Hotel Happenings
Wyndham Hotel Group, the world’s
largest hotel company with approximately 7,590 hotels and part of
Wyndham Worldwide Corporation has
announced the signing of a management agreement to expand its upscale
Wyndham Hotels and Resorts® brand in
Florida with the addition of a beachfront Wyndham Grand® resort in
Clearwater Beach. The property is a
new-construction, 450-room on South
Gulfview Boulevard at the north end of
the Walk. It will become one of the
largest hotel resorts in the market upon
opening in early 2017. With approximately 24,000
square feet of
event space, it
will also house
one of the
I am a mobile application that gives
you immediate insight into your
restaurant’s performance.
largest banquet and meeting facilities in
Florida’s Pinellas County.
Value Place
has entered into
an agreement
with Gold Coast
P r e m i e r
Properties, LLC to build a new Value
Place hotel in South Florida, with plans
to build additional properties in the future. The first property will be near Zoo
Miami. It is expected to break ground in
2015. Gold Coast’s development of the
new Value Place hotel takes place at the
same time that the corporate brand is
building two company-owned locations
in Davie and Lake Worth.
Nobu Hotels and Eden Roc Miami
Beach recently announced plans for the
Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach to
open during the second half of 2015.
Chef Nobu, Academy award-winner
Robert DeNiro and Hollywood producer
Meir Teper are the masterminds behind
the Nobu Hotel project. This is the
second U.S. hotel under the Nobu
Hospitality brand and shall encompass
the largest Nobu Restaurant and Bar
Lounge in the world. The new Eden Roc
Miami Beach Hotel will feature a "hotel
within a hotel concept" with Nobu Hotel
at Eden Roc Miami Beach will feature
210 guest rooms; a signature Nobu
restaurant and bar; an additional new
beach front restaurant concept; new
banquet and catering menus.
Miami-based Trust Hospitality announced the opening of The Stiles Hotel,
formerly known as the Nash Hotel, located at 1120 Collins Avenue in South
Beach's historic Art Deco district. The
Stiles Hotel has completed renovations
of its 54-guest rooms and lobby area,
with a new restaurant planned to debut
in early spring.
Get on-the-go
on-the -go control
control of your
your business so you
can keep an eye
eye on operations
operations and make impor
decisions ev
en when y
ou’re not ther
For information call or visit us on the web.
We are
are N
ake e
veryday e
[email protected]
[email protected] | NCR LLocal
ocal FFlorida
lorida | 1-800-665-9222
Hyatt Regency Orlando welcomes
the New Year with new offerings including a new seafood-focused restaurant,
spa treatments for business travelers,
and a new kosher kitchen offering specialized menus for meetings and conventions. The former Napa restaurant
has transitioned into Urban Tide, offering diners a modern twist on Florida
seafood favorites. Further food and beverage developments include a new
kosher kitchen which will be completed
for events and meetings for use by
Passover this April. "As Hyatt Hotels'
largest meetings property, we're constantly evaluating how we can best accommodate our many diverse groups
during their stay," said Nate Hardesty,
Director of Sales and Marketing.
"Orlando continues to raise its profile as
an ideal destination for meetings and
leisure travel, and we want to ensure our
offerings are evolving to provide the best
possible guest experience." Online at for
more information.
Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. has chosen Salamander Hotels & Resorts to assist with the development of and
manage the anchor hotel of its new
multi-phase Henderson Beach Resort
in Destin. Named The Henderson, a
See WHAT’S GOING ON page 12
Today’s Restaurant Contributor
They can all have a different text code
key words so you can gather the data to
see how each segment of marketing is
doing to build your data base.
Eighty percent
of people keep their
cell phones next to
them 24 hours a day
seven days a week.
Imagine if you could capture 30 cell
phone numbers a day you could have a
data base of 10,000 within a year. If you
could re market to those 10,000 phone
numbers 3 times a month that's over
350,000 messages a year. Once you have
that data base you can communicate to
your existing customers and prospect
customers on a regular basis and know
confidently that they received your
message. So if you want to learn how to
grow your data base and start increasing
sales on your slow nights please text my
virtual card . Go to text message and text
To: 63975 And the text message or key
word is "Case"
Then send the message and you will
get all my Information. Let me show you
how I can help build your data base so
we can increase your sales for the year.
David Case your Textpert.
David Case is a Florida international University
graduate in hospitality management . Was a food
and beverage director for Hilton and Holiday Inn
Corporation and operated a seafood steak and lobster house
Strebs restaurant in
Boynton Beach for 12 years . Owned a catering
company called Catering by David located at Boca
Dunes golf and country club and Inverary golf club.
Have been involved in the technology world for the
hospitality industry for the last four years.
Chef Dwayne “Dewey” Hooper
SWEET DEWEY’S ◆ Boca Raton
Chef Dwayne Hooper, called
“Dewey” by his friends, is the owner
and chef of Sweet Dewey’s BBQ located
on West Glades Road in Boca Raton. A
Chicago native, he has recreated family
recipes from his Mississippi-raised
mother and grandparents.
He offers traditional BBQ Platters,
Sandwiches, Sides etc., along with
Cedar Plank Salmon, a 7oz. salmon filet
basted with mustard & basil, topped
with diced tomatoes & served with
coleslaw & choice of one side. His Sweet
Dewey's Catfish Plate, a Southern fried
catfish served with sides are a favorite.
Healthy options include a Grilled
Vegetable Sandwich, which consists of
Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, red onions, fresh
arugula & provolone cheese served on
whole grain bread; a BBQ Veggie Burger;
Vegetable Cous Cous Salad; Zesty
Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad and many
other dishes and sides. Sweet Dewey's
offers all the slow-smoked favorites,
from St. Louis and baby back ribs to
pulled pork, beef brisket and chicken.
Chef Hooper, who founded and
then sold Hooper’s BBQ sauce, which is
available in 460 retail outlets throughout Florida, launched in 2014 his own
Sweet Dewey’s BBQ sauce, available in
six flavors which is sold at his restaurant
as well as retail outlets in the state.
Chef Hooper is a graduate of the
Washburne Culinary Institute in
Chicago and has lived in South Florida
for 27 years, starting as a chef in Boca
Raton’s Casa Vecchia, La Vielle Maison
and Down Under. From there he spent
nine years at The Polo Club and another
15 years at Saint Andrews Country Club,
where he was famous for his weekly
“Chicken and Ribs night.” Also he has
served as a private chef over the last two
decades for a Boca Raton resident.
Being in the hospitality business for
40 years and recognizing the way we
have done business in the past, if we
kept doing it the same way the odds are
that we will have a shrinking audience
and eventually have to close the business. The power of the mobile industry
has changed drastically in the last three
years with the ability to have more people having a smart phone buy their side
at all times. Just look around when
you're eating in a restaurant how many
people are actually on the phones during the dinner hour? That should tell you
that we are going full blown into the mobile world. The average person looks at
their cell phone 150 times a day or more.
Eighty percent of people keep their cell
phones next to them 24 hours a day
seven days a week. So why do we need
text message marketing?
The two questions you have to ask
yourself as a business owner is what
does it really take to get a new customer
to walk in the door? Second question is
what is the cost to keep them coming
back again and again ? Imagine that you
can actually capture cell phone numbers and have the ability to remarket to
them on a weekly basis to keep them informed with specials, new menu items,
special events for the month, or recipes
to try at home. The phone number is the
golden egg when it comes to marketing
for your business. Is there any form of
marketing in the world where you can
send a message to a 1000 of your text
customers and know that 97% looked at
your message within 5 minutes? With
the proper promotion on a slow night
the coupon redemption rate is from 2 to
7 % redemption. When it comes to capturing your phone numbers and to build
a database you have to use every form of
marketing. Tracking ads in print, in
house marketing, virtual employee
cards, websites, social media, including
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
Under the Toque
David Case
How text marketing
has changed in
the past 3 years
Chef Dwayne “Dewey” Hooper
A Chicago native,
he has recreated
family recipes from
his Mississippiraised mother
and grandparents.
Chef Hooper can be reached at Sweet
Dewey's BBQ located at 9181 Glades Rd. in Boca
Raton and @ 561.488.9688 or online at
Product Lines
Available —
in Miami
Call Us
Call AMC Wholesale, Inc. for the dealer nearest you!
877.406.9470 • • [email protected]
New Openings
New business opportunities in Florida’s foodservice industry.
Now Open
◆ DUFFY'S SPORTS GRILL, 21253 Stoneybrook Golf Blvd, Estero
◆ ROCCO'S PIZZA (2ND), 1201 S Ocean, Hollywood
◆ SHOUT KARAOKE, 109 N Olive Street, West Palm Beach
◆ CAVATAPPI, 1915 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables
◆ FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT, 8202 Glades Road, Boca Raton
◆ CHEZ L EPICIER, 288 S County Rd, Palm Beach
◆ ZAXBY'S, 5613 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach
◆ SUSHI YAMA BISTRO, 330 Clematis Street Ste 107, West Palm Beach
◆ ELIA MIAMI, 888 Biscayne Blvd Ste 110, Miami
◆ THE EGG & I, 1933 N University Dr, Coral Springs
◆ CHICK-FIL-A, 3678 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa
◆ CHICK-FIL-A, 9301 West Flagler Street, Miami
◆ PANINIS BAR & GRILL, 12227 W Linebaugh, Tampa
◆ CASAVANA CAFÈ, 320 Terminal Drive, Ft Lauderdale
◆ ERBELLI'S GOURMET PIZZERIA, 8744 E State Road 70 Ste 301, Bradenton
◆ FUSION BOWL, 504 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
◆ CUPS FROZEN YOGURT, 6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton
◆ OMEI CINA BISTRO (OPENED EARLIER), 6434 Naples Blvd Ste 406, Naples
Avenue, Punta Gorda
◆ THE DEL PRADO DINER, 229 Del Prado Blvd Ste 15, Cape Coral
◆ THE BRASS TAP, 1600 East 8th Avenue, Tampa
◆ DANISH PASTRY CO., 10300 W Forest Hill Blvd Space K101, Wellington
◆ TIN ROOF - LIVE MUSIC JOINT (1st in FL) from Nashville, 8371 International
Drive, Orlando
◆ HISTORIC DOCKERS RESTAURANT & PUB (2nd), 318 N Federal Hwy, Dania
◆ THE VEGAN CAFÈ & JUICE BAR, 416 Clematis St, West Palm Beach
◆ BURRITO SAN, 119 SE 1st Ave, Miami
◆ MARIO THE BAKER, 225 SW 6th St, Pompano Beach
◆ RABBIT COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY, 1411 W 13 Street Ste B101, Riviera
◆ LA RACHETTA WINE & BEER BAR, 2411 N Federal Highway, Pompano Beach
◆ MOMI GYOZA BAR, 1036 S Miami Ave, Miami
◆ FRESH AMERICAN BISTRO, 17315 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach
◆ DANA'S GOURMET MARKET - GOURMET DELI, 1092 S Tamiami Trail, Osprey
◆ DUNKIN DONUTS, 3824 South Tuttle Ave, Sarasota
◆ KAM’S BUBBLE TEA & SUSHI, 1813 Fruitville Road, Sarasota
◆ NEW YORK SLICE PIZZA (OPENED EARLIER), 501 N Beneva Road, Sarasota
◆ SOUTHSIDE GRILL (OPENED EARLIER), 8389 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota
◆ PEI WEI ASIAN DINER BY P.F. CHANG'S, 1831 South Federal Hwy Ste 300,
Delray Beach
◆ RHINO DOUGHNUTS, 126 NE Second St, Boca Raton
◆ RHINO DOUGHNUTS, 8085 W. Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise
◆ HABLO TACO, 615 Channelside Dr Ste 127, Tampa
◆ SMOOTHIE KING, 817 SE 17th Street, Ft Lauderdale
◆ SWEET! IN THE CITY - Cupcakes & Catering, 6350 North Lockwood Ridge,
◆ MELLOW MUSHROOM, 5701 Sunset Dr Ste 102, Miami
◆ MAMA GIZZI'S GOURMET PASTA SHOP, 2212 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth
◆ RUSTIC INN, 1065 North Highway A1A, Jupiter
◆ TILTED KILT PUB & EATERY, 3300 Airport Road, Boca Raton
◆ LA MIA FOCACCIA, 6330 N Powerline Rd, Ft Lauderdale
◆ SACK IT, 3015 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove
◆ TENNESSEE STILL COMPANY, 1141 Pine Island Road SW, Cape Coral
◆ IVAN'S GASTRO - CARIB-ASIAN UPSCALE, 14815 Biscayne Blvd, N Miami
◆ SALSA FIESTA (6th in FL), 6769 Main Street, Miami Lakes
◆ JERK HUT JAMAICA TROPICALE, 513 N Franklin Street, Tampa
◆ LA VIA RISTORANTE AND BAR, 4443 Lyons Rd Ste D104, Coconut Creek
550 S Rosemary Ave Ste 236, West Palm Beach
◆ HOT N SPICY, 3824 Jog Road, Greenacres
◆ HOG SNAPPERS SHACK & SUSHI, 421 SE E Avenue, Stuart
◆ RED MESA MERCADO, 1100 1st Avenue North, St Petersburg
◆ ALL AMERICAN SHAKE SHOP, 410 9th St N, Naples
◆ BLAZE FAST-FIRE’D PIZZA, 215 N Cattleman Rd, Sarasota
◆ BLAZE FAST-FIRE’D PIZZA, 2146 N Federal Highway, Boca Raton
◆ KURO JAPANESE CRAFT KITCHEN, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood
◆ TONY’S PASTA AND PIZZA (opened earlier), 455 Lantana Rd, Lantana
◆ URBAN TIDE, 9801 International Drive, Orlando
◆ THE CHEFS PANTRY BAR AND GRILL, 322 North Alexander St, Mount Dora
◆ DARRELL'S DOG GONE GOOD DINER (7th), 10133 SW Hwy 27/441, Belleville
◆ MAVERICK'S PUB & EATERY, 53 South Magnolia Ave, Ocala
◆ BREWMASTERS KITCHEN, 5295 W Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee
◆ NOBLE CRUST RESTAURANT - FARM-TO-TABLE, 8300 4th Ave N, St Petersburg
◆ THE CENTER BAR, 26811 S Bay Dr Ste 128, Bonita Springs
◆ SLOW AND LOW BAR-B-QUE (2ND), 5490 Stadium Parkway, Viera
◆ THAI THAI HOUSE, 6977 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne
◆ WILD FIRE BBQ, 28610 Hwy 27, Dundee
◆ FRESHROOTS KITCHEN, 1605 E Plaza Dr Ste 101, Tallahassee
◆ CRAFT BEER CARTEL, 557 SW 12 Ave, Ft Lauderdale
Jacksonville Beach
◆ CHAR HUT (opened earlier), 6268 W Sample Rd Ste 408, Coral Springs
◆ IZZIBAN SUSHI & KOREAN BBQ (2nd), 5310 E Colonial Dr, Orlando
◆ CEVICHE ARIGATO, 1447 10th St Ste B, Lake Park
◆ TACO GRILL, 3341 NE 32nd St, Ft Lauderdale
◆ WINNERS TAKE & BAKE, 830 E Oakland Park Blvd Ste 101, Ft Lauderdale
◆ FIREDOG SALOON BBQ & BREW, 2871 E Commercial, Ft Lauderdale
◆ CRAFTI BAR, 21 W Las Olas, Ft Lauderdale
◆ CHIX-N-WINGS (new concept), 25000 US Highway 19, Clearwater
◆ BOB EVANS RESTAURANT, 2189 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater
◆ 450-ROOM WYNDHAM GRAND RESORT, on South Gulfview Boulevard,
Clearwater Beach, Early 2017 (not a typo)
◆ 153-ROOM HOMEWOOD SUITES, 9000 Astronaut Blvd, Cape Canaveral, Fall
◆ NAUTLIUS HOTEL, Collins Ave & 18th Street, Miami Beach, Late 2015 - Early
Collins Ave, Miami Beach, March 2 2015
◆ HILTON FT LAUDERDALE BEACH RESORT, 505 N Ft Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Ft
Lauderdale, Mid 2015
◆ YOTEL HOTEL (1st in Miami), 227 NE Second St, Miami, Mid to late 2017
◆ RESIDENCE INN BY MARRIOTT, 9200 Collins Avenue, Surfside, Mid 2015
◆ BEACHWALK RESORT + RESTAURANT, 2600 E Hallandale Beach Blvd,
Hallandale Beach, April - May 2015
◆ MELI· COSTA HOLLYWOOD BEACH RESORT, 201 North Ocean Dr, Hollywood,
Mid to late 2015
◆ GUY HARVEY OUTPOST RESORT + Seafood Restaurant, 860 A1A Beach Blvd,
St. Augustine Beach, Mid 2015
◆ TOWNEPLACE SUITES BY MARRIOTT, 13273 Flamingo Crossings Blvd, Lake
Buena Vista, Jan- Feb 2016
◆ SPRINGHILL SUITES BY MARRIOTT, 13273 Flamingo Crossings Blvd, Lake
Buena Vista, Jan- Feb 2016
Blvd, Orlando, Summer 2016
◆ THE WESTIN HOTEL ON GULFSTREAM, One North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota,
Summer 2016
◆ 129-ROOM ME MIAMI HOTEL AND A REST, 1100 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Mid
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◆ CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL, 777 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach
◆ PANERA BREAD, 777 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach
◆ CAROUSEL BAR-B-Q & DRIVE THRU, 204 S Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach
◆ GODFATHERS, 241 N Ocean Blvd, Deerfield Beach
◆ NAKED LUNCH, 1951 NW 7th Ave, Miami
◆ BEG FOR MORE - JAPANESE TAPAS, 2831 E Oakland Park Blvd, Ft Lauderdale
◆ ALL GREEK TO ME, 5456 W Sample Rd, Margate
◆ IHOP, 15620 Panama City Beach Pkwy Ste 100, Panama City Beach
◆ TEDDY'S PATIO BAR & GRILL, 1632 S Military Trail, West Palm Beach
◆ OLD FLORIDA BAR & GRILL, 250 W Indiantown Rd Ste 101, Jupiter
◆ BLACK OLIVE ESTIATORIO, 3001 N Federal, Ft Lauderale
◆ DOS GATOS BAR, 66 Hypolita Street, St Augustine
◆ SWAMP HEAD BREWERY, 3650 SW 42nd Ave, Gainesville
◆ MADE IN ITALY REST & MARKET, 10 NE 27th St, Miami
◆ LAS PAMPAS GRILL - ARGENTINIAN, 830 East Oakland Park Blvd, Ft Lauderdale
◆ 221 CAFÈ - SIMPLY NATURAL, 221 Northwest 1st Ave, Miami
◆ JONES FAMILY RESTAURANT, 6823 State Road 54, New Port Richey
◆ WHOLE FOODS MARKET, 1903 S. University Dr, Davie
Hotels New Openings
Madeira Beach
◆ 94-ROOM HAMPTON INN & SUITES, 20 Summit Oak Place, Deland
Hotels Under Construction
◆ RUNAWAY RESORT HOTEL (early stages), 21st Ave, Hollywood, TBD
◆ THE NAUTILUS HOTEL, 1825 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, March - April 2015
◆ WASHINGTON PARK HOTEL, 1050 Washington Avenue, Miami, March 2015
◆ AC HOTEL MIAMI BEACH, 2900 Block of Collins Ave, Miami Beach, May 2015
◆ THE HENDERSON - a Salamander Beach & Spa Resort, 2700 Scenic Highway
98, Destin, Spring 2016
◆ DAVIE VALUE PLACE, 5700 Reese Road, Davie, Spring 2015
Beach Blvd, Ft Lauderdale Beach, Mid 2015
◆ COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT, between 5th & 7th streets, St. Augustine Beach,
◆ THE WESTIN DAYTONA BEACH RESORT, 900 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona
Beach, Jan - Feb 2016
◆ MARRIOTT BOUTIQUE PROPERTY, Daytona Beach, Mid to late 2016
◆ HARD ROCK HOTEL & CAFÈ, State Road A1A/south of SunSplash Park,
Daytona Beach, Late 2016
Surfside, Feb - March 2016
Lake Nona, TBD
Street, Miami Beach, March - April 2015
◆ HYATT SOUTH BEACH, 1600 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Spring 2015
◆ ELEMENT NORTH ORLANDO, Colonial Drive, Orlando, Mid to late 2015
◆ ELEMENT GAINESVILLE, University Drive, Gainesville, March - April 2017 (not
a typo)
◆ ELEMENT ORLANDO, 5875 Carrier Drive, Orlando, July - Aug 2016
◆ ELEMENT MIAMI DORAL, 3265 NW 107th Avenue, Doral, March 5 2015
Miami Beach, March 19 2015
◆ ALOFT CORAL GABLES, 2524 South Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, January 1
◆ LEGOLAND HOTEL, 1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, May 15 2015
◆ MONARCH HOTEL, 9540-50 West Bay Harbor Drive, Bay Harbor Islands, 2015
or later
◆ OPAL SANDS RESORT - 15-stories + Rest & Bar, 430 N. Gulf View Blvd,
Clearwater Beach, Mid to Late 2015
◆ NOBU HOTEL within the Eden Roc Miami Beach, 4525 Collins Ave, Miami, Late
◆ FOUR SEASONS @ SURF CLUB + Surf Club Dining Room, 9011 Collins Ave,
Miami Beach, Feb - March 2016
◆ AC MARRIOTT, 2912 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, March - April 2015
◆ 90-ROOM BOUTIQUE HOTEL + 30 waterside condos ( to be named), 453
Edgewater Drive, Dunedin, TBD
◆ HOTEL INDIGO MIAMI BRICKELL, 145 SW 11th St, Miami, Sept - Oct 2016
◆ ELEMENT BY WESTIN HOTEL, 3201 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, July - Aug 2015
◆ PARAMOUNT FORT LAUDERDALE BEACH, 700 N Atlantic Blvd, Ft Lauderdale,
Mid 2016
◆ MARGARITAVILLE BEACH RESORT + 7 Restaurants & Bars, 1111 North Ocean
Drive, Hollywood Beach, July - Aug 2015
◆ FLOW HOTEL (the first phase ), Bayshore Dr & Birch Rd, Ft Lauderdale, TBD
◆ PLAYA LARGO RESORT & SPA, 97450 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, July - Aug
◆ FAENA SAXONY HOTEL, 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, TBD
◆ 352- KEY EAST MIAMI AT BRICKELL CITY CENTRE, 799 Brickell Plaza, Miami,
Sept - Oct 2015
◆ SPRINGHILL SUITES (PLANNING STAGES), State Road 49 and Western Way,
Lake Buena Vista, TBD
◆ TOWNPLACE SUITES (PLANNING STAGES), State Road 49 and Western Way,
Lake Buena Vista, TBD
◆ THE HOTELS AT ISLAND GARDENS ( 2 luxury hotels), Biscayne Bay, Watson
Island/Miami, TBD
◆ ATTON HOTELS BRICKELL, 1500 SW 1st Ave, Miami, Mid 2016
◆ HYATT HOUSE (EARLY STAGES), 5360 International Dr, Orlando, TBD
◆ QUALITY INN FRANCHISE HOTEL, South St & West Dixie Ave, Leesburg, TBD
◆ EXTENDED STAY STAYBRIDGE SUITES / 6 stories(permits just filed), Sea
Harbor Drive, Orlando, TBD
◆ EMBASSY SUITES & SPA, 202 N. Tamiami, Sarasota, TBD
◆ 139-ROOM ALOFT HOTEL, One Palm Avenue, Sarasota, Aug - Sept 2015
◆ 255-ROOM WESTIN HOTEL, Gulfstream Ave & N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, June
- July 2016
◆ 150-ROOM KIMPTON HOTEL, Main Street and U.S. 301, Sarasota, TBD
◆ HOTEL ORMC (Orlando Regional Medical Center), 1315 S Orange Ave, Orlando,
Feb - March 2016
◆ UNITY PLAZA HOTEL - 150 Rooms (plans just approved), Magnolia and
Forest, Jacksonville, TBD
◆ THE CONRAD HOTEL, 551 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Ft Lauderdale,
Summer 2015
Under Construction
◆ BURGER FI, U.S. Highway 192 & Celebration Place, Celebration, TBD
◆ SUBWAY, U.S. Highway 192 & Celebration Place, Celebration, TBD
◆ CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL, U.S. Highway 192 & Celebration Place,
Celebration, TBD
◆ TOOJAY'S ORIGINAL GOURMET DELI, U.S. Highway 192 & Celebration Place,
Celebration, TBD
◆ YEOMAN'S CASK & LION & FULL LIQUOR BAR, 202 North Morgan St, Tampa,
Spring 2015
◆ TALDE MIAMI BEACH (from NY), 4041 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Summer
◆ KAHWA ESPRESSO BAR (7th), 11588 Fountainhead Drive, Tampa, Spring 2015
Feb - March 2015
Jacksonville Beach, Spring 2015
◆ SOHO BAY - high-end Modern Japanese @ Bentley Bay, 520 West Ave, Miami
Beach, Feb - March 2015
◆ SEGAFREDO EUROPEAN REST/CAFÈ, 600 SW 145th Terrace Ste 69, Pembroke
Pines, Feb - March 2015
◆ WYNWOOD DINER, 2601 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, March - April 2015
◆ FILLING STATION & GARAGE, 3200 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, March - April
◆ SALUTE MARKET BAR & GRILL, 5530 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, TBD
◆ RIVER OYSTER BAR (relocating from S Miami Ave), Northwest North River
Drive, Miami, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ BAR RITA, 1401 S Andrews Ave, Ft Lauderdale, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ PB STATION, 21 SE 1st Street, Miami, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ J & G GRILL, 223 NW 23rd St, Miami, March - April 2015
◆ MUSSEL BEACH'S (new concept (to be named), 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens,
Palm Beach Gardens, Spring 2015
◆ PANISUCO, 4354 North Federal, Ft Lauderdale, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ ISLAS CANARIAS REST & CAFÈ, 285 NW 27th Avenue, Miami, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ HOFBRAUM BEERHALL, 943 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Feb - March 2015 or
◆ THE FOUNDRY, 2781 Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ GOURMET GARDEN CAFÈ & JUICES, 6139 N Federal Hwy, Ft Lauderdale,
March 30 2015 or before
◆ JUPITER DONUT FACTORY (2nd), 11705 Okeechobee Blvd, Royal Palm Beach,
March 1 2015
◆ JOSEPHINE'S CAFÈ, SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Feb - March 2015
◆ BLACK ROOSTER TAQUERIA, 1323 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, April 2015
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New Openings
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◆ YOGEN FR¸Z (based in Canada), 2429 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ YOGEN FR¸Z (based in Canada), 9900 Universal Blvd, Orlando, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ YOGEN FR¸Z (based in Canada), 4954 New Broad Street, Orlando, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ YOGEN FR¸Z (based in Canada), 5250 International Drive, Orlando, Feb March 2015 or later
Beach, Feb - March 2015
◆ BONEFISH MAC'S (4th So Fl location), 6174 W Sample Road, Coral Springs,
Feb - March 2015
◆ VINNIE'S OLD FASHIONED DOG HOUSE, to come when available, Ft
Lauderdale, TBD
◆ HARRY'S PIZZERIA, 2996-98 McFarlane Rd, Coconut Grove, Spring 2015
◆ TOOJAY'S GOURMET DELI, 2835 Brownwood Blvd, The Villages, Oct - Nov
◆ PEACH VALLEY CAFÈ, to come when available, The Villages, Mid 2015
◆ NORTH QUARTER TAVERN, 861 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Spring 2015
◆ SOUTH KITCHEN & SPIRITS (early stages), 3638 Park St, Avondale, TBD
Federal Hwy Bldg 1740, Hallandale Bch, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ BRUCCI'S PIZZA, Gate Pkway & 249, Jacksonville, Spring 2015
◆ M SHACK - BURGERS SHAKES & MORE, 1012 Margaret St Ste 1, Jacksonville,
Feb - March 2015
◆ TOMOKA BREWING CO., 4746 S Clyde Morris Blvd, Port Orange, Spring 2015
◆ MILK BURGER (FROM NY) (1ST FL), to come when available, Miami, TBD
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◆ BUFFALO WILD WINGS, to come when available, Viera, Mid 2015
◆ LAFFA MEDITERRANEAN KITCHEN, 1250 S Miami Ave, Miami, April - May 2015
◆ MY CEVICHE, 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, Spring 2015
◆ MY CEVICHE, 3339 North Miami Ave, Miami, Spring 2015
◆ MY CEVICHE, 232 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ CHILI'S BAR AND GRILL, 28444 State Rd 54, Wesley Chapel, Feb - March 2015
◆ ACE CAFÈ - British CafÈ Based in London, Garland Ave, Orlando, Mid to late
◆ PIE TOPIA - Fine dining restaurant, 5226 4th St N, St Petersburg, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ GRILLIT RESTAURANT, to come when available, Tampa, Sept - Oct 2015 or
◆ GRAZIANO'S MARKET, 11421 NW 41st Street, Miami, Feb - March 2015
◆ RICE HOUSE OF KEBOB, 5818 South Dixie Hwy, Miami, Feb - March 2015 or
◆ BANGING BANJO BREWERY (early stages), 3200 NW 23rd Ave Ste 500,
Pompano Beach, TBD
◆ MARLOW'S TAVERN, off SR-408 at Alafaya Trail, East Orlando, TBD
◆ SPOLETO - MY ITALIAN KITCHEN (2nd), to come when available, Winter Park,
April - May 2015
◆ SPOLETO - MY ITALIAN KITCHEN (1st ), 12101 University Blvd Ste 255,
Orlando, Feb - March 2015
◆ BREZZA, 551 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Ft Lauderdale, Summer 2015
◆ BRITISH OPEN PUB, 2053 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, Feb - March 2015
◆ VILLAGE INN RESTAURANT, 3130 Daniels Road, Winter Garden, Feb - March
◆ SAGE WOODSIDE TAVERN, 2110 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Spring 2015
South, Naples, Mid to late 2015
◆ 7TH AVENUE SOCIAL, 849 7th Avenue South Ste 101, Naples, Feb - March
◆ ANOTHER BROKEN EGG CAFE, 670 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, April - May 2015
◆ FAMOUS TOASTERY (BASED IN NC), to come when available, Jacksonville
Beach, TBD
Sarasota, Feb - March 2015
Ocala, Feb - March 2015 or later
Streets, Jacksonville, Late 2015
◆ CINÈPOLIS CINEMAS (DINE-IN), 201 North US 1, Jupiter, April - May 2015
◆ THE FAT ROOSTER (supposed to open last year), 200 E Atlantic Ave, Delray
Beach, Feb - March 2015
◆ WENDY'S - new Upscale (const starts in Spring), 3887 Jog Rd, Greenacres,
Summer 2015
Orlando, May - June 2015
Orlando, Spring 2015
Feb - March 2015
◆ ARMADILLO CAFE BOCA, 8221 Glades Rd Ste 6, Boca Raton, Feb - March 2015
◆ JOE'S MARKETPLACE AND DELI, 10000 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, Mid to
late 2015
◆ DRAFTS SPORTS BAR & GRILL, 10000 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, Mid to late
Lake Road, Orlando, Mid to late 2015
◆ FOOQ'S, 1035 N Miami Ave, Miami, TBD
◆ COFFEE CULTURE, 200 US Highway 1, Jupiter, March - April 2015
◆ CALAVERAS CANTINA, 200 US Highway 1, Jupiter, March - April 2015
◆ WARSAW COFFEE COMPANY, 815 NE 13th Street, Ft Lauderdale, March - April
◆ TUNIES (3RD), 900 N Federal Highway, Ft Lauderdale, Feb - March 2015
◆ ROK:BRGR BURGER BAR & GASTROPUB, to come when available, Orlando,
Late 2015
◆ NEW CONCEPT ( to be named ), 2033 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, TBD
100, Orlando, Feb - March 2015
◆ FORD'S GARAGE RESTAURANT (2nd) (1st Ft Myers), 11105 Causeway Blvd,
Brandon, March - April 2015
◆ BESITO MEXICAN - high end Concept (1st Fl), 205 Westshore Plaza, Tampa,
Spring 2015
◆ MAPLE STREET BISCUIT CO., to come when available, St Augustine, Mid to
late 2015
◆ V PIZZA - AUTHENTIC NAPOLETANA PIZZERIA (2nd), 528 North 1st Street,
Jacksonville Beach, Feb - March 2015
Blvd Ste 63, Jacksonville, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ DAY MARKET KITCHEN, 1850 SE 17th St Ste 109, Ft Lauderdale, Feb - March
◆ THE HOT SPOT DINER, 1625 Shepherd Rd, Lakeland, Feb - March 2015
◆ 26K SUSHI + TAPAS (Kosher), 9487 Harding Ave, Surfside, Feb - March 2015
◆ CRIMSON - KOSHER RESTAURANT, 9555 Harding Ave, Surfside, Feb - March
◆ MENCHIE'S FROZEN YOGURT, 11111 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, March - April
◆ MENCHIE'S FROZEN YOGURT, 3267 Hodges Blvd Ste 2, Jacksonville, Feb March 2015
◆ THE LUNCHBOX, 78 NW 25th Street Ste 106, Miami, Feb - March 2015
◆ FRESH HEALTHY CAFÈ (Canada-based), 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail,
Orlando, June - July 2015
◆ FRESH HEALTHY CAFÈ (Canada-based), 8000 W Broward Boulevard,
Plantation, March - April 2015
◆ SQUARE GROUPER TIKI BAR (2nd), 1918 Seaway Drive, Ft Pierce, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ THE EGG & I, 315 SE 17th St, Ocala, Feb - March 2015
◆ THE EGG & I, 2447 Wickman Rd, Melbourne, Feb - March 2015
◆ DICK'S LAST RESORT, 17 S Ft Lauderdale Blvd, Ft Lauderdale, TBD
◆ BYBLOS - FINE DINING, 1545 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, March - April 2015
Orlando, Spring 2015
◆ KONA GRILL, 11401 NW 12th St, Miami, Spring 2015
◆ CABO FLATS CANTINA & TEQUILA BAR, 11401 NW 12th St, Miami, Spring 2015
◆ NITROGEN SUSHI AND GRILLE, 6779 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, Spring 2015
◆ CAPTAIN JACKS, 1146 Blue Heron Blvd, Singer Island, Spring 2015
◆ UNCLE LOUIE G ITALIAN ICES & ICE CREAM, 2657 Atlantic Blvd, Pompano
Beach, Feb - March 2015
◆ BESITO MEXICAN REST + FULL BAR, 250 WestShore Plaza, Tampa, April May 2015
◆ CAFFEBENE (1ST IN FL), 4690 State Road 7 Ste 107, Coconut Creek, TBD
◆ ZOES KITCHEN, 15700 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, Feb March 2015
Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, April - May 2015
◆ COOPER'S HAWK WINERY, 110 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, TBD
◆ RA SUSHI, 110 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, TBD
◆ STRIKE 10 - BOWLING & SPORTS & LOUNGE, 801 N Silks Run Ste 1505,
Hallandale Beach, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ RUDINO'S UPSCALE SPORTS BAR, 4115 State Route 7 Ste Z, Lake Worth, Feb March 2015
◆ DELI (TO BE NAMED), 6647 Boynton Beach Blvd, Boynton Beach, Spring 2015
◆ TACO BAR MEXICAN CAFE (early stages), 2300 Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland
Park, TBD
◆ LUCKY'S MARKET (based in CO), 7700 Peters Rd, Plantation, Fall 2015
◆ ZAXBY'S (just started const), 4285 South Ferdon Boulevard, Crestview, Aug Sept 2015
◆ SWELL PIZZA, to come when available, Delray Beach, Feb - March 2015 or
◆ LIME FRESH MEXICAN GRILL (1st in Palm Bch Cty), 9789 Glades Road, Boca
Raton, Spring 2015
◆ UNION BURGER (British Chain ), Narcoossee Road, Orlando, Spring 2015
◆ SAMBUMBIA PUERTO RICAN CUISINE, to come when available, Lake Mary,
◆ SWINE & SONS PROVISIONS, 595 W Fairbanks, Winter Park, Feb - March 2015
◆ THE OUTPOST~ NEIGHBORHOOD KITCHEN, 2603 Edgewater Drive, Orlando,
Feb - March 2015
◆ QUALITY MEATS (1st in FL) (NY based), 1501 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Feb March 2015
◆ OCC BURGER, 7280 SW 90th Street, Miami, Feb - March 2015
◆ YO! SUSHI - A BRITISH CHAIN OF SUSHI RESTS, 140 University Town Center
Dr Ste 125, Sarasota, TBD
◆ SUPER FOOD AND BREW @ 11 East Building, 11 E Forsyth St, Jacksonville, TBD
◆ DAILY EATS AND FRESH KITCHEN (2 rests), 4th Street and 45th Avenue
North, St Petersburg, Spring 2015
◆ HOFFMAN'S CHOCOLATES, 801 S University Dr, Plantation, Feb - March 2015
◆ MEAT IN THE MIDDLE, 499 East Oakland Park Blvd, Ft Lauderdale, TBD
◆ THE HANGAR, 1675 N Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, Mid 2015
◆ THE BOAT HOUSE ORLANDO, 1675 N Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, Spring
◆ MORIMOTO ASIA - a 2 story Rest & Cocktail Lounge, 1675 N Buena Vista Dr,
Lake Buena Vista, Summer 2015
◆ TOBACCO ROAD, 69 SW 7th Street, Miami, Late 2015
◆ COPPERTOP BREWERY, 151 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach, March 2015
◆ MODERN AMERICAN TAVERN (to be named), 208 Beach Dr NE, St Petersburg,
Spring 2015
◆ RAFINA GREEK TAVERNA, 6877 SW 18th St, Boca Raton, Feb - March 2015
◆ BRAIN FREEZE, 3905 NW 107th Ave, Doral, Feb - March 2015
◆ OCEAN DINER, 2891 Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ 3 SONS BREWING CO (looking for a location), to come when available, Dania
Beach, Sept - Oct 2015
◆ THREE HORNS BREWING CO - Brewery & Bar, to come when available, Lake
Worth, TBD
◆ WILD OAK ARTISAN ALES, to come when available, Boynton Beach, Feb March 2015 or later
◆ THE HABIT BURGER GRILL (based in Calif), 1801 S Federal Highway, Delray
Beach, Spring or Summer 2015
◆ MULLER'S KITCHEN, 1133 SW Martins Down Blvd, Palm City, March - April
◆ TOBACCO ROAD (closed it's Miami location), Port Miami, Nov - Dec 2015
◆ CARLO'S BAKE SHOP, Port Miami, Nov - Dec 2015
◆ THE CELLARS WINE BAR, Port Miami, Nov - Dec 2015
◆ THE DISTRICT BREW HOUSE, Port Miami, Nov - Dec 2015
◆ FOOD REPUBLIC, Port Miami, Nov - Dec 2015
◆ NEW DINER (to be named), 10299 Royal Palm Blvd, Coral Springs, Feb - March
2015 or later
◆ NOBU RESTAURANT AND BAR LOUNGE, 4525 Collins Ave, Miami, Late 2015
available, Cocoa Beach, Mid to Late 2015
◆ SILVERSPOT CINEMA AND RESTAURANT, 4443 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek,
Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ WAFFLE HOUSE (new const), 11403 Ulmerton Road, Largo, Mid 2015
◆ TEN 10 BREWING CO., 1010 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ MUSTARD'S LAST STAND, 3210 South Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, March 1
Villages, March - April 2015
◆ DARRELL'S DOG GONE GOOD DINER (8th), 2536 Burnsed Blvd, The Villages,
Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ TRASCA & CO EATERY, 155 Tourside Drive Ste 1500, Ponte Vedra Beach, April
30 2015 or before
◆ MOOYAH BURGERS FRIES AND SHAKES (1st of 3), to come when available,
Jacksonville, Mid to Late 2015
Boulevard, Panama City Beach, April 30 2015
◆ JUPITER INLET RESTAURANT, 1000 N US Hwy 1, Jupiter, Late 2015
◆ URBAN COMFORT - REST & CAFÈ, 2601 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, Feb March 2015 or later
◆ POM POM'S TEAHOUSE & SANDWICHERIA, 2950 Central Avenue, St
Petersburg, Feb - March 2015 or later
◆ PINELLAS ALE WORKS - Craft Brewery and Tasting Room, 1962 1st Avenue
South, St Petersburg, TBD
◆ JUS THAI (2ND), 3201 4th Street North, St Petersburg, Late Feb or March
◆ THE DOG BAR, 2300 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, Summer 2015
◆ THE CIDER PRESS CAFÈ (2nd), 601 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, Spring
◆ THE BURG DINER (also owns The Burg Bar & Grill), 1752 Central Ave, St
Petersburg, Feb - March 2015
◆ THE BLUE GOOSE, 49 9th Street North, St Petersburg, Feb - March 2015
◆ THE ATRIUM CAFE, 360 12th Ave South, Naples, Spring 2015
◆ STRAWBERRY HUT SANDWICH SHOP (2nd), to come when available,
Lakeland, TBD
◆ SUNSET BAY CAFE, 158 Sandestin Blvd N, Sandestin, Feb - March 2015
◆ TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFÈ, Boy Scout Road, Ft Myers, Feb - March 2015 or
◆ TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFÈ, 2000 NW 87th Ave, Doral, Spring 2015
◆ TONY D'S, 3300 NE 32nd Street, Ft Lauderdale, Feb - March 2015
◆ PARIS MORNING, 4900 S University Drive, Davie, Feb - March 2015
◆ L EPICIERE, 195 NW 36th St, Miami, Feb - March 2015
◆ EAST WEST BISTRO BUFFET, 801 North Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, Feb March 2015
◆ EGGCETERA CAFÈ, SE corner of Lantana and Jog, Lantana, Spring 2015
◆ FRATELLI'S PIZZERIA & REST, 291 SE Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St Lucie, Feb March 2015
◆ MCFADDEN'S RESTAURANT & SALOON, 8291 International Dr, Orlando,
Spring 2015
Sarasota, March - April 2015
◆ PDQ, 12499 S. Cleveland Ave, Ft Myers, Spring 2015
◆ FLAPJACK JOHNNY'S, 7432 Hwy 50 Ste 103, Groveland, Feb - March 2015
◆ ZO’S KITCHEN, 12710 Durbin Lake Drive, Jacksonville, Sept - Oct 2015
Jacksonville, Sept - Oct 2015
◆ UNCLE MADDIO’S PIZZA JOINT, 12710 Durbin Lake Drive, Jacksonville, Sept Oct 2015
◆ WENDY'S RESTAURANT (new build), 13928 Bartram Run Drive, Jacksonville,
Spring 2015
◆ THE FAMOUS TOASTERY, to come when available, Jacksonville Beach, May June 2015
◆ ITALIAN - SICILIAN REST (to be named) (very early stages), 22nd St and East
Ave, Ybor City, TBD/2016-2017
◆ DENNY'S RESTAURANT, 351 East Main Street, Apopka, Feb - March 2015
◆ CIVIL SOCIETY BREWING CO - Brewery Bar, to come when available, Jupiter,
Mid to Late 2015
◆ GILBERT'S UNDERGROUND KITCHEN (just signed 5-yr lease), 510 South 8th
Street, Fernandina Beach, Late Feb or March 2015
◆ DOWNTOWN (very early stages still), 220 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, TBD
◆ IZZYS FISH & OYSTER, 423 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Feb - March
◆ B & G - BREAKER AND GRAY, 2637 N Miami Ave, Miami, Spring 2015
◆ BISCAYNE DINER, 8601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, March - April 2015
◆ ALTER RESTAURANT, 223 NW 23rd Street, Miami Beach, April - May 2015
◆ HOUSE OF SFIHAS, 3952 W Hillsboro, Deerfield Beach, Feb - March 2015
◆ OUT OF THE OVEN - Takeout/Catering/Outdoor, 2290 Wilton Drive, Wilton
Manors, Spring 2015
◆ ISLA DEL ENCANTO, 12100 SW 127 Avenue, Miami, Spring 2015
◆ POP'S BBQ, 419 E Sheridan Street, Dania Beach, Feb - March 2015
◆ NUCENTRO, 10779 NW 41st St, Doral, Feb - March 2015
◆ MIYAKO JAPANESE BUFFET, Federal Hwy & Atlantic Ave, Pompano Beach,
Feb - March 2015
— Kitchen Equipment and Smallware Supplies —
— Hood Cleaning and Full Kitchen Cleaning —
— All Kinds of Equipment Repairs —
We sell these quality brands & more… Imperial Range• Royal• Kelvinator
LoLo• Fagor• True• Beverage Air• Spartan• Victorinox• Mercer Cutlery
United Restaurant Equipment & Service
Equipment Showroom & Store
Service Center
298 West 21st Street, Hialeah, FL
509 West 27th Street
Hialeah, FL
(305) 805-6888 Office
(786) 222-1064 Cell
(305) 883-0933 Office
(305) 803-2624 Cell
Changing theWay
You Do Business!
You can sell your products without any limits!
There are NO extra… …LISTING FEES
When you receive payment from buyers, there are no deductions!
What’s Going On
Salamander Beach & Spa Resort, the 171room property will open spring 2016.
The property will encompass the current
Henderson Park Inn and add a new 171room luxury hotel named The
Henderson across the street.
Fourth Wall Restaurants president
and founder Michael Stillman, along
with chef/partner Craig Koketsu have
announced that the celebrated New York
restaurant group will open the second
location of its New York flagship,
Quality Meats at 1501 Collins Ave
in Miami Beach Feb. Rising star
chef Patrick Rebholz, until recently chef
de cuisine at Charleston’s legendary
Peninsula Grill, will lead the kitchen. This
is Fourth Wall’s first foray outside of New
York City; although Stillman
and his father, legendary
restaurateur Alan Stillman
are no strangers to South
Florida as they were the original owners
of Smith &
Wollensky at
South Pointe
Park when it opened in
December 1997. Located at the former
Bancroft Hotel, an historic Art Deco gem
that is being re-envisioned by Stillman
and longtime design collaborators
AvroKO, Quality Meats Miami Beach
will retain the classic Deco features of
the building while infusing it with the
feeling of family owned butcher shops
that are the trademark of the Quality
Meats brand.
Under the direction of sommelier
Lewis Starkey, Quality Meats Miami
Beach offers an exceptional wine list, with
more than 30 wines by
the glass and selections that represent
the best of Old and
New World vintages,
with a concentration
on California – including both elite and
undiscovered vineyards. The restaurant
will seat well over 200 diners on two
floors – in the main dining room, on the
outdoor patio, in second floor private
dining rooms and even a hidden wine
nook. There is also an indoor-outdoor
bar and lounge. Quality Meats Miami
Beach can be reached at www.qualitymeatsmiami or 305.340.3333.
Cruise News: Norwegian Cruise Line
announced a multitude of new partnerships with leaders in the fields of dining,
beverage and entertainment to feature
innovative branded experiences onboard Norwegian Escape. During an exclusive event in New York City, the line
revealed that their largest ship ever,
Norwegian Escape, will include several new
culinary experiences,
along with two Tony
Award-winning musicals, and a unique
Supper Club, when she begins sailing
from her homeport of Miami in
November 2015. Norwegian Escape's ultimate culinary experiences, which will
be helmed by James Beard Award-winning Iron Chef Jose Garces and Miami
from page 4
restaurateurs Jose Mendin, Andreas
Schreiner and Sergio Navarro of The
Pubbelly Restaurant Group will be onboard; in addition to new beverage concepts The District Brewhouse, featuring
craft beers from Wynwood Brewing
Company, and The Cellars, A Michael
Mondavi Family Wine Bar.
Scala creates intelligent digital signage solutions that move products,
consumers, and sales metrics. Scala solutions improve brand loyalty, optimize
customer experience, and reinforce
business objectives. With Scala menu
board software, making nationwide
menu and price adjustments allows for
constant and instant display board
updates. “We offer the flexibility to modify the digital menu board display, customizing for certain hours, or
catering to local tastes –
maximizing targeted sales.
Showcase the products that
are pertinent
to each target
can be done in-house or
remotely. Scala software will eliminate
the need to print and distribute static
signs each time your menu changes to
save you those costly printing and distribution fees.” For all info visit
Newk's Eatery, the fast-casual
restaurant known for its culinarydriven menu and open kitchen, has announced a new development agreement with franchisee Aeolus Group.
The multi-unit operators have
committed to open 11 Newk's
locations in the Tampa, St.
Petersburg, Sarasota, Lakeland
and Clearwater markets in
Florida. Aeolus Group is a Five
Guys Burgers and Fries franchisee with nine years of experience in restaurant development and management. One of
its operating partners is a longtime resident of the Tampa Bay
area. Visit for more detailed
company information.
The National Restaurant Association
Show (NRA) brings together the industry's best organic products, franchise opportunities, bakery items, kitchen tools,
table ware, flatware, crockery, food service technology, catering paraphernalia,
sustainable products, snacks and
munchins, packaging items, preservative
and flavoring agents, bar tending and
cocktail mixing products and more. The
Show will be held from May 16-19 in
Chicago, Il., at McCormick Place
Convention Center.
This event brings
restaurant professionals and
the who's who
of the catering industry
together in an
atmosphere conducive
to business growth and development of
the trade. With special pavilions dedicated to sustainable products, franchise
See WHAT’S GOING ON page 14
By Pernille Bruun-Jensen
CMO, NetBase
◆ Using social media for instant
feedback on promotions and
◆ Taking advantage of sentiment
analysis to accurately filter noise
◆ Tracking the impact of different
campaigns – how they fare in different markets
◆ Using social listening tools to improve customer care
That last point is crucial in maintaining positive mentions among your
user base. If someone has a bad experience (or even offers constructive criticism) the way you respond will cement
how that user will view your company
going forward – and how others will
view you as well.
If you’re new to social media, or looking to expand further into that realm,
there are a number of ways to help you
stay relevant, grow that follower count,
and strengthen your branding.
◆ Using hashtags. Hashtags, when
used well can be a great boost for your
Appell Pie
Your menu is set, people are coming
in the door, but you don’t seem to attain
that ever-important ‘buzz’ you’d hoped
for. Ask yourself, “Am I getting social?”
With so many people taking to the
Internet when they like or dislike something, not having a strong social
presence for your restaurant is not
only disadvantageous, it’s dangerous.
Advertising will always have its place – as
we all know, word of mouth is what
makes the business world go round. But
did you know that word of mouth has
taken on a significantly greater meaning
in the age of social media?
There are many companies out there
that are ‘doing’ social extremely well, as
can be seen by the frontrunners in the
NetBase Social Top 50 Fast Casual
Report, and they offer lots to learn from.
Far and away the leader in social for
fast casual restaurants is Chipotle
Mexican Grill, coming in with 15.3 million mentions, accounting for 61% of the
total share. How are they and other top
contenders, like Panera, Five Guys, and
Jimmy John’s, doing it? Well, you’ll need
to check out the report for specifics, but
some of the things top restaurants pay
attention to include:
business. The key is knowing when
and how to use them. Start slow, use
them sparingly in ways that reinforce
your branding and slowly expand out
(usually when starting a new campaign, or bringing attention to a service you want to highlight, like Panera’s
◆ Establish a presence on Google
Places. Not everyone uses Facebook, so
putting all the eggs in that virtual basket
limits your exposure. Create a ‘place’
page for your restaurant on Google
Places and ask visitors to add a review in
exchange for a free appetizer or 10% off
next time around. Having a corresponding Google page is smart too. But don’t
worry, you don’t have to have unique
content for each platform. Just make
sure what you’re posting makes sense for
each (text posts wouldn’t work on
Instagram or Pinterest, for example – as
they’re both image-based platforms).
◆ Claim and monitor your Yelp
page. Yelp is the go-to for many when deciding on where to eat, and having a solid
reputation there is a big bonus. When
monitoring, if someone posts a negative
review, make sure you respond, but always keep a professional tone and remain positive. Remember, it’s not just the
poster who is reading this; it’s anyone
who looks at your Yelp page. How you respond affects how you are viewed, regardless if the review was fair or not.
◆ Get Mobile. Make sure your webpage is designed for mobile platforms
(mobile-responsive). Mobile visitors outnumber desktop users by leaps and
bounds. If they can’t view menus from
their phones, they are much less likely to
visit altogether.
◆ Stay current with your market
base. Monitor and understand what is
being said about your business in the social media realm and, of course, correct
any issues immediately. Knowing what
your audience is saying, feeling, and
wanting can be the difference between a
successful launch or campaign flop.
Looping back to Chipotle: While they
were top dog on the leaderboard among
the 50 restaurants surveyed, there are
areas where they actually fell short of
their competitors – and THAT is valuable
intel, too. Be sure to use the report as a
litmus test to see what you are doing well
and where you could improve. And comment with any surprises!
Comfortable and Ergonomic
Getting social love for
your food & your brand!
Call now for
information, retailers
and pricing!
We Are Manufacturers
8358 NW 68 Street
(305) 767-7061
[email protected]
Miami, Florida 33166
from page 3
So often, when people look through
Today's Restaurant News in my presence, I hear the comment "Oh, I see
"X" Company placed an ad this
month" Invariably my response is that
the ad has been running for several
months. Longevity is a key to successful print advertising. Ad design and the
need for the product are other elements to a winning campaign. Often
an ad is designed and expectations are
high for the phone to ring off the wall.
Nothing happens. Why? Is the publica-
tion reaching the target audience? Is
the ad beautiful but not carrying the
right message? Is there a need for the
product? Has the ad run only one
time? Advertising expenditures must
be judged in the same manner that
mutual funds are evaluated, over time.
Not everyone needs your product
when you want to sell it. Timing is important. Advertising and Public
Relations are essential elements to a
successful business. If you use them,
they will serve you well.
Quality & Style
Call us for all your SYRUPS, JUICES and CO2 fountain needs!
954-584-7330 ✴ 800-262-8265
[email protected]
What’s Going On
from page 12
opportunities, latest technology, organic
products and more, the organizers the
National Restaurant Association ensure
that buyers coming to the fair can easily
get to their preferred products. For all information visit them online
425°F. Cookshack is the only manufacturer of Commercial Pellet Smokers. This
smoker does not require gas, simply plug
it into an outlet to run the IQ5 controller,
add pellets and it is ready to make barbecue and smoked foods.
Cookshack, located in
Ponca City, OK, manufactures commercial and
residential smoker ovens,
pellet grills and charbroilers. They distribute
their products worldwide direct and through a
dealer/distributor network for all information
visit their website online
Stuart Powell,
Cookshack President/CEO at
Cookshack’s release of
t h e Fa s t Ed d y ’s ™ by
Cookshack FEC240 pellet
fired smoker oven is now
available for commercial
kitchens. It offers authentic
wood flavor, small foot print,
and large capacity. The authentic wood flavor and heat
are achieved by the 100%
food grade wood pellets which are controlled by a fully automated wood pellet
system. Pellets eliminates large heat fluctuations that dry and shrink meat. Oven
temperature ranges are from 160° F to
HotSchedules delivers easy-to-use,
web-based employee scheduling functions that allows the restaurant owners
and other bosses to keep up with avail-
Bruce’s of Great Neck
is Restauranteur to the
Stars in West Boca
Restaurant Review by Barry Epstein
Bruce's of Great Neck was founded in 1976 on the
"Gold Coast" of Merrick, Long Island. After several
years of operation, Bruce's expanded to Roosevelt
Field, Long Island. In 1983, Bruce decided that Great
Neck, NY, would be the perfect place to sell the highquality line of baked goods. Expanding the concept to
a full service restaurant, Bruce's became a "one-of-akind" operation. It had something for everyone from
cinnamon raisin bobka french toast, nova platters, to gourmet panini's. Over the
years, a complimentary, basket of
fresh baked goods had become
their trademark and tradition.
President Bruce Zipes believed in the "word of
mouth" advertising and that
satisfied customers would
spread the "word" around
town. He only uses the highest quality ingredients and
standards to meet the high expectations of his customers at his famous
restaurant and bakery. Today, that tradition
continues in his new bakery/restaurant in the Boca
Greens Shopping Plaza on U.S. 441, 19575 State Rd.
7, Boca Raton, Florida, where they have been open
for 16 months with a new menu, bringing something
different to the usually boring bagel stores, e.g. Bobka
French toast, fresh lobster and jumbo shrimp salads,
gourmet omelettes made with baby spinach, plumb
tomatoes and choice of melted gouda, fontina or Brie
cheese, waffles and pancakes made with buttermilk
and eggs instead of just water, etc. Joan Rivers came
in around August 2013 while she was staying at the
Boca Raton Resort & Club, remembering the portrait
Bruce made of her in NYC and ordered the chunky
lobster salad on brioche. When she left she told Bruce
"I wish we had a Bruces in NYC where I live.” Bucky
Dent is a regular too, along with a number of stars that
stop in when they are visiting in South Florida.
At Bruce's, catering became the most renowned in
NY. Patrons from Manhattan, Queen, Staten Island,
Brooklyn, and Long Island flocked to Bruce's for all
special occasions to include baked goods, custom
catering or just to relax in the celebrated restaurant.
When Westbury Music Fair needed a special cake to
commemorate Bob Hope's 75th birthday, Bruce in-
vented the celebrity "look-a-like" cake. A recent sampling of portrait cakes included the likes of Jay Leno,
Bill Cosby, Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford, Katie
Couric, Matt Lauer, Tom Cruise, Heather Locklear,
Howard Stern, Julio Iglesias and Mickey Mantle.
Bruce has been seen on numerous television shows including: The Regis Philbin Show, The Today Show,
The John Stewart Show, Fox and Friends, The Food
Channel and major news shows on NBC,
CBS, and ABC. Bruce's has also won
the prestigious award from the
Metro Channels "NY Eats" for
the best challah in New York
City. Write ups have also appeared in Newsday, the NY
Post, The Daily News, and
NY Magazine. Over the
years, Bruce has been proud
to be associated with hundreds of celebrities and luminaries from all walks of life.
Some of Bruce's Highlights include: Hilary Clinton visited Bruce's –
"Love the chocolate ruggies"; Bruce appeared on The
Food Network's "Cupcake Wars": Bruce's donated
cakes to Derek Jeter's Turn Two Foundation; Bruce
made a portrait cake for George Steinbrenner's birthday;
Bruce created an anniversary cake for "The Howard
Stern Show"; Bruce appeared on The Today Show with
a portrait cake and new dessert cookbook. Palm Beach
County also gave Bruce’s a “perfect” inspection, said
the West Boca News.
Bruce's is deeply committed and firmly believes in
community service, whether donating a dinner for 100
retuning Gulf War veterans and their wives, making a
road more attractive in Great Neck, being a major
sponsor for the Great Neck Art Center or daily donations to senior citizen, group homes or soup kitchens.
Bruce's was honored to be the recipient of the Giraffe
Award, Great Neck's most prestigious award for continued outstanding community service. As former
President George Bush Sr. said in his letter of commendation to Bruce's: "You are to be commended for
your spirit and deep involvement in your community.
Our Nation thrives on civic pride and you are a local
institution that Great Neck (and now Boca) can be
proud of!”
The Marketing Help You Need
Marketing and PR Specialist
Barry Epstein, APR
Networking Expert
Barry R. Epstein Associates specializes in Restaurants and Hospitality. Current and former
clients include Mussel Beach, Out of Denmark, Bruce’s of Great Neck, Whole Foods in
Florida, Bice and many others. We would like to talk to you about handling your PR, if you
are not already using a PR firm or you would like to change representation. We also do a
weekly internet television show you can be on to promote your business and we send a link
of your segment to put on your website (e.g. and to send out in emails to
your customers and prospects. We also send it out on Vimeo, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
and YouTube, so you get a lot of exposure for a minimal cost. Our website is where you can view previous shows. We provide introductions to your marketing
prospects and help evaluate your present operation, make recommendations for improvements, and help you grow your business.
For more info: [email protected] • 561.852.0000
abilities, time-off requests, employee
certifications and the daily roster.
Message the team about the schedule or
important store updates using the platform, or through email and text alerting.
Plus, the employer and their staff will
have access to a bilingual customer care
team. This can be used to save time by
not having to create and update schedules using spreadsheets. For all ordering
information visit
Evo, Incorporated, a U.S. based designer and manufacturer of cooking
equipment, announced the launch of
the Evo EVent™ Cooktops. This new
cooking technology, combined with an
innovative ventilation system, offers
restaurant operators unrestricted food
preparation flexibility. The Cooking
Stations are designed for front-of-house
display cooking in restaurants, grocery
stores, corporate cafes and university
dining, without any constraints and restrictions due to overhead
hoods and externally
ducted ventilation. The
EVent incorporates a highefficiency griddle attached
to a self-contained downdraft recirculating system
and fire suppression system. The ventilation motor
pulls the smoky and
grease-laden air across the
griddle surface into a series of filters inside the model. One of the
filters removes smoke and grease particulates thoroughly before returning the
filtered and clean air back into the
restaurant. The entire cooking station
operates quietly and the clean air is returned into the restaurant at only 7 degrees warmer than ambient room
temperature. For more information visit
McFadden’s, the New York mainstay
with over 35 years of rich history and 14
locations, will be opening its first
Florida location on International Drive.
The Venue, slated for a Spring opening
will feature an oversized outdoor patio,
HD TVs for the ultimate
sports viewing experience,
and a food menu featuring
authentic Irish fare and
American comfort food like gourmet burgers and
signature appetizers.
Known for its lively party
music McFadden’s offers a
unique drink menu featuring famous Fishbowl
drinks and live DJ entertainment. Located at 8278 Universal
Blvd, at the new I Drive 360 entertainment complex, to the right of
the Orlando Eye, the restaurant can be
reached at 407.930.6737.
The new Tenacity Dinnerware
line from World Tableware, Libbey
Foodservice is a stylish choice for foodservice operations. This new dinnerware allows restaurants, cafes, bars and
more to serve up their dishes on the
classic design of Tenacity, which can
match any existing décor, theme or
style. The rolled edge feature stands up
to busy foodservice use. Some pieces
are available in both a medium or narrow rim. This line is also available in
Cream or Bright White. Tenacity | Libbey
Foodservice | Libbey Glass foodservice
channels informing hotels and restaurants about new glassware, flatware,
and dinnerware products can be
reached at
Work on the planned $300 million$400 million iSquare Mall+Hotel in
Orlando, is expected to begin by summer 2015. In addition to the mall, the
project includes an upscale mall with international retailers, along with a 26story hotel and multi-level mall, an
indoor ice skating rink, a 100,000-squarefoot convention center, a 500-seat live
performance theater and a rooftop observation deck with rotating restaurant.
Opening is planned for summer 2017.
Got to
This winter, Chef Tom Colicchio will
open Beachcraft at 1 Hotel & Homes
South Beach, bringing his seasonal love
of seafood to Miami. At Beachcraft, the
menu will showcase South
Florida's local farms and
fishermen in a stylish, seaside setting designed by
Meyer Davis. Tom will also
be at the helm of the pool
restaurant & bar, named
Sandbox and Sand Bar, respectively, as well as the
property's lobby bar, called
Tom on Collins. The property will located at 2377 Collins Ave in
Miami Beach and can be reached at
EnviroPure Systems Inc., a T&S
company, has introduced an ozone recirculation system as an optional addition to its onsite organic food waste
disposal systems. The new feature eliminates the need to add fresh water during
EnviroPure’s digestion process, relying
instead on water that is naturally extracted from food waste as it processes
through the system. EnviroPure, an organic food waste disposal system, breaks
down food waste in just 24 hours
through a combination of mechanical
processing and aerobic decomposition. The end result is a safe, grey water
byproduct that meets, and
often surpasses, municipal
wastewater requirements.
A 100% natural micronutrient additive accelerates the
digestive process with no
intrusive odors, no invasive
pests and no damaging carbon footprint. “With a typical schedule of grinding food waste ten
times a day, a foodservice operation
could expect to save about 400 gallons of
water daily,” says Jim Slanina, president
of EnviroPure. “That’s a significant
amount of water so, from a sustainability
standpoint, the ozone system has
tremendous appeal. And from a cost
standpoint, saving water saves energy as
well, so this is a win-win benefit all
around.” For more information, visit
Atlas Metal Industries if offering
their Designer Series the Mobile Cold
Serving Unit - DSCI Series. The well is
sized to accommodate full size (12" X
20") and fractional sized pans. This
Designer Series unit can stand alone or
See WHAT’S GOING ON page 16
One Stop Shopping
Covers, Inserts, Place Mats, Check Presenters, etc.
Today’s Restaurant Contributor
the ability to publish short articles
or blogs prominently on LinkedIn.
This was formerly a domain for only
“LinkedIn Influencers” like Bill Gates or
Richard Branson. Members can also
post their own video or power point presentations since the platform is recently
much friendlier to the visually robust
environment that
exists on Facebook,
for example.
LinkedIn also
Networking -Ware
provides a very high
$169,104 degree of credibility
to all members.
Potential clients will
typically go to Google
(as the mother of all
search engines) to
check out a business
or individual. Once
there, a LinkedIn
profile will be displayed prominently
since Google holds
LinkedIn in high authority and esteem. It
to the point where
the absence of a
LinkedIn profile
raises the red flag
of suspicion in the
In summary, there are several ways in
which any business owner can flourish
on LinkedIn. Marketing features are
plentiful now and all are accessible to
each and every member. LinkedIn’s
sheer growth cycle has meant that it has
become more accepted worldwide and
a LinkedIn profile is a credibility factor
even on Google. Innovation has trended
to be inclusive rather than exclusive for
the normal entrepreneur. All in all, time
spent learning LinkedIn’s full array of social selling tools will benefit any business
or person—large or small.
Did I mention that LinkedIn’s demographic for per capita income is twice
that of both Facebook and Twitter? Why
would anyone choose to avoid a market
with buying power like that?
LinkedIn also
provides a very high
degree of credibility
to all members.
Do you have a new
product or service?
Let us know!
Calendar Events
Looking for something
to do? The calendar is
loaded with events!
Full Line of Floor Covering, Mats & Misc.
Manufacturer of Superior, Inexpensive China Ovenware - AlumaTux. Stocked in Florida
Baker’s, Hanging, Bench, Receiving and Floor Scales.
Booths, Wood & Metal Chairs,
Wood/Resin & Laminate Table Tops & Bases
Frosty Factory
of America
Frozen Drinks and Smoothie Machines
Refrigerators, Freezers,
Display Cases and Merchandisers
Cast Iron Cookware and Misc. Products
Bakeware/Cookware/Tableware, Kitchen, Pizza,
Barware and Janitorial Supplies. Flatware and Food Prep
Quality Outdoor and Indoor Furniture
Pizza & Tortilla Presses, Grills, Wood Burning Ovens, Misc. Items
Beer Frosters, Bottle Coolers,
Ice Merchandisers, Prep Tables
Ben Miller & Associates
(954) 805-4705
Gary Kissel is a LinkedIn Strategist, Author &
Speaker. Online at
8 WAYS 1
What’s Going On?
Melamine Dinnerware, Specialty Drinkware
Tumblers, Room Service Trays, Buffet Items
New Openings
Opening or reopening
a new restaurant?
We’ll put it on our list!
Industry Spotlight
Do you believe your
business is worth a
closer look? Call us!
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can you afford not
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Under the Toque
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chef with a special
story? Drop us a line!
Photo Bites
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We’ll get fun pics!
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When I hear this question I immediately respond, “Yes, of course.” I am
an example of a small business owner
that has benefitted greatly from using
the world’s #1 professional network.
LinkedIn’s dynamic search engine is useful for any size business to target a market
and find prospective clients. I used it to
find, connect and
engage with real es- Rank
tate investors that Company
purchased properSocial
ties from me and are
currently looking to Last Yr.
Sales (mil)
buy more.
I re a l i ze t h a t Last Yr.
Sales Growth 80%
some still wonder
if LinkedIn has stay- 3-Yr Avg.
Sales Growth 102%
ing power. The facts
Est. EPS
continue to suggest Growth
t h a t L i n k e d I n’s
growth is beyond
remarkable. Forbes
Magazine has a warded LinkedIn the
distinction of being
the “fastest growing
technology company
for 2012 and 2013”.
Note the word technology. That denotes
a much larger universe than say, social
media or mobile. It’s
truly significant that Google, Facebook
or Apple isn’t the company being identified by Forbes. Regardless, I’d venture
to bet that the common public perception is that any one of these three giants greatly surpassed the growth of
LinkedIn during this time frame.
(Google actually ranked #17!) See
Forbes’ 2013 chart inset
In 2014 LinkedIn added an average of
over 5 million subscribers monthly! As of
this writing its member base exceeds 330
million. As amazing as this growth is it is
almost beyond comprehension that
LinkedIn has only achieved 1/10th of its
longer term objective of connecting 3.3
billion worldwide.
Small and large business owners
alike have been extended access to new
features during this growth spurt as well.
Most recently, all members were allowed
Gary Kissel
Can Small and
Large Businesses
Grow Via LinkedIn?
Call today for more info: 561-620-8888
[email protected]
Calendar Events
Upcoming industry affairs
Send your Calendar Event info to Today’s Restaurant!
February 2015
27-28 ◆ The Southwest Florida Wine & Food Fest
Beach Clubhouse at Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club ◆ 10160 Miromar Lakes
Blvd. East ◆ Miromar Lakes, FL ◆ 239.513.7990 ◆ [email protected]
28-31 ◆ SNAXPO 2015
World Premium Event for the Snack Food Industry ◆ The 78th Annual
Exhibition & Conference ◆ Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
Orlando, FL ◆
16-19 ◆ The 29th Annual Sandestin Wine Festival
Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort ◆ Sandestin, Florida ◆
16-19 ◆ The National Restaurant Associaton Show (NRA)
McCormick Place ◆ 2301 S Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr. ◆ Chicago, IL
312.853.2525 ◆
6-8 ◆ The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show
Orange County Convention Center ◆ International Drive ◆ Orlando, FL
26-27 ◆ The 19th Americas Food & Beverage Show
Miami Beach Convention Center Hall C ◆ Miami Beach, FL
[email protected] ◆
Call today for more information…
Peter Robinson Sales Agent
8453 NW 78th Ct, Tamarac FL 33321
[email protected] •
What’s Going On
from page 14
become an integral part of a total serving
The Buzz Agency, an award-winning
system. Quality construction, Atlas' expublic relations, social media and speclusive Reversa-Panel and heavy gauge
cial events firm headquartered on
stainless steel tops gives years of cost efAtlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, has
ficient, trouble-free service. For over 52
significantly expanded its client roster
years Atlas Metal
to include a number of high
Industries, Inc. has
profile businesses and organibeen a leading manuzations from across South
facturer of quality
Florida. New this year to the
food serving equipTBA client team are Allianz
ment. Since 948, Atlas
Championship, Allied Capital &
Metal Industries, Inc.
Development of South Florida,
has been developing
LLC (Harbourside Place), Boca
innovative designs
West Foundation, BoConcept
that continue to be
Furniture Miami, Burger Bar,
the specified stanCongregation B’Nai Israel,
dard used by many of
Delivery Dudes, Discover The
Left to right — Bottom:
the leading Food
Palm Beaches, ECJLuxe, Heaton
Jill Pavlov, Kimberly
Service Consultants
Companies (Tarpon Flats, Old
Kenney, Cortney Hickey.
Middle: Debbie Abrams,
in the industry. Call
Oak Lane),, La
Alex Bimonte, Carla
800.762.7565 for all
Ferme, Lee Cohen, Esq., Max’s
Zorovich. Top: TBA Coordering information. Founders Julie Mullen and Social House, My Wingman
Elizabeth Kelley Grace
Sports, Nick’s New Haven Style
Pizzeria & Bar, Plumosa School
Foundation, SMOKE BBQ, South Florida
Mighty Top Sandwich Units from
Sun-Sentinel, and Sweet Dewey’s BBQ.
Structural Concepts with optional
The firm, which recently celebrated its
hinged glass lid are designed for full
five-year anniversary, was co-founded by
product visibility when lid is open or
Julie Mullen and Elizabeth Kelley Grace,
closed. Clear glass lids are energy efficommunications industry veterans. The
cient, high quality, 2-pane, Low-E glass
Buzz Agency also added a new position
encased in an aluminum glass frame
to its staff, bringing the full-time team to
with satin finish. Concealed hinges with
seven. Agency owners anticipate more
integral stainless steel gas spring lid supgrowth is coming soon. Interested appliports provide easy lifting and closing in
cants with a background in public relaone fluid motion. For all information call
tions and/or social media are invited to
800.523,7138 or visit www.continentalreemail their resume to [email protected] Online at
The 6th Annual "Smokin in the
Edibles by Jack’s product Edible
Square Kansas City Barbeque Society"
Asian Spoons are now available
will be held March 6th-7th, 2015 at the
Internationally. Developed and introSeville Square in Pensacola. Professional
duced by Different Tastes Catering of
barbecue teams from around the U.S.
Boston sixteen years ago,
will gather to compete at
the Edible Asian Spoon
the first barbecue conbegan as a local trend but,
test locally to be sancover the years, it has betioned by the Kansas
come a mainstay for many
City Barbecue Society
caterers, country clubs,
(KSBS). Professional
hotels and restaurants
teams will be competing
throughout North America
for prize money and
and, now, internationally. In
points. For all details call
the past, caterers would
offer a porcelain or plastic
Asian spoon with hors d'oeuvres atop it
for their guest's enjoyment. The Edible
The National Restaurant Association
Asian Spoon's creator, Jack Milan, always
projects total restaurant industry sales
saw this as an inconvenience for the
will total $709.2 billion in 2015, an inguest. In one hand, the guest held their
crease of 3.8 percent over the previous
beverage glass; in another, the Asian
year's level of $683 billion. Sales at table
spoon. Guests had to wait for a server to
service restaurants - a segment that income around in order to dispose of the
cludes fine, casual and family dining - are
spoon. It is because of these circumexpected to hit $220 billion, an increase
stances that the Edible Asian Spoon was
of 2.9 percent in nominal terms for 2015
born. Currently, the Edible Asian Spoon
and .6 percent in real terms.
is available in the fifteen. Shelf life is six
months or it may be frozen. The Edible
Asian Spoon is also available in limited
The American Culinary
Gluten-Free and Kosher lines. For orFederation’s (ACF) has announced
dering details visit
its 2015 American Culinary Classic.
This competition is open to interna◆◆◆◆
tional culinary teams, limited
Calibre International
to 12, as well as regional,
offers a variety of unique
city, college, company
promotional products to
and military teams from
meet marketing and prothe United States. This
motional needs. They
event will take place
create lasting brand
during the 2015 ACF
recognition with their
National Convention,
high quality imprinted
July 30-Aug 3, 2015, at
and engraved products. With their new
the Orlando World Center Marriott in
Digital Printing Process, virtually limitOrlando. Call 800.624.9458 for all details.
See WHAT’S GOING ON page 18
Restaurant Vendors
The Restaurant Vendors Association is a South Florida networking group
concentrating on the hospitality industry. What makes the RVA unique and
successful is members do not compete with each other. Only one company
is allowed for each business category - this insures a free flow of information
and leads between members and creates a win-win situation for everyone.
Members generate business for one another and are assured of quality
product and services in return. Food and beverage operators recognize RVA
members as fair, efficient and reliable. New members are always welcome!
Anderson Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eric Anderson
Janitorial Services
866.688.7206 / 954.735.2130
Emmaculate Reflections Cleaning Service . . . . . . . Jerry Donath
Locksmith Company
Locksmith Specialists, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pat Cullins
TravelHost Magazine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sharon Zalkin
Music / Audio - Visual Systems
Melody AV / Mood Media. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maggie Naylor
Payroll Services
PayMaster Payroll Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Martin Joyce
Pest Control
Orkin Pest Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Kennedy
Point of Sale — Touch Screens
800.771.7100 Ext. 1117
Pinnacle Hospitality Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tim Sapp
Today's Restaurant News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Howard Appell
Refrigeration Door Seals / Gaskets
Arctic Seal and Gasket. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fred Froberg
Restaurant Brokers
We Sell Restaurants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken Eisenband
Sanitation Chemicals
Swisher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gene Ruggere
Broward Nelson offers a full line of Premium Gourmet bagin-box soda syrups and bar juice concentrates. Along with
private label syrups, we also carry a full line of Coca Cola
soda syrups. CO2 gas, beer mix and nitrogen are available
in various size cylinders. We also provide Bulk CO2 and
nitrogen generators for any size bar or restaurant. Soda and
juice dispensing systems are custom tailored to meet your
needs. We have been at the same location and under the
same management for the past 43 years.
Online at:
Restaurant Beverage Service has been serving many of the
finest and largest hotels, resorts, restaurants and country
clubs in South Florida for over 21 years. RBS is the
exclusive distributor for China Mist Iced Tea, Java Mist
Coffee, New England Coffee, Monin Flavorings, Lavazza,
Café Don Pablo, Mighty Leaf Tea & many other fine coffees,
teas, espresso and beverage related products. We offer free
brewing equipment, free water filtration, monthly QA with
preventative maintenance and in house service available
seven days a week. We serve Key West to Port Saint Lucie.
S.E.R.V.E. Program, Inc.
We Now Distribute
• Responsible Alcohol Vendor
• State Approved Employee Food Handler
• Professional Food Manager
• Beverage License / Application
P.O. Box 14516 • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302
954-728-9101 • FAX: 954-728-9102
Post Mix Syrups and a Variety of Top
Quality Concentrated Bar Juices
241 SW 21 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale
954-584-7330 DADE 1-800-CO2-TANK
Do You Lock Your Doors?
Or Do You Secure Your Doors?
◆ Physical Security for Internal and External theft.
◆ Locks for front of house, back of house, main office, liquor room.
◆ Key control for entire business ◆ Safe work
Your Security is
our Top Priority!
Call today: 954.319.2144 ◆ [email protected]
Covering Dade, Broward and Boca Areas
• CO2 Gas, Beer Mix • Nitrogen and Helium
• Bulk CO2 in Various Size Cylinders
Free loaned equipment
Local, National &
European Brands
In-house Service
365 days/year
Written quality
assurance reviews ◆ Ask for Jeff: 305.654.8683
Alcohol Beverage Law - Food Safety
S.E.R.V.E . Program, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael McClain
NPSAPPS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karrie Klimas
Beverage Compressed Gases
1.800.CO2.TANK / 954.584.7330
Broward Nelson Fountain Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lee Spencer
Coffee / Tea / Espresso
Restaurant Beverage Service, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jeff Ostroff
Credit Card Payment Processing
Service First Processing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jill Perris
Desserts / Ice Cream
Gelato Fino Desserts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Debbie Durinski
Dining Rewards
Rewards Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Robert Kovachich
Discount Dining Card
Primecard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sherry Funt
KC Kitchen Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken Cohen
Exhaust Hood Cleaning
Airways Cleaning & Fireproofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Jacobs
Floor Drain Cleaning
Bio-Clear, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Jacobs
Grease Trap Maintenance
All Clear Technologies, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jennifer Hosler
HVAC, Refrigeration, Kitchen Equipment Repairs
TWC Services, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marc Daniels
What’s Going On
less possibilities can be created from
customization of multi-colored logos to
personal messages. Calibre International
is now offering their Pizza Cutter Bottle
Opener along with many products for
Bar & Beverage items to Safety related
items for customized use. Visit for further information.
Association announced that John G.
(Jack) Crawford, President and CEO of
Ground Round Independent Owners
Cooperative (IOC), was elected
Chairman until
January 2016.
Also, Joseph J.
K a d o w ,
Executive VP and
Chief Legal Officer of
Bloomin’ Brands, Inc.,
was elected Vice Chair; and Jeffrey W.
Davis, Chairman of United States Beef
Corporation, an Arby’s Franchisee, was
elected Treasurer.
Artegon, Festival Bay's transformation into the new, $70 million, 1.1 million-square-foot mall, Artegon Orlando
has opened. Its Artegon Marketplace
Orlando is an entirely new shopping
concept for the region described as being
inspired by the world’s famous marketplaces. The Village at Artegon
Marketplace houses 165 artisanal shops
Two ways
Classified Ads
12 months for only $149.
Classifieds available online at
Business for Sale or Lease
tion plus commission/complete benefits package.
Responsible for generating direct sales Contact: Tim
(954) 938-8870 ext. 1117
Ocean Front Commercial Property For Sale in
Daytona Beach Shores. More than 6200 sq. ft.
Newly renovated interior including new roof and 140
feet of full length windows. $695,000 For Virtual tour
go to or contact Richard
Merlino, Remax Signature at 386 233-5279. [email protected] 1214
Uniform company in Boca Raton looking for office/warehouse personal. 35hrs/wk for filing, answering phones, checking in shipments, packing
orders, and assisting with walk-in customers. Starting
$12/hr. Call 561-361-4500.
Restaurant and Catering
Business For Sale. 104 Seat
with 2 kitchens and 1 Prep
line, 3700 square feet.
Business is open for Breakfast
and Lunch 6 days a week.
Closed Sundays. Largest Catering Business in South
Central Florida. 28 years in Business! Asking
$275,000 Call John at 863-202-0171. Also, 8800
square foot Building also for Sale for $400,000.
Restaurant and 3 rental store fronts all occupied and
paying rent.
Sell Your Business with Russell Cohen of Murphy
Business & Financial Services. Over 425 businesses
sold since 1999. .Call me at [email protected] 0915
PLACEMENT GROUP is searching for a Top-Notch
GM for a popular “contemporary American”
restaurant & bar in Boca/Delray. Also for a new Ft.
Laud location. Must have solid credentials with
high-volume operations, a dynamic personality,
and great people skills. E-mail resume to:
[email protected] Resume must
include CITY, email, and phone #. STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY assured.
Sales Associate wanted for National Company to
call on local merchants and restaurants for an e-mail
& internet program — the most successful and affordable way for a merchant to reach their customers.
Generous Commissions, Residuals & Bonus Potential
for Good Performance. Fax Resume to 631-424-6392
or Call 631-421-7500.
Sales position for Restaurant Point of Sale leader.
Miami and West Palm Beach area. Base compensa-
Lobster Tank Depot
New Lobster Tanks & Live Support Systems
Crab • Trout • Clams • Catfish • and More!
• Preventative Maintenance Service Professional
• Used Tanks (when available)
Since 1978
• Repair • Supplies • Parts
• Replacement Equipment • Employee Training
Call us before you buy:
One piece or entire location. TOP DOLLAR PAID. Also
do appraisals. Call Toby at 561-706-7218 / 800-3308629 Call Today!
Is your POS Feeling Outdated?? Cloud Based PCI,
secure, easily accessible in the cloud. Online ordering,
mobile payments, loyalty, surveys, kitchen video, labor
management, and more. 888-275-5735. 1015
RESTAURANT PLACEMENT GROUP – Exclusive recruiting, placement, and consulting services for the
Restaurant, Hospitality, and Food Service industry.
Personalized, professional service with absolute
strict Confidentiality and Guaranteed results. Contact
Ken Spahn at [email protected] or (561)
RENT your next POS System ! Never have to buy
an expensive system again! Always have current software and updated hardware. Be Smart ... SAVE
Money! 888-275-5735 1015
from page 16
and stores. Among the offerings are
hand-made leather goods, accessories,
jewelry, sculpture, mixed media artwork,
custom clothing and locally-sourced
foods. Artegon Marketplace Orlando is
anchored by Bass Pro Shops Outdoor
World, Ron Jon Surf Shop Cinemark
Theaters, Sheplers Western Stores, Toby
Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill. For more
details and photos, visit or 407.351.7718.
Mango's Tropical Café & Nightclub
Complex is planning to open in the summer of 2015. The $30 million,
55,000-square-foot project is
located at the corner of I-Drive and
Sand Lake Road.
Mango's is slated
to give conventioneers and tourists another entertainment
venue in the I-Drive corridor. Visit for details.
Today’s Restaurant invites you to
submit information for the What’s
Going On column. Please e-mail your
story to us and try to keep the word
count between 50-75 words. Get free
publicity for your company. Visit our
website at for info on
advertising opportunities.
from page 1
can connect their Yelp and Foursquare
accounts so their Foursquare check ins
will show up on Yelp. If you are doing any
local search marketing for your business
online, Yelp is a necessary listing to
claim, and the same goes for Merchant
Circle and Urbanspoon!
7. Give people a sneak peek: Videos
are a great way to give people a behindthe-scenes look at your restaurant and
even short videos capturing employee
interviews or of the chef cooking up a
signature dish. Once you record the
videos, upload them to YouTube and
start promoting them on your other social media channels! A great way to encourage customer participation is to
interview them and feature the videos on
your blog or another social site. If your
customers are featured they will be more
likely to share the content themselves.
8. Get Alerted by Google: Setting up
Google alerts for your restaurant name
is a great way to track brand mentions
on the Internet. To do this, visit and set
up an account. You can tell Google to
send alert messages to your e-mail
whenever your restaurant name is
mentioned online and they will send
you a link to the site where your restaurant is mentioned. By doing this, you
can track the sentiment people have
with your restaurant whether it is positive or negative and even respond in a
timely fashion.
9. Go mobile: Many restaurants, like
Chipotle and Pizza Hut, have created
their own mobile applications that allow
customers to place food orders on their
smart phones. Though this may not be
an option for all restaurants, it is defi-
nitely something to consider if a large
portion of your target market uses smart
phones. If you cannot create a custom
application, create a mobile version of
your website that allows customers to
surf your site easily on their phones.
10. Create a social media editorial
calendar: Create a calendar that shows
what dates and times certain pieces of
content will be distributed. The best way
to do this is include all the different social
distribution channels (Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, etc.) and detail what pieces of
content you are going to promote
through each channel and at what time.
Even though you may think posting on
social sites often is important, think quality over quantity. Reliability and consistency is always appreciated, so make sure
you are promoting quality content whenever you offer information or resources.
Also, be aware of your audience on
each social site. Knowing your audience
and your target market will change what
and how often you share content. And
last but not least: encourage engagement. Don’t forget about scheduling in
spots on your editorial calendar to ask
customers questions or take polls to encourage engagement!
So there you have it… 10 ways to create an effective social media marketing
plan and promote your restaurant! Have
you employed a social media strategy for
your restaurant? What tactics have you
found to be successful?
Article submitted by: MenuCoverMan a
Division of Blueberry Brands. They can be contacted at 888.777.4522 or on their website @ or
Menucoverman supplies restaurants throughout North America and the Carribbean with
next day service.
Former bar owner creates
green coaster solution
Company’s mission: Produce green, sustainable product
With Instagram you will post photos
and people will respond to them by
marking them with a heart if they love
the picture, the venue, or have enjoyed
this food or want to enjoy it.
As the restauranteur should use
hashtags which are symbolized with the
symbol # used before a keyword that describes what is in the photo. If I want to
show a picture of Sushi I could use the
following hashtags to get more recognition and to be seen in the conversations
for #Food, #Restaurant, #Japanese
#Seafood, #Sushi #Lunch #Dinner
#Salmon #octopus #Tuna #MiamiBeach
#Chef and more. To be more visible on
Instagram you would want to have 7 to
9 keywords using these #Hashtags.
On the website known as Pinterest
you create "Boards " to represent the pictures you want to promote and showcase.
You can have a Board for each category
or group things together on one Board.
Using the Japanese Food and this theme
a board that would cover many of the
topics could be "Japanese Food."
You can show the restaurant, pictures of the various Japanese dishes on
the menu, you can even show guests
enjoying the food and the chef and staff
members preparing and serving the
food. You can creatively present your
entire Japanese Restaurant business in
pictures online.
Let's use the same restaurant and
promote a "Sushi Lunch Special" on
Social media
Pompano Beach, FL - Bust Out
Products' new drink coasters Magic
Mug Rugs are making a huge impact
when it comes to driving down contaminated paper product waste and
driving up profits for the beverage and
hospitality industries.
Magic Mug Rugs is the invention of
Mike Meier, a third generation restaurant and bar owner. His 40-year quest
to eliminate contaminated bar napkins
and pulp-board coasters in his own establishments drove him to create and
patent the first totally reusable custom
drink coaster. "My colorful Magic Mug
Rugs are custom printed, super absorbent, dishwasher safe and completely reusable," Meier explained in a
recent interview. "Paper waste accounts for 31% of what is dumped into
our landfills. My vision is to significantly reduce that number."
Conscientious beverage and
hospitality companies, like the Fort
Lauderdale Blue Martini, one of the
hottest martini lounge chains in the nation are looking for solutions that reduce
their environmental footprint with regard to paper waste. Jim Marcil, General
Manager of Fort Lauderdale Blue Martini
says, "Magic Mug Rugs drink coasters
work great, and have saved me over
$1000 per month in paper products."
The product actually costs much less to
use than standard pulp-board coaster
that lasts only a few days in a restaurant.
Magic Mug Rugs can be found in food
and beverage establishments and retail
home products, gift and souvenir stores
Magic Mug Rugs
is the invention of
Mike Meier, a third
generation restaurant
and bar owner.
in over 30 states. Their catchy mottos include "Don't Drink Without Protection!"
and "Put Your Mug On Our Rug!"
Bust Out Products is the manufacturing division of Bust Out Promotions,
LLC., a Green and Made in the U.S.A.
Company serving the retail, beverage
and hospitality industry since 1994.
For all information visit the company
website online at
or Or you can call
them at 561.305.8313.
from page 1
Twitter. You register your business on
Twitter and I'm going to use my Twitter
"handle " Successipes for the example
and the Tweet could be : #Successipes
enjoying #Sushi #Lunch at XYZ #japanese #Restaurant #miamiBeach . Fresh
#Salmon#Tuna (305)xxxxxxx.
For the BBQ Restaurant : You'd
have pictures of Ribs for example and
use Hashtags such as #Restaurant
#BBQ #Miami (or your city location)
#Food #Ribs .
What are the Keywords which describe what your restaurant offers? Make
a plan. Work the plan. What results will
you have in your business a year from
now if you just did one thing every day to
promote your restaurant and your food?
A year from now with just one photo
a day, you' could have 365 photos posted
online which are targeted to helping
you build traffic to your restaurant with
new and repeat customers . If you don't
have a plan and do this, your competitor probably will. They are also reading
this article. You can ignore this information and a year from now scratch your
head and wonder why your traffic is
down. It's your choice. Make a plan.
Work the plan. Get help planning your
marketing and create a well-rounded
plan to reach your audience.
Lori Wilk is Executive Producer of BYL
Network, Inc. and a LinkedIn Open Networker. She
is also the host of Successipes on BYL Network's
Money Channel. Lori can be reached at
(702)823.6460 or at BYL Network at 561-487-3690
or online at
Your Competition
…with HUNDREDS of verified
monthly sales leads from our
Why waste your salespeoples’ valuable time chasing down
dead leads when you can have HUNDREDS of verified
leads delivered right to your email every month?
Today’s Restaurant New Opening Leads Report
is available for Florida, Georgia and Texas —
each state report is *ONLY $389. PER YEAR!
That’s less than $33. a month perstate!
Similar reports from other companies can
sell for ten times that amount. Why spend
thousands per year when can you get
quality, verifiable leads right now from
the Foodservice Industry Authority —
Today’s Restaurant!
Call today for info
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Why wait? Beat your
competition to the punch!
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