2016 Awards and Recognition



2016 Awards and Recognition
National Leadership and Skills Conference • June 20-24, 2016, Louisville, Ky.
It’s the talented minds of today that’ll help power future innovations in the areas of manufacturing,
R&D, design, service, education and training. In fact, we’ve created over 365,000 jobs in the U.S.* and
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©2016 Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. *2011 Center for Automotive Research Study. Includes direct dealer and supplier employees and jobs created through their spending.
SkillsUSA Leadership
National Officers, Board of Directors..........................................................3
National Corporate Members and SkillsUSA State Association Directors........5
SkillsUSA State Directors Association, Membership Awards...........................6
Outstanding Educators...............................................................................6
Honorary Life Members.............................................................................7
Advisors of the Year (Regional Winners)...................................................10
State Advisors of the Year, Student2Student Mentoring Program................12
International Degree, Lowe’s Community Service
Project Grant Recipients........................................................................13
Marsha Daves Scholarship........................................................................15
Robert Flint and National Technical Honor Society
Scholarship Recipients...........................................................................15
SkillsUSA and Ryder Scholarships and Grants............................................17
Sharon Melton Myers Memorial Scholarship..............................................17
SkillsUSA STEM Scholarship Recipients......................................................17
SCOAR Scholarships.................................................................................18
President’s Volunteer Service Awards........................................................20
SkillsUSA Models of Excellence Chapters...................................................22
National Conference
Conference Management Team, National Courtesy Corps ..........................23
National Pin and T-shirt Design Contest Winners........................................23
Youth Safety Video Contest Winners..........................................................24
SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association..................................................24
Outstanding Alumni and Alumni Achievement Awards...............................25
Alumni Pin Design and Merit Scholarship Winners.....................................25
SkillsUSA Foundation
SkillsUSA Foundation Committee and Louisville Advisory Council...............27
SkillsUSA Financial and In-Kind Partners...................................................28
SkillsUSA Official Partners and Contest Cluster and Track Sponsors.............29
SkillsUSA WorldTeam Sponsors.................................................................29
SkillsUSA STEM Fund Donors....................................................................31
SkillsUSA Torch Carrier and Pat Dalton Awards..........................................31
SkillsUSA Championships
A Showcase for the Nation’s Top Career and Technical Education Students...33
SkillsUSA Championships Executive Committee..........................................34
SkillsUSA Championships Years of Service Awards.....................................34
Conference Management Team/National Education Team
Years of Service Awards........................................................................35
SkillsUSA Championships Prize Equity Fund...............................................36
Supporters and Awards
Alphabetized List of Contests....................................................................37
Alphabetized List of Delegates..................................................................65
Alphabetized List of Competitors...............................................................67
National Staff
Office of the Executive Director
Timothy Lawrence, Executive Director
Shelly Coates, Associate Director, Conference Management Services
Ashley Ridgeway, Program Specialist, Conference Management
Sandra Moore, Assistant to the Executive Director
Office of Administration and Finance
Kim Graham, Director
Melissa Wilson, Associate Director, Human Resources
Keith Ashby, Manager, Literature Services/National Center
Roxanne Hodge, Customer Service Representative
Office of Business Partnerships and Development
Kelly Persons, Director, Business Partnerships and Development
Dave Worden, Program Director, SkillsUSA Championships
Jim Kregiel, Senior Program Manager, SkillsUSA Championships
Leslie Lawrence, Corporate Development Officer
Jeremy Ballentine, Program Manager, SkillsUSA Championships
Brittney Colburn, Development Coordinator
Eric Gearhart, Special Projects Consultant
Rosha Peavy, Consultant
Office of the Executive Director
Tom Hall, Director
Ann Schreiber, Associate Director/Communications
Craig Moore, Web and Technology Manager
Thomas Kercheval, Audiovisual Technology and Communications Manager
Karen Kitzel, Manager, Public Relations
Jane DeShong Short, Manager, Public Relations
Darlenne Helena, Specialist, Digital/Social Media
Office of Education
Kelly Horton, Director
Heidi Walsh, Program Director
Gayle Silvey, Associate Director
Patty Duncan, Program Manager, Work Force Ready System
and Member Services
Susanne Kahler, Program Manager, Member Services
Courtney Miller, Program Manager
Stephanie Bland, Program Specialist
Taryn Zeigler, Program Specialist
Laura Rauch, Program Specialist
Byekwaso Gilbert, Alumni Program Manager
NASSP Approved Activity
The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed the
SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference on the NASSP National
Advisory List of Contests and Activities for 2016-2017.
@SkillsUSA #NLSC16
Delivery of Prizes
Winners of competitions may receive prizes, scholarships or other awards at
the discretion of the sponsoring companies. The delivery of these prizes is
the sole responsibility of the sponsors. SkillsUSA accepts no liability for the
promise or delivery of prizes.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 1
2 SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA National Officers
SkillsUSA Board of Directors
Delegates to SkillsUSA’s National Leadership and Skills
Conference elect officers for the high school and college/
postsecondary divisions. Each division has a president, vice
president, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian. The high
school division also has five regional vice presidents. The
officers represent the national organization by attending
conferences, making visits to industry, delivering speeches at
various functions and more. The 2016-17 officers will be announced at Friday’s Awards Ceremony.
SkillsUSA is governed by a board of directors. The board is
elected by SkillsUSA corporate members who represent their
respective state associations. One corporate member from
each of the five regions is elected to the board. In addition, three ex-officio members serve: a representative of the
Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the
chairperson of the SkillsUSA State Directors Association and
the chairperson of the SkillsUSA Foundation. Representatives
from business and industry or organized labor also serve.
High School Officers
Katherine Leung, president (Ariz.)
Jonathan Sarmiento, vice president, (N.M.)
Payten Stowe, secretary (Ga.)
Skylar Nelson, treasurer (Texas)
Edgardo Correa, parliamentarian (Texas)
Samantha Dorwin, Region 1 vice president (Mass.)
Lucy Baldwin, Region 2 vice president (Tenn.)
Ashley Gerstein, Region 3 vice president (Wis.)
Suzanna Dellinger, Region 4 vice president (Okla.)
Caleb Netterfield, Region 5 vice president (Wash.)
Brent Kindred, president, Region 3 representative
(Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)
Chris Arvin, vice president/B&I representative (Caterpillar
Chuck Wallace, secretary/Region 1 representative (Maryland
State Department of Education)
Peter Carey, SkillsUSA State Directors Association chair,
SkillsUSA New Jersey
James King, Region 2 representative (Tennessee Board of
Peggy Torrens, Region 4 representative (Kansas Department
of Education)
Dave Milliken, Region 5 representative (Utah State Board of
Jennifer Worth, college/postsecondary representative (American Association of Community Colleges)
Alex Gromada, Association for Career and Technical Education representative (Southern Illinois Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program)
Kathleen Cullen, NASDCTEc representative (Wisconsin Technical College System)
Kaye Morgan-Curtis, SkillsUSA Foundation chair (Newell
Troy Dally, B&I representative (Lowe’s Companies Inc.)
Russ Hoffbauer, B&I representative (State Farm Insurance
Chris Tesmer, B&I representative (Newell Brands)
Sam Bottum, B&I representative (Snap-on Incorporated)
Mark Hudson, B&I representative (Air Products)
Cameron Ferguson, board member emeritus (Caterpillar Inc.,
College/Postsecondary Officers
Dante Williams, president (Okla.)
Jean Van Driel, vice president (S.D.)
Danielle O’Brien, secretary (R.I.)
Lucas Springer, treasurer (Kan.)
David Foss, parliamentarian (Tenn.)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 3
National Corporate Members and
SkillsUSA State Association Directors
Corporate membership is reserved for individuals designated
in the state agency for career and technical education who
are responsible for instructional programs which, by state
policy, are encouraged to make SkillsUSA an integral part of
the curriculum.
These individuals serve, irrespective of their title, in each
state, territory or possession of the United States where high
school and/or college/postsecondary state associations have
been chartered by the corporation.
All corporate members of SkillsUSA Inc. are eligible for
election to the board of directors. The state association director often is an employee of the state department of education
and is responsible for operating the SkillsUSA state association and its member chapters.
Note: High school (HS) and college/postsecondary (C/PS)
associations are noted where appropriate.
Alabama: Chris Kennedy (director and corporate member);
Gene Dudley, Keith Andrews, Phillip Cleveland (corporate
Alaska: Ray Jensen (director), Curtis Clough (corporate
Arizona: Robin Cronbaugh (director), Cindy Gutierrez (corporate member)
Arkansas: Anne Tucker (director and corporate member)
California: Clayton Mitchell (director)
Colorado: Julie Rife (director), Ben Nesbitt (corporate member)
Connecticut: Heidi Balch (director)
Delaware: Mike Fitzgerald (director and corporate member)
District of Columbia: Tony Johnson (director)
Florida: David Moye (interim director), Kathryn Wheeler
(corporate member)
Georgia: Lynn Tanner (C/PS director); Ashley Brown (HS
director); Derek Dabrowiak, Kathryn Hornsby (corporate
Hawaii: Mike Barros (director), Rene Blue (corporate member)
Idaho: Matthew Rehl (director and corporate member)
Illinois: Eric Hill (director), Steve Parrott (corporate member)
Indiana: Kelley Baker (director), Davis Moore (corporate
Iowa: Janet Sanger (director), Andrew Wermes (corporate
Kansas: Becky Warren (director), Peggy Torrens (corporate
Kentucky: Larry Johnson (director and corporate member);
Dana Tackett, Glen Borders, Matt Chaliff (corporate members)
Louisiana: Patricia Felder (C/PS director and corporate member), Larry Rabalais (HS director), Patrick Nelson (corporate
Maine: Harold Casey (director), Margaret Harvey (corporate
Maryland: Charles Wallace (director and corporate member)
Massachusetts: Karen Ward (director)
Michigan: Tammy Brown (director)
Minnesota: Jennifer Polz (director); Paula Palmer, JoAnn
Simser, Eva Scates-Winston, John V. Rapheal (corporate
Mississippi: Tim Bradford (director and corporate member);
Jo Ann Watts, Lemond Irvin (corporate members)
Missouri: Joey Baker (director), Oscar Carter (corporate
Montana: Cassie Huntley (director), Don Michalsky (corporate member)
Nebraska: Greg Stahr (director and corporate member),
Tony Glenn (corporate member)
Nevada: Sindie Read (director), Alex Kyser (corporate member)
New Hampshire: Kate Krumm (director), Eric Feldborg (corporate member)
New Jersey: Peter Carey (director)
New Mexico: Bobbie Eichhorst (director and corporate
member), Lupe Vasquez (corporate member)
New York: Craig Clark (C/PS director), Bruce Potter (HS
director), Cheryl Winstel (corporate member)
North Carolina: Peyton Holland (C/PS director); David Barbour, JoAnne Honeycutt, Robert Witchger, Anthony Reggi
(corporate members)
North Dakota: Shila Hager (director and corporate member),
Wayne Kutzer (corporate member)
Ohio: Michael Cowles (director and corporate member)
Oklahoma: Darren Gibson (director and corporate member)
Oregon: Teresa Mankin (director), Tom Thompson (corporate member)
Pennsylvania: Jeri Widdowson (director), Michael Stanger
(corporate member)
Puerto Rico: Millie Pérez (director and corporate member),
Yolanda Vzquez (corporate member)
Rhode Island: Joshua Klemp (director); Vanessa Cooley,
Joyce Anderie (corporate members)
South Carolina: Jackie Clarkson (director); B.T. Martin,
Steven Watterson (corporate member)
South Dakota: Mike Mills (director and corporate member),
Brad Scott (corporate member)
Tennessee: Chelle Travis (C/PS director and corporate member), Tracy Whitehead (HS director and corporate member), James King (corporate member)
Texas: Janet Conner (HS director), Stacy Scott (C/PS director
and corporate member)
Utah: Richard Wittwer (director), Dave Milliken (corporate
Vermont: Jane Donahue-Holt (director), Susan Ladd (corporate member)
Virginia: Deborah Tripp (director), J. Anthony Williams
(corporate member)
Virgin Islands: Anton W. Doos (director)
Washington: Terri Lufkin (C/PS director), Dennis Wallace
(HS director and corporate member), George Aszklar (corporate member)
West Virginia: Kathy Gillman (director), Richard Gillman
(corporate member)
Wisconsin: Tom Woznak (C/PS director), Brent Kindred (HS
director and corporate member), Dr. Keith Cornille (corporate member)
Wyoming: Toni Decklever (director), Loralyn O’Kief
(corporate member)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 5
SkillsUSA State Directors Association
Outstanding Educators
Peter Carey, chair (N.J.)
Darren Gibson, chair-elect (Okla.)
Deborah Tripp, secretary (Va.)
Janet Conner, parliamentarian (Texas)
Heidi Balch, Region 1 (Conn.)
Chelle Travis, Region 2 (Tenn.)
Kelly Baker, Region 3 (Ind.)
Greg Stahr, Region 4 (Okla.)
Toni Decklever, Region 5 (N.E.)
Jennifer Polz, immediate past chair (Minn.)
Karen Ward, alumni representative (Mass.)
SkillsUSA is proud to honor individual educators for their
service and dedication to career and technical education and
to SkillsUSA.
2015–2016 Membership Awards
The following SkillsUSA state associations are recognized for
the highest membership increases of 2015-2016:
Largest Overall State Membership: Massachusetts, 31,798
Largest Overall Membership Increase: California, 4,059
Largest Overall Membership Percentage Increase:
U.S. Virgin Islands, 149 percent
Largest Middle-School State Membership: California, 346
Largest Middle-School Increase: California, 300
Largest Middle-School Percentage Increase:
Georgia, 733 percent
Largest High-School State Membership:
Massachusetts, 31,513
Largest High-School Increase: California, 3,741
Largest Percentage Increase for High-School:
Virgin Islands, 150 percent
Largest College/Postsecondary State Membership:
Tennessee, 10,907
Largest College/Postsecondary Increase: Tennessee, 1,137
Largest Percentage Increase for College/Postsecondary:
Indiana, 206 percent
Largest Alumni Membership: Oklahoma, 3,642
6 SkillsUSA
Kenny Allen
Kenny Allen, a masonry instructor at
Wallace Community College in Selma,
Ala., has been a member of SkillsUSA
for 18 years. During that time, he’s been
instrumental in the personal and professional success of many students. Along
with teaching them what it takes to win
medals at the local, state and national
levels, Allen inspires them to become
leaders in the community. His positive influence doesn’t end
with his students; many of Allen’s fellow instructors credit
him as a mentor who’s helped guide their own teaching
paths. Allen has been recognized as a state advisor of the
year and received many other education awards for his masonry program. He’s a true role model who’s built a legacy
worthy of celebrating.
Bradley DeMent
A welding and sheet metal instructor
at Delaware (Ohio) Area Career Center
since 2011, Bradley DeMent is an inspiration to his students. He took over the
SkillsUSA chapter leadership after the
retirement of a colleague and has been
passionately engaged in the program
ever since. Some might say his depth of
involvement knows no bounds. In 2015,
for example, DeMent helped lead the Promotional Bulletin
Board team and a Welding Sculpture student to his state
competition, and his program has been part of back-to-back
national champion teams in the Chapter Display competition. DeMent also serves as an adjunct welding instructor at
Columbus State Community College, as a Saturday School
instructor, as a Boy Scout Welding Merit Badge instructor, on
the prom committee and, believe it or not, more. His level
of commitment is directly in line with his love of being an
educator and his desire to see his students succeed.
Bruce Potter
SkillsUSA New York’s high school
director since 2010, Bruce Potter has
contributed to SkillsUSA at the local,
state and national levels for decades.
He started his career in 1971 with the
Rochester Public Schools as an industrial
arts teacher, and he later became the
assistant purchasing agent and director
of safety operations for Orleans-Niagara
Board of Cooperative Educational Services, where he served
for 26 years. During this time, Potter served as an advisor
and administrator trustee for SkillsUSA. In 2007, Potter joined
SkillsUSA’s national staff as a program specialist. There,
he oversaw development of the Work Force Ready System
and the administration of some of the biggest grants in the
organization’s history. Potter has brought the same standard
of excellence and innovation to SkillsUSA New York, where
he’s implemented a variety of new and successful programs
to ensure quality educational opportunities for all students.
As a teacher, administrator, national staff member and state
association director, Potter has helped deliver the SkillsUSA
program to students, alumni, industry and the community.
Honorary Life Members
SkillsUSA’s highest recognition is the National Honorary Life
Membership. It is awarded for outstanding service that advances the purposes and goals of our national organization.
Karen Beatty
In 2015, after 47 years as a loved and
valued SkillsUSA national staff member,
Karen Beatty retired. Beatty was known
for her dedication, skill and unrivaled
efficiency. Often called an “oracle”
of SkillsUSA history, her institutional
knowledge was unsurpassed. Beatty
began working for SkillsUSA (then
known as “VICA”) as a work-study high
school student in 1966, then joined full-time after graduation.
She helped launch the contest program in 1967, and that was
just the beginning of her numerous contributions through the
years in the areas of partnerships, fundraising and more. She
was a key contact for special guests, partners and volunteers at national conference, and she oversaw many events
and functions, including awards programs, scholarships and
alumni activities. Beatty’s SkillsUSA legacy is truly a gold
standard, and the thousands of students she’s helped over
the course of her impeccable career span generations.
Michael J. de Castro
As executive supply chain vice president for Covanta, Michael de Castro is
responsible for the direction, strategy
and execution of global supply chain
and operations. Prior to joining Covanta,
de Castro served in various operations
capacities with Air Products, including
director of global operations Americas. While with Air Products, de Castro
served on the SkillsUSA board of directors and passionately
supported his company’s involvement with the organization
through financial, in-kind and volunteer support. As a member of the board’s finance committee, he brought substantial
business wisdom to his fellow members. He was also instrumental in helping SkillsUSA establish its STEM scholarship
and was an early supporter of SkillsUSA’s ongoing “Paver”
campaign. His continued heartfelt support of the SkillsUSA
mission and the students that mission serves is greatly valued
and deeply appreciated.
Judy Garrison
Judy Garrison retired from the SkillsUSA
national staff in 2016 as senior manager
of membership services. During Garrison’s memorable 37-year career, she
was committed to outstanding customer
service for both state association directors and local chapter advisors. She also
provided data management services
and computer support to the national
staff. State association directors came to know Garrison as a
problem solver who willingly tackled their membership and
conference registration issues as if they were her own. She
tirelessly worked to create a national membership registration system that served members with seamless ease. Over
the years, Garrison adapted to many changes in technology,
including the shift from mainframe computers in the 1980s
to the dawn of the desktop in the early ‘90s. Her adaptability
over the course of her long career was driven by her deep
love of the organization and the students she served, as well
as a personal commitment to excellence that influenced her
every action. Garrison’s presence at the national headquarters
will be missed, but her legacy will endure.
Laurie Hackett
Laurie Hackett is the manager of community relations and philanthropy for
Air Products, and she’s been a stalwart
supporter of SkillsUSA for many years.
Hackett was SkillsUSA’s first champion
for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, helping
the organization establish its STEM fund.
She also spearheaded support for the
SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends organization, helping to facilitate the group’s first major grant to grow membership and
provide more services to alumni members. Hackett fostered
the Air Products overall relationship with SkillsUSA in numerous areas, including contributions of time and talent, in-kind
donations and financial support. Leading the SkillsUSA Foundation, she helped leverage higher-level donations and new
partnerships through her many connections. Air Products
continues to be an incredibly valued partner and friend of
SkillsUSA, and Hackett has been instrumental in helping that
partnership flourish. The ultimate result? Positive changes in
the personal and professional lives of thousands of students
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 7
Tom Holdsworth
Tom Holdsworth served SkillsUSA with
pride and passion for 36 years, retiring as associate executive director and
director of communications in 2015.
Holdsworth was responsible for communications, government relations and
public relations, and he often served as
an incisive spokesperson for the organization. He built valuable and important
relationships on Capitol Hill and was SkillsUSA’s chief strategist for many new initiatives. Holdsworth was instrumental
in the rollout of the organization’s name change from VICA
to SkillsUSA–VICA to SkillsUSA. He developed and launched
the “Building Skills for America” campaign in 2000, encouraging local chapters to collect 200,000 business signatures
supporting career and technical education. Those signatures
were delivered to Capitol Hill during that year’s Washington
Leadership Training Institute. Holdsworth also led a national
branding initiative that opened new avenues for SkillsUSA
and continues to define the organization. In fact, he and his
team created the organization slogan: “SkillsUSA: Champions
at Work.” Holdsworth’s legacy with SkillsUSA is evergreen,
and his invaluable achievements over the years continue to
positively affect student lives.
Francie Soliday Russell
During her career, Francie Russell
made many important contributions to
SkillsUSA at the local, state and national levels. The Oklahoma native, who
retired as director of student services
at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center in Choctaw, Okla., worked
in career and technical education for
38 years. She served as both a classroom advisor and all-school advisor for SkillsUSA and other
campus career and technical student organizations. As an
advisor, she guided students through the Professional Development Program (PDP), helped them prepare for competitions, helped plan and run community service activities and
managed a wide variety of programs. At the state level, she
served as a district advisor, chaired the Opening and Closing
Ceremonies competition, served as the college/postsecondary
state officer advisor and judged numerous district and state
leadership contests. Russell was also a member of the teacher
task force that wrote the original PDP competencies, first
published in 1987. She was also involved with the SkillsUSA
Championships in a variety of national-level roles, and she
even served her peers across the nation as a SkillsUSA Chapter Management Institute instructor. Not just content to gain
knowledge for herself, Russell has always been passionate to
share it, much to the benefit of many students and instructors
over the years who continue to be influenced by her stellar
8 SkillsUSA
Alicia Smales
Alicia Smales is the director of the
Eastin Center for Talent Development at
Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.
Prior to her current position, Smales was
the vice president and chief marketing
officer for Snap-on Incorporated, one
of SkillsUSA’s most valued partners.
While a part of Snap-on, Smales served
SkillsUSA as a valuable and passionate
member of the board of directors, where her love for and
belief in the organization shone through. Smales personally
launched SkillsUSA’s ongoing efforts to increase fundraising
and to enhance high-level messaging, influencing SkillsUSA’s
development of its “skills gap solution” and “career readiness”
positioning statements and developing geospatial mapping of
SkillsUSA membership nationwide to benefit organizational
membership strategies. She has also connected SkillsUSA to
other substantial partners and continues to offer her guidance and knowledge to national staff.
Susan Trent
For 34 years, Susan Trent served local chapter advisors and processed
hundreds of thousands of SkillsUSA
memberships to ensure that students
were properly registered for programs
and contests. Trent took great pride in
her work; she solved problems, hunted
down detailed information daily, and
treated each person with dignity and
respect, no matter how small or large their request might be.
Her unquestioned dedication made Trent a crucial ingredient
in the support of state association directors and their leadership roles. Beneath Trent’s calm, quiet demeanor was a hard,
tenacious worker committed to excellence and accuracy. She
served SkillsUSA to the highest level, and her contributions to
the SkillsUSA mission and the efficiency of national headquarters operations cannot be overemphasized.
Dave White
Retired instructor Dave White served
as a SkillsUSA advisor at Gloucester
County Institute of Technology (GCIT)
in Sewell, N.J., for more than 20 years.
During that time, White built a small
chapter into a powerhouse that was
named one of the top three national
SkillsUSA Models of Excellence in 2015.
He often boasted 100-percent membership and more state medal winners than any other chapter in
New Jersey, and he’s been instrumental in creating partnerships with industry and labor to further strengthen his program. White has also developed state-level carpentry contests
and has personally recruited dozens of alumni to serve as
volunteers, judges or technical committee chairs. He’s also
served on the national level as a technical committee chair
for the Community Service competition. White’s passion
for SkillsUSA is remarkable. He is a role model for many,
including his two sons, both of whom are currently SkillsUSA
advisors at GCIT.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 9
2016 Advisors of the Year
(sponsored by Air Products)
The SkillsUSA State Directors Association created the Advisor
of the Year award to recognize and honor dedicated career
and technical education instructors who serve as SkillsUSA
advisors. State winners are submitted to the regional competition. During the national conference, regional winners are
interviewed and a national winner is selected.
David Nash
Region 1 (New Jersey)
David Nash is currently the cooperative
industrial education coordinator for Mercer County Technical Schools (MCTS) in
Princeton Junction, N.J. Nash came to
education from industry, and for the last
15 years, he’s been a valued SkillsUSA
advisor. Nash was, in fact, a SkillsUSA
member as a high school student, where
he studied automotive service technology. At only 24, he was
a service manager and shop foreman at the car dealership
where he worked, and, over time, a desire to teach led him
to become an automotive instructor in the same room where
he’d once been a student. When Nash took over, SkillsUSA
had faded into insignificance within the program, but Nash
revitalized it. Under his guidance, SkillsUSA membership
has increased to 100 percent districtwide, and last year, he
brought the largest group of students to the national conference in his district’s history. Nash motivates his students to
discover their own potential and strive for the kind of success he’s achieved in his life. His students are also active in
service activities and are taught the leadership qualities that
are necessary to succeed in all facets of life.
Robert Jett
Region 2 (Virginia)
A drafting instructor at Stafford High
School in Falmouth, Va., Robert Jett has
been a SkillsUSA advisor for 27 years.
Jett was also a student member from
1982-85 and a state Machine Drafting
champion in 1984. Since becoming an
instructor in 1989, Jett has won teacher
of the year awards in his state and
school and supervised the training of more than 130 chapter
officers. He’s also helped tutor new advisors on running a
successful SkillsUSA chapter. Since 1991, his students have
been vital parts of a service program that designs and builds
single-family homes in the community. Always going “above
and beyond,” Jett has lent his expertise and enthusiasm to
a wide variety of SkillsUSA events and projects; he’s served
on SkillsUSA Virginia’s board of directors, organized and led
summer career-based workshops, and even published and
edited SkillsUSA Virginia’s conference newsletter. What Jett
values most, however, are his students’ futures, and many
have credited Jett with changing their lives for the better. He’s
been known, in fact, to continue to mentor and guide his
students even after they graduate from his program.
10 SkillsUSA
Jerry McIntosh
Region 3 (West Virginia)
Jerry McIntosh is the program instructor
for collision repair technology at Carver
Career and Technical Center in Charleston, W.Va. Throughout his 27 years as
an educator, Carver has received numerous awards and accolades. He was the
first instructor in his state to achieve ASE
Master Certification in collision repair
technology. He was also named the West Virginia Vocational
Association’s outstanding teacher in 1993, the American Vocational Association Regional New Teacher of the Year in 1994,
and the I-CAR instructor of the year in 1998. Carver served
as SkillsUSA West Virginia’s lead advisor for 26 years. He’s
also made his mark on the national level, serving as a judge
and as a national education team member for the Collision
Repair Technology competition. His program is also incredibly active in community service, and winning the school’s
annual food drive for more than 15 years is just one of many
examples of his program’s commitment to helping others.
Lynn Nelson
Region 4 (Minnesota)
Lynn Nelson has been described as
“a shining example of an outstanding advisor” by her peers. Nelson is a
work experience instructor at Mounds
View High School in Arden Hills, Minn.,
and the last eight of her now 27 years
in education have been spent as a
SkillsUSA advisor. More than half of the
students at Nelson’s school come from low-income families,
but Nelson’s caring guidance and passionate commitment to
incorporate SkillsUSA into every part of her classroom have
given many of those students new opportunities to achieve
more than they ever thought possible. One recent achievement for Nelson was a Lowe’s/SkillsUSA grant that will give
current and future students the opportunity to work with
iPads and other technology previously unattainable to them.
Nelson’s chapter has also received the grand prize nationally for SkillsUSA’s Student2Student mentoring program, and
leadership has always been valued as strongly as technical
skills development in her classroom. Nelson also makes community service a priority each year. From workplace skills to
leadership development to a passion for service, Nelson continues to help students develop strong, positive and enduring
traits vital for personal and professional success.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 1 1
Mary Anderson
Region 5 (California)
When your current students ask what
it was like to teach their mothers or
fathers, you know you’ve had a long
career. In her 41 years of teaching, Mary
Anderson, a health care science instructor at Deming (N.M.) High School, has
also had an incredibly rewarding one.
Since becoming a SkillsUSA advisor 33
years ago, Anderson has groomed at least one state officer
each year. When competitions come around, Anderson asks
her students to compete in one leadership and one technical
skills event, demonstrative of the equal value she places on
developing both leadership and technical skills. Anderson
has received numerous teacher-of-the-year awards during her
sterling career, but her most valued attribute is her dedication
to her students. Described by one peer as “always going the
extra mile for her students,” Anderson once went to court
to help an at-risk student who was being placed into foster
care. That student graduated from college as a trauma physician, and that’s just one of many similar examples of students
whose lives have changed thanks to Anderson’s guidance.
2015–2016 State Advisors of the Year
Along with the five finalists for the national award, SkillsUSA
recognizes all state advisors of the year for their tireless dedication. (High-school is listed as “HS” and college/postsecondary as “C/PS” where appropriate.)
Alabama: Jason Harris, Elmore County Career and Technical
Center, Wetumpka (HS); Kelly Black, Northeast Alabama
Community College, Rainsville
Alaska: Camron Wyatt, Homer High School; Kelly Smith,
University of Anchorage
Arkansas: Jessica Young, Southern Arkansas University Tech,
Colorado: Dave Frankmore, Pueblo County High School; Eric
Ward, Pickens Technical College, Aurora
Florida: Gloria B. Delgado, Orange Technical College,
Georgia: Dean Cutler, East Laurens High School, Dublin;
Peggy Braswell, Southeastern Technical College, Swainsboro
Idaho: Clay Long, Nampa School District (HS); Cal DeHaas,
North Idaho College, Coeur d’ Alene
Indiana: Angela Higginbotham, Wawasee Area Career and
Technical Cooperative, Goshen (HS)
Kansas: Mike Koehn, Meade High School; Eric Showalter,
Washburn Institute of Technology, Topeka (C/PS)
Louisiana: Renee LeCompte, Terrebonne Career and Technical High School, Houma; Darrell Buck, SOWELA Technical
Community College, Lake Charles
Massachusetts: Karen Meister, Shawsheen Valley Regional
High School
Michigan: Julie Ivan, Saginaw Career Complex (HS)
12 SkillsUSA
Minnesota: John Raasch, SouthWest Metro Educational Cooperative, Chaska (HS); Dawn Goebel, Century College, White
Bear Lake
Missouri: Deborah Lathum, Current River Career Center,
Doniphan (HS)
Montana: Joshua George, Billings Career Center (HS)
Nebraska: Diane Livingston, North Platte High School; Dan
Zabel, Southeast Community College, Lincoln
New Mexico: Oscar Contreras, Hobbs High School; Ann
Jarvis, University of New Mexico, Gallup
New York: Angel Mead, Broome-Tioga BOCES, Binghamtom
North Carolina: Quin Henry, Lee County High School, Sanford; Tammy Muller, Catawba Valley Community College,
North Dakota: Eric Holland, Sheyenne Valley Area Career
and Technology Center, Valley City (HS)
Ohio: Kelley Chapman, Buckeye Career Center, New Philadelphia (HS)
Oklahoma: Richard Stewart, Tulsa Technology Center (HS)
Oregon: Kirstie Christopherson, North Medford High School;
Mark Lynch, Sabin Schellenberg Professional Technical Center, Portland (also high school)
Pennsylvania: Dodie Amigh, Greater Altoona Career and
Technology Center (HS)
Puerto Rico: Eugenio Gonzlez, Antonio Lucchetti Vocational
High School, Arecibo
Rhode Island: Joseph Barroso, East Providence Area Career
and Technical Center (HS)
South Carolina: Wayne Hannah, G. Frank Russell Career Center, Greenwood (HS)
Tennessee: Chef Clyde Rush, Cleveland High School; Angela
Richardson, Tennessee College of Applied Technology,
Texas: Jaime Trevino, Foy Moody High School, Corpus Christi
Utah: Jay Hales, Riverton High School
Washington: Nick Paulakis, Sunnyside High School, Sunnyside
West Virginia: Jerry K. McIntosh, Carver Career Center,
Charleston (HS and C/PS)
Wisconsin: Carla Carmody, River Valley High School, Spring
Green; Mark Wamsley, Moraine Park Technical College,
West Bend
Student2Student Mentoring Program
SkillsUSA’s Student2Student Mentoring Recognition Program
honors the outstanding chapters that best exemplify excellence and professionalism in the area of student mentoring. Participating chapters enter by completing the project
description questionnaire at: www.skillsusa.org/educators/
mentoring.shtml. Representatives from the “Grand Prize
Winner” will present their mentoring program as part of
SkillsUSA University. See your conference program for more
2016 Grand Prize Winner:
Minuteman High School, Lexington, Mass.
Advisor: Becky Quay
International Degree Candidates
The International Degree is the pinnacle of SkillsUSA’s
Professional Development Program. The requirements for
receiving the award are demanding, and just getting to the
“candidate” phase is an achievement. Official reception of
the award depends on a final interview at SkillsUSA’s 2016
national conference. The candidate for 2016 is:
Rita Yeary (Va.)
Lowe’s Community Service Project
Grant Recipients
The focus for the 2016 Lowe’s grant program was to support
community service and campus improvement projects. More
than $250,000 from Lowe’s went to 15 schools in 12 states as
part of the program. The purpose of the program is to serve
local communities while providing learning opportunities for
students and fostering community-based relationships between Lowe’s and SkillsUSA. This year’s grant recipients are:
Dothan Technology Center, Dothan, Ala. — $24,800: Students
will build a pole barn pavilion to use for meetings, a break
area for students and community events.
Norwalk High School, Norwalk, Calif. — $24,600: Students
will upgrade their culinary classroom with more equipment
and food prep space. This will allow them to increase food
production, serve more people at events and begin a mentoring program for middle-school students.
Immokalee Technical College, Immokalee, Fla. — $25,000:
Students will complete kitchen rehabilitation and build a
computer lab for a senior center.
Iroquois High School, Louisville, Ky. — $25,000: Students will
complete the second phase of an outdoor amphitheater
project by adding a stage, walking path, roof, sign and
enhanced landscaping.
Martin County Career and Technology Center, Inez, Ky. —
$25,000: Students will construct two gazebos at the highschool and technology center.
Riverland Community College, Austin, Minn. — $22,260:
Students will collaborate with their local Lowe’s Heroes
program to design and build handicap ramps for area
homeowners in need.
Rocky Mount High, Rocky Mount, N.C. —$25,000: Students
will construct a three-story training building for their fire
academy, which will allow for a variety of training programs.
Centennial High School, Gresham, Ore. — $10,000: Centennial students previously founded a nonprofit mobile food
pantry bus. This project will upgrade the bus with lights
and refrigeration units to further help struggling families in
the community to meet basic needs.
Pioneer Career Center, Shelby, Ohio — $13,000: Students
will carry out a community improvement blitz that includes
building wheelchair-accessible ramps, painting and restoring park buildings, updating baseball fields, cleaning police
and fire stations, cleaning and repairing toys for needy children, preparing community garden plots, renovating food
pantries, organizing donated items, and planting flower
Upper Valley Career Center, Piqua, Ohio — $25,000: Students
will rehabilitate an old church building to create a supervised center for community Wi-Fi access and tutoring.
Sun Area Technical Institute, New Berlin, Pa. — $12,300:
Students will replace the school’s current florescent lighting
with more efficient LED lighting.
West Side Career and Technology Center, Kingston, Pa.
— $25,000: Students will renovate the existing culinary
classroom to include a restaurant where they will prepare
and serve meals to faculty, students and customers from the
Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Crump Campus —
$11,243: Students will construct a food storage building at
Michie Elementary School for their backpack program. The
project includes installing electricity, air-conditioning, heating, shelving and a refrigerator.
Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Crossville Campus
— $17,600: Students will create a community garden to
provide fresh vegetables to over 300 elementary students
and five nursing homes.
Roane-Jackson Technical Center, Leroy, W.Va. — $25,000:
Students will improve a playground at the Cedar Lakes Conference Center and make it both safer and compliant with
the Americans with Disabilities Act.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 1 3
Marsha Daves Memorial
Scholarship Recipients
Marsha Daves achieved so much
during her passion-fueled career with
SkillsUSA, a reflection of just how
much she loved the organization and
the students it serves. She inspired
and was the first recipient of the
Marsha Daves Lifetime Achievement
Award, served on SkillsUSA’s board
of directors, chaired Oklahoma’s
state director’s association, received
the Honorary Life Member award,
and served on the national staff as director of education and
training. To the students and colleagues who were able to
work with her, Daves was a respected educator, trusted advisor, valued mentor and cherished friend.
In memory of this champion’s legacy, SkillsUSA is pleased to
offer one annual merit-based $1,000 scholarship for college/
postsecondary education and a supplementary $500 travel
stipend for SkillsUSA’s national conference to a state officer.
The scholarship will recognize how our student leaders use
the personal skills they develop to be team members, leaders, employees, citizens and effective individuals that fulfill
the SkillsUSA mission. The Marsha Daves Memorial Scholarship is open to current SkillsUSA state officers who will be
attending a college/postsecondary school in the next school
year. The winner for 2016 is:
National Technical Honor
Society Scholarship Recipients
($1,000 each)
The National Technical Honor Society annually awards four
$1,000 scholarships to SkillsUSA members at the SkillsUSA
National Leadership and Skills Conference. Two scholarships
are awarded to high-school members and two to college/
postsecondary members. To be eligible, students must be
active, dues-paying members of both SkillsUSA and NTHS.
SkillsUSA received many applications detailing the qualifications of prospective winners, and the following four were
Britany Jefferson, Medical Assisting, Orange Technical
College — Westside Campus, Fla.
Shaili Mehta; Health Occupations, Business and Graphics;
Westwood High School, Texas
Saqib Shahid, Drafting, Tulsa Tech, Okla.
Lauren Stone, Health Occupations/Health Sciences,
Starmount High School, N.C.
Harley Hall, Audio/Video Communications, Wills Point High
School, Texas
Robert Flint Leadership
Development Scholarship Recipients
Thanks to a generous contribution from former Caterpillar
executive and longtime SkillsUSA supporter Robert L. Flint,
each individual below has received a $1,300 scholarship
for participation in Leverage leadership training during this
Megan Bina, Vancouver (Wash.) School of Arts and Academics
Mathew Chaffin, Belleview (Fla.) High School
Ashley Glass, Sabin Schellenberg Center, Milwaukie, Ore.
Paige Yoder, Wawasee Area Career and Technical Center,
Goshen, Ind.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 1 5
16 SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA and Ryder Scholarships
and Grants
Sharon Melton Myers Memorial
Scholarship Recipients ($500 each)
Ryder System Inc. has provided new scholarship and grant
opportunities for SkillsUSA members enrolled in diesel
equipment technology programs. The $1,000 scholarships
were provided for SkillsUSA members continuing their
education in diesel equipment technology. Grants of up to
$5,000 were also provided to diesel equipment technology
labs to purchase instructional materials, software or equipment and to provide professional development.
Through a donation from the Sharon Melton Myers Memorial
Fund, SkillsUSA and the McMinn County Vocational Center
(Athens, Tenn.), SkillsUSA’s alumni association offers $500
scholarships to one or more high-school SkillsUSA students
in memory of much-loved former member Sharon Melton
Myers. This year’s recipients are:
Stephen Allen, Orange Technical College — Mid Florida
Campus, Orlando
Cory Bettenhausen, Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Fergus Falls
Kheigan Bott, Lewis–Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho
Thomas Distelcamp, Mercer County Technical School, Trenton, N.J.
Elizabeth Driml, College of Western Idaho, Nampa
Alexander Fischer, Niagara Career and Technical Education
Center, Sanborn, N.Y.
Emmett Fox, Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical
School, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
Matt Gardner, Automotive Training Center, Warminster, Pa.
Jeremy Hartman, Minnesota State Community and Technical
College, Fergus Falls
Nicholas Lierz, North Central Kansas Technical College,
Krysten Linville, Central Lakes College, Staples, Minn.
John Lunde, Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Fergus Falls
Charlee Sheidy, Sollers Point Technical High School,
Dundalk, Md.
Steve Silva, College of Western Idaho, Nampa
Austin Sparks, Milwaukie (Ore.) High School
Lane Trissel, Rainier (Wash.) High School
Devon Werle, Fountain-Fort Carson High School, Fountain,
Fred W. Eberle Technical Center, Buckhannon, W.Va.
Limestone County Career and Tech Center, Athens, Ala.
Salina Area Technology College, Salina, Kan.
Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) —
Harriman campus
Valley Career and Technical Center, Fishersville, Va.
Sydney Millerd, Architectural Drafting, Waipahu (Hawaii)
High School
Hunter Selvage, Structural Systems II, McMinn County High
School, Athens, Tenn.
SkillsUSA STEM Scholarship
($1,000 each, sponsored by Air Products)
This scholarship, established by Air Products, awards a select
number of $1,000 scholarships to SkillsUSA students (graduating seniors in high school as well as college/postsecondary
students) whose area of study will lead them into a STEMrelated field. (STEM refers to a curriculum educating students
in science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The
scholarship program is part of SkillsUSA’s STEM Fund. The
STEM Fund will help raise public awareness that career and
technical education is STEM. The following members have
received the award this year:
Jordan Alberico, Mechatronics, Perkiomen Valley High
School, Pa.
Ethan Baer, Welding, Boyd County High School, Ky.
Bailey Brown, Digital Cinema, Cactus Shadows High School,
Bryce Findley, Mechatronics, Statesboro High School, Ga.
Riley Flanagan, Mechatronics, Bucks County Technical High
School, Pa.
Jessica Fleshman, Nursing, Kirksville High School, Mo.
Joseph Fryer, Engineering, Foy H. Moody High School, Texas
Shane Hammond, Machine Tool Technology, New Hope
High School, Ala.
Shelby (Min Jeong) Han, Culinary Arts, Bergen County Academies, N.J.
Alexa Hankins, Internetworking, Chapel Hill High School,
Cody Hatt, Engineering Technology, Genesee Career Institute,
Paige Heiman, Culinary Arts, Bergen County Academies, N.J.
Spencer Hines, Engineering, Four County Career Center, Ohio
Morgan Jarman, Engineering/Drafting, Richlands High
School, N.C.
Kapis Jordyn, Machine Technology, Theodore Roosvelt High
School, Ohio
Dwayne McKenzie, Computer Science/Information Technology, Thurgood Marshall High School, Texas
Jacob Minock, Drafting, Peotone High School, Ill.
Innocent Niyibizi, Computer Science, Mehlville High School,
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 1 7
Serena Persaud, Medical Assisting, Thomas A. Edison CTE
High School, N.Y.
Braden Robinson, Information Technology, Vallivue High
School, Idaho
Andrew Wiseman, Computer Science, Cape Cod Regional
Technical High School, Mass.
Matthew Yu, Drafting, Bucks County Technial High School,
SCOAR Scholarships ($1,000 each)
The Southeastern Construction Owners and
Associates Roundtable (SCOAR), in partnership with
SkillsUSA, offered scholarships to these high-school
seniors and/or secondary students continuing their education
in a college/postsecondary educational institution for a degree, diploma or certificate in a construction-related program.
Mason Aldridge, Drafting and Design, Garden High School,
Christopher Altman, Carpentry, East Laurens High School, Ga.
Barry Arrington Jr., Construction/Green Building, Georgia
Northwestern Technical College, Ga.
Nisma Asif, Architectural Drawing and Design, Union Grove
High School, Ga.
David Bailey, Welding, Eden Career Technical Center, Ala.
William Benson, Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and
Refrigeration; Tennessee College of Applied Technology —
18 SkillsUSA
Scott Brown, Welding, Eden Career Technical Center, Ala.
Abigayil Clark, Welding, Tazewell Career and Technical
Center, Va.
Colton Garland, Construction, Mountain Heritage High
School, N.C.
James Herndon, Masonry, Camden County High School, Ga.
Shawn Keldie, Welding, Southern Crescent Technical College,
Samuel Kelly, Machining and CNC Programming, East Central
College, Va.
Catherine McDiarmid, Carpentry, Northwood High School,
Lacey McLain, Drafting and Design, Jones County Junior College, Miss.
Inez Mickel, Pipe Welding, Guilford Technical Community
College, N.C.
Di’Angela Pope, Carpentry, North Baldwin Center for Technology, Ala.
Alexis Pratts, Construction Management, Poinciana High
School, Fla.
Brandon Pritchard, Welding, Northwest Florida State College,
Vincent Ramos-Rojo, Drafting, Southern Regional Technical
College, Ga.
Thomas Sheppard, Building Construction Technology, Pitt
Community College, N.C.
Austin Sims, Electrical, Elmore County Technical Center, Ala.
Carly Stanford, Carpentry, Eden Career Technical Center, Ala.
2016 President’s Volunteer Service Awards
The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation
created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program to
honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment
and example, inspire others to serve. The award recognizes
individuals, families and teams based on hours served over a
12-month period or cumulative hours earned over a lifetime. For individuals 15-25 years old, bronze is granted for
100-174 hours over a year, silver for 175-249 hours over a
year, and gold for 250 or more hours over a year or 4,000 or
more hours of volunteer service over a lifetime. For families
or teams, bronze is awarded for 200-499 hours over a year,
silver for 500-999 hours over a year, and gold for 1,000 hours
or more over a year.
Kofa High School
Angie Bojorquez (Bronze), Aliyah Bradford (Gold), Regina
Diaz (Bronze), Denise Dimas (Bronze), Lilliana Espino
(Bronze), Daniela Franco (Bronze), Jessica Godinez (Gold),
Dat Huynh (Bronze), Elide Gutierrez (Bronze), Marin
Mosqueda (Gold), Francisco Negrete Jr. (Bronze),
20 SkillsUSA
William Ortiz (Gold), Alexia Quintero (Bronze), Patricia
Quezada (Gold), Karina Rodriguez (Gold), Sirley Sanchez
(Gold), Jonathan Vega (Gold)
River Valley High School
Morgan Davis (Gold), Destiny Martin (Bronze)
Downey High School
Amy Campoy (Gold), Keara Cole (Gold), Valerie Cortez
(Gold), Samantha Galindo (Gold), Kristianna Gastelum
(Gold), Betzayda Martir (Gold), Genesis Leslie Martinez
(Gold), Amber Roa (Bronze), Luckey Sarei (Gold), Mandy
Siordia (Gold)
La Mirada High School
Cindy Martinez (Silver), Alyssa Morales (Gold)
Sierra Pacific High School
Kevin Singh Aulakh (Gold)
Valley Charter High School
Tina Collier (Silver), Steven Cooper (Silver), Alexis Madrigal
(Gold), Gerardo Madrigal (Gold), Jose Reyes (Gold), Emily
Reynoso (Gold)
H.C. Wilcox Technical High School
Hector Cardona (Gold)
Manatee Technical College
Craig DeToma (Gold)
Harris County High School
Erica Castro (Bonze), Lauren E. Smith (Bronze)
Waipahu High School
Sydney Millerd (Bronze)
Collinsville High School
Hannah Geppert (Gold)
Hancock County Technical Center
Cindy Thielen (Bronze)
Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School
Stacey Muanya (Silver)
Cape Cod Technical High School
Seana Aiolupotea (Bronze), Joanne Moorehead (Silver),
Joshua Moorehead (Gold), Katrina Moorehead (Silver)
Essex Technical High School
Prabhjyot Kaur (Bronze)
Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School
Corey Teves (Gold)
Medford Vocational Technical High School
Issac Cardoso (Bronze)
Minuteman Technical High School
Michaela Ganimian (Gold)
Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
Kayla Gerry (Gold), Grace Kirrane (Bronze)
Pioneer Career and Technology Center
Stephanie J. Gwin (Silver)
Willoughby-Eastlake Career Academy
Victor L. Alimo (Gold), Chad M. Barnes (Gold), Justin L.
Brown (Gold), Jeffrey M. Carroll (Gold), John M. Coffey
(Gold), Alexandria H. Hajek (Gold), Joseph Hamper (Gold),
Roger N. Hupp (Gold), Joseph W. Jarmuszkiewicz (Gold),
Darjahn Xavier Lee Jordan (Gold), Colin M. Koch (Gold),
James E. Koenig (Gold), Nikolas A. Land (Gold), Joshua
C. Langhoff (Gold), Michael J. Logar (Gold), Nicholas M.
LoPorto (Gold), Matthew D. McCollister (Gold), Hunter
J. McGrath (Gold), Dylan McLaughlin (Gold), Michael M.
Moore (Gold), Joseph B. Moran (Gold), Samuel E. Niemczura
(Gold), Zane M. O’Hara (Gold), Marcus J. Phinizee (Gold),
Thomas R. J. Potts (Gold), Jaden R. Prall (Gold), William
F. Rapp (Gold), Ethan R. Riley (Gold), Connor R. Roberts
(Gold), Richard P. Rutledge (Gold), Alex A. Sari (Gold), Erik
T. Seaber (Gold), Elek S. Shepherd (Gold), John W. Skorupski
(Gold), Preston J.T. Stillisano (Gold), Connor A. Stump
(Gold), Austin J. Troeter (Gold), Benjamin C. Vincent (Gold),
Austin J. Ward (Gold), Phillip M. Yates (Gold), Timothy W.
Zdesar (Gold)
A&M Consolidated High School
Kelly Krenek (Gold)
Westwood High School
Gayeon Kim (Silver)
Shaili Mehta (Gold)
Shawsheen Valley Regional Technical High School
Nicolas Troisi (Silver)
Southeastern Regional Technical High School
Arlette Dervil (Silver)
New Jersey
Somerset County Academy of Medical Science
Khushma Parekh (Gold)
Sussex County Technical School
Patricia Donovan (Bronze)
New york
Capital Region Career and Technical School Schoharie Center
Matthew Landis (Bronze)
Buckeye Hills Career Center
Ryan Lambert (Bronze), Morgan Roush (Bronze)
Penta Career Center
Ethan Lee Biller (Bronze), Jesse McHugh Podlak (Bronze),
Noah William Robleski (Bronze)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 2 1
Greenwood High School Graphic Communications SkillsUSA
Chapter (Gold)
SkillsUSA Florida 2015-2016 State Officers (Silver)
Apalachee High School SkillsUSA (Bronze)
SkillsUSA Illinois State Officer Team (Silver)
Plymouth Technical Studies (Silver), Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (Gold)
New Mexico
SkillsUSA Hobbs High School (Gold)
New York
Thomas A. Edison CTE High School SkillsUSA (Bronze)
Buckeye Hills Career Center Culinary Class (Silver), Sentinel
Public Safety 2016 (Gold), Criminal Justice Program Vanguard
Tech Center (Gold), Public Safety Academy Erie, Huron and
Ottawa Vocational Education Career Center (Gold)
Tulsa Tech SkillsUSA Criminal Justice Chapter (Gold)
Tennessee College of Applied Technology — Nashville
Community Service Committee (Bronze), Tennessee Postsecondary Executive Committee (Gold), Morgan County Career
and Technology Center (Gold), Tennessee College of Applied
Technology — Chattanooga Volunteer Team (Gold)
A&M Consolidated High School Chapter 3561 (Gold)
2015-2016 SkillsUSA National Officer Team (Gold)
22 SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA “Models of Excellence” Chapters
(sponsored by Lowe’s)
Each year, SkillsUSA recognizes 24 of its school chapters as
its very best with the “Models of Excellence” awards. The
awards are the pinnacle of SkillsUSA’s Chapter Excellence
Program (CEP), which honors chapter achievement relative
to SkillsUSA’s framework of developing personal, workplace
and technical skills grounded in academics. Congratulations
to the following schools for achieving this award in 2016:
Alabama: Northeast Alabama Community College
Arkansas: Greenland High School
Arizona: Kofa High School, Walden Grove High School
California: Southeast ROP-Norwalk High School, Warren High
Florida: Pensacola State College
Georgia: Cambridge High School, Cross Keys High School, East
Laurens High School, Sandy Creek High School, Stephens County
High School, Union Grove High School
Idaho: Meridian Technical Charter High School
Illinois: Peotone High School
Missouri: Franklin Technology Center
New Jersey: Bergen County Academies, Gloucester County Institute
of Technology
Ohio: Upper Valley Career Center
Oklahoma: Tulsa Technology Center — Peoria
Pennsylvania: Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School
Texas: A&M Consolidated High School
Vermont: Green Mountain Technology and Career Center
West Virginia: Putnam Career and Technical Center
Conference Management Team
Audiovisual Equipment
Robert Walls, Chair (Ohio), Vanessa Cloward (Mo.)
Matthew Bond (Mo.), Zachary Brinker (Mo.), Robert Campbell (Mo.), Glen Smith (Mo.), John Williams (Mo.), Norman
Williams (Ga.), Franklin Yongue (Fl.)
Contest Awards Coordination
Ernie Gary (Ohio)
Contest Cluster Chairs
Phillip Beckwith (S.C.), Gloria Cahalan (N.Y.), Ellen Coughlin
(N.Y.), Lauri Domer (Wis.), Mark Galland (Mo.), Larry Lebsock (Ariz.), Shelby McCorvey (N.M.), Jack Sukala (N.J.), Sam
Turner (Mich.), Kevin Ward (Ga.), Kaitlyn Youngs (Iowa)
Courtesy Corps
Stephen Bowman (Fla.), Dorothy Loges (Mo.), Robert Rosbury (Fla.), Willa Schwitters (Mo.), Amy Silvoy (Pa.), Joanna
Travis (Tenn.)
Digital Cluster Chair
Craig Reilly (Ariz.)
Mary Maffett, Chair (Del.), Janine Lebsock (Ariz.)
Nick Fedirko (Del.), Matthew Smith (Md.)
Beth Lofthus (Okla.), Kary Merlock (Okla.), Sharon Schaub
(Okla.), Felicia Senter (Okla.)
Roger Johnson (Va.), James Harper (Va.), Debra Moore (Va.),
Jason Suhr (Va.)
Shipping, Receiving and Local Transportation
Vickie Maddox (Va.)
National Courtesy Corps
The National Courtesy Corps is an accomplished group of
students, advisors and chaperones that help the conference
run smoothly through its behind-the-scenes participation in a
wide variety of conference events and activities.
Matt Akos (Ohio), Holly Alspaw (Mo.), Carlos Arnold (Mo.),
Trenton Artis (Va.), Emily Ballance (Va.), Peyton Barker
(Mo.), Sarah Bentley (Mo.), Samuel Borunda (N.M.), Jaeleen
Breshears (Mo.), Tanna Buchanan (Mo.), Susie Buckman
(Mo.), Cameron Cash (Mo.), Ever Castro (Texas), Di’Mone
Cathey-Lattimore (Ill.), Abigail Conde (Va.), Alyxandrea
Cone (Ark.), Rachelle Cook (Ark.), Cortney Coursey (Mo.),
Michael Crawford (Mich.), Alexis Curttright (Mo.), Caroline
Davis (Ga.), Jennah Dolan (Fla.), Kaylee Dunnagan (Mo.),
Kassandra Duran (N.M.), D’Mario Edgecombe (Fla.), Jallal
El Adlani (Fla.), Lisa Elsasser (Mo.), Jhomer Enriquez (Mo.),
Jacob Eyberse (Conn.), Kira Fisher (Mo.), Christian Flores
(N.M.), Lora Frazier (Mo.), Sarah Friend (Mo.), Nikolette
Garrett (Mo.), Massiel Gonzalez (Texas), Bailey Goza (Mo.),
De’Aundra Green (Md.), Paul Grotjohn (S.D.), Christine
Hankins (Ark.), Rebecca Harmon (Va.), Jatyra Harris (Mo.),
Austin Heidbreder (Mo.), Dionicio Herevia (Texas), Clarissa
Holland (Mo.), Cameron Hubbard (Mich.), James Huffman
(Ark.), Joe Jackson (Ill.), Jayline Jimenez (Mo.), Angela
Jones (Mo.), Ritamae Jones (Mo.), Justin Keith (Okla.), Travis
Keith (Mo.), Kristy Kerns (Mo.), Emily Kilburn (Va.), Brandi
King (Mo.), Nicole Klaiss (Ark.), Nevan Knight (Mo.), Patti
Kozlowski (Ill.), Matt LaJoie (Maine), Ashley Land (Mo.),
Ryan Larko (N.M.), Rylan Larko (N.M.), Kimyra Lattimore
(Ill.), Malinda Lee (Mo.), Lindsay Lilley (Va.), Mirella Lobato
(N.M.), Dorothy Loges (Mo.), James Loges (Mo.), Rachel
Loges (Mo.), Norma Lucero (Mo.), Haleigh Macdonald (N.E.),
Joseph Mansell (Ark.), Samantha Mansell (Ark.), Zakkari
Mcgarrah (Ark.), Brittany Miller (Mo.), Aric Mitchell (Texas),
David Monjaras (N.M.), Bradley Morgan (Md.), Peter Muniz
(N.C.), Jesse Newton (Md.), Christopher Ogletree (Fla.),
Kjella Page (Mo.), Ashlee Payton (Md.), Briana Perea (N.M.),
Triston Phipps (Ark.), Caitlin Powell (Mo.), Brandon Preuer
(Ohio), Summer Ramsfield (Ark.), Christen Rankin (Ark.),
Kalyn Reading (Mo.), Lorena Reyes (Mo.), Clayton Richerson
(Mo.), Benjamin Rivera (Calif.), Naara Rodriguez (Ill.), Gloria
Rogers (Ark.), Robert Rosbury (Fla.), Connor Rossi (Maine),
Justin Ruble (Mo.), Tyeon Ruffin (Va.), Shawn Sandburg
(Calif.), Gravin Schoonover (Ark.), Maxwell Shelton (Mo.),
August Shields (Mo.), Jenna Silver (Maine), Amy Silvoy (Pa.),
Shawn Silvoy (Pa.), Regina Sneeze (Fla.), Larry St. Hilaire
(N.E.), Chase Stearns (Maine), Thomas Steele (Ala.), Summer
Stewart (Va.), Wanda Stewart (Va.), Emily Stoner (Mo.), Alexis
Sykes (Va.), Spencer Taynton (Fla.), Ashley Terrill (Mo.),
Tyler Tolbert (Ark.), Joanna Travis (Tenn.), Christopher Treft
(Mo.), Jacob Tromblee (Mo.), Dana Van Wolput (Mo.), Kali
Verna (N.J.), Isabell Waltman (Mo.), Justin Weber (Mo.),
Kiki Whitelaw (Neb.), Shanteal Wicklund (Mo.), Cameron
Williams (Fla.)
National Pin Design Challenge Winner
(Sponsored by Safelite)
Shaun Da Rocha, Diman Regional Vocational Technical High
School, Mass. (Advisor: William Berlo)
National T-Shirt Design Challenge Winner
Derek Fontenot, Moore Norman Technology Center, Okla.
(Advisor: Trisha Marlow)
Special thanks to EGroup for providing conference travel
scholarships to the Pin and T-Shirt Design Challenge winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 2 3
National Youth Safety Video Contest
Winners (Sponsored by CareerSafe)
1st Place: Spencer Hoffmann, Jewelie Fry, Donna Gibelyou,
Ryker Forton, Derek McKenzie (Bay Arenac ISD Career
Center, Bay City, Mich.)
2nd Place: Rees Richardson, Isaiah Forte-Rose (Middle Creek
High School, Apex, N.C.)
3rd Place: Tyler LaValley (Chariho Career and Technical
Center, Wood River Junction, R.I.)
SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association
Former SkillsUSA members support activities through the
SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association. Their projects
Producing pin towels/trading pins for national conference
Supplying past national officers with name badges Hosting alumni activities
Providing training scholarships to winning school of the
Community Service contest
• Sponsoring the Alumni Merit Scholarship
Alumni Executive Board
Dara Dubois, executive chair (Calif.)
Anne Dew, executive secretary (Ohio)
Karen Ward, state director liaison (Mass.)
Greg Rintala, business and industry representative
(Snap-on Incorporated)
Jim Rhodes, Region 1 representative (N.Y.)
Glori Beaufort, Region 2 representative (Ga.)
Akshar Patel, Region 3 representative (Ill.)
Terry Robinson, Region 4 representative (Okla.)
Virginia Martinez, Region 5 representative (Calif.)
24 SkillsUSA
Alumni Events Coordinating Committee
Ashley Hickey (S.C.)
Felicity Hughes (Wis.)
Taylor Heaney (N.J.)
Jocelyn Mendez (Mass.)
Jessica Shattuck (Mass.)
Zach Timm (Wis.)
Alumni Community Service Coordinator
Andrea Arbogast (Mo.)
Alumni Auction Coordinators
Melissa Graham (Okla.)
Clem McPherson (Okla.)
Cody McPherson (Okla.)
SkillsUSA Alumni Recognition
SkillsUSA recognizes the following alumni in attendance at
this national conference who loyally support the organization
in their communities, excel in their careers and uphold the
standards of SkillsUSA:
Hope Aiken (S.C.), Sara Allen (Pa.), Sean Apsey (Ill.), Andrea
Arbogast (Mo.), Joey Baker (Mo.), Jared Bell (Ky.), Latoya
Blake (Md.), Jill Brebeck (Wis.), John Brebeck (Wis.), Joshua
Brunk (Pa.), James Bullard (Ky.), Richard Davey (Wash.),
Ann Dew (Ohio), Maria Estevez (Md.), Sara Freimuth (Wis.),
Bryan Glispie (Calif.), Bryan Granger (Md.), Tyler Gray (Mo.),
Ashley Hickey (S.C.), Marilynne Hinkel (Pa.), Felicity Hughes
(Wis.), Paul King (Okla.), Bruce Long (Okla.), Virginia
Martinez (Calif.), Kandice Melanson (N.H.), Jocelyn Mendez
(Mass.), Akshar Patel (Ill.), April Powell (Md.), Shyla Ratcliff
(Ind.), Jim Rhodes (N.Y.), Lizbeth Santos (Mass.), Brian
Sargent (Ala.), MacKenzy Slaght (Wis.), Brian Smarker (Mo.),
Bryan Stastny (Minn.), Cassandra Sullivan (Ga.), Mikeely
Taylan (Ill.), Cindy Thielen (Maine), Zachary Timm (Wis.),
Lindsey Wilson (Okla.), Supporria Yates (Ga.)
Outstanding Alumni Award
Alumni Career Achievement Award
The Outstanding Alumni Award is given to an accomplished
individual who was a SkillsUSA member in high school or
college and who made significant strides in his or her profession or community. This year’s winner is:
The SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association has created an
award to recognize a SkillsUSA alumnus for notable achievements related to SkillsUSA and career and technical education. This year’s honoree is:
Lloyd Daniel (Mo.)
Missouri native Lloyd Daniel has served
SkillsUSA as a local, district, state and
even national officer, but that’s hardly
been the end of his involvement. Daniel
has graciously given back to SkillsUSA
year after year in a wide variety of ways.
He’s helped launch local chapters, coordinated recruitment sessions, trained
new officers, judged and chaired competitions and volunteered nationally at SkillsUSA’s opening
and awards ceremonies. He’s even donned the beloved (and
very warm) SkillsUSA eagle costume to help build excitement during pre-show events. Daniel also serves as master of
ceremonies for SkillsUSA Wisconsin’s state conference, where
he uses his professional skills in video production to supply
audiovisual components to the ceremonies. As one peer
stated, Daniel is “a master of many things, especially being a
friend of SkillsUSA.”
Brent Tuttle (Calif.)
When Brent Tuttle became a welding instructor at La Mirada (Calif.) High School
in 2009, his mission was to inspire his
students to get excited about welding
and SkillsUSA. As a former national officer, Tuttle knew how SkillsUSA helped
change his life, and he wanted to pass
those opportunities to new generations.
The success of his students at the state
and national levels of competition attests to his ability as an
instructor, but the top-notch employability and leadership
skills they also demonstrate underscores his passion as an
advisor. Not content to plant the seeds of success in his own
school alone, Tuttle has helped establish new chapters and
strengthen existing ones in other schools. He’s always willing
and able to mentor new advisors, and his school’s chapter —
now one of the biggest in the state — now includes students from accounting, business, early childhood education,
engineering and medical programs. Characterized as “consistently stepping up to the plate” by his peers, Tuttle continues
to be a passionate advocate for SkillsUSA’s mission, helping
students find the success in their lives that he’s been able to
find in his own.
SkillsUSA Alumni Pin Design
Contest Winner
James Rhodes, Dowling College (N.Y.)
Alumni Merit Scholarship Winners
Samantha Dorwin, McCann Technical School, North Adams,
Haily Walker, Current River Career Center, Doniphan, Mo.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 2 5
26 SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA Foundation
The SkillsUSA Foundation seeks to involve representatives
of business, industry, organized labor, SkillsUSA alumni and
other interested parties in the active financial and volunteer
support of SkillsUSA’s programs and activities.
A committee of key business leaders from SkillsUSA’s
corporate partners supports SkillsUSA fundraising activity,
offers strategic counsel and direction and assists our Business
Partnerships and Development staff in contacting and engaging new companies in SkillsUSA’s mission.
The SkillsUSA Foundation raises more than a third of
SkillsUSA’s overall operating budget each year. In addition,
funds are raised for travel scholarships for students and
instructors to participate in the SkillsUSA Championships,
the WorldSkills Competition, and chapter management and
leadership institutes. Funds are also raised for scholarships
to postsecondary institutions and special projects that benefit
SkillsUSA members.
SkillsUSA Foundation Committee
Kaye Morgan-Curtis, Newell Brands
John Colborn, JEVS Human Services
Jim Bohn, Robert Bosch Tool Corp.
Jerry Ellner, Universal Technical Institute
Pamela Evans, GE Appliances
Steve Greene, NCCER/Build Your Future
Wanzel Jessie, Asurion
Cheri Judkins, Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc.
John Kett, Insurance Auto Auctions Inc.
Kathy Mannes, Jobs for the Future
Alice McCarvill, Alcoa Engineered Products and Solutions
Taryn McKenzie, Cengage Learning
Nick Peterson, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Inc.
Beverly Reid, State Farm Insurance Companies
Greg Rintala, Snap-on Incorporated
Mary Sullivan, mikeroweWORKS
Larry Teverbaugh, CareerSafe LLC
David Zellers, Toyota Motor North America
Tim Zilke, ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service
2016 Louisville Advisory Council
Pamela Evans, chair, GE Appliances
Randy Reeves, GE Appliances/First Build
Doris Sims, Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau
Kate Burger, Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau
Daren Thompson, Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District
Kim Richardson, UPS Airlines
Rhonda Whitted, UPS Airlines
John Gant, Louisville Forward
Kristen Wingfield, Jefferson County Public Schools (Ky.)
Kent Powell, Amatrol Inc.
Brian Pait, Atlas Machine and Supply
Eileen Pickett, Pickett Consulting
Tami Hatfield, Ford Motor Co.
Michael Gritton, Kentuckiana Works
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 2 7
2016 SkillsUSA Financial Partners
These organizations have made financial contributions of at
least $1,000 to SkillsUSA beginning Sept. 1, 2015.
Five Star Financial Partners ★★★★★
($250,000 and up)
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Four Star Financial Partners ★★★★
($100,000 to $249,999)
Alcoa Foundation
CareerSafe LLC
Snap-on Incorporated
State Farm Insurance Companies
Toyota Motor North America
Three Star Financial Partners ★★★
($25,000 to $99,999)
ACT Foundation
Air Products
American Welding Society
Axalta Coating Systems
Carhartt Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
Deere & Company
GE Appliances
GOJO Industries Inc.
Interstate Batteries
IRWIN Industrial Tools
Koch Industries
mikeroweWORKS Foundation
NACCE — National Association for Community College
NCCER — National Center for Construction Education and
Newell Brands
Praxair, Inc.
Ryder System Inc.
Safelite Group
SCOAR — Southeastern Construction Owners and Associates
U.S. Army
Universal Technical Institute
Volvo Construction Equipment
Two Star Financial Partners ★★
($10,000 to $24,999)
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Cengage Learning
Enterprise Holdings
Festo Didactic, Inc.
Hypertherm Inc.
Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau
PPG Industries, Inc.
28 SkillsUSA
One Star Financial Partners ★
($1,000 to $9,999)
Advance Education Inc.
Autodesk Inc.
Bottcher America Corp.
Carrier Corp.
E Group Inc.
EFI — Electronics For Imaging
Gates Corp.
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc.
Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.
Hunter Engineering Co.
ICPF — International Corrugated Packaging Foundation
Intelitek Inc.
The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council
Meritor Inc.
Mike’s Appliance and Repair
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Inc.
Otoy Inc.
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Regis Corp.
RR Donnelley
The Shouvlin Foundation
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Sports Clips
TIC — The Industrial Company
United Parcel Service
Unity Technologies
The UPS Foundation
2016 SkillsUSA In-Kind Partners
The following organizations have made documented contributions of time and expertise, contest equipment, prizes and
other non-cash support to the SkillsUSA mission.
Five Star In-Kind Partners ★★★★★
The Lincoln Electric Co.
Snap-on Incorporated
Four Star In-Kind Partners ★★★★
Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc.
NCCER — National Center for Construction Education and
PHCC Educational Foundation
Universal Technical Institute
Three Star In-Kind Partners ★★★
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Automotive Technical Training
Carhartt Inc.
Cengage Learning
Electronics Technicians Association International Inc.
Enterprise Holdings
Festo Didactic Inc.
Gates Corp.
GE Appliances
The Haskell Company
Southwire Co. LLC
Toyota Motor North America
Two Star In-Kind Partners ★★
Calculated Industries
ETA International
Hypertherm Inc.
Pittsburg State University
Pivot Point International Inc.
One Star In-Kind Partners ★
BSH Home Appliance Corp.
Cardiovascular Consulants Ltd.
Fisher & Paykel
Good Printers
2016 SkillsUSA Official Partners
The following organizations have each made financial
contributions of at least $25,000 and/or documented in-kind
contributions of at least $75,000 and have thereby qualified
to be recognized by the SkillsUSA Foundation as a SkillsUSA
Official Partner in 2016. We encourage SkillsUSA teachers
and students to patronize these organizations when the
opportunity arises.
ACT Foundation
Air Products
Alcoa Foundation
American Welding Society
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Axalta Coating Systems
Calculated Industries Inc.
CareerSafe LLC
Carhartt Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
Deere & Company
Enterprise Holdings
GE Appliances
GOJO Industries Inc.
Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc.
Hypertherm Inc.
Insurance Auto Auctions Inc.
Interstate Batteries Inc.
IRWIN Industrial Tools
Koch Industries
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
mikeroweWORKS Foundation
NCCER — National Center for Construction Education and
Newell Brands
Pearson Education
PHCC Educational Foundation
Praxair Inc.
Robert Bosch Tool Corp.
Ryder System Inc.
Safelite Group
SCOAR — Southeastern Construction Owners and
Associates Roundtable
Snap-on Incorporated
State Farm Insurance Companies
Toyota Motor North America
U.S. Army
Universal Technical Institute
Volvo Construction Equipment
2016 National Leadership and Skills
Conference Cluster and Track Sponsors
SkillsUSA’s decision to move the 51st annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) to the Kentucky Exposition Center in 2015 afforded more room for the championships: 1.2 million square feet of contest space to be exact.
Consequently, for the first time ever, our 100 trade, technical
and leadership contests were presented by career cluster,
which continues in 2016. Special thanks to this year’s NLSC
Contest Cluster Sponsors:
Manufacturing: 3M
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics: ASE — National
Institute for Automotive Excellence, Toyota Motor North
STEM: Hypertherm Inc.
Track sponsorships allow our sponsors to present their brand
through support to specific stakeholder groups within the
SkillsUSA family. Special thanks to these 2016 NLSC Track
Student Track: Carhartt Inc. and GOJO Industries Inc.
Advisor Track: Universal Technical Institute
Leadership Track: ADESA, Deere & Company, Enterprise Holdings,
IAA, Safelite, State Farm, U.S. Army
Champion Track: Newell Brands and IRWIN Industrial Tools
(exclusive sponsor)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 2 9
30 SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA WorldTeam Sponsors
SkillsUSA Torch Carrier Award
The international WorldSkills Competition (WSC) is held every two years, and the next WSC will be held in 2017 in Abu
Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. SkillsUSA thanks the following sponsors of its 2015 WorldTeam, which competed at the
WSC in São Paulo, Brazil. The team brought home medals of
excellence in Welding and Hairdressing, and a bronze for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. (“*” indicates that the listed
sponsor is also on board to support the 2017 WorldTeam).
The SkillsUSA Foundation created the SkillsUSA Torch Carrier
award to recognize the nation’s top business and labor leaders who assist and promote SkillsUSA.
Alcoa Foundation
American Welding Society*
Architectural Wood Work Institute
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers
Automobile Service Technology Technical Committee*
Culinary Art Institute
Deere & Company*
Diesel Equipment Technical Committee
Glen Rivers
Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technical
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors
Pivot Point
SkillsUSA STEM Fund Donors
SkillsUSA thanks the following companies for their help
in creating SkillsUSA’s STEM Fund, designed to raise public awareness that career and technical education is STEM.
(STEM refers to a curriculum educating students in science,
technology, engineering and mathematics.)
Air Products
Deere & Company
Hypertherm Inc.
State Farm Insurance Companies
Boyd Worsham
Boyd Worsham, vice president of the
Haskell Company, is a former SkillsUSA
student who joined Haskell in 1980 as a
carpentry helper. Worsham rose through
the ranks quickly during his now long
and distinguished career, and he was
involved in major construction projects
throughout the country during that time.
He’s also been committed to giving back
to SkillsUSA. Worsham has served as the technical committee chair of the national Carpentry competition for the last
six years. He’s also given students the same opportunities he
was given by hiring the secondary and college/postsecondary winners of the competition for the past five years. Worsham is a passionate advocate for SkillsUSA who educates
his peers about the organization and secures financial and
human capital investments for the Carpentry competition. He
recently purchased an engraved paver as part of SkillsUSA’s
ongoing paver campaign, and the inscription perfectly summarizes how closely he holds to his roots: “Boyd Worsham:
Pat Dalton Outstanding
Achievement Award
Named after a great volunteer leader for SkillsUSA, the Pat
Dalton Outstanding Achievement Award honors members of
the SkillsUSA Foundation who exhibit a high level of personal and professional commitment to SkillsUSA over a period of
years in such a manner as to stand apart from their peers.
John W. Kett
Now the CEO and president of Insurance Auto Auctions Inc., John Kett has
taken on a variety of executive roles
within the organization for more than
12 years. He’s helped IAA grow into an
international company with more than
$900 million in annual revenue, all the
while helping the company become the
industry leader in technology, analytics
and operational performance. Kett has also helped SkillsUSA
grow, going above and beyond the call of duty — along
with IAA — to bring new partners into the SkillsUSA family. Through Kett’s influence, IAA has also been a longtime
sponsor of SkillsUSA’s TAG Tuesday leadership training,
held during the national conference. Kett has also served on
the SkillsUSA Foundation and has made it a practice to hire
SkillsUSA students. Kett is a true champion of SkillsUSA, and
he’s inspired others to follow his sterling example.
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 3 1
32 SkillsUSA
A Showcase for the Nation’s Top Career
and Technical Education Students
The SkillsUSA Championships is the showcase for the nation’s best career and technical students to demonstrate
their excellence in both skills and leadership. This year, the
national competition features 100 occupational and leadership skill events and more than 6,200 competitors, the most
ever on both counts. First held in 1967, the competitions
have become the focal point of the annual SkillsUSA National
Leadership and Skills Conference.
The philosophy of the SkillsUSA Championships is to
reward students for excellence, involve industry in directly
evaluating student performance and ensure that training
remains relevant to employers’ needs.
Approximately 10,000 contests lead up to the national
championships each year. Competitions begin at the local
level, where individuals or teams of students compete in
leadership and occupational contests. Local winners advance
to district, regional and state competitions.
The SkillsUSA Championships is held each June for state
first-place winners. Along with the thousands of competitors,
this event also brings together thousands of instructors and
industry leaders. It has become a $35-million event that
occupies more than a million square feet of floor space.
The SkillsUSA Championships is unique because more
than 1,700 technical experts from labor and industry design and judge the contests to a set of entry-level job skills
that test both a student’s knowledge and hands-on abilities.
Students who excel in competition know they have achieved
the skills necessary to be successful when they enter the
For more information, visit the SkillsUSA website at:
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 3 3
SkillsUSA Championships Executive Committee
Joe Morgan (representing education),
Kentucky Office of Career and Technical Education
Alex Gromada, Carpenters Joint
Apprenticeship Program
John Hinesley (representing management), Meritor Inc. (Texas)
Sharon Schaub, emeritus (Okla.)
Dave Worden, program director,
SkillsUSA Championships
SkillsUSA Championships
Years of Service Awards
40 Years
Andy Godley, Alabama Power Company, Welding
Fred Murphy, Cummins Inc., Diesel
Equipment Technology
30 Years
Jack Sukala, J. Jeb Products, N.J., Diesel Equipment Technology
Julie Turner, PHCC — National Association, Va., Sheet Metal
25 Years
Dave Andrus, MTU America Inc.,
Texas, Diesel Equipment Technology
Becky Becque, Full Sail University, Fla.,
Advertising Design
John Eaton, Suzuki Motor of America
Inc., Mo., Marine Service Technology
Sam Newhouse, Emmert Welding &
Mfg. Co. Inc., Mo., Welding
20 Years
Sherry Easterwood, Honeywell —
Aerospace, Welding
Jeffrey Fischer, Fischer EDM Inc.,
Minn., Automated Manufacturing
John Oliphant, Mich., Information
Technology Services
Lee Troxell, Troxell Media, Va., Advertising Design
15 Years
Nick Blohowiak, SPEC MIX Inc., Wis.,
34 SkillsUSA
Russell Burris, American Technical
Publishers Inc., Ill., Industrial Motor
Kevin Celata, Communications Workers
of America, (D.C.), Telecommunications Cabling
Shirley Day, Hillyard Technical Center,
Mo., Welding
Mike Gleason, Panduit Coporation, Ill.,
Internetworking and Telecommunications Cabling
Dan Larochelle, REC Foundation, N.H.,
Engineering Technology/Design and
Mobile Robotics Technology
John Palcisko, Ohio Technical Colllege
Inc., Diesel Equipment Technology
Mark Skaja, Pioneer Electronics (USA)
Inc., Calif., Employment Application
Ed Sobotka, Damon Pursell Construction Co., Mo., Diesel Equipment
Regina Todd, Marianna, Iowa, Cosmetology
Robert Wheeler, Ford Motor Co., Kan.,
Automotive Service Technology
10 Years
Greg Beachey, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, Ill.,
Culinary Arts
Douglas Benkert, State Farm Insurance Companies, Ill., Collision Repair
Marie Boatright, CRB Architects Engineers, Mo., Architectural Drafting
Jim Bohn, Robert Bosch Tool Corp., Ill.,
Randy Bridgewater, American Honda
Motor Co. Inc., N.J., Automotive Service Technology
Mike Buck, Mike’s Appliance Repair,
Mich., Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology
Carolyn Chenaille, Chenaille Photography, Pa., Photography
Jason Christian, Hennepin Technical
College, Ind., Quiz Bowl
Keith Crawford, Sandvik Coromant Co.,
N.J., CNC Technician
Mark Dubois, Illinois Central College,
Ill., Web Design
Mike Eckstein, Refrigeration Service
Engineers Society, Mo., HVACR
Bradley Foth, United Parcel Service,
Kan., Diesel Equipment Technology
Chris Hegg, John Wiley & Sons Inc.,
Ind., Customer Service
Jesse Hudson, Kan., Screen Printing
Technology and Graphics Imaging ­—
Chris Huitt, Pittsburg State University,
Kan., T-shirt Design, Graphics Imaging — Sublimation and Screen Printing Technology
Les Karcher, Carrier Corp., Calif.,
Scott Mack, Kohler Company, Wis.,
Power Equipment Technology
James Ortolani, HIX Corp., Kan.,
Screen Printing Technology
Gary Pelot, Harley-Davidson University, Wis., Motorcycle Service Technology
Marie Planchard, SolidWorks Corp.,
Mass., Engineering Technology/Design
Mark Pollitz, Fla., Major Appliance and
Refrigeration Technology
Bruce Ridge, NazDar Consulting Services, Kan., Screen Printing Technology
Bill Roberts, Lennox Industries Inc.,
Dustin Speith, CNC Software, Automated Manufacturing Technology
Richard Warrington, Lynn Peavey Co.,
Kan., Crime Scene Investigation
Kent Woiak, GM Collision Repair Technology Center, Mich., Collision Repair
5 Years
Shanen Aranmor, Miller Electric Mfg.
Co. Inc., Calif., Welding Sculpture
Earl Bailey, Snap-on Incorporated,
Okla., Mechatronics
Michael Basich, Michaelson’s Appliance
Repair Inc., Fla., Major Appliance and
Refrigeration Technology
Tom Beachem, Nationwide Insurance,
Ohio, Collision Repair Technology
Joshua Bodenhamer, Liberty Police
Department, Mo., Criminal Justice
Douglas Bortz, Car-O-Liner Co., Mich.,
Collision Repair Technology
Kris Bosworth, Nikon Inc., Minn., Photography
Mandy Burton, Pivot Point International Inc., Ill., Nail Care
Kirk Cook, State Farm Insurance Companies, Fla., Collision Repair Technology
Frank Cowgill, Pueblo Community College, Colo., Job Skill Demonstration
John Daley, Marcone Supply, Fla.,
Major Appliance and Refrigeration
Mike Elder, Pittsburg State University,
Kan., Automative Service Technology
Mitchell Eliason, Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc., Wis., Motorcycle Service
John Gamble, Snap-on Incorporated,
Mass., Aviation Maintenance Technology
Lance Getz, PPG Industries Inc., Mo.,
Automotive Refinishing Technology
Jill Henning, New Mexico Junior College, N.M., Nurse Assisting
Ted Ibarra, State Farm Insurance Companies Inc., Kan., Collision Repair
Barry Jackson, Jackson Welding and
Consulting, Ky., Welding Sculpture
Martin Jenkins, Air Products, Ga., Diesel Equipment Technology
DuWayne Jennings, Snap-on Incorporated, Wis., Collision Repair Technology
Cheri Judkins, Harley-Davidson Motor
Co. Inc., Wis., Motorcycle Service
Tim Knapp, Heidelberg USA Inc., Colo.,
Graphic Communications
Steve Lee, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc., Mo.,
Welding Fabrication
Mike Meyers, Total Seminars LLC, Texas, Information Technology Services
Terri Monahan, Asurion, Va., Customer
Kristan Paulson, Liberty Police Department, Mo., Criminal Justice
Disa Pettit, Asurion, Fla., Customer
Darin Poston, PPG Industries Inc., Mo.,
Automotive Refinishing Technology
Jamie Redd, PPG Industries Inc., Mo.,
Automotive Refinishing Technology
John Ressler, Nationwide Training Center, Ohio, Collision Repair Technology
Jill Saunders, Toyota Motor North
America, Calif., Automative Service
Jamie Simpson, Schaal Heating and
Cooling, Iowa, HVACR
Cary Smithmier, Liberty Police Department, Mo., Criminal Justice
Melinda Stumpf, PPL Corp., Pa., Entrepreneurship
Mary Turner, Pensacola State College,
Fla., Nurse Assisting
Karl Watson, Somerset Community
College, Ky., Welding Sculpture
Adam Webb, The Lincoln Electric Co.,
Ohio, Welding Sculpture
Lawrie Weinreich, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., Ga., Aviation Maintenance Technology
Joel Weiss, Haas Automation Inc., Calif., CNC Technician
Larry Whiteman, United Parcel Service,
Kan., Diesel Equipment Technology
Daniel Worden, Wis., Power Equipment
Conference Management
Team/National Education
Team Years of Service
20 Years
Jim Maynard, Md., Extemporaneous
Deborah Winegar, Texas, Cosmetology
15 Years
Jill Van Weelden, Fla., Quiz Bowl
Lee Caughron, Grand River Tech
School, Mo., Welding
Vickie Fuller, Okla., Commercial Baking
Patricia Miller, Ga., Opening and Closing Cermonies
Janice Miller Millstream, Career Center,
Ohio, Building Maintenance
Brian Stewart, Pickens County Cereer
and Technology Center, S.C., Electrical Construction Wiring
Dan Parmer, Stanly Community College, N.C., Telecommunications
Damuel Dolson, Manteca High School,
Calif., Automated Manufacturing
John Nelson, Advanced Technology
Center, Va., Internetworking
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 3 5
10 Years
Richard Stape, Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, Ohio, CNC
Milling Specialist and CNC Turning
Robert Witte, Navajo Technical College,
N.M., Restaurant Service
Sam Musto, S&W Consortium at Saline
High School, Mich., Collision Repair
Dean Bohl, Utah Valley State College,
Utah, Power Equipment Technology
Larry Ringgold, Calvert Career and
Technology Academy, Md., TeamWorks
Christine Gloninger, Annandale High
School, Va., Culinary Arts
Yvette Weaver, Central Nine Career
Center, Ind., Action Skills, Community
Action Project and Employment Application Process
Jay Abitz, Freedom High School, Wis.,
Collision Repair Technology
Cathy Fultz, Arkansas Technical University — Ozark Campus, Ark., Job Skill
Demonstration A
Penny Moline, Davis Applied Technology Center, Utah, Restaurant Service
5 Years
Peggy McLemore, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning,
Texas, Esthetics
Curtis Barnett, Salt lake Community
College, Utah, Job Skill Demonstration A
36 SkillsUSA
Dennis Beebe, Meridian Technical
Charter High School, Idaho, Technical
Computer Applications
Aaron Kliethermes, State Technical
College of Missouri, Architectural
Kathleen Matthews, Manatee Technical
Institute, Fla., Dental Assisting
Gary Hulslander, DeKalb County Technology Center, Ala., Job Skill Demonstration A
Chris Jack, Calif., Mobile Electronics
Robin Brady, Calvert Career and Technology Academy, Md., Extemporaneous Speaking
Lupe Vasquez, N.M., American Spirit
Adam Frank, Frederick County Career
and Technical Center, Md., Digital
Cinema Production
Coy Hall, Clark County Area Technology Center, Ky., Welding Sculpture
Olin Harrington, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning,
Texas, Automotive Service Technology
Greg Siepert, Hutchinson Community
College, Kan., Welding Fabrication
James Smith, Va., Electrical Construction Wiring
Radonna Pratt, Louisiana Technical
College — Lamar Sahrr Campus,
Practical Nursing
SkillsUSA Championships
Prize Equity Fund
This program was developed to help
support the purchase of prizes for
medalists in contests that traditionally
are not well-supported by industry. A
technical committee member or his or
her organization can make a financial
contribution to the SkillsUSA Foundation with designation to the “Prize
Equity Fund” restricted account. For
this cash contribution, the donor will
have his or her name or company logo
placed on a “Prize Equity” sign at the
recipient contest site as well as citation
in this book. The following companies
have graciously offered their support
this year:
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
3-D Visualization and
This competition allows students to
step into a real world 3-D production
environment where creative output
must be accomplished within specific
time frames, resources and design
constraints. Competitors must produce
high-quality images and an animated
short subject using 3-D computerized
images. Students are evaluated on their
technical knowledge, production skills
and creative abilities, including visual
development and storyboarding.
Technical Committee
Chair Michael Edmonds, Amazon
Games (Va.)
Steven Colletti, 3Dconnexion Inc.
Peter Mancini, 3Dconnexion Inc.
Ed Perlberg, Autodesk Inc. (Wis.)
Linda Sellheim, NewSchool of
Architecture+Design (Calif.)
National Education Team
Robin Cain, C4 Columbus Area Career
Connection (Ind.)
Gary Chapman, Calvert Career and
Technology Academy (Md.)
Other Support
The Art Institutes
Industry Awards
First place: Unity Professional Suite,
Perpetual, 3Dconnexion, 3-D mouse,
Place winners: Unity Professional Suite
(one-year subscription), Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite 2015, Lowe’s
$50 gift cards, scholarships
Action Skills
This competition features a five- to
seven-minute demonstration of an
occupational skill in an area in which
a student is training. Competitors use
examples, experiments, displays or
practical operations to clearly explain
their skills using contestant-prepared
visual aids. The competition is available to students who are classified
under the provisions of Public Law
105-17, Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act, 1997.
Technical Committee
Chair Michele Friedman, Champlain
Valley TEC (N.Y.)
Harold Dworetzky, The Dollhouse Centre (N.Y.)
Diane Lafauci, Northeast Metropolitan
Regional Vocational School (Mass.)
Robert Larson (Ohio)
National Education Team
Federico Brown, St. Croix Career and
Technical Center (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Harold Dworetzky, The Dollhouse Centre (N.Y.)
Martha Dyer (Tenn.)
Monica Frick, Central Technology Center Drumright (Okla.)
Michele Friedman, Champlain Valley
Technical Education Center (N.Y.)
Veronica Gibson, Virginia Randolph
Community High School (Va.)
Myra Goldstein Dworetzky, New York
City United Federation of Teachers
Luanne Larson, Polly Fox Academy
Robert Larson (Ohio)
Linda Shelton (Tenn.)
Larry Stevenson, Excelsior Springs Area
Career Center (Mo.)
Yvette Weaver, Central Nine Career
Center (Ind.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Manufacturing (Demo)
The Additive Manufacturing (AM)
competition embraces a wide range
of materials and derivative processes
building parts suitable for end-use
service. The virtually unlimited design
freedom enabled by additive manufacturing allows the creation of shapes
and the integration of feature and function that previously required subassemblies. Employment opportunities for
creative individuals are growing while
industry adopts AM methods. Ready
access to workstations and service
providers makes the internet a growing
marketplace for public AM gadgets.
Technical Committee
Chair Meghan Shea-Keenan, Society of
Manufacturing Engineers (Mich.)
National Education Team
Tye Watson, Calhoun Community College (Ala.)
Robert Williams, Manatee Technical
Institute (Fla.)
Advertising Design
Technical skills and creative aptitude
are tested as though competitors
worked for an ad agency. In addition
to a written test, competitors recreate a
given advertisement on the computer.
Competitors are judged on their accuracy, proficiency with industry standard software and ability to meet the
deadline. A creative portion involves
the application of creative thinking and
development of a design problem.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Becky Becque, Full Sail University (Fla.)
Co-chair Lee Troxell, Troxell Media
Teri Drake-Cox, Hallmark Cards Inc.
Brian Miller, Hampton Roads Planning
District Commission (Va.)
Ralph Nappi, Graphic Arts Education
and Research Foundation (Va.)
National Education Team
Scott Heidy, South Central Career Center (Mo.)
Beth Keith, Waynesville Career Center
Jennifer Leff, CarverScott Cooperative
Center (Minn.)
Margaret Reid, Guilford Technical Community College (N.C.)
Angi Yowell, Rolla Technical Institute
Debra Zoglmann, Nevada Regional
Technical Center (Mo.)
Other Support
The Art Institutes
Industry Awards
$250 GAERF travel voucher for all competitors, Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place
winners, scholarships to place winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 3 7
38 SkillsUSA
American Spirit
This is a notebook competition documenting SkillsUSA chapters’ community
service and citizenship projects that
demonstrate a belief in the American way of life and the purposes of
Technical Committee
Chair Mary Anderson, Deming Public
Schools (N.M.)
Stewart Spittle, Mid-East Career and
Technology Centers — Zanesville
National Education Team
Mike Benton, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning
Cheryl Glauner (N.M.)
James See, West Mesa High School
Lupe Vasquez (N.M.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Architectural Drafting
Competitors use their drafting skills
to solve an architectural problem. The
problem includes a written test, a hand
sketch, and either computer-generated
or board-drafted drawings. The competition tests the competitors’ problemsolving abilities, not simply their CAD
Technical Committee
Co-chair Marie Boatright, CRB Architects Engineers (Mo.)
Chad Howerton Davidson, Architecture
and Engineering (Kan.)
Barry Rude, Gensler (D.C.)
National Education Team
Nina Bullock, Calhoun Community
College (Ala.)
David Cissell, Paducah Area Technology Center (Ky.)
John DeLee, Hillyard Technical Center
Aaron Kliethermes, State Technical College of Missouri (Mo.)
Sheryl Moran, Harrison County Career
and Technical Center (Miss.)
Justin Robinson, Hamilton Career Center (S.C.)
Bethany Shockney, Calhoun Community College (Ala.)
Brian Terry, Limestone Career Technology Center (Ala.)
Linda Unger, Excelsior Springs Area
Career Center (Mo.)
Don Willits, McPherson High School
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, calculators,
scholarships to place winners (HS
This competition is designed to challenge competitors in two-person teams
to produce a 60-second to two-minute
audio/radio production. The competitors are judged on the professionalism
of their production, the quality of the
audio and the conveyance of the information to the listener.
Technical Committee
Chair Paul Chiacchierini, AMP Productions Studios (Pa.)
David Bowden, AMP Productions Studios (Pa.)
Lance Davis, Rok Box Productions
Glenn Feit, Powerchord Productions I
National Education Team
Eric Millham, Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center (Md.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and calculators to
place winners
This competition evaluates teams
for employment in integrated
manufacturing technology fields of
computer-aided drafting/design (CAD),
computer-aided manufacturing (CAM),
and computer numerical-controlled
machining (CNC). CAD operators
construct the part geometry, the CAM
operator generates the tool paths,
and the CNC operator sets up and
machines the part. Plotting is not a
scored event; however, the competitors
must be able to generate a plot file that
will be used to send their data to the
Technical Committee
Co-chair Rob Clarke, Intelitek Inc.
Co-chair Jeff Stone, Intelitek Inc. (N.H.)
Jeffrey Fischer, Fischer EDM Inc.
Dan Hanson, Honeywell Inc. (Mo.)
Stephanie Holmquist, Holmquist Educational Consultants (Fla.)
Terry Johnson, R.T. Johnson Co. Inc
Rick Knisely, AZTECH Educational
Resources (Ariz.)
Dick McManus, AZTECH Educational
Resources (Ariz.)
Angela Miner, Intelitek Inc. (N.H.)
Jess Mooney, Honeywell Inc. (Mo.)
Dan Newby, CNC Software Inc. (Wash.)
Ben Richardson, Learning Labs Inc.
Matt Selter, Honeywell Inc. (Mo.)
Rob Smith, DEPCO LLC (Ohio)
Dustin Spieth, CNC Software (Kan.)
National Education Team
Don Block, Rolla Technical Institute
Samuel Dolson, Manteca High School
Rick Huddleston, Tulsa Technology
Center — Coweta (Okla.)
Jonathan Morgan, South Central College (Minn.)
Jon Morgan (Minn.)
George Skena, Norfolk Technical
Center (Va.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Industry Awards
Calculators, scholarships to place winners (HS only)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 3 9
Refinishing Technology
Competitors demonstrate the ability to
perform jobs and skills based on the
task list outlined by the National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE)
and the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).
The competition includes a series of
workstations to assess skills in areas
like surface preparation, spray gun
operation, paint mixing, using safety
precautions and more. The competitor
will also complete an interview, a written estimate and an ASE written exam.
Technical Committee
Chair Alan Craighead, LKQ Corp. (Ga.)
Ryan Brown, Akzo Nobel (Calif.)
Donnie Burns, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Tenn.)
Titus Cartwright, DuPont Performance
Coatings (Pa.)
Kevin Clark, PPG Industries (Mo.)
Alan Craighead, LKQ Corp. (Ga.)
Robert Dinkel, Sherwin Williams/Martin Senour (Nev.)
Rick Farnan, Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.
Kristin Felder, Collision Hub
Mike Gonzalez, PPG Industries Inc.
Jimmy Harris, Akzo Nobel Coatings
Inc. (Ill.)
Tony Larimer, SATA Spray Equipment
Rick Moses, Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.
Bob Munson, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ill.)
Mike Odum, MAACO
Charles Peterson, Complete Sales and
Marketing (Mo.)
Danny Pohl, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ky.)
Darin Poston, PPG Industries (Mo.)
Frank Ramos, PPG Industries (Calif.)
Jamie Redd, PPG Industries (Ohio)
Mark Reprogal, Martin Senour (Minn.)
Tim Robinson, Martin Senour (Kan.)
Petra Schroeder, AXALTA Coating Systems (Mich.)
Don Shearer, Akzo Nobel (Iowa)
Faith Shoovaerts, PPG Industries Inc.
Jeff Wildman, BASF (Mich.)
Dan Wittek, 3M (Minn.)
Kye Young, European Motor Car Works
Inc. (Calif.)
40 SkillsUSA
National Education Team
Paul Katsulis, Olathe Advanced Technical Center (Kan.)
Don Simpson, Mill Creek Center (Kan.)
Jeff White, Unitec Career Center (Mo.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
Automotive Refinishing Technology
Technical Committee
Carhartt Inc.
Snap-on Incorporated
State Farm Insurance Companies
Industry Awards
First place: $500 scholarship (HS only)
and $1,000 scholarship
Place winners: Tools of the trade,
equipment and clothing to place winners
Automotive Service
Competitors demonstrate their ability
to perform jobs and skills based on the
task list outlined by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
(ASE) and the National Automotive
Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Workstations consist of on-vehicle, simulations, bench and component
testing, and a written test. Competitors
are judged on technical competency,
accuracy, quality, safety and ability to
follow directions.
Technical Committee
Chair Scott Norman, Pittsburg State
University (Kan.)
Charles Ayers, CCAR (Ill.)
Robert Bassett, Gates Corp. (Miss.)
Erin Brennan, Cengage Learning (N.Y.)
Randy Bridgewater, American Honda
Motor Co. Inc. (N.J.)
Roger Creason, Hunter Engineering Co.
Mike Elder, Pittsburg State University
P.J. Hass, Snap-on Incorporated (Ohio)
Kyle Holt, S/P2 (Kan.)
Patrick Kieffer, Chrysler Group LLC
Christine Mason, Raytheon Co. (Texas)
Stephen Pulcheon, Snap-on Incorporated (Ohio)
Jim Raimondi, General Motors Corp.
Greg Rintala, Snap-on Incorporated
Jill Saunders, Toyota Motor Sales North
America (Calif.)
Skip Saurman, Automotive Service
Consultants LLC (N.M.)
Mike Sculthorpe, Raytheon Co. (Mich.)
Jon Sheehan, Delmar, Cengage Learning (N.Y.)
Tom Smalldon, Automotive Technics
Erik Smith MAC Tools (Ohio)
John Tisdale, National Institute for
Automotive Service (Va.)
Mark Ward, Chrysler Training Center
Robert Wheeler, Ford Motor Co. (Kan.)
Kelly Zeih, S/P2 (Kan.)
National Education Team
Dale Fasenmyer, Northeast High
School (Fla.)
Jesse Hackfield, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning
Eric Riddles, Lebanon Technology and
Career Center (Mo.)
Antoine Sanders, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning
Richard Thomas, Eastern Maine Community College (Maine)
Thomas Wester (Ill.)
Rodney Wolken, Lex La-Ray Technical
Center (Mo.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
Ranken Technical College
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Snap-on Incorporated
Universal Technical Institute
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and GM vehicles
to winning schools (schools must be
NATEF certified and complete the necessary paperwork), various tools of the
trade to place winners, scholarships
(HS only)
Aviation Maintenance
Competitors perform 12 tasks that represent the types of maintenance they
will handle in the aircraft industry. The
competition scope is consistent with
the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certification Guide, published by
the Federal Aviation Administration.
Aviation maintenance is the only
maintenance profession certified by the
federal government.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Wayne King, Kentucky Department of Education (Ky.)
Co-chair Dan Murdaugh IAM&AW and
United Airlines (Calif.)
Todd Baid, Salt Lake Community College (Utah)
Kirk Carter, UPS Retired (Ky.)
John Gamble, Snap-on Incorporated
Fay Gregory (Wash.)
John Hansen, Flight Safety International (Mo.)
Matt Isenbarger, Aviation Institute of
Maintenance (Ind.)
Rodney Pfeifer, Lynch Family LTD
Kim Richardson, United Parcel Service
Craig Scherzer, American Airlines
Rodge Simmons, Gulfstream Aerospace
Corp. (Ga.)
Brian Waymire, Gulfstream Aerospace
Corp. (Ga.)
Lawrie Weinreich, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. (Ga.)
Carl Wetzel, Lynch Family LTD (Ark.)
National Education Team
Jay Mullis, Oconee Fall Line Technical
College (Ga.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co.
American Tool Co.
Channellock Inc.
FAA Flight Safety Team
Flying Tools
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
Kleen Products
L.S. Starrett Co.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Newell Brands
Snap-on Incorporated
Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
TWU Union Local
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners,
tools of the trade
Basic Health
Care Skills
Competitors demonstrate their knowledge and ability to perform entry-level
procedures or skills based on a list of
core standards. Performance is evaluated through various stations involving
written, verbal and skills testing.
Technical Committee
Chair Jennifer Walters, Central Mountain High School (Pa.)
Jessica Massengill Sexton
Other Support
NASCO Health Care
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Broadcast News
Each team in this competition is comprised of four student members. Two
students serve as the news anchor
team, one student serves as the team’s
director/technical director, and one student serves as the floor director. Teams
produce and complete a three-minute
newscast as if it were live. Teams are
evaluated on their broadcast writing
ability, voice quality, diction, timing,
pacing and performance techniques.
Technical Committee
Matt Peschau, Ross Video (Wis.)
National Education Team
Darcy Deupree, Southwest High School
Michael Sanders, Southeast High
School (Fla.)
Paul Stensen, Central Kitsap High
School (Wash.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and calculators to
place winners
Building Maintenance
Students demonstrate competencies
related to the building maintenance
trade. Students are expected to compete in a higher level of mastery areas
considering the fact that the competition is a national event. These areas
will include, but are not limited to, carpet care, office and restroom cleaning,
floor care and liquid measurement. The
competition is available to students
who are classified under the provisions
of Public Law 105-17, Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act, 1997.
Technical Committee
Marvin Miller (Ohio)
National Education Team
Janice Miller, Millstream Career Center
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all competitors,
Carhartt clothing to place winners
This competition requires the building
of a small cabinet from materials and
drawings supplied. Competitors are
expected to read the drawings and lay
out and cut the parts using a table saw,
laminate trimmer, hand drill, hinge boring machine and various hand tools.
The parts must be accurately assembled, sanded and adjusted to tolerances
specified by the judges.
Technical Committee
Chair Kent Gilchrist, Fremont Interiors
Inc. (Ind.)
Jerry Allen, Allen Millwork Co. (Kan.)
Jerry Brewer, Ohio Valley Door Corp.
Kristine Cox, Rowland Woodworking
Inc. (N.C.)
Greg Heuer, Architectural Woodwork
Institute (Va.)
Ted Robinson, Technique Mfg. Inc.
John Volpe, Volpe Millwork Inc. (Ohio)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 4 1
Charlie Zizumbo, Salina Planing Mill
Inc. (Kan.)
National Education Team
Joe Davis, Dale Jackson Career Center
Grant Gamble, Jefferson Technical
Campus (Ky.)
Ron Gresco, Lorain County Joint Vocational School (Ohio)
James Kollata, Fulton Construction
Terry O’Reilly, Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Program (Mo.)
Robert Robinson, Rolla Technical Institute (Mo.)
A.J. Tinker, Rolla Technical Institute
Bryan Wolf, Nichols Career Center
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
SawStop LLC
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, calculators, Carhartt clothing, scholarships (HS only)
Career Pathways
Showcase This competition recognizes outstanding Career Pathways students for their
ability to present — through the design
and construction of a display — the
application of skills and education
brought about through Career Pathways training. Students perform a professional team presentation applying
the appropriate technology associated
with the Career Pathways program.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Carl Creasman (Tenn.)
Co-chair Paul Light (Mo.)
Jeff Donahue, Schreiber Foods Inc.
National Education Team
Bart Burnett, Dubiski Career High
School (Texas)
Roberta Creasman (Tenn.)
Stacy Johnson, Tennessee College of
Applied Technology — Crossville
John Lee (Tenn.)
Susan Light (Mo.)
Paul Light (Mo.)
Other Support
ACT Foundation
42 SkillsUSA
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Competitors frame walls using wood
and/or metal steel studs; cut and
install rafters, gable end overhangs,
fascia board and soffit installation; and
install sheathing and/or exterior siding
and trim. Competitors are judged on
accuracy, ability to read and interpret
blueprints, workmanship, safety and
the proper use of tools and materials.
Technical Committee
Chair Boyd Worsham, Haskell Co.
Robyn Bucknam, Stanley Black &
Decker Inc. (N.C.)
Tracy Chambers, ACIG Peer GroupNabholz Construction (Ark.)
Steve Greene NCCER/Build Your Future (Fla.)
Clay Kubicek, Crossland Construction
Co. Inc. (Kan.)
Terry Westerman, ClarkDietrich Building Systems (Ohio)
Jay Wetterhus, Morton Buildings Inc.
National Education Team
Troy Rupp, Alexandria Technical and
Community College (Minn.)
Les Zimmerman, Alexandria Technical
and Community College (Minn.)
Beth Zimmerman, Alexandria Technical
and Community College (Minn.)
Other Support
ABC National
AGC of America
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Construction Pro Calculated
DeWALT Industrial Tool Co.
Haskell Co.
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
Klein Tools
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Marek Bros
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Morton Buildings
S&B Engineers
Snap-on Incorporated
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and calculators
to all competitors; Carhartt clothing
to place winners, tools of the trade,
Chapter Business
Student teams of six members demonstrate their knowledge of parliamentary
procedure in both a written exam and
a team demonstration. The written
exam consists of 100 questions related
to materials found in Robert’s Rules of
Order — Newly Revised.
Technical Committee
Chair Mark Johnson, Pittsburg State
University (Kan.)
Gary Beverage (W.Va.)
Gloria Cofer, BellSouth Corp. (Ga.)
Teresa Dean, National Association of
Parliamentarians (Mo.)
John Rempel, National Association of
Parliamentarians (Kan.)
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, scholarships
Chapter Display
This competition evaluates promotional
exhibits designed and constructed
by SkillsUSA student members. The
displays are built around and articulate
a common theme established annually
by SkillsUSA. The competition involves
a team of no more than three students
setting up the display and one student
presenting information about the display to judges.
Technical Committee
John Scott (Ga.)
National Education Team
Greg Bauer, Clinton Technical School
Thomas Haas, Camden County Technical School (N.J.)
Christine Harden, Georgia Piedmont
Technical College (Ga.)
Mike Lewis, Robeson County Career
Center (N.C.)
Billy Prevatte (N.C.)
John Scott (Ga.)
Lynn Tanner, Moultrie Technical College (Ga.)
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
CNC Milling Specialist
This competition assesses the ability
to write the CNC program for a part
drawing and materials, determine
tool offsets, set up the machine and
produce a par on a milling machine.
The competition includes a written test
evaluating contestant knowledge of
computer numeric control machining.
Technical Committee
Chair Gregory Chambers, Oberg Industries (Pa.)
Chair Montez King, National Institute
for Metalworking Skills (Va.)
Rick Lasure, L.S. Starrett Co. (Mass.)
Michael McDonald, CGTech (Calif.)
Scott Robinson, L.S. Starrett Co. (Mass.)
Jerry Sage, Haas Automation Inc.
Patrick Sayn, Applications Engineering
Bob Skodzinsky, Haas Automation
HTEC Network (Fla.)
Chuck Tate, Sandvik Coromant Co.
Jim Wall, National Institute for Metalworking Skills (Va.)
National Education Team
Richard Stape, Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (Ohio)
Other Support
AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Gene Haas Foundation
Heidenhain Corp.
Industrial Press
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
SME Education Foundation
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, calculators, Carhartt clothing, shop reference books,
Gene Haas Foundation certificates for
continued training, FeatureCAM 101
software, scholarships (HS only)
CNC Technician
Students compete in NIMS Level I
and II manual machining skills and
knowledge areas, including operation
of manual milling machines, lathes,
drill presses and surface grinders.
Related knowledge and skills in the
areas of engineering drawing interpretation, geometric dimensioning and
tolerancing, technical math, machining
practices. Using precision measuring/
hand tools and communicating verbally
using proper industry terminology are
also part of this competition.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Gregory Chambers, Oberg
Industries (Pa.)
Co-chair Montez King, National Institute for Metalworking Skills (Va.)
Julie Aitkens, Honeywell Inc. (Mo.)
Keith Crawford, Sandvik Coromant Co.
George Crossland, Crossland Machinery (Mo.)
Edward Dobkins, Dobkins Drill Systems Inc. (Kan.)
Doug Nelson, IRWIN Industrial Tool
Co. (N.C.)
Robert Parent, Gateway Community
College (Ariz.)
Jim Wall, National Institute for Metalworking Skills (Va.)
Joel Weiss, Haas Automation Inc.
Casey Wright, Keller North America
Kenneth Wright, Keller North America
National Education Team
Mark Moehlman, Kansas City Kansas
Community College Technical Education Center
Dan Sunia, Petaluma High School
Robert Swordy (Mo.)
James Wiley (Tenn.)
Other Support
AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Gene Haas Foundation
Industrial Press
SME Education Foundation
Industry Awards
Calculators, Carhartt clothing, shop
reference books, Gene Haas Foundation certificates for continued training,
FeatureCAM 101 software
CNC Turning Specialist
This competition assesses the ability
to write the CNC program for a part
drawing and materials, determine tool
offsets, set up the machine and produce a part on a lathe. The competition includes a written test evaluating
contestant knowledge of computer
numerical control machining.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Gregory Chambers, Oberg
Industries (Pa.)
Co-chair Montez King, National Institute for Metalworking Skills (Va.)
Jim Wall, National Institute for Metalworking Skills (Va.)
National Education Team
Richard Stape, Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (Ohio)
Other Support
AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Gene Haas Foundation
Industrial Press
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Metropolitan Community College
Ranken Technical College
SME Education Foundation
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, calculators, Carhartt clothing, shop reference books,
Gene Haas Foundation certificates for
continued training, FeatureCAM 102
software and scholarships (HS only) to
place winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 4 3
Collision Repair
Competitors demonstrate their ability
to perform jobs and skills based on
the task list outlined by the National
Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation
(NATEF). The competition includes a
series of workstations to assess skills.
There is a written test, and competitors
also participate in an interview.
Technical Committee
Chair Teresa Bolton, ASE ­— National
Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (Va.)
Farzam Afshar, VeriFacts Automotive
LLC (Calif.)
Mark Algie, 3M (Minn.)
Rudy Aranda, Collision Repair Education Foundation (Ill.)
Dennis Barrett, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Mo.)
Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Tech Centre
Tom Beachem, Nationwide Insurance
Douglas Benkert, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ill.)
Joseph Blanton, Car-O-Liner Co.
Rodney Bolton, Center of Applied
Technology North (Md.)
Douglas Bortz, Car-O-Liner Co. (Mich.)
Joe Burda (Ore.)
Donnie Burns, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Tenn.)
Roger Cada, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ill.)
Kirk Cook, State Farm Insurance Companies (Fla.)
Mike Croker, Automotive Technology
Inc. (Mo.)
Duane DiPietro, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Inc. (Va.)
Chris Evans, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ill.)
Jerry Goodson (Wis.)
Marty Hettle (Neb.)
Ted Ibarra, State Farm Insurance Companies (Kan.)
DuWayne Jennings, Snap-on Incorporated (Wis.)
Bob Keith, CARSTAR Inc. (Neb.)
Bob Medved, S/P2 (Kan.)
Douglas Middleton (Texas)
Scott Mills, 3M (Kan.)
44 SkillsUSA
Tim Morgan, Spanesi Americas Inc.
Jeff Muskevitsch, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Wis.)
Richard Perry, Chief Automotive Systems (Ohio)
Danny Pohl, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ky.)
John Ressler, Nationwide Training
Center (Ohio)
Ken Soupene, Chief Automotive Systems Inc. (Texas)
Bill Stage, I-CAR (Ill.)
Kent Woiak, GM Center (Mich.)
National Education Team
Jay Abitz, Freedom High School (Wis.)
Bob Abitz (Wis.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Collision Repair Technology Technical
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Inc.
Refinish Distributors Alliance Inc.
Snap-on Incorporated
Universal Technical Institute
Industry Awards
First place: Lowe’s $50 gift card, Carhartt clothing, Snap-on tools, 3M paint
kit, equipment from Miller Electric Mfg.
Co. Inc., and a gift from the Collision
Repair Technology technical committee
(HS only)
Second place: Lowe’s $50 gift card,
Carhartt clothing, 3M paint kit, scholarships (HS only), Snap-on tools
Third place: Lowe’s $50 gift card,
Carhartt clothing, 3M paint kit, scholarships (HS only), Snap-on tools
Commercial Baking
This competition challenges competitors to meet production and quality standards expected by industry.
Students must scale, mix, prepare and
bake six products (including breads,
rolls, danish, cookies and pies) and
demonstrate cake decorating skills.
They must deliver a quality, salable
product while working efficiently and
under job-like conditions.
Technical Committee
Chair Peter Fendt, Quality Bakery
Amy Davis, Quality Bakery (Minn.)
Janice Zelch, Overland Park (Kan.)
Ronald Zelch, Corbion, Overland Park
Christian Kirk, Sullivan University (Ind.)
Jacqui Pressinger
Tracie Tobin
Jim Usilton
National Education Team
Betsy Anderson, Scott Regional Technology Center (Mo.)
Phillip Cropper, Worcester Technical
High School (Md.)
Charlie Edwards, Sam’s Club (Ind.)
Vickie Fuller (Okla.)
Adell Mastro (Conn.)
Charlene Zinnel
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Culinary Institute of America
Johnson & Wales University
KP Education Systems
New England Culinary Institute
Sullivan University
Industry Awards
Calculators and scholarships, gift certificates
Community Action Project (Demo)
This competition recognizes excellence and professionalism in the area
of community service. A two-contestant
team is evaluated based on its ability to
develop, execute, document and present a project that was completed in the
community or school, a project which
provides a benefit to the community or
Technical Committee
Chair Diane Swenson, EMD Millipore
Corp. (N.H.)
Sherry Anderson, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
National Education Team
Angela Beaton, Center Grove High
School (Ind.)
Yvette Weaver, Central Nine Career
Center (Ind.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Community Service
This competition evaluates local chapter activities that benefit the community. SkillsUSA chapters present their
best community service project for the
year. Competitors are evaluated on a
notebook that reports their chapter’s
community service project and a live
Technical Committee
Cher Vollink, Northwest Community
College, Iowa
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards
This competition consists of project
coding and output, a skill-related written test and an interview. Each project’s
specifications are written for Visual
Basic, Java, C#, C++ and RPG.
Technical Committee
Chair Terry Yoast, Summit Technology
Academy (Mo.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners,
scholarship (HS only)
Students demonstrate their skills in
haircutting, hair styling and long hair
design in four separate tests. All work
is performed on mannequins. A display
of creativity is seen in the long hair
segment of the competition, where
these future salon professionals demonstrate their own design skills. A parade finale closes the competition, with
each competitor walking down the
stage with their completed mannequins
to present to the audience.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Roseann Perea, Regis Corp.
Co-chair Julie Vargas, Sport Clips Inc.
Lisha Barnes, Milady, a division of Cengage Learning (Calif.)
Pamela Kelly, Fantastic Sams International Corp. (Mass.)
Bonnie Overstreet, Burmax Co. Inc.
Regina Todd, Marianna (Iowa)
National Education Team
Melissa Brainerd, Madison Area Technical College (Wis.)
La Quita Brantley, South Garland High
School (Texas)
Kristi Clifton, Gadsden State Community College (Ala.)
Shelia Copeland, Fulton High School
Elda Gonzalez, Donna High School
Teresa Hannah, Carver Career Center
Lynda Vinger (Texas)
Martha Weller (N.M.)
Deborah Winegar (Texas)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Great Clips Inc.
Industry Awards
Calculators to place winners
Crime Scene
Competitors are directed to a crime
scene and briefed as to the situation.
As three-person teams, they process
the crime scene. They legally search
for, properly collect and remove evidence of the crime. After the scene has
been processed, the competitors write
their report, draw the crime scene
sketch and mark their evidence.
Technical Committee
Chair George Barrett, Department of
Criminal Justice Louisville (Ky.)
Richard Warrington, Lynn Peavey Co.
National Education Team
Shawn Beagle, Francis Tuttle Technology Center (Okla.)
Darrick Bruns, Northland Career Center
Brian McClung, Franklin County High
School (Va.)
Frank Ragains, Metropolitan Nashville
Police Department (Tenn.)
Tom Washburn, Centennial High
School (Ga.)
Sandra Young, Conroe High School
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 4 5
Criminal Justice
This competition is for students preparing to be police officers or to work
in other areas of criminal justice. It
uses both a written examination and
practical exercises to evaluate the
competitors’ abilities and knowledge of
the field. The competitors are scored
on their knowledge and application
of U.S. constitutional law, written and
verbal communications skills, and their
ability to handle an entry-level law
enforcement position.
Technical Committee
Chair George Barrett, Department of
Criminal Justice Louisville (Ky.)
National Education Team
Esther Angelos, North Technical High
School (Mo.)
Jamey Foster, East Texas Police Academy (Texas)
Lauren-Anne Sledzinski, Hermitage
Technical Center (Va.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Culinary Arts
This competition will encompass both
hot and cold food preparation and presentation. Competitors will demonstrate
their knowledge and skills through the
production of a four-course menu in a
full day of competition. The competitors will be rated on their organization, knife skills, cooking techniques,
creative presentation, sanitation food
safety techniques, and, above all, the
quality and flavor of their prepared
Technical Committee
Co-chair Greg Beachey, National
Restaurant Association Educational
Foundation (Ill.)
Co-chair Rudy Smith, Unilever-USA
Food Solutions (Ill.)
April Goess, The Culinary Institute of
America (Texas)
Bill Spano, Blue Springs Hyvee Grocery Store (Mo.)
46 SkillsUSA
National Education Team
Lana Altemeyer, Rolla Technical Institute (Mo.)
Denise Baxter, Mountain View High
School (Va.)
Christine Gloninger, Annandale High
School (Va.)
David Holsinger (Va.)
Bob McIntosh, Concord Regional Technology Center (N.H.)
Tara Roberts, Valley Vocational Technical Center (Va.)
Paul Santaularia, Northland Career Center (Mo.)
Other Support
The Art Institutes
Calculated Industries Inc.
Johnson & Wales University
KP Education Systems
New England Culinary Institute
Sullivan University
Industry Awards
Calculators, tools of the trade, gift
certificates and scholarships to place
Customer Service
This competition evaluates students’
proficiency in providing customer
service. The competition involves live
role-playing situations. Competitors
demonstrate their ability to perform
customer service in both written and
oral forms.
Technical Committee
Chair Curtis Brown Ace Hardware
Corporation (Ill.)
Peter Jones, Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Eric Malcolm, Ace Hardware
Dave Sonnen, Ace Hardware
Jeremy Strandell, Ace Hardware
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Dental Assisting
Competitors demonstrate procedures
specified in the accreditation standards
for Dental Assisting Education Programs of the Commission on Dental
Accreditation. Students compete in
chair-side assisting; preparation of
dental materials; infection control;
and emergency, laboratory and office
Technical Committee
Chair Jennifer Ponson, Pensacola State
College (Fla.)
National Education Team
Monica Knight Escambia (Fla.)
Julie Nelson, Northwest Florida State
Nina Eckert, Lebanon County Career
and Technology Center (Pa.)
Kathleen Matthews, Manatee Technical
Institute (Fla.)
Jennifer Ponson, Pensacola State College (Fla.)
Martha Townes, Wilkes Community
College (N.C.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Diesel Equipment
Competitors cycle through 14 stations
while testing and troubleshooting
engines, electrical and electronics systems, and power train systems (including chassis, transmissions and carriers).
Competitors also demonstrate skills in
hydraulic systems, vehicle inspections,
fundamental failure analysis, brake
systems, air-conditioning systems and
general shop skills. The competition
also includes a job interview and written test.
Technical Committee
Chair Chad Estle, Travel Centers of
America (Ohio)
Lance Anderson, FedEx Freight (Ark.)
Dave Andrus MTU America Inc. (Texas)
Jeffery Bryson, Caterpillar Inc. (Ill.)
Bob Cornwell, National Institute for
Automotive Service Excellence (Va.)
Andrea Coursen, MHC Kenworth (Mo.)
Glenn Cram, Meritor Heavy Vehicles
Systems LLC (Mo.)
Bradley Foth, United Parcel Service
Scott Fredricksen, Detroit Diesel Corp.
John Goralski, FedEx Freight (Ark.)
John Hinesley, Meritor Inc. (Texas)
Homer Hogg, Travel Centers of
America (Tenn.)
Martin Jenkins, Air Products (Ga.)
John Koenig, Navistar Inc. (Ill.)
Fred Murphy, Cummins Inc. (Ind.)
John Palcisko, Ohio Technical College
Inc. (Ohio)
Ronny Queen, Eaton Corp. (Mo.)
Nick Rummel, Caterpillar Inc. (Ill.)
Laura Rupe, MHC Kenworth (Mo.)
Ed Sobotka, Damon Pursell Construction Co. (Mo.)
Jack Sukala, J. Jeb Products (N.J.)
Richard Sweet, Caterpillar Inc. (Iowa)
John Tisdale, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (Va.)
Tim Truesdell, Eaton Corp. (N.C.)
Sam Turner, Calhoun Area Career Center (Mich.)
Larry Whiteman, United Parcel Service
Deven Wilson, John Deere (Iowa)
Arlando Young, FedEx Freight (Ark.)
National Education Team
Clyde Hunt, Guilford Technical Community College (N.C.)
Carol O’Dell (Mo.)
Jim Olson, Fox Valley Technical College (Wis.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Snap-on Incorporated
Universal Technical Institute
University of Northwestern Ohio
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, Carhartt clothing,
tools of the trade and scholarships (HS
only) to place winners
Digital Cinema
This competition evaluates a competitor’s preparation for employment and
recognizes outstanding students for
excellence and professionalism in cinematography and short film production.
The contest includes a written exam,
a storyboard assignment, an interview,
and a short video that will be filmed
and edited on site.
Technical Committee
Chair Keith Emmerich, Academy for
Media Productions (Pa.)
Kessler Cuffman, Nine Line Productions
and Dynamo Studios Inc. (Tenn.)
Hope Krosskove, Hope Krosskove
Productions (N.J.)
Matthew Murr, NineLine Productions
Michael Schweisheimer, Primitive
World Productions (Pa.)
Travis Sims, RED Digital Cinema (Calif.)
Thomas Soerenes, Rhino Camera Gear
National Education Team
Adam Frank, Frederick County Career
and Technology Center (Md.)
Troy Selfridge, Yakima Professional
Development Center (Wash.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Early Childhood
Competitors demonstrate their knowledge of developmentally appropriate
practice and their ability to prepare
and implement learning activities for
children 3-5 years old. Competitors
will prepare a written lesson plan
and take a written test assessing their
knowledge of child development and
effective teaching strategies. They will
demonstrate their understanding of the
unique age-related learning characteristics of young children and the relevant
social interactions as they implement
the lesson.
Technical Committee
Chair Dianna Zink (Ky.)
Brenda Renaud, Fox Valley Career
Center (Ill.)
Samantha Zauner
National Education Team
Ashley Cottier, University of Northern
Brenda Renaud, Fox Valley Career
Center (Ill.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Electrical Construction Wiring
Working from drawings and specification sheets, competitors are required
to install an electrical system common
in most residential projects. Judging
is based on general workmanship, accuracy of layout and installation, and
adherence to the current national electrical code and standard industry safe
practices. Competitors’ knowledge of
the materials used in the electrical industry is tested when they are required
to fill an order from a bill of material
that is used to complete the hands-on
portion of this contest. A written test is
also included.
Technical Committee
Chair Greg Rachal, POPS Electric LLC
Tom Alexander, Atkins & Stang Inc.
Rick Brantley, R. Brantley and Associates (N.C.)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 4 7
Robyn Bucknam, Stanley Black &
Decker Inc. (N.C.)
Steve Denier, Denier Electric, Harrison
Ethan Rachel, POPS Electric LLC (N.C.)
William Capps, POPS Electric LLC
Shon Lee, Kansas City Electrical Joint
Apprenticeship and Training Committee (Mo.)
Mike Lumley, R. Brantley and Associates (N.C.)
Dick Mathews, Kansas City Electrical
Joint Apprenticeship and Training
Committee (Mo.)
Stephen Scales, POPS Electric LLC
National Education Team
Polly Friendshuh, Dunwoody College
of Technology (Minn.)
Jason Harris, Elmore County Technical
Center (Ala.)
Larry Harris, Gadsden State Community
College (Ala.)
Thomas Kelley (N.H.)
Denise Ojeda, Central New Mexico
Community College (N.M.)
Charles Positerry, Terrebonne Career
and Technical High School (La.)
James Smith (Va.)
Brian Stewart, Pickens County Career
and Technology Center (S.C.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Cengage Learning
Channellock Inc.
Cooper Wiring Devices
DeWALT Industrial Tool Co.
Ideal Industries Inc.
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
Klein Tools
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
NAWIC Education Foundation
Ranken Technical College
Southwire Co. LLC
Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
Womack Electric Supply
48 SkillsUSA
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all competitors,
calculators, Carhartt clothing, Southwire Co. LLC tool packages, scholarships (HS only), construction dictionaries, tools of the trade to place winners,
calculators to top scorer in written
test and best NEC score/best conduit
Electronics Technology
This competition is divided into five
sections: customer service exam,
written exam, soldering, breadboarding and troubleshooting. Competitors
demonstrate their knowledge of analog
and digital circuitry, ability to troubleshoot electronic circuits, ability to
construct and test experimental circuits,
and ability to design and select circuit
Technical Committee
Chair Kevin Gulliver, Nida Corp. (Fla.)
Joe Beauseigneur, Nida Corp. (Fla.)
Lydia Beauseigneur, Nida Corp. (Fla.)
National Education Team
Zachary MacLean, William D. Ford
Career-Technical Center (Mich.)
Other Support
Jana Asplund, Jay Buckman, Bob Burk
and Joanne Gulliver of Nida Corp.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and scholarships
(HS only), tools of the trade to place
Application Process
This competition tests readiness in
applying for employment and understanding of the process. It is available
to students who are classified under
the provisions of “Public Law 105-17,
Individuals with Disabilities Education
Act, 1997.” The competition includes
completing an application and interviewing with the judges.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Diane Swenson, EMD Millipore Corp. (N.H.)
Co-chair Sherry Anderson, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical
School (Mass.)
Mark Skaja, Pioneer Electronics (USA)
Inc. (Calif.)
National Education Team
Sherry Anderson, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
Yvette Weaver, Central Nine Career
Center (Ind.)
Ken Young (Texas)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
A team of three students demonstrates
their ability to design an innovative
engineering project and present those
ideas along with a display and live
model. During the presentation, students are judged on their performance
as a professional team, presentation of
their project to a panel of judges from
the engineering field, their storyboard
presentation model, and the overall
effect of the presentation.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Loree Moore, State Alumni
Coordinator (Ill.)
Co-chair Gary Wynn, International
Technology and Engineering Educators Association (Ind.)
Barry Burke, International Technology
and Engineering Educators Association (Va.)
Nick Kirkhof, Greenfield-Central High
School (Ind.)
Dan Larochelle, REC Foundation (N.H.)
Marie Planchard, SolidWorks Corp.
Brison Torbert, Liberty High School
Other Support
Air Products
Cengage Learning
Goodheart-Willcox Publishers Inc.
Intelitek Inc.
Lincoln Technical Institute
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, scholarship (HS
only), computer mice and textbooks to
place winners, software to all competitors
This team event tests students’ knowledge in starting their own businesses
by developing business plans that
identify needed products or services in
a local market. Emphasis is placed on
financial planning and practicality of
the product/service. Teams must deliver an oral presentation based on their
written plans and successfully answer
questions in response to typical problems encountered by entrepreneurs
during their first year of business.
Technical Committee
Chair Leah Deppert, National Association of Community Colleges (Mass.)
Pat Scannell, Makersmith (Va.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
This competition evaluates the competitors’ techniques and professionalism in the field of skin care. Areas of
testing include a student kit check, an
oral skin assessment, a written exam
covering the fundamentals of skin care,
sanitation, skin analysis, a hands-on
basic facial demonstration, facial massage and a beauty and fantasy makeup
Technical Committee
Chair Beth Phillips-Shelton, Heritage
College (Mo.)
Toni Campbell-Phelps, Sullivan South
High School, Kingsport (Tenn.)
National Education Team
Peggy McLemore, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning
Anne Weems, Calvert Career and Technology Academy (Md.)
Nikki Roddy, New Mexico
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
National Laser Institute
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Extemporaneous Speaking
With five minutes of advance preparation, competitors are required to give
a three- to five-minute speech on an
assigned topic. They are judged on
voice, mechanics, platform deportment,
organization and effectiveness.
Technical Committee
Chair Jim Maynard (Md.)
Cathy Mini, American Technical Publishers Inc. (Ill.)
National Education Team
Etta Maynard (Md.)
Jim Maynard (Md.)
Barbara McKimmie (Md.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners,
pen and pencil sets and Parkway Portfolios to all contestants
Firefighting This competition evaluates students’
preparation for firefighting careers
through hands-on skill demonstrations
and both written and oral presentations. Areas tested include: safety;
breathing apparatus; fire streams;
ladders, ropes, knots and hoses; fire
control; ventilation; emergency medical
care and rescue; and protecting fire
cause evidence. Competitors are evaluated using standards established by the
National Fire Protection Association
Technical Committee
Chair John Shelton (Mo.)
Ronnie Day, Kentucky Fire Commission
National Education Team
Edward Emley, Butler Technology Career Center (Ohio)
Michael Rivera, Jackson Area Career
Center (Mich.)
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Channellock Inc.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and Carhartt
clothing to place winners
First Aid/CPR
This competition evaluates the ability
to perform procedures or take appropriate action based on scenarios
related to first aid and CPR medical
emergencies. There is also a written
exam. All skills are judged on nationally accepted standards identified from
any of the following organizations:
the American Red Cross, the American
Heart Association, American Safety
and Health Institute, and the National
Safety Council.
Technical Committee
Chair Glenn Haagar, In Home PC Services LLC (Mo.)
Clayton Knepp, Honeywell Inc. —
FM&T (Mo.)
Matt Rhodes, Honeywell Inc. — FM&T
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 4 9
National Education Team
Shirley Knoch, Excelsior Springs Area
Career Center (Mo.)
Don Wade, EMCC/UTC (Maine)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Competitors participate in a sevenpart competition that evaluates their
skills in digital workflow, electronic
prepress, finishing, offset press operations, oral professional assessment and
production planning. Students will also
complete a general technical knowledge test.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Kip Jarrett, Heidelberg USA
Inc. (Mich.)
Co-chair Mike Stinnett (Mich.)
Co-chair Dan Wheeler, RR Donnelley
Rick Ames, Print Craft Supply (Ga.)
Erin Blank
Kathy Coffman, Atlas Die (Ind.)
Janice Benanzer, Baumfolder Corp.
John Bertheslen, Print and Graphics
Scholarship Foundation (Nev.)
John Bohnett, Quad/Graphics (Wis.)
Jim Brandewie, Baumfolder Corp.
Judith Durham, Graphic Arts Education
and Research Foundation (Va.)
Paul Foster, Printing and Graphics Association of Mid-Atlantic (Md.)
Robert Hivish, Xerox Corp. (Pa.)
Pat Klarecki, Ferris State University
Amela O’Gorman, Quad/Graphics
James O’Gorman, Quad/Graphics
Danny McCray, Xerox Corp. (Pa.)
Rob Piersielak, Xerox Corp. (Pa.)
Rebecca Robertson, RR Donnelley
Jackie Stewart, Xerox Corp. (Pa.)
Sean Talkington
Mike Tuchel, Bottcher
Jason Warren, Atlas Die (Ind.)
Jim White, Atlas Die (Ind.)
Jim Workman, Printing Industries of
America Inc. (Pa.)
50 SkillsUSA
National Education Team
Shirley Byrd, William D. Ford Career
Technical Center (Mich.)
Craig Knippel, Austin High School
Adam Rodriguez, Saline High School
Katrina Walter, Intermediate School
District 917 CTE Programs (Minn.)
Other Support
Graphic Arts Education and Research
Foundation (GAERF)
Printing Industries of America
Industry Awards
$250 GAERF travel voucher for all
First place: MacBook Pro and PIA $300
gift certificate
Second place: iPad Mini and PIA $200
gift certificate
Third place: GoProCamera and PIA
$100 gift certificate
Graphics Imaging —
Sublimation (Demo)
This contest rates a screen-printing
contestant’s preparation for employment and recognizes outstanding contestants for excellence and professionalism in the field of graphic imaging.
Technical Committee
Chair Johnny Shell, Specialty Graphic
Imaging Association (Va.)
Sarah Bates, NazDar Consulting Services (Kan.)
Derek Davis, Service Office On Line
Jesse Hudson (Kan.)
Chris Huitt, Pittsburg State University
Aaron Montgomery, Coastal Business
Supplies Inc. (Mo.)
Felicia Rateliff, Peckish Design and
Marketing (Mo.)
National Education Team
Tim Wallace, Waynesville Career Center
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Printing Industries of America
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, travel voucher for
each competitor
Knowledge Bowl
This competition tests students on their
collective knowledge of health occupations. Four-member teams are judged
on speed and accuracy answering
questions in nine categories: Academic
Foundations, Communication, Systems,
Employability Skills, Legal Responsibility, Ethics, Safety Practices, Teamwork
and Health Maintenance.
Technical Committee
Chair Donna Mathias, Pensacola State
College (Fla.)
National Education Team
Donna Mathias, Pensacola State College (Fla.)
Jeannette Newton McKnight, Elkhart
Area Career Center (Ind.)
Pamela Rhoades, Wilkes Community
College (N.C.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners,
Health Occupations
Professional Portfolio
This competition recognizes students
for their successful development of a
professional portfolio. The competition
evaluates the ability of the students to
present themselves to a prospective
employer. The competitors will show
the use of the portfolio and use effective communication skills in presenting.
The competition consists of a portfolio
notebook and a live presentation by
the contestant.
Technical Committee
Brandon Hudson, Tennessee College of
Applied Technology — Nashville
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Ventilation, Air
Conditioning and
Refrigeration (HVACR)
Competitors are tested in brazing,
refrigerant component service, air
measurement and troubleshooting,
refrigerant recovery and electrical
troubleshooting. A written exam will
also be taken.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Harold Nelson, Mingledorff’s
Inc. (Ga.)
Co-chair Bill Roberts, Lennox Industries Inc. (Mo.)
Jeff Croy, Lennox Industries Inc.
Mike Eckstein, Refrigeration Service
Engineers Society (Mo.)
Bob Feathers, Emerson Climate Services LLC (Ohio)
Bob Henson, Harris Products Group
Les Karcher, Carrier Corp. (Calif.)
Jamie Simpson, Schaal Heating and
Cooling (Iowa)
National Education Team
Darrell Grissom, Lamar Institute of
Technology (Texas)
Todd Huxford, South Central College
Rogelio Longoria, Texas State Technical
Richard Shurtleff, Chariho Career and
Technical Center (R.I.)
James Tankersley, Altamaha Technical
College (Ga.)
Other Support
Apex Tool Group LLC
Appion Inc.
Calculated IndustriesInc.
Carhartt Inc.
Fluke Corp.
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
JB Industries
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Midwest Tool and Cutlery
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Malco Products Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Rees Foundation
Regal Beloit Corp.
Universal Enterprises Inc.
University of Northwestern Ohio
Yellow Jacket
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all competitors;
calculators, various tools of the trade,
Carhartt clothing, scholarships (HS
only) to place winners
Humanoid Robotics
Robotics is quickly integrating into
modern day life, creating a safer and
more productive world. This event will
access students’ basic programming
knowledge using a humanoid robotics
platform. A team of two competitors
will be evaluated on their ability to develop, document, execute and deploy
a computer program for a humanoid
robot to complete a series of tasks.
This challenge will recognize outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in the fields of human-robot
interaction, computer science, computer programming and robotics.
Technical Committee
Chair Terry Graham, DEPCO LLC
Nicholas Wells, DEPCO LLC (Kan.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and scholarship
(HS only) to place winners
Joe Chandler, IEC-Dallas (Texas)
Tim Ely, Beacon Electric Co. (Ohio)
Dan Endris, IEC of Kentucky and
Southern Indiana (Ky.)
Mark Hudson, Air Products (Texas)
James MacMurdo, IP Group International (Ill.)
Dan Miller, Beacon Electric Co. (Ohio)
Jerry Mook, C&L Enterprise (Mo.)
Lowell Reith, Interstates Construction
Services Inc. (Iowa)
George Thess, Independent Electrical
Contractors (Mo.)
Raul Vasquez, IEC San Antonio (Texas)
National Education Team
Gary Fitzgerald, Franklin County High
School (Va.)
Lester Leak, Integrity Electric (Okla.)
Other Support
American Technical Publishers
Calculated Industries Inc.
Eaton Corp.
Ideal Industries
Klein Tools
Leviton Manufacturing Co.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
NAWIC Education Foundation
Ranken Technical College
Southwire Co. LLC
Thomas and Betts Corp.
WESCO Distribution Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all competitors, Southwire Co. LLC tool packages,
calculators, scholarships (HS only)
Industrial Motor
Students demonstrate their knowledge
of electrical principles, equipment
and industry standards as it relates to
the design and installation of motor
control circuits. Students demonstrate
their skills and abilities in applying that
knowledge by properly installing motor control equipment and associated
enclosures, raceways, pilot devices and
Technical Committee
Chair John Masarick, Independent
Electrical Contractors Inc. (Va.)
Terry Akins, International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers (Mo.)
Tucker Bowers, Eaton Corp. (Kan.)
Russell Burris, American Technical
Publishers Inc. (Ill.)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 5 1
This competition requires competitors
to identify and repair computer hardware malfunctions, solve configuration
problems and install common components. In addition, the competitors take
the A+ Certification exam. Their score
on this exam is used as the basis for
the written portion of the contest, and
competitors who pass the exam receive
their A+ Certification.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Jerry Delgado, North Kansas
City Schools Career and Technical
Center (Mo.)
Co-chair Alan Rowland, CompTIA (Ill.)
Travis Ambrosy, The Core Institute
Co-chair Chris Sessa, Cardiovascular
Consultants (Ariz.)
Gregg Cherne, United Health Group
Dave McKnight, Mega Hertz (Texas)
Mike Meyers, Total Seminars LLC
John Oliphant (Mich.)
Nick Stocchero, Kit Check (D.C.)
National Education Team
Randall Decker, Walker Career Center
John Partridge, Wexford-Missaukee
Career Technical Center (Mich.)
Jerry Taylor, Applied Technology Educational Campus (S.C.)
Brett Thompson, Naperville Central
High School (Ill.)
Other Support
Justin Hart, Geek Squad (Ky.)
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
William Woodworth, Geek Squad (Mo.)
Industry Awards
CompTIA A+ Certification exam to all
competitors; prize equity gift cards
and scholarships (HS only) to place
First place: CompTIA Certificate for
three free exams
Second place: CompTIA Certificate for
two free exams
Third place: CompTIA Certificate for
one free exam
52 SkillsUSA
Interactive Application
and Video Game
Teams must produce an original,
high-quality prototype or sample of
an interactive multimedia application
or video game during the school year
immediately preceding the contest
deadline. Their production should
include concept art and/or storyboards,
the sample or prototype itself, an executive overview of the project, and a
printed résumé for each team member.
Résumés should include the industry
experience gained from developing
the contest submission, time invested,
and the professional and academic
relevance to the contestant’s career
Technical Committee
Chair Michael Edmonds, Amazon
Games (Va.)
Steven Colletti, 3Dconnexion Inc.
Peter Mancini, 3Dconnexion Inc.
Ed Perlberg, Autodesk Inc. (Wis.)
Linda Sellheim, NewSchool of
Architecture+Design (Calif.)
National Education Team
Robin Cain, C4 Columbus Area Career
Connection (Ind.)
Gary Chapman, Calvert Career and
Technology Academy (Md.)
Other Support
Amazon Games
Industry Awards
Gift Cards
This competition consists of three main
parts. The networking design problem
tests students’ ability to design the
functionality, scalability, adaptability
and manageability of an internetworking system. The online written portion
tests the students’ complete knowledge of internetworking concepts. The
hands-on component demonstrates the
abilities of contestants to make cables;
troubleshoot network systems; configure routers, switches and servers; and
deliver customer service.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Vernon Depee, Cisco Systems
Inc. (N.C.)
Co-chair Bob Schoenherr, Cisco Networking Academy (Calif.)
Richard Adams, Cisco Systems Inc.
Don Barnhill, Cisco Systems Inc. (Neb.)
Lanita Buchanan, Cisco Systems Inc.
Kelly Caudle, Stanly Community College (N.C.)
Brian Crump, Stanly Community College (N.C.)
Kevin Gibson, Cisco Systems Inc.
Mike Gleason, Panduit Corp. (Ill.)
Matt Humphries, Fluke Networks
Greg Moore, Cisco Systems Inc. (Mo.)
Howard Morgan, Cisco Systems Inc.
National Education Team
Katherine Ellis, Metropolitan Community College (Mo.)
Alex Hamilton, Metropolitan Community College (Mo.)
Wesley Koga, Wheeler Middle School
Ed McCarty (N.C.)
John Nelson, Advanced Technology
Center (Va.)
Other Support
Ranken Technical College
Southwire Co. LLC
Industry Awards
Southwire Co. LLC tool packages,
scholarships (HS only)
Job Interview
Competitors are evaluated on their understanding of employment procedures
faced in applying for positions in the
occupational areas for which they are
training. They are tested on completion
of employment applications, preliminary interviews with the receptionist
and in-depth interviews.
Technical Committee
Chair Jennifer Waite, Managing Information Systems (Calif.)
Mitchel Slemp, Mid-America Technology Center (Okla.)
National Education Team
Dawn Covington, Career Academy
Ron Garner, West Mesa High School
Cheryl Glauner (N.M.)
Scott McLeod, West Mesa High School
Sandra Thompson, University of West
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Job Skill
A & Open
Job Skill Demonstration A: Competitors
demonstrate and explain an entry-level
skill used in the occupational area for
which they are training. Competitors
in Job Skill Demonstration A must
demonstrate a career objective in an
occupational area that is included in
one of the competition areas of the
SkillsUSA Championships.
Job Skill Demonstration Open: Competitors demonstrate and explain an entrylevel skill used in the occupational area
for which they are training or outside
of their training program. Any technical
skill may be demonstrated.
Technical Committee
Judy Valentine, Providence Career and
Tech Academy (R.I.)
National Education Team
Curtis Barnett, Salt Lake Community
College (Utah)
Colleen Delude, Nashua Technology
Center North (N.H.)
Cathy Fultz, Arkansas Technical University — Ozark (Ark.)
Gary Hulslander, DeKalb County Technology Center (Ala.)
Cathy Moon, Jo Davies Carroll Area
Vocational Center (Ill.)
Jonathan Phillips, DeKalb County Technology Center (Ala.)
Monty Prather, Columbia Basin College
Lindsey Rife, Pikes Peak Community
College (Colo.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Major Appliance and
Competitors diagnose common service
issues on refrigerators, washers, dryers,
ranges, microwave ovens and dishwashers. They also demonstrate their
ability to braze by assembling a copper
and steel tubing project per a schematic provided. Customer satisfaction and
employability skills are also evaluated,
and a general knowledge learning
exercise in major appliance technology
is included.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Greg Doster, Whirlpool Corp.
Co-chair Mark Pollitz (Fla.)
Mark Andersen, Sub-Zero Group Inc.
Tanner Andrews, United Servicers Association (Neb.)
Michael Basich, Michaelson’s Appliance
Repair Inc. (Fla.)
Richard Berki, Fisher and Paykel Appliances Inc. (Kan.)
Ed Besalke, B&B Appliance (Mo.)
David Brightman, Bosch Home Appliances Inc. (Calif.)
Mike Buck, Mike’s Appliance Repair
Shawn Connely, Appliance Parts Depot
Mike Cox, Brand Source Services
John Daley, Marcone Supply (Fla.)
Ron Kostreba, 1st Choice Appliance
Service Inc. (Ala.)
Jim Ruediger, Electrolux Major Appliances (Pa.)
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Monarch High School
Professional Service Association
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Various tools of the trade, Carhartt
clothing and scholarships (HS only) to
place winners
Marine Service
This competition includes individual
skill stations and a written or online
test. Students should be proficient in
marine application electrical/ignition
systems, fuel systems, cooling systems,
lubrication systems, drive/transmission
systems and boat and trailer rigging
and repair. Competitors will be judged
on safe work practices, cleanliness,
organizational skills, accuracy, speed
and completion of assigned tasks,
worksheets and paperwork.
Technical Committee
Chair John Eaton, Suzuki Motor of
America Inc. (Mo.)
Tom Booth, Riverside Marine (Ark.)
Thomas James, CDI Electronics (Ala.)
Ed Monacchio, Volvo Penta of the
Americas (Va.)
Ed Sherman, American Boat and Yacht
Council (Md.)
Larry Tague, Lake Viking Marine (Mo.)
National Education Team
Larry Wittrock, Lake Career and Technical Center (Mo.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Snap-on Incorporated
Universal Technical Institute
Yamaha-Motor Corp.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, tools of the trade,
and scholarships (HS only) to place
winners; Yamaha marine engine to first
place winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 5 3
Students are expected to construct a
composite brick and block project in
a six-hour period that will test their
ability to meet industry standards in
quality. In addition to a written exam,
the critical eye of journeymen judges is
the deciding factor in determining the
Technical Committee
Chair Bill Kjorlien, Argos USA (Ga.)
Dan Belcher, NCCER (Fla.)
Nick Blohowiak, SPEC MIX Inc. (Wis.)
John Bongiovanni, Bon Tool Co. (Pa.)
Jeff Buczkiewicz, Mason Contractors
Association of America (Ill.)
Brian Carney, SPEC MIX Inc. (Minn.)
Rolly Cox, Multiquip Corp. (Ohio)
Kim Haley, Marshalltown Co. (Iowa)
Peter Kiley, Oldcastle Architectural
Ray Leonhard, Brick Industry Association (Va.)
Bryan Light, Brick Industry Association
— Southeast Region (Ga.)
Bob Melton, Masonry Institute of Tennessee
Jason Thompson, National Concrete
Association (Va.)
National Education Team
Al Herndon, Florida Masonry Apprentice and Educational Foundation
Todd Larson (Wis.)
Billy Matkins, New Albany Schools
Richard McKnight (S.C.)
Richard Nagy (Ohio)
Other Support
The Brick Industry
Build Your Future
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Marshaltown The Premier Line
Mason Contractors Association of
Midwest Block
National Concrete Masonry Assn.
Southwire Co. LLC
54 SkillsUSA
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift card to all competitors
First place: calculator, Southwire Co.
LLC tool packages, Carhartt clothing,
SPEC MIX scholarships, commemorative brick
Second place: calculator, Carhartt clothing, tools of the trade, commemorative
Third place: calculator, Carhartt clothing, tools of the trade, commemorative
This competition consists of three
events designed to measure the skills
required in the modern automated
manufacturing environment. Competitors are required to assemble, adjust
and test an automated machine system,
troubleshoot and repair a faulty machine system and take a comprehensive written test. In addition, there is an
individual oral interview.
Technical Committee
Chair Daniel Blanck, FESTO Corp.
Earl Bailey, Snap-on Incorporated
National Education Team
Mark Highum (Mich.)
Brad Swick, Rhodes State College
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Spartan College of Aeronautics and
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and scholarships
(HS only) to place winners
Medical Assisting
Competitors are tested on their skills
in the clinical and administrative setting. They are judged on speed, the
use of correct safety measures and the
ability to interact personally with a
patient. Skills tested are general office
skills, communication skills, patient
education, knowledge of anatomy and
physiology, terminology, instrument
identification, equipment and knowledge of a variety of clinical procedures
and techniques. Competitors need to
assess a situation in a short period of
time and perform a skill required for
that situation within the given time
Technical Committee
Chair Diana Kendrick, Southern
Crescent Technical College — Griffin
Crystal Alvis, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ill.)
Jacqueline Magee, State Farm Insurance Companies (Ill.)
Christina Nagy (Tenn.)
Vickie Reynolds, State Farm Insurance
Companies (Ill.)
National Education Team
Sherry Ballinger, Excelsior Springs Area
Career Center (Mo.)
Diana Kendrick, Southern Crescent
Technical College — Griffin (Ga.)
Christina Nagy (Tenn.)
Other Support
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards
Medical Math
Competitors demonstrate their knowledge of general math concepts used in
the health care fields. They complete
a written test that may include the use
of ratio/proportion, dosage calculation,
metric and household equivalents, Roman numerals, abbreviations, percentages and other medical math-related
Technical Committee
Chair Buckner, Creel Highland High
School (N.M.)
Scott Brown, Wayne County Schools
Career Center (Ohio)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Medical Terminology
This competition is designed to evaluate knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations of individuals
preparing for employment in the health
occupations fields.
Technical Committee
Chair Sherree Hughes, College of the
Ouachitas (Ark.)
David Hughes, National Park Technology Center (Ark.)
National Education Team
Sherree Hughes, College of the
Ouachitas (Ark.)
Jessica Young, Southern Arkansas
University Tech Career Academy —
Camden (Ark.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners,
scholarships (HS only)
Mobile Electronics
This event tests a competitor’s ability to
perform standard installation practices
used by certified, professional mobile
electronics installers. It includes a
written examination, a professional interview and five hands-on applications:
taking electrical measurements, installing consumer electronics equipment
in a mobile environment, soldering,
working with relay circuits and troubleshooting electronic circuitry.
Technical Committee
Chair Chris Jack, Los Angeles Unified
School District (Calif.)
Bill McDowell, Wild Bill’s Electronics
Todd Ramsey, The Ramsey Consulting
Group Inc. (Ariz.)
Kevin Smith, Educational Technologies
Group Inc. (Wash.)
National Education Team
Chris Jack, Retired, Los Angeles Unified
School District (Calif.)
Other Support
Best Buy
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Mobile Robotics
The competition tests the ability to
perform, exhibit and compile skills and
knowledge from a list of competencies
determined by the technical committee.
It will evaluate each contestant’s preparation for employment in the field of
robotics, with emphasis on the team
approach to problem solving in a work
Technical Committee
Chair Trevor Pope, Intelitek Inc. (N.H.)
Rick Knisely, AZTECH Educational
Resources (Ariz.)
Dan Larochelle, REC Foundation (N.H.)
Isaac Onigman, Intelitek Inc. (N.H.)
John V-Neun, VEX Robotics Inc.
Dan Ward, Visual Edge Inc. (Ind.)
National Education Team
Roger Osgood (N.J.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards and scholarships
(HS only) to place winners
Motorcycle Service
Competitors perform tasks representative of those encountered in a dealership’s service department. Technical
skills include: performing scheduled
maintenance tasks; use of service,
electrical diagnostic and parts manuals; electrical diagnostics; precision
measurement; brake service; chassis/
suspension service; fuel delivery system inspection and repair; transmission
and drive systems; and power train
systems. Judges look for clean and organized work habits, correct use of reference materials, the ability to follow
directions and good technical skills.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Jake Anderson, Motorcycle
Mechanics Institute (Fla.)
Co-chair Marianne Taylor, Motorcycle
Mechanics Institute (Fla.)
Dale Cone, Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
Inc. (Wis.)
Mitchell Eliason, Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc. (Wis.)
Jerry Ellner, Universal Technical Institute (N.H.)
Cheri Judkins, Harley-Davidson Motor
Co. Inc. (Wis.)
Gary Pelot, Harley-Davidson University
Greg Rintala, Snap-on Incorporated
Max Steiner, Universal Technical Institute (Fla.)
Gary Valine, Buell Motorcycle Co.
Tom Vardy, Harley-Davidson University
Marshall Wallmark, Harley-Davidson
Motor Co. Inc. (Mo.)
Damon Weber, Harley-Davidson Motor
Co. Inc. (Wis.)
National Education Team
Mark Lindemann, Alexandria Technical
and Community College (Minn.)
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 5 5
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Snap-on Incorporated
Universal Technical Institute
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, tools of the trade,
Carhartt clothing and scholarships (HS
only) to place winners
Nail Care
The purpose of this competition is to
evaluate each competitor’s preparation for employment and to recognize
outstanding students’ excellence and
professionalism in the field of nail
technology. Competitors are judged on
oral communication skills, acrylic application, tip and wrap application, nail
polish application, nail art pedicuring
and a written exam.
Technical Committee
Chair Teresa Lewis, OPI Products Inc.
Lynda Anderson, Your New School
Mandy Burton, Pivot Point International Inc. (Ill.)
Clarabelle Hern, Custom Nail Technology (N.M.)
Danielle Klahr, Milady, a division of
Cengage Learning (N.Y.)
Judy Sheils, OPI Products Inc. (Ill.)
National Education Team
Dianne Alldredge, Snead State Community College (Ala.)
Brenda Ayers, Manatee Technical Institute (Fla.)
Denise Baer, Montachusett Regional
Vocational Technical High School
Tina Bavin (Ohio)
Janeen Hackney, Monterey High
School (Texas)
Cami Henrie (Utah)
Minnie Rodgers (Texas)
Kay Stannard, Four County Career
Center (Ohio)
Other Support
Burmax Co. Inc.
Le Chat Nail Products
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Marianna Industries
Medicool Inc.
Premium Nails
56 SkillsUSA
Tammy Yaylor Nails
Industry Awards
Place winners: Lowe’s $50 gift cards,
tools and supplies from the trade
Nurse Assisting
Students demonstrate knowledge
and skill in performing personal care,
encouraging patient independence, assisting with ambulation and performing
other routine tasks, including standard
infection control procedures used in
basic nurse assisting. Students will
demonstrate knowledge and abilities
in CPR and the measurement of vital
signs. Competitors will also be judged
on basic anatomy, communications
skills, legal/ethical issues and employment skills.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Jill Henning, New Mexico
Junior College (N.M.)
Co-chair Mary Turner, Pensacola State
College (Fla.)
National Education Team
Jill Henning, New Mexico Junior College (N.M.)
Jeannette Newton-McKnight, Elkhart
Area Career Center (Ind.)
Mary Turner, Pensacola State College
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Occupational Health
and Safety
Students demonstrate the safety and
health endeavors of their respective
technical programs by putting together
a scrapbook that highlights important
programs, activities and events related
to their school’s health and safety
program. The competition encourages
chapters to be active in all phases of
SkillsUSA. The health and safety activities of the chapters are evaluated on
the planning and organization of four
projects and the final outcome of those
projects. Students are interviewed and
scrapbooks are scored by a panel of
Technical Committee
Barry Wulf (N.J.)
National Education Team
Phyllis Johnson, Harris County High
School (Ga.)
Bill Smith (Texas)
Other Support
CareerSafe LLC
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Opening and Closing
This teamwork and oral presentation
competition evaluates a team’s understanding of the symbolic representation of the colors and assembled parts
of the SkillsUSA emblem. Each team
includes seven registered members in
the roles of president, vice president,
parliamentarian, reporter, treasurer,
secretary and historian. The competition is a demonstration of the SkillsUSA
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
conducted according to the script and
description as printed in the SkillsUSA
Championships Technical Standards.
Technical Committee
Chair Lisa Romeiser, Eastern Monroe
Career Center (N.Y.)
National Education Team
Curtiss Bell (Ga.)
Wayne Lee, Pine Forest High School
Alonza Lewis, Lexington Technology
Center (S.C.)
Patricia Miller (Ga.)
Lisa Romeiser, Eastern Monroe Career
Center (N.Y.)
Mark Sponaugle, Carthage Technical
Center (Mo.)
Sherry Struckhoff, Waynesville Technical Academy (Mo.)
Graham Yarborough (N.C.)
Kristina Yarborough (N.C.)
Other Support
Paul Adler, Deonna Anderson, Brooke
Beasley, Doug Beasley, Deb Elliott,
Richard Gautier, Tony Glenn, Michele
Leahy, Dorothy Lewis, Michael McCloskey, Mario Piccolo, Beatrice
Potter, Stacy Scott, Keith Smith, Peggy
Smith, Graig Swanson, Vicky Tarver,
Elaine Vallery
Cengage Learning
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and textbooks to
place winners
Outstanding Chapter
This competition consists of activities
members have been involved with during the school year, including chapter
meetings, leadership training, publicity,
community service projects, professional development, program of work,
awards, local and state competition
and more. Each activity is documented
according to guidelines and submitted in a scrapbook for judging. One
student representative is interviewed
during the competition.
Technical Committee
Chair Bill Mann (Fla.)
National Education Team
Canetha Bristol, Etowah High School
John Carlton, Walker County Center of
Technology (Ala.)
Michele Mann, Treadway Elementary
School (Fla.)
Bill Mann (Fla.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Competitors demonstrate their ability to
use digital single-lens reflex cameras,
image editing software (Adobe Photoshop) and professional studio lighting.
Students perform on-site photography,
including portrait studio lighting and
posing. They process and print digital
photos and submit two mounted and
matted photographs in advance of the
competition to be judged and displayed at the competition.
Technical Committee
Chair Bill Chenaille, Academy for Media Production (Pa.)
Kris Bosworth, Nikon Inc. (Minn.)
Carolyn Chenaille, Chenaille Photography (Pa.)
Patrick Friedmann, Patrick’s Photographics (N.Y.)
Brenda Hipsher, MAC Group (N.Y.)
National Education Team
Teresa Halfmann (Ariz.)
Gerald Halfmann, Sabino High School
Thomas Ham (N.C.)
Mary Ham (N.C.)
Howard Polenberg, Ocean County
Vocational Technical School Brick
Center (N.J.)
Edwin Savedge, Savedge Art and Technology (Va.)
Anne Savedge, John Tyler Community
College (Va.)
Cindy Walters, SouthWest Metro Educational Cooperative ISD 6088 (Minn.)
Other Support
The Art Institutes
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards and scholarships
to place winners
Pin Design
(State Conference)
Students present their state-winning
pin and artwork and participate in an
oral presentation regarding all aspects
of the creation of their design. Competitors will explain how the pin represents the state, its unique qualities and
why another SkillsUSA student or adult
member would want to wear it.
Technical Committee
Chair Steve Lick (Mich.)
Shane Massing, Massing Rentals (Ohio)
National Education Team
Donita Massing, Miami Valley Career
Technology Center (Ohio)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Competitors “rough-in” hot and cold
water lines with copper tubing and
rough-in sanitary drainage, waste
and vent lines with cast iron and PVC
plastic for a water closet, a lavatory, a
washer box and a floor drain. Water
pipes are pressure-tested on completed
projects. Professional plumbers and
pipefitters judge the competitors on
the basis of accuracy, workmanship,
proper selection and use of tools and
supplies, and proper safety procedures.
Technical Committee
Robyn Bucknam, Stanley Black &
Decker Inc. (N.C.)
Bob Carpenter, Reliance Worldwide
Corp./SharkBite (Ga.)
Danny Crigler, L&D Associates Inc.
Laurie Crigler, L&D Associates Inc.
Lynn Faulkner, Kentucky Association of
Master Contractors
Robert Hahn, Eastwick College, HoHoKus School of Trade (N.J.)
Merry Beth Hall, PHCC Educational
Foundation (Va.)
Victor Hatcher, Tyler Pipe and Coupling (Texas)
Tim House, Kentucky Department of
Buildings and Construction
Bill Jones, Raven Mechanical LP
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 5 7
Mike Kirby, Milwaukee Tool Co. (Wis.)
Harold Moret, Copper Development
Association (Fla.)
Dale Powell, Copper Development
Association (Pa.)
Tony Senninger, Senninger Plumbing
Co. Inc. (Ky.)
Jim Steinle, Atomic Plumbing (Va.)
James Walls, Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (Texas)
Other Support
AB&I Foundry
A.O. Smith Water Products Co.
American Supply Association
BrassCraft Manufacturing Co.
Carhartt Inc.
Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry
Copper Development Association
DeWALT Tools & Accessories
Harris Products Group
Irwin Industrial Tools
Kentucky Association of Master
Matheson Gas
Milwaukee Tool
PHCC Educational Foundation
Plumbers Supply Co.
Rothenberger USA
Senninger Plumbing Co. Inc.
Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co.
Tyler Pipe and Coupling
UA Local 502
Viega LLC
Wolverine Brass
Zoeller Pump Company
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, Southwire Co.
LLC tool packages, Carhartt clothing,
tools of the trade to place winners,
scholarships (HS only)
Power Equipment
Competitors must know and understand both two- and four-cycle engines
as well as the related theories that go
along with the types of engines they
will come across in the industry. They
should also understand drive train, hydraulic and wiring schematics. Competitors will also need to be well-versed
in customer service. As they rotate
through the various stations, they are
judged on both physical and oral skills.
Technical Committee
Chair Tom Billigen, Briggs & Stratton
Corp. (Wis.)
Megan Billigen (Wis.)
Jay Blake, Briggs & Stratton Corp.
Brian Jones, Medart Inc. (Mo.)
Erik Sides, Equipment and Engine
Training Council (S.C.)
Pam Vires, Peerless Gear (Ind.)
Daniel Worden (Wis.)
National Education Team
Sharla Bohl, Nebo School District
Dean Bohl, Utah Valley State College
Trence McCoy, Northwest Louisiana
Technical College — Shreveport
Contest Cluster Sponsors
ASE — National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Toyota Motor North America
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Snap-on Incorporated
Industry Awards
Carhartt clothing, tools of the trade and
Practical Nursing
Competitors are judged on their
knowledge of medical terminology,
body structure and function, nutrition,
medications and nursing care. Competitors must also demonstrate their
abilities to perform job skills such as:
administration of oral, subcutaneous
and nasogastric medications; physical
assessment; insertion of a nasogastric tube; sterile dressing change; and
cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At each
workstation, competitors are judged
on accuracy of their skill, organization,
communication and safety.
Technical Committee
Jessica Massengill-Sexton, Tennessee
College of Applied Technology
National Education Team
Karen Ellenwood, Diman Regional
Vocational Technical High School
Radonna Pratt, Louisiana Technical College — Lamar Salter
Stephanie VanArsdale, Tennessee College of Applied Technology
Other Support
American Heart Association
Calculated Industries Inc.
Cowley College
Industry Awards
Calculators to place winners
Prepared Speech
Students are required to deliver a fiveto seven-minute speech on a common
theme established by SkillsUSA early in
the school year. Competitors are evaluated on voice, mechanics, platform
deportment, and the ability to present
thoughts relating to a central theme
clearly and effectively.
Technical Committee
Chair Julie Atkins (Va.)
National Education Team
Cynthia Carter, South Georgia Technical College
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
58 SkillsUSA
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all contestants
and prize equity gift cards to place
Principles of
This competition evaluates competitors’
understanding of basic technical concepts/principles of the applied sciences
and ability to demonstrate and explain
the concept/principle in action and
application. Any technical concept may
be demonstrated, provided it is related
to the principles of technology curriculum and incorporates basic principles
of the applied sciences.
Technical Committee
Chair Jacob Mathis, Louisville and
Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer
District (Ky.)
National Education Team
Scott Watson, Hunter High School
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and scholarships
(HS only) to place winners
Promotional Bulletin
A bulletin board display is created by
the SkillsUSA chapters based on the
annual SkillsUSA theme. The bulletin
boards promote SkillsUSA, career and
technical education in general, and
related occupational information. An
accompanying notebook documents
the development and construction of
the bulletin board. An oral presentation explains the process, purpose and
educational value.
Technical Committee
Chair Gay Ketchum, Gordon Cooper
Technology Center (Okla.)
Sue Ellen, Frerichs Gordon Cooper
Technology Center (Okla.)
Paul King, pkArtz (Okla.)
Jeanne McClish, Moore Norman Technology Center (Okla.)
Nicole Mohrey, Eastern Center For Arts
and Technology (Pa.)
National Education Team
Sue Ellen Frerichs, Gordon Cooper
Technology Center (Okla.)
Gay Ketchum, Gordon Cooper Technology Center (Okla.)
Bruce Long, MidDel Technology Center
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards and scholarships
to place winners
Quiz Bowl
The Quiz Bowl tests a team of five
competitors on ability to quickly respond to questions covering the areas
of academic knowledge, professional
development and current events. The
participants respond to a question by
activating a buzzer system. The teams
receive one point for a correct answer
and lose a point for each incorrect
answer. The active rounds (preliminary
and finals) contain 100 questions each.
Technical Committee
Chair Chip Harris, Tennessee State
Carrie Altizer (N.C.)
Greag Bashore, Alcoa (Tenn.)
Maria Bender (N.J.)
Eddie Bradley (Md.)
Shirley Brown (Tenn.)
Jason Christian, Hennepin Technical
College (Minn.)
Kessler Cuffman, Nine Line Productions
Domenic DiDonato (R.I.)
Dara Dubois, American River College
Denise Foster (W.Va.)
Jamie Foster, Henderson Co. Sheriff’s
Office (Texas)
Gloria Gonzalez, SkillsUSA Texas
Jennifer Goss, A.K. Smoth Career Center (Ind.)
Kaylie Harrington (Texas)
Olin Harrington, Birdville Center of
Technology and Advanced Learning
Karyn Hawthorne, Dr. Flanigan, DDS
Nicholas Hulva (Ill.)
Christopher Jack, Retired, LAUSD
Donald Jalbert, Nashua Technology
Center North (N.H.)
Shawndelle Kreger, Steele Accelerated
High School (Texas)
Eric Lindsay, IBM Software Group
A.J. Mastro
Rob McClelland, FLM+ (Ohio)
Darin Nine, Belleview High School
Lisa Price, KAR Auction Services Inc.
Carol Puryear, Tennessee College of
Applied Technology
James Rhodes (N.Y.)
Beth Richtsmeier, Meridian Technical
Charter High School (Idaho)
Caitlin Salaverria, Fibre Box Association
Pat Scannell (Va.)
Thomas Soerenes, Rhino Camera Gear
Lynda Spittle, Scioto County Career
Technical Center (Ohio)
Seth Strope (Ill.)
Linda Turner (Utah)
Janet Watson, Tennessee College of
Applied Technology — Huntsville
Dottye Webb, Tennessee College of
Applied Technology — Newbern
Stephen Whitehead, Tennessee College
of Applied Technology — Hohenwald
Tracy Whitehead (Tenn.)
Cliff Wightman, Tennessee College of
Applied Technology — Crossville
National Education Team
Tina Bavin (Ohio)
Joseph Bouchard, Camden County
Pennsauken (N.J.)
Dan Cleveland (Mich.)
Carl Creasman (Tenn.)
Chip Harris, Tennessee State University
Darin Nine, Belleview High School
Kay Stannard, Four County Career
Center (Ohio)
Barbara Stevens (N.Y.)
Alan Turner (Utah)
Jill Van Weelden (Fla.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 5 9
Related Technical Math
Restaurant Service
On a written test, competitors demonstrate skills required to solve mathematical problems commonly found in
the skilled trades and professional and
technical occupations. Skills demonstrated include addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division of whole
numbers, fractions and decimals; applied word problems; percentages;
ratio proportions; averages; area; volume; metric measures and traditional
(imperial) measures and trigonometry.
Competitors are tested on skills
required in the “front of the house”
of a fine restaurant. The focus is on
guest service and guest relations in the
dining room, including: table setup;
greeting guests; reservations procedures; presentation of menus; description of food, drinks, soups and specials
of the day; taking orders; serving each
course; clearing the table after each
course; preparation and presentation of
the check; and closing remarks.
Technical Committee
Chair Buckner Creel, Highland High
School (N.M.)
Thomas Achatz, Washtenaw Community College (Mich.)
Patrick Kinney, Indianhead Technical
College (Wis.)
Tom Wollner, 3M (Minn.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards
Technical Committee
Chair Robert Witte, Navajo Technical
College (N.M.)
Julie Bales, Navajo Technical University
Athena Bolger, Oakland Community
National Education Team
Julie Bales, Navajo Technical University
Domenic DiDonato
Sheila Hyde, El Centro College (Texas)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
New England Culinary Institute
Sullivan University
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards, tools of the
trade, scholarships to place winners
Residential Systems
Installation and
Using multiple stations, competitors
are judged on installation of residential products, including home theater
systems, computers and video security
equipment. Competitors will construct
the various cables used at each of the
stations. There will also be a written
Technical Committee
Chair Wanzel Jessie, Asurion (Va.)
Scott Clark, N.E.W. Customer Services
Co. Inc. (Va.)
Helen Heneveld, Bedrock Learning Inc.
Brian Hertia, Asurion (Va.)
David Velasquez, Asurion (Calif.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
NAWIC Education Foundation
Ranken Technical College
Southwire Co. LLC
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, Southwire Co.
LLC tool packages, scholarships (HS)
60 SkillsUSA
Robotics and
Two-person teams are challenged to
demonstrate operation of a five-axis
servo robot and a set of sensors and
motorized devices to resolve a simulated production process problem. Teams
set up and demonstrate operation of a
robotic workcell from a word problem.
Competitors are required to create a
flow chart and sequence of operation.
Teams are also judged on efficiency,
speed and teamwork.
Technical Committee
Chair Bryant Abbott
Emily Abbott, Keene State College
Kevin Cochran, Honeywell Inc. —
FM&T (Mo.)
Greg Darner, Honeywell Inc. — FM&T
Mark Holt, Honeywell Inc. — FM&T
Angela Miner, Intelitek Inc. (N.H.)
Amir Pratt, Intelitek
Rob Smith, DEPCO LLC (Ohio)
Mike Yeager, DEPCO LLC (Kan.)
National Education Team
Michael Bailey, Lorain County Joint
Vocational School (Ohio)
George Taliadouros, Minuteman Regional High School (Mass.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, scholarships (HS
Robotics: Urban
Search and Rescue (Demo)
This competition evalutes team members’ skills and preparation for employment in fields related to and including
robotics, engineering, automation,
manufacturing, electronics and emergency services. It recognizes outstanding performance by participants in
scenarios that require problem solving
and teamwork in a real-world situation
Technical Committee
Chair Alan Kirby Pitsco Education
Tony Allen, Pitsco Education (Kan.)
Kyle Bailey, Pitsco Education (Kan.)
Megan Combs, Pitsco Education (Kan.)
Jason Hill, Pitsco Education (Kan.)
Ashlee Ricks, Pitsco Education (Kan.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards to place winners
Screen Printing
Competitors are tested on their ability
to prepare screens; register a multicolor design on a manual four-color,
one-station rotary press; and print a
multi-color design on a manual six-color, four-station rotary press. Competitors also complete a written technical
knowledge test and participate in an
oral professional assessment.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Johnny Shell, Specialty
Graphic Imaging Association (Va.)
Luke Bartley, LBD Designs (Kan.)
Betty Bassett, Classic Design Screen
Printing (Miss.)
Rick Hicks, NazDar Consulting Services
Rebecca Hudson (Kan.)
Jesse Hudson (Kan.)
Bruce Ridge, NazDar Consulting Services (Kan.)
National Education Team
Joyce Dent, North Technical High
School (Mo.)
Regina Gossett, Poplar Bluff Technical
Career Center (Ark.)
Regina Koonce, Greenland High School
Bryan Schaffner, Waynesville Career
Center (Mo.)
Sabra Whittenburg, Greenland High
School (Ark.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Graphic Arts Education and Research
Specialty Graphics Imaging Association
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners and $250 GAERF and SGIA travel
vouchers for all competitors
T-shirt Design
Sheet Metal
Competitors are tested on their ability
to perform such jobs as connecting
sheet metal pieces with drive cleats,
spot welding and riveting. Skills tested
may include, but are not limited to,
straight duct, transition fitting and
45-degree entry tap fitting. Professional
sheet metal workers judge competitors
on the use of hand tools, correctness
of layout and shop safety procedures.
Competitors are judged on accuracy,
completeness and craftsmanship.
Technical Committee
Chair Richard Roth, Sheet Metal Workers Local 110 (Ky.)
Jay Lind, Sheet Metal Workers Local 2
Bob Looman, Mechanical Contractors
Association of Greater Kansas City
Arthur Tanner, Tinmaster Inc. (Mo.)
Julie Turner, PHCC — National Association (Va.)
National Education Team
Ron McGuire, Saint Paul College
Other Support
Carhartt Inc.
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
NAWIC Education Foundation
Ranken Technical College
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all competitors; scholarship (HS only) and Carhartt
clothing to place winners, construction
This event is designed to assess the
ability of the competitor to create a
T-shirt design and produce a drawing
of that design. A presentation regarding
all aspects of design creation is also
Technical Committee
Co-chair Johnny Shell, Specialty
Graphic Imaging Association (Va.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to place winners
Team Engineering
Challenge (Demo)
This is SkillsUSA’s first contest specifically for middle-school students. It is
designed to solve a problem while
evaluating and recognizing outstanding
students for excellence and professionalism in the areas of creative and
critical thinking skills and the decision making process. The contest is
intended to foster creativity, innovation,
teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
Technical Committee
Chair Jesse Domer (Wis.)
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s gift cards to place winners
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 6 1
Teams of four students demonstrate
their ability to work together in
completing a construction project in a
“real world” environment. Each team
is required to understand the project
elements based on a project binder,
write a project action plan and present its action plan as one of the key
elements of the competition. Competitors must demonstrate their ability to
work together as a team by using their
carpentry, electrical, plumbing and
masonry skills.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Jim Bohn, Robert Bosch Tool
Corp. (Ill.)
Co-chair Pat Payne, Newell Brands
Emily Harubin, Stanley Black & Decker
Inc. (Conn.)
Al Pencek, State Farm Insurance Companies (Ill.)
Bill Robinson, Train2Build.com (Calif.)
Dan Taddei, National Association of
the Remodeling Industry (Ill.)
National Education Team
Dwight Hartzog, Wilkes Community
College (N.C.)
Larry Ringgold, Calvert Career and
Technology Academy (Md.)
Other Support
ABC Supply
Calculated Industries Inc.
Cemco Steel Framing and Metal Lathe
Charlotte Pipe
Copper Development Association
Habitat for Humanity
Holmes Drywall
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Mortar Net
NAWIC Education Foundation
Ranken Technical College
Simpson Strong-Tie
Square D
State Farm Insurance Companies
Steel Framing Alliance
62 SkillsUSA
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards and advance
travel stipends to all competitors, $100
Calculated Industries gift certificates,
scholarships (HS only)
Technical Computer
Competitors are expected to demonstrate installation, configuration and
use of Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
professional operating systems, as
well as one or more integrated Office
suite packages. The use of instant
messaging, collaboration and social
networking software will be required
during the contest. Competitors will be
expected to perform in teams while
demonstrating individual technical
skills. The competition will include an
oral presentation demonstrating the
student’s ability to communicate with
others, a hands-on skills demonstration
and a written examination.
Technical Committee
Chair Michael Christopher, Eagle Eye
Computer (Calif.)
Debbie Gullett, The Centers for Quality
Teaching and Learning (Ark.)
Seth Klein (Mo.)
Brian McFall, IBM Corp. (N.Y.)
John Nordin (Ill.)
National Education Team
Dennis Beebe, Meridian Technical
Charter High School (Idaho)
Dan Burtscher (Ohio)
Kelly Reynolds, Kansas City Area Technical School (Kan.)
Michelle Woodruff, South Central Louisiana Technical College
Other Support
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards to all competitors and prize equity gift cards to place
winners, scholarships (HS only)
Technical Drafting
This competition evaluates competitors’ preparation for employment and
recognizes outstanding students for
excellence and professionalism in the
field of technical drafting. The competition will focus on the solution of
industry-developed problems by applying appropriate technical drafting skills
and tools, including computer-aided
drafting (CAD).
Technical Committee
Chair Patrick McCuistion, Multimac
Dimensional Management Services
Mark Driscoll, 3Dconnexion Inc.
Floyd McWilliams, American Design
Drafting Association (Tenn.)
National Education Team
Joseph Bouchard, Camden County
Pennsauken (N.J.)
Val Burch, North Henderson High
School (N.C.)
Gary Chapman, Calvert Career and
Technology Academy (Md.)
Woody Fruge, Sowela Community and
Technical College (La.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Industrial Press
Industry Awards
Calculators, reference books to place
This competition tests to worldwide
industry standards for data and voice
connections, physical and logical
networks and signal transmission.
Competitors demonstrate skills in:
reading network design documentation; parts list setup; purchase, pulling
and mounting cable; choosing wiring
closets; patch panel installation and
termination; installing jacks; and cable
testing. The competition stresses safety
and working effectively in group environments as well as customer service
Technical Committee
Chair Teresa Maher, Electronics Technicians Association International (Ind.)
Richard Booth (Ariz.)
Kevin Celata, Communications Workers
of America (D.C.)
Bob Dickerson, Red Education Consulting Services Inc. (N.C.)
Mike Gleason, Panduit Corp. (Ill.)
David Richards, DR Consulting (Fla.)
DeDe Starns, Corning Cable Systems
National Education Team
Richard Darnell (Utah)
Dan Parmer, Stanly Community College
Other Support
Building Industry Consulting Services
Cable Installation and Maintenance
DYMO Rhino Labelers
Fluke Networks
Independent Electrical Contractors
Innovation & Tech Today Magazine
John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Kobalt Tools
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.
Newell Brands
POPS Electric LLC
Ranken Technical College
Redwood Education
Southwire Co. LLC
The Light Brigade
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards, Southwire Co.
LLC tool packages, scholarships (HS)
Television (Video)
Teams of two are required to plan and
shoot a one-minute video on location to convey the theme of the event.
Editing is done in the competition area,
with special emphasis on professional
production of the video by industry
standards, quality of audio and video,
and adequate conveyance of the theme
to the viewer.
Technical Committee
Chair Josh Lynch, WMDT-TV (Md.)
National Education Team
Michael Crenshaw, Weaver Academy/
MLC Productions (N.C.)
Randy McWilson, Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center (Mo.)
Other Support
The Art Institutes
Calculated Industries Inc.
Compix Media
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Marshall Electronics
Mirror Image
Ross Video
Sony Creative Software
Industry Awards
Lowe’s $50 gift cards, calculators, camera kits, scholarships to place winners
Web Design Teams complete a series of challenges
focusing on website usability and
accessibility, with at least one
challenge related to scripting. Each
challenge must be documented, clearly
demonstrating the skills as outlined
in the latest edition of the SkillsUSA
Championships Technical Standards.
Technical Committee
Chair Mark Dubois, Illinois Central
Mark Shufflebottom
Glenda Sims
Jason Cranford Teague
Steve Waddell
Jon Worrent
Other Support
The Art Institutes
Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Industry Awards
Prize equity gift cards and scholarships
to place winners
Through a series of stations, competitors are tested on various aspects of
welding, including measuring weld
replicas, Gas Metal Arc Welding
(GMAW) and Flux Cored Arc Welding
(FCAW). Competitors complete a steel
project and weld an aluminum project
in various positions using a variety of
filler metals.
Technical Committee
Chair Ed Norman, EDCO Industries
LLC (Mo.)
Lawrence Adam, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.
Shirley Day, Hillyard Technical Center
Roger Day, Hillyard Technical Center
Ted Drower, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Inc. (Kan.)
Sherry Easterwood, Honeywell Inc. —
Aerospace (Ariz.)
Dennis Gerrits, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Inc. (Wis.)
Andy Godley, Alabama Power Co.
Darren Haas, Northrop Grumman Ship
Building (Miss.)
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 6 3
Bill Hall, Red Ball Oxygen (Texas)
Steve Houston, American Technical
Publishers Inc. (Ill.)
Dale Johnson, Smith Equipment Co.
Dan Klingman, The Lincoln Electric Co.
James Maynard, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Inc. (Wis.)
Bruce Morrett, Hobart Brothers (Ohio)
Branden Muehlbrandt, The Lincoln
Electric Co. (Ala.)
Joseph Murlin, The Lincoln Electric Co.
Sam Newhouse, Emmert Welding &
Mfg. Co. Inc. (Mo.)
Nick Peterson, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Inc. (Ariz.)
Martica Ventura, American Society
Dennis Wright, Wright Technologies
National Education Team
Lee Caughron, Grand River Technical
School (Mo.)
Roger Day, Hillyard Technical Center
Shirley Day, Hillyard Technical Center
Ken Duckworth, Flint Hills Technical
College (Mo.)
Daniel Dye, South Central Career Center (Mo.)
Other Support
Calculated Industries Inc.
Carhartt Inc.
Hypertherm Inc.
James F. Lincoln Foundation
Lincoln Welders
Miller Electric
Praxair Inc.
Ranken Technical College
Universal Technical Institute
Industry Awards
Scholarships, various tools of the trade,
gift certificates, calculators and Carhartt
clothing for place winners
First place: Powermax30 XP plasma
cutting and gouging system, James F.
Lincoln Foundation $500 travel stipend
for students’ travel costs, Lincoln Electric PowerMig 180C
Second and third place: Lincoln Electric
PowerMig 140C
64 SkillsUSA
Welding Fabrication
This is a team competition that requires
three students from each school to use
their welding and fabrication skills to
build a designed project from the given
material. The students are also required
to be proficient in using the common
tools of a workshop. A theme-based
project is constructed by the students
based on the prints drawn by each
Technical Committee
Chair Henry Woehl, L&L Enterprises
LLC (Wyo.)
Lawrence Adam, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.
Bill Beckman, ITI Sheet Metal Workers,
Local 2 (Kan.)
Alina Blanco, American Society (Fla.)
George Donovan (Mo.)
Ron Frasier, Harris Products Group
Rex Hardman, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Inc. (Wis.)
Steve Lee, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. (Mo.)
Mark Linn, Metabo Corp. (Tenn.)
Steve Theesen, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.
National Education Team
Jim Bridwell, Ozarks Technical Community College (Mo.)
Greg Siepert, Hutchinson Community
College (Kan.)
Mark Willis, Miami Valley Career Technology Center (Ohio)
Other Support
Air Conditioning Industries
Air Products
Hobart Brothers Co.
International Training Institute for the
Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning
Ironworkers Local 70
IRWIN Industrial Tool Co.
Kobalt Tools
Sheet Metal Workers International
Local 110
United Association Local 502
Industry Awards
Tools of the trade, scholarships (HS
Welding Sculpture
This competition is designed to assess
the ability of the competitor to develop
a design and produce a welding sculpture of that design, as well as deliver
a presentation regarding all aspects of
the design creation.
Technical Committee
Co-chair Shanen Aranmor, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Inc. (Calif.)
Co-chair Karl Watson, Somerset Community College (Ky.)
Ben Coons, The Lincoln Electric Co.
Barry Jackson, Jackson and Consulting
Garrett Millby, Tulsa School (Fla.)
Robert Mitchell, Southside Technical
Center (Ky.)
Betsy Van Duyne, Hypertherm Inc.
Adam Webb, The Lincoln Electric Co.
National Education Team
Curtis Cash, Somerset Community College (Ky.)
Coy Hall, Clark County Area Technology Center (Ky.)
Robert Mitchell, Southside Technical
Center (Ky.)
James Phelps, Somerset Community
College (Ky.)
Steve Prince, Montgomery College
Scott Stringer, Somerset Community
College (Ky.)
Karl Watson, Somerset Community College (Ky.)
Other Support
Hypertherm Inc.
Lincoln Welders
Miller Electric
Industry Awards
Scholarships (HS only), gift certificates
and various tools of the trade to place
First place: Powermax30 XP plasma
cutting and gouging system, Lincoln
Electric PowerMig 180C
Second and third place: Lincoln Electric
PowerMig 140C
Abigail Villanueva, Alyssa Watarida
Isabella Abelbeck, Seana Aiolupotea, Kevin
Ameyaw, Alexandria Anthony, Kimberly Archuleta,
Arnold Arias, Adriana Arispe, Christian Arroyo,
Asaunte Askey, Caroline Aspinwall, Jeffrey Austin,
Samuel Avila, Lillian Backlund, Baylee Baker,
Emma Barnes, Jared Bartkus-Bernd, Yarisa BatistaRamirez, Rose Baum, Joshua Bedoya, Leonard
Bell, Rosa Bello-Aguilera, Shania Benton, Ashton
Blackwood, Alana Blakemore, Rebekah Bonner,
Christian Booth, Kevin Botros, Madisyn Bozarth,
Henry Bravomejia, Chelsie Brenzo, Brandy Brown,
Tia Bunten, Jacob Bushey, Nathan Campbell, Ryan
Campbell, Maygan Carpenter, Theresa Carriveau,
Nicole Cella, Tyler Chaffin, Gwendalynn Clark,
Anastacia Clough, Ashley Coleman, Andrew Conway, Daniel Cornellier, Guadelupe Cortez, Justen
Cottingham, Jarrett Cummins, Makayla Currence,
Wyatt Daane, Brecken Dalley, Shaun DaRocha, Allison Dauterman, Josh Davis, Ashely De La Garza,
Kaleb Deason, Beatriz Dedicatoria, Angel Delgado,
Taylor Denoo, Lauren DeRose, Arlette Dervil, Alyssa
Desellems, Arielly Dias, Samira Dias, Brian Diaz
Quinones, Joann Dominguez-Mariano, Kyle Doty,
Tyler Drury, Stephen Dunahoo, Emily Edwards,
Colton Egnor, Kerrigan Ellington, Bethany Ellis,
Jose Eduardo Enriquez Campos, Alan Eslava,
Aaron Evans, Drew Ewing, Jacob Eyberse, Ryan
Fehr, Andrew Ferguson, Eric Ferguson, Paul
Ferreira, Carson Fink, Iris Flad, Shaina Flanagan, America Flores, Christopher Flores Fermin,
Courtney Fox, Hana Friedman, Christian Furderer,
Amanie Gaber, Maria Galvan, Brianna Garner,
Jacob Gates, Nikolay Getchell, Kristopher Gibboney,
Alexis Girouard, Shanttel Gonsalves, Mylene Gonzalez, Kierstyn Graber, Colton Gray, Mahiya Gray,
Dillon Griffin, Nicholas R. Guarino, Dylan Guy,
Chase Haines, Shaun Hale, Tyler Hambel, Dakoda
Hathaway, Maxwell Heck, Justin Hennessy, Alexa
Henry, Jasmine Hernandez, Jorge Hernandez, Juan
Hernandez Vallejo, S. Scott Hicks, Briana Hidalgo,
Damon Hill, Satya Hoff, Amy Hogan, Tyler Hogan,
Tyresha Holt, Olivia Houle, Madelyn Hovokra, Katlyn Howard, Percy Humphrey IV, Chinedu Ibiam,
Presley Jackson, Yamileth Jarquin, Jaclyn Jennings,
Erik Johnson, Hadley Johnson, Melissa Johnson,
Dearius Keller, Kali King, Rob King, Grace Kirrane,
Arthur Kopellas, Tyler LaBonte, Karimah Land,
Georgiannah Landers, Matthew Landis, Ben
Landon, Carlos Lara Hernandez, Tyler Launstein,
Emylee Leary, Hayley Lee, Alex Leggett, Michael
Lewis, Morgan Lincoln, Imari Linton, Anna Longwell, Karla Lopez, Marangelis Lopez, Bryce Lytle,
Olivia MacFarlane, Nate Mackey, Shalim Magda,
Caitlyn Malenfant, Mason Marchal, Lauren Marshall, Olivia Martin, Ilse Martinez, Cody Mastalski,
Sidnie McGraw, Joseph Mendoza, Julia Metzler,
Megan Mihaljevic, Jason Miller, Jacob Minock,
Rosa Miranda-Rodriguez, Braden Moser,
Giselle Munoz, Feja Donnielle Doc Murray, Vyom
Nautiyal, Cristina Nelson, Peter Nguyen, Tram
Nguyen, Kaylee Norris, Bridget Oakes, Anthony
Oliver, Emily Olney, Maria Olney, Wilfredo Ortiz,
Eliana Parada, Catherine Paul, Tori Pearson,
Jamaris Perez, Alexia Peters, Terra Phillips,
Kristina Piplica, Kayleigh Poudrier, Kyle Powers,
Marie (Toni) Pridemore, Daniel Puopolo, Arnaldo
Quinones Jimenez, Laurin Rabon, Edgar Ramirez,
Tyler Ratajski-Baer, Konner Raymond, Siobhan
Reidy, Jordan Reinhardt, Leonardo Reyes, Rebecca
Reyes, Dalton Reynolds, Tyler Richardson, Bradley
Ridder, Sovanara Rin, Fernando Rivas-Flores,
Shawn Roberts, William Roblero, Noah Robleski,
Trinity Rocha, Jackson Rohn, Nataly Ruiz,
Mykaela Ryan, Karina Saldivar, Haleigh Sano,
Taylor Saputra, Eli Schleret, ReAnn Schreiner,
Amanda Scroggins, Fabiana Serna, Christopher
Shafer, Sean Sieczka, Mikaela Sienkiewicz, Danika
Silerio, Benjamin Simon, Nathan Simpson, Sylvia
Sims, Riley Sluzenski, James Smith, Jacob Soderlund, Molly Soltis, Hunter Staehle, Brenna Starkey,
Austin L. Stawicki, Miranda Steenburgh, Jared
Stevenson, Daniel Stone, Kirsten Swann, Danielle
Swetz, Britney Swiernik, Josie Taylor, Kyia Taylor,
Corey Teves, Kayla Thomas, Samantha Thuringer,
Halie Tinkey, Corey Todalen, Taina Torres, Madison Toth, Nicolas Troisi, Trevor Tufano, Cassandra
Valdez, Sophie Van Pelt, Alanna M Vargas,
Erica Vargas, Marissa Vasques, Samuel Vega,
Selina Velazquez, Robert Vermeulen, Shan Vo,
Meagan Waldron, Aaron Walker, Nicholas Walton,
Licia Washington, Kelsi Weed, Ethan Westcoat,
James Weston, Dallas Whitaker, Triston Whitaker,
Fiona White, Reniqua Amari Williams, Meghan
Wills, Jasmine Yang, Sydney Yocum, Paige Yoder,
Erin Young, Geoff Zdgbloski, Jason Zenn, Julian
Zepeda, Lesly Zhicay, Bailee Zincke
Brian Barber, Mark Bean, Cassidy Bell, Damian
Biondi, Jody Black, Shawn Bowlin, Amin Brown,
Joseph Brown, Michael Byrd, Nakia Campbell,
Celia Clark, Jeremy Copeland, Peter Corey,
Amanda Crawley, Tyler Crumbley, Alan Douglas,
Cooper Eustis, Ashley Fenimore, Jason Forrest,
Travis France, Alyssa Fritz, Robert Gaines, Brooke
Getchell, Gabrielle Glaser, John Haywood, Scott
Johnson, McKayla Jude, Jodi Larson, Bianca Lugo,
Drew Manning, Tim McCarthy, Jason Mercer,
Amanda Mooney, Carsen Mowry, Susan Musgrove,
Paige Oranje, Susan Phillips, Ineliz Rio, Filiberto
Rios, Justin Rose, Chantal Simmons, Brianna
Smith, Dustin Smith, Mason Smith, Celeste Sneed,
Michael Tompkins, Robert Ulrich, Kia Vang-Yang,
Miley VanHook, Carlos Villegas, Nakita Walker,
Sherrie Wilcox, Josephine Wolfe
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 6 5
66 SkillsUSA
College/Postsecondary: Denard Anderson, Amy
Coles, Ariel Cornejo, Kayleigh Ekwall, Cartier
Gates, Marina Ginther, Jason Horn, Dana Kedzior,
Piet Kobussen, Brock Koonce, Jonathan Oblad,
Jennifer Pantoja, Shayla Rippey, Eduardo Rojas,
Mason Rosenquist, Rob Rudaitis, Eduardo
Santiago, Richard Snelbaker, Joshue Soto, Melody
Wade, Darrin Wilson, Catherine Woodard
High School: Ashley Armenta, Benjamin Aube,
Brandon Becker, Trevor Bowman, Grace Burton,
Cameron Calandra, Kevin Coalwell, Justin Duclos,
Bonnie Fuller, Karla Garcia, John Gatto, Alexander
Gokan, Justine Graham, Alexander Hamilton, Tyler
Harrison, Jacob Hilarides, Tam Hoang, Hunter
Holmes, Nicholas Honeycutt, Ryan Hoover, Natalie
Jablonski, Chris Jarmon, Beny Kiesse, Collin Kirk,
Alyssa Lyttle, Andrew Maret, Jonah Mehrer, Christian Montero, Melanie Mrozek, Jose Ocelotl, Jesse
Ormand, Peyton Owens, Chris Parnell, Charley
Pittman, Michael Powell, Audrey Preuninger,
Robert Regnier, Nicholas Rhineberger, Simon
Roth, Josh Sanders, Austin Satnan, Allison Shaffer,
Seth Sifuentes, Fletcher Simpson, Michael Smith,
Ashley Soto, Steven Szalanski, Samuel Trout, Corey
Waldon, Trace Williams, Kirby Wolff, Bethany
Woodruff, Si-Fan Wu, Kyle Youngberg, Joanna Yu,
Alexandra Zapata
College/Postsecondary: Barry Barnes, Jessica
Bay, Robert Childress, Brandon Fielder, Naomi
Haase, Nicholas Hoskins, Kristopher McCants,
Adam Morales, Wesley Morey
High School: Amelia Arnes, Matthew Brandt,
Tyler Buchkannan, Casondra Calhoun, Brenna
Campbell, Madison Cooper, Chelsea Everett, Steven
Glassoff, Bryce Grove, Jonathan Harrelson, Devon
Hayes, Erick Heidt, Matthew Jasso, Quincy Johnson,
Tashiana Johnson, Nick Lauber, Seroberto Moreno,
Derick Olsen, Abigail Pacheco, Tyler Padilla
Lockhart, Octavio Reyes, Lily Roberts, Kyren Salas,
Nathan Schnierle, Justin Scott, Isaiah Sypien,
Derek Whallon, Spencer Williamson
College/Postsecondary: Kevin Barger, Shawn
Bowlin, Kyle Brakke, Joshua Branch, Christopher
Gambone, Collin Goddes, Kyle Kosalka, Jonathan
Maasch, Michael McMahon, Nicholas Pavel, Susan
Phillips, John Welborn
High School: Philip Arrington, Jonathan Carter,
Brett Claflin, Stephen Collins, Christopher Dagher,
Corey Daly, Andrew Devine, Austin Devine, Adolfo
Diaz, Aric Donerkiel, Avery Feith, Jordan Gantt,
Joao Vitor Garcia, Christian Greef, Parker Hackett,
Justin Heck, Nicholas Housand, Justin Humphrey,
Alex Marlow, Luke Mcllvain, Elizabeth Mitchell,
Quinlan Neal, Berenice Ochoa Patino, Tyler Perkins, Karina Plascencia, Jedidiah Romo, Anthony
Saraco, Cole Sassaman, Elizabeth Skowronski,
Jennifer Sprow, Tommy Tran, Jared Vahrenberg
College/Postsecondary: Anastasiya Bobrova,
Emmett Clonts, Marlayna Connelly, Allison Gaines,
Crystal Kunze, Emily Riddell, Amanda Rogers,
Ray Ross, Chloe Russell, Brigid Schnaue, Beth
Tormanen, Amber Woods, Elsie Wunn
High School: Lauren Anderson, Nic Arnaud,
Cooper Ashworth, Erica Branham, Seth Burchfield,
Kelli Cadena, Abigail Calara, Alexis DeJesus, Julia
DeStefano, Alec Douglas, Konner Ellefson, Rachel
Engle, Egil Enriquez, Isabella Esguerra, Arin (Jakson) Ewing, Caroline Foster, Samantha Francis,
Evan Gohlke, Colby Johnson, Emily Kokot, Adyson
Liebe, Connor McCarville, Ben McClary, Emma
Orwen, Colin Pack, Jessica Paquette, Sasha Reddy,
Faith Rietema, Salvador Rowden-Rodriguez,
Michael Snyder, Abigail Stewart, Alissa Szeplaki,
Kelsey Taffner, Olivia Tambun, Hannah Urbach,
Tessa Waddell, Andrea Wescom, Madison Woodruff
College/Postsecondary: Sherida Bear, Sykot
Das, Kim Drywater, Ahmad Johnson, Chauncy
High School: Kevin Ameyaw, Hailey Ardry,
Michael Arthur, Olivia Barone, Jaden Bohm, Emily
Burgess, Jaylynn Cain, Viviane Clark, Erica Culver,
Mackenzie Dill, Adrianna Doughtry, Camryn
Eaton, Erika Fassebender, Nicole Fitzgibbon, Alyssa
Foti, Grant Fry, Angel Garcia, Faith Hedges, Elizabeth Lopez, Aisa Maric, Paige Marks, Shelby O’Dell,
Sabrina Paulino, Jessica Portillo, Haley Prosser,
Fiona Quenano, Joshua Scott, Caitlinn Seymour,
Miranda Sousa, Alissa Stone, Kaylee Tada, Destiny
Tariq, Barbara Vivas Gonzalez, McKenzie Watson,
Mariah Whittet
College/Postsecondary: Shawn Anderson,
Andrew Borkowski, Taylor Byrd, Darrell Carr,
Nicholas Cash, Anthony Crichton, Emily Daily,
Austin Davis, Jacob Feliz, Norman Fruchey, Tristan
Keester, Caleb Kobeck, Jesus Martinez, Bradley
Nielson, Ellen Reichert, Brannen Rentz, Dylan
Stubbs, Michael Webb
High School: Maggie Adams, Kyle Andrews,
Dylan Bellah, Makaela Bigley, Jalen Bond, Hunter
Bushnell, Josiah Caldwell, Nathaniel Caporini,
Stephanie Chawla, John Cole, Nico Conigliaro,
Neil Drake, John Drinkwine, Ross Elliot, Austin
Gilland, Jiovanni Gonzalez, Barney Gray, Jonathan
Guttello, Gabriel Halderman, Jake Hunt, Vinnie Hunter, Morgan Jarman, Chanley Jenkins,
Christian Keller, Emily Kresho, James Linn, Andrew
McCann, Joshua Miller, David Nawrocki, Bradley
Orgon, Lucas Pickens, Alex Puchuela, Traci Reyes,
Omar Rodriguez, Alexandra Rodriguez Munoz,
Tyler Skelton, Lochlan Smith, Ashley Soto, Brityn
Stump, MyKayla Taylor, Anthony Tuttle, Hannah
Valencia, Tyler Van Norman, Long Vo, Eric White,
Kirby White
College/Postsecondary: Matthew Alexandar,
Charlie Ames, Kristal Beyer, Matt Bruner, Courtney
Cole, Matt Foster, Benjamin Frew, Cody Jones,
Grant Matheson, Carlos Murillo
High School:Keaton Comiskey, Gage Bailey,
Marilena Barberio, Jessica Bradley, Danielle
Brooks, Zanarah Butts, Zyion Butts, Jose Cabrera,
Flor De Maria Caceres-Godoy, Kyle Coleman, Kyle
Cope, Dominic DeLucia, Katherine Dickenson,
Alondra Duarte Pena, Elijah Efsits, Bennett Gershwin, Bailey Harper, Alec Harris, Brett Hawran, Jacob
Hawran, Benjamin Johnson, Emily Jolly, Hannah
Lee, Owen Lloyd, Brandon Lopez, Robert Madley,
Liam Marshall, Alexis Martinez, Kerri McAneney,
Joseph Meacham, Jesse P. Morrill, Dakota Mullikin,
Matthew Murray, Levi Peckenpaugh, Khalil Perry,
Matthew Rossen, Trevor Sellers, Preston Sherwood,
Sydney Sozio, Travis Stakebake, Trygve Stonefield,
Khalil Thomas, Juan Trujillo, Alyssa Vargas-Leon,
Kaylin (K.J.) White, Lacee Wilson, Michael Zuccaro, Theodore Zumpone
College/Postsecondary: Andrew Anderson,
David Berry, Nick Brezina, Elijah Buist, Dominic
Choriki, Tyler Cook, Ian Dorman, Zachary Dreyer,
Patrick Driscoll, Kade Francis, John Garneau, Matt
Harman Jr., Chris Harmon, Kenneth Howell, Joel
Jimenez, Andrew Ketchum, Tyler Koch, Christian
Krejci, Tom Lang, Austin Livesay, Jesus Martinez,
Nic Mathies, Gary McCain, Derrick McDaniel,
Neil Nino, Austin Olson, Tyler Ott, Ben Pipkorn,
Renee Posadas, Ashley Robinson, Jacob Robinson, Nicholas Russo, Bailey Savage, Christopher
Schneider, Tyler Schoonover, Joseph Shaffer, Tyler
Short, Thia So, Kyle Swenstad, Drew Thomas, John
Tilelli, Gideon Wild, Alanna Wilson, Daniel Yardley,
Evan Yoakum
High School: Charles Adams, Kierre Alston, Peter
Barts, Aiden Bemis, Jakob Bergmann, Dawson
Bilharz, Charles Bohl III, Kaitlyn Brewster, Chace
Brodeske, Phillip Burtell, Alexander Bush, Makayla
Chandler, Aaron Collier, Anthony Condero, Noah
Curran, Jacob Davis, Dylan Dennis, Jonathan
Faughn, Charles Fresch, Daniel Goatley, Robert
Gratz Jr., Tyler Hansel, Matt Hargrove, Brendan
Harvey, Jonathan Heard, Dylan Hulstedt, Tanner
Hyslop, Ra’jah Johnson, Nick Jones, Sudarshan
Kadalazhi, Michael Kertanis, Mitchell Kilkenny,
Nathan Kinne, Campbell Kraemer, Nicholas
Kurgin, Soren Laney, Alexander LaSante, Denver
Lee, Benjamin Longnecker, Jose Marte, Lexi McCoy,
Samuel Monarch, Jacob Moore, Michael Nash,
Tanner Parrino, Tomas Ponce, Timothy Reeves,
Zachary Resnak, James Ring, Adrian Ruybe, David
Saul, Colton Schroer, Luis Seqoviano, Jonna Stein,
Jacob Tucker, Andres Velasco, Matthew Ziegler
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 6 7
College/Postsecondary: Kelvin Adams, David
Andblo, Lyric Arms, Brandon Barrandey, Anthony
Benafield, Johnathan Farnam, Dolores Garza,
Fabian Gomez, Jordan Goodrich, Daniel Graber,
Edwin Kagimbi, Wyatt Knick, Vicent Marcellino,
William May, Eden Mays, BreaAnna Miller, Damien
Moore, Steven Nault, Jaymes Nownes, Jordan
Prisock, Luis Rios, Austin Schultz, Matthew Siegman, Melanie Thomas, Timothy C. Tripp, Evelyn
Van Horn, Javier Vichel, Andrew Vodak, Alden
Wadsworth, Darius Wood, Shelby Woods
High School: Andrew Anchor, Hailie Beiting,
Jacques Bene, Colby Bourgeois, Jordan Brinker,
Daniel Chavez, Luis Corona, Guillermo Cosme,
Dylon Cotton, Joshua Degroat, Mach Deng, Billy
Denning, Matthew Eldred, Benjamin Falconer,
Bobby Foreman, Tyreek Fortune, Erikk German,
Cory Harden, Matthew Harvey, Alejandro Herrera,
Faith Hopper, Emit Hoyt, Hannah Humphres,
Michael Laws, Kolton Leon, Amber Longwell, Jairo
Magana, Kenneth Ocasio, Kyle Paul, Cheyenne
Peckham, Alex Perkes, Mariah Schnurstein, Eric
Shchavlinskiy, Micah Slendy, Ricardo Valles, Austin
Wallace, Dylan Wertz, Maren Williams
College/Postsecondary: Martin Alvarez,
Matthew Barber, Austin Boyett, Josh Calmes, Jesse
Coleman, Janessy Diaz, Weston Emmerich, Scott
Erdman, Jordan Esselman, Damian Fedoryka, Nick
Ferrell, Samuel Filby, Ryan Frost, Jonathan Gustin,
Leonard Howe, Connor Jones, Anthony King, Drew
Kleyweg, Joshua Lamb, Jennifer Martin, Anthony
Martinez, Evan McReary, Darrin Miller, Jorge
Mora, Jon Myllykangas, Elias Nicholson, Ryan
Poppen, Alexander Reimuller, Jonathan Robertson,
Connor Sackett, Troy Sawyers, Austin Staten, Brian
Story, Justin Suttles, Alex Tardiff, Adam VanPortfliet, Grant Wager, Jennifer Weis, Jared Winkles
High School: Gerry Alley, Jondalar Apple,
Jonathan Arruda, Cameron Bailey, Jonathon
Ball, Devin Bialek, Chelsey Burge, Blake Casper,
Keegan Chapin, Jonathan Clark, Cody Craft, Joel
Cullen, Steven Devine, James Ferneyhough, Ian
Fisher, Paul Gagliano, Austin Gagne, Emmitt
Handy, Colton Holloway, Ben Hurley, Tristen James,
James Robert Jewkes, Craig Jibben, Dylan Johnson,
Zachary Koch, Stone Lewandowski, Troy McBain,
Garrett Michel, Brett Moderow, Slate Noorda,
Marcus Paulsen, Christian Payne, Justin Poganik,
Brennan Rhodes, Kyle Robinson, Chase Roe, Matthew Sherry, Aaron Smith, Conner Snyder, Joshua
Squires, Martin Stubben, Eric Tahtinen, Kaleb
Tanley, Daniel Taylor, Robert Tighe, Jordan Walhof,
Christian Wood, Eduardo Zamorano
68 SkillsUSA
College/Postsecondary: Nathan Anders, James
Carroll, Zach Collins, Victor Elizonda, Brandon
Forest, Ryan Gibson, Jarrod Hastie, Allen Jewell,
Matt Maceyka, Neil McDonald, Alex Miracle, Jose
Oliva, John Pryor
High School: Trenton Bell, John Bernardy,
Nicole Edlauer, Parker Fredrickson, James Walker
Howard, Logan G. Huber, Konrad Kostecki, Jasmine
Lewis, Austin Marrs, Bailey Matthews, Daniel
Nugent, Jeremie Paige, Amelia Sanders, Carson
High School: Tiare Buller, Katelynn Cottongim,
James Gentes, Sonia Hernandez, Jordan Janschek,
Samantha Menezes, Shaina Murat, Anthony
Northup, Katelynn Rosa, Nate Spanos, Elizabeth
Valdovines, Shannon Vasas
College/Postsecondary: Jennifer Blankenship,
Jason Boone, Kayla Caldwell, Samuel Carrico,
Donte Dykes, Christopher Gazaway, Christian
Lilly-Crum, Kelley Mosley, Thomas Reese, Zachary
Richey, Ethan Sadler, Jennifer Wright
High School: Hannah Anderson, Riley Ashburn,
Jeff Atkinson, Kyle Atkinson-Steele, Sophia Atzrodt,
Madison Ball, Daniel Beimford, Brandon Berlant,
Autumn Berlied, Cole Bewley, Megan Bina,
Matt Bond, Dillon Bourke, Charles Brida, Ben
Bunch, Nathaniel Cecil, Gretchen Cope, Dorothy
Corbett, Jakelin Costilla, Johnny Cromwell, Jada
Cummings, Lena Curtis, Ginger Daily, Taylor
Davis, Adrian De Leon, Noah Devereaux, Bowden
Drake-Deese, Alexis Federico, Jarod Flora, Weston
Funk, Abel Garcia, David Gibson, Tatiyana Giddings, Jack Girod, Teryn Gloeckner, McKenna
Goade, La’shonda Green, Keelan Harper, Joseph
Hart, Clayton Holderfield, Branagh James, Hazel
Jeffrey, Ashleigh Kasten, Alec Kilmer, Megan King,
Catherine Kristek, Elizabeth Lewis, Laura Londono
Iza, Jordan Marine, Kyle Martin, Joseph Martinez,
Chase Mayo, Alexander McEachern, Megan
McGuire, Constance McKnight, Brian McTyre, Lily
Miller, Keziah Mitchell, Aryam Monge, Nikolas
Morton, Weston Nelson, Nicole Nicol, Kelsey
Nowack, Tucker Nowack, Alexander Pageotte,
Merari Parra, Madelyn Principe, Naomi Rafi,
Carmen Ramirez-Hinojosa, Ian Rhodes, Vincent
Rivere-Barb, Jasmine Robbins-Simmons, Fernando Rocha, Willem Rogers, Alec Rome, Autumn
Romines, Ashley Ryan, Alicia Saldana, Kyle Short,
Chloe Shroyer, Donnae Simmons, Ana Stoumbos,
Nick Swift, Brady Talbert, Rachel Torres, Jacob
Tromblee, Sean Uzar, Billy Voges, Thomas Webb,
Joshua Williams, Francisca Wood, Jesiah Yewitt
College/Postsecondary: Taisim Bullock,
Dakota Cumbie
High School: Hunter Brown, Henry Conteras,
Derek Factor, Andres Frias, Hunter Goodson, Jimmy
Henriquez, Ta’lor Kirkland, Joshua Nevels, Kaleb
Nicholas, Jeffrey Pennycoff, Keyondra Snell
College/Postsecondary: Shane Callaway, Oscar
Chandler, Sheena Dauphin, Randy Eastman, Justin
Gabhart, Dakota Hennigh, Jonathan Howard, Kade
Kunzler, Shamaah Matos, Daniel Norton, Quinn
Robbins, Orlando Rodriguez, Wesley Stutz, Matthew Trammell, Jeremy Tritchler, Turner Warren
High School: Scott Anderson, Dan Baker, Richard Barrett, Tanner Best, Jason Blanchard, Jackson
Booth, Aaron Boutin, Ian Cullen, Jacob Dietz,
Payton Dixon, Derek Doughty, Blake Dunn, Joshua
Eddy, Rhett Fields, Eduardo Garcia Lucero, Garrett
Goodwin, Noah Gouveia, Ernesto Hernandez,
Josh Herrmann, Bryce Highsmith, Jessie Hughs,
Zachary Kasuba, Kyle Kirby, David Kletter, Avery
Landis-Ashbaugh, Hillary Libby, David Malloy,
Blake Martin, Brendan McGraw, William McKay,
Braxton Newkirk, Brady Newman, Austin Orvin,
Alyanna Pastrana, Tyler Schwingler, Jacob Shields,
Adam Spanier, Carynsa Sprigg, Jacob Stamm,
Donavon Stufft, Boone Tate, Hunter Thompson,
Saul Vazquez, Eduardo Veliz
High School: Danielle Adili, Sebastian Axelesen,
Robert Bender, Madeline Bobst, Hector Daniel
Caldeon, Karina Castillo, Cristal Castro, Jeanette
Chishbanji, Joann Dominguez-Mariano, Aryana
Escobedo, Erika Goracke, Sage Hall, Cortez Hayes,
Marah Hesterman, Branden Hoobler, Hanna Jasa,
Ann Marie Luppino, Gianna Manela, Bailey Nance,
Alok Pillai, Satyakrishna Polavarapu, Sarah Rico,
Jack Rogers, Tegan Schwettman, Olivia Taylor
High School: Daniel Alfaro, Jacob Aswegan,
Alejandro Barron, Tyler Blazek, Melanie Bohde,
Evan Bounpaseuth, Jane-Anne Brown, Ma’Liah
Cunningham, Kevin Farmer, Anslee Healey, Robert
Hill Jr., Erika Jacobs, Deandre Johnson, Jesse Kelley,
Austin Lemere, Keith McElrath, Vincent Moreno,
Charles Plank, Kenneth Prust, Karina Rodriguez,
Sirley Sanchez, Joseph Todd, Kassandra Vazquez,
Jason Villatoro, Tayaunus Winston
High School: Elizabeth Alexander, Sophia
Bagley, Carlee Bunn, Gloria Burnett, Johnny Carr,
Erica Castro, Jakeem Chamblee, Heather Cheney,
Glenn Clayville, Kearin Coonin, Deshawn Coston,
Jazmin Cruz, Alexandria Dean, Peter Espiritu,
Destiny Garris, Claudia Ghisolfi, Gillian Godding, Jacob Haigis, Melissa Hamed, Adam Hayes,
Olivia Humphrey, Taylor Janvrin, Maria Kipps,
Thomas Levy, Jordan Lockhart, Tyesha Lowe, Matt
Ludovico, Melina Madara, Taylor Malone, Kenny
Mardis, Brady McDonald, Ashley McLawhorn,
Breighanna McLawhorn, Jordan Norris, Camara
O’Brien, Guadalupe Pelayo, Marissa Pereira
McDonough, Natalie Sloan, Lauren Smith, Hayden
Sokolowski, Preslie Stowe, Matthew Vreman,
Aubriana Wallo, Hannah Willenborg
College/Postsecondary: Jennifer Davis,
Amanda Gonzalez, Francis Pullen
High School: Madeline Berzak, Zacharuss Boise,
Angie Bojorquez, Aliyah Bradford, Blake Davis,
Carson Fink, Lauren Graves, Elide Gutierrez Salinas, Marc Harris, Ba Kate, Alissa Kogan, Jae Jin Lee,
Ellen Li, Daniel Linendoll, Sedona Lucas, Jocelyn
Mansberry, Shaye McHatten, Leidy Nizama, Kenneth Romero, Hannah Santiago, Melody Serrano,
Christian Shadis, Emily St. Germain, Coby Taylor,
Josh Vessell, Alexa Vetter, Brandon Zhu
College/Postsecondary: Amanda Henderson,
Breahna King, Crystal Whitelaw, Katelyn Degener
High School: Gillian Gottlieb, Novena Petryk
Cordi, Sandra Raju, Summer Schlottman, Jaya
Smith, Chandler Van Scoy, Ashley Vescera, Jordan
College/Postsecondary: Raderick Brown,
DeeAnna James, Brenda Joe,
High School: Aaron Chan, Samantha Husein,
Dakotah Massie, Morgan Polston, Samantha
Rosenstein, Milan Sheth
High School: Nicholas Acosta, Molly Donahue,
John Gallamore, Anna Katrina Gutierrez, Daisy
Jaimes, Yamileth Jarquin, Jonathan Jin, Ethan
Leftridge, Jacob Redman
College/Postsecondary: Tiara Brosan, Brittany
Coker, Janae Crist, Cassie Davis, Brittany Finnegan,
Ashley McClain, Brittany McLean, Tiffany Nubern,
Christa Snyder
High School: Kaleigh Abbott, Mackenzie
Almeida, Prince Ananti, Lauren Antunes, Grace
Batemam, Paige Benjamin, Carlie Boyles, Brianna
Broderick, Candice Burruel, John Chamberlain,
Catherine Chen, Breanna Coffman, Sandra Cortez,
Crystal Diebold, Juan Flores, Sonia Gomez, Alyssa
Gould, Kierra Henderson, Emme James, Zachary
Kalafsky, Tarrant Luckett, Abigail Lynch, Emily
Mast, Dana McCarriher, Anjana Nair, Kobe Natachu, Chrisy Paciorkowski, Vannya Pavesio, Steven
Pierce, Conner Prosser, Yazlyn Quiros, Brandee
Ritchey, Cheyenne Santos, Courtney Scheulen,
Hannah Semsker, Juan Serna, Elaina Snow, Haley
Sponaas, Hannah Strickland, Matthew Warren,
Jacqueline Watchman, Terrie Wilkes
High School: Alexis Baresciano, Dariana Benitez,
Isidra Brower, Jose Calderon, Miranda Correa,
Carmen Darden, Brandy Gabrielson, Victoria
Guerrero, Brighton Hall, Robyn Heye, Anna Metz,
Arianna Mullary, Jessica Neal, Danielle Nusbaum,
Madison Paras, Naomi Villareal, Lauren Wyman
College/Postsecondary: Amelia Calhoun,
Krystal Hardin, Elizabeth Le
High School: Emma Arrowsmith, Andrea Begay,
Taylor Browne, Devan Clark, Emily Clark, Cassidy
Clegg, Ellie Clegg, Wyatt Cleveland, Daniele Etsitty,
Dalia Flanagan, Rachel Friel, Timia Gray, Valeria
Guzman, Dalton Hammett, Makayla Hearn,
Madison Hill-Glover, Colton Hoerath, Yazmine
Hopkins, Lauren Hurst, Ashlyn Kahlenberg,
Cassidy Kisseberth, Ashley Lafferty, Ashley Lister,
Sophia Luong, Ruby Mahaffey, Rachel Martin, Ann
Masiello, Avery Mee, Wil Neuhaus, Noah Ondracek,
Jeremy Piemonte, Hunter Pruitt, Josh Ralston, Emily Ramos, Karla Renteria Rosas, Skylar Rice, Jaila
Stallings, Eduardo Vargas, Levi Watkins, Micah
Watson, Anthony Whistler, Cristina Young
High School: Kendra Bean, Aaron Brumley,
Thomas Christian, Randall Grant, Da’Jah Harris,
Sky Hickey, Kurshad Juhal, Karla Lopez, Kevin
Lopez, Nicholas Outland, Raymond Perez, Lisabeth
College/Postsecondary: Elizabeth Cross, Bailey DePriest, Tarfee Hines, Mariah Taylor Moore,
Emily Poindexter, Jacob Turner
High School: Ayooluwayimika Ajao, Brandon
Ashley, Cassie Babula, Anthony Burciaga, Marena
Draskovich, Rafael Favela, Maria Flores, Maggie Hall, Cassidy Heiden, Jack Horne, Hannah
Jamison, Zachary Klein, David Kontsevenko,
Jennifer Maldonado, Jillian McGlade, Jasmine
Owens, Tajha Pacley, Molly Powell, Brandon Pozas,
Tanner Radcliffe, Salome Roong, Braden Rowe,
Kylie Shreve, Molly Soltis, Selina Velazquez, Alexis
Wack, Megan Wichern
College/Postsecondary: Logan Barnett, Rachel
Duncan, Daniel Hyduk, Alicia Lash, Adrian Taylor,
Zachary Whaley
High School: Jacen Conlan, Tyler Faust, Owen
Fisher, Tyler Greenawalt, Tyler Heft, Nicholas
Lebish, Tommy Liang, Jared McManigal, Michael
Moore, Sarah Poole, Alexandra Ruesga, Milan
Rutherford, Zoe Smith, Jacob Weber, Kaleigh
College/Postsecondary: Sakima Cauthen,
Thelma Clark-Thomas, Michael O’Neal
High School: Anirudh Bahl, David Chi, Daniel
Chun, Claire Donahue, Kush Patel, Young Song
College/Postsecondary: Jilianne Leary, Christopher Nalepka, James Patrick Philips
High School: Marc Alano, Brandon Aldridge,
Hunter Annese, Kaitlyn Brantley, Levi Brus,
Christopher Catanio, Pearak Chhim, John Cook,
Kimberly Doucette, Robert Ferullo, Elvis Funes,
Jamie Grutzius, Ryan Jones, Soman Khan, Devish
Kumar, Luis Lloyd, Austin Monaghan, Jordin
Montoya, Cale Nash, Sera Nickerson, Arlie Nole,
Vadant Patel, Nicholas Phan, Cody Phelps, Lily
Robey, Lauryn Rodgres, Carlos Sandoval, Marco
Santiago, Brittainy Sechler, Griffen Shinn, August
Shrader, Abbey Sikes, Wayne Van Blarcom, Isabella
Veeramani, Matthew Vincent, Zachary Vinson, Jack
Wiebe, Patrick Wright, Ryan Yang
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 6 9
College/Postsecondary: Rafael Gutierrez, Adan
Guzman, Stewart Sargeant
High School: Devin Alley, Edriel Cardoza, Alex
Chaffee, Zach Daley, Mahasin DuBose, Santiago
Espinoza, Bryan Flory, Aylin Garcia, Estela Gonzalez, Ricardo Guzman, Alyson Hardy, Ritu Kanchan,
Sammuel Larrabee, Lucas Lescano, Jacob Mann,
Trey McLemore, Alex Wright, Blanca Zepeda
College/Postsecondary: Michael Blatter, Christopher Clem, Nathan Defreest, Keith Evans, Joseph
Ezell, Woodrow Fourkiller, Eric Freddie, Lane
Huston, McCain Jennings, Aimee Johnson, Kevin
Kiefer, Ben Kierzek, Dan Koch, Nicholas Labun,
Ethan Martin, Chelsea McDonald, Tyler Nez,
Hunter Pechart, Justin Pencil, Brandon Schebel,
Nathan Schmitz, Tommy Sheppard, Ian Steveline,
Matthew Volmer
High School: Kurtis Adams, Mecall Anger, Robbie
Baum, Jesus Beas, Dylan Beaulieu, Christopher
Buckler, Dakota Chavez, Braxton Cooper, Angel
Cruz, Vinz Daguio, Austin Dencklau, Phillip Dow,
Dylan Drury, Mike Dworak, Isaiah Rashad Elam,
Alex Engelmeyer, Devin Hollors, Jacob Holloway,
Jared Kennedy, Shelby Kerkvliet, Philip Kneller,
Elijah Larimer, Luke LeBoeuf, Hunter Lee, Gerardo
Lemus, Joel Loya, Brandon Major, Connor Marks,
Raul Marroquin Sandoval, Justin McIntosh,
Esteban Mendoza, Trevor Morris, Nick Most, Toye
Patrick, Robbie Peeters, Stevan Pina, Ian Rector,
Richard Sass, Paul Sayler, Edvan Slick, Carly
Stanford, Andres Trujillo, Mason Volmer, Logan
Webb, Daniel Wilson, Jacob Wolf, Jayden Wood,
Nate Zoellers
College/Postsecondary: Khaliun Amarjargal,
Austin Buckner, Kaycee Colledge, Sara Ivie, Kelsey
Martin, Autymn Weaver
High School: Tucker Kallam, James Allen,
Lynndsy Baker, Donnie Beattie, Hunter Blackmon, Brook Blomstedt, James Brangers, Collin
Bugara, Slater Burns, Gannon Caballero, Devin
Caley, Cassandra Carrion, Wyatt Carroll, Connor
Christiansen, Trevor Clayton, Jade CollozoHernandez, Kadin Copeland, Kanessa Copeland,
Zach Corcoran, Robbie Cortese, Emma Counce,
Garrett Cox, Andy De Leon, Odalis DeLeon, Carson
Denning, Meggan DeSousa, Ryan Dunn, Allison
Eisenhart, Emily Ermert, Shannon Ferguson,
Michael Ferrari, Malinda Foster, Camryn Gales,
Taylor Gentry, Kayla Gray, Ryan Hardy, William
Hawkins, Ronaldo Hernandez, Lance Hewett, Zachary Hill, Jeremy Hines, Madison Hoatson, Brandon
Holley, Shadavida Huston, Preciuos Ikeouwku,
Derrakicia Jackson, Drikeytheia Jackson, Kimani
Jackson, Cleo Jarnagin, McKinley Johnson, Hunter
Johnston, Chelsea Klingman, Ayush Kumar, Cole
Mantas, Liz Manuele, Emily Martin, Ana Martinez,
70 SkillsUSA
Iyonna McMiller, Denis McCormick, Lauren
Minore, Jacob Mongenel, Elijah Moniz, Marissa
Morrison, John Mulroy, Joshua Nagle, Payton
Neeley, Mackenzie Oestreich, Brittany Oliveira,
Jason Onyediri, Rebecca Perkins, Sarah Pierce,
Erica Ponder, Cherish Queen, Gail Quinn, Philip
Ray, Aaron Renteria, Katelyn Richmond, Trey
Rongisch, Kalea Rosario, Sydney Rothbard, Jon
Salmons, Tevin Samuels, Briana Sigala, Madison
Street, Matthew Stuper, Joshua Summitt, Anferene
Tenner, Lane Thibeault, Timmy Thompson,
Hunter Thoumire, Makayla Turner, Roger Vadner,
Lauren Vasquez, Joshua Vida, Chase Warrington,
Carter Washburn, Breona Weiler, Emily Wilson,
Mackenzie Wilson, Kurtis Woolfolk, Kate Yeung,
Victoria Yorio
College/Postsecondary: Christopher Bales,
Lazarrus Davis, Michael Fox, John Geist, Lucas
Gonzalez, Erika Harding, Ben Huffman, Cody
Hurley, Todd Lamas, Heather Lansing, Joey Lopez,
Elizabeth Messer, Dwight Prelip, Anna Witt, Hunter
High School: Erick Acosta, Kyle Almanza, Shad
Andersen, Nicole Averyn, Kiersten Barker, John
Bart, Shawn Baxter, Victoria Belanger, Elizabeth
Blake, Brady Blumer, Reece Bowers, Ronald Bozeman, Bradley Bunz, Danyelle Caguin, Caitlyn Collins, Jesleen Cortijo, Valerie Desire, Colten Didion,
Morgan Dinkoski, Cassandra Dubois, Sabrina
Dugans, Riley Dwonzyk, Hunter Elliott, Norman
Engel, Jacob Evans, Chase Farrer, Charmaine
Frisby, Brady Fryberger, Nathaniel Garza, Naomi
Giesbrecht, Izaak Gifford, Joshua Gilbert, Kameron
Givens, Jadira Gonzalez, Jessica Hall, Gary Havens,
Allisen Jensen, Jason Johnson, Gabrielle Kartes,
Jordan Katz, Melody Kendall, Austin Lavielle,
Chrissy LeClear, Emilly Lektemen, Joseph Lerma,
Lena Maarouf, Ali Madow, Alex Maeder, Catherine
McDiarmid, Shane McDonnell, Brian McKell,
Susan McKnight, Benjamin Monger, Paulina
Montiel, Israel Moody, Michael Mulvey, Owen
Murdock, Arianna Napolitano, Joseph Pantalone,
Logan Parish, Dante Patnode, Nicole Peck, Brennan Peterman, Brooke Ratliff, Clayce Reid, Brooke
Reimer, Ashlynn Rewis, Brian Reyes, Dylan Rice,
Christain Rodriguez, Joanna Rodriguez, Travis
Sands, Blaise Saucedo, Christina Schank, Makayla
Setser, Agnele Sewa, Joshua Sewell, Daneyelle
Shaw, Zachariah Simms, Preston Simpson, Zion
Simpson, Annelise Small, Justin Smith, Nathan St.
Don, Sidney Stein, Ashley Stephens, Trey Steward,
Casey Stone, Colton Tussle, Benorqui Urena, Diana
Villalba, Cody Vincent, Austin Wagstaff, Stephen
Webster, Evan Wiebe, Jiavanna Wong-Fortunato,
Ethan Zachary
College/Postsecondary: David All, Matthew
Bean, Devon Bledsoe, Nicholas Carrington, Steven
Davis, James Gleason, Maggie Hirzy, Ryan Iverson,
Jonathan Jennings, Colton Langford, Eugene
Leafty, Barry Marshall, Richard McCune, Brett
Moore, Kevin Parker, Matthew Roderick, Frederick
Ronfeldt, Bennett Satterwhite, Boone Saylor, Andrew Schmidtbauer, Kyle Stiefel, Blake Thurman,
Eugenio Torres, Cody Tucker
High School: Hunter Batseson, Tyler Bitz, Asael
Bocanegra, Austin Brys, Kenny Chavarriaga, Ethan
Chew, Nathaniel Clowes, Ryan Denison, Bryson
Denton, David Dever, Brandon Garcia, John Hill,
Jacob Hisscock, Ryan Kuntz, Joseph Lanche, Conner Lavoie, Daniel Leetran, Raul Moreira Rivera,
Japeth Murphy, Preston Peschke, Nick Quandt,
Quentin Roberts, Bridger Sanders, Levi Strzepek,
Kevin Villanueva, Caleb West, Joseph Wolfe, Josh
Wooten, Jacob Wray
College/Postsecondary: David Braafhart, Lev
Burgess, Justin Burnett, Scott Burns, David Byers,
Lane Conroy, Joshua Davidson, Kyle Davis, Nathan
Fairchild, Casey Hackney, Andrew Hamilton,
Michael “James” Hibdon, Zachary LaVigne,
Lyle Nicholson, Eric Nield, Josh Redmon, Derek
Rutrough, Nicholas Velten, Casey Warner
High School: Ethan Ames, William Brown, Cody
Bruski, Justin Campbell, Joseph Doell, Bruno Fantilli, Brennen Fleming, Joel Glace, Travis Goodin,
Katelyn Grooms, Quinn Kinata, Noah Lehmann,
Hunter Lewis, Christopher Mason, Jonathan Master, Quin Motley, Donald Nelson, Matthew Pringle,
Nick Schieber, Nathan Voelkers, Alex Wagner, Casey
Walbridge, Zane Wilson, Abraham Zuercher
College/Postsecondary: Jared Chafin, Tucker
Clark, Cody Cole, James Cooper, Robert Coulter,
Matt Drost, Laura Gilmore, Sam Gladden, Dylan
Hardy, Blake Jech, Christopher Johnson, James
Johnstone, Richard Meyers, Josh Schroder, Bobby
Szudera, John Underwood, Brian Wickman
High School: Seth Chapman, Tristan Clark,
Garrett Conrey, Loriea Crudup, Garrett Hauenstein,
Conley Jackson, Andy Kemnitz, Cody Kirkland,
Jacob Lann, Jordyn McCorkindale, Christopher
McGrew, Michael McKinley, Kyle Mueller, Logan
Oswalt, Matthew Phillips, Noah Reichert, Zachary
Seiler, Justin Sohn, Jackson Teti, Collen Whitney
College/Postsecondary: Brady Bubar, Zane
Butler, Joe Contreras, Scott Curry, Justin Dempsay,
Daniel Dwyer, Zackery Gawedzinski, Joshua Hodge,
Brian Imboden, Joshua Jackson, Joe Javorsky,
Josh Johnson, Grant Kennedy, Tyrell Kirk, Dakota
Knudsen, Timothy Lind, Jonathan Maier, Shaun
Martin, Julian Martinez, Justin Morales, Jacob
Norton, Riley Pegorick, Trevor Pickens, Matthias
Rappe, Luis Renteria, Dariel Saldana,
Steven Sayre, A.J. Simkins, Andrew Stewart, Philip
Switz, Michael Workman
High School: Alex Akers, Carl Alderson,
Aaron Araujo, Mitchell Bailey, Danny Bale, Nick
Blanchard, Jalen Brinkerhoff, Xavier Cardenas
Camacho, Giannie Cintron, Christian Contreras, Jackson Cunningham, Ben Dubose, Mike
Falco, Tanner Fienen, Chad Fitzsimmons, Alicia
Grauberger, Solomon Hayes, Virgil Hickson,
Chazzerene Howard, Jarrod Jordan, Taylor King,
Brandon Lewis, Gus McDonald, Kayla McMurry,
Dominic Palomares, John Parks, Davin Pifer,
Jared Schmucker, Wyatt Seitz, Gabe Soto, Zachary
Stoor, Tyler Stroup, Nicolai Taklal, Joshua Taylor,
Thomas Taylor, Frederick Teed, Dylan Velez, Jordan
Voigt, Cole Woods, Joseph Young, Alan Zimmerman
College/Postsecondary: Amanda Basta, Pamela Brooks, Kathryn Brouillette, Foltz Calli, Catalina
Casillas, Chantal Cheevers, Shayla Eastman, Kortney Istre, Andrea Anne Koston, Lexi Kruschwitz,
Delchina Largo, Zulmarie Matos-Medina, Sarah
Mayer, Angela Mejia, Jeremy Mesker, Kelci Miller,
Zachary Neis, Nikkia Rhodes, Alicia Rivera, Sherley
Saint Preux, Courtney Severs, Michelle Stephenson, Abigail Swass, Sonia Talavera, Christa Watson,
Annie Yamamoto
High School: Areli Acosta, Jordyn Baker,
Alexandra Berrich, Genevieve Boushey, Heather
Bundy, Alexia Chambers, Sara Chamness, Frankie
Concepcion, Beatriz Dedicatoria, Alyssa Dukeshire,
Shanttel Gonsalves, Faith Hansen, Amanda Harper,
Hannah Herrera, Elise Hill, Brittney Hjort, Alyssa
Holder, Evan Jackson, Monica Jodrey, Mackenzie
Kleen, Roberta Lancaster, Karam Lee, Elena
Linfesty, Nancy Mascote, Destini McAllen-Alcaraz,
Cierra McNeil, Courtney Morehouse, Cassandra
Nez, Robyn Palompo, Mackenzie Prescott, Carmen
Rangel Cisneros, Hannah Rehmer, Brittany Runz,
Elizabeth Salazar, Isabelle Schlautmann, Autumn
Sitton, Danielle Sunley, Breanna Thomas, Alyssa
Ulrich, Kiarah Victor, Sydnee Wolfe
High School: Ieisha Ramsey, Cristina Aguilar,
Tammy Bolton, Tara Cox, Makayla Downing,
Cortnie Harrington, Emilio Herrera, Shanquriel
Jenkins, Emily Jones, Sarah Knipp, Lexi Lees,
Emilo Montesino, Victoria Moreau, Adam Qureshi,
Christian Reyes, Ashley Robinson, Esmeralda
Robles, Sam Stursa, Adam Taylor, Raven Treat,
Harley Valbuena-Jordan, Jazmine West
College/Postsecondary: Silvana Alfaro, Ryan
Burch, Jesus Camarena, Sarah H. Cross, George
James, Selena Kongmany, Johnathan Kooser,
Ernest Phillips, Gabriella Ramirez, Jackie Rasombath, Rene Rodriguez, Jessica Sandmeyer, Juan
Sillas-Munguia, James Sperry Jr., Laura E. Wall,
Nouda Xiong, Angela Yoho, Beth Zipperer
High School: Jorgia Aters, Taryn Austin, James
Bateman, Amber Bigbee, Edward Bird, Eliza Bird,
Caroline Burke, Josephine Burlingame, Alyssa Burton-Pilcher, Allison Butkus, Alexis Campbell, Kenia
Castro Ademan, Donald Cebula, Areli Chombo,
Iliana Contreras, Mikayla Corda, Isaac Corona,
Lucas Crawford, Mina Dehestani, Arielly Dias,
Mikaela Dooley, Lauren Downs, Brianne Dugan,
James Estes, Krysta Flanagan, Allison Ford, Justin
Fortin, Alexa Franco, Chyanne Funnnell, Amanda
Galvan, Andrea Garcia, Scarlet Garcia, Omar
Gatica-Analco, Shane Gibbs, Griffin Grider, Caleb
Griggeory, Veronica Hampton, Zeonie Harris, Mike
Hedrick, Kaitlyn Hermansen, Jasmine Hernandez,
Destiny Hidalgo, Emily Hill, Kira Hilton, Danielle
Johnson, Destiny Jones, Grace Jones, Nyasia Jones,
Corey Josephson, Jacqueline Juarez, Cynthia Kar,
Carson Kayner, Ethan Kennelly, Carsen Knott,
Natalie Knott, Briana Lawrence, Miles Lewis, April
Lugo, Admiris Martinez Vargas, James McIntyre,
Adreanah McLaughlin, Kiera Merritt, Jacqueline
Morales, Kendalyn Morgan, Saltlynn Nail, Kylee
Neace, Luka Pehar, Lucas Perez, Haley Prochazka,
Ayanna Pulley, Michael Ramirez, Rennissa Richardson, Stephanie Roe, Victoria Rollin, Amanda
Rosin, Samantha Sailya, Katie Saint, Kelly Salinas,
Diana Shoemaker, Janel Small, Keaton Smith,
Joshua Somma, Stephanie Soucedo, Samantha
Sparhawk, Justin Spurling, Carley Stone, Keely
Sullivan, Jordan Thomas, Destini Thompson, Andrea Tipton, Jeremie Valdez, Olivia Wallman, Riley
Walters, Ashley Watson, Olivia Wheeler, Jahlen Williams, Nathan Wiscombe, Madison Wright, Marian
Yalong, Regina Yoo
College/Postsecondary: Kevin Day, Harley
Gifford, Wesley Hampson, Alyssa Harvey, Joshua
Hodriguez, Chris Leisure, Christian Riestra, Marshall Schmutz, Robert Shaffer
High School: Jordan Bailey, Aston Baucom,
Andrew Belle-Isle, Abeeku Bondzie, Daniel
Bosse-Joseph, Nathan Bowen, Nico Covert, Ashish
D’Souza, Jack Erb, Rafael Frias, Cole Horne, Kavya
Kavanakudy, Weston Laity, Kaydan Lindsey, David
Lucadou, Chris Martinez, Matthew Meacham,
Julio Munoz, Cole Nemeth, Kincaid Nichols, Zach
Pierson, Nathan Regner, Pradeep Senthil, Trysten
Smith, Corey Todalen, Damian Ugalde, Colin
VerWys, Evan Welsh
College/Postsecondary: Chelsea Barnett,
Elizabeth Bedrosian, Isaiah Cuzzort, Francesca
D’Agostaro, Grace Drake, Mareena E. Garcia,
Kaylee Goff, Kimberly Haner, Melissa Holmes,
Alicia Hooie, Elisabeth Jimenez, Mackenzie Martin,
Jaccilynn Mayo, C’Yaundra Morrell, Ashley Moua,
Nikki Price, Savannah Riles, Abigail Rodriguez,
Annabel Sharder, Gina Steiner, Shay Sullivan,
Zyler Thompson, Erasmo Torres, Courtney Walker,
Ciara Yarborough,
High School: Vanessa Aldrich, Brooke Allen,
Jacquelyn Bagwell, Jillian Bardenheier, Emily
Baum, Bailey Bridges, Sarah Burke, Kelsey Davis,
Ashley Dials, Taylor Dodson, Jennamarie T. Dyke,
Melanie Eddy, Delymar Franceschini, Yajaira
Gonzalez, Kaitlyn Haley, Kaitlyn Hardy, Stephanie
Hart, Rebeka Hatcher, Alex Hernandez, Brittney
Holman, Madelyn Hovokra, Madison Hudgins,
Michaela Jones, Rachelle Jones, Kailea Kailipalauli, Misty Kilgore, Ashley Krause, Cecilia Massey,
Maggie Morris, Madisson Nippert, Ally Perry,
Shiann Rollins, Keisha Schlegel, Brooke Sosebee,
Amanda Trabulsie, Shelby Utt, Kaitlynn Wimble,
Paige Wright
College/Postsecondary: Olga Arroyo, Stas
Belch, Fabiola Bloodworth, Nicole Brill, Darby
Fisher, Carson Freeman, Tyler Fye, Mikayla Guarino, Abbigale Guyott, Ashley Heithoff, Andrea
Heiting, Aidaly Heredia, Karen Higdon, Shannon
Keefe, Makayla Kennedy, Melissa Kilpatrick, Abbie
Kincaid, Yanira Letona, Michelle Malone, Anthony
Martin, Xica McClain, Shelby Mortin, John Oliver,
Mackenzie Peterson, Sasha Pomerantz, Sarah
Poore, Michael Poulous, Perry Smith, Sara Smith,
Kameron Snyder, Savannah Stavinoha, Jason
Tauschek, Kiara Thomas
High School: Jenna Abbott, Derek Akin,
Christopher Aldridge, Jayme Alexander, Kelsey
Allison, Edith Alvarez, Jaelise Ballestas, Boone
Barton, Sarah Benson, Bridget Blake, Mariah
Boyd, Jose Bueno, Shelby Buffham, Isaiah Cassidy, Baily Caudle, Leah Costa-Turck, Calandra
Dawson, Ashley Diaz Soto, Devon Duquette,
Dominic Fargo, Andrew Ferrell, Naomi Flewwellin,
Michael Fost, Megan Gass, Ashley Glass, Mahiya
Gray, Angela Gutierrez, Andrea Guzman, Natalie
Happel, Rachael Hardy, Quinn Hoyle, Taylor
Jensen, Savannah Kelley, Gina Kent, Gage Kraeger,
Nicholas Larson, Meagan Launius, Michaela
Lawrence, Abigale Leu, Juliana Lindsey, Isaiha
Littleton, Kristen Longtine, Jacob Madden, Jessica
Madrigal, Maha Maghraoui, Isabella Malave,
Mason McCartney, Makayla McGuire, Laurisha
Meister, Herbert Monroy, Milton Monterraso,
Chelsea Morgan, Amy Munoz, Kathryn Myrtle,
Sarah Nelson, Eddie Nihart, Diana Patton, Kristina
Piplica, Isaiah Reed, Jordan Reed, Hunter Rhoden,
Taylor Rhymer, Daniele Richards, Britaya Ringler,
Drizzt Robinson, Wilbur Robinson, Kadarius Ross,
Benjamin Scott, Antonio Senick, Jennifer Shoup,
Anna Soto, Elizabeth St. Pierre, Michael Stackpole,
Imaria Staten, Tiffany Stokes, Pherris Swafford,
Elizabeth Sweeting, Annie Sweetwood, Blake Toves,
Christopher Triano, Madison Valesky, Tyler Wade,
Savannah Walters, J.J. Ward, Jasmyn Williams,
Chelsy Young, Brandon Zickefoose
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 7 1
College/Postsecondary: Cody Blevins,
Christopher Chambers, Mason Elliott, Herrera
Joseph, Kathleen Keene, Dakota Kidd, Jesse Thorne,
Michael Wells
High School: Austin Bishop, Troy Bisson, Jonathon Boydston, Garett Buchholz, Joshua Carter,
Aaron Cervone, Greyson Ekdahl-McBride, Philip
Fink, Gunnar Flotre, Joshua Gibbons, Wavy Griggs,
Jacob Hall, Marisela Hernandez, Madyson Hill,
Devyn Hollinsworth, Spencer Hollon, Trevor Kegley,
Christopher Keller, Jacob Lee, Caroline Lonigro,
Ashley Lyninger, Justin Manns, John McKenna,
Brian McKinney, Benjamin McRary, Jonathan Miranda, Gabriel Quintanilla, Jamie Ryan, Benjamin
Seidl, Charles Sharkey, Tanner Stack, Matthew
Stillson, Matthew Stringer, Erin Tinker, Morgan
Tippets, Trey Williams, Dylan Wilson
College/Postsecondary: LaMatra Barefiled,
Jayde Behlke, Ailene Butler, Lexi Crandall, Odes
Durst, Wyatt Fink, Zachary Frieling, Lexy Gimbel,
Dustin Gregory, Paul Haegele, Mellisa Hamilton,
Naomi Huberty, Jake Lau, Mahogany M Lemon,
Bethany McKenzie, Rodejah Meredith, Tiffany
Miles, Kyle Pacheco, Bryce Pederson, Joy Phillips,
Zach Powell, Roberts Ricketts, Kayla Rodriguez,
Jassett Smith, Taisyn St. Claire, Joshua Wiggins,
Howard Wilson, Joseph Yates, Noah Yoshida
High School: Karina Arvizu-Acosta, Jordan Bader, Giovanni Bartolacci, Jaydon Bell, Sandy Carmo,
Kenneth (Carson) Crisp, Sherwood Cuch, Samuel
Cunningham, David Davis, Vaughn Dennis, Kody
Derhak, Khori Eubanks, William Fecteau, Elvira
Gabriel, Jaliaha Gathers, Casey Gervais, Nayeli
Gonzalez Santos, Nicholas Grimm, Teri Hammonds, Tyra Henderson, Phillip Hua-Pham, Ethan
Hulke, Samuel Jijon-Bacilio, Jordan Jones, Sean
Lindblad, Henry Long, Miranda Mahl, Lauren
Mahoney, Catherine Manstrom, Serena Nguyen,
Jonathan Patterson, Ashley Elizabeth Perez, Tori
Plott, Molly Reisman, renaldo robinson, Ricardo
Romero, Harrison Saal, Ryley Schuerman, Matthew Smith, Megan Stoller, Ashley Tolley, Lauren
Traversa, Bryan Uraje, John Vidal, Rachel Walker,
Briana Weaver
College/Postsecondary: Alyssa Barnsdale,
Jude-Michael Batiste, Maxine Blackwell, Mark
Dalton, Ricknell Delgarito, Rochelle Goins, Megan
Marlowe, Emory Marshall, Haley McMahon,
Joel Nunan, Deshia Peters, Joanna Pratt, Alex
Romanelli, Tim Smith, Deeya Winfrey
High School: Emma Akkers, Allison Anderson,
Daniel Brinton, Collin Camden, Naomi Colon,
Maria Deblois, Suhail Delgado, Rachel Deno,
Shayenne Dorcely, Courtney Duncan, Christopher
Evans, Bailey Figueroa, Kesta Gervil, Madison
Giles, Chloe Gomez, Kiersten Green, Amber Haverlah, Cody Hovater, Ginny Huang, Noah Jacobs, Jenshrina Kehoe, Nicholas Lamm, Whitney Measles,
72 SkillsUSA
Danielle Niday, Raydija O’Reilly, Mackenzie Pelkey,
Lyndsey Pilla, Aidan Rice, Carissa Riggenbach, Coreye Ross, Mikala Sanford, Kaycie Segura, Kiniya
Shippey, Lalene P. Sirypannho, Serene Townsell,
Carinda Washburn, Triston Whitaker
College/Postsecondary: Jazmin Aguilar,
Elizabeth Church, Jocelynn Eger, Brittany Griffin,
Jennifer Helm, Collin Lawrence, Amber Mabry,
Monica Navarro
High School: Fe Lorraine Aguinaldo, Cindy
Clemente, Hailey Feltner, Lauren Groody, Leilani
Lopez, Grace Perry, Zainab Raja, Adriana Romo,
Dunya Shihab, Mariah Smith, Adriana Tapia,
Chris Trujillo
College/Postsecondary: Dionysios Analitis,
Preston Bagwell, Ryan Robert Balcerzak, Grey
Berry, Olin Blair, Anthony Bramante, Romello
Braxton, Cameron Dailey, Brandon Dickson, Ethan
Fettig, Ian Folkers, Keith Fullen, Mikel Fury, Matthew Gardner, Chase Gilbeason, Robert Janssen,
Clancy Johnson, Landon Kohring, John Lechler,
Eric Luna, Michael Mendonca, Joe Padget, Brian
Rademacher, Steven Remington, Robert Rutter,
Seth Schumacher, Anthony Schumann, Bryan
Smith, Adam Sprock, Nicholas Strohl, Benjamin
Tatum, Tyler Thiesing, Derek Whittenburg, Kasey
Wilson, Shawn Wood
High School: Ana Elidia Alvarez, Luke Andersen,
Isaiah Apodaca, David Berggren, Kevin Christensen, Cole Cook, Tanner Duggin, Tate Eller,
Hunter Fife, Trevor Flanders, Teddy Foret, Douglas
Frierson, Bryton Frost, Ian Fujinaka, Will Gaddis,
Kody Gibson, Christopher Gingerich, Quinton
Harris, Anthony Herzog, Nathan Hoover, Micheal
Joyner, Levi Lewis, Kristopher Long, Chauncey
Lurvey, Preston Lyman, Brayden Malaske, Bailey
Martin, Justin Maschino, Ryan Meppelink, Deven
Miller, Nicholas Motsinger, Dylan Noyes, Taylor
Owler, Ty Parsons, Jacob Peters, Thomas Rogers,
Tyler Short, Benjamin Siron, Jose L. Soto, Ryan
Sweeney, Arthur Sweet, Austin VanDorn, Takota
Walton, Michael Wenger, Cole Zilifro
College/Postsecondary: Lauren Abell, Caleb
Curran, Anthony Frazier, Gabe Freeland, Jahleel
Giles, Ryan Heckman, Carlos Hernandez, Amity
Hoffman, Jeremy Howell, Jeremey Johnson, Brian
Kesler, Robert Marrocco, Roland Massow III,
Kejuan Morris, Austin Oropeza, Al Nafi Walker,
Briana Wall, Trent Weinzetl
High School: Mariah Abney, Luis Arevalo,
Thomas Ausburne, Skylar Baker, Natalie Biendara,
Matthew Brock, Robert Bromley, Anna Brown,
Jacob Brown, Maya Brown, Bradley Carver, Darin
Chapin, Austin Cooper, Edward DuCoin, Rebekah
Ferreira, Chandler Fields, Emily Fitzgerald, Manny
Gomez, Mackenzie Goodrow, Ethan Harris, Chase
Holcombe, Calvin Holmes, Tim Huey,
Garrison Irwin, Trevor Janshen, Scott Kennedy,
Kyler Kirkland, Dominic Krupp, Isabel Latimer,
Tony Le, Joshua Long, Michael Mahan, Aiden
Matey, Luke Maxson, David McCallister, Nick
McCambridge, Connor Minkiewicz, Brynn Morse,
Zoey Palmer, Ryan Platt, Nicole Porter, Lilia Rafful,
Reid Riley, Jose Rivera, Kyle Roy, Thkunmin (T.K.)
Seng, Brennen Simcox, Braeden Smedley, Jackson
Sneed, Sahana Subramanian, Kaarthik Tharmiya,
Elliot Thompson, Jacob Thompson, Lily Thorburn,
Luis Tirado, David Tovar, Felipe Vargas, Desaree
Vaughan, Mikayla Viloria, Gage Welch
College/Postsecondary: Tawanda Brown,
Madison Hart, Sonya Johnson, Kayti Parish, Darci
High School: Molly Bolstad, Mary Buske, Shalen
Casini, Emma Chinchen, Kennedy Clyde, Emily
Dahlgren, Reyna Garza, Gianna Grafton, Lauren
Greenlaw, Madison Harmon, Lakota Hollowell, Rachel Horton, Katherine Hsu, Cross Korder, Margaret
Lamphier-Meier, Jennifer Martinez, Chaeli McCay,
Sarah Metcalf, Cassidy Moses, Hanna Placek, Karla
Romero, Tyson Wages, Jewel Washington
College/Postsecondary: Ariel Acosta, Colby Avera, Jared Benjamin, Zachary Blevins, Greg Castle,
Nicholas Caverly, Louis Clark, Nick Cundy, Adam
Ford, Ryan Hellen, Rodrigo Hernandez-Martinez,
Jordan Huling, Daniel Leonard, Clint Linebaugh,
Steven Long, Colby Mathe, Lundy Moliere, Zachery
Nilsson, David Perrin, James Potts, Dan Riha,
Fausto Rodriguez, Kory Schnoebelen, Nathan
Steele, Joseph Thibault, Aaron Wagstaff, Tate
Whiteman, Michael Zurenda
High School: Badar Ahmed, Mark Anderson,
Alim Ben Brahim, Samuel Boyd, Adam Brinkerhoff, William Burdick, Casey Cash, Justin Chambless, Seth Daniel, Jacob Day, Jonathan Ellison,
Kevin Escamilla, Ashlynn Gully, Sam Hoppius,
Jarrett Huebner, Andrew Huhn, Donovan Johnson,
Andrew Klaft, Tanner Kurtz, Bryce Landry, Nicholas
Livesey, DaNiel Machia, Todd Marks, Dmitri McDaniel, Steven McGuire, Mateo M. Melgar, Cristian
Mendez, Tyler Osentoski, Derrick Parrott, Tim Quitidamo, Alex Raeder, Kevin Reyes, Leonardo Reyes,
Peter Roloson, Liam Scribner, Kyle Shaughnessy,
Tyler Sorensen, Daria Stifel, Cordell Summers,
Austin Teater, Cody Thompson, Tyler Woodridge,
Anthony Zupancic
College/Postsecondary: Matthew Anderson,
Brent Berry, Ricky Borel, Josiah Duff, Cody Leahy,
Curt Love, Jacob McGonigle, Nickolas Nuss, Ivan
Ruiz, Jordan Steidinger, Silvestre Vargas, Victor
Velazquez, Cordarious Walker, Kyle Woolfolk
High School: Austin Barnett, Andrew Barth,
Thomas Bostian, Damon Bump, Chelsie Cloutier,
Dylan Craig, Matthew Dickson, Kameron Erb,
Zachary Gafford, Kreyton Gorham, Austyn
Harmon, Ryan Hittepole, Spencer Hopwood, Noah
Irving, Alex Mahlon, Huston Martin, Hunter
McKinney, Bryce Mendenhall, Jacob Morin, Coleman Myers, Eann Potter, Reece Powell, Mathew
Puente, Kevin Ramirez Martinez, Daniel Reyes,
Collin Rose, Devin Sikes, Zachary Snyder, Donovan
College/Postsecondary: Connie Davis, Dawn
Fenton, Kimberly NeSmith, Crystal Slater
High School: Connor Block, Jordan Coon,
Justin Finney, Shynettra Foxworth, Paris Harvel,
Christina Hatlestad, Leonard Hernandez, Courtney
Knihtila, Savannah Krick, RashAd Littleton, Codie
Loftus, Mollie Maddux, Alyssa Robasco, Jimmy
Robinson, Kristen Ruby, Braeden Santos, Sariha
Shipley, Alexander Sundquist, Hannah Willert,
Caezon Williams-Still, Aszurri Yarde, Humbero
College/Postsecondary: Zachary Alconero,
Kendrick Begay, Jarrett Brown, Tyler Crumbley,
Travis France, Alize Hall, Nash Helms, Richard
Kokoletsos, Carl Parsons, Cody Pitts, Filiberto Rios,
Brayden Stevens
High School: Desiree Alvarez, Chris Armstrong,
Miguel Bautista, Connor Begansky, Hunter
Blanton, Justin Brown, Dillon Burks, Colton Cammack, Miranda Campbell, Elizabeth Castro, Favian
Cervantes, Brandon Clarke, Lucas Collins, Caleb
Conner, Kari Croy, Shaela Davis, Tobias Demaray,
Charles Dolbey, Asheber Dube, Abram Ehrhorn,
Cameron Faircloth, Connor Faircloth, Zachary
Farrell, Patrick Fisher, Jessai Flores, Anna Gade,
Nathaniel Gard, John Michael Garner, Patrick
Han, Berit Hankins, Charles Harper, John Hodges,
Camron Houston, Andrew Hubler, Jonathon Jewell,
Mason Jones, Charlie Kruschek, Zachariah Lahrache, Marcelle Langford, Christopher Lanham,
Devin Lanter, Kaitlyn Lee, Marina Lilieholm,
Marcos Lopez, Natalie Lopez, Joseph Massey, Jacob
Morton, Nathan Murphy, Daniel Obichie, Anthony
Oddo, Cara Painter, Robert Parks, Isaac Payne,
Rachel Peal, Landon Porterfield, George Pulica,
Lukas Purasson, Justin Raper, Lauren Renkenberger, Jared Richards, Mason Ritz, Logan Robertson,
Nicholas Roschewsk, Matthew Russell, Karina
Sandoval, Jonah Schiestle, Alex Schoening, Payne
Stancil, Zack Stopper, Daliz Torres, Ryne Tucker,
Landon VanZile, Hannah Watsky, Spencer Weiland,
Andrew Wharton, Alex Wilkinson-Johnson, Lexi
Wilson, Larkin Witte, Richard Wright, Dylan Yoksh
College/Postsecondary: Jonathan Acosta, William Adkins, Jamie Anthony, Tyler Brown, Jarred de
la Cruz, Justin Eldridge, Ethan Johnson, Aria Jones,
Nickolas Joyner, Brianna LaDere, Darryl McCray,
Ariel Miramontes, Nyla Mitchell, Luis Mora, Rory
Shelley, Vincent Thomas
High School: Nathan Abbott, Shamari Adams,
Briana Aguirre, Anna Albritton, Ayrial Almy, Leslie
Amezcua Zamora, Alisa Begic, Luke Benz, Ashley
Berkowitz, Alyssa Black, Blake Bomboy, Shannon
Bourgeois, Nadia Bowley, Sebastian Chinen, Mya
Cofield, Kade Copeland, Anjali Dalwadi, Tajanee
Day, John Denig, Treasure Evans, Ashley Fahey,
Wes Faw, Alex Fonseca, Rachel Gillespie, Spencer
Gunderson, Corey Harrison, Blake Hawkins, Koya
Hill, K.J. Hirshi, Johnation Holt, Nicole Hoppe, Jada
Jackson, Dominique Johnson, Garrett Johnson,
Logan Jones, Zayda Juarez, Sean Kobarg, Cate
Latting, Noah Lawrence, Lauren Lee, Leslie Lopez,
Brooklyn Lunsford, Chris Lupardis, Christian
Maloney, Clare Martell, Annaleigh Martin, Shelby
McCubbin, Kenya McQueen, Ethan Miller, John
Miller, Noah Paradez, Connor Paradis, Jade Parker,
Todd Paskett, Brandon Patton, Dylan Pella, Keyona
Peters, Zach Pewterbaugh, Jasmine Phillips,
Ahmet Polik, Annmarie Rogers, Daxton Rothwell,
Brian Rubio, Meilani Ruiz Ortega, Chris Rushing, Hannah Silvers, Nathan Simpson, Cathryn
Siolka, Ashley Sisk, Tara Strickland, Halle Sulfaro,
Jonathan Thatcher, Bria Vinson, Nicholas Walton,
Jeremy White, Sean Wilson, Fan Yang, Sam Young,
Geoff Zdgbloski, Katie Zeitler
College/Postsecondary: Sommer Arbogast,
Natalie Bathen, Salma Carrillo, Cheyenne Coffee,
Jessica Duenas, Kyndall Edwards, Julieta Flores,
Evelyn Grabeski, Tiffany Gunter, Isabella Jackson,
Emily Jones, Patricia Kachaterian, Brittany Keeling, Mysti Kirkpatrick, J.A. Liles, Jamie Mowell,
Rebecca Parkinson, Brittany Reyes, Callie Sheffer,
Amberiah Smith, LaKesha Wesley, Ashlee Woods,
Rahel Yohannes
High School: Sara Amor, Stacia Black, Heather
Braun, Vastie Castellanos, Emma Deranek-Williams, Paige Earp, Rozlyn Engelen-Gurtz, Maria
Galvan, Tatiana Hanks, Brooke Howells, Rachael
Kennedy, Alexis Mcatee, Katie Morrison, Katie
Moses, Emily Newman, Marissa Pecorella, Crystal
Ponce-Carrasco, Sarah Ransom, Caitlin Redmond,
Rachel Rinaldi, Kelsey Ross, Susanne Savage,
Reygan Troyer, Amber Tucker, Keely Ward, Paige
Whitley, Melissa Zazueta
College/Postsecondary: George Bamburg,
Paul Michael Cole, Katheryn Cueva, Jonathan
Dearing, Nick Eberhard, Drew Flesher, Gabrielle
Glaser, Erik Hedden, Bobby Honeycutt, Derrick
Hull, Heather McAllister, Christopher Musgrove,
Matthew Pruitt, Carlie Rembold, April Vezie
High School: Joshua Attarian, Mary Bagley,
Veranna Bauske, Rebekah Bonner, Jordan Bozzelli, Edeni Colon Rivera, Emily Donnely-Horn,
Caleb Dowell, Nick Drew, Alvaro Escobedo, Kasidy
Haynes-Noel, Yessenia Hicks, Jahad Hoyte, Tymar
Hunt, Benjamin Kennedy, Katie Koterba, Randy
Langrick, Darin Lester, Mitchell Mahaffey, Naomi
Marcom, Dream Moore, Keshuane Nelson, Nam
Nguyen, Destiny Owens, Halie Parker, Daniel Pickens, Will Pierce, Rodrigo Quintas, Sydney Rainone,
Noah Redican, Hall Reyna, Rachel Richardson,
Kermit Rivera Maldonado, Noah Rouleau, Sylar
Sample, Alexander Santellana, Richard Simmerman, Jonathan Smith, Taylor Thompson, Shyrome
Walton, Anderson Wash, Alfien White, Cade
Wolcott, Suleida Zayas
College/Postsecondary: William Barlow,
Devon Brack, Caleb Brown, Christopher Jones,
Colton Kuhlman, Tyler McClean, Austin Meeler,
Austin Raue, Camron Wilkey, Dallin Wilson
High School: Alexander Belbeck, Mackenzie
Bryan, Hunter Czlapinski, Bailey Duffell, Gregory
Duke, Wesley Hall, James Heins, Matt Hudspeth,
Austin Kelley, Jacob Kelley, victoria Ketterer, Andon
Kingry, Mitchell Manfredi, Caitlyn Marino, Brandon Meyers, Brayden Miller, Myles Mitchell, Kyle
Mogilka, Konner Raymond, Tanner Reedy, Austin
Root, Spencer Rowell, Kris Stagner, Levi Taylor,
Austin Turner, Jordan Upham, Chris Vaughan,
Quinton Weber, John Wolcott
College/Postsecondary: Angel Fuentes, Aaron
Gammon, Holly Kibler-DeYoe, Patrick Lott, Aimee
Marshall, Phyllis Mazzaglia, Manuel Nielsen,
Michael Smith-Altizer, Tiffany Stalvey, Katilina
Struble, Rachael Thompson, Anthony Vinson,
April Won
High School: Brittney Ayotte, Kailey Bak, Maria
Barrios, Dalton Breeden, Ellie Campbell, Riley
Coleman, Denton Douglas, Maryissa Durante,
Matthew Dyke, Meagan Evans, Breanna Fisher,
Tyler Fletcher, Denisse Garcia, Britney Hall, Madison Harcrow, Julia Harper, Makenna Harris, Tlyer
Hoomes, Tara Keel, Rachel Krystopowicz, Valerie
Robyn Lawrence, Caleb Lee, Christian Mann,
Fernanda Mendez, Dylan Moore, Keyairah Moore,
Dakota L. Ostler, Andre Scott, Samantha Shephard,
Grant Sunderman, Chazz Sunkett, Travis Swanson,
Krista Waldo, Courtney Ward, Corey Weir
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 7 3
College/Postsecondary: Jessica Cupples,
Victoria Gillette-Robertson, Kristina LoVerso, Kalon
High School: Alisha Bell, Reggie Bryant, Myliyah
Caldwell, Sadrac Camacho, Erica Eyrich, Jeffery
Garcia, Jadee Hill, Brandon Jinright, Kamron
Lewis, Nathan Long, Ezekiel Moore, Kylie Normandin, Lauren Pettigrew, Kaitlyn Runion, Kenneth
Sager, Suhkharan Saggi, Connor Taube, Lenbarg
Terry, Justin Tucker, Brittney Whitestone
College/Postsecondary: Alyca Davis, Kelsey
Fields, Skyler Massey, Edrene Montanez, Crystal
High School: Jacob Barber, Brittany Blundell,
Jacob Canary, Hayden Carlson, Calista Clifton,
Britney Dix, Mattie Egly, Kalani Ferguson, Katy
Fillmore, Steven Franklin, Annabelle Grass, Katelyn Logsdon, Aldaire Mendez
College/Postsecondary: Ashley Antwine, Patra
Barber, Jennifer Boucher, Michael Boyd, Sherry
Burnham, Teri Copeland, Olivia DaFonte, Amanda
Davey, Kari Ellis, Shalee Freestone, Lea Gardner,
Bethanie Gibbs, Samantha Griffith, Amber Harrold, Katie Huffman, Keyana Johnson, Toni Lewis,
Sierra Locke, Mackinize Martin, Angela Mohr,
Kerith Moore, Chase Pelton, Sydney Pham, David
Polly, Kimberly Preston, Christina Ramsey, Brittany
Reagan, Molli Reiten, Tiffany Richmond, Amanda
Rivas, Sarah Shepherd, Kasey Spencer, Jennifer
Tarwater, Nicole Tidwell, Adrienne Walker
High School: Adeola Abdulkadir, Katie Aitken,
Kenzie Allen, Carlos Alvarado, Stacy Andryshak,
Erin Archambault, Nicholas Armstrong, Jewel
Balabagno, McKenna Baur, Erin Blake, Paige
Blinkhorn, Sarah Bradshaw, Alasia Branche, Lizbeth Brea Polanco, Rylee Brehmer, Rachael Broder,
Noelle Cave, Paige Christ, Meghan Counts, Aubrey
Cyr, Rayna Denis, Katherine Doucette, Mersadie
Dulac, Megan Earley, Jessica Egizii, Kendall Evans,
Heather Ferraris, Carly Foreman, Jaslyn Fossen,
Elizabeth Garcia, Kylie Gates, Abigail Grayson,
Melanie Hardee, Hannah James, Nicole Jones, Lev
Krasnovsky, Kaylyn Labonte, Gabriela Lasso de
la Vega, Winston Lau, Jiwoo Lee, Cody Lutman,
Alexis Lynn, Rachael Mailloux, Nicolas Maramaldi, Devon Martinez, Kelsea McConnell, Emmy
Mei, Justyn Merida, Kristen Miller, Alexandrina
Miranda, Eduardo Miranda, Lauren Molina,
Josue Moralez, Rachael O’Brien, Anthony Okeh,
Emily Pascucci, Kaitlin Rau, Josh Reyes, Thomas
Rollefson, Alyssa Salazar, Elysha Sameth, Laura
Sarringhausen, Taylor Scifres, Joyce Shin, Brooke
Shotwell, Loren Sillaman, Justin Simpson, Allison
Smith, Danielle Smith, Kelsey St. Cyr, Cassidy Stieg,
Rakel Sua, Preeya Subedi, Sarah Thomas, Kierstin
Thompson, Dasharae Ussery, Tessa Vakulick, Jenna
VanHatten, Noah Wood, Yearam Yang
74 SkillsUSA
College/Postsecondary: Danielle Dobson,
Rebecca Hernandez, Lauren Pelletier, Marissa
Wagner, Toni Watts
High School: Catherine Brennan, Sydney Currie,
Samira Dias, Kerrigan Ellington, Valery Garcia,
Kiersten Grotjohn, Jackie Haller, Carson Hope,
Kaley Marcinski, Alicia Martin-Conyers, Kassandra
Martinelli, Jacob Mitnik, Madison Stocks, Lauren
Stone, Mavis Taungatua, Kaelyn Taylor, Daniela
College/Postsecondary: Andrew Black, Braden
Borders, James Buresh, Aaron Cochran, Tony
Davis, Jesse Ferguson, Ryan Gallagher, Brandon
Higdon, Ryan Hill, Michael Horner, Terry Jones,
Mitch Lamon, Samuel Lytle, Jason Mercer, Joshua
Neumann, Carlos Ortega, Matthew Peterson,
Jeffrey Reichl, Erik Reyes, Christopher Rose, Randy
Schunk, Greg Smith, Peyton Sutton
High School: Ean Anderson, Grant Bowley, Hoyt
Brown, Scott Cersosimo, Kobe Champine, Nicholas
Chrostek, Haley Cole, Austin Cromer, Blake Evans,
Ethan Fannan, Christian Gabriel, Joshua Haley,
Jeffrey Hebert, Avery James, Ahron Keizer, Tyler
Lord, Sean Luciano, Patrick Machia, Thomas Mascia, Nick Massaro, Blake Moore, Ronald Perry, Jose
Rameriz, Colby Renfroe, Austin Rolfsmeyer, Bob
Ryker, Edmarie Serrno Gonzalez, James Smith,
Wesley Snyder, Jared Thompson, Andrew Tignor,
Cody Windham, Nathan Zabrecky
College/Postsecondary: Carlos Keglevich,
Samuel Tarfa
High School: Gabriela Contreras, Benito Flores,
Mark Goff, Allan Hitchcock, Kaitlyn Kopa, Wyatt
LaRose, Eddie Mackelden, Brayan Maldonado
Aguilar, Yen Nguyen, Niclas Nienebuck, Andrew
Tuson, Jerry Wood III
College/Postsecondary: Bryan Bauer, Michael
Boeding, Kadin Campbell, Jeremy Carl, David
Deramus, Jose Franco, Matthew Gangemella,
Alan Graham, Kyle Griffith, Jacob Hemond, Jacob
Herring, Geoffrey King, Devin Kissinger, Daniel
Mikawa, Trever Parker, James Switter, Cheng Vang,
Walter Vasquez
High School: Dante Abbo, Joedouglas Ashton,
Ryland Bagbey, Connor Bubash, Kolton Caraway,
Francis Carcamo Ramirez, Kevin Castro, Mason
Cocanougher, Joseph Cribbs, David Cruz, Michael
Dotson, Jeffrey Gerger, Knute Jones, Austin Mills,
Bailey O’Brien, Kody Parker, Cody Short, Cody
Siemen, Jeffrey Teter, Trey Thompson, Christian
College/Postsecondary: Robert Champion,
Michael Conatser, Steven Craddock, Jerome
Czachor, Jacob Frashure, Juan Gongora, Ty Hamilton, Robert Horner, David Langston, Ryan Monio,
Timothy Morrison, Mark Murarescu, Willam
Payne, Kenneth Rettinger, Tim Seitzinger, Ammon
Turner, Donald Vicknair, Andrew Ware
High School: Rick Allen, Nicholas Angelino, Kevin Anglin, Christian Arroyo, Joseph Burgio, Fidel
Castro, Colton Clark, David Crafts, Justin Forlenza,
Richard Frinzi, Christopher Galusha, Alexander
Gay, Eric Gomez, Jacob Hawley, Toby Ingram, John
Jackson, Bryce Jeffries, Zachary Jenkins, Nicholas
Jewett, Trent Kenny, Cody Klimkofski, Oscar Martinez, Riley McQuivey, Braden Moser, Jake Nethery,
Logan Perry, Austin Quick, Randall Reeves, Dennis
Shannon, Seth Smith, Mark Straub, Austin Taylor,
Isaiah Thomas, Justin Tuttle, Collin Weiss
College/Postsecondary: Daniel Akkerhuis,
Hannah Brooks, Joshua Camargo, Dodds Colley,
Bruce Crum, Owen Dehlinger, Aaron Franchi, Eric
Garza, Hayden Newlin, Cesar Perez, Hillary Pimentel, Cameron Underwood, Kyle Walker
High School: Brayden Banks, Noah Baylis,
Ethan Bellair, Rebecca Bohnker, Ryan Bombard,
Zachariah Casey, Jordan Cochran, Caroline Dew,
Kimberly Diaz, Daniel Engman, William Fowler,
Merrick Frichot, Bryan Garza, Mya Genwright,
Trevor Gladwin, Garrett Harriman, Curtis Holden,
Elliot Hossler, Jordan Hughes, Preston Hunt, Brandon Hustus, Alex Kibilko, Noah King, Devin Kupka,
Austin Lane, Jarod Liberty, Zachary Liljegren, Nick
Lombardi, James Marks, Salvatore Martell, Dylan
Matt, Samuel Melendez, Chase Mullican, Aaron
Nichols, Jane Palacios, Charles Palmer, Jordan
Pearson, Brenden Pelfrey, Alex Rediker, Carlos
Rodriguez, Raven Ruiz, Evan Shepherd, Sierra
Terry, Eric Todd, Connor Vance, John Wheeler,
Michael Zamojcin
College/Postsecondary: Trey Asperund, Jacob
Day, Robert Gaines, Kaitlin Jarssen, Robert Lamberti, Heath Like, Neal Metcalf, Steven Nuckolls,
Zackary Palomin, Cesar Ramirez, Isaac Ross, Azm
Uddin, Seth Wines, Jordan Zach
High School: Darian Arnold, Nick Birdine,
Brandon Brant, Carl Cederborg, Caleb Cook,
Willie Cook, Alexander Crombie, Ramon DeWitt,
Jonathan Diaz, Michael Hanlon, Tearra Hargrove,
Hunter Hearne, Gibson Holder, Jonathan Kinney,
Garrett Kitchings, Nickolas Komarnitsky, Kyle Korman, Ben Landon, Eric Nahe, Ben Rampel, Tyler
Reese, Jonathan Reiff, Michael Sachs, Matthew
Schuster, Jonathan Shacklett, Benjamin Simon,
Nick Slatton, Dylan Spille, Michelle Tavares, Derek
Toohey, Zheyuan Xue
College/Postsecondary: Mariah Bell, Richard
Bolanos, Cameron Brown, Nikki Custer, Brett
Davis, Michael Eubanks, Cooper Eustis, Brooke
Getchell, Olivia Hawbecker, Miguel Hernandez,
Joseph Little, Juliet Moreno, Kyle Sabourin, Brook
Senbeta, Eric Skinner, Ramona Tate, Teylor Taylor,
Joe Vernon, Sherrie Wilcox, Cody Wimberly
High School: Amanda Bartholomew, Mya
Benson, Christina Bhandari, Addison Boley, Sydney
Bruce, Micah Carey, Merideth Casey, Josh Charlton,
Shelby Convery, Hannah Cozzolino, Mason Duffey,
Kristine Emken, Jacorey Flood, Elexis Forgey, Brian
Funez, Rebekah Furtado, Angel Guevarra, Maya
Lemus, Liana Lopez, Katherine Luttner, Pamela
Mego, Shaili Mehta, Paola Annette Mercado,
Hannah Miller, Lindsey Millerd, Megha Nayyar,
Ben Neyman, Zakory Niemierowicz, Hannah
Pesek, Jon Petrucci, Jordan Plaster, Mark Revis,
kelsey Richard, Lexy Richards, Brook Santana,
Jose Santiago, Estephany Santos, Landry Shorkey,
Madison Snyder, Rosheka Tenner, Patrick Thomas,
Duane Williams
College/Postsecondary: Kayla Audet, Christoper Beall, Rebecca Borden, Greg Bunch, Mitchell
Clark, Keshay Davis, Kristin Dignen, Christopher
Fuentes, Ann Goad, Kelsee Haws, Darrian Hicks,
Louie Jude, Quinn Kielty, Scott Maki, Miguel
Ramirez, Keith Roberts, Jaclyn Studniski, Karina
Tench, Thomas Thornsbury, Anna Upton, Tyler
Williams, Tiffani Young, MIchael Zoltak
High School: Abdulaali Abdulaali, Bruce
Arneaud, Caleb Barnes, Natalia Baron, Shaden
Bethel, Pierre-Luc Bouchard, Noah Bryant, Kylie
Cain, Austin Davis, Alexa Flores, Angelica Franklin,
Gabriel Gamet, Sindel Harris, Sarah Henry, Kira
Hess, Hayley Ireland, Clarissa Jenkins, Amaia
Jones, Sofia Keiser, Ian Kelly, Stephen Lee, Ryan
McBride, Adrian Melon, Anaiya Moore, Allison
Prall, Benjamin Reynlods, Elizabeth Richardson,
Klayton Richardson, Nicole Richins, Genesis
Rosario, Kamau Russell, Savanna Smith, Emily
Stevens, Brett Stone, Joshua Thurston, Ally Toupin,
Celia Valle, Kyla Warner, Nona Wells, Grant West
College/Postsecondary: Makenzie Bowers,
Dixie Fields, Nohemi Giutierrez, Rachel Hilgers,
Amber Hutcheson, Caitlin Irwin, Mari Johnson,
Kathleen Klingberg, Nathan Kubinski, Alex Merrill,
Ullisses Montoya, Alexis Ramirez, Brenda-Lee
Rodrigues, Bryce Sinclair, Kevilea Skolarski,
Johnathan Sotomayor, Shanna Stevens, Desiree’
Uphold, Kyle Verslues, Satwyneka Williams
High School: Elvira Alamillo, Parker Anderson,
Tallon Armstrong, Gage Bloomer, Trevion Brownlee, Connor Buis, Ryan Campbell, Alyssa Casatelli,
Caleb Coffey, Tristen DeVore, Nicole Downs, Nikki
Drake, Stephanie Falcon, Emilio Gonzalez, Riley
Groover, Taylor Halverson, Hannah Johnson, Katie
Jones, Sariah Kawehilani Perez, Joshua King,
Aydee Marruffo, Jonathan Mccain, Grant Mitchell,
Kristjana Miti, Lynn Mockabee, Kyle Mosley,
AsherRay Palomares, Henry Reardon, Isabella
Rodrigues, Ethan Smith, Mason Smith, Nyles
Southam, Noah Squires, Jonathan Stanek, Traniece Stephens-Broadnax, Camryn Strecker, Cole
Trued, Jonathan Valle-Alfaro, Madison Vaughn, Eli
Whiteman, Caitlin Wilkie
College/Postsecondary: William Almon, Mark
Bean, Samuel Cook, Mark Crockett, Michael Jolley,
Matthew Pryor, Sergei Shapoval
High School: Nathan Andrade, Adrian Betancourt, Jordan Decker, Kyle Fields, Samuel Kendrick,
Rafael Lopez-Soriano
College/Postsecondary: Mike Allen, Peter
Babilonia, Sherokee Bogert, Blake Bush, Kyle
Crockett, Adam Doraska, Aaron Garoutte, Kelly Gillis, Weston Jeno, Dustin Krueger, Tyler Rush, Doug
Stockwell, Cole Stoddard
High School: Cameron Brown, Aydan Doyle,
Tyler Fitzpatrick, Ian Gainey, Simo Gruichich,
Maxwell Hodges, Joseph Hunt, Robert Koss,
Brian Lagergren, Kyle Marshall, Aca McDonald,
Braxton Miller, Joshua Rodgers, Daniel Rush, Lee
Schoonover, Preston Woodstock, John York
College/Postsecondary: Mathew Adams, Jake
Arborgast, Brandon Baker, Theresa BarbosaWeston, Jonniece Collins, Jordan Ellis, Cody
Harrison, Evan Horak, Trevor Huntley, Agustin
Maldonado, Archie Morgan, Cody Palmer, Samuel
Preece, Triston Rehm, Charlotte Strope
High School: Danny Acosta, Hector Agapito,
Dana Barrow, Carsten Bievenour, Joseph Blanton,
Nicholas Brehm, Jim Chisenall, Shania Clifford,
Nicholas Corcoran, Thomas Davis, Luis Diaz, Lane
Flaherty, Allen Fonseca, Phillip Herndon, Dearius
Keller, Rob King, Charles Miller, Jacob Murillo,
Marcos Nieto, Austin Null, Mack Odell, Ysable
Pedroza, Matthew Porter, Cole Rains, Travis Rubio,
Dailen Sampson, Dylan Shannon, Ashley Springs,
Donald Studebaker, Austin Sullivan, Tyler Thompson, Kelby Thornton, Sylvester Williams
College/Postsecondary: Charles Applewhite,
Tyler Barnhill, Andrew Braly, Andrew Campbell,
John Carrico, James Catlett, Daniel Delgado, Zerek
Farley, Charles Hatcher, Marshall Miller, Dallas
Myers, Craig Purdy, Oscar Simon, Tyler Sisseck,
Ezgar Valenciano, Nicholas White, William White,
Geoffrey Whitehead, Dusty Widman, Clayton
High School: Ashley Amick, Michael Antovski,
Riaen Ayers, Holli Benedict, Phillip Branch, Lina
Brihoum, Cynthia Carlton, Austin Carnes, Samuel
Drees, Aleah Emlet, Brandon Faddis, Leon Gaulin,
Mathew Gillig, Greg Gutierrez, Brad Hensley,
Joseph Jahn, Brad Malone, Haley Mueller, Nick
Odgers, Jesse Osborn, Nicholas Pocius, Cameron
Rice, Destiny Rivera, Jonathan Shaw
College/Postsecondary: Amanda Byrd, Caitlyn
Card, Alondra Gomez, Leonila Hernandez, Kyle
Kummer, Tiffany Lee, Candace Perkins, Desirae
High School: Hunter Andres, Marilyn Arceo,
Kristen Burzynski, Leslie Castillo, Nataly Granados,
Omar Khan, Niraj Lawande, Jantel Lewis, Kamryn
Montgomery, Emma Myers, Aubree Riley, Taylor
Sadowski, Haven Silvio
College/Postsecondary: Kalleigh Bausch,
Efrain Fermin, Erika Friese, James Hendricks,
Shanna Holt, Shelby Moten, Austin Radmall, Katie
Roberson, Cody Strickland
High School: Leah Bender, Brittney Bolin, Emily
Bremers, Zachary Cioccio, Kathleen DePina, Grace
Edwards, Jorge Hernandez, Mirim Ji, Tia Matherly,
Hannah Melton, Carlos Ortega, Sarah Parker,
Shannon Perrotta, Hannah Pettit, Hayriye Polik,
David Russell, Janum Shah, Skylar Smith, Erica
Stuhlsatz, Nicholas Tilley, Mary Veneziano, Pablo
Wilson, Richard Wooten, Cody Wren
College/Postsecondary: Melanie Bordon,
Jessica Cocciolo, Katherine Daly, Emily Goodwin,
Janel Hernandez, Stephanie Hodges, Erica Minton,
Sarah Ann Porter, Garrett Ramsfield, Shannon
Ricketts, Dena Stein, Soledad Suarez, Amber Surrena, Skyla Watkins, Amanda Williams
High School: Hannah Amarantes, Mackenzi
Barrett, Elizabeth Berry, Angela Grace Borro, Daisy
Caballero, Melissa Cole, Ian Dominic De Los Reyes,
Naomi Deya, Heather Donohue, Lauren Engvaldsen, Angel Gomez, Monica Guerrero-Lopez, Shelby
Havard, Flora Hepp, Helen Hitz, Terra Hurst,
Abbigail Lamb, Mickaella Langer, Joshua Lignoski,
Catherine Lopez, Kayla Mason, Anisha Neupane,
Blessing Nwah, Haley Pollo, Atzirit Rubio, Jessica
VanDam, Callie Young
College/Postsecondary: Joseph Camacho,
Bradly Drake, Michael Gonzalez, Peter Vega
High School: Serae Collins, Kristofer Davis, Jose
Do Carmo Abreu, Ian Freericks, Adam Hill, Jason
Kirkhart, Harley McGuigan, Landin Olandese,
Zachary Pledger, Tyler Wallace
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 7 5
College/Postsecondary: Shakelle Hailey,
Christopher Lueck, Tom Mendenhall, Tyler Phillips, Donald Taylor, Zachary Taylor, Asa Watson,
Landon Wilson, James Wisner, Kyle Woods
High School: Jordan Aguiar, Joshua Arehart,
Joshua Aubel, Ryan Balda, Benjamin Bassett, William Bassett, McKenxzy Boateng, Sean Bocchino,
Katelyn Bosma, Christopher Bowles, Kaden Brown,
Shane Caldwell, Jacob Clabough, Kailah Crisostomo, Andrew Dalebout, Jacob De Jesus, Pranto
Dey, Dane Driskell, Jeffery Ellsworth, Noah Evile,
Rikkie Ray Garcia, Brandon Geiger, Kendravious
Golatte, Conor Gray, John Lee Grindstaff, Kevin
Hamlett, Zack Helton, Drayton Hoffman, Josh
Holzhauser, Felix Huynh, Hamlet Jaquez, Hunter
Johnson, Dylan C. Jones, Logan Klink, Tyler LaBonte, An Le, John Lemme, Adam Metzinger, Jacob
Meyerson, Devon Mickels, Giovanni Molin, Jackson
Nestleroad, Patrick O’Hare, Anil Parbhudial,
Quentin Peavey, Kevin Purcell, Xushuai Qu, Marco
Rocha, Landon Rock, Rose Marie Sanchez Irizarry,
Nathan Shaner, Hunter Skoien, James Benado
Smasch, Kendall Stoutenburg, Noa Tipton, Manuel
A. Torres Adorno, Jon Urgello, Jose Valenzuela Gil,
Bruno Vieira, David Washburn, Matt Wiechec,
Ethan Williams
College/Postsecondary: Skylar Boatman,
Daniel Burns, Michael Dassenko, Taran Eastman,
Aaron Herman, Hans Van Houten, Shawn Lee,
Christopher Martin, Colton Messer, Corey Meyer,
John Meyer, James Oelschlager, Jensson Ostler,
Collin Post, Ryan Rucker, Trevor Stone, Jose Valle,
Nathaniel Young
High School: Jeffery Blazer, Tyler Broomhall,
James Corona, Sloan Corson, Damen Domangue,
Jerry Dowdy, Jake Flowers, Lane Grissom, Alex
Haase, Lonne Hessdorfer, Sean Hopkins, Ron Lard,
Seth Levy, Sly Lumpkin, Albert MaGill, Brandon
Maley, Dion Martinez, Jacob Miller, Mathias Nelson, Cory Ormsby, Brody Platt, Jacob Quijas, Brett
Renick, Alonzo Roberts, Dillon Stackhouse, Marisa
Storto, Ricky Webster, Robert Wise
College/Postsecondary: Kimberly Bowling,
Shontae Byrd, Natali Carmona, Ee Chang, Maggie
Fox-Eggleton, Whitney Hughes, Tenise Jenkins,
Bobbie Miller, Alex Morse, Amber Mullins, Julissa
Ojeda Najera, Denishia Riley, Laura Rodriguez,
Ally Rogers, Heather Russell, Yadira Sencion,
Melissa Serna, Carly Sharpe, Abigail Szlasa, Kelsey
High School: Angelica Altamirano, Alicia Bahena, Brisa Caraveo, Stormy Carver, Rae Castillo,
Matthew Christian, Gabriela Guedea, Bailey
Kasterke, Huong Le, Destiny McDonough, Chasity
Miotke, Courtney Moon, Nashalye Nazario, Lisa
Nguyen, Diana Orejel, Alondra M. Pantoja Aquino,
Martha Perez Parada, Beth Pitre, Tessah Ralstin,
Erika Ramirez, Sophei Thuong, Ashlyn Turner,
76 SkillsUSA
Diana Valenzuela-Silva, Olivia Velgara, Alison
Villa, Kayla Williams, Jordan Yousef, Dakota
College/Postsecondary: Ebonnie Arvie, Karen
Ballew, Madison Bloodgood, Charcy Henderson,
Lynette Morgan, Robert Shumway, Kimberly
High School: Yazmin Arroyo, Desiree Bowen,
Lucia Cho, Zoe Croyle, Alexa Cuellar, Michael
D’Angelo, Hannah Dudley, Brynn Erickson, Katie
Fitch, Lyndsey Guerra, Molly Hitchens, Brooke
Jacobs, Lisa Martin, Austin Metcalf, Mandy Minger,
Emilee Morgan, Alaina Peterson, Brittney Pueppke,
Elaina Schaefer, Cayleigh Sides, Faith Stalboerger,
Rachel Sunderland, Gabby Tercero, Julia Toomey,
Allison Vrooman
College/Postsecondary: Hattia Covington,
Ronda Graham, Kalavious Turner, Meghan Turner
High School: Berenice Arzate, Izzy Berrocal, Sierra Blake, Joshua Bonner, Brooke Butler, Donovan
Calupitan, Alan Casquera, Kaydee Castillo, Marcea
Davis, Delondra Defreeze, Estephania Garcia Trujillo, Kellianna Harris, Shylynn Hopkins, Richard
Johnson, Kevin Leopold, Tahisha Lopez, Nancy
Marquez, Destiny Mayorga, Tatum McEntire, Alexis
Melendez, Kasey Neves, Joseph Simpson, Kenneth
Sperling, Rebecca Strout, Stacey Urbina, Vince
Viola, Imelda Zamor
College/Postsecondary: Daniel Cadwell,
Fernando Castillo, Kelly Head, Dawson Hickey,
Zackary Hymas, Frank Larkin, Chris Seawall
High School: Ramon Ayon, Diego Carrillo, Francis Clark, Alyssa Edgar, Raymond Estrada, Tatyana
Foskey, Kherstan Hill, Angie Huamancayo, Vanessa
Jefferson, Harold King, Justin Klein, Jose Linarez,
Erika Martinez, Jake McDonell, Chase McElfresh,
Antonio Morales, Nathan Neal, William Roblero,
Emma Rossetti, Nicolas Schifano, Grant Schroeder,
Annalie Spencer, Logyn Stanton, Ronald Stepter,
Jonathan Ventura, Austin Wright
College/Postsecondary: Haneen Alhroub,
Abigail Anaya, Hannah Blansit, Christie Boston,
Yazmin Bravo, Eric Butler, Diana Carmargo,
Brandon Carrizales, LaWhitney Clover, Maria
Cruz, Susana Gil, Roberto Guerrero, Maria
Hidrogo, William Howard, Jesssica Hueramo, Jesse
Matthews, Eric McGaha-Potter, Sarah Merciers,
Nikita Mincey, Leslie Rainge, Dekota Rhodes, Rudy
Rodriguez, Rosa Rojo, Martha Ruiz Perez, Evelyn
Solis, Erin Sterling, Deric Thomas, Tasha Trevino,
Erica Trujillo, Anais Uriostegui, Ollie Vaughn,
Elizabeth Vega, April Watcher, Kyleigh Wright,
Miguel Zamarripa
High School: Kimberly Aguilar, Alexa Alaniz,
Jaycie Alford, Jade Allen, Leanna Alps, Jasmin Arredondo, Elyse Asmus, Brooke Baca, Lizzy Backlund,
Kayla Baker, Tristen Barnes, Alejandra Barreto,
Kela Beaver, Morgan Bell, Faith Bennett, Chelsey
Benoit, Joseph Berry, Hannah Betsinger, Bailey
Bilyeu, Cassie Bingaman, Alexa Blythe, Kayland
Boggan, Alyanna Borges, Bailey Bowles, Dalton
Bradford, Tony Bradley, Austin Brock, Lauren
Bromelow, JoDee Brown, Marvez Bryant, Adam
Buntley, Jake Burke, Kendyl Burke, Madison Butler,
Juliana Calce, Chelcee Carroll, Katin Cedarholm,
Alexandra Chavez, Cassidy Christensen, Kailea Collins, Cody Conger, Val Lanesha Cook, Cali Corson,
Madison Cox, Gwynna Crawford, William Crozier,
Sofia Cruz, Hannah D’Arcy, Adrienne Davis, Kelsei
Davis, Bradyn Edgington, Cassandra Ehleringer,
Bobbie Ellison, Carleigh Emanuel, Casey Engebretson, Kelsey Epp, Arianna Favela, Alexandra
Feriozzi, Mackenzie Fey, Turan Finley, Allan Flaa,
Adrian Flaco, Cole Flegel, Brileigh Gentry, Nikolay
Getchell, Kwas Glenn, Zackary Golebiewski, Natalie
Greenwood, Jaycee Groves, Tyler Gruenwald, Lexi
Guthrie, Amy Ha, Emily Hackett, Jocelyn Hall,
Tamia Hall, Alec Harris, Skylar Harris, Caoline
Hearn, David Henley, Randi Hoffman, Lauryn
Hollenbeck, Ke’Darius Holmes, Kallie Huffman,
Austin Hulsey, Katei Hunt, Molly Huynh, Richard
Huynh, Stephanie Huynh, Lyndee Jackson, Beatriz
Janeiro, Thomas Jarvis, Jenna Johnson, Shannon
Johnson, Elias Jordan, Allie Kench, Kristin Kepner,
Haley Kirton, Taylor Kramer, Abby Kring, Tyler
Kucera, Emily LaFlleur, Taylor Lantz, Britnie Lau,
Alicia Lee, Taylor Lee, Toni Leonardo, Hannah
Lester, Talon Lewis, Jenna Locke, Carly Locker,
Mallory Loftin, Alex Lopez, Sheila Lopez, Alexis
Mager, Vanessa Maldonado, Hallie Malsbury,
Calvin Marks, Azariel Marquez, Ainslee Matheson,
McKenzie Matthews, Malakia May, Charlessia
Mays, Tristin McCormack, Katlyn McCoy, Sydney
McGahan, Mazie McGaugh, Justin McManus,
Connor Meyer, Griffen Meyer, Samantha Meza,
Alanah Miller, Jamie Miller, Alexander Milslagle,
Heather Montes, Bryanna Morgan, Lilly Munoz,
Chaelyn Newton, Dustin Northup, Taylor Nuse,
Taylor Oakes, Veronica Ortiz, Quinn W. Oster, Lexie
Owens, Sammy Owens, Breanna Patterson, Amber
Pennington, Kendra Pereira, Jasmine Perez, Sarah
Perez, Romance Perry, Stephen Phillips, Cameron
Pilgreen, Anthony Popham, Brayton Porter, Tray
Powers, Sabrina Pratt, Jacqueline Quezada, Paris
Raleigh, Dylan Ranes, Gabriel Rangel, Victoria
Real, Marika Riddle, Megan Ross, Delaney Ruiz,
Katelynn Rump, Matthew Ryan, Jorge Sanchez,
Rachel Sauls, Sarah Scouten, Nathan Seal, Amber
Senior, Alysha Shetrone, Delaney Shipley, Rebecca
Shockey, Navdeep Singh, Lindsay Slagle, Kylie
Smith, Samantha Smith, Samantha Smith, Marrisa Snyder, Carter Spencer, Linley Spoonmore,
McKenzie Spoor, Halle St. Clair, Brendan St.John,
Kyla Stanley, Lauren Stowers, Ashley Sweatt,
Rachel Tangen, Grant Teichmeier, McKay Thomas,
Jason Tomlinson, Tamia Torrey, Jacob Troutman,
Baileigh Tucker, Jacylyn Tuggle, Jonathan Vaequez,
Brent Varao, Erin Vera, Madison Verser, Evan Volpert, Anna Weaver, Sydney Wheeless, Allazae White,
Davis White, Isabel Whitlock, Madison Whitson,
Khalil Williams, Kaylin Wilson, Emily Wingrove,
Emily Winstead, Humza Woods, Daryn-Nikole
Workman, Tytiana Wraggs, Kaitlyn Wright, Kailey
Young, Nicholas Young
Middle School: Yanil Bahena, Melissa
Brinneman, Alexis Gonzales, Katherine Jackson,
Martina Magana, Ryanne Marquez, Eva Perales
College/Postsecondary: Amanda Mooney,
McKayla Setzer
High School: Nikita Alarcon, Rosa Bello-Aguilera, Jada Brown, Andrea Cardona, Karen Cuevas,
Erika Eckhardt, America Flores, Alivia Fogle,
America Garcia, Autumn Halley, Kari Hansen,
Carla Hernandez, Julia Hodge, Miriam Hoffman,
Caitlyn Jenkins, Candie Jurado, Faith Kawakami,
John Nguyen, Giselle Oviedo, Jessica Padilla,
Derrick Paul, Kyra Pewitt, Devon Ramdial, Adoria
Randolph, Daniel Schwanegger, Zachary Slagley,
Makayla Smith, Emily Torres, Victoria Venardi,
Farren Wolfe
College/Postsecondary: Christopher Adams,
Brookin Alexander, Savannah Buswell, Cassandra
Caldwell, Kristin Cranmore, Jose Gomez, Shelby
Horton, Shawna Huffman, Roshonda Johnson,
Amber-Lyn Rodriguez, Omega Ruth, Monica
Schrank, Glenda Scott, Daniel Smith
High School: Jordyn Bacon, Brianna Barker,
Olivia Bates, Lauren Benjamin, Jayden Bodziak,
Ryan Campbell, Mikayla D’Agastino, Rachel
DeWolfe, Rodrigo Diaz, Elizabeth Dillard, Rachel
Emig, Daerique Enriquez, Michelle Escobar, Jordan Funderburk, Afton George, Josh Hansen, Maya
Hartnett, Sarah Hodges, Jonathan Hughen, Cassie
Kennedy, Caley Kreutzer, Nijah Marshall, Shelley
Mead, Michael Metcalf, Leanna Moore, Madeline
Morehead, Mykhailo Noga, Evelyn Prewett, David
Price, Noah Schilling, Maysen St Germain, Ashley
Stucker, Zayda Torres, Alyxis Torrez, Shyann
Trimpe, Megan Walker, Allison Woods
College/Postsecondary: Erica Fenton, Nevada
Finton-Millis, Kevin Howard, David Hoyt, Hallie
Jacobs, Megan Johnson, Brandon Moreno, Joseph
Repucci, Joseph Rosado, Nathaniel Swyers
High School: Gray Andrus-Merriner, Jacob Arce,
Alayna Boucher, Abbey Carr, Coralys Cintrón,
MacKenzie Coleman, Erica Conklin, Shannon
Corbett, Kiley Cox, Allison Delaney, Anthony Drake,
Natalie Farness, Nicole Florez, LelLani Girgis,
Emilio Guevara, Lauren Holzinger, Sarah Kennedy,
Camisha King, Hyeon Du Lee, Fiona Legesse,
Isabel Lieb, Gabrielle Loewen, Elliot Miller, Lindsay
Nichols, Tina Pasquale, Hannah Pennington,
Caitlin Podratz, Jordan Richards, Rachelle Sanders, Brenda Sevilla, Socha Smith, Katherine Splain,
Nour Tanbal, Victoria White, Amaya Wright,
Suzanna Yaromich
College/Postsecondary: Jason Broccoli, Julius
Colbert, Jefferson Fongtran, Jacob McClelland, Angel Pevia, Zach Robertson, Alexander Steigerwalt,
Hunter Sweet, Bourke Tarbet, Luke Tingle, Scott
White, Levi Williams
High School: Nicholas Calvert, Chandler Cannon, Noe Casillas, Asher Chicoine, Sean Diehl, Austin Drum, Bryan Duta, Hunter Erickson, Armand
Faccinto, Cedrick Ford, Travis Gammill, Francis
Grabowski, Bridger Jones, Robert Kennedy, Jake
LaPointe, Alex Marquis, Cameron Miller, Nolan
Moore, Jarod Orlando, Devin Patrick, Michael
Piccoli, Kordell Renuard, Jordan Robinson, Adam
Sanchez, Jacob Severson, Jayson Smith, Joseph
Smith, Mason Steiner, Kevin Sullivan, Brandon
Thornton, Hunter Triplehorn, Tristan VanDyken,
Jose Vinas-Vasquez, Andrew Williams, Ryan
College/Postsecondary: Isaac Chaparro,
Chantel Hamann, Austin Harmon, Gramm Meyer,
J. Tapley Mitchell, Jeff Parman, Randall Passmore,
Donaven Phillips, Jaden Plath, Pat Reed, John
Ryan, Cory Schulte, Tim Stewart, Ciro Suaste,
Austin Terry, Rhonda Vanhorn, Patrick Vickery,
Brian Wingler
High School: Hunter Albisu, Stephen Allen, Sawyer Anderson, Andrew Boring, Jason Brunelle, Ian
Carney, Shahid Cobb, Michael Conly, Christopher
Coster, Dakota Davidson, Seanan Dougherty, Brian
Dysart, Corbin Foster, Kevin Graff, Kevin Halloran,
Annastasia Henson, Tyler Hood, Robert Kloha,
Ethan Kluver, Rusty Lamb, Dillan Landers, Jason
Lowes, Thomas Miller, Travis Mills, Kyle Moore,
Edward Mozader, Elliott Newlan, Jacob Petter,
Sammuel Robinson, Alexis Rodriguez, Alexander
Schrader, Toby Szewczyk, Benjamin Tramutolo,
Tyler Tschannen, Tyler Whaley, Noah Youde, Brock
College/Postsecondary: Zilpa Auma, Gunindi
Erman, Lucy Frausto, Emily Hensley, Victoria
Herrington, Jennifer Holzer, Toshia Knous, Pearl
Quinonez, Kati Savage
High School: Jordan Garza, James Gurrero,
Patricia Lopez, Lorena Mendoza, Morgan Mulligan
College/Postsecondary: DeMarkeon Arnett,
Chelsey Brown, Tory Brown, Gisella Brust, Braiden
Campbell, Zachary Cline, Selina Cortez, Gideon
Counts, Victoria Fakunle, Ashley Fenimore, Elleigh
Hall, Michelle Lopez, Khalil Markham, Molly
Martin, Marisa Reza, William Shore, Steve Silva,
Jonathan Smith, Harold Williams
High School: Ann Bacorro, John Beeson,
Makayla Belville, Alysia Bounds, Kenny Brittingham, Dakota Cantrel, Kayla Church, John
Cornell-Reeves, Cason Crowe, Wills DeGrandpre,
Jaime DeKett, Delphine Djomo, Bailey Frampton,
Autumn Gonzalez, Amy Granger, Ethan Guillotte,
Trevor Hawk, Moraine Hay, Montana Hill, James
Hoffman XIV, Jacob Hope, Meredith Hoppe, Emma
Hoyhtya, O’Tillia Jerabek, Nina Kamekona, Kolbie
Keuser, Noah Korner, Michael Lewis, Erin Lunsford,
Daelan Mangapit, Alondra May, Hannah McGlashing, Laila Mirza, Bret Olson, Natoriya Owens,
Abigale Porter, Tyler Richardson, Nazir Rodriguez,
Emily Schwarz, William Taylor, Kimberly Thomas,
Daniela Vallecillo, Noah Ward, Greydon Wright,
Virginia Wyatt, Brielle Young, Lauren Zoneriach
College/Postsecondary: Daniel Hayes
High School: Luke Brenning, Max Criswell, Alexander Dickson, Lindsay Kremer, Donovin Lewis,
Paige McIntyre, Jacob Smith, Jordan Spivey, Dinis
Valcorba, Caden Waddel
College/Postsecondary: Katelynn Brock,
Ellinora Chase, Jenna Colbert, Christopher Dean,
Alysia Dotson, Teresa Harper, McKayla Jude,
Danielle Kilmer, Alexis King, Lacey McLain, Shane
Morrison, Ben Shepard, Brittany Smith, Kaitlyn
Wagoner, Matthew Warren, Michele Williams
High School: Kayke Alves, Nicole Alves,
Madison Andersen, Mary Beebe, Amber Bentley,
Charlie Blake, Lajune Brown, Christine Bursoto,
Laura Bushnell, Kai Charvet, Jordyne Cheritsky,
Chantelle Clemmons, Alexis Cornett, Wendy Cruz,
Emma Curry, Morgan Davis, Veronica DeLancey,
Samantha Dickens, Kassandra Dobson, Kourtney
Dodson, Jordan Espy, Alexys Flores, Emily Fox,
Kevin Fraumeni-Feaster, Annie Froschl, Teagan
Gaul, Brianna Gessner, Tahid Ghee, Chris Harville,
Erica Henson, Ana Hernandez, Savannah Holifield,
Priscilla Horvath, Mackenzie Houghton, Katelynn
Jashurek, Taylor Johnson, Becca Jones, Marissa Jordan, Kelly Kim, Amanda Koogle, Abigail
Kryszan, Mackenzie Laurence, Madison Laurence,
Kayli Lucente, Danielle Mabe, Kelvin Maldonado,
Silvebrianeth Mallery, Angela Mendez, Shawndale
Mincy, Ricara Moorman, Holly Myers, Khristhy
Newson, Dan Oehlsen, Daniel Pazmino, Mila
Phipps, Lissian Poochool, Madison Pool, Taylor
Powell, Olivia Powers, Jake Priest, Trinity Quillin,
Abigail Radcliffee, Heather Radenbaugh, John
Reid, Kevin Remmick, Kaylea Roberts,
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 7 7
Samantha Rosa, MaKenna Rudzik, Brooke Sahli,
Joy Sanchez, Mario Santos, Kathleen Sebastioano,
Justin Sedlmayer, Tatjana Sheehy, Sidney Sheffield, Ashleigh Sherertz, Corina Shipp, Jayson
Smallwood, Katana Soberano, Michael Spencer,
Paige Stark, Addison Stevenson, Alayna Stevenson,
Victoria Suttie, Sara Targouski, Lynda Theriault,
Natalie Thompsom, Chasity Urban, Tyler Vaughn,
Mikena Wantz, Sadee Whitfield, Tennille Wise,
Jennifer Zhang
College/Postsecondary: John Alleva, Benjamin Arnfield, Ethan Bassurto, Pete Baus, Keith
Beaumont, Donald Behrens, Luke Bell, Brittany
Blalock, Mason Brown, Rachel Bunch, Cameron
Burt, Jordan Carpenter, Charles Case, Kyle Chang,
Daniel Clements, Kyle Dana, Chad Davis, Amanda
Edwards, Joseph Eng, Tera Filan, Louis Garcia,
Jennifer Gore, Delorean Green, Brandon Hall,
Adam Hayman, Shakeyah Jackson, Trent Jensen,
Stephanie Kea, Ashley Kolis, Stephanie Kunkel,
Zack Lager, Jodi Larson, Stormy Leonard, Richard
Mahoney, Sharmeshia Manuel, Carmen Mckey,
Shannon McPherson Jr., Emily Moore, Corey
Nellis, Thomas Newsome, James Pearson, Jordan
Price, Crystel Sayles, Chantal Simmons, Zoe Talley,
Selton Thomas, Megan Turnbull, Antonio Warner,
Robert White, Michael Willis, Sara Wilson, Jeffrey
Winsor, Pang Yang, Yuepheng Yang
High School: Carlos Agredano, Austin Albright,
Carter Aldrich, Jimena Alvarado-Perez, Noah
Anderson, Kyla Antonioli, Patty Arban, Daniela
Arriola, Byron Ashcraft, Arianna Baldwin, Kaitlyn
Barr, Chris Bates, Tylor Bates, Christian Beres,
Chad Bergman, Joe Beuselinck, Andre Blair, Trevor
Blevins, Michael Anne Bolene, Syheed Booker, Connor Bower, Morgan Bowers, Jeremy Bracken, Will
Brown, Jesse Burdette, Jacob Burkey, Bradley Burleson, Mark Cahill, Antonio Camara, Rylan Carney,
Alexis Clements, Nick Coffman, Tristan Cortez,
Grace Cotner, Mason Crocket, Brenner Danielson,
Abigail Davidson, Zachary Davis, Mario DeAnda,
Ives Del Olmo, Marlayna Devine, Zackery Dixon,
Kira Ehrnsberger, Nala Einert, Patrick Eldon,
Ryder Elitharp, Nathan Emmrich, Kimberly Erett,
Asher Ethridge, Yosef Forney, Mark Foster, Megan
Fought, Andrew Franks, C.J. Frazier, Pedro Galarza,
Patience Galivan, Keely Gallagher, Ben Galusha,
Precious Galvez, Gabriela Gaspar, Sarah Geno,
Chris Giles, Justin Gittermeier, Makenzi Gracey,
Emily Grim, Rafael Guadron, Anna Guardado,
Jacob Guptill, Ryan Haahr, Thomas Halling, Michael Hamilton, Hunter Hancock, Rebekah Hauser,
Noah Hetrick, Ethan Hickman, Luke Hoffman,
Joseph Irizarry, Jaylin Jackson, Sage Jadrnicek,
Teyah Jardin, Randy Johnson, Arvind Kaur, Nathan
Ketner, Austin Koon, Dax Kresse, Sahara LaForce,
George Lausten, Jacey Leon, Kyler Lewis, Kylie
Lingo, Jordan Link, Joseph Lobodzinski, Wyatt
Lovingier, James Lynn, Ashley Machado, Jacob
Martin, Chris May, Sara McCoart, Wyatt Meech,
Anthony Merel, Evan Mettenbrink, Abigail Miller,
78 SkillsUSA
Andrew Miramon, Adam Mohammed, Darmaine
Montiel, Kaitlyn Mote, Jairo Murillo, Moriah
Nevala, Robert Nevarez, Cecilia Nguyen, Makeba
Noble, Kaylee Oczepek, Randy Odenwald, Anthony
Odom, Jose Ortiz, Daniel Padilla, Nikhil Pal, Elliot
Parrish, Deep Patel, Dilan Patel, Raeanna Perez,
Caleb Pierce, Akshat Poddutoori, Eugenio Portalés
Sanjuan, Cassidy Price, Jessica Pritchett, Ryan
Quezon, Nathaniel Quintana, Jonathon Rabina,
Deena Ramkaran, Egor Reznikov, Nathan Rhineheimer, Logan Romberger, Isnala Rone Eagle,
Megan Runyan, Alec Salyer, David Santacruz,
Pablo Santos, Alexis Schole, Matthew Seitz, Max
Shanks, Ashley Sherman, Atharva Shinde, Mikaela
Sienkiewicz, Hillary Slone, Alexander Smith, Jacob
Soto, Thomas Stewart, Charlie Thompson, Adam
Torek, Gerald Torres, Chase Traylor, Paul True,
Ashika Verma, Pablo Villalobos, Meagan Waldron,
Andy Wang, Emma Watts, Meghan Wilber, Joseph
Wilson, Logan Wood, Danya Yoch, Scott Yonek,
Mitchell Zimmerman
College/Postsecondary: Jozef Buchanan,
Robyn Callaway, William Carr, Beth Cleary, Victor
Cortez, John Creedon, Drew Dodd, Ryan Ebarb,
Lee Game, Carter Johnson, Jose Landeos, Keriyon
Lindsey, Samuel Mills, Ignacio Vargas, Nick Wiseman, Richard Yackel
High School: Noah Allen, Mark Baker, Brendan
Burns, Josh Renzo Claudio, Logan Cowheard,
Sean Datar, Andrew DeArmond, Eric Dollinger,
Kyle Dunkley, Ian Gibson, Tim Hays, Andrew
Henderson, Ross Hofacre, Connor Jolley, Griffin
McCulloch, Derek Messer, Blake Nemeth, Daniel
Pena, Josiah Pierre, Natasha Rickett, Raegen Root,
Kirkland Shepard, Daniel Slobaszewski, Adam
Steen, Paxton Tomooka, Jason Valdes, Casey Viens,
Sierra Walker, Carson Wood, Brandon Zhao
College/Postsecondary: Chadwick Clements,
Marcus Crespin, Caroline Hankins
High School: Christian Baran Vazquez, Miriam
Durando, Colby McElroy, Tyler Qualls, Axel
Rincon, Geovanny Velez, Jacob Wright
College/Postsecondary: Christopher Bacon,
Randa Bukowski, Ariel Davis, Rebecca Deslippe,
Rhonda Ducing, Lorena Giesbrcht, Grayson Jamroch, Tahliq Mills, Logan Moore, Enoc Reynoso,
Kassandra Sellinger, Brenda Simmons-Hood,
Cristal Steele, Terry VerHagen, Isaac Waddington
High School: Arianna Angilly, Cameron Asato,
Christopher Brabazon, Emma Brusky, Devin
Conner, Delvena Dale, Shawn Dalton, Zachary Fuschetto, Ian Griffin, Grant Harrell, Jackie
Hawthorne, Ryan Henry, Samantha Hoops, Shawn
Johnson, Ashley Jones, Crystal Jones, Shelby Jones,
Hailey Langmaid, Tyziah Lee, Cynthia Lowing,
Mickie Lumadue, Emilee McClure, Andrew McCraney, Nikkol Mulligan, Tessa Overbey, Nehemiah
Robinson, Rebecca Rose, Melissa Rowe, Amarissa
Scelsi, Brighton Smith, Karin Taylor, Phantasia
White, Christsauna Whitner
College/Postsecondary: Joshua Barnett, Corey
Green, Jared Griffith, Joshua McMenimen, Edwin
Melendez, Nathan Miller, James Nelson, Austin
Raleigh, Cristal Rios Ruiz, Caleb Sowell
High School: Steven Alger, Jenna Barrett, Luis
Benitez, Reid Brock, Crystal Burt, Carlos Cabada,
Karen Campoverde, Cody Charrier, Tamara Cook,
Carter Dagenhart, Bryan Desrosiers, Adrian Ellis,
Riley Flint, Erin Fuss, Michael Gruver, Kevin Hanley, Mikala Herlihy, John Huff, Jennifer Jimenez,
Bannen Johnson, Devin Joyce, Josiah Manners,
Jeffrey Marenco, Browniee McCrorey, Nicsaii Men,
Kevin J. Montalvo Vega, Hector Ortega, Johnathan
Perez, Maurice Pulley, Jose M. Quinones Ramis,
Joselyn Rabbitt, Andrew Rich, Stephanie Schroth,
Eliezer Shahid, Michael Singer, Clayton Smith,
Braydn Szymkiewicz, Kyler Teitsorts, Sarah Tolfree,
Jacob Wallace, Ryan Williams, Galilea Yanza
College/Postsecondary: Mattias Anderson,
Taylor Forwalter, Zachery Hunt, Jeffrey Ivy, Michael
Laprad, Eric Parker, Ricardo Santos, Johnny Willis,
Cecilia Zebrowski
High School: Rachel Arnold, Junito Berry,
Savannah Bradburn, Jacob Colvin, Rachel Cook,
Robert Cooke, Landon Davis, TaVon Davis, Alexia
Delange, Weston Dunlap, Jonathan Gunn, Haley
Heath, Dylan Hickok, John Janish, Colby Jennings,
Olivia Klotz, Joshua Mattfolk, Jerrod McMaster,
Allison Meyer, Jordan Nunn, Isaiah Oliphant,
Jeremiah Oliphant, Hunter Owens, Zeb Parsons,
Nick Robinette, Robert Russo, Blake Sackrider,
Trenton Schmeckpeper, Brand Siverts, Andrew
Smalley, Nolan Smith, Ethan Steidl, Matt Turner,
Christian Ulirsch
Middle School: Alex Ge, Duncan Parker, Mason
Ratliff, Molly Troxel, Brenda Valle, Michael
College/Postsecondary: Christopher Anders,
Braylon Chatwood, Morgan Hofheins, Tyler Phillps
High School: Brandon Amspaugh, Sarah
Bauman, Jadda Bennett, Yolotzin Cortes, Dylan
Driskill, Kaitlyn Eichen, Michelle Han, Brittany Jennings, Lauren Lahie, Jody Martin, Jared
Meineke, Katie Meyer, Erica Miller, Jasmine Morris,
Joseph-Anthony Murillo, Kimberly Patino, Cheyenne Rains, Sharon Romine, Nicole Siedl, Jessica
Silvestri, Taylor Smith, Diego Velasquez
College/Postsecondary: Christopher Baca,
Bennie Collins, Jose Cortez, Jessie Daniel, Zachary
Donahue, Javier Garcia, Daniel Jahnsen, Thomas
Johnson, Joel Nieman, Chase Orender, Chad Price,
James Protiva, Matt Scorsone, Tristin Snyder, Jeff
High School: Kyle Anderson, James Barnette,
Dylan Bartlett, Ethan Beaver, Jordon Crider, Dale
Garber, Jeff Scot Horn, Daniel Levy, Tyler Martin,
Kenny Oliver, George Pitcock, Lino Rodriquez,
Raphael Roxas, Tyler Schumacher, Sean Taylor,
Lilly Tucker, Shemar Wiggins
Middle School: Hannah Anderson, Wyatt Burks,
Bobby Buschur, Seth Chandler, Alexis Copp, Ernie
Cordero, Julissa Espinosa, Jesus Gaytan, Kristine
George, Carson Leibhart, Ivan Ruiz, Kade Safranek, Ethan Sigmon, Abigail Villanueva, Alyssa
College/Postsecondary: Clifford Allen, William
Almazan, Barry Arrington Jr., Nick Baker, Dylan
Bauguess, Stephen Beck, Arthur Boussart, Tanner
Boyd, Matthew Brooks, Christopher Brubaker,
Aaron Brumfield, Charles Burns, Casey Byrd, Paula
Carvell, Cyrus Coan, Parker Coats, Brandon Coe,
Ricky Cooper, Tony DiBucci, Levi Dillard, Bo Dooley, Stephen Elmore, Vidal Freeland, Brittany Frey,
Michael Gailey, Ryan Garthoff, Zachary Grimes,
Garrett Hahn, Joshua Hall, Grant Helle, Richard
Herendeed, Ben Hull, Larry Johnson, Christopher
Jones, Lindsey Jones, Tristan Jones, Eric Karels,
Edward Lyvers, Jesse McKinney, Jim Moore, Joshua
Olmedo, Tanner Ostler, Shawn Rembert, Philip
Rioux, Justin Roberson, Raymond Slinker, Austin
Stoelk, Austin Struchen, Charles Uecker, Timothy
Vincent, Aaron White, Kevin Williams, Quandarius
Williams, Terrance Williams, Jared Wilson, Deric
High School: Josh Allen, Collin Arbuckle, Monica
Arens, Carter Arrington, Brady Baker, Hunter
Beaudet, Michael Belice, Jared Broniewicz, Christopher Brown, Hunter Brown, Adam Bryant, Jason
Burdette, Hector Casillas, Madeleine Cathcart,
Rhett Chapman, Ryan Coleman, Ivan Contreras,
Hunter Cook, Austin Coup, Nicholas Couture,
Nathan Craps, Will Crews, Brandon Degelau,
Evan Doubleday, Corey Douglas, Thomas Draper,
Clayton Dryfuse, Hunter Dunlap, James Erb,
Christopher Exline, Anthony Ferrante, Nathan Ferrell, Taner Fidler, Emanuel Finnerty, Josh Frelich,
Carlos Galindo, Brian Gallant, Justin Gammill,
Levi Gazaway, Dylan Giager, Jack Gilmour, Ian
Hall, Jacob Hamblen, Hunter Hamby, Hogan
Hardee, Zachary Harmen, Zachary Henderson,
Joseph Herman, Anthony Hernandez, Michael Higgins, Adam Hill, Nicholas Horne, Kord Howsmon,
Lucas Inman, Zachary Jarvies, Alex Jensen, Jamie
Jones, Tyler Justice, Hunter Kasprenski, Nathan
Kay, Zachary Keener, Joshua Kipp, Thomas Kirby,
Hunter Kons, Matthew Koselke, Randall Krauss,
Andrew Krzesinski, William Kujaneck, Brady
Legacie, Kaleb Levan, Kaitlyn Lewandowski, Robert
Loth, Zachary Maden, Brandon Matte, Hunter
Mccarthy, Tristian McCuddin, Jacob McIntosh,
Mathew Mcle, Oswaldo Mercado, Esdras Moreno,
Austin Morgan, Aaron Morrison, Jared Morton,
Jacob Mossman, William Mullet, Bradley Myers,
Brendan Newcomer, Matt Oberhelman, Dalton
Palmer, Ethan Panella, Yomel Pelayo, Brayden
Pennington, Kyle Perkins, Conner Prestwich,
Trevor Quigley, Luis Rincon, Chandler Robbins,
Haylee Romero, Valentin Rubio, Joshua Ruybal,
Adriana Salinas, Colton Sanders, Kelsey Sanger,
Kyle Schmitzer, Mathew Schneider, David Schultz,
Alec Seberger, Sebastian Sfeir, Ben Shepherd,
Rebecca Shoemaker, Garrett Siegel, Daniel Skiles,
Max Sorensen, Ryan Still, Matt Strathe, Bradly Styer, Devin Summerour, Max Sutter, Osvaldo Tapia,
Michael Tetreault, Adam Thomas, Sean-Paul
Tomer, Chandler Touchstone, Joey Tramp, Jazmin
Trevino, Jessie Trevino, Nicholas Van Sipma, Gavin
Vanoosterhout, Ivan Vazquez, Sean Vittum, Dylan
Vuong, Nasir Wayman, William Wilson, Caleb Wilt,
Cody Wolfe, Austin Wood
College/Postsecondary: Jesse Clayton, Barbara
Evans, Gavin Freking, John Haywood, Amanda
Hinzey, Erica Holzer, Jon-William Lewis, Lavern
Moore, Zachary Regnier, Mycael S. Spear, Jack
High School: Benjamin Arenberg, Aaron
Bakaitis, Alex Cantrell, Charles Charlestin, Sam
Furman, Darryl Gaines, Jared Gonzales, Ben
Howie, Lauren Knott, Charlene Madden, Scott
Manning, Robert McClardy, Gareth Miller, Bryan
Nguyen, Tristan Ortiz, Yulini Persaud, Justin
Piercy, Taylor Rentschler, Benjamin Riccardi,
Noah Sewell, Emily Shanley, Justin Shappy, Sydney
Trout, Dalton Westbrook
College/Postsecondary: Wyatt Allen, Guruprasad Appaji, Mitchell Bailey, Nicholas Benjamin,
Jordan Brown, Jorge Centeno, Jarred Charton,
Jeremy Chastain, Justin Crouch, William Elwood,
Robert Everett, Jason Forrest, Hunter Furgerson,
Ryan Gamache, Jacob Jaenisch, Jeffrey Johnson,
Scott Johnson, James Jared McAdam, Brendan McBride, Kyle Potts, Trevor Purdy, Brennan Robinson,
Ty Toledo, Destiny Vance
High School: Shawn Adson, Matthew Babb,
Thomas Barbin, Robert Beaver, Matthew Beck,
Thomas Berry, Austin Borrero, Brian Cannon, Jack
Chlystek, Nichole Coburn, Kevin Dreeke, Nevan
Eichorn, Dalton Engelbart, Austin Evans, Bryce
Ferrell, Enrique Gonzalez, Benjamin Gordon,
Spencer Hansen, David Hathcoat, Faith Hovdenes,
Aaron Hunt, Nathan Irwin, Nathaniel Keebler,
Ryan Kelly, Kananda Kindlesparger, Robert Kline,
Avery Kolisz, Liono Kou, Mossimo Leone,
Layke Martin, Taylor Nelson, Chris Okarski,
Anthony Palmer, Gabriel Ridnour, Lauren Ritter,
Braden Robinson, Aaron Sanders, Riley Schmidt,
Stephen Sharp, Jesus Sosa, Ryan Tuttle, Eric White,
Hunter Woodward
College/Postsecondary: David Beals, Nakisha
Carter, Dax Edmiston, Jacob Godden, E.J. Good,
Dustin Loya, Drew Manning, Zachary Martin,
Ashley Smith, Erskin Tillery
High School: Faisal Allan, Ryan Bevan, John Boria, Mason Brown, Jared Crookshank, Derek Faudree, Cameron Ferri, Jonathan Franklin, Jeremiah
Hawkins, Ryn Hemphill, Alan Hite, Caleb LePoer,
Jasper Lim, Noah Mefford, Taylor Shock, Nicholas
Stemen, Bryan Urias, Jeremy Walny, Anjel Webster,
Brad Willett, Mason Woozley, Miguel Zavala
College/Postsecondary: Hannah Brown, Alex
Danya, Joel Gordon, Sarah Gray, Frank Kelly,
Tanner Little, Nick Madison, Love McNill, Ramil
Medor, Katelyn Menz, Scottie Neal, Katherine
Needham, Anthoni Nogueira, Yves Quiah, Nathan
Rumley, Devyn Wilhm
High School: Dylan Arre, Sydnea Blair, Jordan
Bratcher, Jeff Butcher, Jaena Campos, Meredith
Carver, Jerry Cerda, Tyler Chanthakham, Alex
Chichester, Aurelio Cortes Rivera, Samantha
Crende, Maycee Crofts, Charles Cummings, Ryan
Denzer, Taylor Foerster, Lauren Folsom, Dani Guzman, Cari Hall, Emma Hardman, Dylan Heaton,
Shain Helm, Hayden Henry, Gabriella Holmes,
Anna Iwanski, Amber Joyce, Nikolai Karamyshev, Thomas Knight, Samantha Koenig, Cierra
Koitmaa, Jarrett Ledger, Jade Lopez, Pat Mahoney,
Alec Marsh, Drew Marsh, Lauren McCoart, James
Milnor, Andrew Moca, Vyom Nautiyal, Peter Newsom, Tyler Parrish, Joshua Parsons, Caleb Payne,
Tyler Pollard, Grahm Pritchard, Jon Rhineberger,
Sophia Rivas, Max Roeder, Sabrina Rubio, Kyle
Rupp, Bryce Rusk, Maria Salazar, Marissa Sanders,
Amber Schreier, Travis Schwarts, Matthew Shewell,
Andrew Skinner, Samantha Tadajewski, Tanner
Terry, Emma Thomson, Trevor Tufano, Timothy
Updegraph, Nicholas Vachon, Cassandra Valdez,
Carson VanBuskirk, William Vanner, Angelo
VanSant, Xavier Vasquez, Sierra White, Cory Wiese,
Patrice Williams, Ashley Wolski, Conner Yi
College/Postsecondary: Cassandra Campbell,
Emma Dimock, Eriel Ebarb, Paul Finch Jr., Casey
Hefner, John McNaughton, Ryan Mohler, Chuck
Myers, Justin Rose, Humberto Seijo Sepulveda,
Kevin Varela, Manuela Villalobos, Savannah
High School: Wesley Albright, Ingram Beck,
Will Burkart, Joymae Capps, Evelyn Casas-Lopez,
Madeleine Ceglecki, Gabrielle Clipfell, Maggie
Davis, James Fergusen, Denice Gonzalez-Garcia,
Joseph Griner, Mikella Haun, Jonathan Henderson,
2 0 1 6 AWA R D S & R E C O G N I T I O N 7 9
Maribel Hernandez, Ashley Jacobs, Ryan M. Kelley,
Samantha Knox, Cailey Lochert, Nicole Marcantonio, Blake McBride, Jonathan Medina, Kayla
Merriman, Teron Oats, Jaylene Oliver, Katherine
Phaneuf, Katharina Rodriguez, Anya Stephenson,
Kristen Valencia, Destany Walston, Eve Watsky,
Nolan Witt
College/Postsecondary: Bob Barr, John
Barron, Brian Beach, Jordan Bluehdorn, Joseph
Brown, Daniel Debolt, Abigail Frittz, Adam Hill,
Yarddy Jaramillo, Brandon LaDuke, Segunda
Macawile, Shelby Mauger, Dilruan Nicholas, Joselo
Prada, Sienna Scheid, Brianna Smith, Nahida
Sultara, Heather Sykes, Wilfred Williams-Hopkins,
Elizabeth Witter
High School: William Allemang, Ryan Allen,
Malachi Atkinson, Ronaldo Bahena, Ahsan Bari,
Sierra Bell, Levi Bonebrake, Dylan Brackett, Khloe
Brown, Moin Bunglawala, Guillermo Chavez,
Dakota Cookenmaster, Trevor Counts, Colton
Fitzgerald, Marlene Flores, Andrew Hancock, Connor Hay, Alexander Heffelfinger, Timothy Hopkins,
Asianae Jackson, Ian Jobst, Riley Johnson, Joshua
Jones, Nicholas Jones, Jacob Karnes, Madison
Lemire, Brendan Liffers, Gabe Lopez, Jaden Milner,
Brian Moreno, Brett Morgan, Brayden Muncy,
Kaitlyn Nyce, Emma Obendorf, Karla Osornio,
Araceli Perez, Nate Phillips, Samantha Phipps,
Kyle Pierre, Yash Rana, Tyler Rickman, Daniel
Roussel, Rachel Sadler, Scott Sandberg, Sakib
Shams, Shelby Sherbert, Benjamin Silver, Austin
Thompson, Caitlin Ulrey, Ryan Walcott, Kenneth
Weeks, Nicholas Wong, Judah Wyllie
College/Postsecondary: Jacob Adkinson, Kyle
Anspach, Daniel Bauswell, Nicholas Blodgett,
Slavik Borisov, Zachariah Burgess, Jeffrey Cejmer,
Andrew Cleveringa, Austin Cobb, Thane Cumming,
Anthony DeCamp, Daniel DiBenedetto, Derek
Evenson, Noe Gamez, Travis Guerrette, Mitchell
Harrell, Dylan Hill, Scott Huggett, Zackery Hyder,
Elina Jarvi, Billy Kaune, Jacob Mahar, Aron
McGuire, Drake McNally, Christopher Montoya,
Bruce Neal, Nick Niehenke, Raymond Ortiz,
Hughstin Pachta, Mikel Patrick, Matthew Phillips,
Jayme Saarie, Anderson Salmons, Jonathan Smith,
Samuel Spinks, Brett Sunvison, Isaac Vania,
Andrew Vinci
High School: Karsten Anderson, Alejandro
Araiza, Justin Baertsch, Brody Burchfield, Dylan
Clement, Nicholas Corradino, Kayleigh Eastman,
Colton Edwards, Jacob Ellingson, Evan Eschenberg, Trenten Forbes, Jesse Fullerton, Stephen
Gergilevich, John Grady Hansen, Samson Hartan,
Jake Helgerson, Nicholas Henry, Blaine Hipp,
Kody James, Ken Jochem, Maxwell Johanssen,
Kevin Konieczny, Justin Land, James W. Leonard,
Nathaniel Leslie, Francisco Lopez, Chase Manning,
Kiersten Maraglio, Nathaniel Martinez, Nicholas
Mazzeo, Clayton McKim, Joseph Melton,
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Jake Owens, Jonny Righetti, Connor Roberts,
Keegan Rufer, Ian Schwenke, Nicholas Shannon,
Jared Sheffer, Cade Shomber, Christopher Simon,
Matthew Spivey, Daniel Stefkovic, Benjamin
Thornton, Chandler Vincent, T.J. Wessing, Matthew
College/Postsecondary: Joe Addison, Kyle
Alflen, Nathan Andrasko, Jonathan Ballinger,
Christian Baxter, Ian Boyd, Chance Britain, Danea
Buschkoetter, Jacob Cavender, Prentess Chancellor, Ethan Chvala, Todd Cotter, Austin Crabtree,
William Dexter, Bryan Dome, Jonathan Elmore,
Wilmer Escorcia, Diego Espinoza, Adam Faw, Ryan
Garfield, Doug Gates, Joey Grant, Marion Greggs,
Jordan Griffen, James Groat, Giovani Gutierrez,
Coltten Haman, Michael Hammond, Zane Harvey,
Clayton Hokit, Wyatt Holmstrem, Wyatt Huntley,
Roger Johnson, Chris Jones, James Jones, Justin
Jones, Robert Jones, Brent Justensen, Preston
Justensen, Tyler Justensen, Daniel Kallemeyn,
Aaron Kavanagh, Corey Kelly, Randall Kesler,
Hayden Lacey, Nathan Lamphear, Evan Lechelt,
Joshua Lucero, Mario Madrigal, Fredrick McRee,
Matthew Mecca, Taylor Micolichek, Kayle Miller,
Bryan Mitchell, Dylan Mitchell, Gary Mitchell,
Dalton Mortenson, Aaron Moser, Dustin Music,
James Newboles, Jesse Oeltjenbruns, Pedro Ordaz,
Jaden Paddock, James Pierce, Russell Pigg, Derrick Pillatski, Anthony Pitkin, Trevor Poindexter,
Dustin Ramsey, Kenneth Raye, Cole Renfro,
Michael Resen-Pickrell, Dayton Reynolds, Gatlin
Rodriguez, Austin Rothers, Spencer Siewert, Tanner Silence, Tyson Summers, Logan Wells, James
Whaley, Cody Wildner, Shawn Williamson, Jacob
Wilmer, Tanner Yaunick
High School: Chance Ames, Dakota Anderson,
Daniel Banks, Chirico Barber, Joseph Basham,
Tyler Bates, Zack Bates, Dylan Benard, Kris
Berumen, Aaron Brown, Bronson Brown, Samuel
Brown, Aaron Buckland, Ryan Budgett, Andrew
Burns, Bad Campbell, Jared Carrica, Franklin
Carter, Tyler Christmas, Jacob Christoffersen, Ace
Cobb, Chris Coleman, David Colvin, Joe Cordova,
Toshihiro Davis, Tanner Dillon, Hunter Duff,
Sabastian Emery, Jaden Evans, Jack Fidura, Marc
Flanigan, Connor Fleming, Dalton Frank, Joe Paul
Freeland, Drew Fulcher, Isaiah Gallaher, Clayton
Glover, Logan Gneck, Jacob Grant, Brady Griffith,
John Grizzle, Hunter Gustafson, Ethan Hall, Ray
Halliwill, Dylan Hansen, Trevor Harlan, Jonathan
Harris, Talan Harrison, Benjamin Hehr, Drew
Heiser, Christian Holmstrom, Matthew Hovdenes,
Dalin Hughes, Chad Hungate, Hannah Jamison,
Colton Johnson, Wyatt Judge, Caden Kimbell, Alex
Kostrub, Chad Kramlich, Christopher Kubas, Brendan Lacy, Jacob Larcey, Ryan Lauterbach, Dylan
Licht, Ethan Liebman, Matt Loewenhagen, Jacob
Lynch, Scott Magnusson, Cameron Manly, Morgan
Mayer, Justin McAfee, Dillon McCann, Jonathan
McCosh Jr., Jake McDonald, Edwin Meisenholder,
Joshua Merritt, Jared Misfeldt, Andrew Mullins,
Austin Murphree, Ethen Nickel, Parker Niemier,
Hector Ortiz, Thomas Phelan, Jake Plach, Alexander Ponce, Faith Powers, James Powers, Keyvin
Rauscher, Colton Reedy, Tyler Ring, Mark Roegner,
Tyler Roush, Jared Sams, John Sanders, Mario
Sierra, Storm Singleton, Cory Snowden, Conley
Sosebee, Caleb Streich, Clark Sullivan, Kasey Tankersley, Kyeler TenEyck, Tyler Thompson, Mason
Treece, Ismael Valtero, Michael Venzor, Thomas
Villarreal, Erik Vogt, Blake Vrem, Jesse Wamstad,
Ben Warnick, Jake Weidner, Kyle Young
College/Postsecondary: Ayo Abdullah, Dustin
Baxter, Redecca Bonales, Jacob Butler, Jason Callahan, Michael Chong, Logan Clayton, Anthony
Dasilva, Enrique Diaz, Daniel Elgersma, Zedaki
Hadley, Jessica Janusch, Jonathan Lashley, Paul
Needham, Kyle Nicolls, Kara Nyhus, Jaclyn Price,
Shelby Robinson, Nathan Schmoldt, Sarah Stork,
Christopher Wood
High School: Abbie Allison, Olivia Arreola, Erin
Beaver, Gianna Brienza, Cody Brown, Dante Cady,
Nathaniel Carney, Nick Cummings, Alec Dickow,
William Fenstermaker, Candice Franklin, Joe
Fredenburg, John Gbhart, Benjamin Godwin, Jared
Hall, Seth Hardsocg, Dylan Harper, Nathan Hoffman, Collin Jensen, Alexander Juelfs, Laura Kniola,
Bradly Layton, Joshua Loew, Ethan Mansfield,
Mason Massie, Tristan McLamb, Olivia Mooney,
Courtney Moser, Austin Parnell, Marc Peladeau,
Valerie Perez, Dameon Perkins, Tasha Smith,
Jasmine St. Clair, Ethan Strout, Mason Strutton,
Corban Tidball, Calvin Tohm, Michael Warne
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