newsletter - Fondo Guadalupe MUSALEM



newsletter - Fondo Guadalupe MUSALEM
December 2013
FGM’s graduate participate in the World Summit of Tourism in Namibia, Africa
My name is Angelina Martínez Pérez. I am
originally from San Antonio Cuajimoloyas
and I am one of FGM’s graduates. I hold
a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and
Tourism and since 2011 I have been working for Expediciones Sierra Norte, Mancomunados Villages in Sierra Norte, Oaxaca.
FGM celebrates Angelina Martínez and her participation in the
World Summit for both Mexico and Oaxaca.
The event offers the participants the possibility to attend
regarding the most important and
newest themes of tourism.
About one month ago the company afforded me with the opportunity of representing the Pueblos
Mancomunados and the state
of Oaxaca in the Adventure Travel World Summit 2013 held in
Namibia, Africa. I was fortunate
to travel across the world for the
first time and I must say, it was a
very enriching experience. Meeting new cultures, people, and visiting such wonderful places made
me fall in love even more with
our Mexico, our Oaxaca and especially my culture and heritage.
For many years we have heard
that indigenous people are inferior people, unable to create bu-
From October 25 to November 1, the World Summit of Tourism was held in Namibia, Africa. This
event is organized by the Adventure Travel Trade
Association (ATTA) every year. Important organizations in the field of tourism, eco-tourism, adventure-tourism and travel agencies can participate in the event and advertise their businesses.
sinesses; but today I am proud
to inform people that indigenous people can and, in fact, do
achieve numerous accomplishments and manage successful
businesses. I am indigenous and
I work for a community enterprise that has positioned its products in the international market.
you a phrase from my village: “The
difference between successful
people and others is not in the
lack of knowledge or experience,
but in the lack of will to do things”.
I am deeply grateful to FGM and
Casa de la Mujer for the unconditional support they have given me.
Thanks to FGM, I was able to study
and acquire life-long knowledge.
I would like to invite you to continue supporting FGM’s work and
its noble cause. Thanks to your
donations, it was possible for
me to graduate high school. I
can now focus on my career and
other professional achievements.
Finally I want to share with
“The difference between successful
people and others is not in the lack of
knowledge or experience, but in the
lack of will to do things”.
Juárez Martínez
I was born on January 8, 1997 in the community of Coatecas Altas, Ejutla de Crespo in the state of Oaxaca. I am 16
years old and I am attending my first semester at Colegio
de Bachilleres del Estado de Oaxaca (COBAO high school).
Being able to attend high school brings me a great joy.
From Monday to Saturday I wake up very early and I am
always eager to learn new things. For this reason, my
desire to succeed and move on with my life is very strong.
I feel extremely lucky to be able to count on my Mom’s support. Three years ago I lost my dad and now my mom, an
older brother and his wife, and my twin sister are my family.
Our economic situation led me to think that I was not able to
continue and finish my studies. Thanks to the help of one of
my teachers, I was able to come to know about FGM. I immediately started informing myself about what I had to do in order
to apply for a scholarship and I decided to travel to Oaxaca for
the very first time hoping to find help to continue my studies.
I remember that when I was little, my parents had
to travel to Southern California to find jobs as peasants. During that time my sister and I stayed in the
nursery. They were difficult times. My parents were
out working all day for us; to give us a better life.
When I heard the news that I had been accepted and I was
going to receive FGM scholarship I was very happy. I knew
that I would be able to receive financial support as well as
the educational and psychological assistance of a tutor. I
was not dreaming. It was a reality. Today, I am very happy to
share my time with other beneficiaries and with an organization that respects indigenous women and our development.
During these past few months as a beneficiary, I was able
to notice more and more that this educational project
takes into account our personal and professional growth. One of the first experiences I had here was the Meeting of Fellows and Graduates. I enjoyed this first workshop and various other sessions with my classmates.
I am happy and grateful for FGM and all the support I received and am receiving from the organization. Thanks to
FGM’s assistance, I am able to move on and accomplish
my dreams.
I am infinitely grateful to those who are part of
FGM. Before receiving the scholarship I thought it
was going to be very difficult to continue my studies. I used to dream about graduating from high
school but I never thought it was going to be possible. At one point I thought I would have to migrate and seek opportunities outside of Oaxaca.
My tutor Beatriz Avila Curiel treats me very
well. We share time together to discuss the
activities that we carry out. I am sure that with
time we will become good friends. I can already tell that my relationship with her is growing.
I wish to successfully graduate high school and
then go to college to pursue a career that allows
me to have a better life and help my family. I want
to study psychology. I think it is a profession
through which I can help people deal with their
problems. I like listening to people and find solutions to their problems; hence, psychology fits me!
Gabriela Salome Loaeza Santos was a beneficiary at FGM and now she has been tutoring Ana Karina since 2011.
I am currently tutoring Ana Karina and so far it has been a great experience. The opportunity to meet and share my time with a beneficiary makes me think about my own journey as a beneficiary at FGM. Because I was a beneficiary, I can be empathetic, supportive and understanding
of what Ana is going through. We both come from Zapotec communities in the Sierra Sur, Oaxaca.
Because I also was helped by a tutor when I was a beneficiary I can now realize the importance of my current
job. When you least expect it, you become the closest friends and you gain a relationship that will last a lifetime.
I believe that, because of FGM tutors, more and more girls realize the importance of attending and
completing their studies. Because of the relationships that tutors have with the girls, the beneficiaries understand that the commitment should not only be about school, but about their families and their communities, as well. Moreover, tutors and beneficiaries become close friends with
the other women at FGM. We are a team that would not work well if one of the pieces was missing.
My name is Noemi Correrini Murphy
and I am from Italy. I am currently finishing my graduate studies in
Global and International Education and for the past three months
I have been volunteering at FGM.
During these months, my main activities involved numerous translations of flyers and newsletters, but
most of all I restructured, updated,
and translated FGM’s web page.
The description of my activities at
FGM was what made me decide to
accept this volunteering position.
I wanted to work with an organization that helped indigenous women
and this is exactly what FGM does.
My passion of helping women and
working in the educational world represented the main two reasons why
I decided to partake in this project.
Noemi with Apolonia and Nancy, beneficiaries at FGM.
My experience as a volunteer
has been very delightful. I met
very nice ladies with big hearts! I
can say without a doubt that I will
always be friend with the women
at FGM. They stole a piece of my
heart that I will always treasure.
The organization is doing a lot for
the state of Oaxaca and I hope that,
with my help, this project will soon
become known internationally.
My name is Mandy Elder. I am from Oregon,
USA. I worked with FGM helping with the monthly workshops for the beneficiaries. The workshops I carried out focused on movies and
discussions about important life themes.
My experience as a volunteer with FGM was
delightful. I learned a lot during my time with
the beneficiaries and I improved my working
skills as a teacher of young professionals.
Many during a workshop with the beneficiaries at FGM.
The conversations and points of view that the beneficiaries shared with me have taught me a lot about the
current situation of young people in rural communities in Oaxaca and the challenges they may face. The
opportunity to support them while they learn with FGM has been truly a unique experience. Supporting this
project as a volunteer is a privilege; the beneficiaries inspire me more and more every time I see them!
We want to wish a happy birthday to the donors who were born in the month of December. We wish you
all the best for your new year!
Juana Rosa Corte Silva
Consuelo Susana Robles Arenas
Yessenia Fernández Santos
Laura Morlan Ruiz
Mariluz Guzmán Suárez
Yaretzi, Dulce, Esmeralda, Apolonia y Diana, new beneficiaries at FGM.
We invite you to participate in this project by investing in the education of our young beneficiaries. With an education the girls can help their families and their communities.
Every year, we post our financial investments and how many funds we were able to obtain. We want our donors
and sponsors to know how their money is invested and how many beneficiaries we help.
If you know someone who can support our cause, please send us their information via e-mail. We only need
the name of the person, the address, phone number, and e-mail.
You can contact:
María del Rocio Blancas Moreno
Coordinadora del Fondo Guadalupe Musalem
Tercera Privada de Guadalupe Victoria No. 107 Col. Libertad
C.P. 68090 Oaxaca, México.
Tel: (951) 51 4 69 27 / 51 6 68 10 Ext. 105
E-mail: coordinacion
Web page:
FB: Fondo Guadalupe Musalem English
Cash donation to the name of Fondo Guadalupe Musalem A.C.
BANAMEX Sucursal: 7005
Cuenta No. 4686887
Bank Transfer:
CLABE: 002610700546868876
If you are unable to donate through the aforementioned methods, a FGM representative
can come to your house to collect your contribution. We need to receive your authorization
to do use your information. We can send you
the document to authorize FGM via fax or via

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