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Spartan Health Club...
40 Years and Still Counting
This year marks the 40th anniversary of Spartan’s contribution
to Health, Wellness, Fitness and Beauty to the Jamaican Society.
Spartan Health Club (SHC) opened its doors to the public on
June 30, 1976. It was a lifelong dream realized by Mickey HaughtonJames, who was then a well-known fitness enthusiast. He was
joined in this fledgling venture by Cindy Breakespeare, whose subsequent
victories in the Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful, Miss Universe
Bikini and Miss World Pageant, all in the first 6 months of the Club’s
operations, propelled the club to instant national fame and prominence.
Unlike its present status, Spartan Health Club started from humble
beginnings, the facility was a true reflection of its name, as the equipment
available was quite ‘Spartan’, having only free-weights. Over the
years the development and changes at Spartan have been dramatic
and the club has become well known among gym enthusiasts as the
largest and best equipped gym facility in Jamaica boasting…
• 14,000 square feet of Gym Floor Space.
• Fully air-conditioned cardio centre featuring state of the art machines
and Cardio Theater complete with a variety of TV and Music
• State-of-the-art strength training equipment in both air-conditioned
and open areas.
• A large air-conditioned aerobic room which hosts a variety of group
fitness classes
• Spacious changing rooms, complete with lockers
• Steam rooms for males and females
• Certified weight room Instructors and Personal Trainers
• Nutritional consultation
• Massage Room
The talented and certified professional trainers at Spartan Health
Club are ready to help all to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.
SHC weight room instructors are at your finger tips:
• Our on staff weight floor instructors are trained, certified and
anxious to help you get one step closer to a healthier you
• Get measured and have a personalized program designed for you
• Routine check-ups, measurements and update exercise programs
Spartan has had a long history of supporting Jamaica’s national sporting
representatives dating back to the 1970s, with sporting legends
like David Weller in cycling, Michael Holding in cricket, and Chen
Wint in bodybuilding. With its facility now spanning 14,000sq ft, it is
presently the home for strength training for athletic clubs and national
sporting teams such as, Racers Track Club, The Jamaica Cricket
Team, Jamaica Basketball National Team and Jamaica Badminton
However, while the health club is widely acclaimed for producing national
and international world-class athletes, fitness champions, body
builders and Miss World contenders, our main clientele are regular
health and ”keep-fit” enthusiasts.
Over the years Spartan has become the home of many persons at
different fitness levels with various fitness goals. Our exciting aerobic
classes coupled with our strength training equipment, makes it the
“Ultimate Exercise Experience”!
Forty years of business operations is an
outstanding milestone for the staff and
leadership of Spartan Health Club.
The club has not only contributed to the
physical health and wellbeing of many
Jamaicans, but during their involvement
with the Miss Jamaica Beauty pageant
created a global presence for Jamaica and
its tourism products.
In addition, Spartan continues to evolve to meet the needs of its growing
clientele. In fact, as Jamaica continues to grapple with growing numbers of persons with life style diseases, the role of Spartan is becoming increasingly significant. We therefore laud the management and staff for remaining committed o
promoting health and fitness over the last four decades.
We must also commend you for your support to several of our athletes who utilize your state of the art equipment and dedicated, qualified staff as part of their
routine strength training. This is vital to the global dominance our athletes and
Jamaica enjoy.
Our young women also benefitted vastly
from their interactions with the Miss
World Competitions. Spartan Health Club
not only groomed these young ladies physically,
but provided them with requisite
training to become poised and confident
individuals in their daily interactions and
functions locally and internationally.
I therefore extend best wishes to you on the occasion of your 40th anniversary
and hope that you will continue to enjoy even more success for years to come.
I am pleased to extend sincere congratulations
to the management and staff of Spartan Health
Club as they proudly celebrate their 40th anniversary. Your longevity in this highly competitive
industry is truly a measure of your tremendous
success as you continue to thrive by evolving
to meet the ever-changing demands of fitness
focusing on as we diversify our tourism product to drive growth in the sector.
Jamaica has been blessed with a myriad of natural resources and talent in these
areas, which give us a competitive advantage to further penetrate new and
emerging markets.
The vision of your founder Mr. Mickey
Haughton-James has certainly been realized
as the gym is now renowned as a centre for
training many of our Miss Jamaica World contestants and national sports teams such as the
Jamaica Cricket Team, Racers Track Club, and the National Basketball Team.
Your contribution to the drive to promote Brand Jamaica through culture, health
and sports is indeed commendable.
God bless you all.
The Most Hon. Andrew Michael Holness, ON, MP
Prime Minister
We will therefore continue to develop the sports and health and wellness
tourism offerings to create a more holistic tourism product at the community
level, thereby expanding the value chain to benefit more Jamaicans.
We at the Ministry of Tourism are pleased to have you as a partner in this
vital sector and look forward to celebrating many other milestones with you. I
once again congratulate the entire team at the Spartan Health Club for its contribution to the development of the sports and health and wellness industries over
the past 40 years and wish you continued success in the years to come.
Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP
Minister of Tourism
At the Ministry of Tourism, we too recognize the importance of health, wellness
and sports not only for their physical benefits but as niche areas which we are
One of the key objectives of the National Sport
Policy is “to promote healthy lifestyle and
wellness for all”. Long before a sport policy was
even conceptualised for our country, however,
the Spartan health club began to transform the
health and fitness industry.
Today, Jamaicans are recognising the importance
of health and wellness and many have adapted
their lifestyles to include fitness programmes, a
healthy diet, rest and relaxation. We know that
the development of the whole man can only
come when there is a balance of mind, spirit and
While health and wellness is seen mostly from an individual perspective,
as a country we must also view health and wellness from a national and
even global viewpoint. The economic impact of health and wellness to any
society is crucial, as we examine how we can take advantage of the benefits of
living healthy to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases and improve the general standard of living of our population.
The movement in Jamaica is most visibly seen in the increase in the number
of marathons, half-marathons and fun walk/ runs in which thousands of Jamaicans and over- seas visitors participate annually. From an economic perspective,
the country is already well poised to benefit from the growing global trend in
health and wellness tourism. We must continue to explore how this new thrust
can be translated into positive growth for our economy and put the necessary
policies, procedures and infrastructure in place to ensure that Jamaica can reap
some of the rewards of promoting the country as a health and wellness destination.
As the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, I am particularly
pleased to note. Spartan’s contribution to the local and international health, wellness, fitness and beauty markets, all of which fit neatly within the synergies that
my Ministry embodies. I want to congratulate Mickey Haughton-James and his
team for the ground-breaking role that they have played in the development of
the industry and wish you every success for the years to come. You can be assured of the sup- port of my Ministry as we look towards facilitating even more
growth and prosperity in this transformative industry.
Hon. Olivia “Babsy” Grange, CD, MP
Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport
I am delighted to extend congratulations to
Spartan Health Club on attaining 40 years of
promoting health and fitness. Over the years
your club has remained dedicated to enabling
Jamaicans to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle,
which is essential for optimal physical and mental performance. Your facilities have constantly
kept pace with the changing times and I have
had the pleasure of utilising the superb gym at
Spartan in the maintenance of my own health
and wellbeing.
Spartan has been the preferred location for
training by numerous athletes in Jamaica and the
Caribbean and continues to be a major participant in the Jamaican and international tourism, culture, sports, health, wellness, fitness and beauty industries.
The remarkable achievements of your organisation have been
the result of great endurance and an uncompromising emphasis on quality
service and high standards. This is worthy of recognition and I join in saluting
your Club on achieving this significant milestone.
Spartan continues to be an example of a truly Jamaican business innovating
constantly to maintain its edge in a very competitive environment. I commend
the management the staff sincerely. Heartiest congratulations on your 40th anniversary and best wishes for the future, as Spartan continues to promote brand
Jamaica in culture, health and sports.
Peter D. Phillips PhD, MP
The members of Racers Track and Field Club extends its congratulations to
Spartan Health Club in the celebration of its 40th anniversary. The Spartan
Health Club organization headed by its founder, Mickey Haughton-James, has
been a trailblazer in the fitness and wellness industry.
Spartan’s courteous and well trained staff has been nothing but exceptional
in the professional execution of their jobs.
Through the generosity of Mr. Haughton-James Racers Track Club has used
the facilities of the health club for over 15 years while achieving great success.
Spartan continues to be our best option in Jamaica for the strength development
of our athletes. With its wide stock of exercise and weight training equipment
Spartan Health has played a vital role in the development of such world stars as
Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Warren Weir, Kemar Bailey-Cole and several of our
junior athletes.
“With Spartans you are in good hands”
Glen Mills
Congratulations to Spartan Health Club on their 40th anniversary. 40 years is
clear testimony to the great service Spartan offers to its members and the goodwill in the community.
From I started working out at Spartan I have noticed the endless effort in ensuring the best is available to its members. I personally am very appreciative of that
as I aim to improve myself.
Congrats again on this milestone and I wish you
all the best for the future.
Dr. The Hon. Ambassador Usain Bolt O.J.
I was lucky to be a part of Racers Track Club as
strength and conditioning IAAF coach when
Spartan Health Club came on board as the
official gym for the club. I say lucky, because I have found the staff and its facilities to be first class. The reception desk and personal trainers are always pleasant
and willing to help and guide us. This has aided Racers track Club to produce
world class athletes and world record holders. I would like to thank Spartan for
ensuring that my experience at the gym has always been enjoyable and I would
not hesitate to recommend this club to anyone wishing to workout at a great,
state of the art facility in Jamaica. Congrats on 40... Thanking you again.
Leeroy Gray
Racers’ Track Club Strength Training Coach
In 1976 I was a very young woman working in a
restaurant on Oxford road, with no pressing plans
for the future. I noticed Mickey Haughton-James
coming to patronize us frequently , and although
we liked to think of our food as “healthy”; I soon
came to realize that MHJ had ulterior motives !!
He set about convincing me to come and work
with him at Spartan Health Club, and the rest as
they say History. Under Mickey’s guidance, encouragement, and support I was fortunate enough
to win 3 titles that year and Spartan Health Club
was launched onto the fitness landscape of Jamaica with a bang! And so began the life changing
relationship between myself , Spartan and its
founder Mickey Haughton James...a relationship that is now 40 years in the
making, and one I cherish deeply and value more with each passing year! Spartan is like a second home to me, and I would like to congratulate Mickey on his
dedication to his life’s work, and his commitment to raising awareness of the
population of Jamaica to the benefits of physical culture.
The Premier Heath Club in Jamaica, you may, on any given day, be training
beside Usain Bolt, Alan (skill) Cole, or Lisa Hanna, and who could forget that
famous picture if Bob in his SHC T shirt while planning the “Peace concert” in
1976? Spartan has been instrumental in the development of so many persons
who have excelled in all different areas of physical endeavor, and has 2 Miss
Worlds to its credit. I am proud to share this 40th anniversary with MHJ and
SHC as both have been such an important part of my life and that of a growing society. Thank you MHJ for believing in me, and for going the distance...
thank you Spartan for always being there, music thumping, muscles pumping. A
constant reminder that our health truly is our greatest wealth, a lesson I learned
early and will forever be grateful for. Happy 40th anniversary Mickey- you have
impacted the loves of so many of us, and have created a legacy to be proud of.
Cindy Breakespeare
Miss World 1976; Miss Universe Bikini 1976; Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful 1976
My Introduction to Spartan Health Club in 1978
was as a last minute entrant to the inaugural Miss
Jamaica World Beauty Pageant. I vividly remember the trepidation of being escorted to the gym
by Bert Rose of NDTC Fame. The occasion was
the required press photo shoot for the contestants.
I recall the intimidation, I felt parading amongst
some eighty young ladies and the sight of male
body- builders viewing us encouragingly.
Having been selected as a contestant days later, I
quickly learned that daily work outs were mandatory and a new way of fitness would be necessary
to meet the highest contest standards. In those
early years Spartan boasted its own branded health products through a small
restaurant that annexed the gym. The popular health drinks were favorites
amongst attendees, mine being the high protein drink the Spartan Warrior. The
growth of Spartan included the expansion of the physical space to its present
location, making way for updated gym equipment reflecting international standards for healthy lifestyle. Indeed, Spartan health Club led the way for this new
movement in Jamaica.
As Spartans’ Proprietor, the indefatigable Mickey Haughton-James was also the
franchise holder for the Miss Jamaica World Pageant. He secured the gym as the
place of choice not only for prospective contestants but celebrities and athletes.
He staged many Body Building and Body Beautiful contests and the annual Miss
World Fashion Show. This led to the founding of Spartan Elite Modeling Agency
and although this was short-lived it created opportunities and modeling careers
for many young women from all over Jamaica.
In its 40 years of existence Spartan has now the most state of the art equipment
and has introduced classes in aerobics, spinning and Pilates. It now attracts fans
of all ages including persons with disabilities. They are encouraged to use its
facilities for fitness through physio-therapy.
Testimonials Cont’d...
I first came in contact with Spartan Health Club
when I was a school boy at Excelsior High School,
as well as, a member at the Melbourne Cricket Club. It was so long ago that I really cannot
remember my first day, but what I can remember
is that Michael Holding was working out there too
and his dad Ralph had encouraged me to do some
light weights to get stronger. This was in the early
1980s. I then met one of the most down to earth
persons in Mr. Mickey Haughton-James and from
those early days until now the respect we share for
each other is second to none.
I have always worked out at this very special
place that in my younger years I used to call “home away from home”. I have
judged the Miss Jamaica Beauty Pageant on a few occasions only because it’s very
difficult for me to say no to Mickey and Spartan. This noble place has helped me
to achieve all I did when I was at the peak of my career. So it is with humility
that I accept this invitation to offer my congratulations to Spartan on its 40th
anniversary. I also want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for what
Spartan has done for a lot of people in Jamaica, including myself, to achieve
our personal goals. My message to the current team, as well as, those who have
moved on is walk tall, stay strong and all the very best for continued success.
Stay blessed!!
Hon Courtney Walsh OJ
Former West Indies Cricket Captain and Former holder of the record for
most wickets taken in Test Cricket
I continue to feel privileged to be a member for over thirty (30) years.
Congratulations to Mickey Haughton-James and the Instructors and dedicated
Joan McDonald J.P
Miss Jamaica World 1978
I became a member of Spartan in 1976. Other members of the gym quickly became my family, and the gym my second home. I met
Mickey Haughon-James, shortly thereafter, a small man with a big heart bursting with energy, kindness and passion. Before I had any
confidence in myself he saw something in me and suggested that I become an instructor. He took the time over months and years to
teach me about the sport, how to be a good bodybuilder and a good trainer. I learned the art of posing from him and throughout my
entire career, these early coaching years at Spartan helped me to compete at an elite level and was undoubtedly the bedrock for my
many local, regional and international titles.
In 1977 I entered and won my first competition, Mr. Kingston. With Mickey’s continued encouragement and support I went on to win
three Mr. Jamaica titles and four Caribbean Championships
I left Spartan and migrated to the United States in 1986. Remembering what Mickey taught me in the early days helped me to become
who I am today in the sport of body building with titles such as World Champion and Mr. Universe; all natural, of course.
Looking back, I remember there was a fire at Spartan, yet serious body builders like myself, Lance Shearer, my training partner,
and the late Frederick Smith, were not deterred by the fire. After the firemen left, we went training in the smoldering rubble. I draw on this incident to highlight that
Spartan will never die. Amidst adversities, Spartan has become and will remain an internationally acclaimed fitness powerhouse and a crucible of body building
champions and beauty contests, which my daughter, Kayon Stokes, has both participated in and judged.
Long live Spartan! Happy 40th Anniversary! My prayer is that God will continue to bless Mickey Haughton-James and the Spartan Family
Carmi Smith
3 time Mr. Jamaica; 4 time Mr. Caribbean; Mr. World and Mr. Universe
Testimonials Cont’d...
After 40 years experience as a member of Spartan
Health Club, I have no regrets. Starting from relatively humble beginnings across the street, Spartan has
evolved to become Jamaica’s best equipped gym. All
of this is as a result of the foresight of Mickey Haughton-James who I met in the early 70’s at Holborn
Health Studios where we were both members.
From those early days at Holborn, Mickey had always
expressed his desire to start his own gym and in 1976 he took the bold
step. Now 40 years on, notwithstanding a major fire in 1983 that seriously
damaged the Club’s premises and a mauling by hurricane Gilbert in 1988,
he continued to improve Spartan’s facilities and services and today its
acceptance still as the premier gym is evidenced by the wide cross section of the populace, including top athletes and sportspeople of various
disciplines, who are members. I myself have benefitted from the Spartan
experience and continue to do so.
Without hesitation I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Spartan Health
Club on reaching this milestone
I was introduced to the Spartan Gym by Cindy Breakespeare shortly after
they started operating in 1976 and although never a lover of intense regular exercise, I surprised myself by joining. Now, 40 years later, I remain a
Spartan has never been just a gym, Spartan is a family. In addition to
the incredibly wide array of health & fitness offerings, it is the persons
with whom one comes into contact that make it the undisputed leader in
the field. The trainers, administrative staff, & cleaners all play their part
in making members happy & satisfied. Home to the young, and not so
young, business leaders, politicians, world famous athletes from all sports,
housewives, school children and the man in the street, all enjoying a harmonious relationship in the pursuit of fitness & good health.
I salute them on their 40th Anniversary. Special congratulations to their
founder & owner Maurice (Mickey) Haughton-James & his diverse team
of committed professionals for a job well done!
L. Gordon Arnold JP.
Carl Chantrielle CD
Former President of The Jamaica Telephone Company of Jamaica
(now trading as FLOW)
I will never forget the day in July 2006 when I was introduced to the legendary Mickey Haughton James because someone
thought I could vie for the Miss Jamaica title. My life changed in an instant that fateful day when Mr. James looked me up
and down and said “yea man, you just need to lose about 10 lbs”. My journey with Spartan began and my life has never
been the same again.
Though my initial involvement with the Spartan Health Club was through my affiliation with the Miss Jamaica World pageant, 10 years later this gym is now an integral part of my life.
For me, being extremely patriotic, one of the most remarkable and admirable thing about Spartan is their ability, throughout the years to promote brand Jamaica in culture, health and sports. As a proud past Miss Jamaica it was my privilege to
affiliate with the Spartan Health Club and get the opportunity to represent my country and share our distinctive renowned
culture on the world stage.
Spartan has also become the training ground for many of Jamaica’s athletes where the dedicated trainers, nutritionists, administrative and axillary staff
all work together to make this place the premiere training facility in the Caribbean.
As a health care professional I know more than ever about the advantages of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Spartan Health Club continues to promote
the benefits of regular exercise and supports a wide cross section of the Jamaican public in their efforts to make positive changes to their lifestyle.
Congratulations to my Spartan Health Club family for 40 years of excellence and dedication to personal health and supporting brand Jamaica. I am
proud to be a part of this family.
Dr. Sara Lawrence
Miss Jamaica World 2006
Spartan Health Club &
Miss Jamaica World
Spartan Health Club was franchise
holder for Miss World in Jamaica from
1976 until 2012. The Club entered the
Miss World Contest in 1976 with a
world-wide resounding bang with Cindy
Breakspeare emerging as Miss World
and exited, also on a high note, in 2012
with Deanna Robins placing in the Top
6 and walking away with the Caribbean
Queen of Beauty title. Between the periods 1976 to 2012, while Spartan Health
Club was franchise holder, Jamaica
emerged in 4th Place in the Miss World
Mickey Haughton-James Miss Jamaica World Promoter and
rankings, tying with Sweden and USA.
Executive Producer
The top 3 are Venezuela, India and
the UK. During the tenure of Spartan Health Club, Jamaica has won the
Miss World title twice, placed in the Top 5 on six occasions, the Top 10
four times, the Top 15 twice and won the Caribbean Queen of Beauty title
eight times.
Cindy Breakspeare - Miss World 1976
Sandra Kong - Withdrew
Joan McDonald
Debbie Campbell - 2nd Runner-up
Michelle Harris - Top 15
Sandra Cunningham - 2nd Runner-up
Cornelia Parchment
Cathi Levy - 3rd Runner-up
Jacqueline Crichton
Alison Barnett - 4th Runner-up
Cindy Breakespeare –
Miss World 1976
Joan McDonald
MJW 1978
Terri-Karelle Griffth-Reid
MJW 2005
Miss World Top 15
Lisa Mahfood
Janice Whittingham
Andrea Haynes
Natasha Marcanik
Natasha Marcanik
Erica Aquart - Top 10
Sandra Foster -
3rd Runner-up
Julie Ann Bradford
Lisa Hanna - Miss World 1993 1994Johanna Ulett
Imani Duncan
Selena Delgado
Michell Moodie
- Caribbean Queen of Beauty
Christine Straw
- Top 10
Desiree DePass - Caribbean Queen of Beauty
Ayisha Richards
Regina Beavers
Danielle O’Hayon
Jade Fulford - Top 10
Tonoya Toyloy - Miss Scholarship
Terri-Karelle Griffith -
Top 16
Sara Lawrence - Top 6
Yendi Phillipps - Top 15
Brittany Lyons
Kerrie Baylis
Chantal Raymond
Danielle Crosskill
Deanna Robins - 5th Runner-up – End of Spartan Franchise
Sara Lawrence
MJW 2006
Miss World Top 6
Deanna Robins
MJW 2012
Miss World Top 6
Lisa Hanna –
Miss World 1993
Miss Jamaica World ATI
A unique feature of the 2012 Miss Jamaica World Pageant, the last to be staged by Spartan Health Club, was the Miss Jamaica World Pageant ATI
Contest. The event was a collaboration between Spartan and the promoters of ATI which was a promotional party for Appleton Rum. The MJW (ATI)
Contest was also sponsored by Appleton Rum. The MJW (ATI) Contest was meant to be “edgy” and to push the clean image of the MJW Pageant to
the limits. The event was staged at the Spartan Health Club Courtyard and a combination of the venue décor, the fashions worn by the contestants and
the choreography were creatively used to achieve the promoters’ goal of “tastefully provocative”.
40 Years Promoting
Health & Fitness
on the World Stage
Spartan Health Club is the Leading Strength Training Centre in Jamaica.
Weight training (resistance training) was once not accepted as a healthy
and safe form of exercise. There was a time when High School athletes
were told not to even ride a bicycle during the “track season” as they
would become muscle bound and injury prone. Body- builders were
viewed as freaks that were unwittingly doing great harm to themselves.
Today weight training, when done correctly, is regarded as an essential
form of exercise for achieving and maintaining ultimate health and fitness.
Spartan Health Club has been at the forefront of providing quality weight
training facilities and coaching to fitness enthusiasts, as well as, to Jamaica’s top bodybuilders and athletes ever since it opened its doors on
June 30, 1976. Athletes such as cyclist David Weller who broke the world
record at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 before winning a bronze medal and cricketers Michael Holding, Andy Roberts and Courtney Walsh
were early members at Spartan. The sport of Bodybuilding is probably
where Spartan was most dominant in its early years of operation. In its
very first year of operation, the club’s representatives, Steve Walters and
Cindy Breakespeare, won the Mr. & Miss Jamaica Body- building titles
respectively, at the Jamaica Amateur Bodybuilding Championships. This
Sandra Kong is shown receiving 1977 Miss Jamaica Body
Beautiful trophy from the 1976
winner Cindy Breakespeare
who was then the reigning Miss
Sandra, Spartan’s most successful female bodybuilder, won
the titles – Miss Jamaica Body
Beautiful 1977; Miss Antilles
1978; Miss Caribbean 1978
and Miss Universe Bikini 1978
Winning contestant
in the Miss Spartan
Body Beautiful contest,
Carla Yee Sing (centre),
shares her moment of
victory with 2nd place
winner Valerie Bennet
(right) & Nadine
Prendergast who
placed 3rd.
Cindy Breakspeare winning the 1976
NABBA Miss Universe Bikini, London.
dominance continued in future years through champions such as Sandra
Kong, Chent Wint, Marilyn Hamilton, Carmi Smith, Frederick Smith,
Julie Azan, Errol Morrison, Heather Sykes and many others.
In more recent times Spartan has been the strength training home or
national teams such as the Jamaica Cricket Team, Jamaica Netball Team,
Basketball Team and Badminton Team. The Racers Track Team which
includes the world’s superstar of track & field, Usain Bolt and other sensational stars has called Spartan home for well over a decade.
Usain trains
under the
watchful eyes of
Leeroy Gray.
Dwayne Walker Bodybuilding Heavyweight Champion
2015 Bodybuilding
Overall Champion
Lance Shearer, Junior Mr. Jamaica
1992 and Cathi Levy, Miss Jamaica World 1993
Left: Carmi Smith Mr. Jamaica;
Mr. World; Mr. Universe
Heather Sykes - Miss Spartan
Body Beautiful
Heather Sykes – Spartan Legend
Heather Sykes-Facey is arguable the most successful multi-faceted representative to come out of the Spartan Health Club. She was 2nd Runner-Up to Alison Jean Barnett in the 1985 Miss Jamaica World Pageant, which many consider resulted in the best Top 5 Finalists in the history
of the pageant. She went on to win the Miss Caribbean World Pageant that same year.
Heather then switched her focus to body-beautiful and physique competitions and in more recent times to road racing. She won the Miss Spartan Body-Beautiful Contest on 2 occasions 1991 and 1992. She was a surprise entrant in the 1992 Miss Jamaica Physique Competition which
she won in an epic battle with Jamaica’s top female body-builders. Heather has performed creditably in road races in Jamaica and internationally. She was the Female Champion of the Kinston City Run 5K in 2014 and the Kinston City Run 10K in 2016 .
Janice Whittingham
Miss Jamaica World 1987; Miss Spartan Body-Beautiful 1990
Janice Whittingham, uniquely the only Miss Jamaica World winner to also win the Miss Spartan Body-Beautiful title,
certainly fulfilled the Miss Spartan criteria “Beauty of Face and Body”.
Sandra Kong
The Ultimate Body-Beautiful
Sandra Kong and Cindy Breakespeare were both Spartan members in 1976. Both ladies had ultra fantastic bodies and were obvious potential world beaters on the world stage in body-beautiful contests. A
decision was taken by Spartan not to enter Sandra, who was only 17 years old, in the 1976 Miss Jamaica
Body-Beautiful Contest and instead to make the older more mature Cindy its lead representative in
that year’s competition. Delayed until 1977, Sandra took the body-building world by storm easily winning the Miss Jamaica Body-Beautiful Contest and just about every similar major international contest
over a 2-year period. Sandra had a famous foray in the world of beauty when she was withdrawn from
the 1997 Miss World Contest due to the presence of a representative from South Africa.
40th Anniversary Events
Spartan Health Club’s management team is led by the dynamic Regina Beavers-McCallum. Her impressive organizational and leadership
skills have energized and motivated not only the Spartan staff, but
Spartan members as well. Since being appointed general manager in
August 2015, an important part of her activities has been the staging of
promotional events to generate awareness of the Club’s 40 year history
among the member- ship and the general public.
Spartan Health Club’s Management Team
Activities staged to date have been the “Champions of the Week” and
“Soccer Mania” competitions. Both were tailored to and depended on
the participation of members. These events were highly successful and
resulted in a significant increase in camaraderie among members as
well as stronger club loyalty. Mrs. McCallum ensured that all members of staff took “ownership” and participated in the staging of these
events and so were rightly able to take pride in this success as being a
team effort.
Soccer Mania
Champions of the Week
A Message from
Mickey Haughton-James
We at Spartan are very proud of our achievements in our 40 years of existence. We have made great strides in terms of the physical size of the Club, the
variety and quality of the services we provide and the state of the art equipment that is presently in place. Over this period we have satisfied the health
and physical fitness needs of thousands of Jamaicans. We have also trained and groomed hundreds of Jamaican young women who have participated
in the Miss Jamaica World Contest many of whom went on to gain fame and recognition for themselves and for Jamaica. A lot of Jamaica’s great athletes, male and female, have also utilized our facilities for their strength training program which is vital to their achieving success on the international
While we are fore mostly indebted to our faithful members and dedicated staff for our longevity and continued success, there are individuals who
played a direct role in the formative years that led to Spartan becoming a household name in Jamaica and being respected by many internationally.
Cindy Breakespeare, who bought into my vision and joined me in a fledgling and precarious venture and then went on to rocket the club to national
fame by winning the prestigious Miss World title just 5 months later, must top the list. Following closely would be bodybuilders Sandra Kong, Chen
Wint, Steve Walters and Carmi Smith whose successes in the international arena proved that Cindy’s win was not a fluke and that Spartan would remain a producer of champions on the world stage. The unwavering support we received from Governor General Sir Florizel Glasspole and then editor
of the Gleaner, Hon. Hector Wynter was crucial to the success of Spartan’s efforts to introduce the Miss Jamaica World Pageant in the face of strong
opposition from elements both on the left and on the right of the political spectrum. Unfortunately, space does not allow me to mention so many other
individuals who have nurtured and assisted the club and me, personally, over these many years.
There is more that the Club can still achieve in the field of health, fitness and nutrition! Spartan Health Club is well known to Jamaicans nationally and
in the Diaspora and has become a well established national brand. This opens up to Spartan wide possibilities for commercial expansion including in
the area of food products and branded fitness and sportswear. Our bright, young and innovative management team is well equipped to move us in the
direction of realizing this goal and the team will be expanded as required going forward.