is molas resort by fuksas



is molas resort by fuksas
The Location
The Is Molas Golf Resort is located 30 km from Cagliari and its International
airport, in the south west coast of Sardinia. Thanks to the special
microclimate, one can enjoy the golf activities and all sports in general,
throughout the entire year. The Is Molas Golf Resort area confines from
the town of Santa Margherita di Pula to Cape Teulada, one of the most
fascinating stretches of the south coast of Sardinia: beautiful beaches and
clear water bays draw the outlines for one of the most exciting landscapes
aimed at those who love golf and nature.
Immersed in a very suggestive landscape, where the Tower of Nora rises
and at its feet the remains of the Phoenician city is found, the Is Molas
Golf Resort has a path that leads from the hill towards the sea. The path
consists of a 27 hole golf course which is among the most fascinating and
technically challenging in the Mediterranean.
Is Molas
The Project
The upgrading of the existing resort involves a further 18 holes signed
by Gary Player, a 5 star hotel, elegant meeting areas with restaurants
and boutiques, a qualified Spa and a sports area including tennis courts,
football fields, a basketball court, beach volley and a children’s miniclub.
Inside a 600 hectares of land, the project Is Molas involves the construction
of 150 villas by world-recognized Archistar Massimiliano Fuksas. The first
residential community to be completed is composed of 15 signature villas
or, even better, “inhabited sculptures” that run through the entire area,
from the golf course to the hills and the scenic panorama. Against the
resort’s breath-taking backdrop, among nature, Golf and sea, the villas are
not located following rigid arrangements and involve four general types,
with the possibility of customization: villa Palas, villa Luxi , villa Nea and
villa Arenada. The outdoor vegetation consists of a Mediterranean scrub
biome, that will be restored in areas where it is lacking, and from a light
tree density, using only native species: myrtle, mastic, heather, arbutus
trees and cork oaks.
Massimiliano Fuksas
Is Molas is an experimental project. The experiment is to work with the
elements, with the wind erosion and nature. Therefore this intervention
takes the form of eroded masses which are shaped by the wind, where the
openings are hollow, where sudden light beams penetrate from cracks or
large skylights to wet the bodies materials. The construction is a reminder of
the fragments and the archaeological remains of Nuragic civilization, both
due to the curvature of the forms, always present, and for the progressive
aggregation of cells, nuclei which add up to make inhabited sculptures.
With this project, man returns to live inside inhabited sculptures that are
the new forms of design, surpassing the box, the cage, the closure, and
experiencing a sense of freedom.
Doriana Fuksas
Doriana Fuksas, architect and art historian, with a rare sensitivity for every
expression of culture, for years has collected furniture, fabrics, carpets and
objects during her travels:
“I buy them because I find them original, interesting, without really knowing
where to place them” she says. “There is an inherent beauty in things, an
appeal which must be captivated, without being influenced by fashion.”
This experience mixed with a unique taste for the “sophisticated simplicity”
led to the creation of a furniture line entirely dedicated to the Inhabited
Sculptures of Is Molas. Straight lines alternating with curved shapes that
recall the architecture of the new villas. Research and a careful choice of
materials, leather and fabrics in bright combinations. We invite you to
discover the line “Concept Furniture for Is Molas” by Doriana Fuksas and
produced by Moroso.
Screen System
Lounge Group
Villa Palas
The design philosophy reflects a new way of experiencing the surroundings,
the sea, the lake and the greenery; the unit consists of four structures which
differ in floor area and in volume and especially in form. These structures
are distributed in the lot around an inner garden and are enclosed by a
terrace that serves as union element.
Each structure is an expression of its intended use, in the main structure
on the ground floor is the living room, the kitchen, a bathroom and a utility
room. Upstairs, accessible via a single ramp staircase, there are two master
bedrooms with two private bathrooms. The other structures feature on the
ground floor a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a study / bedroom, and
a fitness area which overlooks the pool. Upstairs we find the last bedroom
which, along with the rooms of the main structure, overlooks the large
terrace allowing a wonderful view of the sea and golf. The architecture is
further enhanced by the presence of a large pool and arbor to live the
Sardinian nature at its fullest. The main spaces are distributed as follows:
living area 259 sq.m; technical area 52 sq.m; swimming pool 100 sq.m;
terrace, arbor and open gallery 630 sq.m; lot total inclusive of garden:
2.300 sq.m.
Guide Price: € 4,600,000
680 sqm
2.300 sqm
Villa Luxi
The villa consists of two slightly staggered structures, they are sectioned at
the first floor level from a terrace, which extends on the entrance side and
on the side of the living room. The terrace changes its shape, and it’s gently
prolonged through wooden carriers on which the canopy roofing rests. It
has a protective function for the patio below where most of the summer
time is spent and can be reached externally by a staircase on the lower side
of one of the two structures.In the larger structure on the ground floor
there is space for a dining room and living room which opens towards the
garden via an open glass wall on two sides of the room, and in the smaller
structure two bedrooms with their own bathrooms are placed. On the first
floor, accessible by a wooden staircase located in the dining room, one
can find two further bedrooms with bathrooms. The large terrace, from
where breathtaking views of the surrounding nature are possible becomes
a wellness area with a hot tub. The transition between indoors and out is
embellished by using a long colonnade that acts as a filter between the two
spaces. The main spaces are distributed as follows: living area 190 sq.m;
technical area 43 sq.m; swimming pool 39 sq.m; terrace, arbor and open
gallery 240 sq.m; lot total inclusive of garden: 1.500 sq.m
Guide Price: € 2,600,000
424 sqm
1.500 sqm
Villa Nea
The villa consists of 3 structures of different sizes and with different
functions. They are distributed around a central space covered by a terrace
that serves to unite and hold together the different elements of the villa.
The central part is fully glassed in and this makes it possible not only to
observe the surrounding nature but also to be able to access all other
indoor environments from a single focal point, around which the entire
“villa system” revolves. The ground floor premises are dedicated to the
living area including kitchen, dining room and lounge, located in the central
part with extensive windows. All this is complemented by 2 bedrooms
with their own bathrooms. On the first floor, accessible also by the outside
staircase, is the sleeping area comprising two bedrooms with en-suite
bathrooms. The rooms overlook the large irregular shaped terrace that
encloses the different structures. The terrace has been converted into a
relaxing reading area where one can enjoy the surrounding landscape on
masonry seats. It has been extended with a wooden roof, thus protecting
from the sun and rain the guests who will enjoy the patio below. The main
spaces are distributed as follows: living area 215 sq.m; technical area 42
sq.m; swimming pool 43 sq.m; terrace, arbor and open gallery 300 sq.m;
lot total inclusive of garden: 1.200 sq.m
Guide Price: € 2,600,000
395 sqm
1.200 sqm
Villa Arenada
The villa has a central main body linked to smaller bodies in a radial
manner, creating a pleasant series of spaces that are discovered gradually
as one walks inside the house. In the main structure, on the ground floor
is the large living area, the surrounding environments are the kitchen and
the dining room, with glass walls which can be completely opened, the
main bedroom with its own bathroom, and a second bathroom. The villa
has large windows that can be opened during the summer allowing the
passage between indoors and out. Upstairs there is the second bedroom
with its own bathroom and a big terrace with a wellness area and a tub. The
terrace has been extended with a wooden roof, thus protecting from the
sun and rain the guests who will enjoy the patio below. The main spaces
are distributed as follows: living area 145 sq.m; technical area 52 sq.m;
swimming pool 40 sq.m; terrace, arbor and open gallery 200 sq.m; lot total
inclusive of garden: 1.200 sq.m
Guide Price: € 2,154,000
319 sqm
1.200 sqm
Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas
Stone, water and wind on Sardinian land
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