Where is the Village?



Where is the Village?
“Where is the Village?”
The stage production
An Original Gena-Mae Production
In association with F.L.Y. Girlz Inc.
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Background Information to the challenges of Teen Violence
and Parental Involvement.
Proposed Approach to address these challenges:
SECTION 2: Where is the Village Background
The Production
SECTION 3: Conclusion
The Inspiration
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“Where is the Village?” was inspired, and God given to writer Regina Wells, during and
after a conversation surrounding the untimely death of Bobby Maurice Tillman.
Mr. Tillman’s tragic beating death hit home because one of our team members personally
knew this young man and his family. Her 17 year old daughter was a close friend of his
and was also there the night he lost his life. The circumstances surrounding Bobby’s
senseless beating; raised the question, “Where was the Village?” that it is said it takes to
raise a child?
What provoked those young men to choose Bobby to take their anger and frustrations out
on? Why were there so many people there during the incident that did not Speak out Or
Step in?
Thus began the quest by the two of us that birth “The New Age Village Movement,” a
movement with a mission. “Where is the Village?” is more than just a play. God willing it
will open the eyes of millions and save at least one life.
We performed the production in Lithia Springs, Georgia as a fundraising event for BFAM
Inc. (Bobby's Family's Organization) and we were able to obtain over $500.00 dollars in
donations from local business owners, and we sold over 100 tickets to the event. Following
that performance we performed the production in Carrollton GA for donations and were
able to obtain more funds for BFAM.
We received an overwhelming response from the audience about how badly this play was
needed. It triggered something in them that made them want to get involved and make a
change not only in their life but in the lives of others.
Based on the feedback that was received we believe this play can be utilized as a visual tool
for fundraising events for your organization to help encourage others to volunteer and also
serve as a wake-up call to save our youth.
The play will be first performed in the Carrolton Area and the impact will be assessed
before it is introduced to the other Boys and Girls Clubs.
Our Services will include:
Cast & Stage Crew
All Props & Set
Liability for Cast & Crew
Background Checks on all Cast & Crew
Promotional Assistance
Sponsorship Assistance
The play is expected to reach at least 40-50 professionals in various fields of expertise.
About 100-150 young people should be reached as a start.
The play which is viewed as a pilot will emphasize:
Enabling children to reach their full potential by letting them know that their voices
are being heard, and that were committed to helping them, by providing resources
offered by the boys and girls club.
 Keeping families together in a community by providing them outlet to let their
voices be heard and by referring them to community resources that will assist them
with overcoming their challenges.
 Encouraging community leaders, organizations and corporations to get involved by
volunteering their time, talent and resources.
F.L.Y Girlz Inc., and Gena-Mae Productions are requesting support from organizations to
go towards the costs of venue, cast, crew and any out of state travel, hotel and food
Background Information on the challenges of Teen Violence
Teen violence is a very real occurrence, and violent crimes are committed by teens
regularly including suicide.
We often neglect suicide in our examinations of teen violence. However, suicide is
violence against oneself and deserves very real consideration. Below are two teen
violence statistics to think about regarding suicide.
1. The third leading cause of death among teens is suicide
2. Over the past year, one in 11 high school students admit to having made a suicide
These statistics do not even take into account the number of students that think
about violence against themselves on a regular basis. Additionally, these statistics do
not take into account the rising instances of self-injury, which do not necessarily
need to be associated with suicidal feelings, but which is a form of self-violence.
Teen violence every day
Not only is teen violence related to violent crime and self-violence, but also there
are lesser forms of violence that are perhaps more prevalent and worrisome, as they
indicate a trend toward teen violence as an everyday occurrence. The Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report the following teen violence statistics.
National estimates indicate that 30 percent of youth in grade six through 10 are
involved in bullying, either as a target or as the bully. Some even experience both.
A national CDC survey indicates that 33 percent of high school students were in at
least one physical fight within a 12 month period.
In 30 days preceding the CDC survey, 17 percent of high school students reported
that they carried a weapon at least once. The weapon could be a gun, knife or club.
Proposed Approach to address these challenges:
It is imperative that we reach out to these teens and provide a safe haven for them
and let them know that their voices are being heard. The “Where is the Village?”
play as an annual fundraising event to bring together community leaders to raise
funds for organizations across the country.
SECTION 2: “Where is the Village?” Background
To re-introduce the “village” concept to the world, through the “Where is the Village?”
production and talk back sessions. This production is a wake-up call to parents and teens to
address the issues that many teens face today, encouraging families to come together, work
together and take care of each other. The face of the village has changed from parents to
teens who have been left to fend for themselves.
To travel to schools, churches and organizations to raise awareness on how to help stop
teen on teen violence by empowering teens to help and support each other by Speaking
out or Stepping in. If you see someone endangering someone else, or verbally assaulting
them don’t be afraid to intervene or call for help. There is power in numbers and the more
people that sign the Bobby Tillman Pact, the more lives we can save and change a
generation filled with teen violence to the next generation of adults who support and care
for one another.
“S.O.S” Speak out Or Step In! The alarm has sounded and too many teenagers’ lives have
been lost as result of senseless violence. It’s time we get back to the village community
mentality and start helping one another! We can’t change the past but we can do
something about our future.
To obtain sponsors and celebrity endorsements to help raise money to support the
show and raise money for families of victims of teen on teen violence.
To get one million teens to take the Bobby Tillman Pact to end teen on teen violence.
To link high schools with community organizations and programs that support
To build relationships and open the lines of communication between teens and
“Where is the Village” is a gripping, poetically written ensemble play. With vivid colorful
characters sharing their stories, hoping to be the mirror that is so badly needed in our
society. Touching on teen violence, bullying, suicide, abuse, rape, homosexuality, racism
and the lack of importance many place on education. The play not only speaks to the
heart of teens but adults and parents as well. Helping them revisit their pasts and deal with
issues they may be facing because of those pasts. We want to encourage them to stop
running but to Speak out Or Step in and deal with situations, together.
SECTION 3: Conclusion
The alarm has sounded and too many teenagers’ lives have been lost as result of senseless
violence. It’s time we get back to the village community mentality and start helping one
another. We can’t change the past but we can do something about our future.
Event Coordinator
Set Travel
Administrative cost
Total Cost
Since the play was inspired by Bobby Tillman we will donate 10% of what we receive to
The above proposed budget is applicable only to shows performed in Georgia and Metro
Atlanta. Any shows booked for outside of Georgia will encompass an increase in pay for
each member of cast and crew, as well as a per diem, gas, travel and hotel accommodation
expenses. Details to this affect will be discussed, and contracted prior to event booking
confirmation between Vanna Walker Byrd/Regina D. Wells and the organization or
3.3 The Inspiration
“Where is the Village?” and the New Age Village Movement was inspired, and God given
to writer Regina Wells, during and after a conversation with her long time friend Vanna
Byrd. The two hadn’t spoken in several months. Vanna had called to ask a simple question.
While catching up, the tragic story of Bobby Tillman came up. As it turns out Vanna’s
daughter Chauncey Walker was a close friend of Bobby and was there that night Bobby
was tragically beaten to death. As the two spoke of the circumstances surrounding Bobby’s
senseless death, the subject of “Where is the Village” that it is said it takes to raise a child
in cases like Bobby’s. What provoked these young men to choose Bobby to be the subject
to take their anger and frustrations out on? Why were there so many people there during
the incident that didn’t Speak out Or Step in? Thus began the quest by the two that birth
“The New Age Village Movement.” A movement with a mission, “Where is the Village?” is
more than just a play, it is a movement. God willing it will open the eyes on millions and
save at least one life.
The Cast
Chauncey Walker
(As Charity)
Chauncey is a senior at Chapel Hill High School. She is the senior class
president, National Honor Society Vice-President, DECA President, and is
involved in BETA, and Spanish National Honor Society. She is heavily
involved in her schools drama department, and is also a part of a
performing arts company the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta, where they
travel around the world and relay positive messages about society through
their performances. They also give back to the community by performing
for inner city youth groups and senior citizens. Chauncey is passionate
about performing, acting, dancing, and choreographing, she wants to open her own dance studio
and start her own talent agency as well. Chauncey’s first love is the arts and she wants to also help
give back to the community. Her goal is to not be a well known super star, but to be the best
person she can be, and live her life doing the things which she is most passionate about. Her
motto is “Hard work and Humility are the keys to success.”
Shanekia Bray
(As Keisha)
Shanekia has been acting since she was barely even eight years old. She has modeling
and acting experience. Shanekia has worked with Gena-Mae Productions most of her
acting career. She snagged the role of Porcha, in Gena-Mae’s soon to be released film
“Between Love And A Hard Place” featuring BernNadette Stanis “Thelma” from
Dillin Roberts
Dillin is a 2011 graduate of Chapel Hill High. He enjoys music and reading. Dillin
was a very close friend of Bobby Tillman for whom this production is dedicated.
He feels very strongly about its message and potential.
Jessica Claire Culpepper
Jessica is a 2011 graduate of Chapel Hill High School. Upon graduation
Jessica plans to attend college and major in business with a minor in theatre
and art. Jessica is passionate about music and drawing. Jessica loves life and
brings joy to everyone she meets. She hopes for peace on earth and that all
mankind will be treated equal.
Rudolph Chism
Rudolph is a 2010 graduate of Carrollton High School. He has
been acting from very young age and is a lead member in a
Christian Rap group that is quickly gaining popularity in his
home town called, “The Holy Boyz.” Rudolph is dedicated to
showing other teens how “cool” it is to serve God.
Tajuanna Mack
(As Marion)
Actress Tajuanna Mack is the mother of two grown sons and is an
Army Veteran. Currently Tajuanna is a Science Teacher in Carroll
County. She has been acting for several years and intends to make it a
full time profession upon retiring from teaching. She has performed
in many stage plays and as a background actor in several movies.
She has been in several independent films and a touring stage play.
Currently is a leader of the Performing Arts Ministry at A Place of
Refuge Church in Carrollton GA., and has worked on many film
industry sets as Production Assistant, Makeup, Prop Master as well as
Costume and Set Design Assistant.
Candace Mabry
(Ms. Watson)
Grew up in Nashville, TN and received a BFA in Theatre from Western
Kentucky University. Candace feels blessed to be part of her second
production with Gena-Mae; she played Jenn in the soon to be released
film “Between Love And A Hard Place”. She has also appeared in
numerous commercials, print ads, and independent films such as Step
Off (Lionsgate 2011). Some of her favorite stage roles include Harper in
“Angels In America”, Lula in “Dutchman”, and Manto in “Seneca’s
Tiffany Mitchell
Tiffany is a seasoned actress and member of Open Word Christian Ministries in
Fairburn Georgia. Professionally Tiffany works in the Administrative field. She has
joined the “Village” team in hopes of her character encouraging mothers to stand
up protect their kids and be the rock they need to grow and flourish in the world
Edward Blackmon
Ed is a seasoned actor who enjoys the profession and is constantly
doing what he can to learn more and continue to cultivate his craft.
He is currently a member of Word of Faith Church in Atlanta GA
and is married to a beautiful dancer. Edward has participated in
countless productions all geared toward spreading the powerful
message of Christ to the masses.
Thomas Wells
(As Ricky)
Currently best known for his “Grandma Bobby Jean” character
comedy, actor/comedian Thomas K. Wells also has a serious side.
Having performed as “Walter Lee” in A Raisin in the Sun, his
dynamic and diverse acting skills will soon be recognized by the
world. He has performed in several Gena-Mae as well as CMO
Production. A native of Newnan Georgia, look for great things
from Thomas.
Tywone Reese
Tywone is a Child Care Professional who enjoys
acting and singing in her spare time. She has been
in several Gena-Mae Productions among others and
is devoted to the nurture of young children.
Charles Walker
Charles is a Georgia Institute Tech Police officer, husband and
father who is devoted to community. He operates as a
professional D.J and sound tech in his spare time. His favorite
quote is: "Be more concerned with your character then with your
reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your
reputation is merely what others think you are."
Milton Byrd
Milton is new to the stage but he enjoys his role of Eddie in the
production. An incarcerated father longing to be with his family
but he doesn’t quite know how to put down his old street ways and
be a husband and father to his baby. Milton is a husband himself
and father of five so the issues his character faces give him an even
greater drive to be the role model God indented for him to be.
Production Stills
Regina D. Wells Writer/Director/Producer Owner and founder of Gena-Mae Productions,
Production Coordinator for Film & Television
Regina D. Wells has been writing and directing theatrical gospel plays since the age of 16.
She has written hundreds of short plays and five full length gospel plays two of which are
musicals that contain her own original songs. She is a mother of two, daughters and is
married. She writes plays, screenplays, poetry and songs.
“Motherhood” The making of a mother, was her first original indie film project. She has
been the writer, director and coordinator of the Performing Arts ministry at A Place of
Refuge Church in Carrollton, GA for over fifteen years. The ministry has several
departments that she heads including, three dance teams of girls ranging from ages 4 to
age 17. One boys dance group ages 7 to 13, and an adult, teen and youth drama team
with ages ranging from7 to over 50 with an approximate total of 40 members. She also
uses drama and writing skills to mentor teens at the church’s community center as well as
volunteers at the local community theatre of Carrollton, GA. She works with Unique
Productions of Atlanta GA, on indie films and documentaries, and in October of 2002
she became the founder Gena-Mae Productions. Regina also mentors upcoming writers,
performers and advices actors and assists in booking.
GMP has performed six original productions 2002-2007. Three of which were musicals,
two with my own original songs and one that was done as a paid production for a local
church. Currently GMP has merged with the Atlanta production company UNIQUE
Productions to create U&G Productions. U&G is a production company in every sense of
the word, producing film, television, stage and entertainment careers. “As an
entertainment production coordinator, I pride myself in being prompt, organized, and
equipped to see productions through to success.”
www.genamaeproductions.webs.com IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3481159/
Vanna Walker Byrd * Producer/Event Coordinator
Owner and Founder of F.L.Y Girlz (Females Leading Young Girlz), Business Manager,
Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Actress, Director, Radio Announcer and Former
Vanna Walker Byrd has a BA in Sociology and has over 11 years of management
experience in the corporate sector and has served 6 of those years as one of the Office
Managers for Deloitte & Touche and was the Procurement Dept. Lead for 5 years. She is
passionate about helping young people and has served as a mentor for over 12 years. She
incorporates her acting, writing and directing skills in her mentoring programs by allowing
her mentees to express themselves through there theatrical performances. She has been
very instrumental in inspiring young people to pursue their dreams in the arts by giving
them hands on training and teaching them how to write, direct, and produce their own
material. Vanna is the founder and CEO of F.L.Y. Girlz (Females Leading Young Girlz), a
non-profit organization that educates, empowers, and trains young women who aspire to
have respectable, life-long careers in the entertainment industry. She has also directed and
wrote several plays. She recently co-wrote, directed and produced “The Gift” a gospel
stage play. Vanna has a passion for young teenage girls/women and she wants to inspire
and encourage them to be successful and full-fill their destiny. She believes that it’s never
too late to begin again and no matter how many times you fall or fail, you must Get Back
Up! Her motto is “Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One.
Raymond Woods
Music Producer
Raymond became a musician at the age of 12, playing the saxophone, and later transition to what
would be his love instrument at the age of 14, the piano. He went on to serve as the youth
minister of music at True Gospel Pentecostal Church, in Dalton Georgia for seven years, and
continued serving as a minister of music at colleges he attended, like Tuskegee University, and later
University of West Georgia. Raymond continues to serves as a musician at A Place of Refugee
Church, where God inspired him with the vision of Kingdom Beats Production LLC in 2008.
Currently he is owner and founder of Kingdom Beats Production, a Gospel music production
company which produces, music for commercial, theatrical, film and television. The vision of
Kingdom Beats Production LLC is to expose the musical gifts of God, in individuals throughout the
World, and use that gift to up lift of the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. Actor, musician
and music composer, Raymond Woods, has been casted in several Gena-Mae Productions. He has
experienced modeling as well. A jack of all trades, Raymond also teaches and plays keyboard.
Raymond has scored a feature length film, “Between Love & A Hard Place” featuring Bernadette
Stannis from “Good Times” and also a number of short movies, commercials, plays, he composes
and records songs for individual artist. He will serve as the Music Producer for The New Age
Village Movement and the Production of “Where is the Village.”
Carrollton City
Monique Riverade
(Bobby Tillman’s Mother)
Proceeds from the “Where is the Village?” Performances benefit “BFAM”
((Bobby’s Family’s Organization, Founded and headed by Ms. Riverade))
Play called a wake-up call for teens, parents
by Mitch Sneed/Times-Georgian
7 months ago | 1048 views
Two local women have taken on the problems facing the community and society as a whole, and
hope that a play that portrays those issues can produce positive solutions.
Regina Wells and Vanna Byrd will call on a cast of friends, family and others, to stage “Where is
the Village?”– a poetically written one-act play with a positive message.
“The alarm has sounded and too many teenagers’ lives have been lost as result of senseless
violence,” Wells said. “It’s time we get back to the village community mentality and start helping
one another. We can’t change the past but we can do something about our future.”
The play will be performed Sunday at 7 p.m. at the gymnasium of A Place of Refuge MSW
Center. The church is located at 106 Refuge Way, a street that was formerly known as Jersey
Street. Wells said admission is free, but an offering will be accepted.
“When we put this together, we were touched by the story of a Douglasville youth named Bobby
Tillman, who died senselessly from violence after bullying and so many other things,” Wells said.
“This production is a wake-up call to parents and teens to address the issues that many teens face
today, encouraging families to come together, work together and take care of each other. The face
of the village has changed from parents to teens who have been left to fend for themselves.”
Wells said that the characters are very colorful, but the situations addressed are ones that occur
every day in our community – from job and financial stress, to peer pressure and gang violence.
“This play touches on teen violence, bullying, suicide, abuse, rape, homosexuality, racism and the
lack of importance many place on education.” Wells said. “The play not only speaks to the heart of
teens but adults and parents as well. Helping them revisit their pasts and deal with issues they may
be facing because of those pasts — encouraging them to stop running and to speak out or step in
and deal with situations together.
“We know it’s a play, but we hope it can be the first step toward making a difference.”
Read more: Times-Georgian - Play called a wakeup call for teens parents
Regina Wells 678-334-5234 [email protected]
Vanna Byrd 404-272-1187 [email protected]