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Introducing a NEW Collection from Alumax!
Savor the moments with a bath collection designed for
the way you live. The Alumax Designer Series blends
elegant design with our signature quality to create bath
and shower doors that transcend the everyday.
Like its namesake wave, the fluid grace of Pipeline
extends beyond merely the visual. The dual roller system
and precision manufacturing means effortlessly smooth
closing with simply the touch of a finger. Manufactured
of finest quality stainless steel, Pipeline is almost infinitely
versatile and can be styled to fit any design.
Lani Collection
Designed to deflect and divert water, Lani Collection
doors and shields preserve a spa-like feeling of
space while keeping moisture where it belongs. Lani
Collection shower and tub systems are ideal for the
small bath needing a greater sense of roominess, or
for celebrating space in the largest of showers.
Kula Collection
Sunset... Waimea... Nalu... Hapa... Ventura... Kona... each design
in the Kula Collection offers its own unique style and a choice
of configuration options. The Kula Collection makes signature
style approachable with a full range of frameless door designs
perfect for the upscale bath.
Ask your Alumax Dealer for more details about the New Alumax Designer Series!
Our Product
Our Service
Alumax is the brand most chosen by the professional
installer. Ease of installation, safety, leak prevention
and overall durability are just some of the key
features engineered into each of our products.
We stand behind our products with a national network of factory
owned service centers that stock, fabricate and deliver on a
regional basis. Our direct markets include Los Angeles, Dallas,
Kansas City, Philadelphia and Atlanta.
Our clients appreciate the fact that all of our
products are available in both standard and custom
configurations, and that our product features include
a complete selection of color options and glass
Partner distributors in key markets round out the total service
package ensuring fast, efficient delivery to virtually any location in
the country. We’re proud of these long standing relationships.
Professional customer service representatives support the system
by looking after common needs as well as detailed solutions. Our
people and our systems are totally dedicated to serving our clients.
Color Options
Color options that complement the overall bath environment are very important to us. We
spend a great deal of time and effort to offer the right finishes for home owners, designers
and architects alike. Choose from a full array of finishes, all color coordinated with today’s
most popular faucets and bath hardware.
Glass Options
A diverse selection of stock glass patterns are available to complement both the master bath
suite and secondary baths. For a more unique palate, custom options are available upon request.
Soften the overall look of your enclosure with patterns or open up the shower area with clear glass
to enhance the color brought to the room by custom tile or marble.
Enhance and streamline the ordering process with ABE, our
configuration software. With ABE you can make any type of
custom Alumax enclosure within our extensive specifications.
ABE also allows you to create customer reports, extrusion
reports, component reports, and glass drawing reports.
Product Quality
Performance and Durability—Every Alumax enclosure is engineered to exacting standards and
mechanically tested to ensure a long lasting, maintenance free product. Safety, cleaning and ease
of installation are just a few of the features value engineered into each of our product categories. To
prevent any type of discoloration or performance issues, only the finest stainless steel fasteners are
used to secure our products. Our products are green friendly and 100% recyclable.
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Frameless Heavy
Glass Shower
The most highly customized Heavy
Glass Enclosures available in the
Industry. Create a single-door
installation or larger configurations
with side panels, buttress panels, and
return panels. The minimal use of
metal framing lends a contemporary,
clean look. Choose from hardware in
any of our popular Alumax finishes
and a variety of towel bar and handle
options to complete the package.
Alumax Heavy Glass enclosures can
3/8” or 1/2” glass.
Model PL91
Nickel Finish
Alumax Shower
Clear 3/8” Glass
Heavy Glass
Model PL90 - Polished Chrome Finish, Clear 3/8” Glass
Benefits & Features
• Made of the finest quality brass and stainless steel
Handle & Towel Bar Options
Choose from a variety of handle
and towel bar options.
• Premium color options for hardware and channel
• Beveled or square profile
• Standard or adjustable over-close
Alumax Heavy Glass hardware products exemplify
• High-grip gaskets for positive attachment
the highest quality in heavy glass shower door
• Load tested to meet the most demanding specifications
• Accommodates both 1/2” and 3/8” glass
• Self-centering
components. Made only from the finest forged
brass and stainless steel components, these
products are selected most by the professional
installers and today’s architects and designers.
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Custom StikStall
Shower Enclosures
Our versatile StikStall™ enclosures provide
the designer with options including framed
and frameless doors. Frameless doors are
available in 3/16” or 1/4” glass. Choose from
a variety of finishes, including four bright
anodized finishes and eleven custom powder
coat finishes as well as numerous glass
patterns and textures. The flexible StikStall™
design adapts to virtually any combination of
sizes and angles including steam applications
and space-saving buttress conditions.
Model 391CV StikStall
Silver Finish, Clear 1/4” Frameless Glass
Superb engineering defined by a distinctive look is the
characteristic most noted by our clients to describe
the original custom shower enclosure—StikStall™.
Maintenance-free performance is guaranteed and field
proven by the most demanding professional installer
and consumer alike.
The StikStall product mix is available in stock lengths,
KD units and complete turnkey glazed products ready
for installation. Additionally, many of our products can
be fabricated to accommodate ADA requirements.
Model 393CV StikStall™- Brushed Nickel Finish Finish, Clear Glass
Model 394 StikStall™- Brushed Nickel Finish, Clear Glass
Model 795 StikStall™- Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Benefits & Features
• Highly customizable to accommodate buttress walls,
sloped ceilings, out-of-square conditions as well as other
unique applications.
• Custom fabricated to exact opening dimensions.
• Framed door options include pivot or continuous hinge
• Frameless doors include 3/16” or 1/4” glass
• Wide array of color and glass options
• Steam adaptable
• ADA compliant options
• Complete towel bar and handle selection
Model 393C StikStall™- Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Frameless Sliding Enclosures
The clean lines of frameless glass panels add an element
of class to today’s bath environment. Safety tempered
glass panels feature polished edges for a warm feel and are
suspended on adjustable ball-bearing rollers for a smooth
glide. Available in standard sizes for tub or shower height,
these units can also be custom sized to fit unique opening
dimensions. Optional fixed panels or buttress panels are
available upon request. For a defining touch, see glass
patterns and color options in the back of this brochure.
Model 340D
Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Benefits & Features
Our Frameless Sliding Enclosures
feature our proprietary safety
T-lock, easy-clean open track,
safety tempered glass panels and
optional in-line panels.
Model 1040 - Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Model 340/350
Safety T-Lock
Model 350 - Silver Finish, Clear 3/16” Glass
Model 340D/350D
Safety T-Lock
Model 1040/1050
Safety T-Lock
Adjustable BallBearing Rollers
Pocketed Wall Jambs
Open Track
Open Track
Open Track
• 3/16” Glass
• Wrap around towel bars
• Modern styling
• 1/4” Glass
• Thru-the-glass bar
• Rounded header
• Optional acrylic towel bar shown
Alumax Shower Enclosures
• 3/8” Glass
• Thru-the-glass bar
• European styling
• Pocketed wall jambs
Framed Sliding Enclosures
Packed with the most safety, cleaning and leak
prevention features available, these bypass sliding
enclosures maximize floor space while providing ample
access to the tub or shower—no need for out-swinging
doors that may be obstructed by a vanity or toilet. These
products are right at home in either the secondary
bath or master suite as the integrity of the design is
complemented by a wide array of color and glass
options. Fixed panels and buttress panels are available
8 request.
Model 640D
Brushed Nickel
3/16” Glass
Benefits & Features
Our Framed Sliding Enclosures
feature our proprietary safety
T-lock, easy-clean open track,
safety tempered glass panels
and optional in-line panels.
Model 650S - Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Model 650 - Gold Finish, Clear Glass
Model 640/650
Model 640D/650D
Safety T-Lock
Safety T-Lock
Adjustable Ball-Bearing Rollers
Rounded Header
Towel Bars
Towel Bars
Easy-Clean Open Track
Easy-Clean Open Track
• Integrated towel bar
• 5/32”, 3/16” or 1/4” safety tempered glass
• Traditional styling
• Integrated towel bar
• 3/16” or 1/4” safety tempered glass
• European styling
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Pivot & Hinge
Shower Enclosures
Enclosures for stand-alone showers
must meet a variety of design
and performance challenges, from
numerous size requirements to the
high level of water proofing required
by modern, high-pressure plumbing.
Alumax meets this challenge with
a versatile offering of continuous
hinge and pivot doors available in
framed and frameless designs. All
are adjustable for a precise fit and
come in the full selection of Alumax
finishes and glass options.
• Thru-the-glass C Pull
• Continuous hinge
• 1/4” Tempered Safety Glass
• Easy adjustments for out-ofplumb conditions
• Leak prevention features
Model 300CV
Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Pivot & Hinge Doors
Model 700C - Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Model 300C - Silver Finish, Clear Glass
Pivot Doors
Model 738 - Gold Finish, Obscure Glass
Continuous Hinge Doors
Model 338
Model 738
Model 700C
Model 300C
Adjustable Pivots
Extruded Hinge
Magnetic Closure
Magnetic Closure
Full-Width Squeegee
and Drip Rail
Full-Width Squeegee
and Drip Rail
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Alumax Finishes
Standard Finishes
Brushed Nickel
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Satin and Gold are only offered on select products.
For over 40 years, Alumax has been the industry
leader in shower enclosures. Our finish offering
has grown from the traditional Silver and Gold
finishes to include Satin, Brushed-Nickel, and
even Oil-Rubbed Bronze.
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Alumax Glass Patterns
For a final, yet important touch, complement the design and color
of your Alumax Bath Enclosure with your selection of Clear, Tinted
or a variety of obscured patterns. All are tempered for safety and
sized to the exact requirements of your Alumax Bath Enclosure.
Please contact your CSR for Glass availability in your region.
Glue Chip
Glass Availability
Kansas City
Alumax Shower Enclosures
Glue Chip
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