1st Quarter - Spring Branch Management District



1st Quarter - Spring Branch Management District
Vol. 1 - 2013
Proud Sponsor of Houston West Chamber of Commerce’s 15th Annual Economic
Development Summit and Star Awards Luncheon
The Star Award recognizes businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies
that have experienced exceptional performance and have significantly contributed to the West
Houston community during the past year. Felipe Bayon, head of special projects for BP America,
delivered the keynote address and columnist and media personality, Kim Davis served as the
mistress of ceremonies.
MEssage from The Chair
PAtricia Maddox
In this first quarter of the new year, your Spring Branch
Management District would like to take this opportunity to tell you
about just a few of the many endeavors we’ve begun. Already,
2013 is shaping up to be a productive year as we continue to
pursue the goal of maintaining this district as a premier place
to live, work, educate our children and invest in the future. To
achieve this takes considerable planning that anticipates the
long-term needs of the community, and the district has engaged
a committee specifically dedicated to the development of a
comprehensive plan that will help direct us for the years 2015
to 2025.
One of the areas requiring attention is our infrastructure. You will
be pleased to note that Houston’s District A Councilwoman Helena
Brown hosted a Capital Improvement Plan meeting at Spring
Woods High School on February 25 to allow representatives
from the city’s General Services, Public Works and Engineering,
and Parks Department to present reports on projects in our
community--those proposed and those already underway. One of
the projects we’ve all been watching closely is the reconstruction
of Long Point from Pech Road to Hollister, which is due to be
completed at the end of this summer. Improvements to this major
thoroughfare will greatly enhance mobility for area residents and
The SBMD Public Safety Committee also has been very busy
developing proactive ways to improve the quality of life in Spring
Branch. One of their initiatives is to work with the management of
apartment complexes to decrease the amount of crime on their
properties. To that end, the Apartment Life Committee’s role is
being revised and will soon include interactive events to engage
that community.
As you travel I-10, I hope you have noticed examples of our
excellent billboard campaign that reminds everyone that Spring
Branch is a great place to live and work, and is an easy commute
to all the main business hubs of the area. The messages will
change on a regular basis, so please keep watching! And while
you’re enjoying the scenery, be aware that spring has sprung
in Spring Branch and all of our beautification efforts are really
blossoming--flowers, trees and shrubs budding out all over.
Finally, we want to ensure that we continue to provide you with
all of the latest information about new developments in Spring
Branch, and our primary medium will be the revised web site
which you can access at sbmd.org. Here you can find news briefs
about the district, a calendar of community events, business and
real estate opportunities, dining and shopping information, maps
and contacts for city resources. Look for a refreshed version of
the site in mid to late April.
You’ll also find more detailed information about board and
committee meetings are available for you to peruse. I hope you
will access this information often and take advantage of the
buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the site to contact us or
report a problem that needs attention. We’re always interested in
your comments and welcome your suggestions.
Patricia Maddox
Planning for next year’s event is
underway! If you have a business
or know of one who should be
recognized please contact District
staff, Gretchen Larson at
[email protected] for details.
Help us get our businesses the
recognition they deserve!
Say Hello To Our New Business Ambassador!
The District has engaged the services of Ms. Marie Cortes to serve as a Business
Ambassador for the District. Ms. Cortes will represent the District and act as an advocate,
To make reservations, click here or visit www.HWCOC.org - events calendar.
guide, and resource for area businesses. Goals of the program are to inform the business
community regarding District services and provide information gathered from the visits,
to assist the Executive Director and Director of Services of the District in resolving issues
and concerns that affect businesses. Ms. Cortes began visiting businesses on March 25
so when she stops by your place of businesses, please let her know how we can help.
The Caldwell Companies have announced that the
Westview Business Park, now under construction at
West Sam Houston Parkway and Clarborough just north
of Westview will begin offering shell flex space, in sizes of
5,000 square feet and up tailored to user needs, during
the first quarter of 2013. The project will bring new capital
investment and jobs to the Spring Branch District.
According to Andy Havel, Vice President, the new business
park will consist of three buildings totaling 158,773
square feet situated on a 12.19 acre site. Individual units
will range from 10% office/90% warehouse to 100%
office/0% warehouse configurations. TDCK Architects
designed the complex. The construction company is The
Crain Group, LLC.
Interested companies should contact Andy Havel,
Commercial Real Estate Services, Caldwell Companies,
(281) 664-6614 direct, (281) 221-6292 cell or by email at
[email protected]
The Spring Branch District welcomes the Westview
Business Park and the Caldwell Companies to its family
of commercial facilities and looks forward to a long and
successful relationship.
please visit our website at www.SBMD.org like us at: www.facebook.com/springbranchmd
2012 Houston Press
Top BesT REstaurants poll
“The Spring Branch District board of directors would like to recognize
and congratulate all of our restaurant winners who were selected in the
2012 Houston Press Top Ten Best Restaurants in Spring Branch. We
encourage you to check them out and tell us you your favorite!”
Vieng Thai
6929 Long Point - 77055
(713) 688-9910
Tacos del Julio
8203 Long Point - 77055
(832) 358-1500
Pampa Grill & Market
10111 Hammerley - 77080
(713) 722-0666
El Hidalguense
6917 Long Point - 77055
(713) 680-1071
Pho Huy
2420 Gessner - 77080
(713) 827-2899
see who also made best of 2012
1900 Blalock - 77080
(713) 464-9900
Hollister Grill
1741 Hollister - 77055
(713) 973-1741
Korea House
10078 Long Point - 77055
(713) 465- 6400
The Spring Branch District has been targeted for two major new commercial real
estate projects with a third coming nearby in the near future. The former will add
significantly to the District’s tax base and provide new jobs further enhancing our
importance as a center for industry and commerce in the Greater Houston area.
Four Seasons Development, whose office is situated in the District at 5825 W.
Sam Houston Parkway, is developing a four building complex at the southwest
corner of Tanner Road and the Beltway. According to Kevin Winkelmann with
Four Seasons, who also lives in Spring Branch, the complex will be owner
occupied by Priority Energy. The four buildings will total 80,000 square feet
on a 7.0 acre site. Three buildings will be finished out for office and warehouse
use. Warehouse space will have a 26’ ceiling height and be crane ready. The
fourth building will be constructed as shell space for future expansion. The
project has been under construction since early December and is expected to
be completed before June.
Anyone travelling the Beltway southbound has no doubt noticed the large 4-story
commercial office project under construction by another District company,
Harvey Construction, at 3505 West Sam Houston Parkway just north of
Kempwood. The project, totaling 227,000 square feet of class A office space,
is being developed by the Core Development Group based in Clarksburg,
Maryland. The building will be called 8 West Centre. It is of unique design
essentially comprising two offset buildings connected by a common elevator
lobby. There will be a 3-story, 900 space structured garage at the back of the
complex with a landscaped courtyard between the office structure and the
garage. A dramatic spire will be erected in front of the office building which will
give the complex instant visibility and recognition. According to Cody Armbrister
with CBRE, the leasing brokers, the building is already 100% leased. The firm
announced a month ago that Helix Energy Solutions had signed a lease for
118,000 square feet. A second tenant, yet to be announced, has just agreed to
take the remaining 109,000 square feet of leasable space. The lease rate on the
building was quoted as $21.50/square foot net. Construction is expected to be
completed in July.
A third project will be under construction soon on an 11 acre tract just outside
the District on the east side of Beltway 8 north of Tanner Road. It will be a
133,000 square feet office/warehouse project to be called Beltway Tanner
Business Park. According to Justin Bennett, Regional VP with the developer,
DCT Industrial headquartered in Denver, the project is expected to be
completed in the third quarter of 2013. Individual modules with a minimum
space of 20,000 square feet will be available at $12.00/square foot NNN, with
expenses estimated at $4.00/square foot. Mr. Bennett expects the majority of
space to be leased for office use.
These new projects are expected to be the vanguard of a surge of new
projects in the West and Northwest Houston area as the Houston area
economy continues to lead the nation in economic growth.
Larry Doffin with son Kevin
Sams Safety Equipment
Next generation brings fresh ideas
to Spring Branch
family business
Sometimes, it takes the passion of a new generation to put a family
business back on the right track. That’s what Kevin Doffing did for
his father three years ago at Sam’s Safety Equipment on Sowden
The company that started back in 1956 and that his father, Larry
Doffing, bought in 1982 was struggling in 2009 and recorded its
worst sales year ever.
Kevin Doffing said he saw a way to turn that around. He had
worked at the store since he was four years old, earning a dollar
for sweeping the floors. He continued to work there throughout his
school years during summers and holidays.
After a stint in the Army, he tried to find a path in Corporate America,
but that didn’t work out to his satisfaction, so he came back to help
out his dad four years ago. Back then, they were still operating with
paper records and ledgers––almost as if the age of computers had
passed the little company by. “The power went out the other day,
and in three seconds, we were back to where we were,” he jokes.
But Kevin got busy and started looking at ways to change the way
Sam’s could improve its business in a 21st century marketplace
and survive a recession.
“We’re doing well now. One of the things that pulled us out
was the creation of the web site,” he says. “We started to
capture new markets that we weren’t aware of and shift
our inventory and our sales approach based on the online
feedback we were getting.”
Sams Safety Equipment
12221 Sowden Rd. Houston, TX 77080
“This is a family business that
I plan on building up to hand
off to my kids and grandkids
some day.”
One of the greatest things that came out of there was just
meeting other business owners. Now we still do a monthly
business roundtable.“
Today, the company is expanding and sales figures of $1.3
million--near triple what they hit in that leanest year. A vendor
has asked him to open up distribution in South Texas so he’s
figuring out how to make that work.
But with all the dynamic changes, one thing remains constant:
the principles his dad established.
“Customers come first. Family is a priority. We don’t stay
open past 5 and we probably leave some money on the
table,” he says.“This is a family business that I plan on building
up to hand off to my kids and grandkids some day.”
Knowing which inventory was selling and which was not gave the
company the flexibility to grow in a smart way--like adding more fire
safety equipment as OSHA regulations changed. He also credits
the knowledge and contacts gained in a small business program
offered by Goldman Sachs, “10,000 Small Businesses.”
“It’s sort of an MBA program on-the-run,” Doffing says. “We
met twice a month for all-day sessions, going over the same
kind of curriculum you would get in a business school.
please visit our website at www.SBMD.org or follow us on facebook at: www.facebook.com/springbranchmd
Spring Branch law enforcement engage youth with family fun days
When law enforcement officers arrive at an apartment complex, the first
questions they often hear from the younger residents are “Who are
you looking for? Who are you here to arrest?” according to Sgt. Tony
Hernandez of the Harris County Constables Office.
Sometimes the youth just need someone to listen to them, Hernandez
said. When one individual is separated from his or her gang to speak to
an officer one-on-one, it becomes apparent that there are other factors
at play: family problems or difficulties at school, he
added, and sometimes they report being bullied.
Now, the Spring Branch District’s Apartment Life “The whole idea is to get our officers out
Committee has a plan to help raise the positive profile there and give apartment residents a In 2012, the constables have made more than 4,000
of law enforcement and engender greater trust and chance to interact with law enforcement, checks on apartment complexes in the District, and
better communication from apartment residents.
to get to know one another. We’re just more than 16,000 checks on local businesses. From
trying to break that stigma that we’re January to December, the numbers of misdemeanor
and felony arrests have dropped substantially, which
The District will be divided geographically into four
just there to look for bad guys. We’re
could be an indicator that the constables’ presence in
quadrants, each of which will host a quarterly family
fun day event--beginning in May--to allow families, not always there to arrest someone.” the district is having a positive impact.
— Sgt. Tony Hernandez
apartment management and local law enforcement to
In other news that will affect public safety, Hawes
interact in a positive way.
announced that the district has applied for a grant
that would allow local officers to acquire a trained police dog to assist in
SBMD Director of Services Josh Hawes said the events are likely to include
narcotics detection and arrests.
barbecue and Radio Disney, as well as inflatable moonwalk attractions for the
younger children and demonstrations of police SWAT equipment to intrigue
the older ones.
Graffiti Abatement Program
In 2012 a total of 639 occurrences of graffiti were removed. Since the
beginning of the year another 131 sites were abated and over 4,960 sites
since program inception in 2007. Thanks to all of our community partners
who actively assist us in reporting incidents. We encourage all residents
and businesses to join the in the effort to help us eradicate graffiti from
the District by reporting to 3-1-1 or going on-line to www.sbmd.org and
reporting incidences via the “Report a Problem” button on the home
page. We are also working closely with our graffiti abatement contractor,
our Constable Unit and HPD to identify and prosecute the individuals
responsible for graffiti in our District.
please visit our website at www.SBMD.org or follow us at: www.facebook.com/springbranchmd
HPD Northwest Division
Upcoming events
All Meetings held at the “Faith Center” Sanctuary
Texas Rangers – “yesterday and today.”
April 16, 2013 – Tuesday
“Faith Center” sanctuary - 8009 Long Point
The Texas Rangers will be out to discuss their role in law enforcement
and give us a little history on the Rangers. This should be very entertaining as well as educational! This presentation will be a first for us!
Environmental Investigations
MAY 21, 2013 – Tuesday
“Faith Center” sanctuary - 8009 Long Point
This Unit within the Houston Police Department, investigates cases
that involve illegal dumping or disposal of waste and hazardous material. Bio-Medical waste, commercial dumping, used oil dumping,
paint, batteries, tires, air pollution, etc. – these are the things that not
only require lots of money to clean up, but are hazardous! Come out
and get important information on how and where to report this crime.
U.S. Secret Service
– “Forensic Investigations.”
JUNE 18, 2013 – Tuesday
“Faith Center” sanctuary - 8009 Long Point
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
3rd Thursday @ 12 noon
9600 Long Point, Suite 200
Houston 77055
Committee Meetings
2nd Wednesday
District Offices
9610 Long Point, Suite 200
Environmental and Urban Design @ 10:30 a.m.
Mobility and Transportation @ 12:15 p.m.
Public Safety @ 1:30 p.m.
Business & Economic Development @ 2:45 p.m.
Apartment Life – 3rd Wednesday @ 12 noon
*all committee meetings are held at the District Offices,
unless otherwise noted.
Much more than Presidential protection!
Super Neighborhood
Monthly Meetings
Like what you see?
Then contact our Creative Team:
Spring Branch
Super Neighborhood Central
1st Thursday
@ 7:00 p.m.
VFW Post 8790 - 1560 Foley Street
Spring Branch
Super Neighborhood West
photography | design
2nd Thursday @ 7:00 p.m.
Houston Community College – Eagle Room
1010 W. Sam Houston Parkway North
[email protected]
It's a crazy clever world … let's shoot it!
Roan Matthews | CrackedFox.com
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capture your organization’s distinct personality while delivering
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Spring Branch
Super Neighborhood East
3rd Thursday @ 7:00 p.m.
1721 Pech Road
Spring Branch
Super Neighborhood North
4th Monday of every odd month @ 6:30 p.m.
10355 Centrepark, Suite 220
Juan Islas | EV1Pro.com
Quality is assured through experienced professionals combining
over 20 years of experience. With photography and videography
as our forte. Fluent in Spanish and English.
Board of Directors
Mr. C. David Schwab Jr. - Schwab Design Builders,llc
Mr. Thomas Sumner - All Points Services Corp.
Ms. Catherine Barchfeld-Alexander - EXCEL Midstream Solutions, Inc.
Ms. Sherri Oldham - S.O. Creative
Mr. Victor Alvarez - Mexalde
Mr. Mauricio Valdes - Tu Casa Realty,Inc.
Mr. Dan Silvestri - Silvestri Investments
Ms. Patricia Maddox - Maddox Investments
Mr. David Gutierrez - McDonald’s
Mr. Rino Cassinelli - Big Bend Partnership, lp
Ms. Melanie Hoff - Fidelis Realty Partners
Mr. John Chiang - Sueba Investments 309, L.P.
District Office
9610 Long Point, Ste.100 Houston, TX 77055 | 713.595.1219
David Hawes - Executive Director | 713.595.1209 | [email protected]
Josh Hawes - Director of Services | 713.595.1219 | [email protected]
Gretchen Larson - Economic Development Director | 713.595.1215
[email protected]
Alice Lee - Chief of Staff | 713.501.8719 | [email protected]
Primary Industries
Industrial Machinery
Housing and Construction
Energy and Natural Resources
Industrial Supplies
Medical Services
Est. Population - 115,000
Under 21 - 35%
22—49 - 45%
50 and Over - 20%
Gates Foundation Awards Spring Branch ISDs
by Rusty Graham ­—Memorial Examiner
A $2.2 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be used to further
collaboration in the SKY Partnership between Spring Branch ISD and charter schools KIPP
and YES Prep. The grant was one of seven awarded by the Gates Foundation to cities that
have signed District-Charter Collaboration Compacts. The grants totaled nearly $25 million.
HWCOC Events
Business Over Breakfast - What would
you do with 43,000 contacts?
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Westside Cafe - Building next to the Chamber Office
10350 Richmond Avenue Suite 150
Business Over Breakfast is a must-attend event for the Chamber!
This interactive breakfast is perfect for new members or those
who want to perfect their networking skills. The group focuses on
netweaving in reverse to maximize the impact of networking.
23rd Annual Teacher of the Year and
Business Partnership Awards Luncheon
May 2, 2013
11:30-1:00 p.m.
Lake Country Club - 100 Wilcrest Drive
Spring Branch ISD Superintendent Duncan Klussmann said that augmenting the SKY
Partnership is a critical step towards reaching the district’s T-2-4 goal of doubling students’
post-secondary success in five years.
“Collaboration is very important (in reaching the goal),” Klussmann said. “We have to
accelerate culture change in our system. We have great teachers, but we have to adjust the
He said the district’s Teach for America teachers go through YES Prep’s teacher training
program, and that school leaders will go through KIPP’s leadership program.
Together, the charters enroll 245 students. Each charter will add a grade level each year as
students advance, with an eventual YES Prep high school program opening at Northbrook
High School, serving some 1,200 students. Klussmann said that while Spring Branch ISD
is learning from its charter partners, so too are those charters learning from Spring Branch.
“The charters are looking at expanding rapidly,” he said, “and they’re looking at how a
successful system operates.” While collaboration is the goal of the district-charter compacts,
it’s not an easy thing to accomplish, said Vicki Phillips, director of education, college ready,
at the Gates Foundation.
For additional information on any Chamber events
Visit www.HWCOC.org or
Ilene Duwaji - [email protected]
“Collaboration is usually highly productive,” said Phillips, “but a struggle.”
She said the grants would be used by recipients to help teachers be more effective, integrate
core standards into curriculums, integrate technology into classrooms, and improve the use
of data and evidence-based instruction, among other uses.
Other Events
Newspring Art Auction
The district-charter collaboration compacts were designed to “address issues that have often
led to tension between public charter and traditional schools,” according to a release from the
Gates Foundation, issues such as equitable funding and facilities, and whether charters are
open to all students, including special needs students and English language learners.
6-8:30 p.m.
Klussmann said charter schools were created to develop innovative methods of teaching,
and that there are as many ways to learn as there are students.
100% of proceeds go to the students!
“We want to provide as many options for as many kids as possible,” he said.
May 2, 2013