The return of the Junkers F13



The return of the Junkers F13
News and information from RIMOWA No. 4/2015
The return of the Junkers F13
Dear RIMOWA Friends,
In this issue, we look back on the most important
event in the history of RIMOWA. I will never forget
the moment I first set eyes on our F13 replica and I’m
delighted to be able to give this heritage back to the
world. The programme and location at the EAA
AirVenture in Oshkosh were both simply perfect.
On 20 July 2015, the day had finally arrived. After years of
planning and construction, the replica of the Junkers F13
was finally unveiled to the world. This represented an important moment for all aviation enthusiasts, RIMOWA fans
and especially RIMOWA’s President & CEO, Dieter M
­ orszeck.
The first all-metal passenger aircraft in the world, which
dates back to 1919, was reproduced with meticulous faith to
the original, and will take to the skies once again next year.
To mark this occasion, RIMOWA invited 150 guests from all
over the world to Oshkosh (USA) to celebrate the roll-out of
the historical aircraft as part of a spectacular event.
In addition to this, the new hangar in Mönchengladbach
was inaugurated in June. The RIMOWA JU52 was also
on hand to offer sightseeing flights.
In his speech, Dieter Morszeck explained the connections
between RIMOWA, aviation and the Junkers aircraft,
which have played a very special role in his life since he
was a child.
RIMOWA has been busy outside the world of aircraft,
too. We celebrated the opening of further stores in
Asia, unveiled the Monocle special edition and
embarked upon a tour through China. The following
pages not only reveal RIMOWA’s sporty side, but also
present the success of the WWF species protection
We are also pleased to share some snapshots of
famous expert packers, who always like to travel in
grand style.
I hope you enjoy reading this issue!
Dieter Morszeck
In addition to an exquisite dinner and a fantastic show, the
aircraft’s first passengers aroused a great deal of excitement. The models and faces of the current RIMOWA
campaign Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl were
dressed in costumes from the ’20s and very impressed by
the RIMOWA F13. At the same time, models presented a
special edition exclusively designed for this occasion:
Complete with black leather handles and corners, the
aluminium collection sports an eye-catching drawing of
the F13 on the outer shell and lining.
No. 4/2015
stores in Asia
In response to huge demand, further RIMOWA stores
have been opened in top locations throughout Asia. Here
is an overview:
Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza store, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
RIMOWA and 1. FC Köln
go into extra time
Shinsaibashi store, Osaka, Japan
Omotesando store, Tokyo, Japan
Galaxy Macau shopping centre store, Cotai, Macau
The Shops at The Boulevard store, Manila, the Philippines
The 1. FC Köln team with Dieter Morszeck
After a successful season in the 1st Bundesliga with lots
in Jakarta
RIMOWA has been present in Indonesia for three years, during
which time it has experienced constant growth. Its products are
now available at several locations throughout the country. To
celebrate the success of the brand whilst simultaneously making a cultural contribution, a week-long exhibition was held at
the beginning of July in the Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta, the
highlight of which was a charity event on 1 July.
of exciting home games in the RIMOWA-branded stadium, the next round awaits 1. FC Köln. For seven years,
RIMOWA has supported the Cologne-based team with
high-quality suitcases, and also kits out the player escorts from the ‘team of the future’ with T-shirts for their
grand appearance. President & CEO Dieter Morszeck
decided to extend the successful collaboration for another twelve months. As the team’s exclusive sponsor,
RIMOWA looks forward to an exciting season and has
its fingers crossed for good results.
to the World Cup
Under the title of ‘Handmade meets High-Tech’, nine Topas
suitcases were exclusively designed with significant Indonesian
elements and auctioned for a good cause. The proceeds went to
a batik museum in Yogyakarta, which has been an important
cultural institution in Indonesia since 1973. RIMOWA was able
to call on celebrities like Alexandra Asmasoebrata and Thomas
Hendy, who are frequent business travellers themselves, to attract attention to the project.
RIMOWA accompanied the women’s national
The women’s national team
football team to the 2015 Women’s World Cup
in Canada. Even though they didn’t get to lift the
trophy, the team can look back on an extremely
successful tournament. With their bright red
zips, the specially made cases from the Salsa Deluxe series certainly caused a sensation amongst
the fans, too.
England vs. Germany
... or client vs. manufacturer. In May, the first friendly
match was held between the Cologne-based
­RIMOWA team and a diverse team of employees
from the British companies Global Luggage and
London Luggage. Kick-off was at 3 p.m., and after
90 minutes of fair play, RIMOWA was able to celebrate a victory of 9 : 6. To top it all off, the group
attended a Bundesliga match at Cologne stadium
on Sunday, where everyone could celebrate 1. FC
Köln staying in the league whilst enjoying the glorious sunshine.
The participants of the friendly match
Impressed visitors at the exhibition
No. 4/2015
RIMOWA tours
Monocle edition
On 12 June, the grand, six-month RIMOWA road show set off
on its trip through China. Under the motto of ‘The journey
through time’, the partly interactive exhibition will stop in
Changchun, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shanghai and nine other cities
to bring visitors closer to the history and tradition of the brand.
Special edition size 56
A photo app enables RIMOWA fans to personalise their own
suitcase with stickers on their smartphone.
London, Tokyo, New York and Toronto – these are just four of the Monocle stores that stock the RIMOWA
x Monocle edition. The suitcase from the Salsa series was produced in the special colour Opaque Couché and is
available in sizes 56 and 63. Another highlight is the luggage label, which is made of the finest leather and embossed with both logos.
A new home
for the RIMOWA JU52
By Bernd Huckenbeck
Dear Readers,
The baggage carousel information stand
In the January edition, I reported on the construction
of the Hugo Junkers hangar in Mönchengladbach.
On 19 June 2015, it was finally time to officially inaug­-urate the new home of the RIMOWA JU52.
Amongst the 600 invited guests was RIMOWA’s President & CEO, Dieter Morszeck, who was impressed
by the light-flooded building and by the people behind this extraordinary venture.
In July, visitors to the Mandarin Gallery store in Singapore
were able to admire not only the classic RIMOWA range, but
also some unique works of art. Twelve famous RIMOWA
fans, who are frequent business travellers themselves, designed their very own RIMOWA suitcases to portray their
personal take on Singapore’s culture. Six of the suitcases were
up for sale, with proceeds going to the humanitarian organisation Mercy Relief.
The design
The project pays special tribute to the city’s famous
son, Hugo Junkers.
As guest of honour, the RIMOWA JU52 was flown in
by JU-AIR CEO Kurt Waldmeier in the evening, allowing guests to admire it in all its glory.
The hangar, which measures 1,100 sq m, will now be
home to the RIMOWA JU in between its sightseeing
flights. The plane can also be viewed during the many
events held there. Further function rooms are also
available upstairs.
All eyes on the JU52
JU-AIR will continue to operate the RIMOWA JU, and
the Association of the Friends of Historical Aircraft
(VFL) will take care of the plane within the framework of exhibitions and events.
The lifework of Professor Hugo Junkers will be commemorated in a permanent exhibition.
Further information is available online at
The exhibition
The official opening
No. 4/2015
Professional packers on tour
Models and actors also tend to be frequent flyers. Whenever possible, they travel with hand luggage only in order
to avoid having to wait at baggage carousels. Their secrets of how to pack clothes, accessories and cosmetics to
save as much space as possible are yet to be divulged. The fact that it has to be done in a RIMOWA, however, is
The sportswomen with their Salsa Air cases
Oscar winner JULIANNE MOORE with her
Salsa Deluxe in Yachting Blue
Model and actress KATE UPTON with
her Salsa Deluxe in Black
with her Topas
... to the Czech beach volleyball team for successfully qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Sportswomen Martina Bonnerová, Bára Hermannová,
Diana Žolnerčíková and Martina Jakubšová clinched their
pass to Brazil at the CEV tournament in Vilnius.
They will be accompanied by RIMOWA on all of their
© Monique Wüstenhagen / WWF
© Britta-König / WWF
Award for
WWF species protection suitcase
As light as balloons
Extra small, light and colourful, the Salsa Air range by
RIMOWA makes the perfect companion for little adventurers. With a weight of just 1.6 kg and the effortlessly
manoeuvrable Multiwheel® system, the Salsa Air Mini is
a stylish suitcase that makes storing 20 l of clothes or
toys as easy as child’s play.
RIMOWA wishes all families a wonderful summer holiday!
Last year, 150 species protection suitcases specially developed for WWF were used at over 2,100 educational events
with more than 57,000 participants. Amongst the establishments to receive the suitcases were 30 zoos, eight museums, seven schools and two universities, where they were used to provide a clear explanation of species protection to
children and young people. The Topas is packed with confiscated holiday ‘souvenirs’, such as crocodile leather, natural coral necklaces and ivory chopsticks. To honour its exemplary commitment, the campaign was awarded the title
of ‘Official Project of the UN Decade on Biodiversity 2015’. UN Decade Ambassador Cassandra Steen accepted the
award at the WWF Night on 10 June 2015 in Berlin.
Published by: RIMOWA GmbH, Richard-Byrd-Str. 13, 50829 Cologne, Germany,

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