February - The Yahara Fishing Club



February - The Yahara Fishing Club
Editors: Tom Raschke ([email protected]) or 608-219-9243
Stan Nichols ([email protected])
Perch Jerking with Jim
Back in the day I remember perch fishing as going
out with Swish Rods, drilling three holes in the ice (with
a spoon auger I might add). Setting up the rods, one
at 18 inches, one at 5 feet, and one at 10 feet off the
bottom. We used about 10 pound line on the Swish
Rods, a big heavy copper sinker, and a big rocker jig.
Every once in awhile we might adjust the depth, or give
the tip of the rod a poke with an ice scoop to make it
bounce up and down. If we caught a fish we just threw
the sinker back down the hole and it went to the preset
depth. If fish bit and we missed them, they seem to
bite again. I liked fishing that way, not much finesse
involved. We could fish in cold weather, handling all
your gear with gloves on. No sonar, no lazer augers,
no GPS, no shelters, but we caught fish, and some
times lots of them. Swish Rods and spoon augers were
a great improvement over hand-lines and ice chisels.
Somewhere along the line perch evolved and so
did fishing techniques. Perch fishing is now a finesse
operation and the person who has kept up with the
techniques is Jim Kusuda. Jim updated us at the
January meeting. Jim still uses a Mendota rig for perch
fishing but the sinker is made of clothes hanger wire or
even thinner material, the jigs are small, and spinning
gear is used. Jim’s rods are extremely light, but with
good backbone for a hook set. Jim uses four-pound
Trilene XL for a main line and six-pound for a dropper
off the hanger sinker. Jim prefers mono to super-lines
because it doesn’t soak up water and freeze.
There are two “camps” of perch anglers, those
that prefer rockers and those that prefer rat-finkies. Jim
prefers a glow white rocker with silver back tied on with
a loop knot. Bites are often subtle and when you get a
bite, set the hook for all you are worth. Even if you think
you might be getting a bite, set the hook. Sometimes a
bite will feel like trying to pull the lure through honey.
If it isn’t a bite you just made one big jig. Use a
slight jigging motion. This gives the lure and bait some
action and it helps detect bites. Any change in the
motion and it is time to set the hook. For bait Jim uses
spikes, usually a gob of them T-boned on a sharp hook.
Club Web site: http://www.yaharafishingclub.org
Notes by Stan Nichols
Jim is the master of electronics using a Vexilar
sonar for detecting fish and an underwater camera. One
trick Jim uses with the sonar is to drop the transducer
below the ice and twirl it around to see if you can detect
fish off the side of the hole and in which direction. In the
old-days we assumed the fish were close to the bottom.
That isn’t always the case. With a sonar you can pick
up suspended fish and adjust your depth accordingly.
You can pick-off individual fish. Often some of the
largest fish are suspended. A camera can be used
both horizontally and vertically to find fish. What I find
fascinating about a camera is to watch fish take a
bait. You learn two things very quickly. You don’t
try to set the hook until you see the bait completely
disappear in the fish’s mouth and the bites you can
detect with your rod are only a percentage of the fish
that are actually taking your lure (I don’t remember an
exact percentage but I would say at least only 50%).
With that in mind I thought it was time to dust off my
perch fishing gear. I always preferred fishing Monona
and Waubesa to Mendota because you usually didn’t
have to walk as far. But Jim said there were perch only
a quarter-mile out from County Park on Lake Mendota.
So the Thursday after the meeting I headed out. It was
snowing so I couldn’t see the other side of the lake, but I
could see anglers out much further than Jim’s estimated
quarter-mile. I wasn’t going that far but I hike out until
I got to 60-feet of water and started fishing. Not much
going on so I hike out further, drilling holes about every
50 yards, still not much, just a few small fish. The snow
let up and I could see I was about halfway between
County Park and the Commodore. Finally I got out to the
first group of guys and it was Jim, Jim’s friend Jeff, and
Kevin so I got some on-the-ice instructions. I switched
to spinning gear years ago, but my rod looked like a poolcue compared to Jim’s. I looked at Jim’s Vexilar and it was
a lot more complicated than my old FL-8. But Jim and Jeff
were using them to reel in perch. I had the distinction of
being able to catch the smallest perch in the group. That
takes talent to catch a four-inch perch in 60-feet of water.
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Yahara Fishing Club
As always Jim reminds us about being safe on ice.
You are traveling on a thin membrane of solid water
over a bunch of real cold liquid water. You have to be
prepared to save yourself if you go through. Unless
someone is real close and has the proper equipment
to rescue you it is probably too late if you have to wait for
a rescue. Carrying ice picks and floatation devices are
a must. A rope is useful to help rescue someone else. A
cell phone if you need help once you get out of the water.
A final caution when using an electric drill when drilling
holes. Put the drill in neutral when not in use. A bump
on the trigger could set off a whirl of slashing blades.
If you are out wandering the wintry wastes
of Lake Mendota you may find Jim and get
an on-ice lesson on catching perch.
February Meeting
Paul Zoch and Jim Kusuda
Paul Zoch caught this 24” walleye while jigging
for bluegills in Squaw Bay. Jim Kusuda was able
to squeeze it through a tiny old hole for this picture.
Annual club auction - bring fishing stuff to donate
to the auction.
March Meeting
Bill Schultz lives in New Berlin, WI and
is a contributing writer for www.lake-link.com,
www.smallmouths.com and various outdoor magazines, including On Wisconsin Outdoors and Kayak
Angler Magazine, along with appearances on Outdoor
Wisconsin. Bill is a smallmouth bass enthusiast
and since catching his first in 1994 has caught and
released over 17,000 smallies. His focus has been
the big waters of Green Bay in Door County, along
with rivers and streams throughout Wisconsin. Since
1995, Bill has spent almost 200 days on the waters
of Door County, catching thousands of smallies.
He is on the Pro Staffs for Mercury Marine, Crestliner Boats, Cedar Lake Sales, Kalin’s Lunker
Grubs, St. Croix Rod, Wilderness Systems Kayaks,
Adventure Technology Paddles and has sponsorships with a variety of other fishing and outdoor
companies. Email: [email protected]
Picture by Jim Kusuda
Yahara Fishing Club
White fish Outing, Feb. 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2014.
We have over 20 people signed up to date for this fun outing.
Clements Barge. I am looking at the weekend of
March 22nd for a one or 2 day outing probably Friday and
Saturday, more detail to follow.
Walleye in May out of Green Bay, dates yet to be decided.
Tom K
V.F.W. Post 1318
133 Lakeside St.
Madison 53715
Yahara Fishing Club
Kids Ice Fishing Day - We gave away 300 poles.
See website for many great pictures.
John Quam
Work: 608-873-3366
Fax: 608-873-6663
[email protected]
Don and Paul fight over buckets.
1896 Barber Drive • Stoughton, WI 53589
Yahara Fishing Club
2013 Fishing Contest Winners
From the Past
Last month, instead of copying the 2013 winners
to the newsletter and the website, I copied the 2012
winners to the newsletter. Must be one of those
senior moments. I corrected the website and the
issue of the newsletter attached to the website as
soon as Dennis Puser pointed out the situation, but
in any case here are the correct winners for 2013.
* = money winner
Northern Pike
LM Bass
SM Bass
White Bass
Kontney *
Blue Gill
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
no entry
34 1/2 Tom Wilke *
28 Richard Bee *
22 Stan Nichols
20 7/8 Paul Zoch *
18 3/4 Kevin Tvedten *
15 1/2 Paul Zoch
12 7/8 Stan Nichols
11 1/2 Marv
15 1/4
12 1/2
21 1/2
11 Daniel Puser *
Stan Nichols *
Stan Nichols
Steve Hurst *
Jack Hurst*
Gard Struther*
I can think of several reasons
why the club won’t be holding a
Beauty Queen Pageant this year.
Rick Krueger, who you may know
as the scuba guy, scanned in over 1400
pages of old fishing club newsletters
several years ago. (Jack Hurst pointed
me at him.) I will be sorting them out and
eventually putting them on the website.
There are already six years of newsletters there. If anyone wants to help out
in this effort, let me know.
Link to previous issues of the
Yahara Fishing Club
Fishing Derby 2014. Better weather but less fish.
Gary Engberg MC
Tom Klein - winning
panfish entry
Dave Dahl with the auger
Gary Engberg MC
Chris Spierings and Dennis Puser inside
A happy winner.
Yahara Fishing Club
Please print
Yahara Fishing Club Membership Form
P.O. Box 3271
Madison, WI 53704
Name ____________________________________________________
If family/youth member, additional name(s) ______________________
Street _____________________________________________________
State ____ Zip ___________ Phone ______ - ______ - __________
Email [email protected]_________________________
Annual dues, from January 1 to December 31:
Individual ..................$25
Youth Member........... Free with other paid membership
An Organization to Educate, Protect and Propagate the Interests of All Fishermen in the Yahara Basin Area
Including all of Madison’s Lakes
Yahara Fishing Club
P.O. Box 3271
Madison, WI 53704
Check out our web page at: www.yaharafishingclub.org
The next meeting is on Tuesday, February 11th, at the Lakeside VFW Hall (John Nolen Rr. & Lakeside St.)
The Board Of Directors meet at 6:00 pm, The General Membership meeting starts at 7:00 pm.
Speaker: Charlie Grimm will auction off donated stuff to fund club activities
Calendar of Upcoming Events
February Events
Feb 8th weekend - Whitefish out of Sturgeon Bay
Feb 11th - Regular Club meeting - auction
March Events
March 11th - Regular Club meeting - Speaker Bill Schultz p. 2
The Yahara Fishing Club’s doors are open to EVERYONE, so invite a friend to the meeting!
President - Gard Strother ......258-8555
Vice Pres. - Don Hammes ... 836-1205
Treasurer - Dennis Puser.......576-0929
Secret’ry. - Randy Winkleman358-4885
Director - Don Gostomski 249-8250
Director - Paul Zoch ......... 241-5443
Director - Karlette Schoen..242-8803
Director - Phil James ...........212-2506
Director - Joe Guastella...669-6813
Director - Larry Reed ......221-0362
Director - Jesse Tougas ...873-3151
Director - Jim Kloth.........635-0116

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