Ottawa Senators Foundation Community Fundraising Toolkit



Ottawa Senators Foundation Community Fundraising Toolkit
Ottawa Senators Foundation
Community Fundraising Toolkit
Become a Community Game Changer
The Ottawa Senators Foundation relies on the public’s ongoing commitment and generosity to
support our work giving children and youth access to social recreation and education programs
focused on physical and mental wellness.
Individuals, families, community groups, small businesses, corporations, employee groups and service
clubs often plan fun social events to help raise money for a good cause.
No event is too big or too small and we encourage people to turn their event into a great event by
supporting the Ottawa Senators Foundation.
The Impact You Can Make
Event Ideas
Not sure of the type of event you want to host? Below you will find a list of ideas for inspiration.
Think ahead to your participants and what would be the most appealing to them.
Remember no event is too big or too small!
Bake Sale
Ball Hockey Tournament
Benefit Concert
Car Wash
Dinner Party
Gala Event
Dress-Down Day
Run or Walk for Charity
Scavenger Hunt
Sky’s the Limit!
Canadian Capital Classic BBQ
Competition and Burbon Tasting
Maddy’s Gala in support of
Roger Neilson House
The Edge Taekwon-Do Kick-A-Thon
in support of Roger Neilson House
Mont Castcades
Golf Tournament
Event Tips
Don’t do it alone
Form an event committee and delegate tasks to help with the work load.
Check the calendar before committing to an event date. To give your
event relevance, schedule its theme to coincide with a special day and try
avoiding any other major events within the city at the same time. This will
Spread the Word
Take advantage of all the social media tools available to collect
donations and recruit people to attend your event. Create a Facebook
and Twitter account to help spread awareness about your event. This will
also allow you to keep your audience updated on event news and
Share Your Story
Why is this event important to you? Why do you need the support of doSetting Goals
We recommend setting a realistic fundraising goal; this will not only help
to motivate your team members, but it will also give your
Tracking Expenses
When planning a fundraiser, it is important to manage administrative
expenses and keep them low. Try soliciting in-kind donations or, if
Be mindful of who is in your network and solicit accordingly. Think about
who you can ask to support your fundraising efforts, including friends,
family and colleagues.
Be Creative and Have Fun!
Think about who you are trying to attract and what you personally would
be excited about, then tailor the event accordingly. Fun and unique expeDon’t be afraid to ask for help!
How We Can Help
By officially registering your event with the Ottawa Senators Foundation we can help by promoting it
on our website and social media, and give you access to a variety of resources that will make event
planning and execution easier.
The Ottawa Senators Foundation has tools available for community events that will allow for online
fundraising. Not every event, however, will qualify for this feature. A meeting with the Manager of
Community Fundraising will determine the needs of your event, and a decision will be made if your
This online feature can be used for:
Direct Donation
Event Registration
Ticket Sales
When available, a Foundation representative may be present at the event and a cheque presentation
photo can be arranged to recognize the donation through social media.
We are also able to provide you with merchandise to
support your auctions or raffles following a review of your
event application. Merchandise contributions are approved
on a case by case basis.
Funds Raised
Up to
$1,000 to
$5,000 to
$10,000 to
$50 and
$100 and
Value over
Value over
Value over
Cheque presentation opportunity
Thank you highlighted over social media
Personalized Thank You highlighting the
impact of the event contribution
Opportunity for gifting to support
Opportunity to list and profile your event
on the Ottawa Senators Foundation
website (
Opportunity to promote the event on
Foundation Social Media channels
(timing/frequency tbd)
Opportunity for a personalized
fundraising website
Opportunity for gifting to support live
auction (If available and at the discretion
of the Foundation)
Consideration for a Foundation
represenative present at the event.
Promotion of event in Ottawa Senators
Foundation Insider Newsletter
Opportunity to include Sparty visit
(50min) at the event (If available and at
the discretion of the Foundation)
Support and development of branded
event materials
Opportunity for ad space in a local
How to get started...
Once you have decided on an event, please complete the Community Event Application Form.
Completed forms can be sent to:
Caitlin Ridgeway, Manager of Communication and Community Fundraising
[email protected]
Ottawa Senators Foundation
attn: Caitlin Ridgeway
1000 Palladium Drive
Ottawa, ON K2V 1A5
Please make sure to record all donations, along with donor information in a spreadsheet.
The donor’s full name and address must be included for proper receipting.
Without this, your donors will not be able to receive a tax receipt. These are CRA guidelines we must follow.
Donation tracking forms are available from the Foundation if needed.
The Ottawa Senators Foundation is able to provide business receipt for any funds received that are
not eligible for tax receipting purposes (Sponsorship, Purchases, Registrations, etc.)
The Ottawa Senators Foundation willprovide tax receipts for eligible donations ($25 and more) made
through an event. If the donor receives a benefit based on their contribution the amount is not eligible
for a tax receipt (ie. entrance to an event, an experience or any other tangible benefit such as
promotional space).
To issue Tax Receipts:
Please provide the donation amount, along with all donor information (full name, address,
email, and phone number). If necessary information is missing the tax receipt will not be
issued per CRA regulations.

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