April 2009 PC Press



April 2009 PC Press
Plum Creek
A Publication of the Homeowner’s Association
Volume 10, Number 3
March 2009
Plum Creek Neighborhood - Kyle, TX
The Annual Plum Creek Community
Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter egg hunt will be held Saturday, April 11, from 9:30a.m. –
11:30 am, in The Mc Naughton Park.
There will be plenty of eggs for the kids to hunt, moon walks, and a visit from
the Easter bunny! The park will be divided into four sections for the egg hunt
and have color coded sections for each age group. Please see the sections
below so you will know where to take your children on the day of the event.
Children also must bring their own basket. It is important for you to have your
children present by 9:30 a.m. so that they don’t miss the fun!
Age Groups:
0 - 3 years : pink section
4 - 6 year olds: green section
7 - 9 year olds: orange section
10 & up: yellow section
We will be looking for volunteers to help set up the day of the event, if you are
interested in helping us out,
Please call Brandee Otto at 405-0159 or at [email protected]
Here Comes Peter Cottontail!
Front Porch Days..........3
Spring Carnival.............4
4th Grade Gives Back...10
Pool Opening...............13
Plum Creek Press
February 2009
Event update
As mentioned last month, the 8th Annual Front Porch Days is almost here. Front
Porch Days is a huge gathering each year around the first week of May and
includes music (Including the BISCUIT BROTHERS), local organizations,
vendors, a soapbox derby, a pie baking contest, petting zoo, pony rides, jump
castles, temporary tattoos, crafts, food, and more. All of the entertainment and
many of the events are FREE. Money is needed to purchase food, drinks, and products from vendors and community
groups or to participate in the washers tournament, golf tournament, 5K, or fun run. This year, the majority of
events, including the Music Festival, will occur on Sunday, May 3rd and take place at just one location, Fergus Park.
Schedule of Events
Saturday, April 25th
Community-Wide Garage Sale, Plum Creek
Saturday, May 2nd
> 4th Annual Plum Creek Golf Tournament @ 8AM, PC Golf
Course (Register online @ www.active.com)
> 2nd Annual Plum Creek Garden Tour @ 10AM, Kirkham Circle
(Business Park at Front of Subdivision)
Sunday, May 3rd
> 4th Annual Plum Creek 5K and Kids’ Fun Run @ 7AM, Negley
Elementary (Register online @ www.active.com)
> 1st Annual Scout Soapbox Derby for Diabetes by Cub Scouts
Pack 812 from 9AM to 1PM on Fairway (Open to all
Cub or Boy Scouts in the Sacred Springs District.)
Music Fest
Sunday, May 3rd from 11PM to 4PM
Kid Stage
(Front of PC Community Center)
12:00 to
1:00 to
1:45 Rockaroni and Cheese
2:00 to
2:45 The Hey Lollies
3:00 to
4:00 The Biscuit Brothers
8th Annual Front Porch Days from 11AM to 4PM
> Pie Baking Contest @ Noon, PC Community Center
> Kyle United Methodist Church Washers Tournament @ 1PM
> Other events include:
4th Annual Plum Creek Music Festival ->
Temporary Tattoos by Just for Fun Tattoos
Jumps for Joy Inflatables
Fry’s Fun Farm Pony Rides and Petting Zoo
Jiggle Bug Express
Games2U Arcades and Laser Tag
12:45 The Bruce Curtis Band
Cowboy Stage
(Fergus Park Soccer Fields)
12:45 Lewis Moon Roch Motel
1:45 The Jeremy Miller Band
2:45 The Nematoads
4:00 Autumn
> Information or products from City of Kyle Parks, Lone Star
Kettle Corn, Hays Rebel Select Basketball, Tupperware,
Cub Scouts Pack 812, and more...
We’re still looking for more!
Interested in...
selling something? If you are an artist, craftsperson, reseller, church group, or community group, we want you! If
you are interested in selling items or offering information or another service, please contact Christina Baese via email
at [email protected] or find the application online at www.frontporchdays.com
another aspect of Front Porch Days? If you are interested in another aspect of this event, including volunteering
or offering another service, please contact Brandee Otto via email at [email protected] or via phone at
ViSIT www.frontporchdays.com
Plum Creek Press
2009 Negley Spring Carnival
Saturday, March 28, 2009 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Please read these carefully. These rules were carefully compiled to be fair and just for all parties involved. If you have a question or
concern regarding any of these rules, please contact us prior to signing this binding contract, so that any concerns may be addressed
before you make payment. Booth rental is first come first serve, so please feel free to reserve your booths by phone or by email. All
rental payments and contracts must be received within 5 days of booth reservation.
For booth reservations, please call Stephi Motal at (512) 293-6290 or email her at [email protected]
Make Checks or money orders payable to NES PTA and mail them to:
Terms of Agreement
Stephi Motal
5641 Hartson
Kyle, TX 78640
All vendors must be set up and ready to operate by 2:50 p.m. The venue will be open and available for set-up beginning at 1:00
p.m. the day of the event.
All vendors must remain open and operating until 7:00 p.m. the day of the event, unless otherwise notified by the event
coordinators. The venue will remain open until 9:00 p.m. for clean up and teardown of the booths.
Booth spaces will be pre-measured to 10’x10’ and clearly marked and numbered by the event coordinators. If you need a larger
space please contact me for arrangements.
Each vendor may provide his or her own tables or shelving and chairs. Vendors that may be interested in table rental may do so
by filling out the appropriate section of the Vendor Registration Form.
Rental fees and contracts are due by the end of the business day on the fifth day from telephone or email registration, up until
March 20th. After March 20th, payment must be made within 48 hours. You may phone or email with your booth request so that
the booth can be pre-registered to you pending payment and contract.
Event planners will strive to assure everyone’s success by doing our best to limit the number of booths selling the same concepts.
Cash-and-carry booths are preferred for this event, so that the consumer may walk away with at least the bulk of their purchases.
Booths for Multi-Level-Marketing companies (Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Mary Kay type programs) will be limited to one
each. They will also be limited to 20% of total booth spaces, unless the vendor is prepared to stock their booth with cash and
carry merchandise at which time, with event coordinator approval, they will not be classified as “MLM”.
It is the responsibility of each individual vendor to collect and remit sales tax, if applicable, for his or her own sales.
The decision to accept checks or credit cards is up to each individual vendor. Negley Elementary PTA, Negley Elementary
School, nor Hays CISD are responsible for the consequences of bad check and credit card transactions.
10. Cancellations will not be refunded.
11. Booths selling dietary supplements, alcohol, over the counter drugs, or items that are non-appropriate (by society’s standards) for
viewing or purchase by minors will not be allowed. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.
12. This year we will provide an area for booths wanting to distribute public service related materials or advertising of businesses. If
you are an entertainment business and agree to provide age-appropriate entertainment, demonstration of your product, or
exhibition of your talent, you will be allowed a table space free of charge in this area. No sales will be allowed in this area. If you
fall into this category and would like to sell something from your booth, you may rent a booth in another area if one is available.
13. Electricity is available in select booths for an additional $10.00 charge. All electrical cords must be secured outside of traffic
areas, to the ground/wall/table in a manner that will not cause accidents or injuries. All items utilizing electrical cords must be
placed in a safe and secure manner inside of the vendor’s booth-space and are subject to removal if the event staff feels the items
are a hazard to the public.
February 2009
Corey Real Estate
Your Plum Creek Real Estate Expert
David Corey
[email protected]
Frankie and Eddie; Plum Creek Residents.
Call Today for a
Free Consultation &
Market Analysis
Plum Creek Press
=#')*$,&)"-.-&*$-0$>"#3')?08#3#[email protected]&'*$'0*$B&,C$59)8&)?$
"*&&[email protected][email protected]!
Conveniently located in Kyle
800 Goforth Square complex,
near Fuentes Elementary
=#')*$,&)"-.-&*$-0$>"#3')?08#3#[email protected]&'*$'0*$B&,C$59)8&)?$
"*&&[email protected][email protected]!
hearing evaluations
[email protected][email protected]!/#,='[email protected][email protected]!<*L!
to schedule your appointment today.
Consistently Listing And Selling More Homes in
Combined Since 2001
Plum Creek than All Agents
[email protected][email protected]!/#,='[email protected][email protected]!<*L!
HOME: 449-8288
Cell: 217-1451
Cell: 217-1450
Email: [email protected]
UÊ7iʜvviÀÊ>Ê}Ài>ÌʜÛiUp PlanÊ>˜Þ܅iÀip
February 2009
How does my Air Conditioner work?
What exactly are those strange metal boxes in my home and my backyard???
An Air Conditioner has three main parts. The compressor, condenser and evaporator coil. The compressor and condenser
are located in the same unit, outside your home. The evaporator coil is located inside the house attached to your furnace.
A working chemical called Freon circulates through the system. The amount of Freon in the system is very important
and needs to be checked regularly. Let’s start at the compressor. The Freon arrives at the compressor as a cool, lowpressure gas. The compressor compresses the gas and leaves the compressor as a HOT, high pressure gas.
This hot, high pressure Freon then flows into the condenser which is the large coil that wraps around the outdoor unit.
The outdoor fan pulls air through the condenser to transfer the heat out. Notice all the fragile fins. These fins transfer the
heat more quickly into the outside air. These fins MUST be kept VERY CLEAN for it to work efficiently! When the Freon
leaves the condenser, its temperature is much cooler and has changed from a hot gas to a cool liquid.
Next, the Freon goes though some copper lines to the inside portion of the system, the evaporator. This cool, liquid Freon
goes into the evaporator coil through a very tiny, narrow hole. On the other side of this hole (or orifice), the liquid's
pressure drops. (Picture a spray nozzle on a hairspray can) When it does this, it begins to evaporate back into a gas or
vapor. As the Freon changes from a liquid back to a gas, it evaporates, and extracts heat from the air around it. This is
where the heat that is in your home gets transferred to the Freon and will soon be carried outside! When the Freon leaves
the evaporator, it is a cool, low pressure gas. Connected to the evaporator is a fan that blows air through the evaporator
fins. This is the fan that circulates air throughout your home. All of this is taking place inside small fragile copper tubes
located inside this evaporator coil. Dehumidification also takes place here, where water is collected and drained out. These
drains can get clogged and need regular attention too. It then returns to the compressor to begin its trip all over again.
This evaporator coil also has many fragile aluminum fins to help in the transfer of heat with the surrounding air. This
portion needs to be very clean as well! This is why clean filters are so important!
This heat transfer process continues over and over and over until the room reaches the temperature that you tell it you want
at the thermostat. The thermostat senses that the temperature has reached the right setting and turns off the air conditioner.
As the room warms up, the thermostat turns the air conditioner back on until the room reaches the temperature.
Just like your car, an Air Conditioner is an expensive and complex piece of equipment that you depend on daily and
requires regular cleanings and adjustments to maximize its efficiency and longevity.
A tune up will cut your Electric Bill and reduce your chances of a big repair!
Call us or visit our website for details of our Maintenance Plan!
Plum Creek Press
The HOA will begin issuing new
and/or replacement pool cards
and Rec Tags for the 2009 swim
season beginning in mid March.
Saturday, April 4th – the opening
day of the pools - from 10 am to
4 pm at the HOA Manager’s Office at 168B Kirkham Circle
Please make note of these dates
and times:
The cost for a replacement
pool card is $25.00, and the replacement cost of a Rec Tag
is $10.00.
Thursdays of March 12th, 19th,
26th, and April 2nd from 1 pm
to 6 pm at the HOA Manager’s
office at 168B Kirkham Circle by
Allegro Music
Saturdays of March 21st and
March 28th from 10 am to 4 pm
at the HOA Manager’s Office at
168B Kirkham Circle
There are no charges to new
owners and/or qualified tenants
for the initial issuance and assignment of the pool card and/
or Rec Tag.
All new tenants and homeowners
must have the Pool Waiver Form
signed by the owners or property
manager before a pool card and/
or Rec Tag can be issued.
Remember, anyone in Plum
Creek, age 11 and older, who
swims at the pools, plays at the
basketball courts, or fishes at the
lake, must have a Rec Tag.
Any questions, call Dave Brown’s
office at 512-262-1140.
Dave Brown
Community Association Manager
February 2009
We look forward to helping your friend
create a home that’s Built to OrderTM
At KB Home, we’re always building great new homes, one home at a time. And we want to make
sure you have the chance to pick your new neighbors. Refer your friends and family today.
Plum Creek - New homes in Kyle
2 Models & 8 floorplans • Priced from the mid $100’s
• 1,326-2,000 sq.ft. • 1-2 story homes • 2-4 bedrooms • 2-2.5 bathrooms • Energy Star Certified
For information call our Sales Team at 512-268-0780
$50 Home Depot Gift Card!
Current Plum Creek Residents who refer a
friend or family member to KB Home will
receive a $50 Home Depot Gift Card when
that friend closes on their new KB home!
Broker Cooperation Welcome. ©2009 KB Home (KBH). *Advertised monthly payment assumes a sales price of $145,950 and includes principal, interest, taxes, insurance and estimated private mortgage insurance premium only; any other fees such
as HOA not included. Scenario assumes borrower qualifies for an FHA 30-year fixed rate mortgage loan of $143,306 with an interest rate of 5.5% / 5.609% APR. Also assumes buyer pays down payment of 3.5% of the sales price and pays all applicable closing costs. Scenario assumes the buyer has good credit, sets up a tax & insurance escrow account, and provides full documentation. Rates effective 2/20/2009 and subject to change without notice. This offer subject to underwriting guidelines and is available only for owner-occupied homes; non-owner-occupied homes are subject to additional restrictions and qualifying requirements. This offer is only available through Countrywide KB Home Loans, LLC. However, financing may
be obtained through any other lender. Countrywide KB Home Loans, LLC and KB Home are independently responsible for the products and services each company offers. Equal Housing Lender. ©2008 Countrywide KB Home Loans, LLC. Countrywide KB Home Loans, LLC
is an operating subsidiary of Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. All trademarks are the property of Countrywide KB Home Loans, LLC, Countrywide Bank, FSB, Bank of America, N.A., or their respective affiliates and/or subsidiaries. Countrywide and the associated house
logo are registered trademarks. Some products may not be available in all states where Countrywide KB Home Loans, LLC operates. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. Gift cards available until 4/30/09 at the KB Home community
at Plum Creek. Available while supplies last. Limit 1 per household. Not redeemable/exchangeable for cash. May not be combined with any other offers unless approved by Seller. Subject to terms/conditions stated thereon. See sales agents for details.
kbhome.com 9
Plum Creek Press
Fourth Grade Students from Negley
Elementary Hope to Make a Difference
Fourth grade students at Negley Elementary embarked on a
unique field investigation. Their
teacher posed a question. She
asked them if they believed fourth
grade students could possibly
have any impact on how others
cared for their environment. Initially, the response was no. However, today, they believe they can
make a change.
As a part of their year-long study
of water quality in the Plum
Creek Watershed and to prepare
for a community-wide park/creek
cleanup on Saturday March 7th,
students used flags to mark the
location of dog ‘poop’ along the
trails around the lake. The idea
for marking the waste came from
the students when they became
educated on the impact of pet
waste on our water.
An in-class presentation from
GBRA about water quality caught
the attention of Rodriquez’ students, who have become intrigued
with the thought of dog waste
being a potential non-point source
of bacterial pollutants in the
watershed. In an attempt to draw
the problem of dog waste to the
attention of local residents, students marked illegally deposited
dog waste in the walking trails of
the Plum Creek Subdivision on
Thursday, March 5th. The stu-
dents flagged 550 piles of pet
The marked waste was removed
by 45 students and local residents on Saturday, March 7th.
Often, people believe that dog
waste is not harmful to the environment and see it as fertilizer.
However, it is the leading cause of
nitrates and E coli bacteria in our
creeks, rivers, and drinking supply.
Please show these students that
their efforts have been noticed
and do your part to protect or
watershed. Pet waste stations are
located in the parks and along the
walking trails.
February 2009
La Casa dei Bambini
Kyle Montessori School
701 Scott Street
Kyle,Tx. 78640
Horticulture ~ Bilingual ~ Music ~ Cooking ~ Creative Arts
La Casa dei Bambini is a Montessori-based educational program for
children 2 years to kindergarten
~ Certified by the State of Texas
~ Locally owned and operated
~ Located near downtown Kyle
~ Flexible hours of operation
Please schedule an appointment to observe the children in an ideal learning environment.
Limited space available for 2009 (which extends until July 17th).
Applications are being accepted
for 2009-10 (school resumes August 17, 2009).
Tonico Vanali
Chiquie Estrada
Parent references available
upon request
Plum Creek Press
Dont’ Miss the Biscuit Brothers at Front Porch Days
As a member of the
Plum Creek HOA,
you and your
immediate family
are eligible
for membership.
Save Time. Save Money. Earn Money.
210-945-3300 or 1-800-580-3300
Federally insured by the NCUA.
February 2009
The Plum Creek pools open April 4th
The Plum Creek HOA pools will
open for the 2009 swim season
on Saturday, April 4th.
As a reminder, please note
that the pool remains without
lifeguard coverage from April
to the first part of June. When
lifeguards are not on duty,
children younger than 15 years
of age must be accompanied by
a person aged 17 years or older.
All swimmers, 11 years or older,
are required to display their
Rec Tag when entering the pool
facilities. Please do not allow
any children to use the pool if
they are underage, without a
Rec Tag, and not supervised by
an adult.
Persons found in the pools
without proper identification
will be asked to leave and not
allowed to swim until they are
properly documented. When
using the pool, you may be
asked to provide proof of your
Rec Tag and/or pool card.
Failure to produce the Rec Tag
and/or pool card will result in
the person(s) being asked
to vacate the pool facilities
and may result in the 30 day
suspension of one’s rights
to use the pool facilities.
The bottom line is, it’s the
parents and or legal guardian
responsibility to abide by the
pool rules.
In March, new and replacement
pool cards and Rec Tags will
be issued. Issuance dates will
be posted via signage at the
entrances and pool facilities
and in the HOA newsletter and
The success of a pool season
is directly dependent on each
of us and our adherence to the
rules. Thanks for your support
and compliance.
Let’s make this swim season the
best year yet!
D. Scott Brown
Plum Creek HOA Pool
Committee Chairman
Plum Creek Press
Plum Creek Press Classified Section
Plum Creek Press Classified ads are FREE for residents of Plum Creek. Deadline for submitting your
classified ad is the 10th of each month. Homeowners must E-mail their classified ad (30 words or
less) each month to [email protected] They will run for one month. There is
no carryover from previous months. We reserve the right to refuse a submission and edit for length.
Retired Teacher, 5 yr Plum
Creek resident, available to
give quality care to your Pets/
House/Plants, while you are
away. No job too small or large.
Reasonable rates. Contact Kathleen
at [email protected]
Seeking dedicated, disciplined,
and enthusiastic violin students!!!
Violin lessons are available for
the Spring Semester at Mrs.
Giles’ home studio, 592 Scheel.
Call: (423) 737-7293 or email:
[email protected] for
lesson information.
Don’t forget Easter and Prom
Season is coming. Alterations
by Plum Creek Resident. Please
contact Nance at 512.300.6191
Stay at home mom has an opening
for a 3+ year old beginning in April.
Prefer part-time but would consider
full-time depending on the hours.
For more information call Sauni at
Blessed Birth Doula Services! As a
birth doula I can give you and your
partner informational, physical,
and emotional support before,
during, and after the birth of your
child. I provide relaxation and
breathing guidance, positioning,
massage, breastfeeding support
and much more. Contact Natasha
at [email protected] or 779-5080.
Over 30 years interior and exterior
house painting experience. Contact
Ted at 512-618-9410 for a free
estimate. Power washing included
in most bids
Child care in my home. Listed with
the state and cpr certified. Prefer
children ages 3yrs. and up. It is not
too early to sign up for summer
months. Call 512-731-2562. Plum
Creek reside
It’s Spring! Refresh you nest for
less than you’d expect! Call The
Design Diva at 504-3404 for a
complimentary consultation. I
eagerly await your call! Victoria
How would you like to tap into a
revenue stream from your everyday
house hold items. You are already
doing it, now get paid for it. Come
see how every Tuesday¢s and
Thursday¢s. Contact Jay at jay.
[email protected]
For Sale:
Buy or Sell AVON. Contact Angie
at 670-6786, [email protected]
yahoo.com or go to my website to
order directly: www.youravon.com/
Prom Dresses/Formal Wear Seven
different prom dresses for sale!
Brand New 2007 Valco Baby
RAD Stroller In Coal Navy, still in
box, never opened! Also Includes:
-Bassinet in Aquamarine which was
used twice from a previous owner.
- A beautifully made silver hood for
the RAD that comes down to the
bumper bar. You can have the hood
stop in the same place it normally
does on the original or you can pull
it down a few more clicks until the
hood about reaches the bumper
bar. These, also, have matching seat
- brand new Peg Perego car seat
- brand new Rain Cover made for
the RAD
- Includes a bootcover or footmuff
to provides your child with warmth
and protection from the elements.
You can check out the more of a
review on http://www.strollerqueen.
com/ under pick of the month for
January (scroll closer to the bottom
of the page). With the bassinet, this
fabulous stroller retails for $599…
but it can be yours (or someone you
know) for only $390. Please e-mail
[email protected] for any
MUCH MORE! I’ve cleaned out
my closets again, and now offer
fantastic designer bags for less
than retail just for you.My need for
organization is your treasure chest!!
These bags are either NEW/slightly
used in excellent cond./or used in
GREAT condition. Brands include:
Michael Kors/Dooney & Bourke/
Louis Vuitton/Alexander McQueen/
Kate Spade/COACH/Petunia
Pickle Bottom/JJ COLE/ Lexie
Barnes/ and so much more!! Call
512-762-9157 or e-mail [email protected]
yahoo.com to set up a time to come
look at this glorious collection!
February 2009
At the Fence
Bake a Pie For Front Porch Days!
If you’ve got the best pie recipe or baking skills in Plum Creek,
Kyle, or Hays County, come compete in the Front Porch Days
Pie Baking Contest. Simply, drop off your baked pies between
11:00AM and Noon on Sunday, May 3rd at the Plum Creek
Community Center.
Judging will begin at Noon, and the empty pie plates will be ready for pick-up between 2PM and
4PM. The pies will be sampled, judged, and thoroughly enjoyed! Prizes will be awarded for
appearance, taste, and originality. Please label the bottom of your pie dish with your name, address, phone number, and name of pie.
Thanks for participating and be sure to thank the Pie Contest Sponsor of Lone Star ENT for
their support! Be sure to visit www.frontporchdays.com for more information about all of the
upcoming activities. HAPPY BAKING!
April 2 — 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm Rec Tag Registration
April 4 — Pools Open
April 9 — 3:30 pm William T. Vollman at the Katherine Ann Porter Center
April 11 — 9:30 am Easter Egg Hunt McNaughton Park
April 25 — Front Porch Days Annual Community-Wide Garage Sale
Plum Creek Community E-mail Addresses
In order to connect better with the community, we have created E-mail addresses to meet your
needs to get in touch with the people responsible for making our neighborhood such a great place to
live. Please feel free to drop us an E-mail.
Announcements: [email protected]
Plum Creek HOA Manager - Dave Brown: [email protected]
Community Center Reservations for Parties: [email protected]
Dog Park Committee - Inez Scott: [email protected]
Lake Committee -Mike Davis: [email protected]
Landscape Committee - Christina Baese: [email protected]
Pool Committee - Scott Brown: [email protected]
Publicity Committee - [email protected]
Plum Creek Press Editor - Pamela Hastings: [email protected]
Plum Creek Press Classifieds - Kathleen O’Keefe: [email protected]
Plum Creek Press Advertising - Brandee Otto: [email protected]
Recreation Committee - Brandee Otto: [email protected]
Safety & Monitoring Committee - Jeffrey Morales: [email protected]
Social Groups: [email protected]
Welcome Committee - Dennis and Mariel Perkins: [email protected]
General Plum Creek Developer Information - [email protected]
Plum Creek Press
Kyle United Methodist 2nd Annual
Washers Tournament
Front Porch Days in Plum Creek at Fergus Park – Sunday, May 3, 2009
Entry Fees:
$30 per team of two
Registration: Closes at 12:00 Noon on May 3rd and is limited to 24 teams. Checks are
accepted until April 27th. Cash Only Please after April 27th and on event
day to allow for quick payment to winners.
Played on 2’x2’ washer boards w/ one, 3” hole. Each team will have 3
washers to toss per round. (Washers will be provided). Only one team can
score points per round - one point for being on the board, 3 points if you
are leaning over the edge of the cup and 5 points for going into the cup.
The first team to 21 points WINS! Visit www.kyleumc.com for the
complete set of rules. This will be a double elimination tournament.
First Place is 35% of entry fees. Second Place is 15% of entry fees. Third
Place is a non-monetary prize. Donation to Kyle United Methodist Church
is 50% of entry fees. (For example: If 10 teams register, the entry fees will
equal $300. KUMC receives a donation of $150. First place wins $105.
Second place wins $45).
Please contact Amanda Brown via email at [email protected] or call
512-801-9072. For official rules and regulations, please visit www.kyleumc.com.
KUMC Washers Tournament Registration Form – May 3, 2009
Team Name: _______________________________________________________________
Name of Team Captain: ______________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________ ____ City, State, Zip: ___________________
Phone: ________________________ Email address: _______________________________
Early registration is appreciated. Please submit payment and completed forms to Amanda
Brown at 143 Rector, Kyle, TX 78640.
February 2009
Plum Creek Annual
Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 11, 2006 at 9:30 a.m.
at McNaughton Park
Activities include an
Egg Hunt & Moonwalks.
The Egg Hunt will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. –
So make plans to be there a little early.
Age Groups and Sections:
0 - 3 years will be in the pink section
4 - 6 year olds will be in the green section
7 - 9 year olds will be in the orange section
10 & up will be in the yellow section.
Please bring a basket or bag to collect eggs.
This event is hosted by the Recreation Committee.
If you have any questions about the event, please call
Brandee Otto at 405-0159.
Plum Creek Press
5771 Fergus
Don’t miss this beautiful Legacy home in Plum Creek! Amazing
living space with upgrades throughout! Some of the features
you’ll find here include rounded corners, archways, art niches,
Pergo-type flooring, ceramic tile, soaring ceilings and more. The
huge master suite is located downstairs and includes a spacious
sitting area. You’ll find a garden tub, separate shower, double
vanities and walk-in closet in the master bath. The spacious
kitchen includes tile counters and backsplash, GE Profile
appliances, large pantry, breakfast nook and is open to the living
area. The game room upstairs overlooks the downstairs living
areas and includes a closet and ceiling fan. Additionally, there are
3 bedrooms upstairs and a Jack-and-Jill type bathroom.
Living areas: 3 Dining areas: 2
Bedrooms: 4
Garage spaces : 2
Year built: 2001 Square footage: 2,620
Barbara Gremillion
February 2009
Kyle Animal Hospital
Treating Kyle area pets as family members for
the last 10 years
Guy G. Mathews, DVM
Dan A. Nowland, DVM
Sally O. Nowland, DVM
Cord Offermann, DVM
*Major Credit Cards and CareCredit Accepted*
**New 12 month payment plans available**
Visit our Web site www.Kylevet.com
Across from the Plum Creek entrance on Jack
C. Hays Trail
100 Hall Professional Center Kyle……………………………….268-5003
Plum Creek Press
Plum Creek HOA
c/o RealManage
12335 Hymeadow Drive, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78750
Toddler Time Every Monday
Toddler Time takes place every Monday at 9:30 at the
community center/Haupt park. Activities are geared for
children 20-36 months old. Moms attend with the children. Feel free to come any week - no RSVP is necessary. If you have questions, call Tamarie at (512) 743-2162. 20

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