The bowling event held at Safra Mount Faber saw a



The bowling event held at Safra Mount Faber saw a
A bimonthly publication of
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MICA (P) No. 171/07/2010
Nov/Dec 2011
The bowling event held at
Safra Mount Faber
saw a spectacular turnout.
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BCA’s NatSteel visit
By Eng Poh Tzan, TQM
As the largest
player in Singapore’s construction
industry, NatSteel has been
raising the bar in the areas of
safety, productivity, and
innovation, in addition to
providing a wide range of
products and services.
As part of our efforts to open avenues
through which we can play a leading role
in the industry, NatSteel hosted a visit
by the Building & Construction Authority
(BCA) on 27 Oct 11.
The delegation from BCA included its CEO, Dr John Keung; Deputy
CEO (Industry Development), Mr Lam Siew Wah; Director of Technology
(Technology Development), Mr Tan Tian Chong, and 22 others. In
addition, three young leaders in the construction industry from City
Developments Ltd, AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd, and CPG Corporation
were also present.
Chief Quality Officer Eng Poh Tzan gave a presentation to introduce the
guests to NatSteel and our operations. The presentation traced
NatSteel’s history, highlighted our role as Singapore’s largest metal
recycler, and showcased our Building Solutions offerings which help
improve construction safety and productivity. Our CEO Vivek Kamra and
COO Joseph Yong also shared some of our plans to improve our energy
efficiency, enhance productivity through automation, and introduce new
methods of material handling onsite to facilitate savings.
The presentation was followed by a short tour of our Cut-And-Bend,
Bored Pile Caging, Mesh & PreCaging operations.
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2 BCA’s NatSteel visit
4 WAH Forum 2011
4 IES seminar - safety drives productivity
5 Imported scrap discharge hits 40
5 Another safety milestone for NatSteel
6 Long Service Award 2011
6 Retirement Award
7 IES Course
12 Tata Crucible
The BCA delegation was very impressed by the visit, and agreed that
they should explore further collaboration opportunities with us. This
paves the way for a greater role for NatSteel in the industrialisation of
reinforcement steel and its promotion to the construction industry. nsh
Some excerpts from Mr Eng’s presentation:
– Even before the nation’s independence, Singapore’s
leaders had recognised the urgent need to provide
adequate housing for the populace. The Housing &
Development Board (HDB) was thus set up in 1960.
NatSteel was incorporated as the National Iron and Steel
Mill in 1961 to supply the steel that was needed to
support this endeavour, hence we became known as a
“Nation Builder”.
– Well before environmentalism became a hot topic for
businesses, NatSteel has been at the forefront of energy
efficiency and recycling. NatSteel Recycling is the
country’s largest metal recycler. Our electric arc furnace
operations is one of the most efficient in the world.
– NatSteel is a pioneer in providing downstream fabrication
services to the construction industry. Our mesh
subsidiary (Eastern Wire – now mostly dormant) was
incorporated in 1965 to address HDB’s visionary drive for
construction productivity and speed. To further improve
site productivity, CAB was started in 1982. After an initial
decade of market development, this is an established
convention for a vast majority of reinforcement. In 2003,
we introduced off-site caging for bored pile
reinforcement in Singapore, which has quickly become a
well-entrenched method of forming reinforcement for
bored piles so pervasively used here. Caging for
reinforcement other than bored piles is also moving in
the same direction, driven by increasing cost and
scarcity of construction labour.
– More than 90% of structures in Singapore are
constructed using reinforced concrete. Three ingredients
are needed for reinforced concrete structures – formwork
that holds wet concrete before it sets and gains strength,
reinforcement steel to take the tension forces in the
structures, as well as concrete to take compressive
forces and to integrate with reinforcement. Much
improvement has taken place in these areas. BCA
concurs that the construction industry now needs to
embrace the industrialisation of reinforcement.
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8 HIGH TIMES at NatSteel Customer
Day 2011
overseas mills
10 Safety Excellence Journey in NSV
10 DuPont Safety Management Launch
11 Floor the CEO!
12 TCoC: Clause 18 - Regulatory
work life
13 CSR at Marina Bay Sands
14 Telematches with FGS
environment, safety & health
15 Quit Smoking Today!
15 Health Schedule
16 Working at Height? Work safely!
11 Quiz results
16 Quiz
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WAH Forum 2011
Imported scrap discharge hits 40 containers/day
By Chee San Heng, SHES
By Mohd Ismail, NSR
NatSteel aims to
NatSteel Recycling imports
be an industry leader for
Work at Height (WAH) safety practices. As part of
this endeavour, Chee San Heng – Head of Safety,
Health, Environment & Security – recently shared on
NatSteel’s WAH best practices as a guest speaker
at the the Work At Height (WAH) ProBE Forum.
about 600 - 800
containers of metal scrap every month. Previously, we
used two lifting cranes and extensive manpower to
discharge the containers. In 2010, NSR partnered with SH
Cogent Logistics to re-engineer the process for safer and
more productive container discharging. The team came up
with the Tipping Chassis solution, which requires only one
worker to open and close the container doors. The prime
mover can discharge the scrap inside the containers by
tipping the chassis. The team encountered safety issues
initially, but extensive risk assessment and evaluation was
carried out to ensure that the risk is manageable.
One of the key initiatives which Mr Chee touched on
was the set-up of NatSteel’s WAH Taskforce. The
WAH Taskforce was created to implement
recommendations that prevent any WAH injuries or
fatalities. Some of the WAH activities in NatSteel
include crane maintenance, maintenance tasks on
machinery and loading and unloading activities. The
taskforce observes potential threats during safety
inspections, and implements initiatives to eliminate
those hazards.
From 2010 till 2011, the number of containers
discharged in a 10-hour operation day has
increased from 30 to 40 boxes/day, which is
a 25% increase in productivity. Today’s
record achievement is attributed to the
team’s continuous improvement drive (which
is one of the TOP’s improvement ideas).
Overall, the company has benefited from the higher
productivity, safer operation and reduced handling cost for
container discharging. nsh
Held on the 5 Oct 11 at the HDB Auditorium by the
Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) and
Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the WAH ProBE forum
aims to share useful information on how to improve
work at height safety performance in the workplace.
Mr Chee’s presentation was extremely well-received
by the 400 participants who attended the forum.
IES seminar - safety drives productivity
Another safety milestone for NatSteel Recycling
By Chee San Heng, SHES
By Mohd Ismail, NSR
Safety drives productivity
Congratulations to NatSteel Recycling for
– this was the
theme of this year’s IES Seminar held on 31 Oct. It
was therefore fitting for COO Joseph Yong to be an
invited speaker to share on how offsite fabrication
services can help improve safety standards at
construction sites and raise productivity.
In Mr Yong’s speech titled “Site Safety and
Productivity Using Pre-Fabricated Cages”, he shared
how the drive to encourage offsite fabrication in recent
years, together with good onsite construction
management, has benefited the industry greatly.
Shifting fabrication processes from the sites to a
controlled factory-type environment reaps substantial
benefits. Rebar elements, meshes, and cages fabricated
offsite bring safety and productivity improvement for all
workers onsite.
NatSteel fabricates around 350kmt of steel products
which are delivered to 500 projects in a typical year,
clocking more than 4 million man-hours in the process.
Mr Yong delivering
his speech,
“Site Safety and
Productivity Using
Pre-Fabricated Cages
achieving the significant milestone of 800 LTIF-Free Days
on 13 Oct 11! This is testament to the vast improvements
NSR has made in its safety journey. To commemorate this
achievement, NSR organised a dinner at NatCafe for all
employees and regular contractors. In addition, souvenir
T-shirts were specially produced and distributed to all. Mr
Jemson Ye, Chairman of NSR ESH Subcommittee,
commended everyone for their effort and support in
making NSR a safer place for everyone. He also
encouraged all to keep up the continuous improvement.
The next safety milestone will be 1000 LTIF-Free Days. nsh
Mr Yong receiving
a token of
natsteel bulletin nov 11
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Long Service Award 2011
IES Course
By Carol Yen, HRD
By Felicia Liu, Marketing
of Choice
This year,
In the last
a total of 124 staff received the Long
Service Awards for their dedicated service, which
ranged from five to 30 years. The Long Service Award
Ceremony 2011 was held on 28 Oct 11.
year, you may have seen large groups of
unfamiliar people touring the plant in NatSteel. These
visitors were actually here for the Institute of Engineers
Singapore (IES) course which has been conducted
monthly since 16 Nov 10! A highly popular course
conducted by our very own NatSteel colleagues Natarajan
Saravanan and Thu Zar Hnin, this course will be into its
12th run this December.
The special highlight of this year’s long service award
ceremony was a video montage created for the 30-Year Long
Service Award Recipients, who are:
Engineering Maintenance (Electrical)
Tan Heng Hoe
Engineering Maintenance (Electrical)
Lim Kian Chuan
Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical) Hoe Moon Huat
Operation Analysis & Services
Ang Kee Cheong
Production (Merchant Bar Mills)
Ang Gim Yiam
Production (Merchant Bar Mills)
Koh Hwa Leng
Production (Merchant Bar Mills)
Ko Kon Oo
Logistics Ong Tock Beng
Production (Meltshop)
Lee Keng Chian
Innovation & Design Centre
Ho San Khin
Human Resource Department
Jamelah Bte Suhamai
Information Technology
Chong Soo Hian
Tan Choon Phuan, Tony
Besides showing a photo montage of the
recipients from when they were young till present,
the video also contained words of encouragement
and appreciation from the recipients’ supervisors
and colleagues. This came as a huge surprise for
the recipients. The heartfelt words were strongly
felt by all who were present.
Special thanks go out to those who have
contributed to the video: Ng Kek Loon, Edmund
Wong, Oon Eng Tian, Jet Wong, Goh Hin Ann,
George Lee, Arhmi Sumalinog, Pong Chan Eng,
Melvin Choo, Technical Team and HRD Team. We
hope you enjoyed seeing yourselves on screen!
This course is a half-day technical workshop on
reinforcement solutions that NatSteel provides for safer
and faster construction. The main audience includes
Resident Engineers (REs), Resident Technical Officers
(RTOs), Site Managers and Supervisors.
A typical session in NatSteel will begin with a presentation
on our downstream reinforcement solutions, our
capabilities in MQC, followed by a guided plant our of our
downstream production centres where representatives
from CAB, MESH and CAG play excellent hosts to the
For most of these visitors, it is their first time setting foot
into a steel mill and many have commented that it is an
eye opener for them With better understanding of
NatSteel’s processes and quality control, REs and RTOs
are more confident and better informed of our products.
Frequency of testing requirements on-site can be
significantly reduced, thus improving cost saving measures
for our customers.
This course registers a strong NatSteel brand for quality
and productive reinforcement solutions in the minds of
these REs & RTOs so that, over time, they could develop a
strong affinity for our products and services. nsh
Retirement Award
COO Joseph Yong an k
CMO Melvin Choo kic
off the session with a
keynote speech
NatSteel’s Capabilities –
High Consistent Quality.
Range of productive solutions.
The NatSteel Brand of reinforcement solutions
So you may wonder…
What are the roles of REs and RTOs on-site?
– Inspect and supervise contractor’s work to ensure
quality standards of all civil and structural works
– Assist consultants and project managers to carry out
duties under various regulations required by authorities
– Monitor work progress on-site
– Check all drawings and specifications and enforce
quality control on-site
– Quality check of reinforcements at site
By Carol Yen, HRD
The second part
of the Retirement Award of the
year was held on 5 Oct 11. COO Joseph Yong was
present to thank all retirees for their commitment and
dedication to the company.
Ang Ah Huat
Swee Ah Meng
Chan Yeow Oi
Chai Kim Mui
Chong Loke Siong
Sr Chargehand
Sr Technician I
Sr Clerk II
Sr Chargehand
This time round, five employees received the Retirement
Award. Among the recipients, Mr Chong Loke Siong and
Mr Ang Ah Huat have each contributed more than 40
years of service to the company. nsh
Witnessing th
our QC lab
Saravanan in action
Guided plant
in progress…
REs, RTOs, Site Mana
Supervisors in the CL gers and
ICK Room
natsteel bulletin nov 11
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HIGH TIMES at NatSteel Customer Day 2011
By Brian Chong, Marketing
NatSteel strengthened its customer ties at the
Customer Day organised on 7 Oct 11. The bowling
event held at Safra Mount Faber saw a spectacular
turnout. All 34 lanes were filled by our customers, who
sent their best teams to pit their bowling skills against
one another.
President & CEO Vivek Kamra was present to launch the
event and to present trophies and prizes to the day’s top
bowlers. In the spirit of good competition, NatSteel also
sent a team led by COO Joseph Yong. NatSteel was
positioned one of the top 5 in the team category with
Joseph scoring a total score of 606 (3 games).
HL Building
Materials Pte Ltd
Koon Construction
& Transportation Co
Or Kim Peow
Contractors Pte Ltd
Fantastic Four
He also proudly gave away ten fantastic prizes to our
customers during the lucky draw.
Many customers welcomed this event put together by
NatSteel. “No one had the capacity to bring so many of
us within the industry together until NatSteel did it. Well
done!” commented one of our customers. They enjoyed
the bowling session tremendously and look forward to
the bowling league to be organised by NatSteel. Thanks goes to Customer Focus Culture (CFC)
Committee, Commercial and Marketing for contributing
towards the success of this year’s Customer Day. nsh
Sally Tan
Mok Chor Seng
Sani Salleh
Ben Teo
Fabian Tay Kie Tong
Kamsani bin Johari
Ho Shiang Khee
Lexter Ang
Andy Chang
Ben Lim
HL Building
Materials Pte Ltd
Sani Salleh
Koon Construction
& Transportation Co
Kamsani bin
Ho Lee Group
Ho Lee Group
Paul Lee
Katherine Ong
Sembcorp Design
and Construction
Pte Ltd
Sembcorp Design Tracie Ho
and Construction
Pte Ltd
Eng Lam Contactors Evergreen
Co Pte Ltd
Dorine Lu
Total Position
natsteel bulletin nov 11
10 - 11
overseas mills
Safety Excellence Journey in NSV
Floor the CEO!
By Lan Nguyen Tu, NSV
By Grant Johnston, CEO - Australian Operations
NatSteelVina recently launched
During my visit
its Safety
Excellence Journey on 25 Oct 11, as part of the
company’s efforts to step up on safety across the
region. President & CEO Vivek Kamra and Head of
Corporate Safety Tan Mong Nguang graced the event.
to the Sydney operations in early
November, I had the opportunity to work on the factory
floor for the day. I wanted to see how work is distributed in
the factory and understand our production methods
firsthand. It was a great experience working alongside
Khac Hoang Dinh (Dinh), one of Sydney’s finest MEP
The Safety Excellence Journey is a new
approach to managing safety and the NSV
management has expressed their
enthusiasm to participate. Coupled with
effective communication and continuous
training and observation by DuPont, NSV
will consolidate the management safety
council and its sub-committees to better
practice and supervise the safety
The guys on the floor in Sydney did a good job and work
well as a team. I’m not sure what they thought when I
arrived in the morning with my High Vis outfit ready for a
hard day’s work. Surprised to say the least! It was also
good to see the Push Team out and about helping us with
the new scanning procedures.
Lonesh, the Production Manager, came over to see how I
was doing during the shift. I commented on what a great
bunch of guys he had working for him and I was keen to
see how many tonnes had been produced by lunch time.
To my surprise, this was not measured or reported back to
the operators. I feel that this is important because I would
like to know if I am producing to my full potential.
On top of introducing the 12 elements of behavioral
safety, DuPont also shared safety principles, safety
management system and essential elements of
excellence in safety. They were also to assess the
current state of safety at NSV, identifying major safety
strengths and safety improvement gaps so as to make
recommendations for transformation.
I spoke with the Push Team and Lonesh and we will
investigate ways of giving feedback to the factory staff on
each of the machines in the future.
With strong commitment from management, NSV will
embark on this journey with aims of being a leading firm
in Energy Conservation, Safety and Health Promotion.
All in all, I had a great day working with this team and I
would like to thank Dinh for putting up with me. By the
way, we did it safely without any hazards reported.
Thanks again guys. nsh
DuPont Safety Management Launch
By Chen Qiumei, NSX
NSX launched its
Safety Excellence Journey at
the DuPont Safety Management Launch Ceremony on
19 Oct 11. President & CEO Vivek Kamra, COO Joseph
Yong, as well as CFO Aniruddha Banerjee arrived from
Singapore specially to attend the ceremony. Head of
Corporate Safety Tan Mong Nguang and DuPont
Consultant Albert Mou were also present. The ceremony
was attended by guests and more than 100 employees.
Mr Vivek gave an opening speech that fully affirmed
NSX’s safety achievement and indicated that NatSteel
as a group will continue to strive for improvements in
our safety journey. Following that, Mr Yong made a
presentation on NSH’s Safety Journey, relating NSH’s
experience of bringing in DuPont Safety Management
and the innovations that were implemented.
With strong commitment to safety from each and every
employee, we are confident that NSX will meet its safety
vision. nsh
S H ES qu i z r e s u l t s
N o . 05/2011
Congratulations to the 50 lucky winners!
A $10 NatCafe voucher awaits you!
The winners’ list will be put up on the Intranet and SHES will notify you either through email or your supervisor to collect
your prize.
NSX launches DuPont
Safety Management
What are the 3 ways NatSteel can minimize energy consumption and increase energy efficiency?
a) Use of inverter for motor pump and fan speed control
b) Replace worn parts that consume more energy
c) Promote the use of waste heat recovery systems
natsteel bulletin nov 11
12 - 13
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work life
Tata Crucible
CSR at Marina Bay Sands
By Luo Hao, Undergraduate Scholar
By Michael Thio, Sales & Marketing
Every year,
Fourteen volunteers from
hundreds of brilliant young minds
compete in the TATA Crucible Campus Quiz for the
opportunity to showcase their talents on an international
stage. The Quiz is part of the Tata group's engagement
with the youth as a knowledge initiative to encourage
lateral associations, speed of thought and
out-of-the-box thinking.
I was blessed to join this event as a member of NatSteel
family. It was indeed an exciting, exhilarating and
enriching experience. Even in the audience, I could feel
the intensity of the competition on stage.
The quiz covered a wide range of topics. I would have
never known that Facebook is mainly blue and white
because its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was color blind;
or that Vodka, which originated in Russia, was initially
used as an anesthetic, if I was not there. Both
participants and the audience learnt a lot from this
memorable experience. The event was truly
eye-opening and mind-blowing.
However, the most important thing over there was the
wonderful opportunity for bonding within the NatSteel
Luo Hao, second from
the right, with fellow Na
family. Since I'm new, I do not know many of our family
members. I met Merywn, CHRO Frankie Yung, Stanley,
Junlin, Edmund, CQO Eng Poh Tzan – I'm glad he still
remembers my responses during my scholarship
interview – Cai Sang, Jia Cheng, and the list goes on. I
do remember you all. It was great for me to get to know
each one of you.
In short, this was a great experience to learn and to
bond. I would definitely attend this next year, and if you
can, join me.
Sales & Marketing,
After Market Sales and NatSteel Recycling took 11
residents of the St Joseph’s Home to Marina Bay Sands
on 14 Oct 11. Having booked the tickets to the Sands
Skypark in advance, the group arrived at the entrance of
Tower Three in time for their tour. For most of the
volunteers and old folks, it was their first time visiting the
SkyPark. They were excited and anxious to view the
horizon from the top of the hotel, as they took the lift to the
56th floor, which was the main viewing deck for the public.
After half an hour, the guide introduced the group to the
57th floor where the swimming pool and some restaurants
were located. The pool overlooked the town area and there
were individual sauna pools facing the sea front.
They were greeted by the view of the cargo ships near the
shoreline, as well as the construction of the Marina Coastal
Line (with NatSteel supplying 70% of the rebar) and the
development of Gardens by the Bay (with NatSteel
supplying 100% of rebar and mesh). The other side of the
SkyPark provided a breath-taking view of the tall office
buildings along Keppel Road, Shenton Way, Robinson
Road and Beach Road.
Best wishes to all in our NatSteel family. nsh
TCoC: Clause 18 - Regulatory Compliance
Together with the volunteers, the old folks took a tour of
the shops and peeked into the casino’s gambling area
from the outside. They then made their way down to the
food court for refreshments, as the overjoyed elderly got a
taste of char kway teow and carrot cake. The NatSteel
minibus picked them up at 4.45pm and with that, the
volunteers waved the smiling old folks goodbye. nsh
By Tan Mong Nguang, Metallurgy/Quality Control
The Clause
Every employee of a Tata company shall, in his or her
business conduct, comply with all applicable laws and
regulations, both in letter and in spirit, in all the
territories in which he or she operates. If the ethical and
professional standards set out in the applicable laws
and regulations are below that of the code, then the
standards of the code shall prevail.
This applies to financial, commercial, safety, health and
environment, quality and employment standards in the
areas which we provide products and services.
Pitfalls to note:
- Inadequacies in the legal compliance register
- Inadequacies in the process of identifying and
updating compliance requirements and the impact
of these changes
- Lack of resources to ensure compliance
- Inadequate internal system of reporting, monitoring
and control
- Lack of programmes to go beyond regulatory
NatSteel must maintain a register of all applicable
regulatory provisions, and have a process to identify
changes in the regulatory environment and update our
compliance register. Effort must be taken to understand
the impact of the regulatory changes which will then be
communicated to all stakeholders in NatSteel.
Employees will be assigned the responsibility to ensure
compliance to the changed environment. nsh
natsteel bulletin nov 11
14 - 15
work life
environment, safety & health
Telematches with FGS
Dennis Tejada
and Grace Le
e (HRD)
with their love
able team
By Jason Khor, HRD – Corp Comms
NatSteel’s second and
third telematch with
Fernvale Gardens School (FGS) was held on the
26 Sep 11 and 11 Nov 11 respectively. 30 volunteers
from CAB, HRD, MSP, EM, SCM and PROC,
participated actively in the event, bringing much
laughter and fun to the students of FGS. It was
heartwarming to see volunteers making a genuine
connection with the students, despite the short amount
of time together. We look forward to more exciting
activities with FGS in 2012. nsh
By Gillian Han, OHU
NatSteel is priviledged to participate in the pilot
project of the Workplace Smoking Control Programme,
one of the initiatives of the National Tobacco Control
Programme (NTCP) spearheaded by the Health Promotion
Board (HPB). The programme aims to prevent initiation of
smoking among workers; educate, motivate and assist
smokers to quit smoking and promote a smoke-free
environment for non-smokers. Here are some highlights of
the programme.
Alez Lau (MSP)
helping a student
with an obstacle
On 28 Apr 11, NatSteel kicked-off its first project with a
half-day roadshow for smokers. Many employees were
drawn to the event. There was an exhibition on the harmful
effects of smoking, with Quit Advisors providing smoke
lyser tests to check the carbon monoxide level for smokers
and non-smokers.
Lim Huey Pin (HRD)
nimbly jumping over
the hoola hoop
Vivian Leow (P
guiding a stud
with great ca
Didar (CAB) playing
“Passing the Rubber
Band” with a student
On 5 Jun 01, Chief Quality Officer Eng Poh Tzan, together
with 11 representatives from other companies, attended
the “I Quit” Launch at Toa Payoh Hub to pledge for
smoke-free workplaces.
NatSteel collaborated with Guardian Pharmacy to provide
three informative talks, as well as counselling sessions for
smokers who wish to kick the habit. Interested smokers
were scheduled for six sessions of one-to-one onsite
counselling by the Guardian pharmacist. NatSteel’s senior
management and department supervisors, together with
our Unions, showed their support by releasing staff for the
talks and giving them time-off to attend counselling.
an (EM)
Phyo Nyunt H
students get
David Phyo (C
guiding a stud
through the
Quit Smoking Today!
Hendra Wijaya Kusom
o (SCM) and
Low Ka Wong (EM) ent
helping the student com
plete his task
The journey to help our employees quit smoking was not
easy. Both OHU staff and participating employees faced
many challenges, such as matching of schedules to ensure
the continuity and completion of the programme.
All the hard work was worth the effort - the closure of the
WPSCP saw six employees quit smoking successfully.
CAB and HRD with
the students of
FGS, tired but
extremely happy
M and PROC
hted students
with the delig
of FGS
Chua Hock Cheng,
Head of CAB,
giving away prizes
R was a fulfi
“Joining CS me. Interacting with
ade me
ts of FGS m
the studen
t each
the fact th
ld be
r lives s ou
joy in our h
spent with
nilla, CAB
Eljoie Fonta
TBD Weight Optimization program
TBD World Aids Day
TBD Annual Health Screeningpreparation, pre-talk
TBD First aid refresher training
TBD OH Talk on Hand Injuries
TBD Workshop for Christmas
editorial team
Frankie Yung, HRD
Jason Khor, HRD
Zhou Junlin, HRD
editorial contributors
Brian Chong, Marketing
Carol Yen, HRD
Chee San Heng, SHES
Chen Qiumei, NSX
Eng Poh Tzan, TQM
Felicia Liu, Marketing
Gillian Han, OHU
Grant Johnston, CEO - NSAU
Lan Nguyen Tu, NSV
Luo Hao, Undergraduate Scholar
Michael Thio, Sales & Marketing
Mohd Ismail, NSR
Tan Mong Nguang, Metallurgy/
Quality Control
Mr. Eng together with
the stage to pledge on companies came up to
smoke –free workplace
Certificates and
tokens were presented to these employees and those who
have reduced smoking by 50%. Moving forward, OHU will
continue to advise and counsel employees who have yet
to quit smoking.
Here is the success story of
Partha Saha, Senior Analyst from
Information Technology who has
successfully quit smoking.
Q1: What motivated you to kick
m the IT Dept
Partha Saha froitted smoking for
this habit?
successfully qumonth
PS: I have been smoking for
about 10 years. I contemplated to quitting prior to joining
NatSteel, but had no idea how to do it and where to get
help until entering the company.
Q2: What are the difficulties faced during the programme?
PS: It was my usual routine to puff a stick the moment I
wake up in the morning. It was very tough trying to resist.
After quitting for two weeks, the craving returned. My
sheer determination, positive thinking and follow-up
guidance were the reasons for my success.
Q3: How do you feel now and before quitting?
PS: I did not experience any side effects such as weight
gain or mood swings and I’m richer by at least $200 a
Q4: Any advice for the hardcore smokers?
PS: You must at least try once before saying no. This
programme requires time and patience, but it is worth the
attempt! Quit today! nsh
Cancer health talk
Trauma Management course
Work-life Talk
Workplace Smoking Control
Annual Health Screening
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environment, safety & health
Working at Height? Work safely!
By Jason Khor, HRD-Corp Comms
What is Work
at Height (WAH)? WAH is working at
any place that is above, at or below ground level, from
which a person could fall. Fall from height was the
leading incident type in 2010 in Singapore and as such,
there is a high national urgency to address this issue.
Some of the WAH activities in NatSteel include crane
maintenance, maintenance on machinery and loading
and unloading activities. To protect employees from
occupational injuries as a result of falling from height, all
WAH activities will only be carried out after being risk
assessed and planned under a formal Fall Protection
Plan (FPP).
According to the FPP, employees should:
- Use, maintain and inspect their fall protection
- Comply with all safe operating procedures and safe
work procedures when carrying out the activity
- Use fall protection equipment correctly during
- Observe all safety precautions and report all unsafe
When using personal fall protection equipment,
employees should:
Appropriate fall protection systems are determined
by the task to be performed. They include:
- Guardrails with toe boards
- Personal fall arrest systems
- Anchorage points
- Full body harness
- Restraint line or lanyard
- Shock absorbing lanyard
- Retractable lanyard
- Engineered lifelines
SH ES qu iz
- Be equipped with safety body harness with at least
one lanyard anchored to a firm structure when working
at height of more than 2 meters.
- Select lanyards with appropriate shock absorbers
based on various height requirements
- Work in a buddy system when working at a height of
more than 5 meters
- Be equipped with two lanyards, one lanyard anchored
at the boom lift guard rail, the other lanyard with falling
arrestor and it must be anchored to a firm structure
when operating mobile elevated working platforms
Let’s remain vigilant in following the FPP, to protect
ourselves and colleagues. nsh
no. 06/2011
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