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UFC 109 AND 110
March 2010
Issue 20
one more
9 Muay Thai Prospect: Harry Woolley
10 Ring Girl: Arianny Celeste
22 Taekwondo: Tiffany Lin
36 Trixtreme: David Pardoe
Muay Thai: Fitness Bootcamp
Tainted Gloves
Womens MMA: Here To Stay?
Iron Mike & Mind Games
Ways to Keep Fit
Food for Thought
Welcome To The Gun Show
5 Best Knock Out’s Of All Time
5 Greatest Fights Of All Time
Top 10 Fighters Of All Time
UFC 109 - Couture v Coleman
UFC 110 - Relentless
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Wow, can you believe we’re already three months in to 2010?
In this industry, time flies by at a swinging pace and things
are often over before you know they’ve even begun. But
then again, that’s why we are here – to condense the finest
moments and trends of MMA into one place and recap them
just for you.
With 2010 commencing a new decade, we thought it would
be quite suited that we recapitulate the top ten fighters of
all time. Throughout the history of sport, there have been
those who have independently transformed the ways in which
we reflect upon their specific sporting activity – MMA is no
different. We take a look back at some of the most influential
fighters of all time, not just those who have managed to get
us on our feet, but those who have overwhelmed us and
manipulated our thoughts in such a profound manor. We
select the top ten fighters who have unquestionably made a
clear and lasting impression amongst the minds of millions.
This captivating feature can be found on page 40.
UFC 109 and 110 both took place last month. On February 6 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas, UFC 109:
Relentless got underway. The main event saw two of the industries legends battle it out, as Hall of Famers, Randy Couture and
Mark Coleman finally squared off. The top two UFC middleweight contenders, Sonnen and Marquardt, paired off in what can
only be described as a brutal encounter.
UFC 10 took place on February 20 2010 in the Acer Arena in Sidney, Australia. This event saw Bisping take a beating, Cro-Cop cut
up Perosh, and Nogueira get knocked the f**K out. Our top man, Ian McCreery, reviews both events and gives us the rundown
on what actually went down.
MMA wouldn’t have come as far as it has if it wasn’t for the fighters. We interview some of the industry’s up-and-coming
fighters. We take a look at some of the promising future stars of Muay Thai and Taekwondo. We also investigate the strategy
behind mind games and take a look back at one of the greatest – ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.
This edition promises to be yet another incredible success. Packed full of content, raging from interviews, profiles, fight reviews,
training advice, captivating features and more, this issue will be sure to keep you entertained and up-to-date with the very best
in the MMA.
Train Hard, Fight Easy
The Editor,
Josh Bisson
Muay Thai:
Fitness Bootcamp
Now you can experience fitness training in the highly motivated environment of a professional Thai boxing camp.
Words And Images By Hannah Morgans
Like many other competitive contact fighting sports, Muay Thai
requires a high level of fitness and has a heavy focus on body
conditioning. Muay Thai practitioners are typically required to
train intensively six days a week and regimens include many
of the staples of typical combat sport training such as running,
jump rope, shadowboxing and medicine ball and resistance
Muay Thai training also requires focus with coaches on Thai
pads, heavy bag and sparring. The training is conducted in a
At Muay Thai Camp trainees exercise up
to 36 hours of exercise a week!
series of rounds (three to five minute periods followed by a
short break of one to two minutes).
The strict programme that Muay Thai camps offer is one
of the healthiest, quickest and effective ways for any type
fighter to get into shape, and it doesn’t stop there, this is an
extraordinary method for just about anyone looking to get into
shape and improve their fitness.
The average health conscious person exercises 1.5 hours a day,
3 times a week. This is equal to 4.5 hours a week, 18 hours a
month or 216 hours a year.
At Muay Thai Camp fighters exercise 6 hours a day, 6 days a
week. This is equal to 36 hours of exercise a week, 168 hours a
month or 2,016 hours a year!
Training 6 hours a day is not as hard as it sounds. The day
begins at 7:30 am with a morning run (30 - 60 minutes). The
morning training session then commences, which can include
sparring, technique, boxing, kicking pads and so on. You can
then finish your morning training session with 30 - 40 minutes
of weight training, yoga, and stretching. At 4 pm its back to the
gym for another 2 - 3 hours of Muay Thai and fitness training,
all set in the high humidity of the tropics.
The ideal length of stay to be training in Thailand is between
1- 3 months, although popularity of the shorter options is high.
The first 3 weeks you are building on your fitness, stamina and
Muay Thai technique. In the first week at Muay Thai camp
most new students usually can only do 2 - 3 hours of training
a day. By the second week their fitness level & stamina have
improved and training for 4 hours a day is possible. By the 3rd
week most people can do 5 or more hours a day of training a
In the second month of training your fitness is up to speed
and looking like a professional fighter, your loss of body fat is
noticeable and you are mentally on an extreme high. At the
end of your 3rd month of training your fitness is peaking and
you will be keen to go home to impress your friends and family
with the new you.
MARCH 2010
When you return home to
your usual training gym, you
will realise how much your
fitness has improved, and in
many cases, people return to
their Thai gym within the year.
We spoke to Fern Carver,
Personal Trainer, who attended
the Rawaii camp, Phuket, in
August 2009 in order to shape
up, she has this advice
for anyone thinking of
registering for the boot camp:
“Really put in 100% into
training, the result is worth
it. Do take rest if you need it,
take advantage of the cheap
Thai massages. I trained 4
hours a day on technique, 6
days a week, with extra runs,
yoga and one on one sessions.
Eat small meals five times a
day and go for the Thai food
as it tends to be a lot healthier
than western menus.”
Prices start at £10 for a day session, or £60 for a week, accommodation can be an
optional extra for around £10 a night. Extra classes such as yoga will be charged
Tough sparring training
session taking place in
For more information on the top Muay Thai camps in Thailand visit:
Muay Thai training has many possitive factors:
* General Fitness Training
* Weight Loss
* Quit Smoking / lose bad habits
* Detox / Colon Cleansing
* Heavy metal / mercury body detox
* Mental stimulation & motivation
* Muay Thai Boxing “100% Thai Style”
* High Humidity Fitness Training
* Pre Season Football / Rugby Fitness Training
* Pre Fight Training
* Marathon Training
* Triathlon Training
* Endurance Fitness Training (iron man)
* To Learn Self Defense
* Striking & Grappling Training for MMA/ UFC)
Two fighters battle it out in the ring
MARCH 2010
Harry Wooley stands his
We talk to Harry Woolley, one of Jersey’s most up-and-coming
Muay Thai fighters. Fighting from the Jersey Thai Boxing Club,
Harry will soon be competing against some of Thailand’s top
fighters. Words and Images by Joshua Bisson
So Harry, how old were you when you began Muay Thai, and
what was it that attracted you to the sport?
“I started Muay Thai when I was 13 years of age; my uncle
used to do weights at the ‘Duhamel Lane Muay Thai Gym’ and
he told me that I should give it a try. I have been doing it ever
since, I’m almost 18 now.”
How often do you train? And what is the training like? It must
be quite intense.
“I train at least 3-4 times a week, but when we are training for
fights we train at least 6 times a week over an 8 week period,
so yes it is a pretty intense training regime.”
What does it feel like after a successful training session?
“You feel tired but also good at the same time as you know
that you are keeping fit and your always learning and
improving your technique.”
I’ve always loved watching Ramon Dekkers fight; do you have
any role models/icons within the sport of Muay Thai?
“Yes, I think every practitioner of Muay Thai or any sport in
Harry exectues a flying teep kick
general has some sort of role model. I would say my favorite
fighters are the likes of
Ramon Dekkers from Holland and Yodsanklai Fairtex from
You’ve got your first semi-professional fight coming up in
Thailand, how do you feel about this? Confident?
“I would say I’m quietly confident, I have done all the training
for fights before as I was suppose to be fighting I while back,
But unfortunately I broke my ankle in a motorbike collision
in November, forcing me to cancel the fight. So yes, I now
have my first fight scheduled on the 16th of April and I will be
fighting at 58kgs. The 8-week training period will be starting
soon as fight nights is not far from now. The fights will be
against opponents selected from all over the Thailand.”
Some people have argued that Muay Thai is too violent as a
sport and that it promotes aggressive violence, would you
agree with this?
“No, I don’t think so; it’s a good way to keep fit even if you are
not thinking about competing in fights. There is a very high
level of discipline, which is enforced upon everyone within
the sport. Personally, I believe Muay Thai is a good way for a
violent to deal with their anger, rather than fighting out on the
Would you recommend Muay Thai to others? And what would
you say to those who were thinking about taking up the sport?
“Definitely, I think its good for you all round, whatever
your looking for. Whether you just want to keep fit, fight
competitively in the ring, deal with stress and anger problems,
or if you just generally feel like punching things, Muay Thai is
MARCH 2010
At the age of 23, this
Latino stunner has
claimed the award for
ring girl of the year the
last two consecutive
years, and claims a love
of dark chocolate,
tattoos and her own
slender legs.
Words By Georgina Whittle
MARCH 2010
Arianny, what got you into MMA scene?
I started modelling when I was 16, and I happened to go to a
casting for a ring card girl. I didn’t even know what it was. I was
just paying my way through college. I had no idea what I was
getting myself into.
Have you become a fan of the sport since becoming a ring
Definitely. I have my favourite fighters, I have my favourite
events, I have my favourite venues. I’m not supposed to be
biased, and I’m not supposed to say it, but of course I will. I
like Anderson Silva. Very humble, very nice. George St. Pierre, I
saw him win the title. The emotion he had when he won it was
just amazing.
Do you do any martial arts yourself?
I do kickboxing, boxing,and Muay Thai - just to keep in shape.
I’m obviously never gonna compete, but I do it just for fun and
working out.
Any favourite moves you have witnessed in the ring?
It’s pretty exciting when you are sitting ringside and someone
gets picked up and slammed to the ground. Sometimes I’m
close enough to the action where sweat and blood fly in my
‘I think I’d like to get
my waist a little smaller
so that my butt would
look bigger!’
Are there any particular elements of MMA that appeal to
Yes, very much so. You know, to be honest with you, I was
completely clueless when I got into this business, of what it
really took to be an MMA fighter. I saw it with my guy friends,
and all I saw was blood, and sweat everywhere, and I’m thinking like everybody else, this is a savage sport and I can’t believe
this is going on. Then I actually get into this business, and I see
how much of a science it is. They watch every little thing they
put into their diet. They’re studying all these different kind
of martial arts. I have so much respect for them. It’s a tough,
tough, tough thing to do.
Ever tried your hand at a bit of ring fighting yourself?
I go in the ring for the workout! For years I just went to the
gym and did my own thing and never tried the ring. It’s great
cardio. I train with one of the UFC trainers. I would fight, but it
depends on who is on the other end.
So what are your top ways of keeping your body trim and
I do different things on different days. For cardio, I do either
the octagon or maybe a couple rounds of boxing, or I’ll do the
elliptical for about 20 minutes. Today, I did my gluts and my
hamstrings-I did a lot of squats today. I do my abs everyday,
but I do them last.
‘Sometimes I’m
close enough to
the action where
sweat and blood
fly in my direction.’
The beautiful Arianny
MARCH 2010
Sounds hot, now we know what our favourite part of your
body is, but what is yours?
My legs. I took gymnastics for eight years and they are pretty
muscular. It’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body. I think I’d like
to get my waist a little smaller so that my butt would look bigger! Ok, well maybe I’d make my butt a little bigger too. I mean
right now it’s nice and perky.
‘I go in the ring for the
When it comes to guys, what are your major turn-ons?
A sexy smile, tattoos and a nice body-but not a super muscular
one, or one that’s too skinny...just someone bigger than me.
Any perks of the job we should
know about?
The best part of the job is the
whole experience – being able to
travel and watch these great fighters. Sometimes I get recognized
and it’s really cool when you see
people who just want to talk to
you and get your picture…It makes
me feel really good, like a little
Well to us it sounds like this
sexy lady has it sorted, amazing
body, amazing job, and plenty of
amazing fans. We shall leave you
to drool over these few pages…
Arianny shows why she won Ring
Girl of the Year
All men wish Arianny took to the ring in this atire more often
MARCH 2010
All images courtesy of
‘I do kickboxing, boxing,
and Muay Tai - just to keep
in shape.’
Round up
UFC 109
UFC 109 – Relentless produced a first in UFC history.
After being in the works since UFC 17 all the way back
in 1998 the two biggest Hall of Famers Randy Couture
and Mark Coleman. Believe me we could hardly wait
for this epic battle of two gladiators. Also on the fight
card was the battle of the middleweights with Nate
Marquardt facing Chael Sonnen
Words By Ian McCreery
Images courtesy of Sherdog
Matt Serra v Frank Trigg
Ju Jitsu two masters battle it out
With Matt Serra coming into this battle with two losses under
his belt Trigg looked set to make it another loss. However,
Serra had a point to prove and prove it he did. Releasing
blow after blow on Trigg with expert precision there was no
way Trigg was going all the way. And at 2:23 of round 1 Serra
knocked Trigg to the Matt proving he’s still a force to contend
with. Serra wins by K.O at 2:23 of Round 1
Serra finishing Trigg
Demian Maia v Dan Miller
This fight was always going to be a display of who had the best
cardio. Miller knew he could not match Maia’s BJJ skills, hell
can anyone? Maia showed aggression early on with his takedown attempts but Miller also showed brilliant takedown de-
MARCH 2010
fence as well giving Maia some tough shots. Second round
Maia was finally able to take down Miller with his relentless
takedowns, however, as soon as he was on the mat Miller
was back on his feet again. Finally. Third round the two stood
and connected with nice kicks and punches. Miller throwing
some decent body kicks but Maia out did Miller with a flurry of
punches and kicks out doing Miller till the final bell. Maia wins
by unanimous decision.
Mike Swick v Paulo Thiago
The first round started as a stand-up war between two fluent
kick boxers in the welterweight class. Thiago gained control
first landed a heavy kick to Swicks head. Swick stays in the fight
but seemingly finds it hard to control the aggressor Thiago
though gaining a last second takedown at the e bell. Second
round and Swick looks more at ease through more shots at
Thiago finally hitting the Brazilian and stupidly moves forward
with Thiago takes in his stride taking Swick to the canvas and
introduces Swick to a devastating D’arce choke leaving Swick
asleep on the mat. Thiago wins but Submission at 1:54 of
Round 2
turning the cage red with blood. The third round is again on
the mat but with Marquardt throwing in a brutal guillotine
choke, which looks set to win the match but some how Sonnen
escapes. It goes all the way to the judges with Sonnen having
controlled Marquardt but also taking the most damage. Sonnen wins by unanimous decision.
Courture v Coleman. Battle of the hall of
Thiago’s D’arce Choke on Swick
Randy Couture v Mark Coleman
Nate Marquardt v Chael Sonnen
Coming into this fight Marquardt had two of Sonnen’s teammates under his belt. And having beaten a fighter who beat
Sonnon on UFC 108 as rules of the playground state Marquardt
was already the winner. However, after a battle of words, Sonnen kept to his promise and came out somewhat aggressively
showing no fear of the fighter who on the cards was the better
fighter. Sonnen quickly dominated Marquardt onto the mat
and kept him there for the first two round unleashing devastating ground and pound.
Bloodiest battle of UFC 109
However, an elbow showing a strange aggressive form from
the guard Marquardt opens Sonnens forehead with an elbow
When I was watching this match I was hoping I could fill a
page on how this was a brutal battle between the two hall of
famers. However, Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture showed why he
is still one of the biggest names in this sport. Coming out with
clean crisp boxing Coleman had no answer for the man though
making Couture back away for a brief 20seconds before the
end of the first round. Coleman was hurt early in the second
around and Couture picked him apart putting him against the
cage and using his dirty boxing to drop Coleman to his knees
and from there Couture did exactly what his entrance song
‘Stranglehold” said and took the back of Coleman and got his
3rd submission in the UFC. Coleman however made up for his
dismal display with his smack talk towards an arrogant Tito
Ortiz who had something to say, as the spotlight wasn’t on his
oversized head. “F**k you Tito! I’ll take you f*****g anytime
you douchbag.” What a way to end UFC 109 –Relentless. Couture wins by rear naked choke at 1:09 of round 2
The All American Hero
MARCH 2010
Round up
UFC 110
Nougeira vs
Straight from Australia UFC 110 was to be an amazing fight card. With British Michael Bisping facing off
against MMA master Wanderlei Silva. And the heavyweight battle between Nogueira and Velasquez with
the winner facing off against the winner of the Frank
Mir v Shane Carwin bout to see who will then fight
heavyweight champ Brock Lesner
Mirko Cro-cop v Anthony Perosh.
Crop-cop had to prove himself in this fight after stopping his
last one due to standing punching in his last fight and losing
all respect he had gained. Cro-cop came out dominating the
local boy taking control of the stand up game with his kicks
and punches. Even on the grown Cro-cop unleashes a flurry of
elbows destroying the bridge of Perosh’s nose. Valiantly Perosh
choose to continue even with the amount of blood seeping
though however, by the second round the doctors have seen
enough and call an end to the fight.
Jardine hits the deck....hard
Cro-Cop wins by Referee stoppage at 5:00 of round 2
The reason the fight was stopped
MARCH 2010
Keith Jardine v Ryan Bader
Jardine started out the trash talking saying that an undefeated
Bader means that he hadn’t fought anyone of great respect.
Bader answered this with controlling Jardine to the floor but
being unable to subject any real damage to him. The second
round focuses more on stand up with Jardine confusing Bader
with his unorthodox style. However, the third round was where
it mattered with a well-balanced fight and Jardine telling Bader
to get fighting. Bader accepts this landing a right to the chin of
Jardine who is able to recover in time to see Bader fly though
the air with a pitch perfect flying knee to the chest then two
big rights to knock Jardine to the floor asleep. Now Bader has
shown why he’s undefeated and shut up Jardine in
the process.
Bader wins by K.O at 2:10 in round 2
“Daddy” Stevenson getting overwhelmed
Silva drops the English Bisping
Joe Stevenson v George Sotiropoulos
What can I say about this fight? Stevenson is my hero. I was
waiting for him to come into this fight and destroy the local
boy. However, Sotiropoulos, the new boy, took the fight to Stevenson. Making sure that the veteran could not step into the
danger zone and unleashing any shots to Sotiropoulos. Both
fighters end up displaying the BJJ skills on the mat. Stevenson
defended against Sotiropoulos’s constant submission attempts
well but could not find his game on his feet or on the mat.
Sotiropoulos took the fight to a veteran and controlled him
through the fight.
Sotiropoulos wins by unanimous decision
Cro-Cop stands over Perosh
Minotauro Nougeira v Cain Velasquez
On the cards this looks to be an epic battle of two huge heavyweights. On the cards it looks like Nougeira will destroy Velasquez. However, this was not meant to be. Velasquez comes out
fighting and lands bomb after bomb of punches to Nougeira
however, the chin of Nougeira has unrivalled resistance and he
refuses to go down. But Dana white said that if Velasquez beat
Nougeira then he can face anyone and eventually Velasquez
put the big man asleep. Dropping Nougeira with 3 heavy
punches and placing himself right at the top as contender for
the heavyweight belt.
Velasquez wins by KO at 2.23 of roound 2
Words By Ian McCreery
Images courtesy of Sherdog
Velasquez and the upset of the night.
Ko-ing Big Nog
Wanderlei Silva v Michael Bisping
The bit Bisping had a torrid reception in the outback getting
booed from his entrance and through the fight. However, he
doesn’t let this get to him when he enters the ring. Both fighters are master at their sport and it promise’s to be a big fight.
Bisping takes down Silva but is unable to control him and the
fight once again returns to stand up. Here Silva does dominate
the Brit unleashing devastating attack after another. Second
round Bispind shows more urgency at winning points but by
the end of the round Bisping is in a guillotine choke hold and
saved only by the bell. In the third round Silva takes on the
Axe Murderer persona and comes forward with no respect
for Bisping punching power, or respect of his own safety and
eventually connects a huge haymaker to the chin of Bisping at
the end of the third round.
Silva wins by unanimous decision.
MARCH 2010
More MMA action taken from SHERDOG in 2008
Sit back and relive MMA’s top five ultimate smackWords By Ali Kirkby
4: Tom Blackledge v Enoc Solves – M1 challenge s2 2009
Rounding off a 5-0 clean sweep for England, Blackledge KO’d
Solves with a single shin kick to the head a mere nine seconds
into the fight.
Solbes was out cold before he even hit the ground. It was
the second fastest fight in M-1 history. There’s really only one
word to describe the Spanish experience at that tournament –
3: Tyler Bryan v Shaun Parker – Legends of Fighting 2008
Indianapolis, Legends of fighting 25. Tylar Bryan faced off
against Shaun Parker in one of the most bizarre and hilarious
knockouts in MMA history.
Only a few seconds into the first round both fighters squarely
landed cracking punches to the chin, leaving them both knocked
out and on their backs.
2: Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic v Gabriel Gonzaga - UFC 70 2007
Cro-Cop, ranked 2nd in the world and being renowned as one
of the most dangerous standing attack fighters in the sport,
Gonzaga went into this fight the underdog.
That theory was put to bed in the closing seconds of the first
round after Gonzaga devastated Cro-Cop with a brutal high kick
to the head.
Spanked by his own speciality, Cro Cop was left bloodied and
embarrassed on the mat. This unbelievable knockout provided
Gonzaga with the opportunity to challenge for the world title.
1: Gary Goodridge v Paul Herrera – UFC 8 1996
The ‘Crucifix’ hold is a fitting term as that’s exactly what
happened to Paul Herrera when he faced Gray Goodridge back
in 1996.
Goodridge came out victorious just 13 seconds into the fight,
when he trapped Herrera in the Crucifix hold and smashed his
skull with repeated, vicious elbows.
Regarded as one of the most brutal knockouts ever, this showed
that Goodridge was a huge force to be reckoned with in the
world of MMA.
Anderson Silva squares up to Forrest Griffin
MARCH 2010
Pictures courtesy of
5: Forrest Griffin v Anderson Silva UFC 101 2009
At UFC 101 Anderson Silva proved why he is one of the most
dangerous fighters in MMA.
Forrest Griffin stood toe to toe with him and crumpled like a
piece of paper when Anderson Silva blitzed him with a single,
straight shot to the chin.
Sparked out and humiliated, this would lead to one of the best
youtube knockout videos ever.
Penn v Pierre.
The most epic battles to have ever taken place in the
Words By Ali Kirkby
world of MMA.
4: Matt Hughes v BJ Penn - UFC 63
1: Anderson Silva v Rich Franklin – UFC 64
The second bout between welterweight world champion Matt
Hughes and challenger BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn was one of the
most anticipated fights in UFC history. It could be said that
Penn had the psychological edge after winning their first fight
by way of submission.
Hughes looked nervous going into the fight. The second round
saw Hughes unbelievably survive a triangle headlock and arm
bar for over 30 seconds.
In the third round Hughes was able to get a tired Penn into a
crucifix lock on the matt and proceeded to repeatedly smash
him in the face. Unable to defend himself Penn took punch
after punch forcing the referee to stop the fight.
It will be fights like this that will put Hughes in the hall of fame.
Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva made his attempt at the UFC
middleweight championship against Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin, an
amazing spectacle.
Silva wasted absolutely no time before utilising his amazing
Muay Thai skills Caving up Franklin’s body with knee shot after
knee shot, he forced Franklin into dropping his guard and then
pummelled his face with a series of fists and knee’s.
The referee was forced into calling the fight as there was no
way Franklin could come back.
This proved Silva was lethal.
Pictures courtesy of
The ultimate rematch. This fight would see either fighter move
from being just a great fighter, to an undisputed legend. It
would have made BJ Penn the first fighter in UFC history to
hold titles in two weight divisions.
Penn used his outstanding flexibility to hold off GSP on the mat
for some time, but his incredible power and wrestling ability
proved too much for the ‘pride of Hawaii’.
Penn simply couldn’t match up to GSP’s superior power. The
welterweight champion made him look like a white belt. Penn
took such a beating throughout the fight that his brother
threw in the towel at the end of round 4.
a reality TV show would provide the stage for what is one of
the greatest fights of all time.
It may not have been the most technical of fights, but it was an
all out war of punches and kicks.
After a short break in the 2nd round due to a cut on Griffins
nose the action got well under way again. Griffin started to run
out of steam but refused to give in. Both fighters continued to
put in all of their training and will to go the distance.
Griffin eventually won by unanimous decision. Due to their
amazing performances, both fighters were awarded with
It was truly the greatest fight, not just in UFC, but MMA
5: George St Pierre v BJ Penn 2 - UFC 94
3: Kazuyuki Fujita v Fedor Emelianenko – Pride 26
Both men prowled the ring waiting for the other to make the
first move. After a few short flurries of fists, Fujita landed
a storming hook to fedor’s head, cutting and dazing him. It
looked as if Fujita had it won.
But Fujita missed the window of opportunity. Fedor quickly
recovered and beasted Fujita with a kick to mid-section. He
then landed a series of lightning punches. As Fujita fell to the
mat, Fedor locked him into a rear neck choke and got his hooks
in hooked, forcing the ref into a stoppage.
Fedor proved once again, why he is one of the MMA fighting
2: Stephan Bonnar v Forrest Griffin – The UF1 finale
This fight had a UFC contract on the line. No one imagined that
MARCH 2010
Henderson v Franklin
Tiffany Lin
Indulging in something sweet whilst having a hot
bath, to kicking drills and fighting 3 rounds. Tiffany
Lin talks about life in the British Taekwondo Federation and her dream to enter the Olympics in 2010.
Words By Emily-May Ford
When and why did you start training in Taekwondo?
I started training when I was six years old. Initially, I was
practicing ballet and gymnastics but being at that age I got
bored and decided to follow my brother who had started
taekwondo a few months before. I can proudly say that I
have never been bored with Taekwondo.
Who do you look up to in Taekwondo? What is it about them
that you admire?
There are a lot of athletes who I idolize in the
professional circuit. Mainly because of their skill and
determination however the person I look up to is my coach.
His guidance and skill is truly
admirable. He is my inspiration.
Discuss some of your training routines?
Training can vary from paddle work like kicking drills, to
cardio routines for example, Running, and endless jumping.
We also incorporate
interval practice to our training, as this is vital when it comes
to a competition, like fighting 3 rounds for 3 minutes each.
Do you have to stick to an eating plan?
I don’t have a specific eating plan although it is very
important that I look after my body before, during and
after competitions. A typical daily eating plan is a nutritious
breakfast like muesli, a small lunch like an egg on toast and
for dinner i’ll have what ever I want. Normally my dad cooks
an authentic Chinese.
What competitions have you been involved in?
When I was practicing the ITF style of Taekwondo I competed
in such competitions like; welsh open, Irish open and Dutch
open (world championships) and Miami work championships.
What’s it like having competitions in countries like Korea,
MARCH 2010
Hungary and Dubai? Do you get to have ‘me time’ and go to
the beaches for example?
Competing in countries like Korea is an incredible experience.
Not only do we learn a lot from the from the competition but
we also get to sample their culture and way of life, as well
as seeing the Koreans for example practicing in Taekwono.
After the competitions we have a couple of days for ‘me time’
where we normally chill on the beach and
relax our muscles or even book ourselves into a spar.
At the championship in
Dubai with Lins teacher.
Where else would you love a competition to be held?
South America, Brazil would be amazing.
Where do you want to be in the future?
I hope that I can continue to progress and advance in my
training so that I can make it to the Olympics. That is my
What do you do besides Taekwondo?
I am quite an active person so beside Taekwondo I will
usually be doing some other kind of
exercise, for example running. I also work full time as I am
trying to fund my training. And of course on the weekends
I let myself go and go out with my friends. Unless the
competition is a week before, then your’l constantly find me
in the gym.
What do you do when you get home after a fight? After a fight
it’s always a hot bath with ‘radox’ bubble bath and indulge in
something sweet.
Practising high kicks.
See Tiffany Lin at the 5th Annual BSTF Korea
training trip and the 24th British Student Taekwondo
Federation National Championships.
Coming 3rd place at the
British Taekwondo
“His guidence
and skill is truly
admirable. He is
my inspiration.”
All Images from Tiffany Lin
MARCH 2010
Words by Nathan Rees
Phototgraphs taken from
Ever since Boxing was banned from the curriculum in
1962, there have been calls for the sport to be reinstated in public schools.
oxing hit the headlines way back in 2007 when it
looked like many people’s wish had come true; the
sport was reintroduced to a group of schools in the
London borough of Bromley. In 2009, it was
announced that Boxing was about to make its
controversial comeback in state schools after almost
50 years in the wilderness. Boys and Girls as young
as 10 years of age now have the option of learning
to box in either Physical Education lessons, or after
school clubs.
The decline of Boxing in state schools began during
the 1960’s after inter-school boxing competitions
were scrapped due to health and safety concerns.
But was that the right decision? The comeback of
the sport certainly suggests that the decision to
scrap school boxing competitions altogether may
have seem a little rash, as there certainly seems to
still be a huge public interest in the sport.
The argument of health and safety of course is still a
valid one, but there are similar concerns
regarding sports such as football, rugby and hockey,
which are compulsory sports in most schools in the
UK. According to School Sports Magazine,
competitions held in Plymouth and Manchester
are only the beginning, as Boxing looks to make its
Various Boxing stars such as Amir Kahn have already
pledged their support to the cause, and with the
MARCH 2010
2012 Olympics just around the corner, the lifting of
the ban could mean another British Gold
medallist in the Boxing ring. Giving children the
chance to perform and practise a sport at their
school not only keeps children in school and off the
street, but also gives them a chance to take up a
new and exciting sport, one in which they may find
“Giving children the
chance to practice a sport
at their school not only
keeps children in school
and off the streets, but
gives them a chance to
take up a new and
exciting sport”
to be excellent at.
With more and more young children finding
themselves with little to do, driving them to
anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and theft,
encouraging another sport to be introduced, or
re-introduced into schools could teach children
discipline and fitness. The current selection of
sports on offer in most public schools include the
likes of football, rugby, swimming and basketball,
and one might say, why do we need another? Aren’t
these enough?
If three or four sports were enough to participate in,
then there would be no Olympic Games. The
Olympic Games is a sporting event, possibly the
largest, well known sporting event worldwide, and
if Boxing were not allowed to be reinstated in public
schools, then what are the chances of Britain ever
winning a Gold medal in Boxing? Amir Khan, the
World light-welter weight Champion, started his
career in school, winning various English School
Titles, and look how he has progressed since then.
It would be fair to say that his schools involvement
with his talent certainly saw his talent progress, at
least some way to what he has become capable of
If you look at any famous British sportsman, you will
find out their involvement with the sport that they
are famous for started in school classes. David
Beckham for example, started his football career
during school, after mentioning to his teachers
that his dream was only to become a professional
footballer, his dream was encouraged, and so it
became realised through hard work and effort.
The health argument is an interesting one, Doctors
such as Peter McCabe, chief executive of brain injury
association Headway, have voiced their concerns
over the re-introduction of boxing in public schools,
the fact is, Boxing has produced more injuries and
deaths than any other sport, and why would a
school want to encourage such violence that can
cause such long term distress to a person’s health
and mental condition?
Mr. McCabe said, “Eleven medical associations
around the world have said chronic brain damage is
caused by recurrent blows to the head, experienced
by all boxers” an argument that has to be taken
seriously. There are a lot of boxers who have lost
their lives whether it is in the ring, or outside, but in
both scenarios, the cause of death has been
determined by the sport they participate in.
In conclusion, should boxing be allowed in public
schools and kids encouraged to take up the sport?
Yes, it should be allowed, but not encouraged, the
children should be free to make their own choice
to whether or not they want to participate, and to
those who don’t, whether or not it’s their choice or
their guardians, their wishes should be respected.
The health risks cannot be ignored, but as
mentioned earlier, there are risks involved when
participating in any sport, albeit less obvious risks.
Boxing should be introduced, as long as teachers are
aware of the risks and are capable of dealing with
the consequences should anything happen, for
example, every teacher should partake in an First
Aid course to keep the amount of injuries to an
absolute minimum, should anything go awry.
MARCH 2010
Iron Mike
& Mind Game
Words By
Getting the upper hand in a fight
Chrysi Vasileiadou
before it even begins.
Phototgraphs taken from
We all know about the mind games fighters “play” before
their every fight. They threaten, they ridicule, they swear at
their opponents, but why all the fuss? Why not just wait quietly until the fight? Mike Tyson definitely knows why.
Tyson is believed to be one of the best fighters ever, but
lets not forget he is also very famous for his out-of-this-world
statements. When talking about
Lennox Lewis he once said: “I want
to rip out his heart and feed it to
him. I want to kill people. I want to
rip their stomachs out and eat their
Not many people are calm enough
not to care when they are being referred to in this way. Just one sentence is enough to make you
lose your temper; and losing your temper in a fight could be
crucial for a fighter. People think fighting is just about being
built, strong and stubborn. Nevertheless, that’s not the case.
Fighting requires a lot of thinking and every dodge, every punch
during it, is well thought. What’s next when losing your temper? You can’t focus on your fighting strategy and you end up
hitting your opponent with rage being your only asset. Unfortunately when it comes to fighting, rage is definitely not enough.
Another remarkable example of Iron Mike’s way of playing
with his opponent’s mind would be when he challenged Razor
Ruddock into a fight and told him: “You’re sweet. I’m going
to make sure you kiss me good with those big lips. I’m gonna
make you my girlfriend” while at the same time he was absolutely calm and smiling. That’s probably because he knew that
he already was half way into wining this fight.
However, mind games can sometimes be more than pure
verbal harassment. It is common knowledge that Tyson bit
Evander Holyfield on both of his ears when they met on the
ring back in 1997 and even though that got him disqualified he
repeated the “biting” in 2002 in a press conference, where a
match between Lewis and Tyson himself was announced and a
brawl involving the two boxers and their entourages occurred.
As Lennox Lewis stated: “The place erupted with people piling
in left, right and centre and the next thing I know is that I feel
a sharp pain in my leg and somebody ‘s biting me. So I
push myself up and there’s Tyson, looking like a maniac,
with his mouth in my leg and I’m in shock.”
It sounds like Iron Mike took things too far this time.
However it’s a fact that if you manage to scare your rival
once, you won’t have to do it again. Just this one time is
enough to lower your opponent’s self esteem and keep
him worried for the rest of your encounters on the ring.
When you get to understand how mind games work, you will
always be a step ahead in your fights before they even start.
Tyson once stated: “When I fight someone, I want to break his
will.” Well said, since a “mental K.O.” is a shortcut to an actual
“When I fight
someone, I want
to break his will.”
MARCH 2010
10 legendary Tyson
The infamous Mike Tyson
On Lennox Lewis:
“I was gonna rip his heart out. I’m the best
ever. I’m the most brutal and vicious, the most ruthless champion there has ever been. No one can stop
me. Lennox is a conqueror? No! He’s no Alexander!
I’m Alexander! I’m the best ever. I’m Sonny Liston. I’m
Jack Dempsey. There’s never been anyone like me. I’m
from their cloth. There is no one who can match me.
My style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable, and
I’m just ferocious. I want his heart! I want to eat his
children! Praise be to Allah!”
“My main objective is to be professional but
to kill him.”
On Evander Holyfield:
“You got nothing coming, man. I’m going to
enjoy this fight.”
On Francois Botha:
“I think I’ll take a bath in his blood.”
On Kevin McBride:
“I’m going to gut you like a fish.”
“I try to catch them right on the tip of his
nose, because I try to punch the bone into the brain.”
“I just want to conquer people and their
“You know what I do. I put guys in body bags.”
“I’m a big strong n****r that rapes people and
rips people’s d**ks off.”
“I’m on the Zoloft to keep from killing y’all.”
If you want to know more about the boxing legend, Mike Tyson, visit his official web site on
or watch one of the following DVD’s:
MARCH 2010
Ways To Keep Fit
Outside MMA
To be a MMA pro it takes dedication, strength and ambition, most importantly lot’s of training! Follow this fitness
plan and you will be one step closer to becoming the best
Words By Candice Bergan
MMA fighter in town.
All images courtesy of
Basics/ Cardio
irst and foremost it would be a good idea to start
off with the basics. Simple stretches, jogging, dumbbells, press-ups, sit-ups and running should be second
nature to any MMA trainees. Whether MMA is your
hobby or a future profession, these exercises should be done
on a daily basis for at least 3 to 4 hours straight, both inside
and outside of the gym. Using exercise balls and mats work
the upper body and help you learn to balance, practising this
will also improve your confidence in the ring.
Other Sports
Participating in your favourite sports will steer you in the
right direction for successful fights. Competitive tackles in
rugby, hockey, and football will prepare you both physically
(moving around the pitch or playing field) and mentally (using
clever tactics against the other players) for your big fight.
The Gym
A regular visits to the gym are key when training outside of
any sport. Making use of all the equipment will guarantee
you that head start you need in all fights. A T.K.O is on the
cards for your opponent. One to ones with an instructor is
definitely beneficial to keep you at a steady fitness level – this
will also dramatically improve your technique.
Leisure Activities
Bowling is one leisure activity that requires concentration,
strength and good stance, all the elements you need whilst
training for MMA. A couple rounds of fun at the bowling alley
will help to prepare you through training.
MARCH 2010
One on one training
Weight Training
Taking on another type of training might be time consuming
but this is one of the most important tasks in your fitness plan.
The body builder image is what every MMA trainee should be
working towards. The more muscular and top heavy you are
the more anxious your opponent will be when face to face in
the ring or cage. Your mentality should be to go in a winner
and come out a winner. The way to achieve this is to push your
self to the limit and lift weights always starting from the least
heavy first. Focus more on biceps and triceps before working
on your abs. A six-pack will win over the girls in the crowd but
your arm and leg muscles will win you the fight. Once you
are satisfied with your body then work towards toning it up.
Firm up those muscles that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
A mixture of normal curls, hammer curls, concentric curls,
reverse curls, normal alternative and hammer alternatives will
push your abilities to the limit – this is exactly what you want.
The breakdown…
Normal Curls- 2 sets of 10-12 lifts with 30 seconds rest between sets.
Hammer Curls- 2 sets of 8-12 lifts, making sure that your palms
are facing each other.
Concentric Curls- 2 sets of 8-12 lifts on each side with a full
range of movement.
Reverse Curls- 1 set of 10-12 slow lifts, keeping your palms
faced downwards.
Normal Alternatives- 8-12 slow lifts each side without forcing the weight up, (weights must be brought up slowly to the
chest to avoid injuries).
Hammer Alternatives- 8-12 lifts each side, keeping your arm
stretched outright.
Circuit Training (the serious workout…)
Circuit training allows you to work on strength and cardio at
the same time. It is the ultimate calorie burner; this is essential before building up those muscles. It involves a chain
of exercises with little rest or no rest at all. Each exercise you
carry out works together to form a circuit. The length of each
exercise should match up but can be varied slightly for it to be
considered as a circuit workout. How many different types of
exercises you use, the weights you use and the overall time
your circuit training is left up to you, only you know your abilities and only you can work improve them.
in training
has a
that they
need to
improve on.”
Improve on any weaknesses & Beginner’s tips …
It can take years to become the best in all MMA movements;
everyone in training has a weakness that they need to improve
on. When training outside MMA it is advisable to focus on
Judo or Karate if you need practise locks and restrains. Focus
on Kickboxing or Thai boxing if you need to work on knee and
elbow strikes and fancy footwork. Judo and Freestyle also help
to improve striking and focus. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and shoot
wrestling are grounded martial arts to develop ground control,
positioning and submission holds. Practising different forms
of MMA in your own time will not only make you a better allround fighter but will also keep you fit 24/7.
Keep at working fit outside your MMA training and you will
definitely be your opponent’s biggest threat in the near future,
you might even beat some of the greatest there are, becoming
a legend in your field of expertise.
MARCH 2010
The food you eat during training will directly affect
your performance while fighting, so it is vital that you
are aware of the do’s and don’ts of an MMA diet.
Words By Carly Lewis
Without the right diet you wont have the mind frame, physique or energy to be a successful fighter. Good nutrition is
“MMA training without a
good Mixed Martial Arts
nutrition programme is like
driving a car without gas.
You will not get very far”
what keeps you healthy. Without good health you’d have to
fight under conditions where your body isn’t functioning properly, which will undoubtedly affect your performance. Either
that or you’d have to miss important training sessions, which
is again, not the most convenient thing for aspiring or professional fighters.
Dieting is also important, as the right foods will enable the
body to recover from gruelling training sessions. The harder
you train, the more vulnerable your body is to break down, so
MARCH 2010
you need the right food substances to rebuild it.
Potatoes are a good
One of the most
souce of carbs
obvious things that
a good diet does is
keep you in shape. A
nutritional diet will
help you either loose
or gain pounds to get
whichever weight
class you aim to be
Our main source of energy comes from the food we eat,
therefore is it essential that your diet is adequate enough to
fuel your workouts. The right food will help you train more
intensely so that you can fight harder.
Both before and after training, it is essentially important that
you replenish your Glycogen level. Glycogen is the body’s main
source of stored
Oats in the morning
will help to burn
fats faster
energy. Your food is
converted into glucose
and it is stored primarily
in the liver and muscle
and cells. Increased
Glycogen storage can
double the duration
of an intense workout
whilst a decreased level
will limit the duration of
All photos taken from
Over at they say that ‘MMA training without a good Mixed Martial Arts nutrition programme is like driving a car without gas. You will not get very far.’ This is a direct
quote from the experts, and of course they’re right. Food plays
a huge part in the world of MMA. There’s no point in putting
the effort in when it comes to training if you’re not going to
dedicate yourself to a strict nutritional diet.
your workout. Carbohydrates are the best foods to increase
Glycogen levels, but we’ll talk more about those a little later
The first thing you need to do when you start
training is to cut out the junk food. Fried and fatty foods are
a definite NO and will leave you feeling slow and sluggish. You
may be used to eating these
kinds of foods and the prospect of giving them up may
sound difficult but it will
only benefit you in the long
run. A little bit of discipline
will go a long way.
Carbs, carbs, carbs…and
more carbs. They are the
most important source of
Whole grain bread
energy. So about an hour
is best for diets
and a half before
training, load up on them.
Any sooner and you may have the urge to throw up. Potatoes,
whole grain breads, oats and brown rice are natural complex
carbs that digest slowly. Slow burning carbs will boost your
blood sugar levels, which will keep you energised and alert.
Proteins are also very important because they contain amino
acids, which help grow
muscles, strengthen
bones and form
healthy blood and skin
cells. There are plenty
of protein shakes
available to buy or you
can easily make your
own at home. ‘Whey’
protein powder is a
well-known suppleFish is an important souce
ment used in protein
of protein
drinks so it’s best to
go and have a look online to see where you can get them.
Examples of foods that are high in protein are red meat, fish,
eggs and milk.
“Load up on carbs before
training for their source of
energy. Just don’t eat no
sooner then hour before.”
Fats should be consumed
but only the important
ones. Animal fat should
be avoided but vegetable
oil, sunflower oil and olive
oil will do you no harm.
Remember that junk food
is very
fattening so they fall into Red meat like steak is
also good for protein
this category too.
UFC fighter Rashad Evans spoke about his diet in an interview
with He
said ‘I try to stay
away from high
sodium and high
sugar. I keep track
of my protein, but
try to eat really
clean more than
Egg’s should be
anything. No fried
eaten on a daily
foods, no fast food,
no cheat days,
not even a little.’
This is advice that you should all take on board, as it is coming
straight from the mouth of one of the most successful MMA
fighters. If he doesn’t know the right foods to eat whilst training, then who does?
“As Rashed Evans says
stay away from fried of
fast foods. Don’t even
think about touchng
Water is also a very
important part of your daily diet, especially whilst training as it
keeps you hydrated. Skimmed milk is also important because it
helps lower your calorie and fat intake. Eliminate fizzy drinks from
your diet and instead
stick to fat free 100%
fruit juices. These are
high in vitamins C and
D and also contain
phytonutrients, which
are known to fight off
Cut out all other cookdiseases.
ing oils for Olive oil
It is important to know
how much from each food group you should contribute to
your diet.
Carbohydrates should provide about 50% of your calories,
while Proteins should take up 30%. The last 20% should be Fat.
Follow these tips to
the letter and you’ll
be well on your way
to training like a
true professional.
Always drink enough water to stop
MARCH 2010
All Images
courtesy of
Welcome to
Gun Show
Step in the ring with One More Round and let us
help you get big! Our easy to follow guide helps you
work all the major muscle groups and will give you
a solid foundation to continue training and sculpting
Words By Marcus Faint
your body.
Images from
We will be looking at helping you with the
following muscle groups; abdominals, back, biceps, calves,
chest, shoulders and triceps. These resistance
exercises will allow you to develop at a pace that suits you.
•Done from a standing position.
•Loop a towel around a pole or column or another fixed
object so the ends of the towel are towards you and the
towel is wrapped around the far side of the pole.
•Position your feet close to the pole and lean back gripping
the ends of the towel and keeping your body stiff and
•Row yourself up with both arms.
•Keep your back arched and row with your back. Crunches
•Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor.
•Hold your hands where you feel comfortable (on your chest
or beside your head - just don’t pull on your head).
•A typical crunch is taught by instructing you to roll your
upper torso forward.
•Increase the effectiveness of the crunch movement by
pushing your chest and head up towards the
ceiling. Also push your lower back flat onto the floor.
•Hold at the top of the movement for a moment and squeeze
•Stand with your knees slightly bent, arms at your sides,
holding resistance bags or two dumbbells in your hands.
•The curl movement happens only at the elbow. With your
upper arm pinned at your side and
Standing Rows
MARCH 2010
bending only at the elbow, lift the weight to
shoulder level.
•Your palm should be facing forward all the way up and all
the way down.
•Squeeze hard at the top then lower slowly.
•Do the same with the other arm, alternating back and forth.
•Your feet should be flat on the floor, two feet in front of you
with your knees bent.
•Move yourself off the chair so you are supporting yourself
on your hands.
•Bend your arms, dipping your body down. Go down as far as
you feel comfortable, being careful not to bounce.
•Push back up, squeezing the triceps.
•Keep your back close to the edge of the bench to minimize
shoulder stress.
Standing Calf Raises
•This exercise can be done on the edges of stairs, wood
blocks, etc.
•Do both legs simultaneously to start with then, as you get
stronger, do them one leg at a time.
•Hold a bag in your hand for resistance as you get stronger
•Stand on the edge of the block with the balls of your feet on
the block.
•Keep your knees stiff and bend only at the ankles, lower
your heels down towards the floor.
•Go down until you feel a strong stretch in your calves.
•Reverse the direction without bouncing and push up as high
as you can.
•Do this movement slowly to feel the contraction all the way
Wall Push-Ups
•Face a wall with your feet about 1 to 2 feet back from it.
•Place your hands on the wall just outside
shoulder-width apart.
•Bending only at the elbows, lower yourself forward towards
the wall then push yourself away from it.
•Keep your body stiff and straight during the
Weights are good
to bulk up with
So by following these simple tips you should find it easy to
get your body into shape and work towards progressively
harder exercises. If you find your
routine lacks a challenge why not speak to your local physical
trainer and create a fitness regime catered specifically for
your needs.
•Using something from around the house for weight, e.g.
milk jugs with water in them.
•From a seated or standing position, hold the weights just
above your shoulders.
•Push them up overhead slowly.
Bench Dips
•These can be done on the edge of a chair or bench.
•Sit on the edge of a flat bench or the front edge of a chair.
•Put your hands on the edge of the chair beside your glutes
and grip the edge.
MARCH 2010
Trixtreme : DaVid
Pushing yourself to do new moves without an instructor, is dedication
at the most. Freedom in the way you move and show your art is what
makes ‘Tricking’ an underground movement that you should become a
part of.
Words by Aimee Williams
David Pardoe, 19, a Taeknwondo instructor pratices
tricking regulary and explains what it is about the
movement that inspires him.
Tricking is martial arts that we are not aware of;
could you give us an outline of what it is? “It’s
an underground sport/ art movement which
takes inspiration from lots of different Martial
Arts , Mushi, Taekeondo, Capeara, breakdnacing,
gymnastics and brings them all together.”
As it is relatively unknown, how did you first hear
about it? I also do Taekwondo, so I’m always looking
for new moves and ways to do it. Our teacher would
always push us to be more creative.
Team Sideswipe who came forth place in American
( who pratice extreme Martial Arts) Idol did a tour
David warms up with some light
MARCH 2010
in the UK and we watched a display for it and I was
really intruged by it.
When I became a full time instructor for martial
arts, I started looking more into it, started training
and copying moves from other tricksters.
Its not a sport which is used in self defence, like
other sports, it’s a visual martial arts “its more
athletically pleasing its like gymnastics and martial
arts fused together.”
Tricksters (the name people who practice the sport
refer to themselves) are self taught, through the
internet. “Youtube it has made it grown loads as
a sport. Tricksters post videos of themselves on
the internet and then you learn new moves from
David begins training with some traditional moves
Preparing for tricking
As tricking is a combination of
influences from different martial arts it pushes your body, so
you need to make sure you are
properly waramed up for pratisicng the moves.
Warm up for half an hour to
warm you core body temperature up.
Then rotate most areas of body
and joints and progress into
simple kicks.
Move into some static stretching and traditional kicks and
progress into more advanced
Warm down:
After streching, see if you can
have a hot bath, which will
soothe you muscles properly, so
that next time you pratice you
do not injure yourself.
In the next couple of days eat
lots of carbohydrates to rebuild
your strength.
each other.” One tricking forum to check out is, you can talk to others who are
interested in the sport, share moves and post videos
of you trciking for others inspire others in the sport.
mats so i could pratice at home. I would pratice
anywhere, on the beach, in my gardern, in my
gaarage. I became something that i had to do
everyday, i kept looking at more and more moves,
perfecting them until they were how i wanted.”
Howver, as it is not so well-known it is not a sport
which can be taught by an instructor, making
Tricking is a sport which isn’t mainstream because
learning new moves
it relies so much on the individual. There are no set
something which is challenging as
moves to follow “it is up to you where
“It’s more
david tells us “Because it’s not like any
you get your influences from and how
other sport, you cant be told if the
you choose to perform and flips. i take
moves you are doing are not completed pleasing, like
influences mainly from taekwondo and
gymnastics and
gymnatsics because this is my martial
“Sometimes I’m working on moves for Taekwondo fused arts background but this doesn’t mean
three or four years. I’ve never got a trick together.”
that you have other MA’s can’t be fast it takes ages and ages to get into it.”
This is all can make the experience of learning
tricking moves even more enjoyable for the
individual. “It’s a bigger sense of achievement when
you do something right and you’ve taught yourself.”
For david, once he had discovered tricking, it
becamd a kind of obsession for him. “I brought
With the sport becoming more well known
especially thanks to the internet, it gives rise to
the fact that you should be more experimental in
pratising your martial arts. Its a contrast to have
freedom in your moves when traditionally Martial
Arts has always been so structured.
MARCH 2010
Womens MMA:
Here to stay?
As MMA became a more mainstream phenomenon
it was only a matter of time before women fighting
began to take off. The only question being, are the
fans there to witness the talent or the beauty of these
forceful women?
Words By
Kelseigh Zammit
Girls having a fight has always brought about discussion and
attention. Whether that means two teenage girls pulling
each other’s hair and vainly scratching at each other or two
trained professionals in a bout, men always find it hard to look
away. There is something undeniably sexy about girls taking
a forceful approach, which is why women’s MMA may be
becoming so popular.
One of the biggest names in women’s MMA is Gina Carona;
dubbed “the face of female MMA”. Although she is a very
talented fighter, the first thing you notice about Carona is her
striking good looks rather than her right hook. She remained
undefeated until her fight with somewhat less attractive
opponent Christiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos, but some ‘fans’ seem
more interested that Carona posed for Maxim and plans to
pose for Playboy then her fighting technique.
Kyra Gracie is another ringside favourite, although not a
professional mixed martial artist, Kyra has grabbed a lot of
attention with MMA fans, she is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt
and resident hottie.
The ‘beautiful face’ of womens MMA Gina Carano
MARCH 2010
It seems the less attractive stars of MMA such as
Cyborg’ have more loyal fans and more respect than their
prettier counterparts. After her bout with Corona, Cyborg is
currently the #1-ranked female featherweight and with it has
taken Corona’s crown as queen of women’s MMA. In doing so,
she is paving the way for more talented female fighters set on
winning titles and less on making names for themselves on
glamour shoots.
Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Kyra Gracie
After beautiful Corona lost her fight, is was questioned
whether the fans would still stick around to watch the fights
with these less glamorous fighters. Questions were answered
when Cyborg won her most recent fight to another serious
contender, Marloes Coenen and the fight was just as popular
as ever, perhaps proving that raw talent will prevail when it
comes to ladies MMA.
Although the women fighters such as Gracie and Corona were
seen as powerful talented fighters, UFC president Dana White
never considered adding a women’s division, because at the
end of the day these fighters were still women. Now, thanks
to passionate and undefeated Cyborg, Dana is said to be
For ladies mixed martial arts to uphold its momentum, it needs
a face. Right now, Cris Cyborg is that face, and she has Gina
Carano to thank for it. Some people will resent her for abusing
the sex appeal of women’s MMA by beating Carona, but this
is unfair. She knew what was at stake, and she rose to the
occasion. Like it or not, Cyborg is the recognized titleholder
and the new ‘face’ of women’s MMA.
Arguably one of the best female MMA fighters
Chris ‘cyborg’ Santos
MARCH 2010
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Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing have produced some
of the most memorable fights and athletes in sporting
history, including the likes of Muhammad Ali, Kazushi
Sakuraba and Anderson Silva.
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Ramon Dekkers the Dutch eight times world
Kickboxing and Muay Thai Fighter champion,
renowned for his quick, powerful punches and kicks
fought for 20 years and during this time created a
formidable record, with 175 wins and 90 KO’s in
almost 200 fights.
He began learning martial arts at the age of 12,
when he started Judo before moving onto boxing
for a year. After that, Dekkers started Muay Thai and
was awarded his first title at age 18, when he won
the Dutch National Championship on November 15,
“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” The three
times Heavyweight World Champion that is the
lightening quick Muhammad Ali bust onto the
boxing scene in 1960 when he became Olympic light
heavyweight gold medallist beating Alan Hudson in
the final.
Ali went on to record 56 wins with 36 knockouts
and only 5 losses in his career, and he was famous
for his comments about his opponents and his ability as a boxer: “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re
as great as I am.” It certainly is Ali.
MARCH 2010
Words By Richard Jones
Although Iron Man, AKA Mike Tyson was not such
a great orator with some controversial rants like:
“I want to rip out his heart and feed it to Lennox
Lewis. I want to kill people… and eat their children.”
He was a formidable and intimidating boxer to face.
In the 20 years of his boxing career, Mike Tyson
fought 58 bouts, winning 50 fights, with 44 knockouts and six defeats. His success was down to his
powerful and ultra aggressive fighting style leaving
opponents utterly destroyed, or in Evander
Holyfield’s case with chunks of ear missing.
Anderson Silva is to the Ultimate Fighting
Championship what Mike Tyson was to Boxing. The
middleweight champion made an explosive debut
when he unleashed carnage knocking Chris Leben
out in just 49 seconds.
Since then he has gone on to dominate the UFC
holding the longest winning streak in the UFC
history. Silva is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae
kwon do, and Judo as well as holding a yellow rope
in Capoeira. Silva started martial arts at 14 and by
18 he had earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. His
fearsome fighting skills are unmatched and for this
he is known as the top pound for pound fighter in
the world.
Another UFC legend is Royce Gracie, who made his
debut in the first UFC in 1993 to showcase Jiu-Jitsu
to the world. Unlike Silva, Gracie used only one form
of martial arts and despite being often outweighed
by more than 50 pounds (3stone) Gracie won three
titles, opening the eyes of many disbelievers to the
importance of leverage and technique in grappling
Some of his other achievements include holding
the record for the longest MMA match in history
with the close fight against Kazushi Sakuraba
lasting for 90 minutes. As well as when Gracie
defeated the giant 6”8” Sumo Grand Champion
Akebono, who weighed 486lb, nearly three times
heavier than Gracie in just 2 minutes 13 seconds
with a shoulder lock in 2004.
Unlike Gracie who used Jiu-Jitsu and leverage
techniques to force an advantage over opponents,
Randy Couture’s preferred method is what is
commonly known as ‘ground and pound’ where he
would grapple an opponent to the ground before
smashing a series of blows against his rival.
Couture is only one of two UFC fighters to have
held a championship in two different weight
categories being three-time former heavyweight
champion and a two-time light-heavyweight
champion. He is also the oldest man to win a UFC
fight at the age of 46.
Georges St - Pierre started Karate when he was
seven years old to defend himself from a school
bully, and wherever that bully is now he certainly
wouldn’t want to mess with St-Pierre! As well as
Karate, he has trained in boxing, wrestling, and
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is known for his strategic
approach by developing game-plans for his
opponents, which he apparently has drawn from
competing in local chess tournaments while growing
up in his hometown Montreal.
It was from watching Royce Gracie fight in 1993
at the first Ultimate Fighting Championship that
inspired him to become a UFC champion and led StPierre to realize his dream to be twice UFC
Welterweight champion.
Kazushi Sakuraba became known as ‘The Gracie
Hunter’ after beating four members of the infamous
Gracie Family known for their practice of Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu. The most important and legendary fight
against Royce Gracie which lasted for 90 minutes.
Throughout the epic fight, Royce Gracie seemed
unable to do any significant damage to Sakuraba
who seemed to try and mock him. During a choke
by Royce, Sakuraba tried to remove Royce’s pants
much to the crowds delight. Finally Royce was
forced to submit, with a broken foot and under extreme exhaustion crushing the Gracie family pride.
Sakuraba has defeated more members of the
Gracie Family than anyone in the history of the
MMA, and is regarded by many as among the
greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time.
Ernesto Hoost is arguably the greatest kickboxer
to ever compete in the K-Championship (Kickboxing
Championship) being the four time K-1 GP World
Champion and a impressive career record, with 97
wins, with 62 of which from knockouts.
Famed for being well-mannered outside the ring,
when competing he was often outweighed, but
earned a reputation for being a technical fighter
with a wide array of attacks and counters, none of
which were more feared than his left hook and low
No list would be complete without our final man
Frank Shamrock, with an unmatched and
formidable record to stake his place in our list of the
top ten fighters of all time. He set two world records
for the fastest victories in history after defeating opponents in 14 and 20 seconds respectively.
Frank is a truly incredible fighter with victories in
several other MMA competitions, including the King
of Pancrase title. He has also won the World Extreme Cage fighting Light Heavyweight
Championship, and the Strikeforce Middleweight
championship. He was also the first UFC
Middleweight Champion, who retired from the UFC
as the four-time, undefeated World Champion.
Gracie defeated 6”8”
Sumo Grand Champion
Akebono, who weighed
486lb, nearly three
times heavier than him
in just 2 mins 13 secs
with a shoulder lock.
MARCH 2010