Students interview former Hollyoaks star Pupils win BMX bikes Five



Students interview former Hollyoaks star Pupils win BMX bikes Five
In-house magazine for New Line Learning Academies
January 09
Students interview
former Hollyoaks star
Your Mark
Winter fashion
to keep
out the cold
Pupils win
BMX bikes
eco-bags to
give away
Win tickets to
see and
meet JLS!
Celebrate the
future of hair
& beauty
79 Bank Street - Maidstone - 01622 753344
50% 20%
discount off
first visit
off future
News from Cornwallis Academy
Pupils learn about Hinduism, find out who
were the winning team in the Christmas Cracker
competition and read about a trip to Dicken’s
World written by two students.
News from NLL Academy
Pensioners’ Christmas party a big hit, the PE
department receives some great gifts and two
students win BMX bikes.
Fashion Fix
The winter chill is here and Matalan has
some great clothes to keep the cold at bay at
exceptionally reasonable prices.
Leisure – Films & DVDs
Which DVDs are out now to buy or rent at
Blockbuster and find out all about ex
Hollyoaks star Jake Hendriks.
More fantastic websites for you to scour in 2009: – fab designer bargains – tonnes of online games to
are just a click away
keep you entertained for hours.
– from Prada to Chloe and DKNY. – Sudoku puzzles at easy, – visit London’s
medium, hard and evil skill levels.
most fashionable markets online and – where you
shop til you drop.
can purchase anything for people who are
Moira Mitchell
Wicked Websites!
Other features to catch up on include
game/DVD reviews, academy/local news,
winter fashion and What’s
On Guide suggesting plenty
of places to visit over the
next month.
Mod) Stewart playing at one gig.....for
the princely sum of £125 that included
a backing group and two other singers.
8) What big changes have you seen in
Maidstone recently?
Fremlin Walk has been the catalyst for
many of the changes in the last few
years. Maidstone has changed from
being a sleepy town to the vibrant,
bustling town we now have with
hundreds and hundreds of new homes
being built along the riverbank.
Maidstone is now the biggest shopping
centre in Kent as well as having the
biggest night economy.
9) Do you think Maidstone caters well
for young people aged 11 – 18?
Pretty well I think, although there will
always be demand for more. The Youth
Cafe will be opening around Easter and
that will be a welcome addition to the
mix. Coincidentally I am honoured to
have been asked to be a trustee of
the Cafe by the Youth Forum.
10) How could facilities for young
people be improved?
By talking to them and asking what
they want! Every generation of young
people complain there is nothing for
them to do, but sometimes they have
to do things for themselves and not
rely on others to provide
11) What are your hobbies?
Football (I have a season-ticket at
Gillingham), gardening and family.
12) Tell us a bit about your family?
I’m married to Jean and we have five
children and seven grandchildren
between us. Our children’s ages go from
28 to 41 and our grandchildren are aged
from 8 months to 11 years. Obviously
spare time is something we have very
little of!
1) Where did you grow up?
I was born and spent my early years in
Whitechapel in London’s East End.
2) Describe your upbringing?
Very, very happy with lots of relatives
and fond memories of family holidays in
Mrs Badger’s bungalow in Canvey Island!
3) What primary/secondary schools
did you attend?
Holy Cross RC School in South
Ockendon in Essex, then St Joseph’s
Secondary Modern in Orpington before
passing my 13 plus and moving to
Bromley Tech, where David Bowie and
Peter Frampton were students.
4) What did you do after leaving
I started work on 16 August 1965 as a
junior at the John Lewis department
store in London’s Oxford Street. I started
in the household linen department
selling bedspreads, blankets and quilts.
5) Name some other jobs you’ve had?
I left John Lewis to become assistant
general manager of the old Army and
Navy store in Week Street before joining
the Kent Messenger in 1981. Spells as
advertisement manager and newspaper
sales manager led to me being asked to
become Town Centre Manager on 6
August 2002.
6) What attracted you to the role of
Town Centre Manager?
The fact Maidstone town centre was just
about to take off with the building of
Fremlin Walk, as was the knowledge of
the job I had gained from my previous
role with the KM.
7) What other career would you have
liked to have done?
Been a live music promoter for sure! In
the “swinging sixties” I ran a lot of
concerts and even had a young Rod (the
Our theatre critics Tarradan Trench and
Danielle Slater also met someone famous
recently – Jake Hendriks – the former
Hollyoaks star. So have a read of their
interview and find out what they really
thought about him and what Jake’s up to
next in the land of celebrity.
If you’re a regular visitor to Maidstone it’s
likely you’ll have come across Bill Moss.
Distinguished, 6’ 4” tall and always suited,
he’s a well known to local businesses and
the public as Maidstone’s Town Centre
Manager and is always on the go. His role
includes attracting footfall to the town centre, helping to reduce crime
with partners such as the police and borough council, running the town’s
Shopmobility service for less mobile people and organising the annual
Christmas Lights Switch-On. So what else can we unearth about Bill Moss?
After eating loads and chilling out over
Christmas it’s now time to get back to
academy life and the latest edition of Ozone
where there’s a fantastic competition to see X
Factor finalists JLS performing live at Liquid
nightclub in Maidstone. What’s more, two
lucky students will meet the band in person
so get emailing NOW for your chance to win.
Bill Moss in
the spotlight
don’t get much
better than this!
Leisure – Games & Competitions
Check out this edition’s game reviews, win
tickets to see JLS and there are five ecobags up for grabs courtesy of Maidstone
Town centre Management.
Local News & Events
The name of the new MYF leader is
announced, learn about extra youth
recreation facilities in the borough and how
Maidstone has gained university town status.
Moira Mitchell
Editor 07894 423075
Email [email protected]
Making headlines at Cornwallis Academy
trip gives
The Hindu Mandir early evening.
Two hundred and twenty Year 7 pupils visited the Shri
Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Neasden London at the end of
The students were visiting the Mandir (a place of worship and
prayer for Hindus) having studied the topic of Hinduism in
their Humanities lessons.
They spent the day taking part in a number of activities at the
Mandir. These included a talk on the background of the Mandir,
an exhibition on the History of Hinduism, attending a question
and answer session with the temple leader and observing the
ancient Arti ceremony.
Students who attended were asked to write up their visit and
the following quotes are taken from their impressions of the
“I really enjoyed the day and would definitely go again. My
favourite part was going there and seeing all of the
different patterns and designs.” - Tom Willmott 7S
“I had a lovely day at the temple. It was very interesting
and the different deities were fascinating.” - Joel
**The temple was opened in 1995 having been built using
5,000 tones of Italian Carrara marble and the finest
Bulgarian limestone. Inside visitors find Ancient Indian art
and amazing architecture. The Mandir has attracted
millions of visitors from all over the world including many
celebrities such as Madonna who is a frequent visitor.
comes early
for Alex
A student from Cornwallis
cycled home in style at the
end of last term after
winning a BMX bike in a
Christmas healthy eating
raffle organised by
Federation General
Catering Manager Thierry
Leroy and his catering
The lucky winner - Alex Mann – was presented his bike by
Head Teacher David Simons and Catering Manager
Thierry Leroy (photo). The BMX was donated by
wholesale suppliers 3663. Other prizes given out to pupils
included: football tickets, fruit hampers, footballs, sports
bag and fruit smoothies.
Christmas Cracker 2008
Between 9 – 11 December all
Year 7 students were involved in
a skills and enterprise project to
raise money for a charity.
Students worked in small teams
to design, make and market a
Christmas cracker. The nine
finalists all gave presentations
to the year group and the
winning team received individual
prizes and £250 for their
chosen charity the NSPCC.
This year's winning team was
from 7N:
• Alice Emmerson
• Katie Arnold
• Elliot Coveney
• Callum Smith
• Jamie Packham
A step back in time –
Written by students Hannah Packman & Natasha Errey
At the beginning of December Year
9 and 10 travel and tourism groups
went on an educational trip to
Dickens World in Chatham.
This trip was to find out the aims
and objectives of a well known
attraction so that we could later on
use this information to complete
our marketing assignment.
While on the visit we were shown a
presentation by the Marketing
Director who explained the 4p’s,
which includes price, product,
promotion and the place.
We also enjoyed looking around
the Victorian style buildings and
taking part in the attractions such
as the plays, boat ride and haunted
While we were there we also learnt
the history behind Charles Dickens’
life and his interests in novel
Victorian charm inside
Dickens World.
writing. This was shown by a 3D
film which helped us interact
with the knowledge that was
being given.
Everybody had a really good
time, both learning and
exploring the world of Charles
Dickens. We would like to thank
Miss Thompson and Mr Horsley
for organising this trip.
Entrepreneurial students
impress judges
During Enterprise Week Year 10, 12
and 13 students engaged in the
national Make Your Mark challenge
with this year’s brief being to
create an entrepreneurial idea
inspired by the Olympic and
Paralympic values.
All the teams had just one day to
develop exciting and original ideas
and then presented them to a panel
of judges.
Helen Farrant, a member of the
Skills for Life team, said: “All the
students were dynamic, worked
extremely hard and rose to the
challenge. The standard of work
produced was exceptional and gave
the judges a difficult task when it
came to picking the winners.”
The Year 10 team that wowed the
judges was ‘50/50’ from 10L (Craig
Fawcett, Tana Bannister, Ellie
Hutchinson, Alicia Abbott, Matt
King and Reece friend) who created
a company selling family days out
whilst generating money for
Meanwhile, the winning sixth form
team (Kirsty Newell, Nisha Newell,
Lauren Davis, Aimee Millgate, Philip
Relf and Dan Taylor) developed
‘Dynamic Life Skills’ an organisation
introducing the Olympic values to
children in primary schools.
All team members received £10
vouchers and saw their entries
entered into the regional final of
the competition.
…….and New Line Learning Academy
A day to
for local
Game console
donation to PE
Getting ready to start playing bingo!
Students at New Line Learning
Academy in Maidstone treated around
100 pensioners to a Christmas party
today (Wednesday 10 December).
This is the 39th year the event has
been hosted by pupils for elderly
residents living close to the academy
and young and old loved every aspect
of the day’s activities.
These included students putting on
singing, acting and dance
performances, bingo, raffle and
refreshments at Loose Baptist Church.
In addition the elderly enjoyed a
traditional Christmas lunch prepared by
NLL’s catering team which was served
in the academy canteen by Year 9 and
10 GCSE catering students.
Pensioner Pauline Files from Park Wood
said: “It’s wonderful. The kids worked so
hard and were very well behaved and
polite - it’s really lovely to see. The food
was as good as any restaurant and we
look forward to this event every year.”
A representative from GAME - Europe’s leading
specialist retailer of pc and video game products
visited NLL Academy on Thursday 18 December to
donate a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit game to the PE
The console and game was donated after PE
teacher Phil Jones got in touch with the company.
Pensioner William Selby also from Park
Wood commented: “This is the fifth
year my wife Gladys and I have
attended and it’s been a really great
day and very enjoyable.”
As the elderly left to catch transport
home they were given Christmas
presents and met the academy’s farm
animals including goats, donkeys,
ponies, cows and rabbits.
GAME representative Luke Palmer (centre) with
students and staff from NLL.
Students sing carols for charity at
The Mall
He was looking for alternative ways for students,
including the physically disabled, to keep fit and
healthy and thought a Nintendo Wii would be ideal.
Year 9, 10 and 11 BTEC
music and dance
students from NLL
brought some festive
cheer to shoppers at
The Mall Chequers
shopping centre in
Maidstone by singing
The presentation was made in Plaza 2 by GAME
representative Luke Palmer from the Maidstone
branch. He also helped students set up the console
so they could have a quick go before returning to
The group, who sang for an hour,
were led by music teacher Tim
Parker and put on a sterling
performance (Wednesday 17
Justin’s new BMX bike
The event was organised by The
Rotary Club of Maidstone to raise
money for local charities and next
year the academy plans to take part
Justin Tharp from NLL Academy was all
smiles after winning a BMX bike in a
Christmas healthy eating raffle organised
by Federation General Catering Manager
Thierry Leroy and his catering teams.
Pupil wins bike in police
road safety competition
A pupil from NLL will be travelling to school in style from now on after
winning a new bike through a road safety competition, run by neighbourhood
officers at Maidstone Police.
The lights on bikes scheme, set up to encourage youngsters to be safer and
more visible on the roads, ran a competition to win a free bike and 12 year old
Tom Wisdom from Senacre was the lucky winner.
Inspector Adam Jones of Maidstone Urban Neighbourhood team made the
presentation: “I was delighted to present the bike to Tom, who is a regular at
the Senacre and Shepway youth clubs, often attended by our neighbourhood
officers. In addition to the bike, we’ve thrown in high visibility clothing and
lights to ensure that Tom can stay safe on the roads this winter.”
Tom Wisdom with Inspector Adam Jones.
Keep the
winter chill
at bay this winter
Coat £18,
blouse £10,
skinny jeans £12,
hat £3
Black textured
coat £40
Bat wing
jumper £12
gloves £8
Four pocket wool
utility coat £30 Jeff Banks
Military wool check
coat £30, raw indigo
denim Jeans £15 Jeff Banks
Grey wide stripe ribbed
hat £3/ grey wide stripe
ribbed scarf £5
Your nearest Matalan
store is located at:
Chunky cable knit jumper
with button-up neck £18 –
Lee Cooper
Unit A, The Broadway
Broadway Shopping Centre
Maidsttone, Kent ME16 8PS
Tel: 0845 330 3330
Top 5
this month
Mamma Mia!
The Mummy Tomb Of The
Emperor (12)
Single mother Donna (Meryl
Streep) is set to see her
daughter Sophie (Amanda
Seyfried) get married. But
Sophie has secretly invited
three guests of her own. Rom
Com on a Greek island.
Action flick that takes place
in Asia with Brendan Fraser
as explorer Rick O'Connell
who is out to combat the
resurrected Han Emperor
(Jet Li) assisted by his son,
wife and wife’s brother.
The Strangers
Hellboy 2:
The Golden
Army (12)
Fantastically creepy horror
flick based on the very
simple premise of strangers
who come knocking late at
night. Starring Liv Tyler and
Scott Speedman.
The fate of mankind
hangs in the balance
when a ruthless Prince
awakens an unstoppable
army of creatures and
wages war with the
human world. It’s up to
Hellboy to save the day.
Babylon A.D.
Sci-fi movie with Vin Diesel
starring as a mercenary
hired to deliver a package
from the ravages of postapocalyptic Eastern Europe
to a destination in the
teeming megalopolis of
New York.
Pick up these DVDs to rent or buy from:
Blockbuster, 96-98 Week Street,
Maidstone, Kent ME14 1RL
Tel: 01622 762894
Interview with
Jake Hendriks
By students Tarradan Trench
and Danielle Slater
Walking up the steps in the Hazlitt
Arts Centre we were excited yet
nervous at the thought of interviewing
Hollyoaks and Jack and the Beanstalk
star Jake Hendriks. Whilst waiting for Jake to finish his performance of
Jack and the Beanstalk we sat anxiously waiting for him to come through
the double doors from the theatre. After waiting about 10 minutes he
entered looking very tired after his last performance of the day. He shook
our hands and kissed us both on the cheeks and then after a little slip-up
from Danielle with the tape recorder we began with the questions:
Is this the first time you have visited
Maidstone? What do you think of it?
It is actually, other than a few
promotional bits earlier on in the year
with KMFM. Yeah I liked it when I first
saw it. I thought that it was quite sunny
but it doesn’t seem to be anymore (ha
ha). I’ve enjoyed it since I have been
here though. It really feels like home
When you were at school what job did
you think you would have?
I remember wanting to be a pilot when I
was at school but I went to see my
careers advisor and he told me that I
needed to be good at maths and physics
so that was out of the window for me. I
thought I should just pretend to be a
pilot instead.
If you could play a part in any film
what would it be?
Off the top of my head, a vampire killer
in the next Evolution film.
How did you get into acting in the
first place and how old were you?
I was very young actually. I started off
doing nativities at school. Then I sort of
took a break from it all. I then started
again when I was about 15-16 and took it
up at GCSE level because I broke my
arm and had to give up PE.
What was your first ever acting job?
My first ever professional acting job was
a Pepsi commercial in 2001 with Stuart
Manning who is also in Hollyoaks and
plays Russ randomly enough.
What is your favourite hobby other
than acting?
Drawing, yes I’m a failed artist. I went to
art school for a year and then I had to
drop out but I still love pen and ink.
Did you always want to be an actor?
I’m not sure that I did, but I would be
very happy to work in acting for the rest
of my life. I’m not sure that I really knew
what I wanted to be for most of my
How different is it to work in front of
TV cameras than in a pantomime?
It is very different with TV. It just feels
like you are rehearsing all the time and
you don’t have a real performance at
the end of it. It’s kind of almost boring
really as you don’t get that excitement
or the nerves.
Do you get on well with the cast of
Jack and the Beanstalk?
Very well. It is important to get on
because you basically live in each
others’ pockets for about a month and a
Did you originally audition for the part
of Jack?
I didn’t actually. I was lucky enough to
be offered it. Someone just called me up
and said ‘would you like to come and
play Jack for us?’ This is the first time
this has happened which is quite nice.
What would you do if you thought the
audience weren’t enjoying your
(ha ha ha) You mean like last night (ha)
no I’m kidding. During this I have had to
learn not to worry about the audience
liking my performance. I have to ignore
the fact whether people dislike me or
not and just get on with the job in hand.
Do you ever get nervous when you are
on stage?
Certainly the beginning of every show I
do because you don’t know what the
audience are going to like and you don’t
know what response you are going to
get. But the more you do a job the more
comfortable you become with it and
hopefully you can just go into autopilot
and get the job done and then go off.
Did you get on well with the cast of
No I really hate them (ha ha) no I’m
joking. I did yeah especially with Barry
Sloan and James Sutton who play Niall
and John Paul. We do a lot of things
together and we are very close even out
of the show. Our girlfriends get on as
Have you ever forgotten your lines on
stage or in front of camera?
Yeah. In front of the camera is not so
bad but I find that onstage the audience
are a little bit unforgiving. It is a horrible
moment in any actor’s life. We call it
burning. I call it crashing and burning
and it’s horrible! You feel like the whole
world has stopped and everyone is just
staring at you and the more you are
aware of that, the more you know you
are not getting that line back, but
hopefully if you are quick enough you
should find something to say.
Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
By Luke Palmer, Senior Sales Assistant at Game in Maidstone
Title Sonic Unleashed
Platform Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2
The newest Sonic game arrives on all home consoles with the new hedgehog
engine which combines a hack and slashes engine and a 2D/3D platfomer. The story is about
Sonic being hit with a beam of energy which causes him to change into a werehog at night.
During daytime you have your typical platformer which plays a lot better than previous games which at
points gets cinematic when you play. The second part is when you’re in werehog mode and get
to destroy everything in your path. Here you can fill up your rage meter and become
unleashed against everything.
A lot better than the past set of Sonic games
13 Week Street,
that are on these systems and
definitely worth looking
Game Orcs & Elves
ME14 1QW
at. 3/5
Tel: 01622 765009
Platform Nintendo DS3
Reviewer Yr 9 pupil Jake Taylor from NLL
Orcs & Elves is about a young elf named Elli who is on
a quest to find the dwarf king called King Brahm but
on the way he finds out that both King Brahm and all
of his men have been killed and that the evil sorcerer
Kai Laria has put an evil spell on the home of the
dwarves which makes their spirits get trapped in the
mountain they live in forever. But with his trusty
talking wand ellons guidance he will be able to defeat
the evil sorcerer and lift the curse.
On the way through the mountain on your quest you
will come across a dragon called Gaya. Be very
respectful to her as she is your best help as she
barters weapons, potions and armour to help you
through your journey. But if you by a ranged weapon,
whatever you do, DO NOT shoot her or attack her in
any way as she will kill you before you can say oops!
Also on your way you will encounter the ghosts of
King Brahms’ men that give codes to get you through
the locked doors but don’t even attempt to unlock
them without the code otherwise
you will spring a trap and be
dealt serious damage. You will
also confront Kai Laria’s army
made up of orcs, trolls and
loads more!
So if you’re into games where
you run around slashing orcs
and bartering with dragons,
orcs and elves, this is the
game for you.
We Need Your Help
Town Centre
(TCM) in
association with Brachers Law
is leading the campaign to
make Maidstone the first town
in Kent to Bin the (plastic)
TCM is seeking to persuade
retailers and shoppers to
reduce the number of plastic
bags in use in the town centre
and has set 31 March 2009 as
So when you’re out shopping
after 31 March 2009 and are
given a plastic bag, ask the
shop why they aren’t
supporting the Bin the
(plastic) Bag campaign and
refuse the bag! Speak to
relatives and neighbours and
encourage them to do the
same too.
TCM has produced top quality
Maidstone eco-bags for people
to use instead of plastic bags
and there are 5 up for grabs.
Just answer the following
question correctly and email
your answer to
[email protected] to win.
X Factor finalists
This really has
to be the best
nightclub Liquid is giving away three pairs of VIP tickets to
see JLS with the first place overall winner getting the
chance to meet the guys in the flesh!!!!!!
The boys, who battled it out against Alexandra Burke in the
X Factor final, will be appearing at Liquid at its UK
ClubCulture dance night on Sunday 15 February and are sure
to set the stage alight.
The event is from 7pm – 11pm, is geared towards 13 – 17 year
olds and there’s a strict no alcohol/smoking policy in place.
QUESTION: What date does
Bin the (plastic) Bag
campaign start?
For your chance to win one of these amazing pairs of tickets
just answer the following question correctly and email your
answer to [email protected]
Closing date: February 3
Who were JLS up against in the X Factor final?
Plastic Bag Facts
T Every UK resident takes
300 plastic bags every
year. The bag is only used
on average for 12 minutes
before being thrown away.
Your chance
to see and meet
T Only 1 in every 200 bags
is re-used.
T Discarded plastic bags
kill at least 100,000 birds,
whales, seals and turtles
every year.
Deadline: 3 February 2009
You’re all winners!
Congratulations to the following six students who have all won two cinema
tickets each to see hot new flick Twilight at Odeon Cinema in Maidstone.
Elaine Kemp, Thomas James, Freya Harris, Naomi Thompson, Daniel Tampin,
Bethany Tagg.
** All competitions are only open to students of NLL Academies.
What’s In The News
Sophie is
new Youth
Forum leader
Maidstone Youth Forum now has a
new leader in the form of 16-year-old
Sophie Drake. She will be assisted by
Florence Fisher aged 12 who was
elected her deputy.
MBC Cabinet Member for Community Services,
Cllr Marion Ring, Sophie Drake and Mayor of
Maidstone, Cllr Denise Joy.
The forum is supported by
Maidstone Borough Council and
encourages young people to be
involved in decisions that effect them in the County Town such as where they live,
socialise, go to schools, college or work.
The forum meets fortnightly on Wednesdays at the council’s offices in
Maidstone House, King Street and caters for young people
aged 11 – 21. To join call The Sports, Play and
Youth Development Team on
01622 602222.
Extra play
at Giddyhorn Lane
and Park Wood A new sportswall, basketball hoop,
two climbing post units, Rodeo Board and sheltered seating has been installed
at Giddyhorn Lane recreation ground in Maidstone.
The equipment, costing just under £32,000, is geared towards teenagers and
has been placed in the top field. Other facilities already provided include
football, tennis and children’s play area.
In addition, young people will soon be able to enjoy even better play facilities at
Park Wood Recreation Ground now Maidstone Borough Council has given the
green light for work to commence.
A new youth area will be floodlit and have a 2.5-3m high climbing rock, teen
shelter and other equipment while the toddler play area will include a
roundabout, toddler and junior swings, a large springer seesaw, rotational
balance beam and small trampoline
University town status Sculptor wins Bentlif
Maidstone is now a university town.
This is because the University for the
Creative Arts (UCA) has received
university status and has become the
first specialist creative arts university
in the country.
To recognise this achievement, the
Mayor of Maidstone, Cllr Denise Joy,
hosted a reception for the UCA
attended by MBC, KCC and industry
**UCA has announced its intention to
close its Oakwood campus in Maidstone
and build a new campus somewhere in
Kent and Medway for 3,000 students,
representing a £75m investment.
Village youth club
Coxheath is set to have its own new
youth club which youngsters can go
to in the evenings. To find out more
contact the village Police Community
Support Officer, Hannah Percival, on
01622 604392.
Follett from
has walked away with the top prize at
this year’s Bentlif Art Prize competition.
The bi-annual art exhibition showcases
work from emerging artists in Maidstone,
Kent and the South East and aims to
raise the profile of local artists.
Claire, 49, had made a clay model of a
torso, loosely based on her own body
entitled ‘Freedom’ (photo).
The competition was open to artists
aged 16 or over. The exhibition will now
be on show for the public until Sunday 1
February at Bentlif Art Gallery within
Maidstone Museum.
Claire Follett was presented with £500,
donated by the sponsor – The Kent
Messenger newspaper.
What’s on Guide
19 January – Trip to see Oliver in London’s
West End – leaving 5pm from Hazlitt Theatre –
Maidstone – see this spectacular show at the
Theatre Royal Drury Lane starring Rowan
Atkinson as Fagin. Tickets £63. Book at
20 January - Student night – AMF Bowling –
every Tuesday evening from 8.30pm obtain up
to 50% off the standard BYBO price of £10 per
person. (Student ID will be required).
24 January - Little Dorrit Costume Exhibition
– Dickens World – Chatham - as seen on TV.
Book tickets now at
24 January – Chinese New Year at the
Museum – Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art
Gallery – celebrate Chinese New Year during this
free family fun day for all ages. Hunt for
dragons, make something festive, dabble in
Chinese arts. 01892 554171.
Until 27 January – The Bentlif Art Prize
Exhibition – Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art
Gallery – featuring 2D and 3D work by emerging
artists from the South East. Many works
available to purchase too. 01622 602838.
27 January – SKINT – Liquid – Maidstone - the
best and most popular Tuesday night student
session in Kent. Playing house / party to drum
and bass / R'n'B and lots more. 9.30pm – 2am.
Free admission before 10.30pm. £3 after. 01622
755 254.
29 January – Jack and the Beanstalk – Hazlitt
Theatre – Maidstone – starting at 7pm featuring
Sophie McDonnell from CBBC and BBC1’s 50/50
and Ant Payne (KMFM’s breakfast show
6 February – SNAP Disco – Maidstone Leisure
Centre – for under 18s. Alcohol and smoking
free environment for young people to dance the
night away. Tickets £5. Ring the Box Office for
more information: 08451 552277.
7 February – Maidstone Symphony Orchestra –
Maidstone Leisure Centre – this orchestra is
probably the best community orchestra in the
South of England. Performance commences at
7.30pm. Details www,
7-8 February – The School Prom Show – The
Hop Farm – Paddock Wood - 11am until 4pm –
offers students an opportunity to see what’s
available to hire/purchase for their school prom.
Expect fashion shows and prom party
specialists. 01622 872068.
11 February – 4 Poofs and a Piano – Assembly
Hall Theatre – Tunbridge Wells – the boys have
become a household name thanks to their
appearance on the hugely popular Friday Night
With Jonathan Ross. Expect song and dance.
01892 530613.
12 February – Trip to see Jersey Boys – coach
leaves at 5pm from The Hazlitt Theatre –
Maidstone - Jersey Boys details the story of
Valli and The Four Seasons at the Prince Edward
Theatre, London. Tickets £60. Book at
Designed & produced by AW Design - 07850 053544

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