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THC newslettersummer 10 - Thornwell Home for Children
A joyful Christian community
offering hope and wholeness
to children and families
Summer 2010
Thornwell Students
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A Confirmation Journey
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Welcome to our Zoo
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Practitioners of the Year
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From the President
Dear Thornwell Friends,
As you read about the many wonderful things
that are happening on our campus in this issue
of Thornwell Life, I hope the stories fill you with
a renewed sense of the importance of the work
accomplished by this historic ministry.
As a direct result of your support, our children are
learning what it feels like to be cared for, supported
and loved. They are discovering how to be successful
students, how to reach out to others in need, and
how faith can change their lives in ways they could
have never imagined.
But while the children in Thornwell’s care are
thriving, this ministry is now feeling the stressful
impact of the recession in our fund-raising program.
Revenue is down 25% compared to this same time
period last year, but we are certain that through
careful budgeting, the support of Thornwell’s faithful
friends and the grace of God, our ministry together
will continue to offer hope and wholeness to hurting
children for years to come.
I hope you will prayerfully consider a gift to
Thornwell. If you have already given, I ask you
to consider another gift during this particularly
challenging year.
Thank you for making this ministry possible, and for
all you do for our children. Please keep us in your
Robert W. (Skip) Stansell, Jr.
Onnor Roll
Congratulations to all our students who made
honor roll for the third nine weeks.
Making the all A Honor Roll were Jessica H.,
Katlyn K., Tammie K., and Joseph R.
The students on the AB Honor Roll were Haley
C., Alexis D., Chris F., Stephanie F., Jessica H.,
Savannah J., Corey L., Donald M., Kamel M.,
Khalima M., Keisha R., Chantel R., Alexis S.,
Latrevet T., and Devon W.
Chris F. and Latrevet T. were honored at the
Clinton High School Academic Awards ceremony
for earning positions in the top ten percent of their
classes. Chris also received a full scholarship to
attend the Hugh O’Brian Leadership conference
at Erskine College this summer.
In April, the traditional Accelerated Reader Pizza
and Ice Cream Party was held in the Turner Dining
Hall to celebrate the reading achievements of
Thornwell students.
During the third nine weeks of the school year,
we had a record number of students (41) meet their
Accelerated Reader reading goals! Our top eight points
earners were:
Caroline - 209 pts., Chris - 136 pts., Sadie - 92 pts.,
Morgan - 69 pts., Joseph R. - 50 pts., Randy - 49 pts.,
Kirsten - 37 pts., and Jamie - 36 pts.
Each nine-weeks, students are encouraged to check out
books from The Learning Center and commit from
20 to 30 minutes a day to reading. As an incentive,
point goals are set according to the age/reading level
of each child and points are awarded based on the
number of books read. Students must take and pass
a comprehension test after reading each book to earn
Our summer program in reading and math will take
place from June 14 until August 5. All students in
grades 10 and below will receive instruction in math
for 50 minutes per day using the Accelerated Math
Program, and they will be able to check out books to
read over the summer.
Thornwell Students (L to R) Caroline, Chris, Jamie, Randy, Sadie and Joseph
Faith Development
and Christian Nurture
Wading in
Confirmation Journey
For six weeks this spring (April 18-May 23, 2010) the
church staff offered a confirmation class to members
of our campus family, 12 years and older.
We had a wonderful time together as we met each
Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour to
learn the essentials of the Christian faith and to give
class members opportunities to express their faith.
Confirmation lessons included an introduction to the
Bible and Bible skills, worship and how it reflects our
theology, and writing faith statements. In addition,
Thornwell’s President, Skip Stansell, and his wife,
Peggy took the time to share their faith stories with
the children.
Eleven Thornwell youth participated in the
confirmation journey. At the end of the six weeks,
students who completed the required classes and
received approval by the Session were given the
opportunity to be confirmed in church during
worship on Pentecost Sunday at Hartness-Thornwell
Memorial Presbyterian Church.
On a beautiful Pentecost Sunday in May three
Thornwell boys made their public professions of
faith and their Thornwell family promised to support
Following six weeks of confirmation classes, Marcell
Roberts, Jaquell Davis, and Raysean McDuffie were
examined by the Session of Hartness-Thornwell
Presbyterian Church and professed their desire to
walk in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jaquell and
Raysean were baptized. Marcell had been baptized
earlier in his life. “This is the most important day
of my life,” said Raysean. “I will never forget this
The boys were among eleven Thornwell children
who took part in Confirmation classes offered by
Finley Sutton, Hartness-Thornwell’s Christian
Educator. The other children will join the church at
a later date.
Tiny hands test the waters of baptism.
On Saturday, April 24, everyone in the class traveled
to the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen to complete a
service project. During this special time of service,
our children had the opportunity to experience
helping others by preparing and serving a meal to
the homeless.
“Confirmation is a process of learning and experiencing what it
means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.” Thornwell Christian Educator Finley Sutton.
the Waters
“Wha a privilege to be a part of their Christian
journeys,” said Finley. “While their questions can
keep me on my toes, their child-like faith is always
an inspiration to me!”
Thornwell staffer and preacher for the day, Larry
Owens, officiated at the baptisms and confirmations.
“When a child looks at you and tells you he’s ready
to follow Jesus, you believe him!” said Larry.
“Having talked with them, it’s clear to me that the
Holy Spirit is at work in their lives.”
With more than 100 children and Family Teachers
in worship, church services are always energetic
and full of spontaneity. “These kids keep us on the
edge of our spiritual seats!” said Finley. “One can
never tell how the Spirit will move among us but
it’s always refreshing.”
Thornwell elementary school children bake bread for
Communion Sunday.
Baking Bread for Communion
During the first week of April, the younger children
gathered in the kitchen on the first floor of the Nelson
Building to sift flour, roll-out dough, bake fresh bread
and learn all about Communion and why it is an
important part of Christian life.
“It is a time to remember all that Christ has done
for each of us,” says Finley. “It also shows our
participation in the body of Christ when we come
together in communion and worship. The children
and I are baking enough bread to share with everyone
in our congregation on Communion Sunday.”
L to R: Rev. Larry Owens with Thornwell youth
Jaquell, Raysean and Marcell.
Welcome Thornwell
Board of Visitors
We had two glorious spring days for our annual
Board of Visitors meeting on campus April 29-30.
This year we welcomed sixty members of the Board,
a group of women and men from across Florida,
Georgia, and South Carolina who serve as Thornwell
advocates in their local churches and communities.
Friendships were renewed, new relationships
were established, and a great spirit of energy and
excitement about Thornwell’s ministry found
During the two days, the Board of Visitors heard
several presentations and experienced a kind of
immersion in Thornwell. Lindy Scott and Susan
Mattison described the application and admissions
process, sharing information on the backgrounds
from which children come to Thornwell and telling
how admissions decisions are made. Board members
visited the Learning Center and Norman Dover to see
how academic support is provided to the children.
Then they went to the Agriculture Education Center
(the farm) to learn from Melanie Birchmore about the
classes and animals and 4-H projects there.
Board of Visitors Honor Distinguished Benefactor
During their visit, the Board of Visitors bestowed honors for outstanding service to
the Bailey Foundation of Clinton and to staff members, Jim and Becky Brown.
Chairman John Anderson of Lexington, SC recognized the Bailey Foundation as
Thornwell’s Distinguished Benefactor of 2010. He traced the life and example of
Mercer Silas Bailey and his great legacy of community support. Anderson said that
through the Bailey Foundation, “the shadow of Mercer Silas Bailey continues to
be cast across this area in a remarkable way, and especially across the Thornwell
campus and into the lives of the hundreds of children who have called this campus
home.” The Foundation’s first gift to Thornwell was made in 1953, and for 49
consecutive years the Bailey Foundation has continued to support the ministry.
George Cornelson accepted the award on behalf of the Bailey Foundation trustees.
Then on to the cottages, where our Visitors spent
time with the children and Family Teachers and heard
about what life in the cottage families is like. From
there, the entire campus gathered in the Turner Dining
Hall for a delicious supper. Following the meal, we
celebrated the recognition of the Bailey Foundation
of Clinton, SC, as 2010 Distinguished Benefactor.
In attendance on behalf of the Bailey Foundation
were Bob Link of Carolina First Bank, and Ann
and George Cornelson of the Bailey Foundation.
Thornwell Family Teachers, Jim and Becky Brown
were the recipients of the 2010 Distinguished Service
After dinner, the church staff talked with the Board
about the life of the campus church and the work
of Christian nurture here. They were aided in their
presentation by Thornwell youths Jessica Haddad,
Sheryl Richardson, and Randy Walthall.
The Board next spent some time in dialogue with
Dr. William Weary, a strategic planning consultant,
who is assisting Thornwell’s Trustees in developing
a vision and plan for the future. That discussion was
followed by a presentation from members of the
Development staff who described the important work
of fundraising and public relations, especially on
communication of the story and the opportunities for
support of Thornwell’s ministry.
The annual gathering of our Board of Visitors on
the campus is a time of genuine fun and excitement
for all of us. We are deeply grateful for all that these
wonderful friends and advocates do to bear witness to
Thornwell’s ministry to God’s children.
On Friday morning, the Board enjoyed a conversation
with Adam and Leah Hucks, Greg and Suzanne
Humphreys, and Danny and Ashley Smith. These
Family Teachers told how they came to Thornwell
and talked about their sense of God’s call to this
ministry with children. In response to questions, they
described how they work with the children and what
they seek to teach them as they live together in the
family setting.
and Distinguished Service Recipients for 2010.
Family Teachers, Jim and Becky Brown, were honored with the Board of Visitors’
2010 Distinguished Service Award. The Browns have served at Thornwell for 13
years in Stewart Cottage, Thornwell’s home dedicated to children ages 2 to 6 years
old. Their outstanding work with pre-school aged children in residential care led
to the collaboration of a published curriculum for teaching social skills to young
children. In 2008, the Browns were awarded the Lonnie and Elaine Phillips Award
by the Teaching Family Association and were recognized as the association’s
Practitioners of the Year. Lovingly called “Mommy and Daddy Brown” by more
than 100 children over their 13 year careers, Chairman Anderson recognized the
Browns for their “faithful and exemplary service to Thornwell and to the Teaching
Family Association.”
Sara Jo Cottage:
Welcome to the Sara Jo Cottage Zoo
by Thornwell college student, Jolie Odom
One house, two Family Teachers and seven college or
young adults, hormones, successes and
career-bound yo
struggles, personalities, complicated relationships…
Yeah, the circus has nothing on us.
Sara Jo, you probably figured out by now, is a coed,
college-student-filled, cottage at Thornwell. The
program is called the Preparation for Independent
Living program. After that horrible stage I call high
school (thank gosh that’s over) students who want
and are determined to go to college, move to Sara Jo.
Sometimes it feels like a zoo with so many people in
one house, but that’s not always a bad thing! We may
not all be together all the time, but in the end, we are
each other’s body guards, advisors and shoulders to
lean on - always there when someone needs a laugh.
What I’m saying is, in this cottage, there is always
going to be someone who has your back.
During the summer, just like the milk container in
the fridge that is always empty, (I plead guilty) our
cottage is pretty empty. Four of the seven of us are
off-campus working summer jobs.
So while there’s a quiet moment, it would be my
pleasure to take you all on a tour of the Sara Jo Zoo
and introduce you to all the monkeys who live here.
For your safety, please keep your hands inside the
vehicle at all times, and no poking the monkeys!
The first of the bunch is Amanda Shelnutt.
Amanda is working at Camp Hollymont in North
Carolina for the summer. Random fact: no one calls
Amanda by her name. I call her Shell, or Shelly
(after she convinced me to name my hamster after
her) but everyone calls her Shelnutt. She attends
Winthrop University (yes, with me) and is majoring
in psychology with a double minor in studio art and
art history.
Preparing Young Adults for Success!
Shelly will be coming back to the cottage just in time
to go back to school in August. She will graduate in
May 2011.
Celeste Houston
I know Celeste lives with us, but I never see her.
Right now she is away working at camp Merriwood.
She attends North Greenville University and will
be begin her junior year in August. She is majoring
in youth leadership. Celeste wants to work with
at-risk youth after graduation. At the beginning of
the summer she went on a wilderness camping trip
called Journey in the mountains of Tennessee. She’s
very adventurous!
Chance Reynolds
Chance is our cottage jokester and the only guy
living in Sara Jo besides our Family Teacher,
Mr. Conner. For those rainy, bad-mood days, his
personality really comes in handy. Chance is waiting
on acceptance to Lander University this fall. He
wants to major in Psychology. His career goal is
to be a Family Teacher. He is working at Camp
Fellowship this summer.
Omekia Headen
Omekia (we call her Mekia) just recently moved
in. She graduated from Clinton High School in
May, and works at Bi-Lo. Mekia will be attending
Clemson University this fall as a freshman majoring
in biology. She plans to one day be a neurosurgeon.
“High school graduation was the best thing that
happened to me this summer,” she says. As a new
college student, Mekia is looking forward to meeting
new people and taking classes.
Latrevet Thomas
Latrevet will be moving to Sara Jo this summer. She
is still looking for work. Jobs are scarce everywhere,
but especially in a small town like Clinton. She will
be a freshman at the College of Charleston majoring
in biology. Latrevet wants to be a pediatric surgeon.
Sara Jo Cottage
(continued from page 9)
Patience Connelley
Patience or “Petunia” as Shell calls her, works at
Subway and will soon be leaving for Job Corps in
Kentucky. She wants to have a career in computer
technology. “My funniest memory this summer
so far was getting my face painted at the Georgia
Aquarium,” Patience says. “I am looking forward to
learning new skills for the real world when I am in
Job Corps.”
Jolie Odom
Me! Okay. This should be easy. As of a few days
ago (hold the applause) I started a summer job,
working at Mc Donald’s (you may applaud now).
So when you see the golden arches, think of me and
all those french-fries. Yum! I will be a sophomore
this fall at Winthrop University. I am majoring in
special education, and I am considering a career in
animal therapy, and hope to work with mentally and
developmentally challenged persons.
The Conners
The Conners
We cannot forget our terrific zoo keepers - April
and Caleb Conner. Ms. April and Mr. Caleb are,
of course, our Family Teachers at Sara Jo Cottage.
The Conners have been at Thornwell for six years.
They have a big job keeping track of all seven of us,
but they do a great job. They are wonderful Family
So, that’s the end of the tour. I hope you’ve had as
much fun learning about the Sara Jo Cottage Zoo as I
have had being your tour guide!
What do we want you to know most about the monkeys of Sara Jo Cottage?
That we are here to create a successful future for ourselves – that we are
headed in the right direction - that we learn skills such as saving money and
budgeting and goal setting - that we are painting our own futures...
that we are Sara Jo Cottage.
Tea Anyone?
A Tea Party at the Home of Peace
Many thanks to our Thornwell Board of Visitors
members, Lisa Brown and Thelma Considine, and
their friends Frances and Caroline Beach, Debby
Paduszynski, and Eleanor Neumeyer for hosting a
lovely afternoon tea for the ladies of Thornwell.
The event was held at the Home of Peace on
Saturday, April 24, and was well attended!
Along with several varieties of hot and cold teas
including, Mango Pineapple Chili, Acai Blueberry and
Rooibos (Redbush) tea, guests had their choice of an
array of delicious, decadent, homemade desserts.
During this fun time of fellowship, Thornwell
Alumnae, Wilma Young, Mary Alice Mundy and Flo
Dowdle graciously conducted tours of the Home of
Peace. The ladies brought several photo albums and
shared with the guests some of their experiences as
they grew up on Thornwell’s campus. Thanks Wilma,
Mary Alice and Flo, for your willingness to share your
Thornwell stories with this generation of Thornwell
In addition to hosting this wonderful event, Lisa and
Thelma also held a fundraiser to benefit Thornwell at
Lisa’s home in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The ladies
served a dinner featuring South African cuisine, hosted
a wine tasting, and held a silent auction. Approximately
50 guests attended. The event raised over $3,300!
“As Thornwell Board of Visitors members, we
really want to do as much as we can to help support
and encourage the children of Thornwell.” said
Lisa. “We feel blessed to be able to help.”
During the last week of April, Lisa and Thelma
traveled back to Thornwell’s campus from
Richmond Hill, Georgia to attend the annual
Thornwell Board of Visitors meeting. We are so
grateful for the care and support these ladies give to
Thornwell’s children!
Lisa and Thelma operate Hale Tea Company, an
online purveyor of fine teas and tea accessories.
Visit them at
Celebrating the outstanding work of
Family Teacher Appreciation Day
On Tuesday, May 18, Thornwell held its sixth
annual Family Teacher Appreciation Day to
honor the work of Thornwell’s dedicated Family
Teachers. The theme this year was a “Country
Hoedown” and everyone dressed the part: straw
hats, western shirts and handkerchiefs, cowboy
boots (or no shoes at all), and overalls – Yee Haw!
The celebration began with generous helpings of
barbeque, cold slaw, baked beans, sweet potato
casserole, iced tea, and lemonade, all provided
by Mutts Barbeque of Greenville, SC. Strawberry
shortcake made for a fine dessert while a drawing
for all sorts of prizes took place – gift cards for
Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Outback and Best
Buy were among the prizes awarded.
Following lunch, guests were called to order
with an ear-piercing “Yee-Haw” delivered by
Thornwell’s talented Teaching Family Programs
Director, Keri Chavis. All Family Teachers were
recognized for their time of service at Thornwell.
Each was given the official Family Teacher
Appreciation Day T-Shirt designed by Family
Teachers, Chris Broecker, Adam Hucks, and
Danny Smith.
In announcing the award for 2010 Teaching-Family
Practitioner of the Year, Programs Director Keri
Chavis, said, “I’m not really sure what to say about
the extraordinary level of care this couple provides
to the girls in their cottage, other than to say that
the work of this couple is a shining example of
what Teaching-Family should be.”
Congratulations to Berkele Family Teachers, Adam
and Leah Hucks, Thornwell’s 2010 TeachingFamily Practitioners of the Year! As the recipients
of this award, they will have the opportunity to
attend the National Teaching-Family Conference
Thornwell’s Family Teachers
May 18, 2010
in Columbus, Ohio later in the year and be
recognized for their accomplishments.
Later, Lindy Scott, Thornwell’s VP of Children
and Family Ministries was appointed the official
“Sheriff ” of Thornwell. Understanding the
enormous scope of her duties, Lindy called on
Quick-draw Josh (Gruber), deputizing him as
FT in charge of the grassy area in front of the
Learning Center.
Taking his appointment seriously, Deputy Josh
decreed there will be no loitering allowed in this
designated area. This includes squirrels, chipmunks
and birds of any-kind.
Eagle-Eye Leah (Hucks) was appointed FT
deputy in charge of the parking lot in front of The
Administration building. All cars Deputy EagleEye is unfamiliar with will be towed by tractor to
the pasture.
And finally, Pitch-fork Ashley (Smith) was
appointed FT deputy in charge of the farm.
Guests caught riding pigs without permission
should consider themselves uninvited to the
spring “Pig-Pickin.”
In addition to the awards ceremony, a Pickle-eating
Contest and a Hog-calling Contest took place.
Family-Teacher Eric Smith was pronounced the
indisputable winner of BOTH of these prestigious
Winning the award for the day’s “best-dressed”
was Family Teacher, Chris Broecker. The
afternoon ending with a fast-paced (well, sorta)
square dance. At the end of the day everyone felt
satisfyingly full and much appreciated.
Thanks Children and Family Ministries staff for a
wonderful day!
What does it mean to be a
Family Teacher?
Who knew there was such a thing as a Family Teacher?
We didn’t! When Adam and I first felt God calling us into
this ministry we had no idea what we were getting into. Our
experience with kids included all kinds of special moments
from working with children at summer camp to leading
college freshmen in Bible study. We had a lot of fun, but
those things were not the same as teaching
kids what family really looks like.
In 2005, Adam and I were in the process
of making some changes in our life. Better
yet, God was in the process of making
some changes in Adam and me. Adam was
working in research and development with
a bioengineering firm. I was working as an
accountant at Clemson. We had bought
our first home and had two children who
were one and three years old.
Then, everything changed. Through
the course of six months we went from
thinking we should financially support
children’s homes to being called to work in
Our jobs are not easy. Days can be very difficult and at
times, exhausting. Sometimes we struggle with balance and
making sure all ten of our girls get the attention they need.
Sometimes we fall short. Still, we trust that God brought
us here and that He is working here. Any struggles we may
face as Family Teachers, He can handle.
So what does it mean to be a
Family Teacher? To us, it means
more than fun vacations and tearfilled moments clapping loudly
for all of our kids’ achievements.
Those things are great but it means
sometimes being the bad guy when
a kid is saying or doing things that
need guidance and redirection.
Being a Family Teacher means
taking time to pray with each child
when the day has been long. It
means thinking about each girl
as you’re making a grocery list
because each kid needs to know
that someone loves them enough to
make their favorite meal sometimes.
It means having Justin Bieber
on your personal iPod because
inevitably one of your kids is going
to ask to listen to him.
In April of 2006, we made the move (and
huge life change) to Thornwell. Sarah’s
Family Teacher Practitioners of the Year,
Cottage was the first home we worked
Adam & Leah Hucks
in, and we were quickly involved in the
lives of seven amazing little girls.
Being a Family Teacher means giving a hug to a child
We were thrilled! Not only were we working with these
when she knows she has messed up and because you
terrific kids, but our two little terrific kids were right there
remember her burden is heavy and she needs it lifted - even
in the middle of it all. Our new life was more than we could
if it’s just for a moment. It means caring enough to realize
have ever imagined!
that being a kid is hard, and grace is one of the greatest
teaching tools we have.
Fast forward and here we are, summer 2010. Our now eight
“big” girls are in middle and high school. Our two “little”
People always ask us how long we expect to do this. Well,
girls just celebrated turning six and eight years old. We are
we hope to do it for a very long time. We hope to see
so blessed to work as a team with an incredibly godly couple
our eight “big” girls finish high school and follow their
who take ministry very seriously as they raise their two
progress into the adult world. We hope to be used by God
precious children right along with the others.
to glorify Him through the lives of many more children in
years to come. Right at the moment, we just want to enjoy
We continue to be blessed by the support we receive from
each of our ten girls and to continue to learn and teach
Thornwell staff and our cottage sponsors. We feel like we
them about the Lord, life and being a family.
work with some of the kindest people on the planet.
“It means caring enough to realize that being a kid is hard, and grace
is one of the greatest teaching tools we have.” Thornwell Family Teacher, Leah Hucks
Thanks FPC Pensacola, Florida!
purchase new whiteboards for The Learning Center.
On Monday, it was off to work for everyone! The
group divided into teams. Several volunteers went to
work on the Wilson Cottage deck project, while others
painted walls in The Learning Center, in preparation
for the arrival of new whiteboards. In the afternoons,
another team hosted activites at the church for
Thornwell’s children.
We were pleased to have a very enthusiastic group of
volunteers on campus for an entire week this summer
from First Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, FL.
On Thursday afternoon, with the Wilson Cottage
deck completed and the walls in The Learning Center
painted, the group gathered at the MAC (Marshall
Activity Center) for a farewell dinner with our
Thornwell Family. Following dinner, Nancy Lindeman
and Ann Felten thanked the group for their hard work
and presented them with a copy of Dr. Jacob’s diary for
their church library.
After a late-afternoon arrival on Saturday, the
group set-up “camp” down by the lake. On Sunday
morning, everyone attended worship at HartnessThornwell Memorial Church where they received a
warm welcome by the congregation.
The week ended with singing, dancing and goodbye
hugs. Many thanks, FPC Pensacola, for your
commitment of time and resources to accomplishing
these wonderful projects, and for spending a week of
your summer with us!
Following the service, Thornwell staff members,
Nancy Lindeman and Bill Tiller, conducted a tour of
the campus and shared with the group a little about
Thornwell’s history and how Thornwell nurtures and
cares for children today.
At the end of the tour, these gracious volunteers
presented a check to Thornwell for $7000. The money
was to cover the cost of materials the group would
use to build a new deck for Wilson Cottage, and to
With much appreciation to our
Stewart Cottage Team
Dear Friends of Stewart Cottage,
What a difference a renovation makes!
One can only imagine how different life will be after
a home is renovated, and in my wildest dreams, I
never imagined how wonderful it would be to move
back into a newly-renovated Stewart Cottage.
We have been back in Stewart Cottage for seven
months, and we like it better every day. It is home –
for children and Family Teachers alike. The children
are so happy with it that they often don’t want to go
anywhere and, when we do, they are always eager to
“go home.” It is a cheerful place, and a place we are
all happy to be.
The children, ages 2 to 6, don’t really know how to
say thank you but they make little comments that
say it all. When the doorbell rings all the children
go running to the door. Often they know the guest;
sometimes they do not. But, whether they know you
or not, they often say, “Do you want to see my new
room?” They proceed to show their bed, their closet,
the colorful walls, they talk about their “special”
sheets and comforters; they even start getting out
all their toys and telling the guest if they had this
particular toy a long time, or if it is new like “our
Stewart Cottage.”
Our little ones are not allowed to go in the kitchen,
especially when the oven is hot and there are pans on
the stove. One day when Daddy Brown was taking
the children to school, he and Jackson, age 3, had a
conversation that went something like this:
Jackson: “Daddy Brown, I see a newspaper.”
Daddy Brown: “What does it say, Jackson?”
Jackson: “I don’t know. I can’t read.”
Daddy Brown: “Well, one day when you get bigger
you will be able to read.”
Jackson: “When I get bigger, I will be able to go in
our new kitchen. I like our kitchen. It’s got lots of
drawers and doors.”
We are so appreciative of our new home and so
thankful to all who helped to make it possible. Your
donation gave us new walls - bright and colorful,
new carpet, new flooring, new tile, new bathtubs,
new countertops and so many things ---- even new
“drawers and doors” (what adults call cabinets) in
the kitchen. No one person could do it all! It takes
a team. We are thankful for each one of you and
pray God’s blessings on each member of our Stewart
Cottage Team!!!
People who love you when you need to be loved are
your family. We, in Stewart Cottage, are one big
happy family. And, being a big happy family in such
a beautiful home makes life, and love, and family just
a little more special.
With thanks,
Becky Brown,
Stewart Cottage Family Teacher for the Stewart
Cottage Team –Jim Brown, Suzanne Humphreys
and Greg Humphreys
Jerry Black
Marietta, GA
Want to help? Call Nancy
Carolina First Bank
Clinton, SC
Lindeman at 864.938.2734
Paul & Joann Collins
to pledge your support today!
Burnsville, NC
Lynn & Jeral Cooper
Clinton, SC
Wm. R. “Billy” & Ann Crockett
Summerville, SC
Graham Foundation
Greenville, SC
John I. Smith Charities
Greenville, SC
George & Ladson Kesler
Hoschton, GA
Koinonia/First Scots Presbyterian Church
Charleston, SC
Lipscomb Family Foundation
Columbia, SC
Bob Markley
Hilton Head, SC
Dean & Sara Lynn Sellers
Charlotte, NC
Southern Mutual Church
Insurance Co.
Lexington, SC
Steve & Laurie Weideman
Morrow, OH
**includes donations received before 6/9/2010
ttage Ren
**Many thanks to the following donors
whose contributions are providing the funds to
construct an additional bedroom at Berkele
We’re almost there! Only $7,400 needed to
complete the renovation of Berkele Cottage.
Berkele Cottage Renovation
Coming Soon!
Good News:
Charitable Gift Annuity Rates are Increasing!
Beginning July 1, charitable gift annuity rates will
increase for most donors. This is great news for the
many friends of Thornwell. Donors who set up a
charitable gift annuity will not only receive the great
satisfaction of supporting Thornwell’s ministry to
children, but also receive greater payouts on their
Charitable gift annuities are especially attractive
for people who have highly appreciated stocks that
produce no dividends. By creating a gift annuity,
donors can often achieve substantial tax relief
and gain an income stream for themselves or a
designated recipient.
Setting up a gift annuity with Thornwell as the
beneficiary is quite easy. Our friends at the
Presbyterian Foundation provide professional skill
with a pastoral, personal touch to facilitate the
For over 50 years, the Presbyterian Foundation
has partnered with Presbyterian congregations
and related organizations to provide donors with
guaranteed lifetime income as well as meaningful
philanthropic support. For thousands of donors and
thousands of beneficiary organizations each year,
the Presbyterian Foundation is a trusted partner in
bringing people and mission together.
“As a national organization, the Foundation manages
a large number of life-income gifts on behalf of
donors and the organizations they care about. In
addition to the capable staff at Thornwell, donors can
also call on the Foundation’s resources to ensure that
gifts are managed carefully and in a cost-effective
fashion,” said Paul Grier, Regional Vice-President,
Eastern USA and Acting Chief Development Officer
for the Presbyterian Foundation.
“Donors can enjoy the benefits of a guaranteed lifetime
income (a portion of which is free of income taxes),
as well as an immediate charitable deduction for those
donors who itemize. Gifts of appreciated securities are
especially attractive, in that a portion of capital gains are
free of income taxes,” Grier explained.
The Presbyterian Foundation’s current rate schedule is
downloadable at
Please give this opportunity prayerful consideration as
you plan your estate and make provisions for charitable
At Thornwell, contact Bill Tiller, Major Gifts and Planned
Giving Officer – [email protected] / 864.938.2715.
Reach Mr. Grier at [email protected] / 1.866.258.1779
toll free.
The power to give more...
and to receive more with a
charitable gift annuity.
Be part of the caring ministry of Thornwell Home for Children.
Designate a gift in memory or honor of someone you love. Your gift will not
only help the children of Thornwell, but it will live on as a lasting legacy to
someone who made a difference in your life.
February 1, 2010 –
May 31, 2010
Mr. Mark H. Abernethy
Salisbury, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.
Mrs. Vera A. Abney
Swainsboro, GA
Mrs. Bettye H. Fabris
Mr. Charles R. Allen
Mount Croghan, SC
Mrs. Sylvia B. Rushing
Mrs. Myrtle Strickland
Cairo, GA
Tuffy, Becky & Kip
Mr. Robert B. Anderson
Jonesborough, TN
Ms. Beth Yarborough
Mr. Vernon T. Anderson
First Presbyterian
Church Anderson Bible
Class, Union, SC
Mr. Willie P. Anderson
Clinton, SC
Mrs. Maryann C. Abbott
Mr. Edwin K. Ashe, Sr.
North Augusta, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Ken
Oliphant; James & Kay
Ashe; Mr. James H.
Hinton; Ms. Alacia R.
Miller; Jeff & Carol
Wilson; Charlton &
Lois Kirkpatrick; Kirby
Ashe’s Work Group
at Savannah River
Nuclear Solutions,
Aiken, SC; Ms. Amy
Slocum – McQ Inc.,
Fredericksburg, VA; Mr.
& Mrs. John W. Arnold;
Rehab Department of
University Hospital,
Augusta, GA
Mrs. Harriet Welsh
Clinton, SC
Mr. Charles W. Wofford
& Mrs. Nancy B.
Mrs. Evelyn Beatty
Oakridge, TN
Bill & Sarah Seelmann
Mr. Richard “Hank”
Bennett, III
Boiling Springs, SC
Mrs. Patsy E. Young
Mrs. M’Liss Cook
DeBary, FL
Mr. Russell E. Benton
Mrs. Peggy Bettis
Union, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood R.
Mrs. Polly H. Biddle
Columbia, SC
Ms. Dorothy S. Buff,
The Staff at Nan’s Notes,
Columbia, SC; Mrs.
Lenora W. Holman;
South Carolina DHEC,
Columbia, SC; Mr. &
Mrs. Charles M. Berry;
Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Varni, South Carolina
DHEC – Division
of Compliance and
Enforcement, Bureau
of Land & Waste
Management, Columbia,
SC (Sandra Snyder,
Michaela Kraus, Kathy
Williams, Beverly
McLeod, Helen Grant,
Shanetra Green, Claire
Prince, Charlie Strange,
Lisa McKnight, Lisa
Yeager, Clyde Buchanan,
Sherell Stevens, Mair
DePratter, Bobby Lee,
Carroll Burley & Cheryl
Coleman); Mr. Elliott R.
Ficklin, III & Dr. Judith
A. Whiting
Mr. Tom Bilderback
Wayside, WV
Mrs. Gail B. Dean
Mrs. Rose Bisesti
Lake Grove, NY
Sue & John Yurgealitis
Mr. Tom Blackwell
Rosemary & Wayne
Mr. Herbert Andrew
Washington, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson W.
Farrell, Sr.
Mr. Burris Baker
Ruby, SC
Mrs. Sylvia B. Rushing
Mr. Robert E. Blake
Williamsburg, VA
Mrs. Dixie L. Blake
Mrs. Shirley D. Barker
Orangeburg, SC
Ms. Adina E. Allen
Mrs. Josephine “Jo”
Panama City, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mr. Steve Bass
Leesville, SC
Pete & Ilene Buckles
Mr. Anthony E. Blome
Cincinnati, OH
Mr. John M. Jones, Jr.
Dr. John Calvin Bonner
Mount Pleasant, SC
Ms. Nancy H. McIver;
Mr. & Mrs. William
E. Craver, Jr.; Mrs.
Elizabeth B. Tiller; Ms.
France S. Wilson; Mr. &
Mrs. Timothy W. Bouch;
Ms. Yvonne C. Chandler
Mrs. Dorothy A.
Mount Dora, FL
John & Dottie Andrews
Mrs. Nellie Hope
Crestview, FL
Vida Osburn & Olive
Rev. and Mrs. Samuel P.
Bowles, Sr.
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Samuel
P. Bowles, Jr.
Mrs. Auverne Brady
Sandy Springs, GA
Dot & John Moss
Mrs. Bette Brady
Glen Mills, PA
Ed & Betty Whigham
Mrs. Lula Breakfield
Franklin, VA
Juanita & Joe Vaughan
Mr. John Knox Bretch
Marietta, GA
Mrs. Bessie Anne Bretch
Mr. Jack T. Bridges
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Dr. and Mrs. Jack W.
Statesboro, GA
George & Sylvia B.
Mr. Clyde
N. Browder, Sr.
Chapin, SC
Mt. Hebron United
Methodist Church Agape
Sunday School Class,
West Columbia, SC
CWO4 Charles E.
Brown USN (Ret.)
Summerville, SC
Mrs. Lucille V. Brown
Mrs. Janet Brown
Haines City, FL
Mrs. Alice C. Rogers
Mrs. Margie Roberts
York, SC
Greg & Bonnie Tone
Ms. Donna Burgohy
Saint Petersburg, FL
Mrs. Virginia B. Irving
Mr. George Bush
Hilton Head, SC
Meredith & Jim Carlen
Mrs. Emily Elizabeth
Folk Carter
Rick & Barrie Kelly
Mrs. Virginia B. Coker
Lagrange, GA
William & Joann Pruitt
Mr. William H. Byers
Panama City, FL
Mr. Ellis E. Fowhand
Mrs. Lisa W. Carter
Marietta, GA
Mary Nell & Jim Kerr
Mrs. Alma Gagnon
Lake Worth, FL
Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent
Pierotti, Jr.
Ms. Nell Carter
Marietta, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Watkins
Mrs. Valerie Q. Colbert
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Lanier and your friends
at Lanier and Company,
PA, Sanford, FL
Mr. Thomas O.
Callaway, Jr.
Clarkesville, GA
Mrs. Anne A. Callaway
Mr. Earl M. Campbell
Crestview, FL
Ms. Helen C. Wernet &
Family; Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt
E. Addison, Sr.; The
Leon Curenton Family
Mr. Ferrin C.
Campbell, Jr.
Laurel Hill, FL
Mrs. June E. Campbell
Mrs. Gretchen Palas
Shelby, NC
Dr. John D. Campbell,
Mr. Richard Cash
Dawsonville, GA
Willa L. Avery
Mrs. Rosa G. Cashion
Columbia, SC
Rosa & Eddie Williams
Mr. Martin Cassidy
Cantonment, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Mr. Frank A.
Cermak, Jr.
Tallahassee, FL
Rev. & Mrs. James L.
Peacock, Jr.; Mrs. Mary
L. Grafe
Mr. Ray Chestnut
Modoc, SC
Mrs. Martha J. King
Mr. Robert T. Clark
Palatka, FL
Mrs. Pat C. Mobley
Mrs. Myrtis B. Colson
Lake City, FL
Mr. Linwood E. Colson
Mr. George “Bubba”
Cook, Jr.
Pensacola, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mr. Ken Cooper
Aiken, SC
Mrs. Beverly M. Cooper
Mrs. Lucretia Daniel
Charlotte, NC
Mrs. Neely Todd
Mrs. Leila Corbett
Bishopville, SC
Rev. Robert H. Brozina
Mr. Ivan Corley
Jeff & Tonya Brock
Miss Misty Michelle
Esto, FL
Mrs. Bertha Infinger;
Wini & Bill SteadleyCampbell
Mrs. Hester Rebecca
Mr. & Mrs. David A.
Mrs. Doris Cobb
Greenville, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Keith R.
Mrs. Clyde Carpenter
Ocala, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Capt. Norm Cockroft
Mr. James F. Dorroh
Mr. William “Will”
Belton Oneil
Courtney, III
Newberry, FL
Bill & Sarah Seelmann
Mrs. Rachel Frye Cohen
New York, NY
Suzanne & Mark Fowley
Mr. Charles Cox
Sumter, SC
Jim & Winnie Gee
Mrs. Amelia G. Carroll
Miami, FL
Ms. Beverly C. Dodds
Mrs. Caroline H.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mrs. Susan Gillespie
Georgetown, SC
Sara & John Murphy
Mr. William B. Gillam
Barnwell, SC
Mrs. A. W. Flynn
Arnold & Sally
Schraibman; Mackey &
Frank Norris
Ms. Mary Frances
Al & Patricia Bridges
Col. James F. Culp
Columbia, SC
Patty & Andy Tuite
Mrs. Rose Marie Ellison
Rock Hill, SC
Mrs. Rose Neel M. Todd
Mr. Earl Glasscock
Lexington, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W.
Mrs. Louise Withers
Columbia, SC
Ms. Judith C. Hair
Mrs. Wava Czerwinski
Milford, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R.
Mrs. Barbara Lee
Friendsville, TN
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Arthur Allen
Charleston, SC
Mrs. Jean M. Welch
Mr. Marion C. Handley
Fayetteville, GA
Dermatology Associates
of Atlanta, P.C., Atlanta,
GA; Mr. & Mrs. Ray M.
Mrs. Laura L. Dame
Atlanta, GA
Ms. Barbara D. Houze
Mr. Sam A. Ferguson
Abbeville, SC
James and Becky F.
Mrs. Martha Godwin
Hanahan, SC
Mr. William R.
Godwin, II
Rev. Jack Davis
Clinton, SC
Joe & Joy Davis Deitz
Mr. Jim Davis
Sutton, WV
Winnie & Jim Gee
Mrs. Virginia Davis
Denver, NC
Ms. Carolyn S. Bush
Mr. James Deitz
Clinton, SC
Joe & Joy Davis Deitz
Mrs. Anne Sanders
Conyers, GA
Mr. Charles W. Fields
Mr. Martin F. Finnerty
Richmond, VA
Joe & Juanita Vaughan
Mr. Robert H.
Fisher, Sr.
Youngstown, FL
Mr. Ellis Fowhand
Mr. Alexander “Bunce”
Reddick, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Merle E.
Longwood, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mrs. Altha Mae Seiler
Reddick, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mrs. Frances Cotton
Lynn Haven, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Frances James
Accokeek, MD
Mrs. Margaret C.
Mr. Dan Foster
Greenville, SC
Meredith & Jim Carlen
Gail, Lynn, Julian,
Steven and Sidney
Forest Park, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua A.
Mrs. Eileen Dowdle
Clinton, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth
Mr. Ed Downs
Lynn Haven, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mr. Randy Driggers
Atlanta, GA
Mike & Nancy
Mr. Albert E. Eads, Sr.
Summerville, SC
Dr. & Mrs. Albert E.
Eads, Jr.
Mr. Albert Ebelein
Greenville, SC
Mrs. Dollie Walton
Mrs. Margaret J.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mr. Elmo Edwards
Mrs. Nancy Morgan
Mr. Gary Richard
Hilton Head, SC
Mrs. Helen E. Soutter
Mr. Hoyt Charles Foster
Ormond Beach, FL
Mrs. Betty G. Foster
Mrs. Gertrude “Trudy”
Mr. Wesley F. Walters
Mr. Warren Gallop
Wanchese, NC
Sue & Ken Butcher
Mrs. Margaret P. Gandy
Tampa, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Anna Garber
Longwood, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Lanier and your friends
at Lanier and Company,
PA, Sanford, FL
Mr. William W. Garnett
Jacksonville, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Gale C.
Miss Frances Story Gee
Quitman, GA
First Presbyterian
Church Women,
Quitman, GA
Mr. Chris Geiselman
Pottstown, PA
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D.
Mr. Dan Gooding
Varnville, SC
Bobby & Paula Cope
Mr. Wilson J.
Gordon, Sr.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mr. Paul Green, Sr.
Union, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood R.
Mrs. Sandra C. Greene
Sumter, SC
Jim & Winnie Gee
Mr. Paul Greer
Union, SC
Joe & Juanita Vaughan
Mr. Edward “Gene”
Marietta, GA
Mary Nell & Jim Kerr
Mr. Edgar L.
Griffith, Jr.
Jackson, GA
David, Darla &Wynelle
Mrs. Louise M.
Chesterfield, SC
Mr. & Mrs. John F.
McLeod, Jr.
Mrs. Eleanore Hall
Gainesville, GA
Ms. Carol P. Eversen
Mrs. Vada L. Hamilton
Dalton, GA
Mr. Howard Hamilton
Mrs. Joan Moore
Columbia, SC
Mr. & Mrs. W. Steven
Johnson; Thursday
Study Club, Columbia,
SC; Ms. Jane R. Crosby;
Mr. & Ms. Ralph M.
Byrd; Dom & Dot
Tringali; Tom & Susan
Rhodes; Mrs. Sydney
B. Turnbull; Mr. & Mrs.
Edwin L Humphrey; Mr.
John H. Moorman, Jr.;
Mrs. Dorothy A. Craig;
Scott McElveen, L.L.P.,
Columbia, SC; Mr. &
Mrs. William B. Barron;
RADM & Mrs. Thomas
M. Ward, Jr.; Mary Lou
& Tom Jackson; Ms.
Miriam H. Bellinger;
Sally & Bill McWilliams;
Mr. William Hankins
Pensacola, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Dr. Duke E. Hanna
West Los Angeles, CA
Robert & Jean Denk
Christien and Theodore
Myrtle Beach, SC
Mrs. Frances W. Hansen
Mr. John A. Hardin
Rock Hill, SC
Mr. Charles W. Wofford
& Mrs. Nancy B.
Mrs. Jane L. Hart
Conyers, GA
Mr. Cowan M. Hart, Jr.
Mr. Harry Harter
West Columbia, SC
Bobby & Paula Cope
Mrs. Jeanette M.
Clinton, SC
Ms. Grace Y. Newsum
Mr. Gordon Hays, Jr.
Clermont, FL
Carlos & Barbara
Walker; Mrs. Margaret
H. Hays; Mr. & Mrs.
Steve E. Long; Mrs.
Valerie Hays McElroy &
Mrs. LaBruce Heist
Mauldin, SC
Charlie, Judy, Jo & Fred
Mrs. Mary Sue
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Ben and Maycie Hill
Royston, GA
Mr. Woodford J. Roberts
Mrs. Dorothy Hiott
Walterboro, SC
Mrs. Mildred F. Smoak;
Mr. & Mrs. William D.
Craig, III
Mrs. Patricia G.
McDonough, GA
Ms. Sarah B. Lee; Ms.
Nancy S. Bryant
Mrs. Mary Beeks
Greenville, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.
Dr. John W. Hubbard
Clemson, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Carl D.
Mr. Henry Hudson
Pensacola, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Mr. James Gibson Hull
Atlanta, GA
Mrs. Mary E.
Mrs. Anna Jane Hunt
Inverness, FL
Jerry & Kelly Davis
Mr. James S.
Newberry, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R.
Mr. Charles R. Jackson
Columbia, SC
Pete & Ilene Buckles
Mr. Nelson Jackson
Myrtle Beach, SC
Mrs. Louise O. Saunders
Mr. William C. Jackson
Rock Hill, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L.
Herron, Sr.
Mrs. Inez Berwick Hay
Greer, SC
Maryann & Henry
Hay; Mrs. Elizabeth
Neil; First Presbyterian
Church, Greer, SC; Ruth
& Rallie Seigler
Mrs. Juliaette Kerhulas
Union, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood R.
Llia Killgore
Mr. Woodford J. Roberts
Mr. Jennus Kilpatrick
Lynn Haven, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman;
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E.
Mrs. Elaine Kimbrell
Union, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood R.
Mrs. Anita Kinard
Irmo, SC
Mrs. Susan Wilkes
Mrs. Molly F. Kirkland
Atlanta, GA
Mr. George H. Kirkland, III
Mrs. Helen D. Knepp
Beaufort, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elbert
Rev. David Koch
Denver, CO
Robert & Jean Denk
Wallace and Dorothy
Panama City, FL
Willa L. Avery
Mr. Lawrence Lamb
Augusta, GA
Dr. & Mrs. Arlie R.
Mrs. Edith Milarch
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon M.
Mrs. Mary Darlington
Black Lawter
Clinton, SC
John & Mary Anderson
Mr. Gary W. Johnston
Jesup, GA
Mrs. Lorene H. Johnston
Harry and Clara Layton
Marietta, SC
Mrs. Jean L. Cleveland
Mr. Harry Johnston
Hiawassee, GA
Helen & Wenck
Mr. Scotty Lee
Knoxville, TN
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Robert W. Joiner
Rock Hill, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R.
Goodwyn, III
Mr. Charles Hampton
Aiken, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Gary S.
Mrs. Lena Nash Jones
Milledgeville, GA
Bob & Juanita McMillan
Mr. Billy Jordan
Tifton, GA
Mrs. Violette R. Wacklin
Mrs. Marjorie Jordan
Clinton, SC
Rev. Robert H. Brozina
Miss KelbeyAnn Kelley
Olanta, SC
Doc & Ann Tennant
Mrs. Virginia Kenny
Lithia Springs, GA
Ms. Ann S. Stroud
Mrs. Shirley Lee
Winter Park, FL
Mr. Roland M. Lee
Mrs. Laura Dale
Lindsay Lewis
Columbia, SC
Mr. Rufus D. Lewis, Jr.
Ford and Louise
Mrs. Virginia L. Lewis
Mrs. Mary Anne
Pawleys Island, SC
Mr. & Mrs. James E.
Mrs. Mary Logan
Beaufort, SC
Mrs. Lenore B.
Mr. Roger Love
Maysville, GA
Clarence & Jean Wall
Ms. Sybil Lucas
Athens, GA
Ms. Shirley M. Patterson
Robert D. and Evelyn
F. Lynn
Sara & Dean Sellers
Mrs. Bernice R. Lyons
Panama City, FL
Ms. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Betty McMillan
Greenville, SC
Charlie & Virginia
Mr. Frank E. Murray
Aurora, CO
David, Darla & Wynelle
William and Betty
Greenville, SC
Mrs. Gayle Q. McCants
Mrs. Betty Mack
Gaston, SC
Pete & Ilene Buckles
Ms. Lynn McMillin
Mrs. Sue Holton
Mr. Herman Madden
Chapin, SC
Marvin & Jewell Glasure
Mr. Warren J.
Quincy, FL
Forrest & Ann Davis
Mr. Robert H.
Madden, III
Mableton, GA
Bill & Mary Sue Zercher
Mrs. Irene “Bebe”
Clinton, SC
Mrs. Joy Deitz
Mrs. Jane Magruder
Highlands, NC
Mrs. Nancy J. C. Myers
Red and Louise Means
Charleston, SC
Walter & Lorraine Jeter
Mrs. Louise Maloney
Rock Hill, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L.
Herron; Mrs. Sara F.
Mrs. Rita Yvonne
Argyle, FL
Wini & Bill SteadleyCampbell
Mrs. Shirley Jones
Greensboro, NC
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mrs. Geneva Mellon
Lexington, NC
Mr. & Mrs. William G.
Seelmann, Sr.
Mr. Cecil Marsh
Richmond, VA
Joe & Skeet Vaughan
Mrs. Robbie N. Martin
Anderson, SC
Ms. Donna M. Grech;
Mary & John Anderson;
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard T.
Reiser; Ms. Allison P.
MacKenzie; Mrs. Mary
M. Thomas; Ms. Kelly
R. Boone; Ms. Marianna
G. Henry
Mrs. Lelia Mayfield
Mr. & Mrs. J. Lewis
Dr. Weems R.
Panama City, FL
Mr. Ellis E. Fowhand
Mrs. Mildred H.
Savannah, GA
Von & Chuck Aimone
Dr. Paul McCain
Clinton, SC
Sally & Ben Clark
Mrs. Jean D. Meyer
Greenwood, SC
Mr. Theodore J. Meyer
Mrs. Dorothy
Lynn Haven, FL
Jack & Sarah Jackson
Rev. Edwin Montgomery
Lake City, FL
Mr. Larry J. Conaway, Sr.
Mr. Jade T. Moore
Clearwater, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.
Dr. John Moore
Lakeland, FL
Dick & Clare McFarlin
Mr. Leland Ray Moore
North Augusta, SC
Mrs. Mary G. Harper,
Wes & Ellen
Mrs. Allene Morgan
Atlanta, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Warren H.
Mr. George Wasson
Fountain Inn, SC
Mr. James F. Dorroh
Mr. Robert “Robbie”
Saint Marys, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd
Mr. John Thomas
McComb, Sr.
West Columbia, SC
Lois Davis McComb
Evatt & Jay Evatt
Mrs. Helen Handte
Napa, CA
Mrs. Margaret C.
Mr. Maxy McCown
Cheraw, SC
Ms. Jean P. Watson
Mrs. Marjorie D.
Sharpsburg, GA
Ms. G. Elizabeth
Whitlock; Mr. & Mrs.
James P. McDowell;
Mrs. Margaret P. Conley;
Mr. & Mrs. James C.
Mr. J. Neil McDonald
Hartsville, SC
John Frank & Betsy
Mrs. June McGuire
Stuart, FL
Sue & John Yurgealitis
Mr. Earle H. Naglie, II
Peterborough, NH
Mrs. Sue W. Birdsong
Mrs. Marian G.
Lamar, SC
Mr. Jimmy H. Newsom
Mrs. Bonnie M.
Jacksonville, SC
James & Virginia Taylor;
Mr. Tom Hazel, GreeneHazel & Associates, Inc.,
Jacksonville, FL; Mr. W.
E. Durham, Jr.; Marines
at the Joint Forces Staff
College, Norfolk, VA;
Mrs. Audrey A. Sorber;
Susan & Malcolm King;
Community Hospice
of Northeast Florida,
Jacksonville, FL; South
Jacksonville Presbyterian
Church, Jacksonville,
FL; Ms. Solara F.
Linehan; David &
Melanie Dunkle
Dr. John Harvey
Statesville, NC
The Dynarski, Moorman
& Burns Families
Mr. Isaac J. Nix
Ocala, FL
Carol & Jerry Buckles;
Hilda Ygartua, Oke Asp,
Carol Burke, Rosemary
Butler, Tracey Buzbee,
April May, & Rachel
DeLeon; Mr. & Mrs.
James E. Kirk, Jr.; CoWorkers of Mrs. Patricia
Nix Dale
Mr. Erby Nixon
Lynn Haven, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Ernestine Hedden
Jamestown, NC
Ms. Angeline N. Bean
Mrs. Mary D. North
Asheville, NC
Mrs. Sarah B. Lesesne &
Rev. Hal Norton
Surfside Beach, SC
Phil & Catherine Render
Mr. Jennings O’dell
Boothsville, WV
First Presbyterian
Church, Ware
Shoals, SC
Mrs. Celeste O’Keefe
Irmo, SC
Mrs. Frances Cauthen
Mr. Howard Olsen
Pensacola, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Mrs. Doris Wofford
Clinton, SC
Ms. Anne R. Nims; Ms.
Jane N. Brigman
Mr. Kenneth Owens
Southport, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
J. C. Pace and Dree
Orangeburg, SC
Mrs. Audrey M. Pace
Mrs. Lurene Parnell
Camden, SC
Mrs. Julia Mae E. Guess
Capt. Jason Paynter,
Pensacola, FL
Bill & Sarah Seelmann
Mr. Wallace H. Peel
Marianna, FL
Mrs. Alyne M. Pitman
Mrs. Ruth H.
Atlanta, GA
Mr. William J.
Mrs. Jane S. P. Perkins
Carrollton, GA
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mrs. Ruth Evelyn
Clinton, SC
Mrs. Joy Deitz; Mrs.
Martha M. Wallace
Mrs. Arma Jean Perry
Memphis, TN
Mrs. Bettye H. Fabris
Mr. Nicholas W.
Osteen, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Lanier and your friends
at Lanier and Company,
PA, Sanford, FL
Mrs. Harriet Phillips
Savannah, GA
Mr. Faye H. Cheshire
Mr. Terrell P. Porter
Saint Marys, GA
Herbert & Kathie
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Posey
Dalton, GA
Mrs. Barbara N. Kilgore
Mrs. Val Post
Greenville, SC
Mrs. Kay S. Quinn
Mrs. Rosa Mae Priest
Williston, FL
First Presbyterian
Church, Williston, FL
Mrs. Julia S. Pryor
Pawleys Island, SC
Katherine & Richard
Mr. Ray J. Ptak
Tyndall, SD
Chuck & Jeanie
Mr. E. J. Quigley
Marianna, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Weetie Rankin
Tifton, GA
Mrs. Violette R. Wacklin
Mr. Van B. Ray, Jr.
Aiken, SC
Mr. Robert G.
Garrison, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth Lewis
Sumter, SC
Rev. Michael L.
Mr. James Reddick
Pensacola, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Mrs. Louise C. Reid
Winter Park, FL
Ms. Donna Menendez
Miss Christina G.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mr. Herbert S. Rhea
Memphis, TN
Mrs. Nancy J. C. Myers
Mrs. Eva Rhodes
Rock Hill, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L.
Herron, Sr.
Mr. Ronnie Rice
Marion, SC
Mrs. Lina Rice
Mr. Winford
Mr. Woodford J. Roberts
Mr. Charles
St. Matthews, SC
Larry & Margaret
Mr. Howard W. Riley
Vero Beach, FL
Steve & Lucia Bailey
Rev. E. Joyce Rimes
Gainesville, FL
Von & Chuck Aimone
Mr. Milton William
Hartwell, GA
Mr. Woodford J. Roberts
Richard and Edwena
Gulf Breeze, FL
Becky Nussbaum &
Karen Allen
Mrs. Elizabeth “Bets”
Clinton, SC
Mr. & Mrs. R. Boyce
Wilson; Ms. Doris D.
Straight; Ann & George
Cornelson; Mr. Warren
E. Savant; Mrs. Bailey
Dixon & Family; Buddy
& Suzanne Lever; First
ARP Church Nannie
Miller Circle, Lancaster,
Mrs. Betty Rogers
Lynn Haven, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman;
Marvin & Lenda
Mr. Jimmy Roof
West Columbia, SC
Meredith & Jim Carlen
Mrs. Edna T. Rouse
Charlotte, NC
Ms. Kristi B. Ferguson
Mrs. Marjorie Rucker
Surfside Beach, SC
Mr. Jay W. Rucker
Mr. Jack Sadler
Pensacola, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Mrs. Edna Saperstein
Pensacola, FL
Dr. & Mrs. James T.
Stringfield, III
Mr. John L. Sauls, Sr.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mr. Jack Snyder
New Berlin, WI
Ken & Martha Tobiassen
Mrs. Eleanor Sorrells
Jefferson, GA
Dr. & Mrs. Jesse C.
Ma Saxon
Mr. Woodford J. Roberts
Mr. Paul Spaduzzi
Franklin, NC
Kathy & Bob Carney
Mr. Robert Schulz
Columbia, SC
Mrs. Martha M. Wallace
Mrs. Maggie Spence
Knoxville, TN
Perry & Ruth Dawson
Mr. Richard D. Scott
Lake Mary, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mr. Robert Spencer
Clinton, SC
Rev. Robert H. Brozina
Mrs. Camille C. Sharp
Allendale, SC
Mrs. Frances B. Stansell
Atlanta, GA
Henry & Janelle Gilman
Mrs. Evelyn Sharpe
Lexington, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Jack G.
Mr. Arnold “Bud”
Newark, DE
Patty & Andy Tuite
J. P. and Frieda Shealy
Savannah, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L.
Mr. Jeff Starnes
Conyers, GA
Mr. Howlett C. Irvin
Mr. Herbert Shores
Panama City, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mr. Marvin Singletary
Albany, GA
Mrs. Charlotte W.
Mr. Patrick Sizemore
Augusta, GA
Dot & John Moss
Mrs. Dorothy Chase
Chester, SC
Mr. & Mrs. W. Cornwell
Mr. Edward S. Smith, Sr.
Milledgeville, GA
Mrs. Gloria Evans Smith
Mrs. Eloise B. Smith
Clinton, SC
Frank & Patti S. Pace
Mrs. Lala O. Smith
Fountain Inn, SC
Jim & Rebecca Peden
Mr. Michael Starnes
Irmo, SC
Ray & Genny Curtis
Mr. James Still
West Columbia, SC
Meredith & Jim Carlen
Mr. James G. Still, Jr.
Greenville, SC
Michael & Kathryn
Shick; Mrs. Mary Ann
M. Still; Mrs. Mary Ann
Still Billig
Mr. Harry Augusta Lee
“Hal” Stribling
Easley, SC
Bob & Becky Cavedo;
Mr. & Mrs. V. Wayne
Andis; Laurens County
Health Care System,
Clinton, SC; Laurie
& Kip Darwin; Gayle
Anderson-Corbin &
Dickie Corbin; Mr.
Bill Tiller; Mr. John S.
Featherston, Jr.; Ms. Lisa
G. Anderson
Mrs. Cassie M. (Rose)
Sevierville, TN
Bill & Nancy Lindeman;
Frank & Patti Pace; Joe
& Joy Deitz; Charles
& Caryl Elliott; Bill &
Heather Tiller; Chris &
Lorain Crowl
Ms. Dot Sutherland
Abbeville, SC
Little Mountain
Presbyterian Church
Women, Abbeville, SC
Mrs. Jill R. Swartsel
Winter Park, FL
David & Darla Lanier
Mr. Donovan Swartz
The Villages, FL
Mary Fish & Bob
Mr. Robert C. Sykes
Greenville, SC
Mrs. Betsy C. Sykes
Mr. Richard Joel Taff
Douglasville, GA
Russell & Carolyn
Mrs. Mary Jim M. Tate
Clinton, SC
Rev. Robert H. Brozina;
Ms. Linda E. Mann
Mr. William Frank
Greenville, SC
Rev. Michael L.
McGehee; Ms. Betty C.
Batchelor; Mr. George
T. Paris
Mr. James E.
Terwilleger, Jr.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Mr. James Robert
Maiden, NC
Mrs. Nancy C. Thomas;
Mr. Charles W. Wofford
& Nancy B. Thomas
Mr. Steve Thomas
Hampton, SC
Bobby & Paula Copp
Mrs. Grace Thompson
Trenton, FL
Mrs. Jewel E. Young
Mrs. Mary Turner
Asheboro, NC
Accu-Form Polymers,
Inc., Warsaw, NC; Mac
& Ann Pugh
Dr. Colin H. Threlkeld
Germantown, TN
Ms. Sue R. Threlkeld
Mrs. Frances Louise
Panama City, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Margaret
Greenville, SC
Bobby & Paula Cope
Mr. John Taylor “J. T.”
Austell, GA
Madison P. Prickett; Mrs.
Ruth L. Webb; Caring
friends from Arcado
Elementary School (Debi
Shane, Dottie Spencer,
Judy Swafford & Joette
Mrs. Margaret Beeks
Newnan, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.
Mrs. Beverly Annette
Martinez, GA
Margaret Sapp & Helen
Mrs. Nancy Schroeder
Perry, FL
Mr. John F. Turner
Mrs. Ruth A. Urban
Mrs. Jane C. Urban
Mr. John Van de
Erve, III
Mount Pleasant, SC
Mrs. Sally Robinson &
Mrs. Eulaine D. Vannoy
Spartanburg, SC
Robbie & Miriam
Mrs. Joan Vill
Snow Mass Village, CO
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mr. Robert C. Vreeland
Venice, FL
Mrs. Ruth A. Vreeland
Mr. Darrell Wade
Union, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood R.
Ms. Ruby Wade
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Lanier and your friends
at Lanier and Company,
P.A., Sanford, FL
Mrs. Edith McDuffie
Clinton, SC
Kentyre Presbyterian
Church, Hamer, SC
Mrs. Betty M. Wallace
Albany, GA
Mr. Alvin G. Wallace, Sr.
Mrs. Estelle H. Walpole
Johns Island, SC
Mr. & Mrs. D. Henry
Ohlandt, Sr.
Mr. Elmer “Bud” W.
Graceville, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mrs. Nancy S. Watson
Greenville, SC
First Presbyterian
Church Circle #7,
Greenville, SC (Dettie
Piper, June Anderson,
Anne Parks, Marie
Parker, Jerry Gallant,
Ruth Bryant, Alice
Robinson, Betsy
Farnsworth, Priscilla
Ogata & Sandra
Beckham); Betsy & Craig
Mrs. Linda
Panama City, FL
Mrs. Lenora W. Holman
Mr. Howard Waugh
Tulsa, OK
Mrs. Bettye H. Fabris
Mr. Register “Cuz”
Panama City, FL
Mr. Ellis E. Fowhand
Mr. Lawrence Withers
York, SC
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth W.
Mr. Worth A. Yates, Sr.
Sanford, FL
David, Darla & Wynelle
Lanier and your friends
at Lanier and Company,
PA, Sanford, FL
Mr. George Young
Trenton, FL
Mrs. Jewell Young
Mr. Charles Zellers
Dunnellon, FL
Mr. James Thompson
February 1, 2010 –
May 31, 2010
Mrs. Maryann Abbott
Greenville, SC
Ms. Terry G. Osborne
Ms. Rebecca Ackerman
Kiawah Island, SC
Ms. Carol A. Barton
Anita and Tom Adams
Atlanta, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Howell E.
Adams, Jr.
Dr. Charles B. Weasmer
Columbia, SC
Mr. Joseph F. Shumpert
Mrs. Anne B. Bailey
Columbia, SC
Mr. & Mrs. H. Edward
Bailey, III
Mrs. Ila L. Whitesides
Clover, SC
Mr. & Mrs. William D.
Craig, III
Terrell and Thelma
Tallahassee, FL
Robert & Jean Denk
Mr. Robert Wickham
Clinton, SC
Mr. & Mrs. James M.
Gilman, Sr.
Mrs. Jo Billings
Lowell, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Richard Wilber
Bushnell, FL
Ms. Cynthia C. Cosio
Dr. George and Millie
Greenville, SC
Towers & Claire Rice
Mrs. Mildred “Millie”
Greenville, SC
Bill & Heather Tiller; Mr.
Frank B. Halter; Mrs.
Louise D. Stoneburner
& Family; Ms. Alice B.
Watkins; Mary Ellen
& Bob Yeargin; Mr.
Thomas G. Davis, Mr.
Frank Davis & Mr.
Thomas G. Davis, III;
Red Door Realty LLC,
Travelers Rest, SC; Steve,
Jerri Lynne & Abbie
Lamb; Miss Milicent
Wilkinson; Harriet,
Andy & Polly Goldsmith
Mr. Frank L. Bonner
Charleston, SC
Ms. Yvonne C. Chandler
Mrs. Kaye Borgstedt
Orangeburg, SC
Harris & Thurston
Mr. Richard H.
St. Petersburg, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Camp
Mrs. Lisa Brown
Richmond Hill, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Lionel R.
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Cain
Atlanta, GA
Jeff, Trina, Bo & Ella
Grace Cain
Miss Laura Calhoun
Chicago, IL
Ms. Becky Sharp
Lesslie Carnahan
Columbus, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Felix J.
Mr. Sam Cheatham
Lexington, SC
Mr. & Mrs. F. Thurston
Murray, III
The Rev. Dr. Herb
Clinton, SC
Dr. Charles D. Elliott
Mrs. Sylvia Collins
Tallahassee, FL
George & Betty Hutton;
Ms. Essie M. Lanier;
Mrs. Bobbie Cowart
Canton, GA
Jeff, Trina, Bo & Ella
Grace Cain
Mrs. Virginia Cowsert
Macon, GA
Martha & Charles
Sides; Lurline & Charles
Dr. Don Cox
Anderson, SC
Bill & Buni Freutel
Mrs. Patsy Saxon
Newnan, GA
Mr. Woodford J. Roberts
Dick and Elizabeth de
Columbia, SC
Mr. & Mrs. C. David
Ms. Kathy Dedrickson
Sioux Falls, SD
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. James DeVore
Redwood City, CA
Eric & Leanne Endsley
John and Pat DeVore
Jupiter, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Ms. Susan Duran
Sumter, SC
Dr. & Mrs. Charles R.
Ms. Claudia Graver
Sumter, SC
Dr. & Mrs. Charles R.
Mr. Mark Hartsell
Clinton, SC
Jean & Sprunt Mabe
Lex, Alyssa and Ashley
Tampa, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mrs. Elda Henningsen
and Mr. Dick
Ocala, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
John and Emily
Columbia, SC
Deloris & Stewart
Ms. Mary W. Hinson
Rock Hill, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M.
Huff, Jr.
Hope, the miracle dog
Rock Hill, SC
Ms. Lynn L. Cooler
Adam and Leah Hucks
Clinton, SC
Mr. Bill Tiller
Charles and Leona
Dahlonega, GA
Eric & Leanne Endsley
M. Gail Hughey
Atlanta, GA
Mr. William S. Berry
Charles and Louise Hull
Atlanta, GA
Helen, Billy & Anne
Master Will Humber
Columbia, SC
Daniel & Kelly Humber
Suzanne, Greg and Levi
Clinton, SC
Ms. Marjorie E. Jordan
Mr. Hugh Hursey
Landrum, SC
Mary & Brooks Hursey
Miss McKenzie Jackson
Clinton, SC
Mrs. Lucy Anne Meetze
Mrs. Sue Jones
Fort Mill, SC
Mrs. Lucille B. Lee
Rev. Dr. Charles D.
Clinton, SC
First Presbyterian
Church Women,
Laurens, SC; Mr. & Rev.
Mrs. Grant W. Duffield
Jewell and Betty
Friendsville, TN
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Mark G. Lane
Yorba Linda, CA
Mrs. Virginia D. Lane
Dr. Don and Mrs. Mary
Marietta, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Theo A. Park
Mrs. Martha “Happy”
Tifton, GA
Ms. Bonne D. Cella
Brent, Shannon,
Tiffany, Cody and
Ethan Long
Palm Harbor, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Hilton Knight
Greenville, SC
Mrs. Barbara W. Knight
Mr. Alexander Page
James Island, SC
Mr. Rufus D. Lewis, Jr.
Bill and Nancy
Clinton, SC
Mrs. Ruth W. Hicks
Altha and H. M. Long,
Tampa, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mrs. Frances Martin
Clinton, SC
Mary & John Anderson
Mr. William C. Matthis
Litchfield, IL
Ms. Rose M. Parsons
Ms. Carol Norment
Hampton, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G.
Coach Dusty Oates
Central, SC
Mr. & Mrs. F. Thurston
Murray, III
Rev. Larry Owens
Decatur, GA
Ms. Jeanne Montgomery
Mr. Ray Smith
Greenville, SC
Lisa & Lewis Frampton
South Jacksonville
Presbyterian Church
Jacksonville, FL
Mrs. Mildred L. Kodatt
Mrs. Caroline
Greenwood, SC
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Bell
Frank and Patti Pace
Laurens, SC
Mrs. Vera W. Pace
Sunday School Class,
First Presbyterian
Sumter, SC
Sallie & Joe Kirven
Mrs. Frances Meeks
Richmond Hill, GA
The Garden Club
of Richmond Hill,
Richmond Hill, GA
Mrs. Rose G.
Clinton, SC
Mr. John W. Pace; Dr.
John D. Wayman; Mr.
& Mrs. E. Douglas
Vaughan, Jr.; Don &
Sarah Shirley; Mr. &
Mrs. William I. Steele;
Caroline & Bob Borucki;
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.
Spencer; Mrs. Caroline
B. Marchant; Joe &
Mica Nixon; Ms. Juliet
C. Benaquisto; Ms.
Bernadine Claus; Mr. &
Mrs. Gregory R. Claus
Mrs. Sue Moore
Clearwater, FL
Trinity Presbyterian
Church Discoverers
Sunday School Class,
Clearwater, FL
Mrs. Marty Morper
Lake City, FL
Mrs. Nancy K. Wheaton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Columbia, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D.
Miss Sophia Neely
Columbia, SC
Mrs. Sharman Egan
Mrs. Joshlyn E. Smith
Saluda, SC
Dr. Joshua H. Von
Chuck, Tammy, Hannah
and Garrett Pace
Gray Court, SC
Mrs. Vera W. Pace
Mr. Warren McKinney
Bainbridge, GA
Diane & Dave Conger
Mrs. Lynn Alison
Schueneman Shannon
St. Simons Island, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H.
Mrs. Lauren Heard
Panama City, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F.
Ms. Brenda Mattison
Ware Shoals, SC
Mrs. Jane Farr
Ms. Gail McKinney
Dahlonega, GA
Diane & Dave Conger
Nancy Lail, Nancy
Oates, Debbie Rhodus,
& Becky Stevens)
Mrs. Florrie Palmer
Decatur, GA
Mrs. Ellen W. Powell
Dr. Jeri Perkins
Hartsville, SC
Gary & Joan Hoover
Mr. Rodger Springman
Clinton, SC
Bill & Heather Tiller
Mrs. Diane St. John
Lake City, FL
Mrs. Nancy K. Wheaton
Mrs. Phyllis St. John
Lake City, FL
Mrs. Nancy K. Wheaton
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pitt
Blair, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood R.
Bobby and Joy Tabb
Camilla, GA
Glenn & Lynne Ogden
Mrs. Ruth Placek
Jackson, CA
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Brooks
L. Hursey, Jr.
Miss Mary Beth
Columbia, SC
Mr. & Mrs. John S.
Dr. Scott Reddoch and
Warm Springs, GA
Mr. Stanle Grochowske
Phil, Karen, Brianna
and Marina Rizzo
St. Petersburg, FL
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Mr. Elston “Steve”
Tallahassee, FL
Robert & Jean Denk
John and Terri Rodgers
Charleston, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Ben A.
Hagood, Jr.
Mrs. Susan Sampson
Tampa, FL
Grace Covenant
Presbyterian Church
Study and Fun Club,
Orlando, FL
Ms. Beverly Schulz
Lake City, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Archie D.
St. John
Miss Lindy Scott
Clinton, SC
Erskine Sisters (Jeanie
Lyle, Harris Murray,
Thornwell Staff
Clinton, SC
Beverly & Rachel
Mr. Bill Tiller
Clinton, SC
Rev. Dr. Alice Ridgill
Mrs. Ollie Jayne Toole
Cumming, GA
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Russ, Kristine and
Austin Toole
Cumming, GA
Eric & Leanne Endsley
Neil W. Trask, Jr. and
Rebecca F. Trask
Beaufort, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F.
Mrs. Betty Truss
Clark, NJ
Mrs. Jean M. Swintek
Mrs. Norma Van
Atlanta, GA
Mr. William S. Berry
Cameron Wheeler and
Mallory Posta
Upland, CA
Mrs. Lilla W. Page
Mrs. Rosa Cashion
Columbia, SC
Ms. Laura W. Cowan
Mrs. Julia Munroe
Quincy, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C.
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit 1183
Columbia SC
PO Box 60
302 South Broad St
Clinton SC 29325-0060
Summer Wish List (for more information, call
Want to receive
the latest Thornwell
news in your inbox?
Send your email address to:
[email protected]
Chandra at 864-938-2700)
Back to School Items Needed:
Household Items Needed:
Jansport book bags (large)
Binders (11/2 inch and 1 inch)
College-rule notebook paper
USB drives
Index cards
Sheet protectors
Subject tab dividers
Pocket folders
Pocket folders with brads
Post-It Notes
Field trip fees
Extra-curricular fees (art, band,
beta, drama, etc)
Laundry detergent (liquid)
Laundry baskets
Bed pillows
Summer Incentives:
Regal Cinema gift certificates
Restaurant gift cards
Passes to the zoo, baseball games,
museums, etc
School’s out for the summer!
Florida Office:
Mrs. Susan Sampson
175 Lake Hollingsworth Dr
Lakeland FL 33801
[email protected]
Campus Office:
PO Box 60
302 South Broad Street
Clinton SC 29325-0060
Georgia Office:
Rev. Larry Owens
1026 Ponce de Leon Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30306
[email protected]
Please help us keep our mailing list current. If you have a change of address or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please call toll-free
1-888-310-9387. We’d also be happy to send an issue to a friend. Simply call us toll-free 1-888-310-9387 and let us know.

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